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03 The Hour of His Judgment has Come

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program


  • July 15, 2021
    2:45 PM
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All right, hello everyone. Probably getting tired of seeing my face. Been a regular appearing guest on this program. All right, let me do something here real quick. Okay, so what I'd like to do is begin with a word of prayer and then we're going to start the 3rd aspect of the 1st angels message for the hour of his judgment has come and we'll do have one more tomorrow on the topic of worship him who made heavens are the sea and the springs of water? So let's pray, sweet jesus, we thank you so much for blessing us for a delicious meal for beautiful sunshine and for the 3 messages, and what a blessing they are to humanity. And so I pray as we study again the 1st angels message today that you would bless us that you would give us new insight from your word and that we would see jesus. And we asked this in jesus name. Amen. All right, for the hour of his judgement has come. Now this implies something we use avenue just kind of have some insight information on this of some degree. We believe of understanding the big picture of the heavenly sanctuary. And we talk about the investigative judgements i'm going to build on that assumption. I don't have time to give a bible study on the investigative judgment and this. So if that's not something you're familiar with, I would recommend you talk to your local address pastoring. The bible study on that or talk to me and we can try to study it later on sometime this week. But for right now I need to jump into this. So this implies that the, our missed judgment has come as if it's a current tense circumstance. We believe either the message of the 1st angel began sounding in the year 1844 that god is preparing a people for the soon as 2nd coming of jesus. And so anyway, that's kind of the background context. So the, I want to share kind of 2 things, going to 2 forms of jesus as ministry, the ministry, as the lamb and the ministry, as the priest. Those were kind of the 2 most important roles in the century economy. The 1st was a role, the priest, the 2nd was a rule, the sacrifice. We'll see that jesus fills both of these roles. So the daily service what took place $359.00 days out of the year involve sin being transferred in to the sanctuary rights of bob would sin. He would walk his animal to the front of the tabernacle. He would confess, over the Animal, his sin, he would kill the Animal himself, and then the priest would catch that blood and carry the blood into the tabernacle and sprinkled on the altar and also on the vale that was in front of the ark of the covenant that kinda separating veil between the 2 apartments that happened $359.00 days out of the year. That was the daily services. And this is where jesus has ministry as a lamb is represented, jesus is, is it says in John chapter one verse 29. I believe, behold the lamb of god, who takes away the sin of the world, came. But he also the priest administers this sacrifice on our behalf, right. Jesus is also the mediators who he died in our stead. But he's also the one that transfers the merits of his death and his blood into the sanctuary service and offers that on our behalf. But the yearly thing, she re service ok, what happened on the day of atonement in particular was a service where a sin was transferred out of the sanctuary. And all record of sin was completely removed from the camp. Ok, there was no record of it whatsoever. This is the 2nd phase of atonement. And this is where his priestly role was necessary. So we the 7th day adventist believe in what's referred to as a to phase that told me that right, we have the death of jesus in the intercessory ministry of jesus in heaven as is laid out in scriptures and so forth. Now, some of our friends and other denominations, believe that we is adventists are a little out of line. There is no idea of an investigative judgment in scripture is just something white said, and it's not biblical. It's want to give some references here for this. This is not an apologetic exercise by the way, are meant to be polemic, in nature argumentative in nature. But I just want you to know that we have good fall solid standing theologically to believe in this teaching. So an x chapter $25.00 versus $9.40 moses was told that he's going to build the wilderness tabernacle according to the pattern that was shown him can. And that pattern means there was something there were, there was a real thing that existed. And this was made in a harmony with that or, or made similarly to that original one, eliminating his chapter 16. This explains the anti type were the type i should say, of the day of atonement that we believe is investigative judgements. Where it explains how once a year seems transferred out of the things you wary. That's where we get that biblical premise from us. Leviticus chapter 16. The tillman. Then we get to dana chapter 7 inverse. Tim. So dana chapter 7, daniel has this kind of theme of repeat, enlarge. We also see this revelation some to this idea that you see in daniel 2, there are 4 kingdoms, babylon, me to persia, greece roland, that correlate with the metals, right? They increase in strength, they decrease in value, and then in chapter 7 there's it will after the say after the 4th came in, there's kind of dividing of the kingdom and then eventually there's a rock without hands and destroys is smashes. The whole thing is the 2nd coming of jesus. But in daniel chapter 7, we kind of zoom in a little bit. So there's more details given per kingdom of those 4. Plus it talks about the little horn. Now the anti christ power that will rule from the division of the 4th kingdom until the 2nd coming and, but there's also another detail that's given. It says that the books were opened and the court was seated. Now what's implied here is that there is a judgement happening in heaven before the 2nd coming of jesus k that's laid out in daniel chapter 7 and dana chapter 8. We see this idea of on the 2300 days, then the things we shall be cleansed. Now there was only one day out of the year in which there was a cleansing of the earthly sanctuary that was on the day of atonement. So when you are a jew living in that dichotomy or that, that economy of the jewish history, you would be understanding when you hear things you are being clear that would be synonymous in your mind, with judgment, the closing of a sanctuary and a judgment go hand in hand, they would know that and you would know that, ok, then again chapter 9, we have the 70 weeks, which is when the 2300 days and the 70 weeks begin that kind of time why they explains what the 23 days was about. There are similar in nature, the 70 weeks is like a small picture of what the $23.00 days will be about. There's a length of time given a time of probation given to a group of people before a judgement will be given in a cutting off. Right, the same type of idea and daniel, 7 and daniel night or the 70 weeks in the 2300 days, came to the hebrews chapter 8th. And were told that jesus is the minister of the true tabernacle. And heaven in the earthly temple is a copy or shadow of this one says laid out super clear and hebrews that we get the hebrews chapter 9 that christ is cleansing the heavenly sanctuary with his own blood. Again, borrowing language from leviticus chapter teen. Then revelation chapter 10, we had the bitter disappointment that takes place. The people of god were assuming jesus would come. It was super sweet to them. Can you imagine if you knew jesus is coming and 2 weeks, you know how much peace that would give you to know? That may be a hard right now, but at least most of us we have this kind of like budget of emotional energy, right? And so we kind of pay, so you get into a difficult conversation, are going to have somebody I just need to make it to the end of that conversation without acting fool or causing problems or getting angry and me. And jesus can going to walk and deal. We measure ourselves, we pace ourselves emotionally. That would be very helpful waiting on the 2nd coming of jesus. The problem is no man knows the day or the hour, right. So they were excited. But when jesus didn't come, when they thought he would, they were crushed by disappointment. Right. And the interesting thing is some people say that you know, you 7th day adventist said that jesus was coming 944, which isn't an entirely accurate statement. Because 7th day adventist didn't exist in 84470 other church was incorporated until 863. It was actually baptist and methodist that believe that jesus coming $1844.00. So not the whole denominations, obviously, but people from those denominations were largely believing this. But the point is that disappointment that happens was prophesied in the book. Revelation that this would take place. And they were told, after that disappointment to go and prophesied again some translation say about many nations and tongues. It's