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The National Reform Movement & The Mark of the Beast

Norbert Restrepo


  • July 17, 2021
    4:25 PM
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Good afternoon. I pray you are arrested and ready to go into another message. Let's bow our heads for a word of prayer. Heavenly father, we thank you for the sabbath day. We thank you for the word we have received. We thank you for the fellowship and all the other blessings that you have allowed us to enjoy on this special day. As we open your word again, we ask that you will be in our midst that will impress our minds and our hearts that we will rejoice in your word and your promises and that these promises will be fulfilled in each one of our lives. We print. Thank you and the name of jesus, a man. When you think of emotions, what comes to your mind? What is the emotion that you most like happiness and what is the emotion that you most dislike? You know, there are, there are several emotions. Is the ability is, is we feel face and there are emotions, there are feelings that are meant to protect us. And even though god created us not to live in a world of sin, there are things that we experience and feel that can be warning signs. So, you know, as you get, if you get too close to something that is hot, you feel that sensation, which, which is a warning, but not speaking about a physical sensations, but more of emotional feelings. You have sadness, you have a younger. What else could we think of and various ment, very good. One, fear, anxiety, loneliness. So of those emotions that you would tend to think that they're not positive. Which of those the you'd this like the most You think about it? I'll let you know which is the one that I do. Not that I like the least, that is fear. Fear. That is the emotion that I like the least. Now some people are, they actually enjoy the fear. I and they, they, they like adrenalin rush. So they go and they fill themselves and they do all types of scary things and that does give a thrill. I'm not that type of person. I have enough thrill in my life that when I have some break time, I want to relax. But you get my point right and we read a lot of scripture about fear and the way fear is conveyed a scripture in different ways. And as a Brother, d casper was sharing with us early on when he started his seminar, fear in scripture is not equated the fear of god with a negative emotion, but with a positive experience. Remember when god told abraham now I know that thou feverish to me and that thou has not withheld even by son by beloved son from me. So this afternoon as we share from god's word, my purpose is not for us to feel fear. But the opposite. And to resonate with the words we find in luke chapter 21. In luke chapter 21. Let's read from verse 20 through 28th. And while you look for that passage, i'm just going to see ok. Yes. This quicker is working. Lucas, 21 versus 2228. But when you see there is a lam surrounded by armies and then know that it's destruction it's a desolation is near. Then let those who are in judea, flee to the mountains. Those who are in the midst of her depart, and let not those who are in the country enter her for these are the days of vengeance that all things which are written may be fulfilled. But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days, for there will be great this stress in the land and wrath upon this people. And they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led away captive. And to all nations and jerusalem will be trampled by gentiles until the times of the gentiles are fulfilled. Now this doesn't sound like a very happy scenario does it? But it goes on and says, and there will be signs in the sun in the moon and in the stars, and on the earth of distress of nations with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring men's hearts failing them. Why, from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of the heavens will be shaken, then they will see the son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. But notice the message given to those who love and fear god. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads because your redemption draws near and that expression lifts up. Your heads, look, look up and lift up your heads is actually translated and other bible versions as rejoice. Rejoice because your reject redemption draws near the National reform movement and the bomb. A nation of desolation are the Mark of the beast. In mark chapter 13 and verse 14, we read the words of jesus, which we also find in matthew 24. But when he shall see the obama nation of desolation, spoken by daniel, the prophet standing where it ought not that him that read it. Understand then let them that be in judea. We to the mountains. The disciples asked jesus for a sign of the end of the world of the destruction of jerusalem, even though they did not believe that was going to happen. But they asked them and jesus had said, when they pointed out to the marble buildings and a great structure of the temple, there shall not be left here one stone upon the other. So then they asked him privately, what fine shall there be of the end of the world of this age. And jesus gave him this sign, the abomination of desolation. Now we will not go into a