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04 Worship Him Who Made

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program


  • July 16, 2021
    8:45 AM
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We pray that your holy spirit would guide this conversation, that we would see clearly your intention for the world and the 1st angels messages. We close that out today and we ask this now in jesus name. Amen. All right, so we're going to be addressing this morning. The phrase worship him who made heaven and earth the sea in springs of water. You can turn there if you like. Revelation chapter 14, revelation chapter 14 and beginning in verse 6 is the 1st name is message, but we're going to go to verse 7 saying with a loud voice, fear god and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come. Then it closes by saying and worship him who made heaven and earth the sea, and springs of water. Now that statement and the very in their worship him who and then made heaven and earth the sea and springs of water is actually a quote from the sabbath commandments. A direct quote from the sabbath commandment. And which implies that the 1st angels message is a call. Thank you so much for that. The 1st angel's message is a call to the world to worship god in a particular way on a particular day. So this is not just a call to general worship because god is worthy of worship, though that is true. This is a very specific call, pointing people to the sabbath commandment. So you realize like it has made me greater, appreciate the beauty of the average message for one. But the beauty of the calling of the advent movement, right? The fact that we're not just awakening the world of the fact of the beauty of the everlasting gospel in a separate messiah. But we're also called to teach a proper perspective, our relation to God. What fear of god looks like, right? The god, the, the what godly fear looks like had to live in the midst of a judgment that we believe is happening right now and how to worship it's very instruction. If you notice that like the 1st angels message in and of itself is a very logical message is a very christ entered message. But it's preparing the world for the crisis this to come. And so whenever you, I didn't mentioned this in our introduction, but whenever you see in the book revelation that there are quotations from the old testament or allusions to other themes in scripture, you need to stop and read those passages and build on those themes. Because it find even greater meaning than just what the tech says in and of itself, right? We mentioned that the other day that one of the statements is Stephen grabbed or making his teacher. Revelation is that revelation means what it means. It doesn't necessarily mean what it says, and so there are allusions in revelation to help us understand what it me and I think that we're seeing over the course of our time together. There's so much more there than just a cursory reading of 2 versus writing a. Revelation 14 versus 6 and 7. Ok. So we're called to worship him on his holy sabbath and the rest in christ's accomplished work case and even the message of christ. Our righteousness is found in the 1st angels message. So this morning we're going to be looking at the why behind the sabbath. Ok, not just when it is in. This is kind of the unfortunate thing. I don't do this when a ride to an evangelist series, but many times in our public meetings, when we communicate the sabbath were more focused upon when the sabbath isn't right or what the sabbath isn't. It's not the 1st day of the week, right? It's not in the memorial of the resurrection of jesus. That's not what it was intended to be pre it preceded the resurrection of jesus. And when we do our public meetings in this kind of negation format that the 2nd coming is not a secret rapture. That hell is not happening right now. The people are not in heaven currently, that people sleep the sleep of death and so forth. We had this very polemic approach to our message in our public meetings, which is unfortunate. This is kind of argumentative discourse. You should actually do it. It's an interesting exercise, look up the phrase argumentative discourse, in the spirit of prophecy. She was not a fan of that model. The model that she did it endorse and residing, lee was the model of w. W. Prescott. You want to look this up. You can Google this, google w, W prescott arm a dale sermons a are in a L. E, it was the can't meeting in Australia. When you read the introduction to that book, it will inspire you how strongly she endorses this model and how highly she endorses this approach to evangelism. And she said that this is the way that we should do our meetings from now on the statement that were made about what prescott did was that no one of these messages felt like a quote unquote doctrinal discourse. But christ was up lifted in every message. No one really wanted to come to the meetings that are can't be nice back in the day were more of angela sticking nature. They weren't so esoteric is a bunch of avenues hanging out with each other, eating veggie meat and talking about how awesome happened to them. Is like it was actually something was outward facing and the community members already were kind of hesitant about and since they weren't sure what we believed about the nature of jesus, and they were just sure the fact that all they were going to hear from avenue this was quote, unquote moses in sinai. They thought were going to be a bunch of legal is just preaching the law, the law, the law and will never see jesus. So he didn't want to come, but whites assistant was transcribing prescott messages as he preached them. And then they would publish those immediately and distribute those tracks amongst the community. And people in the community were just like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, maybe these people are who we thought they were. And they start coming to the meetings. And she says that people's faces would go pale when they came on the property when they heard prescott preaching. And they said this man inspired ministers would even come from other domination. They came on