actually 2. And the point was that this movement, after 844 happened, was to prophesied again, to keep sharing with people there. Now better understanding of what would take place and what did take place in the 1844. Ok. So there are many illusions to this. In fact, there's a few more in revelation chapter 11. We've got the dead or judge in the arc is seen now the arc of the covenant is that piece of furniture that sprinkled and that were the beginning of the cleansing, the sanctuary happens. And so there's a solution of this, the 11 revolution chapter 14, we just talked about a moment ago in the 1st angels message that for the, our judgement has come. Get another allusion to that. Then we get to revelation chapter 15, a verse a in the door, probation closes, access into the heavenly sanctuary. Ceases because that cleansing work has finished. And then a revelation chapter $22.00. It says let them remain as they are. He who is right, just let him remain righteous still. He who is as wicked, let her remain wicked, still. Right? So this kind of illusion of the idea that there is a time coming when people will be left with the decisions they've made. Because the judgement has been render. OK, so the point is, it's all over the bible, this idea of the investigative judgement god investigates before he renders a judgement, he did that before solomon destroying it. He did it without him and even the garden, he did it with cain before we are right after you kill his brother, right? God investigates what's going on before he renders a final judgment. Happened at the tower of babel again. Right? That consistency of how god does life. Okay. Here's the good news. Even on the day of atonement. The morning and evening sacrifices for unknown sins still took place. This is super important for us. Doctor leslie harding talks about this in his book and I think actually have a quote for that. Next that the morning and evening sacrifices were for the people who did not know what since they had committed, which implies something is god looking for reasons to keep you out of heaven. Yes or no? No, he understood that we are, but does we don't know the depth of our own depravity. There are things we won't know and he's made provision for that right. No confession was made in those sacrifices and leslie harding comments on this. And his book here, he says the daily services of the tabernacle went on every day of the year without sensation, even on the weekly sabbath, as well as during the pilgrim feasts. And by god's pacific command, the tommy did that. That particular sacrifice was never to be omitted. The sacrifices connected with these festive days were presented in addition, this was also true on the day of atonement. The contract, the constant morning and evening services embraced the special ceremonies of the day. Like 2 loving arms, don't you love that? So there was a very solemn and very special ceremony that was happening and services happening on the day of atonement. What counts that on either side? What counts that was the love of god, advocating 1st people fighting for his people in offering sacrifice where they didn't know they had committed. Ok. So the daily was thus the very foundation of the entire sacrificial system and nothing was permitted to interfere with it. It pointed directly to the wife and death of the Lord jesus christ. And it would be as sensible to admit the daily from the worship of israel as it would take the cross from that of christians. The liturgy of the morning was repeated in the evening. And this is such good news for us because I'm not ask you to reach your hands, but there are many people in our movement who think like I'm never going to be good enough guy. What's in them? I committed, oh man like that. Jesus is not going to be mediator anymore and they get so freaked out by things that they read and what the wrestling with this very topic of. What about this, since I don't know that I've committed dry some people nearly to the point of insanity who generally want to love and worship god. But the sanctuary service shows us there's provision there and then god is made provision for us. So this is where our view of the atonement of the sanctuary sets us apart from any other protestants. Right. The investigative judgment isn't just about the work of jesus, including the heavenly sanctuary. It's also a time in which the same high priest is sanctifying. You to ensure that you can stand without mediation. Ok, and we see this, this is that that's what popular but well known quote, in great controversy for 25 point one. Says that those who are living upon the earth, when the intercession of cry shall cease in the sanctuary above are to stand in the side of a holy god without a mediator. The robes must be spotless. Their characters must be purified from sin by the blood of sprinkling through the Grace of god in their own diligent effort. They must be conquerors in the battle with evil, while the investigative judge going forward in heaven. While the sins of penitent believers are being removed from the sanctuary, there's to be a special work of purification, the putting away of sin among god's people upon earth. This work is more clearly presented in the messages of revelation 14, which we're talking about through the course of this week. Right? So this leads to 2 really big important questions. Maybe 3, but at least 2 I think to the 1st is this, what is the role of a mediator? Because we're told that jesus will be leaving that media tory role. What does that mean? Because some people think that means that jesus isn't going to love me. Anymore, jesus isn't going to fight for me anymore and I'm on my own. Is that really what's being said here is the 1st question. And the 2nd question is, how do we exercise diligent effort? Especially as the people who should be championing the message or righteous as by faith. What does that mean? So we're going to spend the rest of our time today on those 2 things. So 1st of all, what's the role of a mediator? First and foremost, it needs to be made abundantly cleared as if you did not know already, god wants all to be saved. You can say amended that even here. Yeah. I think if you can't a man it's ok. The gospel, good news, you get excited about the fact that god wants everyone to be saved. You're not saying it for me. You're saying for jesus because he's awesome. So he wants all to be said any does what it takes for all to be saved. Ok. So before we get into any explanations that should be clear. I may have mentioned this earlier, but the very fact that 3rd 12 gates for the new jerusalem implies ease of access. It implies that god is wanting people in the city, right? And so god wants all to be saved game. Now the role the priest was a media tory role. So when she says that jesus will not want to have a mediator any more, what she's saying is that that media tory role can No longer be filled. Because a priest would catch the blood in the bull on behalf of bob. And he would bring that blood into the tabernacle and sprinkle it, he would be doing the media to the role of transferring bob's in from bob into the sanctuary. Now, when the investigative judgements taking place, there's going to come a point in time where no more can go in. So jesus is media, tory role of transferring in can't happen any longer. But that does not mean that jesus isn't standing for his people. That does not mean jesus is not advocating for his people. And that does not mean that jesus is not covering his people with his own spotless robe of righteousness. You understand the difference. There is a big difference, but unfortunately many of our people don't know that. Ok. So in the context of l. A white statement, then it logically follows. If the sanctuary is being collins, there will come a time when sin can't go in so that the cleansing can be finished. That's all that's being said. So the transferring role ceases, but jesus doesn't cease to love you or be your savior. In fact, at this stage, god's people have already been sealed. God's people have already been sealed and they would rather die than sin. So we don't need to beat ourselves up and get so freaked out about this context because god's work will be complete in his people. And your nature doesn't change at that stage. You still have a nature that could sin. But because the pouring of the spirit of god in your life and the steel of god placed in the forehead, right, the complete l. White refers to the feel of god as a settling into the truth. You are so fully convinced of knowing and believing the love god has for you. What is truth that you would rather die than sin. That was going to happen to god's people, so they're not going to need a mediator anyway, at that stage, you understand the difference doesn't mean that people, you know, we're going to like, no longer have a desire and inclination towards in with the point is your, you will not, not that you can't you choose, not to, through the out pouring the holy spirit and even greater measure. And god's people stand