bible study of what that means in its 2nd allocation. Is the final application, but you all, I think you know what it is, the Mark of the beast, the final test. The 1st one was the surrounding of jerusalem by the roman armies, which you can see there in the slide. And December of 1888 elegy quite wrote the following. Based on a vision she had received and I read a great crisis awaits the people of god. A crisis awaits the world. The most momentous struggle of all the ages is just before us events, for which, for the more than 40 years, we have upon the authority of the prophetic word, declared to be in pending are now taking place. And notice what she is saying. For 40 years we were saying we were announcing that certain events would be happening just on the authority of god's prophetic word. But now they are taking place before our eyes all ready? The question of an amendment to the constitution restricting the liberty of conscience has been urged upon the legislators of the nation. The question of enforcing sunday observance has become one of national interest and importance. What was going on in 18? $88.00. Where Exactly the blair amendment. So let's, let's look at the context, the historical context. When ellen g white hand this forceful statement, i go on and complete this quote, we read. But are we know what the result of this movement will be? But are we ready for the issue? Have we faithfully discharged the duty which god has committed to us of giving the people the warning of the danger before them And testimony of the church body? 5 page 7011. She said, the National reform movement exercise in the power of religious legislation will when fully developed manifest the same intolerance and oppression that have prevailed in past ages. Now the National reform movement was a movement that was trying to bring about a lot of good reforms. We're going to see some of the reforms that they were advocating for. And this movement was also advocating for what eventually led senator blair to present a proposal of an amendment to the constitution that would be enforcing a Sunday law in that period. So let's speak a little bit about that. The National reform movement emerged in United States in the 18 ninety's to correct what they perceive to be deficiencies or problems in business, the government and society. This movement was an outgrowth of the reform movements that arose during the and to b L. M. Period in America. So the National reform movement was a movement that had its roots in previous reform movements that had manifested themselves in the ante bellum period, which was the period between the $1812.00 war and the civil war and united States. Now, these movements of reform is centered on issues such as pacifism, anti slavery, women's rights, abolishing capital punishment, and temperance. And the temperance movement was quite foremost in the National reform movement. You can recall reading in the spirit of prophecy references to the temperance movement. Those of reform movements that arose during the ante bellum period in America focused on specific issues temperance, abolishing that abolishing imprisonment for debt. Pacifism, anti slavery, abolish and capital punishment. What else? laureen improving the prison conditions Into rehabilitation centers rather than just punishment. The humane treatment of animals, the humane and just treatment of native americans, the establishment of Public institutions. For the mentally ill, for the destitute, the orphans and the blind, the establishment of Public Schools, the abolition of tobacco use. Vegetarianism health reform or pathic medicine women's rights and the list continues. And as you read this list aren't many of these things good things that we should be advocating for. Definitely. But the interesting thing is that among all these reforms, there was one as well that was piggybacking or was included in this package, present and precisely within the temperance aspect of the National reform movement. And what was that? A movement for a national day of rest, a Sunday law. And it was as we read in the very 1st paragraph, this became such a big issue that it became of national interest. And it was brought up to the halls of congress by senator blair. Now a T jones alone, so trivia jones wrote the following because he recognized what was happening. And the Lord used him even in the halls of congress to speak against this proposed amendment. So I caught him the propose religious amendment to the National constitution introduced into the United States senate by senator blair was 1st introduced on May 25th, 1888 than on May 21st. But on May 20. First, the same senator had introduced a bill to promote the observance of the lord's day as a day of religious worship. Notice that this bill with modifications, was also reintroduced by sen blair december 9th of 1889. So it was a process of $1888.00. When ellen g white wrote in December of 1888. This was something that was been agitated on a national basis. Several modifications were introduced as it received some resistance until the ultimate product, which senator blair believed would pass was presented A bill to secure to the people the privileges of rest and of religious worship free from the disturbance by others on the 1st day of the week notice the