the camp site and they said, we have never heard someone preach jesus like this. That's what prescott was doing during the armadillo. Messages he prescott wasn't, was an opponent of the message that jones wagner. No, I were preaching initially. And then he realized that he was wrong, he was fighting against the holy spirit. Any eventually confessed, he was the president of battle creek college. We have a dangerous university day. He confessed before the entire student body and his faculty in tears that he had been fighting against god. And then became one of the champions of that most precious message. The white endorse resoundingly. And so prescott took that approach in Australia and that's the way that we should be doing our public meetings. People should be seeing jesus in every single topic. Everything that we're preaching, they should be seeing jesus. And so we should not be preaching in our angel, 6 theories, what the sabbath isn't. We do need to clarify what the sabbath is. Obviously we need to communicate that there was a change in all of that. But my point is when we have this negation format, it really, really sets us up to not find the gospel in our teachings. Are you understanding? If all we're doing is arguing with an evangelical minister in our bible studies who isn't even studying with us or arguing with an evangelical minister who's not even at our public meetings. Why are we doing this? Right, we've developed this culture of arguing with people who aren't even in the room and we make assumptions. And so it's best to just preach the truth as it is in jesus. Now I made the statement or she was given a vision, where she people were kind of rushing into the temple of god and she didn't know should I go should I should go. And what she does go in there was this large pillar up holding the temple of god. And she says, tied to that pillar was a lamb, all mangled and bleeding and all seem to know that it was suffering on their behalf. And what was implied? There is that the one main pillar that holds up all of this message is the gospel. And she says that every one of our individual teachings, the state of the dead, the sab, at the sanctuary, the investigative judgement, all of them reviewed a form wonderful. But she says they find their power in relation to this scene, the theme of the cross. And so we need to rethink how we're doing evangelism. We need to rethink how we're communicating our message and do it in a way that was why it was clear and endorsing 1st of all. And that god is clear and endorsing and letting people see jesus. So anyway, that's a really long introduction. I didn't plan on, but as you can tell me, little passionate about that. And so I look at the army deal sermons and see how prescott approached the meetings and what white said about his approach to that. And I think you'll, you'll agree with the conclusion that I've come to and I'm not the only one. So we're going to look at the why behind the sabbath. Ok, we were not going to talk about saturday sunday. We know that most of us in this room, if you don't, i'd love to give you a bible study. Come talk to me. Okay. But I can't do that right now. So let's look at the why behind the sabbath, because I think you're going to find some gospel. Jim's in here. So says in genesis chapter one versus $35.00. And God said let there be light and there was light. And God saw the light that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light day in the darkness he called night. So the evening in the morning were the 1st day. Now throughout creation week we see a theme. God speaks, and it is so. Ok. But when we get to genesis chapter 2, verse 7, it reads differently. Look at what it says here. Genesis chapter 2. In verse 7. It says in the Lord God for man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And man became a living being or as the king james says, man became a living soul. But notice how it does not read. It does not say god spoke and adam was, you see there doesn't say that god said let there be adam and it was so it doesn't read that way. And so god's means of creating is different. The way in which god creates mans specifically in contrast to the way he creates everything else, implies intimacy. Care and value directed towards the one that he has created. Do you see that? He slowed down, he got involved, he got dirty and messy. He gets on the ground, he forms them from the dust in any breeze, the breath of life into his nostrils. Can you get any more intimate than that right? Being right in somebody's face, not. I'm an introvert, and I've got one of those like me zones, right? Once you get past a certain space, i get uncomfortable. Okay. I don't mind hugs and those types of things. Not that, that bad, but just there are certain times when people like talking space, i can only all kind of, you know, back myself up. But in this circumstance, intimacy in care is implied. You see that the very way that god creates man implies the care and love in intimacy as the intimacy that he has towards him. And is in that context, a context of intimacy and value that the sabbath is given to man. This is so important, I hope you're tracking with this. So me demarc chapter 2, verse 27 and I love the new living translation for this beautiful as a teaching in the summer camp. And someone read that version of what is that because I want it. So it says this, then jesus said to them, the sabbath was made to meet the needs of people and not people to meet the requirements of the sabbath. But you love that, that it wasn't like I pad parenting here, just look at that as keep yourself busy. Don't bother me right now. Right. That wasn't what god was doing. This is meant to meet the needs of humanity. That's the purpose of the sabbath, not just something for people do to keep themselves occupied and keep them doing something stupid or harmful. So what god had in mind when he created the sad, but again, is not something to keep people busy or to control them. But it was something designed to meet their needs. Sigma. Tom stat has written an amazing book on the topic of the sad with. It's called the last meaning of the 7th day. Now it's a