as a witness to those who are enduring the 7 last plagues. Right? Of what god can will do, can and will do for humanity. So the next question is how do we exercise our diligent effort? That's basically the rest of the time together. So we're explaining what it means to live in the hour of his judgment and how to succeed, and how god views us as kind of my, my, my goal for this particular seminar. Ok. So we're told this and John chapter 14 a verse one. Jesus says, what, not your heart be troubled, you believe in god believe also in me in my father's house are many mansions is actually rooms, but in my father's house are many rooms. If it were not, so I would have told you ok, then he says, I go and prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to myself that where I am there, you may be also, hey, this is the promise jesus makes to the disciples. And so jesus is preparing a place for us in heaven right now, but you gotta kind of grapple with this because one certainly has to wonder jesus, when he was on earth was raised to fill the role of a carpenter. Most likely a stone mason is probably what most historians believe something along those lines who's doing that type of building work. But the question that remains has jesus been literally building houses for the last 2000 years? If so, he's quite possibly the worst carpenter the universe has ever known. And that can't be the case. Now. Does that mean that there wasn't some form of physical preparation? I'm not saying that, but what I am saying is he's preparing a place for us. Still even right now, now with a hammer and nails, but by preparing your heart, jesus is preparing a kingdom for us by preparing a kingdom in US. Are you with me? So part of the work that jesus is doing during the investigative judgment is not wondering whether you're good enough or not. It's making you Good enough. It's pouring his grace upon you, filling you with the holy spirit and empowering you to live a different life. So you're not just looking at books wondering who messed up and who didn't. He's preparing people to stand in the day of god without a mediator. That's what jesus is doing right now. And that's what the 3 messages should be doing. Preaching the beauty of the gospel to people and calling them to search their own hearts and for them to give god permission to change their hearts. Are you with me? This is what god is doing right now what jesus is doing on our behalf. Okay. So how does that work? Well, in John chapter 16 of her 7 g to says, nevertheless, i tell you the truth is to your advantage that I go away. Now if you're one of the 12 disciples, is that good news or bad news to you with your preconceived ideas that you don't want to let go of at this stage? bad news? What do you mean? It's a good thing that you're leaving. Like, you're our only hope bro. Like you're going to get rid of the romans. I'm going to sit on your right. My brother's going to sit in your left were better than peter. Peter says, no, I'm better than all the other guys. They'll leave you, but I certainly won't. What on earth do you mean jesus? But if I don't go away, he says the helper will not come to you, but if I depart, i will send him to you. We're told this and testimonies and sexual behavior adult turn. Divorce, that book is for the gospel. By the way, it's great. But she says through the ministration of the holy spirit, souls are led to find forgiveness of sins, understanding, and appreciating and receiving the ministry of the holy spirit is essential for god's wash generation. It is of the most paramount importance that we understand or appreciate and receive this. So jesus and his high priestly role is cleansing the sanctuary above of any record of our confessed sins. And he's using the spirit to cleanse the temple of our hearts here below. So that we can be ready to live without someone filling that media, tory role. That's the point. Ok. First, caribbean 316 says do you not know that you were the temple of god and that the spirit of god dwells in you. And what we're basically doing is taking a daily trip to the sanctuary, right? You confessor, send to the gate. You're trusting in the sacrifice of jesus at the labor. You reconcile creating a washing your heart of the labor and you're pushing into the sanctuary. Communion with god. And his word at the table to show bread. Your communion with god in prayer of the altar, of instance. And you're sharing the life that god has given you through the outpouring of the spirit in the candlesticks. But you're in goal is to press through that veil and to be like jesus, that's the end goal of a christian. But if you find yourself stumbling along the way in that journey, you go right back out and take another daily trip to the sanctuary. You confess that sin and you worked through what god is doing at that stage is preparing his people to press into the sanctuary and be made like jesus. Right to see him face to face without fear, without intimidation, without apprehension, to fully know and believe that god loves you and resting in that love and is transforming work in your life. That's what we're doing. So we find ourselves doing so. The end goal is to press beyond that veil, but the interesting thing is that we're told that the closer we grow to God, the more sinful we will feel. You would think that as time goes on and you get rid of this and get rid of that, like man, I think I've, I've almost got it figured out. But the closer i grow to jesus, the more I see the true nature of my own heart. And the more I see my need of god, the more I recognize, i desperately need a source of righteousness that is outside of myself. Because if it's up to me, there is no hope. This is what the gospels meant to do, to peel back those layers of superficial christianity, of arrogance, right? Of all that other foolishness. So how do we get there? And how does that change happen? Um, I'm going to read something I wrote down when you were in your prayer closet last night, maybe for I know that in me that is in my flesh. Nothing good wells for the for to will is present with me. But how to perform, what is good? I don't find. Oh, wretched man, that I am who will deliver me from this body of depth. Right? We a 7th day adventists are generally pretty good at knowing what god expects. It had to get there that we struggle with. And how does god view me as I'm striving to get there? That's what we really wrestle with. And I'm come to find a ministry in the young people and adults alike. That when we spend a lot of time elevating the standards, now am I saying we should know that the standards no, never said it, nor would I say it. But neither side tangent legalism is not the raising of the standard. You know that right. Legalism is not a raising of the standard, it's a lowering of the standard so that man can reach it. As my friend jeffrey says, right? Like, that's what I have seen with, with legalism and I agree with that premise. So, but the problem is when we lift up the standard of what god expects, but we don't communicate how to get there or how god enables us or how god views us as we're seeking to get there. There's a problem with that because we come face to face with our own failure. And we think to ourselves basically 2 options, really when we come face to face for the fact that we preach a high message. But we don't tell people how to succeed or how god uses as we're striving to succeed. I'm a loser, will never be good enough and I might as well quit or to God is unreasonable. Because why would god ask me to do things that he knows good? Well that I can do? That's not really not fair. That's a reasonable and I don't want to serve god who works like that. Well, the good news is, god doesn't work like that. But many of our people don't know that because we're not. So we're so busy talking about the commandments of god. We don't tell people about the faith of jesus. We don't actually preach the full 3 angels messages to people will have another message on the, on the topic of rights just by faith. I think sabbath morning where we have not clearly communicated to our people. How god wants to set us up to succeed in the christian experience. And so in turn were miserable. We can't get anything right. We don't know why, why do I keep doing this? And this is just an act of futility. And so we need to be careful how we preach this message. We don't set our people up for failure. Now the answer to paul's questions are roman 7 is found in romans chapter 8. And so we're going to look at that here. A decent amount of roman chapter 8 along with some other text kick. So there are 2 functions of the holy spirit serves to answer these questions of how we get there. The 1st is the confirming work of the holy spirit to attribute the work of the land, and the 2nd is the conforming work attributing the work of the priest. So these 2 things that are super important, the active confirmation and active, conforming came confirming and conforming. So in a thesis chapter one versus 13 of 14, to turn there kind of a