introduction, doesn't it sound quite appropriate and not invasive because it's not speaking about imposing it. Speaking about the privileges of rest and religious worship free from the disturbance by others on the 1st day of the week it emphasizes freedom. When in reality it was restricting freedom, you see how the use of language that was back in 1888 by now people have become even smoother and how they want to introduce things. So let me just read a short section of that of proposed amendment be enacted by the senate and house of representatives of the United States of America in congress. Assembled that No person or a corporation, Service of agent, servant, or employee of any person or corporation. Or in the service of the United States in times of peace except in the necessary enforcement of the laws, shall perform or authorize to be performed any secular work, labor or business to the disturbance of others, works of necessity and mercy, and humanity accepted. Nor shall any person in gauge any in any play game, amusement or recreation, to the disturbance of others on the 1st day of the week, commonly known as sunday, or doing during any part there of in any territory, district the vessel or place subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States, nor shall be lawful for any person or a corporation to receive pay for labor or service, perform or rendered in violation of this section. Now the introduction sounded milder than the actual content, right? Even though they do include the phrase disturbance in their Thank you. Oh, this was very helpful. I was squinting to be able to read the letter. Ok. So that was the bill that was proposed and we thank the Lord that it did not pass, but this was been agitated at a national raise. It was making headlines. And as this was happening, what that inspiration, the pen of inspiration tell us, it warned us of the great crisis. It warned us of the event that we had been proclaiming a 7th avenue for 40 years just based on the authority of the prophetic word. But now the events are taking place in our mates, but that bill was not approved in $1888.00. Now it's interesting that we are seen reform movements today in our society. But some of them are reform movements, not limited to united States, but they're now on a global scale. Perhaps one of the most prominent reform movements that we could call it that way is climate change, global warming in 1992. That's quite a while ago vice president al gore, publish the following book, earth in the balance ecology and the Human spirit. And this best selling classic al gore address where he denominated as the world's greatest threat. Now notice that language that's pretty in frantic, superlative language. The world's greatest threat and since then, there has only been increasing as it's become more and more an issue that all the nations are pretty much concerned about and they're taking measures to address. The interesting thing is that within this movement, which has global repercussions, sunday, has been included, sunday has been included, and that's not a secret. Many of you are aware of that. Many of you are aware of that. And many of you have become accustomed to that fact, because it's not, it's not news anymore, but let's just refresh our memories. This is a title of, of a one of the articles that was published by the guardian in 2009. Slow sunday, simple solution to global warming. Simple solution to global warming. So september 17. The guardian publish this article and emphasized that using sunday as a day of rest and renewal would be good for our personal health as well as the health of the planets. We cannot wait until the governments are enlightened enough to legislate and cap. The carbon emissions matters are urgent. We have to act now without any delay. One thing we can easily do to achieve this goal is we can declare sunday to be a fossil fuel free day, or a low carbon day, or at least an energy saving day. Make sense, right? Makes sense. Reading further on and from this very same publication from 2009 not long ago. Sunday. Used to be a day of rest, a day of spiritual renewal at Day for families to come together. But we have changed sunday from a day of rest to a day of shopping, flying and driving. However, in the context of excess of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere which are bringing catastrophic upheavals. We can and should restore sun day to day for a guy. Yeah, day for the earth. Interested, and I bring this up because you can see I can see a parallel with the reform movements back in the 1800s. And now the reform movements of the 21st century. And these parallels, i believe, are not a coincidence. Now in 2019 the green said that project was established by jonathan, scorch. Jewish scholar, professor of jewish, religious and intellectual history. And you can find this on internet right, right very easily. But he had to say he had this to say in the year 2019. The sabbath is said to be a for taste of the world to come. And he quotes, not the bible, but other traditions. Ancient traditions to create this ecumenical feel for it. If you care about our future about your well being observed a real sabbath day of rest, it helps cultivate communities. Still discipline inner calm and content meant one powerful weapon in the