deep theological treaties, but he uses such poetic language that even lay people I think can, can derive a benefit from him. So what he says, he says, by the act of howling the 7th day, god drives the stake of divine presence into the soil. Of Human time, very visual, beautiful language here. The idea is god is in searching himself into human time. By the act of having the 7th day, god drives the stake of divine presence into the soil of Human time. So in a very real sense, god is bringing heaven to earth on the sabbath and reminds me of john chapter 17 over 3 in this is eternal life that they may know you the only true god and jesus christ whom you have sent right eternal life is having a living and breathing relationship with jesus, it's not something that begins when you see him face to face on the sea of glass, right? So we don't have to wait until heaven to begin to enjoy the benefits of eternal life. Is that a blessing? Because eternal life is knowing god, personally, and intimately in jesus christ whom he has sent. And that begins here and we take that experience with us there. Case of eternal life begins even in the here and now the immortality. Obviously we're living in fallen broken flesh, but the joy of eternal life actually begin in the here and now we carry that experience into them. So again, by the active howling, the 7th day god drive the stake of divine presence into the soil of Human time. He's inserting himself into human time. He's making himself available in the space of Human time. Contact continues. The reason why he refrained from further activity on the 7th day is it is found the object of his love and has no need for any further works. Who's that? That's you does not sweep you off your feet. Does it make you feel special? It should, right, god has found what he was looking for when he made us, and he had no further needs for further works. So how does it make you feel about god and you can talk in church, it's okay. It's not a sin. How does it make you feel about god? When you hear that He's a loving god. I love that. Anyone else Like enjoys love. He enjoys loving his love. You as a principal in that important. Right. Some of us like god loves me because he has to you know, god is choosing to love me. Yeah. Anyone else? Is there? It's rupturing, isn't it? That's how god feels about you. So the several days signifies what is most essential to know about god. That's a strong statement, isn't it? But he says the 7th day signifies what is most essential to know about god. God ceases from working in order to enjoy the company of the person that god has created. Suggesting that the 7th day speaks as much about the value of Human beings to God as of god's valuation of Human life. What lies in the foreground of the 7th days 1st mentioned in the bible, is god's gift, not human obligation. So the sabbath doesn't begin by god saying, here's what you better do. And if you don't, it's a sin. It begins by god communicating your value. His desire to commune with you, his love for you not obligation. X is 20, is many moons down the road and even that is not an obligation. The 10 commandments were not written in the imperative. Alright, then we get to mark to 27 again. Now we can pick this back up that the sabbath was made to meet the needs of people and not people the requirement of the sabbath. Now what's one of the biggest needs that people have to be fully known and fully loved? And at the very beginning of our creation, the 1st thing god gives us is family and quality time with him. Do you see that face to face fellowship with god himself. And I love this. So the sabbath, his interest is not introduced. Next is 20 and God telling us what to do. The sabbath commandment. Next is 20, is a call to remember the sabbath day. Well, what sabbath day? The one that looks like, what we just right here. Mark to 27. It's a day that's meant to meet the needs of people. This should change your hold of x is 20 through 11. When it says, remember the sabbath day, what he's saying is, remember that I already love you. Stop working your guts out 6 days a week to prove yourself to your parents and the me that you're worth something and someone should care about you. You're already loved. You're already accepted, you're already good enough. That's why I made you understanding such an important beautiful lesson for us. He gave it to us to meet our needs. Sort of remember the sabbath, dennis, to remember that I love you, that I desire to have time with you, and that I desire your company. That's what he's talking about. Ok, will there be another application of this that people will forget about the importance of salvage? Yeah, but that's not the biggest point of this. Were so argumentative, tivoli wired that we miss the gospel in plain sight in our teachings. We're so worried about proving that we're right about what day it is that we really have no idea what the big point of the day is. This is happened to many of our own people. All we do was argue about when the sabbath is, but we have never truly entered into the rest of the christ wants to give us an appreciated what's available to us on the sabbath. And so we're so focused on what we can't do on the sabbath. It is as if we hear god's speaking. I am seeing on the 7th day on stat says not only that you may acknowledge and love me, but in order to make it known that I recognize and love you, that god ceases to make it clear that he recognises and loves you. And again, how does that make you feel? I want you to verbalize. It's important that you do this exercise. This isn't to make a preacher's feel good. This is important for you to verbalize what you're thinking, what you're feeling to submit in your own line. This is good news, like how does this make you feel when you hear this picture of god in relation of the sad, within his desire to commune with you and to know, you know, love you? Yes. Yes, ever. Was an arbitrarily created. So god's not an arbitrary god. Right. Because racking has its make you feel about him a human else? Yes. Appreciate it. Yeah. No one else. Yeah. Elevates my self esteem. Ok. You are special guys. This is what you're supposed to feel