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01 Revelation’s Warning to Anesthetized Souls

Chris Holland


Chris Holland

Associate Director of HopeLives365 and World Evangelist for Adventist World Radio


  • July 15, 2021
    6:45 PM


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I am just thrilled to be here with you this evening and you have the opportunity to share over the course of the next 3 days tonight, tomorrow night and then sabbath morning will be exploring the book of revelation tonight. Revelations, warning for slumber tomorrow. Revelations, ex or taishan for half hearted apathy, and then sabbath morning revelations, cure for lost love. And as we talk about the war, the book of revelation and revelations, cosmic conflict, let us not get lost in the types and the symbols of the book of revelation. And let us focus on the main theme of that book, which can be simply summarized in a complex sentence, and that is this. Jesus wins the devil loses choose to be on jesus side. When we're confused about 144000, just remember whether there figure it's ever literal. Jesus wins and the devil loses, don't lose sight of that. As we begin this evening, there is confusion in the world Just over one year ago on March, the 13th, 2020, and louisville, kentucky police. Using a battering ram, entered the apartment of one brianna taylor and kenneth walker. As part of a drug investigation. Many have read about this story. Many of us saw the results. Details that follow that I will describe differ depending on where you read the news. But what apparently happened is police return fire with 20 shots. 5 of those shot struck and killed the young woman, brianna taylor. And in the aftermath, riots and protests broke out against the injustice or the apparent injustice of what had happened. And just a few months ago, None of the 3 officers involved were indicted in the death, which once again brought about riots and protesting. And when we look at the images that have been created in the media, it leaves many wondering what is happening to america To 2020, brought the death of ruth bader ginsburg. And instead of mourning the death of a long time serving supreme court justice, There were arguments over the constitutional duties of the president, the threat of a speaker, to impeach the president, which now we know happened. There were war of words, there were attacks on appointees and it left many wondering what is happening to america. The election of 2020 brought about the same question. What is happening to america? And if we just read the news today, headlines outrage after the white House press secretary reveals that the biden administration has been flagging facebook posts a democratic congresswoman arrested hands. Zip died after protest that a building and it leaves many wondering What in the world is going on. In September of 2020, there was a gathering on the National mall Going to share with you here a video clip. The video clip is approximately 8 minutes long. As we watch this video clip, let me be clear in advance, so it is not misinterpreted. I do not support what's in the video clip, but I'm showing the video clip That we might be awakened to the reality of things going on. Often we talk about the cosmic conflict as a future. But my dear brothers and sisters, the cosmic conflict, is happening right now before our very eyes. Not only is it happening right now before our very eyes, but the last battle lines are being sat. In fact, in fact, This week I've been exploring with some masters students, metaphors of the church. One of the metaphors of the church is the church. As an army. Are we an army of well disciplined soldiers waiting and watching and preparing for what is happening and what is coming? Let's watch this clip. And afterwards we will dive into revelations warning for slumber. Ah, this is Jonathan. We are standing at a pivotal moment in american history and world history a moment that can permanently seal our nation's course and of course of the world for good for bad, for calamity or redemption. America and much of western civilization was founded on a biblical foundation, stone. But it's turned away from that foundation. We have not only driven god out of our public life and called what is good evil and what is sin good. But we have sacrificed the lives of over 60000000 unborn children. And america's fall from god is not only progressing its accelerating to the point that it's no longer just a falling away. But a war against the purposes of god. I wrote in the harbinger of the science of judgment that appeared in the last days of ancient history morning of calamity. That the same signs of warning have now appeared on american soil. The biblical temple concerning judgment is that the nation so warned is given a space of time to return, or to head for judgment and calamity. We are now in that window of time. But if america continues on its present course, that window will come to an end and there will come a flood that will begin the end of religious freedom. Even ushering persecution and feel america's fall. And if america falls, it will affect the entire world. This year 2020 is crucial as it leads to a presidential election in which the stakes are higher and the necessity of prayer more critical than ever before. And even if the election goes in the direction of biblical values and righteousness, if we don't see a spiritual turning and awaken a repentance revival, then all the political, legal, judicial, and cultural efforts will ultimately for beyond we have a window of time and the purpose of that window is to return and for revive. Without that return, america will be lost. What can we do? What can you do? In the days following 911, people flocked to the houses of worship and it looked as if there could have been a spiritual revival in awakening. But he never came because there was no repentance. And without repentance, without a turning back, there can be no revival. But I have seen once in my life, the hand of god changed the course of American and world history. And it all began not in the halls of government, but with the people of god who gathered in a sacred assembly in our nation's capital. With the scripture, if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their simple ways, then I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sin and I will heal their life. It can happen again, but if we don't respond now, at this most critical moment, we may never have the chance to do so again. Since the time of 911, i've been calling for return for repentance for revival, not only as individuals, but as a nation, according to 2nd chronicle, 714. At the same time, a faithful man of god, kevin Johnson, has for years carried the burden of a sacred assembly for that same purpose of restoration. We are convicted that now is the time. Therefore, this is the announcing of the return, the National and global day of prayer and repentance. It will be a day and more than a day, a time, and a season for the