bible study today, are you ok with that? I was gonna do it anyway, but I'm glad you are features chapter one. That's why they pay the big bucks. Alright. The fusions one versus 13 to 14, sweat this in him, in jesus you also trusted after you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, in whom also having believe you were sealed with the holy spirit of promise, who's the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchase possession to the praise of his glory. Now this is not talking about the last day sealing of god's people that actually to ceilings that take place. There is the initial ceiling when you believe in jesus, and then there is the latter rain ceiling that happens at the end of time. And there are 2 separate ones are being referred to here. Ok. So here's the basic things that paul saying and fusions one after you heard the gospel you believed, and then you trusted in jesus. And when you trusted in jesus, it says that you were sealed in the also says that this serving serves the purpose of a guarantee other translations. Make it allude to this idea of a down payment or deposit, right? If you buy a large ticket items, you sit down with them, you put money on the table to make it clear that you're good for, right, you're testifying and you're signing paperwork that says at the end of this loan, i'm going to seal the deal and finish things by god's grace, i just paid off my car 13 months early. Right. I was a little early on my guarantee to them by god's grace. But that that's what you're doing. You're showing them that you're good for it. And then you're setting a jointly agreed upon date to seal the deal. Well, what paul saying here is that the holy spirit is serving that stealing function. That when you believe in jesus, the spirit of god is testifying, that jesus is good for it. Jesus is going to see this person through now we're not teaching one saved. Always right. Your power of choice remains throughout this process. But from the moment you say yes to jesus, the spirit is testifying and have the heaven is now your home until jesus comes to seal the deal. The 2nd coming with the caviar that you keep walking with jesus. Ok, that's the case. He's going to see you through. That's the promise. The good news. Yeah, totally good news. But the huge disclaimer here again is that this is not teaching. Want saved. Always say it's all dependent upon you walking the decision to accept jesus in the fall, the prompting to the spirit. You stumble along the way, come back and keep it moving. But if you walk, he's going to give you what you want. Ok, the process starts over again. So this ceiling and ephesians one is what is referred to as imputed righteousness, to use one of those $10.00 theological terms and justification. Ok, and we'll define that term here because it's unreasonable to say fancy things and not define them. So to impute means to attribute something like righteousness in this case, to someone by virtue of a similar quality in another. So jesus is righteousness, is attributed to my account when I believe in jesus. Now am I A righteous person? No, but jesus is righteous, life covers my wife and I am declared righteous. When I believe in jesus with justification means being declared righteous. Right? And we have a, they're doing it, there's a window open over here. Maybe they know how to change that. I would change the slide free, but I read it online here. The justification is the action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of god. So you believe in jesus and you are declared righteous in god's presence. That's what's being told there. She had the laptop in the front, got a little window open. It looks like the slides are changing now for them, but I can keep moving on my end. But some of this may be helpful for them whenever you get a chance to help us. Thank you. All right, so this is what we're told in the review, and harold june, for 895 is a really, really helpful definition that, that really benefited me and blessed me says the righteousness by which we are justified is imputed the righteousness by which we are think defied is imparted, imparted righteous. This is idea of the tangible delivery of jesus righteous life to you. For instance, you are declared righteous when you believe in jesus, okay, that that happens immediately as justification. But now the holy spirit is doing a work of empowering you to receive and to live. Jesus has already achieved righteous life. This is why as you're walking with jesus, there's things that you don't do anymore that you used to do, right? You talk differently, you were convicted about things you weren't convicted about a 4 or before, right? That's jesus imparting delay the holy spirit delivering to you the righteous life of jesus. That's what, that's what it means. So one of the declaration, the 2nd is to is provision to make the declaration a living reality. Does that make sense? One is provision and the other is a declaration for a sorry, once a declaration and the other is provision to make that declaration a reality. So this is really awesome news when you think it through, that means that you are declared righteous. While he's making you righteous, are you following me? That he is declaring you the righteous person, even though you're not righteous. He is working through a process of changing you, which means then I don't need to be so freaked out over whether i'm going to be good enough in our understanding because jesus is testifying of your good enough nis. Why? Because only jesus is good enough and his righteousness covers you as his spirit transforms you to live up to what he's been saying all along. That's part of what the faith of jesus does. He treats you based upon what you could be now based upon what you currently are. Now in his eyes, it's already a done reality. But for us, he's declaring something and then bringing it to pass. Are you with me? This is the good news of the gospel of jesus christ. Ok, and this is from a T jones in the consecrated way to christian perfection of books. Awesome. He says, and thus it is for the sins which we have actually committed for the sins that are past his righteousness is imputed to us. It's credited to us as our sins were imputed to him. That 2nd for the 521 that god made jesus who knew no sin to beast in for us so that we might become the righteousness of god in him. He continues and to keep us from sinning. His righteousness is imparted to us in our flesh as our flesh with his liability to sin was imparted to him. Thus he's a complete savior. He seizes from all the sins that we've actually committed and you say is as equally from all the sins that we might commit dwelling apart from him. Isn't that awesome? That's a complete savior guys. All right, so that's, that's the confirming ministry of jesus, of the misery, the holy spirit, i should say. Good romans, chapter 8, we see another one. Romans chapter 8. And verse 14, romans chapter 8. And verse 14 says this, for as many as are led by the spirit of god. These are the sons of god. So if you're being led by the spirit of god, you're viewed as a child of god. He meant for you did not receive the spirit of bondage begin to fear, but we received the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out of a father. And I love this illustration because what's communicated here is that, you know, generally the way that people feel who are in the situation of being an orphan or someone who is adopted was, what was implied is that I wasn't wanted. But now I am wanted someone saw something of value in me even though others didn't. I am loved, i'm accepted. I am welcomed into a home. This is a new home for me. So we are adopted by that. The spirit of god. We received the spirit of adoption by whom we crowd of a father as daddy continued verse 16, the spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are current. Tense children of god. The spirit is testifying. This right now is a child of god case. When you become a believer, the spirit confirms that you are a child of god. Now, when you are adopted into a new family, how much do you know about the expectations of that home? Let alone how to get there. Nothing. You don't know what's expected. You just know that you are accepted. All you know is that I am loved and I belong here. I don't know what you want for me. I don't know how to do what you want from me. Brown, thanks for the fact that you want me. And this is what happens in our experience and believing in jesus. Do you know all the truth? Whenever you believe in jesus? No, right, we're learning truth throughout the eternity, right? It's going to be a process for us. But we're accepted into a new family and we're not brought into bondage to fear. I hope I'm good enough. I hope you like me, were delivered from that and what's given. It's as beautiful word picture of fully loved for maybe you had an experience. We didn't have a home before you got one now, and it's with jesus and he loves you, he's proud of you and he's glad to receive you. The spirit testifies