like every 7 days. You don't have to come to a camp meeting to experiences like literally every 7 days should be your opportunity to remind yourself I am loved. I am special, i am valuable. Someone wants to me and the very person i'm afraid of disappointing the most still wants to see my face still wants to commune with me and love me in poor their life into me. That's literally what you're supposed to feel every 7 days. So the entire purpose, purpose of the sabbath is to give you a week reminder of this, that your life matters that you have significant in this world that you're the object of a divine love and an ending love. And this is one of the reasons why not a naturalist, right? I am not. I made a whole bullet point list because a little will cheeky about this. I am not some convenient, biological mistake, some fluke of nature, the product of many fortunate circumstances for few many unfortunate circumstances for most with lots of death, deprivation, destruction disease that eventually leads to me having a life. It doesn't matter at the end of the day. And I'll just return to fertilizer in the ground and no one will care. Does that sound like a life you want to live? Who wants to sign up for that? Anybody know, deep down, none of us want that. There's nothing appealing about that. Every person at the very core of their being wants to be fully known and fully loved. We want our lives to matter. An atheist and naturalists want a wife that matters and to be loved. It's not livable. It's not. You can have both. You can't have love and significance in meaning in a universe where there is no meaning. Everything is a convenient mistake and it won't really matter at the end of the day. Right? This flies in the face of that, and we were actually told one, possibly the reader prophecy that had we continued in keeping the sabbath. There would be no infidels. It had, we understood the meaning of the sabbath. So the sabbath comes along and is a reminder that tells you that your life does have significance. You do matter. You are important. You are loved. You were a hand crafted by a god of love. There is no one in this world like you. You are the only you available to God and how you live your life matters and only you can do what you do for the glory of god. That's what the sabbath tells you. It communicates your intrinsic moral value, the significance of your existence, and the fact that you are special needed and wanted the 7th day sabbath teachers of this. So weekly were reminded and that's why, because we're so prone to forget it. And there's an accused of the Brother, and he says that you don't matter that you came from monkeys. And when it's all said and done, no one cares, and it's all a waste to do you get yours because that's all you that you got. This is why we struggle with this good x, chapter 20 x is chapter 20. And we're going to look at Some of what scripture says about what the sabbath is. A memorial of came exit chapter 20 and beginning in verse 8. And there's going to be a quiz, i hope you're paying attention here. X chapter 20 and verse 8 says this. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy. 6 days your labor and do all your work, but the 7th day is a sabbath of the Lord. Your god in it, you shall do no work, nor you, nor your son or your daughter. Though your mil servant or your female servant, or your cattle near stranger who's within your gate. For in 6 days, the Lord may the heavens are near the sea and all that is in them and arrested the 7th day. Therefore, the Lord bless the sabbath day and how is it now this is an open book quiz to your benefit. Why is it that god gave us the sabbath? According to the text? I don't want your words. I want with the text says, why did he give us the sabbath? According to this text, I hate to make you think in church and other such a sin. You're supposed to stare, somebody, hear them say things, and then criticize them or, or praise them afterwards. Good verbalize it. Yes, sir. Yes. For in 6 days, god created the heavens and the earth. So the sabbath them were to keep the sabbath as a memorial fact that we did not create ourselves. Okay, that's why we keep sabbath as a memorial. The fact that we did not create ourselves, but it's not just a memorial of creation at large. It's the memorial of your creation. It's a time for you to remember the fact that someone created me with the purpose in mind that someone wanted me to be here, No matter what our life history may be. Right. I've got a friend that he, he came into this world because of the means of sexual assault. His mother was violated, he came into the world, and yet he now is a minister of the gospel. Does god choose for pain and hearts to come into this world? Absolutely not. But can god redeem that and still bring purpose out of that? Yes, god created every single one of you with a purpose with value and with intentionality. So it's not just a memorial of your creed or of creation of your creation. And it's an opportunity also to partake of the grandeur in the beauty of what god has done. Listen to this steps to christ, $87.00. The poet in the naturalists have many things to say about nature, but it's the christian who enjoys the beauty of the earth with the highest appreciation. Because he recognizes his father's handiwork and perceives his love in flower in shrug injury. No one can fully appreciate the significance of hill and veil river and see who does not look upon them as an expression of god's love to man. With this, this is sought for the amount of blessing in the loveliness, the things of nature. You may learn more of the wisdom of god than the school know on the least pedals. God has written a special message for you, written in language. The heart can read only as it unless the lessons of distrust and selfishness you hear there. Many times we can appreciate the things of nature because we are so hurried and busy and self focused. But if we were to slow down and look for lessons in god's 2nd book of inspiration, we would see his message of love for us and corroding care. She says, why has he given you the singing birds and the gentle blossoms, but from the overflowing