movement for prayer, repentance, return, and revive. The central day will be saturday, September 23rd sacred assembly, according to what is laid forth in scripture, to take place in our nation's capital, on the Washington. More for those who can't make it, or want to do something where you are then gathered together in your states, your cities, in your towns, in your houses of worship, in your homes, or be part of those gatherings already. Plant. This will take place not only 40 days before the presidential election, but also on the 400 anniversary of the sailing of the mayflower in the days of america's founding and dedication to God. And surrounding the day of return on September 26th will be 10 days known from ancient times as the 10 days of repentance. Starting with the feast of trumpets and ending on the day of atonement to set as a special time to intensify our prayers or intercession for repentance on September 18th to September 28th believers and leaders who are already part of the return. Include everybody from pat robertson to Dr. James dobbs, him from billy graham's daughter and graham lots to martin luther king's niece. I'll be the king and many, many more. When does the return begin right now? How with you and me as we commit this time and this year for return, prayer, repentance, and revival. To commit. First to our own repentance and to begin actually living in revival and then to pray for others. The return and revival of our nation and the world. You who are parents begin by leading your families and revive ministers lead your groups and revive pastors, lead your churches into revival leaders of ministries, movements and denominations. Lead your people into revise and spread the word to everybody. You can let the believers, pastors, and churches in your areas know, use social media, use everything you can to spread the word so they can have a part. And if you're watching this and you're not sure you know, god for that your life is in his will then come to him now or come back to him and then come join in in the return. So I invite you to come to the nations, come on the Washington mall. So number 22020 plan. Now you can rent buses, trains, cars, planes. However you can come or gather wherever you are. And if you're watching this from a nation outside of America, you can be part of bringing the return to your nation by doing what I've set forth in this message and going to the return website for more information. I'll be sending out more messages as we go forward. But for now, for more information to have a greater part to represent the return in your area or to stay up to date. If you're not already on that site, go to the web site for the return, which is easy to remember. It's the return website dot or that's the return website does. All the Lord is calling? If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my things and turns from their sinful ways, then I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sin and I will heal their life. The movement and chance we have before us now may never come again. If we don't return now, we may pass the point of no return. So now, in view of the call and of the moment before us, let us each rise to that call to do what he has called us to do to believe are great and mighty things. We know not to return and seek to live in re bible and become messengers of revise. It is time to break up our fellow ground. It's time to seek the law as never before. It's time to return. Ah Ah! Let that sink in for a moment. Let me be very, very clear. While I resonate with some of what the speaker has said, I have a great fear that we may in fact be witnessing before our very eyes the beginnings of a false revival that intermingled politics and religion. A false revival that will not lead to true repentance and genuine faith, but rather a movement that moves for the legislation of faith. The legislation of morality and will usher in the final events of the book of revelation. This gathering that took place attracted thousands of people. There is no accident 40 days prior to the election. 400 years after the mayflower set sail and a fulfilment of the biblical day of atonement. In its very essence, a mingling of secular political history with biblical framework, and the leaders are not individuals that are unknown in the evangelical mon movement. Billy graham's daughter, pat robertson, james dobson, l V to king, former presidential candidate michelle bachman. Actor kevin sore bo, but more important is, as you look at the website and the board of directors, the undercurrent of the leadership and the political ties of these leaders cannot be denied. Mike lindo of my pillow fame is also an organizer who has plainly stated that donald Trump was chosen by god. Now let me be very clear in the things that I am stating, I am making no political statements. I am asking us to observe because I A for I am afraid that many of us as advantage did the same thing that the evangelical world did during these elections. We hitched ourself to a political candidate rather than attaching ourselves to the most holy god. Steve strang, the founder and publisher of curriculum magazine, the leading, charismatic and pot. Pentecostal media outlet is an organizer who wrote the book, god and donald Trump. And the man in the video is a man by the name of jonathan con. He is the pastor and rabbi of the jerusalem centre, beth israel, in Wayne, new Jersey, his 436000 followers on YouTube. He is proclaimed by many to be a prophet with messages of the time. He predicted the outcome of the 2016 election and predicted that donald Trump would when he faces a challenge of his prophetic destiny. Because he also predicted that donald Trump would win in 2020. In his book the paradigm he compares donald Trump, to the ancient king jay, who leading israel away from idolatry. He casts mr. Trump, as a heroic figure, and he writes these types of things. Trump is offering us a window for revival, a window to return to God. Mister con said what happened in the election was not about trump, but about something much higher the purposes of god. And he joined a cast of individuals who even referred to donald Trump as the modern day. Cyrus, in case you are not aware, there was a coin minted that printed one side with the image of cyrus, the ancient king, and on the other. Donald Trump, the modern former president of the United States, and let me be clear in all of this, I am not making any political assertions. I'm simply pointing out the importance of all of us opening our eyes and seeing what's happening around And don't miss this. While pastor con and his leadership may have the best of intentions, I believe that that actually will see the fulfillment of the final movements of this earth history. An effort to do that, which is the best for the people I believe we are seeing before our eyes right in our own backyard. Ladies and gentlemen, the stirrings of a last day coalition of a religion. Oh, political power that looks like a lamb. But