that this is a child of god. Ok, we did that already. And we did that already. Look at this like I've done this before. Sorry for that. All right, this is what, what makes the next year? The holy ministry, the holy spirit. So amazing. So at this stage what we know is I wanted, i'm love, i'm accepted. But where do I go from here? Like, what do you want from me and how do I get there? This is the next ministry, the holy spirit that's laid out in scripture, the ministry of the conforming work of the spirit. Good or woman's chapter 8, verse 3, just a few versus earlier. I love this verse with all of my belly. Alright, romans 8 verse 3 for what the law could not do. And it was weak of the flesh. Save us right in our flesh can't keep the law. So what the law could not do save us because it was weak in the flesh because our flesh can't keep the law. I just lost my spot. There we go. God did by sending his own son in the likeness system for flesh in flesh like ours. And on account of sin, he can dim sin in the flesh. You overcame some of the flesh. And here's why, according to verse, for so that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled and who in US who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the spirit. So god has just promised to what you couldn't do. Save yourself. God did because you have weak flesh god did by sending his son in the likeness of flesh just like yours. And he overcame that sin in your flesh so that you now can walk in obedience to the law of god. That's what the bible says. Case, we're not getting rid of the law at all cases law can't save us because their flesh is incapable of keeping in. So god since jesus and flesh like ours to overcome sin in the flesh. And he did this with the walk be fulfilled in US who do not walk according to flesh. But according to the spirit with the hebrews chapter 10, cuz he was chapter 10. And again, I'll be giving my slides to talk about here and you can just request them from whoever you request such things and make sure they get them. So you can study this more. But later hebrews 10 beginning of verse 15 says, but the holy spirit also witnesses to us for after he had said before, then of course jeremiah. 31 will talk about the sabbath morning. This is the covenant that I will make with him after those days says the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds i will write them and then he adds their sins and their lawless deed. I will remember no more. And now where there's remission of these are no longer offering for sin. So god promises to ride is longer a heart and then our mind in the also problems is to remember our sins no more. This is actually the 2nd time that, paul, i believe paul wrote hebrews, if you don't, that's fine. But this is the 2nd time that the author of hebrews quotes jeremiah 31 in the book of hebrews kate. This passage in the new covenant is the new cupboard that many christians are talking about today and will address the issue, the covenants saturday morning. So idea of those who keep the commandments of god in the 30 does message. So the holy spirit seals us when we believe the gospel, thereby confirming that we are children of god and that heaven is our home. That's how he attributes christ work as the land to you, the sacrifice for us. But he doesn't stop there. Then he begins to teach you how to live, like a child of god, by writing as well, in your hearts and in your minds. This is how he attributes the work of the priest to us. So one aspect, he's providing a sacrifice and blessing us and accepting us and then the next he's transforming us and making us acceptable if you will write the beautiful gift the way to seek a chapter 36, beginning a verse 24. Okay. And if you've ever heard me preach, you've probably heard me preach on these vs because they are one of my favors to phase is eco chapter 36. Just such a beautiful promise of god for his people is he could chapter 36 beginning and verse 24. It says, for I will take you from among the nations gather of all countries and bring you into your own land. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you should be clean. I'll cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. I'll give you a new heart, put a new spirit within you and take the hardest stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. And then it says, I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statues, and you will keep my judgments and do them. That's a promise beloved. That he will do the work of transformation in through and for you will deal with this later, but is equal 36. There are 10. I will statements from god regarding the transformation of his people. We don't get any credit for this. This is all of the work of god in broken faulty humanity. Ok. So you're dirty all cleanser. He says you got I don't, I can get rid of them. You have a stony heart. I'll give you a new one. You're cold and indifferent to help you be able to feel again and have some form of sympathy for your fellow man. Of the things of god. You can obey all empower you to a bit. Okay? So these are the promises that god makes to New company. Christians through the l, pouring of the holy spirit into their lives. And it's good news isn't. It means the weights, not all on you. Yes. Notice do we change the expectations of god? And what we've talked about today though they remain the same. The point is you're not the power source never happened and never will be. If you plan to succeed, you can try it. But you're going to crash and burn and knock at the end result. Jesus christ is our only source of living a righteous life. So by accepting the gospel, this grants, the holy spirit access to begin this work of sealing us the work of the lamb and transforming us into christ image the work of the priest. So he immediately imputes jesus, his righteous life, to us, justifying us before the father. Then it begins the process of imparting delivery in a tangible fashion. Jesus has righteous life to us by empowering us to receive the end to live his wife. Okay, so you are declared righteous while he is making you righteous, that's the promise that we're given k. And that 2nd part is saying if occasion, every step of the way we stand justified before the father. If we continue walking with jesus, that's the point. Are confessed, sin is covered and inside of the sanctuary, and he's purging us if any remaining sin to be able to stand without mediation. Again, the righteous vote which we are justified is imputed the righteousness by which we are think divine is imparted. The 1st is our title to heaven. The 2nd is our fitness for heaven. Are you with me so far as making sense? It's about to get gooder. This is amazing. Listen to this. Christ object lesson 65.2. How many farmers we got in this room right now a mirrors? Got this was unders on and he's far before raise your hands. Feller. I know you don't do it anymore. Per se in the farm. Or there are, there are some powerful lessons that jesus gave in the talk about farming, right, and the germination to see listen to this. This is so good. The germination of the seed represents the beginning of the spiritual life. And the development of the plan is a beautiful figure of christian growth as in nature. So when grace, there can be no life without growth, the plant must either grow or die. But listen to this as its growth is silent and imperceptible, but continuous. So what the development of the christian life. Now this is so important for us because it says that it's silent and imperceptible. Maybe you found yourself in season to revive. I need to read my bible. I need to study. Lauren, pray more so I can get right with jesus and you start reading in a voice comes into your head about a week or 2 later and says, this isn't working for you. You're not any different. You're just as lame as you were before this started. You're still impatient, you still cheat. You still why your eyes still wonder, you're still messing up. This does not work for you. And you might as well quit. And for some of us, that's a pretty attractive thought, isn't it? You're right. Not any different. I should be different by now, and so we get caught up on what we think we should be. But we were just told that growth is silent and imperceptible. Which implies, you don't see all of what god is doing in your life. So here's the point, beloved, how fast you grow is none of your business and stop worrying about it. That's not your problem. A mirror may grow it up at a pace. It's faster than carl gross. Who cares? All of us are seeking heaven. What jesus is doing and mirrors life or, and carl's life or anybody else's life is not your problem might only objective as a stay in that soil. How fast the seed next to me grows. How slow the sea next to me. Growth is not my problem. How fast i grow is not my problem. My only job is to keep trusting jesus to stay in that soil to keep putting myself in a situation where I could grow. I'm not going to grow in a dark closet. I need to be in the sun shine with the rain cultivating the