fight against environmental deterioration and climate disaster may just be an age. All spiritual technologies. What is it? One day, every week, do nothing More recently and 2020 done at the score said the following. The sabbath in an era of climate change, reiterating a jewish practice that may help save as all observing a truly full weekly ship, but doing nothing as it were, offers any effective action that one can take now and help heal our environment. For the heavily environmentally damaging developed world is made up mostly of monotheists, the impact of eliminating most emissions once weekly would be particularly important. And there's very same article. He gives statistics of how much the percentage would be. Both 14 percent of emissions would be reduced. If one day a week, things just kind of shut down The in fact of eliminating the most emissions once weekly would be particularly important judaism and christianity call the sabbath and obligation. If we really believe that radical change in our behavior is necessary for environmental reasons. And I certainly do then, don't these reasons make sabbath along with all other environmental solutions and obligation? You see the logic and the reasoning that was in 2020, that he made that statement. Now, september 2019 pope frances challenge to governments to take drastic measures to combat global warming and reduce the use of fossil oils. Fossil fuels saying the world was experiencing a climate emergency francis. He wrote an A cyclical in 2015 on environmental protection and said that now was the time for people to reflect on their lifestyles urging them not to make thought less and harmful decisions and food consumption and transportation. We will go back to that is that we go in a few minutes. But this year on April 22nd on earth the day. There were 2 big meetings and 2 which in which pope branch has participated. There were virtual events. One of them was organized by our president joe biden, and pope frances urge presidents and prime ministers to act courageously in addressing climate change. And to learn from the corona virus pandemic, the need to create a just equitable environmentally safe planet. And I quote, what pope francis had say, both the global catastrophes covert and climate change prove that we do not have time to wait. Time urges us and as covert 19 demonstrated, we do have the tools to face the loss. We have the instruments. This is the moment to act. We are at the edge an interesting where he says that corporate 900, what did, what did code 19 prove to this world that we have the tools. We have the instruments to bring about change and the things change in this world on a global basis because of global 19 and people submitted to those changes. So you're saying there is a need. We know that we have the tools we can make change happens. It's time to act. Now let's take a brief look or just review what this is cyclical read by pope francis had to say loud that to see on care for our comment home. It's a master piece of literature. If you read it, I've read it a couple of times and it's impressive. It bills on the old testament theology of the sabbath of the sabbatical year of the jubilee of how creation was meant to that nature was meant to be a blessing for humanity. How under sabbatical year on the jubilee year, even the slaves were to express liberty. And as elaborates on this to the $180.00 plus pages of this document, it eventually comes to a climax. And that climax is Sunday rest as a key component to bring about a reform and in the climate change movement. I urgently appeal then for a new dialogue about how we are shape in the future of our planet. We need a conversation, which includes everyone since the environmental challenge we are undergoing and its human roots concern and effect as all the worldwide ecological woman has already made considerable progress and lead to the establishment of numerous organizations committed to raising awareness of these challenges. And on page $172.00 of this is cyclical. He stated sunday like the jewish sabbath is meant to be a day which heals our relationships with god with ourselves, with others and with the world. The law a weekly arrest for bay to work on the 7th day, so that your ox and your donkey may have rest and the son of your maid servant, and the stranger may be refreshed. Quote, in exodus 2312 rather than exodus 20 rest, opens our eyes to the larger picture and gives us a renewed sensitivity to the rights of others. And so the day of rest centered on the eucharist sheds its light on the whole week and motivators to greater concern for nature. And the core i won't elaborate further, but you know from many different angles. This is being proposed and defended and promoted and promoted. And it's interesting in this issue said in is use in all parties and movements. Some people feel concern when the religious right in this country moves close to politics. Some people feel concern with the republicans are empower and I'm not saying this because of politics, because then they will be in the sunday law. Some avenues conclude that when they read in the, in the re controversy about a republican form of government, they somehow link it to the republican party and their rears, their fears are risen. But notice how the enemy also