speaks like a dragon. Could it be that in satan's master deception? He has all of us focused on who we support. Politically. He has all of us focus on a pandemic. And right behind the shade he is thrown In a brilliant stroke of polarizing deception. He has now we have missed the most stealthy of his attacks. But pray, heavenly father, as we continue to study, guide us. We know without your spirit, we cannot hear and so speak to us, lord, and may your spirit dwell here with us. We pray in jesus' name, amen. If you have your bibles, i would invite you to open to revelation the 13th chapter. We are going to be moving fairly rapidly and we're going to be covering a number of different things. Revelation chapter 13 versus 11. Through 17. The bible says the following, then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth. And he had 2 horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon. And he exercises all the authority of the 1st beast in his presence and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the 1st bees whose deadly wound was healed. He performs great signs so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And he receives those who dwell on the earth by those signs, which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast. Telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and lift. Continuing on, he was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed. He causes all both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand, or on their foreheads. And no one excuse me. And that no 1 may buy or sell except one who has the Mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name. This power has long been identified through historicity interpretation as the power of the United States of America. It is a power that was founded with lam like principles, principles of religious freedom, principles of a free democratic republic. But it would swing from its lamb like stature to dragon tongue speaking very early in its history. You see very early on, many of the colonies formed religious laws that enforced religious practice. It was only in Rhode Island when it was founded by roger williams, who was a staunch advocate of religious freedom, that the separation of church and state truly happened. Now revelation 13 points out several key points as to the events that will unfold in this earth. History. Verse 12 says that this power will give the 1st beast the PayPal power, a platform for power. Secondly, it will facilitate a pentecost looking revival. And 3rd, it will mingle church and state to the point of legislating religious belief and practice. God has warned against following this power in god's answer to those deceptive leadings though, because does this surprised god is god caught off guard by the rise of the sea beast and the land beast? He is not caught off guard. What is god's answer to the rise of the sea beast in the land beast, the great cosmic messages which we refer to as the 3 angels messages he sends forth these messengers, these 3 cosmic messages. The 1st one warns people of a pending judgment and the only solution to the kalat coming calamity is relief in the everlasting gospel of jesus christ. It is believed in the good news of jesus christ life death, resurrection, ascension, and heavenly ministry in the sanctuary. The 2nd message is the focal point of what we'll be talking about tonight. What is the 2nd message? And another angel followed saying, babylon is fallen, is fallen. That great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her for an occasion. Then later in revelation chapter 18, you'll remember a 4th angel comes with even greater detail. And after these things, I saw another angel coming down from heaven having great authority. And the earth was illuminated with his glory. And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, babylon, the greatest fallen is fallen and has become a dwelling place of demons. A prison for every foul spirit and a cage for every cli, unclean, and hated. Bird. For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her for an occasion. The kings of the earth have committed for an occasion with her, and the merchants of the earth had become rich through the abundance of her luxury. And I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her, my people. Lest you share in her sentence, unless you receive of her legs. Babylon, it comes from the katy and word babel. It literally means the gate of god. It is also derived from the hebrew fable, which means confusion. The ancient city of babylon was founded, as you'll remember, by home. They were founded by nimrod. It was founded by nimrod, as the city of babel eventually became babylon. And what was the mindset? What was the D n A of the city? What was the very foundation of that city? genesis 114 tells us. Com. Let us build ourselves the city and it's our whose top is in the heavens. Let us make a name for ourselves. Lest we be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth, you see they desired to build a tower that would reach the heavens and assure them that they would not be destroyed by another flood. So the very city of babylon was founded on this funding, mental prison, fundamental principle, rebellion against god. God had made a promise that the worth would not be destroyed by a flood. He assured the world that the rainbow was a reminder of his covenant of salvation. Their efforts to build the tower Were implicit distrust at Best explicit rebellion at worse. And while on the outside, looking in the tower of babel made sense, It was a unifying effort for the betterment of the people you see for the betterment of the people for the preservation of humanity. Let us build a tower. It made logical sense. Who could argue with that? There was unity for good. But that unity was founded on a principle of rebellion against god. And if you know we history, you'll remember that babylon then continued in her rebellious ways. It became a part of the kingdom of the amorites. The amorites were no friends of the people of god, then the cast sides conquered babylon and made it the religious political capital of their empire, and that religious political capital would be maintained through several empires. Then came the actual empire of assyria that conquered the city of babylon. Later in history, you'll remember the assyrian empire is the empire that conquered the 10 northern tribes of israel. You see throughout history, babylon represents a religious political power that continually attempts to corrupt god's word god's law and god's people, the neo babylonian empire under never kinetzer then formed and as an enemy of god's people went in 6 o 5, B, C, you'll remember and conquered jerusalem besieged it and took a captive. Excuse me, a number of captives back to babylon. And what did they do to those hebrew captives? primarily daniel shad rack, michigan, bendigo 1st they took them from their home. Second, they enrolled them in their schools, attempting to brainwash them. 3rd, they