love of a father's heart that would brighten and glad in your path of life. So the sabbath in time and creation are meant to break, break that cycle and tendency of selfishness in our experience. She continues. All that was needed for existence would have been years without flowers and birds. You could have lived in a motto, chrome black and white world. You could have. But god was not content to provide what would suffice for mere existence. She says he has filled earthen air and sky with glimpses of beauty to tell you of his loving thoughts for you. The beauty of all creative things is but a gleam from the shining of his glory. And if he is lavish such infinite skill upon the things of nature for your happiness enjoy, can you doubt that he will give you every needed blessing a man. So he didn't give us these things to ensure that we can give sure that we can live. He gave him to us to remind us that we are loved and so we would do well on sabbath to spend time around those things to remind us that he loves to remember that we didn't create ourselves. We were made with a purpose by someone who loves us and to surround ourselves with the creation that also brings pleasure, enjoy to us. Why? Because god loves me and he wants me to experience. Pleasure. Did you know that god wants you to experience pleasure. That he wire g with receptors for pleasure. Right? So this is what that can look like. So the sab should be a day when we partake of the beauty of what god is made, and the worship him as the creator. But it's also day to worship him for the fact that he's your creator, that he made you with a purpose. So he made me, I'm not my own. I'm to slow down pump the brakes and take care of the body that god has given me. It's not be so filled to the cares of this world that I forget the fact that I'm special and on the object of god's divine love, not be so busy trying to prove myself to myself. And my worth in my l. The world around me. Into receive and rest and worth already having christ. Right. We are working so hard to prove to everybody, to God, to ourselves, to our parents, to the gym coach in high school to sit and never accomplish anything in life. We're trying to prove to everyone that we're worth something and God saying, hey, knock off that foolishness. You're already, we're something and I want you to rest in that reality. That's why he commands us to seize on the sabbath because we're so inclined to try to work and work in work in work and work and prove, hey, did I do good enough to? I need to work harder. You don't need to work to received god's love, god, asking you to rest in his love. That's the purpose of the sabbath to remind you of this reality. And that the amazing god is longing to have time with me. So the sabbath is in the world, the fact that we did not create ourselves, but that's not the only thing. It's a memorial of good to do to me chapter 5. Due to me chapter 5. Another open book quiz. So please pay attention due to me chapter 5, beginning in verse 12. Drop me 5 and verse 12. Observe the sabbath day to keep it holy. As the Lord your god commanded you. 6 days you still labor and do all your work, but the 7th day is a sabbath of the Lord. Your god. In it, you shall do no word. You or your son, or your daughter, nor your mail servant or female servant, or your auction, or your donkey, nor any other cattle, nor your stranger who's within your mis, that your male servant in your female servant may rest as well as you want to stop on this, this is part of the quiz, but I want to stop in this, that you are male and female servant may rest as well as you. One of the things that the sabbath brings to humanity is the dignity of rest and acknowledging their existence. This is super important, I hope you're catching this. The sabbath is meant to provide humanity with the dignity of rest and acknowledging their existence, which is why we're not to have people work for us on sabbath. Right. This is why we don't let them work for us because they may work in, you know, john q restaurant and that's fine and they don't know anything about the sabbath. They don't know anything about the sabbath, right? We can't stop them from working. We didn't know any better, but we can stop them for working for us. Are you understanding? And when we make people work for us on sabbath were treating them worse and with less dignity than god intended that we treat livestock, robbing them of their humanity. Because you can keep them for working for you. You can't keep them working in all in total, right? They don't know any better, but you can keep them for working for you. God is concerned about them just as much as he's concerned about you. Just because you keep sad but doesn't mean you're any better than them. Are you understanding? He wants all people to be restored to the dignity in the acknowledgment of their existence that they deserve. All right, continuing and remember that you are a slave in the land of Egypt, and the Lord your god, brought you out from there by a mighty hand, by an outstretched arm. Therefore the Lord, your god, commanded you to keep the sabbath day open book quiz according to the text. Why is it that god gave us a sabbath in this text That he freed? It's right that he's our deliverer, right? specific that I delivered you. I redeemed you from egypt. K, it's a memorial of redemption and memorial of redemption that we can't save ourselves. That this flies in the face of any accusations towards a sabbath keepers of being legalist because we are not keeping sabbath to be said. We are keeping there but as a memorial of the redemption that jesus has already accomplished in our behalf. A man we love the gospel. In the 7th day adventist church, we believe in righteousness by faith. We don't believe a righteousness by works. Paul alludes to the gyptian bondage, and that is a type of r bondage to sin. So dude or autumn is charge of the keep the sabbath because we can't redeem ourselves. We can't save ourselves so we can't create ourselves, we can't redeem ourselves. Sabbath rest is entering into true incomplete rest in christ. We're spending a day to acknowledge that to enjoy that and to reflect