works with those who are concerned with the environment and are promoting this type of liberal agendas. And he, it doesn't matter what party you are in, it doesn't matter what cause you advocate the enemy through acumen isn't, makes progress anyhow. Anyhow, so this is, it's going to happen, but what is the role that we have to play in this? Keep in mind that when these reform movements were being doing their work during the 181900 century, a lot of the things they were advocating were positive ones. And in some of them, we were urged. Our pioneers and elegy quite urged to be a part of even to our vote in restricting alcohol use and other laws that would protect society. So it does not mean that we should not advocate for these things, but the interesting thing that I want you to notice is that the enemy piggybacks on these before moments to start introducing other elements that most of the world will come to believe that will be the solution to our problems. Justin last month on June 13th, cardinal blaze. Cooper of the ark diocese of Chicago delivered the opening keynote address at the 2nd load that to see the cyclical read him by pope francis and the U. S. Catholic church conference held virtually and sponsored by the catholic climate covenant and create a new university in omaha, nebraska the conference series 6 to find ways to integrate pope francis and cyclical more deeply into the experience of the US catholic church. So notice that even now, just a month ago, the, the cyclical on climate change continues to be the reference point to address climate change. And keep in mind that the climax, the centerpiece of that cyclical is highlighting sunday as a crucial element to brain climate change under control, among other things. But it draws to that climax. Very interesting. Now what is happening just this Friday, yesterday, thursday, or Friday? You, if you look at the New York times headings yesterday, it said european floods. This is for the New York times european floods are the latest sign of a global warming crisis. And I'm not saying that this is not a crisis, but what I'm saying is that the more they agitate this crisis, notice that it is coming with the movement that is in some way or another. Trying to promote sunday as well. Extreme down poorest like the ones that occurred in germany are one of the most visible signs that the climate is changing. As a result, a warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions studies have found that they are now happening more frequently for a simple reason. A warmer atmospheric, and hold more moisture generating more and more powerful rainfall. And it goes on to say, floods like these which have left more than 165 people dead had not been seen a, perhaps a 1000 years. So these events are increasing, their intensity is increasing. They're not only happening in under developed countries, but in nations like germany, with a loss of 165 live between germany, belgium, where they had the greatest deaths and scores of people that have not been found because of global warming there. This is a crisis. Now the situation is the interesting situation as I have been raider. 80 is how this has been tied. There is a simple solution. There's something, everything everyone can do. It doesn't cost anything. One day a week. Do nothing. Sound sounds, a 14 percent of carbon emissions can be reduced just by doing this thing. And can you see bread and how someone who would not come from a religious perspective could very easily buy into this and even accept legislation because it has a neutral appeal to all segments of society. And it would be very hard to, to didn't go against it. In fact, jonathan scores, he says it can be Friday, can be sab, as it can be sunday, just one day a week. That's the way he presents it. That's not the way it's presented in the 2nd call while the see. But you can see the initial openness to whichever day from some sectors who don't understand what is the under current. But we know what is the under current because guy had revealed it to us through the prophetic word. We understand what is the undercurrent On December 11, 1888. Within the context of those things here in United States, l N G quiet wrote, referring to the book of revelation, the prophet saw 4 angel standing on the 4 corners of the earth. Holding the 4 winds of the earth that the wind should blow on the earth. Nor on the scene or at any tree, another angel ascending from the east, cried to them, saying, heard not the earth near the scene, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our god in their foreheads. This points out the work we now have to do, which is to cry to God for the angels to hold the 4 winds, until missionaries shall be sent to all parts of the world. And shall have proclaimed the warning against disobeying the law of jehovah. That was in 1888. That movement did not succeed. Things were delayed. And now we are here. We are 2021 and we see how this is being agitated on a global basis. Yes, it's not been discussed in, in congress. There is no amendment being proposed, but we can see the right in the wall where it is headed. And, you know the reform movements. It was from 181221865, they were promoting reform reform. Eventually the temperance movement then proposed sunday, and then they, they