replaced their food 4th day and tempted to indoctrinate them in their false religious practices. And 5th, in an attempt to remain, remove their unique identity as gods chosen people. They made them unix, all with one design To change them from what they fundamentally were. And in this modern day, now revelation at warnings us about a new rise of babylon. Babylon is symbolic. In the book of revelation, there are 2 cities, the city of jerusalem, the city of babylon, jerusalem, his home of the saints. Babylon is the mystical, religio political power, that stands in opposition and defiance of god. In early christian tradition, babylon was symbolic of rome. But as the centuries have gone by, political pagan, rome has given way to religious political people. Rome supported and backed by the political power of the United States. It is a representation of false religion that mimics the genuine article. But in actuality is everything that is opposed to God and his will. It is a power that leads out in the last false great revival, which leads to confusion. There are several key points that I want us to consider this evening from revelation 14 and revelation. 18. Number one. Babylon is fallen literally in the original greek. It means that he has faltered, collapsed, or become invalidated. The system of babylon, the confusion of babylon. The goals of babylon are so corrupted that his collapse upon itself. Yet too often is god's people. We cower in the corner under fear, believing that babylon is stronger, the bible is clear, we are in a war, we are in an army and we are in god's army. Any fish in 6 instructs off in the weapons of war and the defense of war. But we cower in the corner, often fearful of standing for god, and making advancement on the kingdom of satan. Number to her belief system is an intoxicating wine. Many are drinking the wine of babylon and friends, we must remember. This representation is to help us understand wine is an intoxicating drink. And you see the doctrines and false beliefs of babylon. They sound good on the outside. They. They even look good from the outside. And just like real wine. When you drink of them, it gives you a bit of euphoria for a moment or 2. If they lack of biblical foundation. The you for x state of the offering of babylon impairs the frontal lobe. And just as partaking real wine or other alcoholic beverages will do the impairment of the frontal lobe throws off the decision making processes of the mind. It throws it into chaos And it actually makes what's wrong look right. It makes what is sinful look righteous. And unfortunately, a 7th day adventists, we are under the belief that just because we go to church on sabbath, we have not been deceived. The devil is deceiving us left and right in our lives on a daily basis with a babble lonely and fury. And many of us are drinking it up like it's going out of style. Babylon's elicit, union is foreign occasion. You see the word used here is to demonstrate what's so intoxicating about her. The union with the state makes it sound even better. However, let us be clear in biblical history, god has never utilized the power of the state to enforce upon himself to force himself upon his people. God offers free will because in order for the love of god to truly be love, it must give us the opportunity to say yes, but also the opportunity to say no. Babylon marys herself to the state, to harness the state's power to enforce her broken confuse and faltering system of belief upon the nations. And the bible says the nations drink it up, it sounds good, it looks good, it figuratively smells good. But proverbs 20 inverse one warns us wine is a mocker. Strong drink is a brawler, and whoever is let a stray is not wise. Proverbs $23.00 says wine is a mocker. Strong drink is a brawler, and whoever is led astray is not wise. Isaiah, the prophet worn, they also have erred through wine and through intoxicating drink are out of the way the priest in the prophet have aired through intoxicating drink. They are swallowed up by wine. They are out of the way through intoxicating drink. They air in vision. They stumble in judgment and just as real alcoholic beverage. It should not be a part of the christian's lifestyle practice, though partaking of the wine of babylon will lead to error. And my dear friend, what we don't take seriously enough is that the error of babylon will lead to death. She is supposed to be married to the bridegroom, but instead, she has married herself to the state. Because the state can legislature enforcement rather than the biblical precedent of humble submission to christ. I am afraid for us as advantage because we too are being swallowed up in false doctrines. The rise of anti trinitarian, msm, under the guise of the prophetic faith of our fathers, is absolute, an error hub or rent Of front to the nature of god. The bible instructs us to baptize in the name of the father, son in the holy spirit. And the anti trinitarian movement reforms that passage to say, baptize them in the name of the father, in the name of a man, and in the name of an indistinct non existent force. It's easy to look across the water to the boot of italy and say a hole. I will not be deceived. There, satan is vastly more crafts fee than this we are drinking from the anti trinitarian ways that babylon has planted centuries ago. By the way, anti trinitarian ism is not just a challenge in the adventist church. It is sweeping through protestantism. It originates my dear friends in the counter reformation movement. The wine of babylon. It looks good. It smells good. It was grape juice at one time. And if you've ever had fresh grape juice, It's the best you've ever had. But when that grape juice turns, my wife and I make great juice. It's an interesting thing. You crush the grapes and you put them in a barrel And received in the stems. All float to the top and at the bottom, you're left with the juice. And that juices ready interestingly enough, in 3 days. But if you wait a little longer, You'll go to take a little sip and there's a little sparkle. It tickles your tongue. But it will kill you. Satan is laying out the deceptions of babylon. And the 4th principle is god has one solution. And he has one command. Come out of her, my people. It is the only solution, literally it means to escape. Come out, the only way to avoid the doom of her false system is to come out her false system, which is founded on a false gospel, which is based on an idea that is completely false, its premises against god. What do I mean by that? The babylonian, the babylonian premises that no one can be obedient to God under the guise of his grace. Obedience is impossible. The false doctrine of babylon says there are only 9 commandments. By the way, the false doctrine of babylon is now gone beyond this. Their new doctrine is, god understands, god understands. These aren't 10 rules for living. These are 10 suggestions that might be appropriate. The foundation of babylon is based on new age, greek, philosophical