upon that we would do well to reflect upon these things and not just attend church. Because it is possible for us to show up to sabbath and never do sabbath as god intended. You know that right? Just wearing the right clothes showing up the right address at the right time between 9 AM. If you're one of the like 144000 8, 45 AM, when the doors open all the way until lunch time and maybe even help to clean up after that the meal is over. Do you have meals at your church? Is yet right? That's not what god is asking. If you guys are asking you to dress nice and show up to the right place and behavior, sell for a few hours one day a week. God is asking you to come and worship him as your creator. Worship him as your redeemer and to reflect upon that to, to rejoice in that. That's what god wants on the sabbath. Don't get caught in this cultural. It's just like, it's like the train schedule. It's just, it's just, it's clockwork you show up here. You do this, you do this, you do this, you do this. That's not what your samples meant to look like. That's never what god intended. He wanted you to have inexperienced a joy of worship of gratitude and overflowing of all heart of thanksgiving for his goodness to you. Is your creator in your redeem? Are you understanding? That's what sabbath was meant to be. To the day, to reflect upon the fact that we didn't create ourselves, we can't save ourselves. And in sharing this beautiful truth with people to lose their burdens and to bring rest to their souls as well that they may rest as well as you. Which brings me to John chapter 5 averse 18. Remember nathan renter, one of the co founders of the rise program that I attended and he also teaches our program. He tells a story when he was a new avenue, he didn't grew up in the church. David asher was his best friend and David eventually invest once david accepted the message and he's study with nathan and nathan, except the message. And he was telling the story about he soon after his conversion in the ad this message, there was a guy who is walking across the United States of America carrying across. So there was a cross and had 2 wheels at the base of it. And the guy was just walking from coast to coast, carrying across is some form of, you know, increasing awareness about the awesomeness of jesus. So nathan said, hey, that's great man, that's cool. What do you think about the sabbath? Because the new analyst and the guys like the sabbath, the bible says that jesus broke the sabbath and he says no way the bible isn't say that to turn to John chapter 5 verse 18. So you go to John chapter 518. And after jesus has heal, demands the pool bethesda on sabbath. By the way, there is 7 powerful miracles work by jesus on sabbath and the gospel, john. But he heals the guy and sab, but they're super mad about it. And so inverse 18 therefore, the jews thought all the more to kill him because he not only broke the sabbath but also said that god was his father making himself equal with god. And nathan was like, didn't he didn't tell me that when in the bible study, i don't know what to do with this. Like the bible says the jesus broke this other. Now is that really what's being said here? What do you think? You had to sound too convinced that was a heartland. You can, you can open your mouth and protest heresy. It's ok. You should do that. No, it's not. One thing, he wrote your version of this. As a good idea. He broke their version to stab. Let's was building that a little bit. So the word used for broke. Here is the word loop. And the interesting thing is there's only one other place. Actually this is the only place where it's translated as broke. In the new testament, everywhere else, it's used as loose or untied, which is very interesting. I don't think the translators knew what to do with this verse because they want to kill jesus for loosing or unkindness. Sabbath like that doesn't make any sense to them, but it makes a whole lot of sense to you doesn't what jesus was doing was loosing and freeing the sabbath from the sheer radical restrictions that they had placed upon it. And this is super important for us because we can do that. We've got those cultural 39 sabbath was for some of us that aren't actually in the bible. Right? Everyone needs to make a decision based upon their conscience and they're wrestling with jesus over what their sabbath service will look like. Notice jesus doesn't give a long codified list of all the things that are acceptable on sabbath and all the things that are not acceptable. And he gave us principles and he wants us to make decisions in harmony with those principles. Following the conviction of the holy spirit, the jews didn't do that. They had 39. Sabbath was spit on the ground. You're plowing soil. You walk too far, your heretic, right? All of this craziness jesus was setting the sabbath free from the restrictions of the jews. Had placed upon it, and it's so frustrating because imagine you see a man who's suffering on a sabbath morning in a church service. And you know that it's within your power to set that man free. What better day to do this then on the 7th day sabbath, right to lose this man of his burdens. And so jesus goes and heels the man with the withered hand. And how was he responded to as a result of that decision? There are 6 days on what someone can be healed. Come on those day. Don't do this today and I just my heart grieves for jesus. Because if you read the gospels and you read desire of ages, you see this continual frustration in jesus that you guys have missed the point. Time after time, after time, and interactions with the religious leaders. He just thinks terms of guys you have missed the entire point. You search the scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life. But these are they which testify of me. The sabbath should be teaching something about my desire to liberate, heal, and lose the burdens of humanity. And so the way in which we're presenting sabbath sounds like bondage and it doesn't sound like liberation and healing. We're doing it wrong, guys. Were doing it wrong. This should be a day, a joyous celebration, not a day of ceaseless restriction. Understanding. There are principles and you, indigenous need to wrestle with god over those principles and follow his personal can the personal convictions. He gives you on that. But to get in somebody else's business about what you think they should or shouldn't do on sabbath and the live in this bondage of our can I can I do this or kenna? That is not what the sabbath has meant to be. It's not a day of anxiety, it's meant to be a day of resting in the completed work, a jesus. And it's unfortunate as I have to say these things, but I do because I see the rat race that many of our people are going through unnecessarily. He never intended for us to carry these horrible heavy burdens regarding the stab. But that's not what god wonder for you. It's a day to lose burdens. All right. Good is ego chapter 20 in verse. 