soil, feeding at the rich nutrients that it needs. That's the thing you need to be focusing on. Even what the end goal is, standard wise is not really to be your objective right now. If you keep looking to jesus and you keep responding to the convictions, always spirit, you will grow. You will be declared righteous in that day and you can stand with boldness and the judgement is johnson. And 1st john, chapter 4. That's how this works. But if you get so caught up and staring in the mirror like narcissus staring at yourself until you die, because you're still in raptured by what you art. It doesn't work right. It doesn't work. So anyway, I come, I'm kind of passionate about that as you can tell. So the plan must either grow or die. And so it's, it's growth is silent and imperceptible, but continuous. So was the development of the christian life and listen to this next stick of dynamite. At every stage of development, our life may be perfect. At every stage of development, you are viewed as perfect. If I had a white board, i would draw for you right now. If I had a little shoot poking out of the ground, here's the thing you and I, when we think of perfection, our immediate view is a big honkin fruit tree with a bunch of fruit on it. If we're honest with ourselves, we think that that's what perfection looks like. But that's not what god says. Perfection looks like when you and so if I were to to plant a tomato plant today. That's how karl's place, because I stayed there last night and I come out the next morning and if I were to see the next morning it, there was not a big, vicious tomato plant with a bunch of delicious tomatoes on it. Would it be reasonable for me to be upset about that? Why not? It doesn't work that way, right? It takes time. But here's the problem. You do the same thing to yourself, a character roof. You stare at yourself and think you should look like the apostle paul, when you just accepted jesus 2 years ago, it doesn't work that way. Guys. St. Vacation is a work of a lifetime. So whenever god sees a little shoot, that's 3 weeks old coming out of the ground. He says that's perfection. And when he sees a stock that 6 weeks in the growing, he looks at that and says, that's exactly what you should be right now. That's perfection. And then eventually asked the harv is when it's ready to reap, and it's a beautiful crop producing fruit. He says that's perfection. Are you understanding? But that's not the way that we think it looks. And so we beat ourselves up. And here's what really happens. Then because we think we're losers and we're not good enough. We pull ourselves out of the soil and then we wither and die. And we blame god because he had standards that were unreasonable and reachable. Who's really the blaine here? The devil, himself and my unbelief. I don't believe god to do it. He says he will do, and I don't think I'm good enough. Well, that's the point of the gospel. You aren't good enough, but jesus is good enough. That's the point of the gospel and that he will do in through and for you what you are a holy and capable of doing for yourself. So he views you as righteous at every stage of development. He views you as perfect at every stage of development, which means you don't be afraid of that word. Don't be afraid of the word perfection. Such a problem. If I'm following jesus and following convinced the holy spirit at each step of the way. And if I confess and come right back as I'm going through that process, he gets it you think jesus didn't factor that in someone has this this mean they made a while back. That said, I'm so thankful for the fact that when jesus had a calling on my life, you factored in my stupidity and then it said like most encouraging thing i've heard all year. Right. He understands we are but he knows our weaknesses. He knows our frame. But he doesn't give up on us and he keeps working in through and for us, even when we're a mess, that's the truth and the music gospel. Ok. So every stage of development, our life may be perfect. Yet if god's purpose for us is full field, there's going to be what continual advancement you're going to keep growing. You're not going to stay the way he found you. Sanctification is the work of a lifetime. And as or opportunity is multiply our experience willing large and our knowledge increase. We shall become strong to bear responsibilities. And our maturity will be in proportion to our privileges. So some crops grow quicker just because they have more privileges available to them. There's a better water source, there's more sunshine, but all plants are growing. If they're staying in the soil, are you with me? And so just stay in the soil, that's the connection or that's the, the charge we're given. Now we're almost chapter 5, flushes out the completeness of the life and death of jesus. Go to romans 58 to 10. Need to check something here. Romans 5 versus 8 to 10. Her and move along. Says this, but our, this is another important point. So many of us are just talking to some people lunch about this. Many of us had these really horrible views of god, the father, we can roll with jesus because we see what he did for us. But the father, we just think like I'm just a continual disappointment to him. We project our unbelief and ourselves upon god. And we think that god looks at us in the way that we look at us that were losers that were a waste of his time. Will never be good enough. And so we think that jesus came to kind of convince the father to love us because we really are pretty bad. But that's not what the bible says. The bible says the romans chapter 5 or 8 that god showed his own lo forest and that while we were still sinners, christ died for us. So jesus didn't come to convince the father to love us. The father sent jesus because he already loved this and that's before we got anything. Right. That's what the bible says. While you are a mess, before we got anything right, god still loved you and sent jesus to lift is out of this myer birth night. Much more than having now been justified by his blood, we should be saved from wrath through him. Now pay attention to burst in because there's a quiz for if when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his son. Much more having been reconciled, we shall be said by his life. What are we reconciled by according to this text? By the death of jesus, his death cancels out our debt. Right? I don't, I didn't really pay attention to school. I was pretty broken from my childhood, but I know there was a thing about canceling out fractions, right? Jesus is death. Cancel out the death that you and I deserve. But here's the problem. If we stop there, that means I now need to live the rest of my life without sending in word thought or deed. Or I go right back in a day, No problem, right? So I need access to more than just someone to clear my debt. I also need someone to live a life that I have not lived. What are we saved by, according to verse him? His wife. So we're reconciled by the death of jesus. Our debt is cleared and we're stayed by his wife, which implies some things that are very important to us that should make us very, very happy to believe in the 2 phase. Tillman. Jesus is death, canceled our debt. That's the work of the lamb. And his life gives us our fitness for heaven. Ok. So here's the point. It's all I had was the death of jesus. I would have no hope of eternal life. Did you know that because we're reconciled by that and that's a blessing, but that's not the whole story. My pass that would be cleared with no hope of living victorious life going forward. This is why we believe in the 2 phase to tell him, and I think it's super biblical. Romans 5 lays that out. So this is a, sorry, a previous version of me read by the way. So god does desirous to have lives that are free from sin. He doesn't 10 for us to overcome. We can say him into that. But if he didn't, why did he send jesus to suffer? overcome? dion rise again. It doesn't make any sense. So yes, he wants that and he's provided the means necessary for us to overcome by sending jesus to live the perfect life that we have not lived. And by empowering us to live that live through the outpouring of his spirit. That's the point full and ample provision made by jesus. So how does that happen? Couple references for this 1st corinthians, 10. First grade, the chapter 10, beginning of verse 12. Therefore, let him who thinks he stands take heed why. As default to saying when I grew up, don't get too big for your britches. Right? If you think you've got it all together, you're in trouble. If you forget your need and dependence upon jesus, it's not going to go well. No temptation as overtaken. You accept, such as is common to man. This is really important for many of us who struggle with addiction and sin in our lives. That we get so beat up over the fact that what a loser we are. But what paul saying here is, hey, people around the World struggle with this, you're not the only one. First of all, and God is faithful, who is not going to allow you to be tempted beyond what you're