teaching on the nature of band. And what happens after you die? The doctrines of babylon are based on a false doctrine on the character of god portraying him as a been dictate, god, who will punish people for eternity. The nature of babylon is a focus on legislative movement through repentance and heart preparation rather than the preparation for the true and everlasting kingdom that is being set up by god and will be ushered in by the 2nd coming of jesus christ, true revival and true repentance true heart preparation focused entirely on god's done and not on the acquiring of our on this earth. The only way of escape. The only way to avoid is to come out. It may look good, it may sound good, it may feel good, it may taste good. But the command of the most holy god is to come out. And a book of revelation tells us that there is a false revival that is coming, that will be accompanied by fire. Coming down from heaven. False revival. It will look like panic cost. And it may have pentecost like results. It may sound like it may look like it, But it is false. And what I'm fearful love is that we have fallen asleep and more slumbering. Because we have this idea. I will be deceived. But we just go along our mary lives living however we want Have you ever had a moment There are enough or a view here that are older and then there are enough. You hear that are younger that I'm going to have to explain my illustration. How many of you here have ever used a map that is not digitally generated? There are a good portion of you that have not she back in the day they used to print these maps. Had all the roads on them. I'm being serious. You talk about a phone book today and people like full book, what's that? And so my wife and I were traveling, and I looked on the map and I knew that I was going north. There was no question in my mind. I was going north But every sign that I passed said that I was going south. But I knew I was going north. But the sign said I was going south. So much did I not believe the road shines that I stopped at a gas station. I did gentlemen, i actually stopped And I said, dear sir, I need to go north. Which way is north? And indeed i had been going south friends, we underestimate We under estimate the power of deception. Matthew says that the deception will be so powerful that it will deceive if possible the very lacked. So what can we do? What is the only thing we can do to protect ourselves from this grand deception? True revival and genuine revival in the book of revelation is absolutely essential to the life of the christian and the preparation of his or her heart for the kingdom. Revelation chapter 14 So he's interesting in the book of revelation when a great dissonant moment happens, like revelation 13, it leaves us wondering what can I do. And the next scene that god gives us is even though there's a sea based in a land based, there will be 144000 revelation chapter 6 ends and says, who can, who shall be able to stand. And the next scene is the 144000. Why? Because the theme of the book of revelation is that jesus wins in the double loses. So choose to be on jesus side. Choose to be in jerusalem. Do not choose to be on the outside of the city and spiritual babylon, because her faith is not a good one. So when we talk about 144000, we often delve into arguments about its spiritual name. Excuse me, whether it's a literal nature or a figurative nature and we lose sight of the main point that the author of the book of revelation, the apostle john sitting on the island of patmos wants us to understand. Because people, when they asked me this question, I don't like to delve into these arguments, they'll say, is it literal or is it figurative? And I'll say, I have a better plan for you. Just make sure you have the characteristics and your one of them. Revelation 14 versus 4 and 5 outlines those key characteristics of true revival and reformation, amongst god's people at the end of time, these are the ones who are not be filed with women for they are virgins. These are the ones who follow the lamb wherever he goes. V z were the ones redeemed from among men being 1st fruits to God, into the land and in their mouth was found no deceit and they are without fault before the throne of god. What does this mean? They were not defiled with women. It is a reference to spiritual purity, they have not yielded to the intoxicating drink of babylon. They haven't complete and utter devotion to God and God alone. Revelation chapter 12 and verse 17 says and the dragon was enraged with the woman. And he went to make war by the way, it's very interesting there that word went. If you look it up, if you go to a strong's can coordinate and you find that word and I have some of my home, a lot of students here. If you go do the things that I talk to you about, the lexicon says that, that word translated everywhere else is the word went away. But the translators of the bible said that doesn't make sense because when you wake make war, you don't go away. What do you do? You attack? But the word is went away. Where did he go? Way to remember? The bible was not written with chapter and verse division in its origin. And so where did the dragon go away to? What's the very next scene after revelation? 1217. Then I john stood on the C saying a beast rising up out of the sea. Where did the devil goal? He went to go get it to france. The beast from the sea and the beast from the land to form an alliance. The unholy trinity. The dragon, where what is the dragon want to do? I say, chapter 14 says that the dragon wants to ascend a throne above the almighty because he wants to be the father. The beast that rises from the sea rules for $1260.00 days, which is 3 and a half years. How long was the ministry of jesus? By the way? 3 and a half years, you see the beast that rises from the sea mimics the ministry of christ. And then the beast that rises from the land mimics the ministry of the holy spirit with a pendant costs like moment. The false trinity that attacks god's people at the end of time. And what is their security? Their security is found in that they keep all the 10 commandments of god, and they have the testimony of jesus, which according to revolution, 1910, is the spirit of prophecy. Revelation 1412 along with that says here is the patience of the saints. The word their patience is the same word. Endurance. Matthew 20. For 13. He who endures into the end shall be saved. The endurance of the saints is what they keep the commandments of god and the faith of jesus. You see they have founded their obedience to God on jesus himself as jesus said in John 1415. If you love me, keep my commandments. If you love me, obedience is based on a relationship. Obedience is not based on a checklist. I'm sorry that I need to say this, but many of our many of us are far more catholic than we might admit. I feel like it's okay for me to say this because I grew up in that church in the catechism that I grew up with said this the surest and shortest way to heaven is through