12 is ego chapter 20. In verse 12. 1 more memorial here, the another open book test Says, this is ego chapter 20 inverse will. Moreover, i also gave them my sabbath to be assign between them and me, that they might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them. So what is this saying? The sabbath is a memorial of, according to the text God making us holy. Right to the sabbath is a memorial of god's promise to transform us. Not a promise of god, keeping him god thing, you know, all be here to hold you accountable. If you aren't transformed, you noticing that I am the Lord who sanctifies you. I am the one whose promise to do the work of transformation in your life. So the sab, with a sign that god is the one his promise to transform us and set us free from the burden of sim, as you can chapter 36 verse 22. Therefore say the house of israel thus says the Lord God, I do not do this for your sake house of israel, but for my holy names, they g. Would you prefer among the nations wherever you went? And I will sing to find my great name, which has been profaned among the nations, which you performed there. Myth and the nations shall know that I am the Lord says the Lord God, when I'm hallowed in you before their eyes in short, the surrounding nations are going to know that I am god when they see your life transformed by my grace. When you look like jesus. So then he goes on explain how he's going to take responsibility to ensure that those people overcome, enter, transform to the rest of the chapter, and we'll cover that tomorrow morning. So sabot is also reminder to us, to stop getting so anxious over whether all be good enough or be able to change. Did you hear me? sabbath is a reminder to us to stop getting so anxious over whether all be good enough for me able to change god as promising to empower us to overcome through the power of his holy spirit. And we should reflect upon that and rest in that. So sabbath thing is our active protest against the lives of satan and his ideology. That man can save himself and that god is selfish and will cover the next presentation. K. Literally keeping sabbath is an active protest against the wise in the assault estate and upon the character of god, and upon your own self esteem in your assurance, sab, with the inactive protest of that, know nothing about this sounds like legalism doesn't Waiting for the crickets to make a sound. Nothing about this sounds like legalism does it. Know. Right. So we don't sabbath to be said we sabbath arrest in the fact that we're already said we're being transformed by his grace. We a 7th day adventists need to stand up for the sabbath in a way that preaches that we are not legal lists. Instead of arguing against the other guys, our day is a better day and more honoring to God than their day is. Why don't we just preach the gospel to it's fullest through the message of the sabbath, and then they can't call you a legal list. One of the reasons why we get that charge, we have to take ownership of if it sounds like all we're doing is preaching as white quotes, the law, the law, the law, and not christ. It, we're preaching the law to. Whereas dry the hills of guild boa, if that's how we sound, we're not going to convince people that the law is beautiful. Holy writers just in good. And the sabbath is a blessing. Does that make sense? So we may now make sure that we're communicating the law in the sabbath in the context of the beauty of the gospel. And when we do that, they can charge you for being a legal list. Understanding this is to our benefit and the gods benefit. Listen to this, this is from the everlasting covenant. By wagner, keeping the sabbath is not a duty to be discharged in order to obtain the favor of god. But the keeping of the faith by which righteousness is accounted to us that you love that e G O nor when the gospel preachers 18 hundreds, he continues. There is no room for the objection that we ought not to keep the 7th day sabbath, because we are not saved by works for the sabbath is not a word. It is arrest, god's rest, he that has entered into his rest. He also has ceased from his own words as god did from his hebrews for him. True sabbath keeping is not justification by works and is utterly disconnected from any idea of such a thing. It is on the contrary, justification by faith. It is the absolute rest that comes from the perfect faith and the power of god to create a new man and to keep the soul from falling into sin. That's a beautiful, beautiful quote. But for many of us busy in this is a sabbath killer. And satan absolutely loves this right. We are so busy on sabbath doing the lord's work that we have no time to reflect upon god's goodness. We have no time to reflect upon god's creative granger. We have no opportunity or time to just talk with them face to face and enjoy him. Do you know how many missed calls we have on sabbath from god himself? I'm busy, I can't talk right now. And it's a shame beloved. Now it is a day of losing people's burdens. It is a wonderful way to keep sabbath, to communicate the glories of god's creative power, his redemptive power, and his transforming power. That is a great blessing to give to people. But make sure that you don't neglect my friend. Jesus was working for my friend jesus. Some of us need to take off our martha hat and learn how to sit, still defeated jesus. And