included that to where it came to where it could have happened. It could have happened and christ could have come shortly afterwards. But god's people were not prepared. Now this time we have the opportunity to be prepared and we have the opportunity and it's, there is a much we can do if we believe. And we also want to hasten his coming. Do we want this world of sin and suffering to come to an end? Do we really want that to happen? Sometimes we are confronted with, with, with the terrible effects of sin and we are reminded that there is a better will to come. But often we forget and we just get wrapped up in what this world offers and we fall into that lukewarm experience that the pastor holland was sharing last week. As I mentioned this morning, I was in dominican Republic and as I arrived to the airport on Thursday morning, not this week, but the previous week, they went up to pick us up. We were supposed to have a meeting on Friday, a board meeting with the ministry leaders, but that did not happen because we were driving at 4 am to richmond airport. And at the very same time that we were driving to the Richmond airports here in Virginia, there was a family that was driving to the airport in dominican Republic where we were supposed to travel to now on their way to the airport. There was an accident, there was a truck that was in the way, there was an accident. Their car was bumped. The wife got out of the car to see what had happened. And another car, speeding, speeding in the freeway, hit her. Wounded her terribly in a couple hours later she died in the hospital. Now the lady who died was a young mother, 2 children. And she was the nice, the nice and the spiritual daughter of one of the members of the board members of this ministry that is in the ministry of heartland. And we, so we arrive on the airport from there, we drove to the funeral floor, not the funeral service, but they had like some type of they had some special service there. And it was very that occasion we could not have the board meeting on Friday. We eventually had it on Sunday, but the could not accompany us because on sabbath morning when they had just finished burying that dear beloved, nice and spiritual daughter of his then his he received another phone call that another close relative and very close friend of his had died from a heart attack, so then he had to go to another funeral and he never made it to the board meeting. Eventually i got to see him that they're at the funeral house. And then later on his home at tuesday, just before we flew back, deep sadness that cannot be described. Very deep sadness. That makes us just, he's just told me, you know, life is so life is so predictable, you know, life is so brief. It's almost an illusion. And the hope is in the 2nd coming of the Lord and do we really want this world of pain and suffering to come to an end? We really want this, this to God, to be able to solve this issue that we're dealing for dealing with in this world. I hope we do because the only solution to the world, the problems we have in this world is, is christ in our lives, christ. The hope of glory and now I want to share these last a few minutes. We have a reflection within the context of these events. When here in this quote, we see that it's making reference to revelation chapter 7. When the 4 angels are commanded to hold the winds, all the winds so that they will not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. So they will not hurt the earth, nor the scene of the trees until when, until we have sealed the servants of our god in their foreheads. God wants to hold those wins back until the work of ceiling has been completed and his people. Now when will the ceiling occur? When will they see the correlation? 7. Daniel chapter 12 is E q 8 and 9. Revelation 21. We've find indications of when this ceiling will occur. It will be during the closing scenes of the day of atonement just before christ steps out of the most holy place and says it, gee, that is clean, let him be clean and he that isn't clean. Let him continue to be unclean. When michael steps out, and when michael stepped out, when our high priest stepped out of the most holy place, what is the next event that happens when you stepped out? The 7 last plagues are poured upon this earth and within the context of the 1st and 2nd plague, what, what happens you on earth as the 1st flake has fallen, or somewhere around that time the death decree is made against all those. We're still keeping the sabbath and the death decree is an event that is the climax to which the sunday love movement will move towards. Eventually, it will not be content with, with not allowing sabbath keepers to not be able to buy or sell with with and having remove their properties and all type of financial support, exiling them or imprisoning imprisonment. Eventually he will want to, you are radical than physical. You from the face of the earth, and many things will have have to happen to bring the world to that point, that mindset where they are willing to, to kill human beings. Because of this situation. We know, and revelation 13 that said it will make even fire descend from heaven. And that will be part of that scenario. That scenario. What does those events are happening? Are leading to that client makes. It