the eucharist. What is the eucharist? The wafer? What is the wafer? The little piece of styrofoam like bread that is turned into the body of christ. When the priest prays his special prayer over it. It's very simple in the catholic church and by the way, I have dear family members that are still catholic. I love them because they're faithful people and they're seeking god. And I believe they will find him. Let us be careful to address the system in its error and not the people that are in it. But in the catholic church, it's a very simple process for salvation. Keep the 7 sacraments and you will be saved. But we've formed our own little adventist catechism to, you know, Keep the time, make sure you read the read books every day and then you'll be saved. Now ephesians chapter 2 and I'll address this more on sabbath morning. Ephesians chapter 2, it's clear we are saved by faith alone. But our faithfulness leads us to obedience. And our faithfulness leads us to seek the guidance of god in the prophetic gift. And the bible says they have the faith of jesus. The faith of jesus is summarized as co, complete, and total surrender. You see sometimes god's plan for our life doesn't make a lot of sense. Jesus face this in the garden of get so many, by the way. I say a 53 says the grief of all of us was placed upon jesus that I am not a scientist. But I have been told by some that there are estimates that throughout the course of Human history, there have been some 20000000000 people that have lived on this earth. Now, I want you to consider this, have any of you been anxious? Have any of you had grief? Have any of you ever been sad? And now what I would like you to take is your sadness. Have you ever had sadness in a moment that you weren't sure you were going to make it through that you are weeping and weeping and you could not be consoled. And I want you to take that anxious moment. I want you to take that brief moment and multiply of times 20000000000 and that is what was laid on christ in the garden of get 70. It is no wonder that the spirit of prophecy says that in the garden the portals of the tomb began to close for jesus. When jesus died on the cross, he thought he was dying forever, which for an entity that has existed for all time, that is a foreign concept. So now it makes sense when he prayed 3 different times. Father, if there's any other way Left this cop pass from me But not my will. Xy will be done. Dear young people you're going to face many times in your life for god's will may not make sense to you. Not my will. So I will be done. Those of us that are not so useful. We will face crises in our life. Not my will. I will be done. Chris object lessons, page 333 says this 3. 33 Is the will of man cooperates with the will of god. It becomes omnipotent. But that thinking now what is omnipotence all powerful. What does that sent in say, I'm gonna ask you a trick question. I always will ask you to vent. Is there anything that god cannot do? Most of us will say no god can do everything. Pass recall is probably more theologically correct, That there are things that god chooses not to do, rather than to say god can't do them. But god chooses not to do one thing and that is this. He never will force your will never. Which means that the all powerful character of god is held back by one thing. My will Think about that And now it makes sense when ellen white says not one in 20 of our people are prepared and then it doesn't get any better because later she says not one and a 100 is ready. Our churches are weak because we are weak and I'm sorry say that in a loving way. Because I struggle with this as well. Jesus paid the way through his example. A full surrender Too often are in our lives. We say god, i'll give you everything. Just not that I like this right here. God, you gotta understand right here. I can take care of this. This is nice. It's cozy. It keeps me comfortable. Whatever it may be, maybe it's an addiction. Maybe it's a relationship. It's a phone. Maybe it's a car. Might be your money Or a surrender everything but that And when we say that to God, we hold back his omnipotent will in our life. What are the characteristics of god's people in the end of time? First, they're not defiled by women. This is what we just talked about. Second, they follow the lamb wherever he goes. They are not deceived by power and intoxicating belief in an earthly political system. It is not donald Trump or joe biden, who will save the world. It is not nancy pelosi it is not mitch mcconnell, it is not chuck schumer that will save the world. It will not be the next supreme court justice. Who saves the world. The bible is clear, there is one who will save the world. There is one who has a solution to all of our problems. And that is jesus christ, the righteous and him alone. There are individuals right now. There are individuals right now who follow the life of this man, pastor jonathan khan, who believe that some time in August, donald Trump will come back to the white House through some political maneuverings. And in that day, some of you've seen this is all over you do all over and people like ha that you people are dumb. People have bought into this. And in August let us be clear. There are going to be groups of people that are disappointed If he does not become president, there are going to be people that are disappointed. And if he does become president there, well we have people that are disappointed and people always say, pastor, what do you think as above my pay grade? I just want to follow jesus. I don't know Because it doesn't matter. Friend, it doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Here's the key, here's the key. Are we hearing the voice of the land and following wherever he goes. How do we know the voice, the lamb? We spend time in his work. That's how we know. She gods. Anton, people are fully enveloped in listening to his voice. The great controversy, page 461 says this wherever the word of god has been faithfully preached, results have followed that a test to its divine origin. The spirit of god accompanied the message of his servants and the word was with power. Sinners spelt their consciousness quickened the light which lightest every man to come into. The world illumined the secret chambers of their souls and the hidden things of darkness were made. Manifest deep conviction took a cold. She took hold upon their minds and hearts. They were convinced option and of righteousness of jehovah and felt the terror of appearing in their guilt and unclean. This before the searcher of hearts and anguish, they cried out. Who shall deliver me from the body of death as the cross of calvary, with its infinite sacrifice for the sins of men, was revealed. They saw that nothing but the merits of christ could suffice to atone for their transgressions. This alone could reconcile men to God with faith and humility. They accepted the lamb of god, the ticket, the way the son of the world, through the blood of jesus they had remission of