for many of us, that's uncomfortable. We don't know how to sit still. We feel the most at peace of mind when we're running and constantly occupying ourselves. We don't know how to sit still. We don't know how to be still and know that he is god. We only know how to work our guts out for god. And what a tragedy guys you don't have to wait until heaven to enjoy face to face fellowship with jesus. And with the father you can begin to enjoy that in the here and now. And I would encourage you to like make a sabbath calendar if you have to not the legalistic fashion of plotting out every point of day repenting and gnashing with teeth. You know, whenever you don't quite hit the Mark on your schedule. But like, think through, what is my sabbath going to look like? And what salvage supposed to be, because we're so prone to forget, give me time to preach this message and still forget to do this. Because it's just not part of what we have culturally designed ourselves to do. But that's the problem. Culturally, we're flying in the face of what the bible was meant to tell us and has been trying to tell us for the sabbath. It goes against the way that we have been doing sabbath and we have to kind of work through that wrapping heritage per se. But we're certainly not enjoying the bounties of blessings of the sabbath has to offer us the understand the difference. So write down on a Friday, what do I want to do on the sabbath to celebrate god's creative work in my life? What do I want to do on this hour, but to celebrate god's redemptive work in my life? What do I want to do on the sabbath, the silver gods transforming work in my life? And how can I give someone else that blessing in some form or fashion? And if we came into a church in the sabbath morning with that type of mentality, i think real worship would be sound would be heard in our song service. Who would have song leader saying guys, please sing. Right, people would actually be singing with all their hearts. People were giving praise and glorious reports of god's goodness. Instead of a bunch of prayer requests, it sounds like the devil's on the throne and God is not right. We would be reflecting upon god's goodness, we would be chopping. It's a bit please. Someone asked me how good god has been to me because I want to testify. Right? We have, we have become cold and frozen and institutionalized. If you watch the jewish people celebrate the sab, but they celebrate the sabbath, we're kind of afraid to get a little too excited and I want to look too weird. I don't want people to think I'm to, you know, popped up on that jesus juice like guys, it's okay to get excited about the gospel. It's ok for that. And I think jesus would delight in that because to have a very stale, tepid thinking card of obligation that we give jesus every sac but he knows will stock one to say thank you and we just signed her name. Don't really say anything, not really thing forward is giving the card because we probably should say something nice for many of us. That's what sabbath observance looks like. It's a tepid thinking card that we put no thought into and we have no idea what true worship really is because we're afraid to express ourselves on that. They needed swing from the chandeliers and stuff, but like it's ok to be happy and joyful. And to celebrate the goodness of god on the sabbath. A man. So ok for that. All right, so let me go into one last segment. I did not put this into my slides, so I apologize to you, they will not be visible. And so just turn that to a black screen there, and they can just show you the little thing. But I want to do something else real quick about the sabbath. It's been a real blessing and it's been really helpful for me. So I hope this can be helpful for you just a brief little study notes here. Ok. And is this is hopefully loading quickly. We'll work through that because this made sense so far. And the purpose and the intention behind the sabbath, it's more of god's creative work. It's a memorial of god's redemptive work. And it's a memorial of god's ability to transform his people by his grace We literally have the lack of Internet productivity here. Well that happens sometimes. Ah, i'm going to Go ahead, I guess, and just pray. This is the main point I wanted to cover with august and extra real estate will do it. But if I can get my files, oregon, i'm not going to waste your time and make me do this here. So we'll just go ahead and pray enclose. Let's pray. God in heaven. I thank you that you've given us a big picture with the sabbath was meant to be for humanity. What a blessing it's meant to be for us. And I pray, oh God, that you would just help us to better prepare ourselves for sabbath. Many of us have used sabbath preparations is making sure our shirts are ironed and that our food is cooked. But what about preparing to come into your presence in the really think about how I can share how much I appreciate what you've done for me over the course of this last week and the Fruit of your plan, of redemption of my life. The way that you're changing me and growing me and transforming me. And so lord, I pray that your holy spirit would just guide us and had a better inter into the fullness of the sabbath experience that you intended for us. And so we gave you permission to speak to us to guide us each individual and what that is to look like. Got our pray that this campus would be filled with praise and worship this evening and tomorrow through your holy sabbath hours reflecting upon what you've done for us. I pray that you would forgive us for misunderstanding and largely missing the point many times on the sabbath were so focused on what not to do that we forget who wants to have time with us. So lord, help us to enter into that. To give you your longing for I'm so sorry that many times your sabbath have not been as full as you would wish, because we've been unavailable. We've been too busy. So god forgive us. Cover our sins with the blood of jesus. And we asked this now in jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio. And much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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