able. But with an taishan will also make the way the skate that you may be able to bear at the word literally means to endure it. This is so awesome because what's being communicated here reminds me of john chapter 4, the woman at the well jesus. So this woman's water, paul, was her means of escape from the problems of her life. Right. She, she's at that Well high noon. It's blazing hot outside. No one of the right minds. Going to be at that Well at that time of day. And that's why she's there, right, she doesn't want to be bothered, she's escaping the problems of her life. And that's why it says in John for, for that jesus needs to go through scenario. He know she's struggling. He know she's hurting. And that's why he's there to set her free, even though she gives us ameritas with a lot of issues. So I'm very thankful for the fact that jesus needs to go through a scenario because I've had issues in my life. I've had problems any tells her what I had to offer you is vastly better than what you're coming here for. And she realizes that he has what she needs in the text later says that she leaves her water pot with jesus. And she goes and wins the city in the name of jesus. This is, this is 1st corinthians 10, I believe in every practical illustration and example that when we're seeking to run the sin to no more pain in a check out of life and associate, jesus shows up and offers is something better through the ministry. The holy spirit, you don't have to do this. I had something better for you. You're just going to 1st again, if you do this and you know that. So why don't you take what I have to offer? And I love this so much because that means that every time I'm convicted, that's not jesus saying I'm a loser. That's jesus. Offering me something better that jesus seeing something of value in me and him offering me something better. I love that philippians to verse 13 is another quick point here for being shipped to inverse 13 for it is god who works in you both the willing to do of his good pleasure. He's the one that changes your desires and he's the one that empowers you to walk in those new desires. So when we're tempted were to ask for jesus a spirit of surrender to the will of god, who then enable to our will to carry out god's will. Back to christ's object lessons. The planet grows by receiving that which god is provided to sustain his wife. It sins down its roots into the earth and drinks in the sunshine the due in the rain. It receives the life giving properties from the air. So the christian is to grow by cooperating with the divine agencies. Feeling our helplessness, we're to improve all the opportunities granted us to gain a fuller experience as the plan takes rudeness soil, so we're to take deep root where in christ and as a plant receives the sunshine, the doing the rain, we are to open our hearts to the holy spirit, the work is to be done not by my nor by power, but by my spirit. Stay at the Lord of hosts. If we keep our minds stayed upon jesus, he will come unto us as the rain as a ladder in the former rain under the earth, as the sun of righteousness he will arise upon us with healing in his wings, we shall gro was the lily. We shall revive as the corn and grow as divine by constantly relying upon christ as our personal savior. We shall grow up into him in all things. Who is our head? Oh, I love this so much. So the spirit allows us to receive everything that christ achieved and overcame on our behalf. And we can cry out in any moment of need to receive from god what jesus already accomplished. And jesus constantly yielded his will to his father. He continually abided in god, and we can receive his spirit of surrender. He's not even asking you to muster your own surrender. You can receive jesus a spirit of surrender. All right, these are rapid fire references here. The romans center a diverse 11 says the very spirit that rose jesus from the dead dwells enough to the very spirit the Rose jesus from the dead can raise you from spiritual death. We're told romance, chapter 8 verse $32.00 is another gorgeous promise. And I made to skip some of these will be in the slides. You can get later. Ramos 832. Ah, I love this so, so much. Listen to this guy. Just just marinate on this gospel goodness. He who did not spare his own son, but delivered him up for a sol. How shall he not with him also freely give us all things thing thing thing thing thing. Think with me guys. If God is not going to withhold jesus from humanity, you really think he's going to sell you short on what's going to change your life and empower you'd overcome. Come now, right. It doesn't make any sense. If he's going to give all of having a one gift, why wouldn't he give you what you need to succeed in your christian experience? romans 826 says that the holy spirit helps us in our weaknesses. How many people this room have a weakness in their life? Yeah, he'll help you with that. Maybe you don't really know how to pray as you ought. He'll teach you how to pray. Every deficiency in our experience has been accounted for the ministry, the holy spirit. The question is, what are you going to do with the pleadings of jesus? Through his spirit? Will you respond? Right. That's, that's the big question. Revelation chapter 3 in verse 20, jesus says, behold, i stand at the door and knock. Well how the knocking on the door of her heart's? It's through his spirit. That's how he's speaking to his people, calling his people back home. So we regard to every step of our growth according to the imputed and imparted righteousness of christ. And we can have assurance that we are in god and heaven bound when we remain in christ. It says this twice in the, in the short epistles. First, john, that this is how we know that we know him by his spirit, whom he has given us. That's how we know that we know jesus, the work that the spirit is doing in our lives. Back to christ, object, lessons. This rope, what do you think what she's talking about? Which rope is that? The robe of christ righteousness woven in the womb of heaven has in it No one thread of Human devising christ and his humanity wrought out a perfect character. And this same perfect character he offers to impart to us to tangibly deliver to you and mean all right, jesus is or is filthy rags that he 646. Everything that we are cells can do is defiled by sin. How much of our works? Everything we do is defiled by sin were told, but the son of god was manifested to take away our sins and in him is no sin and sin as defined to be the transgression of the law. But christ was obedient to every requirement of the law. He said himself, idea why to do that. I will my God gave i laws. Within my heart went on earth. He said to his disciples, i have kept my father's commandments by jesus, as perfect obedience. He has made it possible for every human being to obey god's commandments. No law believing avenue to say, well, we submit ourselves to jesus. The heart is united with his heart, the mercy, the will is merged in his will, and the mind becomes one with his mind. The thoughts are brought into captivity to him, and then what happens? We live his life. This is what it means to be close of the garment of righteousness of his righteousness. Then as the Lord looks upon us, he sees not the fig leaf garment, not the nakedness and deformity of sin, but his own robe of righteousness, which is perfect obedience to the law of jehovah. And that goodness of god is what's going to lead us to repentance if he will be that good to me all forsake anything that keeps me back from him. All right, I'll skip that time. Say because of this. He who was trying to reach heaven by his own works and keeping the law is attempting what an impossibility man cannot be saved. That obedience, that's true, but his works should not be of himself. That's why god's not impressed with your obedience. You know that right? god's not impressed with your obedience and you know why? Because he's the one that did it. He is thankful that you're letting a work in your life, but he's not impressed by that. So don't think who I did a good deed hope jesus was looking right. Like, well, he's always looking and he's so thankful that you let him into your heart to do that. Good. The that he did through you. OK so christ should work in him. The willing to do of his good pleasure, if a man can save himself by his own works, he might have something in himself a wish to rejoice. But we don't. So we want. The effort that man makes it his own strength to attain salvation is represented by the offering of cane, jeer that the offering obtain its crisis. All that man can do without christ is polluted with selfishness and sim. But that which is wrought through faith is acceptable to God. So when we seek to gain heaven through the merits of jesus, what ends up happening? The soul makes progress. Looking under jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, we may go on from strength, from victory to victory for through christ, the Grace of god has worked out what type of salvation our complete salvation. This