sins that are past yet the way that some of us play politics in the church, We demonstrate that our trust is in our own crafty celt rather than in jesus christ, god's people at the end of time will follow the lamb wherever he goes. Number 3, they are redeemed. They have been purchased by the blood of the lamb. Revelation 1211 makes this simple statement. They overcame him. Speaking of the dragon by the blood of the lamb, i'm sorry they overcame him speaking of the dragon by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony. And they did not love their lives to the death through their yielding their life to him. They have been prepared for heaven. Let me tell you an interesting experience this past weekend teaching a master's level class for southern advent university. And we studied in principles and strategies for church growth. As I was preparing for the class pastor armando, i asked myself this question. We always start by saying we have to do evangelism. And in the night hours, I asked myself this question, why We always say we have to do with angela's them. And then I said, why not know some of your saying that's blasphemous. But you know what? There is a lot of our church members that ask the same question. Why do we have to do evangelism? We really like the family we have here. Why do we have to do? So I challenged me. And so pastor carl, i start asking myself a question. You and I have talked about what is the church? The new testament offers 95 different metaphors for the church. John mcvey, a former professor in the seminar, seminary categories. I 5 the church is the body of The church. The church is the body. The church is an army. The churches of Family. The church is a farm. And the church. I'm missing one of them now and this is going to bother me immensely. The church is the body. This is what happens after you've been teaching for 5 days straight here. The church is the body. The church is. The church is the temple, the church is agriculture, the church is marcial or the church is an army and the church is a family. And when you begin looking into all of these things by the very nature, the body grows by the very nature, the church in its agricultural metaphor has one goal. How many of you have a garden? Don't worry, I'm not going to call you up and come up here. How many do you have a garden? I have some things in my backyard grow. When you, when you plant those things, what's your hope? Do you just want to see the green of your tomato plant? Now what do you want to see? You want harvest, right? So in my church growth class, to demonstrate the principle that we were going to be teaching that the church at the body. Which means the churches, us composed of many members. I said this is where we're going to start gentlemen. No, ladies in my class, I just all guys, don't worry. I'm not trying to be exclusive here. Just all guys Where he's gonna get up and share our testimony because they overcome him by the blood of the lamb in the word of their testimony. And I have to tell you, it was one of the most rewarding experiences for me to hear the testimony of all my students. And it was equally rewarding for all of them to hear each other Have we yielded our lives in preparation for heaven and truly been redeemed by jesus. The 4th characteristic is there is no deceit found in them. The foundation of their life is truth. The gospel of jesus christ changes the sinful airing ways of man. And if someone whose life is true and faithful and it is not based on deception, make believe, deceit and sin. Many of us live lives that are based on complete forces of reality. We put something on, on the outside, but we are vastly different on the inside. And this is not just a people in the pew problem by the way. This is a problem amongst us as pastors as well. But the bible says there is no deceit in them, which means there is complete truthfulness as the very essence of their lives. It is a pillar of their character. If we have something we'd been hiding, my dear brothers and sisters that are in ministry. Our job is to go to God, reveal it to him and let him cleanse us from it. Stop with the facade and come and give it to him. The bible says that they are without fault. The 5th characteristic of god's people in the end of time. Who will of boy the sins and deceptions of babylon? The spirit of god is sanctifying his people and its completing us in him. Philippians 16 as being confident of this very thing. He'll began a good work and you will complete it until the day of jesus christ. You see, as we fully yield to him and the power of god is unleashed in our life, the omnipotent, the all powerful character of god is unmixed in our life. We will be overcomers in him And it says that we will be blameless and holy and a perfect bride. The transforming power of god in the life of a believer leads to total and complete transformation. The great controversy on page 462 says this revivals brought deep character, excuse me, deep heart searching and humility. They were characterized by solemn, earnest appeals to the sinner by yearning compassion for the purchase of the blood of christ. Men and women prayed and wrestled with god for the Salvation of souls. The fruits of such revivals were seen in souls who shrank not at self denial and sacrifice, but rejoice that they were counted worthy to suffer reproach and trial for the sake of christ. Men be held a transformation in the lives of those who had professed the name of jesus, and the community was benefited by their influence. My dear friends, we are living in the end of time. We are seeing, as we saw in this video, the fulfillment of prophecy, the building of coalitions. And I am afraid i am fearful. Because many have gotten caught up in a lot of different things. The 7th day adventists questioning whether coven 19 was one of the 7 last plagues. How is that possible? 7th day adventist looking toward jerusalem in the rebuilding of the temple. How is that possible? 7th day adventists getting caught up in the anti trinitarian movement. How is that possible? 7th day adventists getting caught up with the fish keeping movements. How is that possible? I am concerned that we have become enraptured by earthly political, social and spiritual agendas, and we have not become enraptured with the gospel of jesus christ. I am concerned that we have wrapped up our lives in our own agendas, in our own pleasures in our own wants, in our own desires, and we have lost sight of the desire of nations. Jesus christ On page 464, the great controversy. It describes this time we're eyes are taken off of him and we are right for deception. Listen to these powerful words. Not withstanding the widespread, the clenching of faith and piety. There are true followers of christ in these churches before the final visitation of god's judgment upon the earth. There will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witness since epistatic times the spirit and power of god will be poured out on his children at that time. At what time at that time, in the midst of the greatest revival of god's people in the history of the earth at that time, many will separate themselves from those churches in which the love of this world has supplanted the love for god and his word. Many, both of ministers and people will gladly accept these great truths, which god has caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare a people for the Lord 2nd coming. The enemy of souls desires to hinder this work. And before the time for such a movement shall come, he will endeavour to prevent it by introducing a counter In those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power, he will make it appear that god's special blessing is being poured out. There will be manifest what is thought to be great religious interest. Multitudes will exalt that god is working marvellously for them. And when the work is that of another spirit under a religious guys, shayton will seek to extend his influence over the christian world. So the fundamental question we will end with tonight is this What will you do? You've come to heartland for this camp meeting weekend. What will you do? What will you do is just going to be another camp meeting where we can hold. I saw some friends and it was a great time, which is good. It's good to see friends. But I want to ask you some serious questions. Have you come out of the teachings of babylon? Maybe you've been struggling the fence for a long time. And maybe tonight, god's calling you for 100 percent commitment But I want to get deeper and more personal than that because some of us might sale. I came out of babylon, a long time ago. I've never been a part of babylon. Vassar, i don't have that problem, But it's a question that all of us must wrestle with And that is this One you may have come out of babylon, Or while you may never have been a part of babylon. Here's the question. Has she come out of you? Is our spiritual life one that emulates the truthfulness of god's word or confuses into some fallen spirituality. She, babylon looks good on the outside, but in its inner spiritual workings, it is completely bankrupt. Do you put on your game face on a weekly basis, the spruce stopped sab of a tire, but on the inside, you are completely and totally spiritually destitute. Are you saying one thing and doing something completely opposite? Are you consumed by world? The product pleasures at the expense of spiritual transfer formation. Are you obsessed with getting ahead in life while leaving behind the most important relationship? You can app that relationship with jesus christ are we preoccupied with materialism is our own pleasure. The number one priority and we that we have in live in our lives. Are we careless toward spiritual things? Are we nonchalant about the judgement in the 2nd coming all under the guise of coming to the church saying the right things? Do we look the right way, but are completely empty on the inside. Today jesus is calling calling for you not only to come out of babylon, but for her to come completely out of you. That you would leave no space. No space in her to have a home. What will you do? Some 51 adverse 10. Simply says create in me a clean heart all god And renew I steadfast spirit. Within me Mrs. Mayor is going to come out and play a closing him and Mrs. Mayor, I'm going to ask you to actually do something that we have not practiced. If that's ok, can we sing the song? Nothing between. Okay. I know that this is going to catch our guys in the back a little off guard. But let me tell you why I want to sing nothing between the all of you know the story is nothing between, you know, who wrote nothing between. Charles tinley wrote nothing between born in 1851. Can we move to Philadelphia as a young person attending school at night? And he said this, I made a rule that every day I would learn at least one new thing. I think I didn't know the day before. He learned to read and write it his own. On his own, at the age of 17, dr. Karl. He took greek through the boston school of theology, to hebrew, through a synagogue in Philadelphia. And throughout his young life, he acquired 8000 books to self teach him. He completed seminary with the methodist church, timidly supported himself as a janitor of the calvary methodist episcopal church in Philadelphia. And in 19000 to charles tinley was called to be the pastor of that prestigious church that he had once been the janitor of the calvary methodist church prospered greatly under his leadership. Eventually, several larger sanctuaries had to be built because people just kept coming. And in 1924. In spite of tinley protests, they renamed the church, the 10 lead ample methodist church. And in 1900, no 6, charles tinley wrote to him. Nothing between was during a difficult time in his life. It was when the congregation was negotiating purchase a larger facility, the westminster presbyterian church on broad street and tinley expressed a concern in his concern That many of the practices and attitudes of this world must be rejected by christians. If they are to be pleasing to the Lord, And the him reminds us that we must watch out for those alluring events and temptations. Because they can easily disrupt our spiritual lives. Delusive dreams, sinful, worldly pleasures, habits pride, self or friends. The him, it demonstrates as we sing it tonight, that a full life in christ requires sacrifice of worldly pride, pleasure that we should not be deceived by the delusive dream. And we should not let our habits of life as harmless as they seem. Nothing between my soul and the savior. My prayer for all of us tonight Is that we would have nothing between our soul and the savior. And that the spirit of babylon would be completely expunged from every last piece of our character. Let us pray. Oh, heavenly father, we have come here And we know that we are in a war And that war is about one thing. That war is about our souls. And tonight, as we see, the continued rising of babylon and her efforts to separate us from you. Our prayer is simple. May there be nothing between us and you to night in the quietness of this moment A sense that the holy spirit may be convicting some one Of those things or thing that stand in between our soul and the savior tonight, lord, I pray as this individual comes under conviction and that they would have the power that they would have the willingness to surrender their will would come into cooperation with your will and that your will would be done in their lives. Father in heaven help each of us to have the characteristics of the 144000 May each of us be not be filed with babylon. May each of us follow the lamb wherever he goes. May each of us be redeemed. May each of us have no deceit and may each of us be found with all without fault before you O heavenly father, may we take this moment serious? Ah, and may there be enough in me to read this in jesus ah, in this media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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