is why we can be so joyful about romans chapter 8 verse one. For there is now how much condemnation for those who are in christ jesus, there is none who do not walk according to the flesh, but how do they walk according to the spirit. So walking according the spirit is confessing our sin and walking and continue will be due to the prompting of his spirit. So of course this who delivers from any form of condemnation and since we're receiving christ appear to surrender, we're doing it in christ. So paul saying, romans chapter 8. Now, here's some of the ramifications of our mist application of the expectations of god. So many of us kind of get caught up in this really hard situation where we were so caught up on what we need to be that we think so. Cuz we know like at the end of time, what I need to look like is that big honkin fruit tree with a bunch of fruit on it. Or I need to be spotless. I need to be righteous. And if I'm not that, then I'm going to be lost them. But then comes a really tricky question. But wait a minute, I'm not that right now. So am I even saved? Now? Do you see how this connection comes? And it's largely because we focus so much on the end of the race that we've not helped our people understand. One god is going to work within you to willing to do his good pleasure and set you up to succeed. And to God is viewing you as righteous while he's making your righteous, he understands are going to stumble in your heavenward journey. But if all you do is stare, is what you ought to be. You never get to appreciate what god is doing your life right now. In fact, sometimes we get mad at god because we see in ourselves broken this frailty, we see humanity who knew. Right. And when we see that we don't know to do with it. And we get discouraged and then we get a re god, I told god to get to sit out of my life. It's still my life, god's faithful and god's thinking himself. Like if you give me all of you and if you focus on us, and if you stay in that soil you will overcome. When that day comes is none of your business. I understand the sins in your life. So like I want to be caught off guard on judgment, day and real. It's all man. Bob has similar life. I would have done something, but I didn't, of course he knows you focus on jesus. And sometimes one of the reasons why things stay in our lives is because that's not really the issue. For instance, you have an addiction in your life and you keep pleading with jesus. Take away my chewing tobacco, take away my pornography, take away my booze. Take away my, whatever. We're asking the wrong thing, because the thing isn't the real issue. Now not justifying or pay leading sin, but you're, you're, you're upset about fruit, but you're not dealing with the root or understand the difference in so sometimes that fruit is allowed to remain because you're not asking the right question. You're not seeking the right strategy to overcome. The real strategy is why do I run this vice in the 1st place? What's what vacancies are in my life? John can't? Well, the guys who teaches for our school had them one of the most amazing lines i've ever heard of my life, he shared at the cafeteria, and I said, you better preach that or next class period. And he did. He says, when god looked at us, he doesn't see what's wrong. He sees what's missing and then he pours himself into these broken vacancies in our lives. And I was so thankful for that and it's accurate with scripture and in the spirit of prophecy. And what he's saying by so much appreciate this that we look at us and we see what's wrong. But god doesn't. God knows the reason why you're acting out because somethings broken inside, something's wrong in there. And he wants to pour himself into these broken spaces of our lives so that we can live live healthy in a whole lives. Because when someone has healing of the brokenness, they don't need to know their pain anymore because the pain's gone dinner stand the difference. This is why behavior modification never works. What actually equated it to cutting the foliage off of a tree. She says, starting from what's out and moving within never works. It will always fail. It's hard work with christ. We need to start with the heart. And then the Fruit itself will change, you know, seeing the difference. The gospel such good news for us. Beloved romans, 83132. What shall we say to these things? If God is for us and I hope you're seeing today that god is totally for you. He's not saying get your act together and then we'll think about accepting you. He is, for you always has been always will be. So if God is for us who can be against us, he who did not spare his own stone, but delivered him up for a soul. How shall we not with him also freely give us all things. Who shall bring a charge against god's elect? It is god who justifies who's he, who condemns it. Is christ who died. And furthermore, is also risen. Who's even at the right hand of god who also makes intercession for us? So who shall separate us from the love of christ, so tribulations or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sort? yet in all things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, and powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height, or depth, nor any created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of god, which is in christ jesus, our lord. So your decisions may separate you from the presence of god, but never from the love of god. And hope he caught that god's love for you is not dependent upon what you do. It's based upon who he is. And love believes all things and hopes all things and endures all things for his beloved. So you have a way, I'm and a priest at your service, but he's left the choice with you will cause this idea what the very god that you're afraid of disappointing. The most believes the best things about us, and he's doing whatever it takes to see a said in is just asking us to respond. Well, the good news is that's the gospel, and that's available to you right now. So then the investigative judgment is good news. And we have a reason to exist as a church prophetically, and we have a job that we can be doing right now by telling this to the world. Yes, your sin matters, but you have a savior. You can be free from sin. Jesus can enable you to overcome, and the judgement is happening right now. We're all of this matters. That's the point. And that's the gospel. God sees things in you guys that you don't even see in yourself, that's the faith of jesus. And he wouldn't have you living at this stage a verse history, unless he knew that he could sustain you. And I hope you heard that today. Some of us are suppose sport. Am I ever going to be good enough? Am I ever going to make it news flash? The very god who created you to live in this window of verse history believes in your ability to succeed. The very fact that you have breath in your lungs right now is evidence that god is not holding your sins against you. And the fact that you're living at this stage nurse history is evidence of the fact that he believes that you can stand. But do you believe that and are you taking him at his word? Will you take care of his belief in you and a response to the faith of jesus? Will you exercise your faith in jesus? That's the point guys. And if we get that right we're, we're, we're going to be in a good, good situation. Has this made sense today? Yes or no. I know we did a lot of verses, but if you seen the big picture here that god is working for us, this is what it means to live in the midst of the investigative judgment. This is how god is preparing people to stand in the day of god through the ministry, the holy spirit. And this is what will lead people to fear, god, glory to him. In the midst of the time when his, the hour of his judgment has come. And this is why john, in 1st john chapter 4 had the audacity to say that we can stand and boldness in the midst of the judgment. Because we're not boasting in US. We're open vessels for the spirit of god to use to communicate to the world that god does keep his promises that the gospel does work and he can do the same for them while there's still a chance to do so. A man, us pray. God, thank you for loving us so much. Thank you. That the gospel is good news that you do have a plan for our transformation, for healing and our forgiveness. God, I pray that you would cover our sins of the blood of jesus. That you would fill us with your holy spirit and that we would believe what you had to say about us that we would know and believe the love that you have for us. And that we would be excited about being bible believing gospel of christians living in the last days of verse history as were closing out the 1st angels message in the next presentation, the moral board. I pray that you would just help us to see clearly that there are so much more here than we have seen above all else want to see. We love you and we thank you. We ask this in jesus. In this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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