says, let me read from 5 testimonies, volume 5, page 212 already a few drops of god's wrath have fallen upon the earth. But when the 7th last plague shall be poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation, then it will be forever too late to repent and find shelter. No, a tone in blood will then wash away this things. This in our own course of action will determine whether we shall receive the seal of the living god or be cut down by the destroying weapons. So that places the context of when the seal of god needs to be placed on those who profess to serve him while there is still an opportunity to repent and find shelter In that very same chapter, we read not one of us will we ever received the seal of god, while our characters have one spot or stain upon them, it is left with us to remedy the defects in our character. To cleanse the soul temple of every defilement. Then the latter rain will fall upon us as the early rain fell upon the disciples on the day of pentecost. Now as we read these quotes, what comes to your mind? Do you experience beer? Do you experience a sense of hopelessness? Because I hope not. Even though we have these warnings of the 3 angels messages, even though we understand that christ character must be reproduced in his people and then he will come. The good news is that that is god's work in our life. He has the power to do it. When they, when the hebrew nation, the hebrew hose were walking in the desert, god had called them out of Egypt, but there, there pilgrimage from egypt to canaan was not an easy one, was it? They were murmuring, they were complaining, but constantly moses was encouraging them to look and live, to believe and have faith when they were bitten by the serpents in the desert. Moses instruct them following god's command, look at the brazen serpent on the pole and you will live. And what did the brazen serpent represent? christ who knew no sin who became sin for us and that simple act of faith in the redeemer of recognition that they by themselves could not save themselves. That active faith would have brought healing to every single israelites that looked in faith at jesus christ. And today is the same message, is that same message, no one need say that his case is hopeless. Page 215 or 51 or 5 of the testimonies. No one need to say that he cannot live the life of a christian. Ample provision is made by the death of christ for every soul. Jesus is, are ever present help in time of need only call upon him in faith. And he has promised to hear and answer your petitions. What does he say? Only call upon him in faith. And he will answer your petition the thing that said and tries to keep us distracted or he tries to make us believe that is not worth it so that we will not cry out and help. Remember when jesus told the father of this demoniac possessed son, child, and he asked them, can you do something? And these i said, do you believe? And he said, lord, I believe help my unbelief. He recognised that his faith was weak. And just recognizing and saying, lord, help me help my on believe it was jesus do for that father. He immediately cast out the demon from that child and then we come to christ and we said, lord, I am weak. I have my faith is weak, but help my unbelief. He will hear that cry. He will answer our petitions, he will answer their prayer. Zechariah chapter 3 has such a beautiful vision that is especially applicable to our to this time in our near future. The vision of joshua and the angel know that is one of one of my favorite chapters. Lately in the spirit of prophecy, you can find it in volume 5 of the testimonies you can find in profits and keens. The explanation of zachariah chapter 3. But let's go to zechariah chapter 3 and just take a look at that wonderful vision. Very encouraging vision. Zechariah right before the book of malakai chapter 3. Then he showed me, josh, we're the high priest standing me for the angel of the Lord and fate and standing at his right hand. Now remember when zechariah not the prophet but zachariah, the, the priest, the father of john the baptist, was in the temple. And gabriel appeared to him. Where, where did gabriel stand? On the right hand right at the right side and there was supposed to mean a favor from god. But he was so scared he didn't see those signs. Now notice that zechariah the prophet years before when he sees this vision, where does he see state and standing? Who was that his right hand. And he was at his right hand to do what to oppose him to oppose him. And the Lord said to satan, the Lord rebuke you say to the Lord who had chosen jerusalem rebuke you is not this a brand pal luck from the fire. It doesn't matter. Our has god's caesars. As a boy, A brand flush from the fire that he has purpose to save. If we will cry out to him, lord, save me. Now the law cannot do anything for us if we don't recognize our condition and if we don't seek him. But if we recognize our condition and seek him, he will do what he has promised in our lives. Verse 3 says now joshua, the high priest was close with what types of clothing, filthy garments, and was standing for the angel. And he answered and spoke to those who stood before him. The angel take away the filthy garments from him. And to him, he said to Joshua, see, I have removed your iniquity from you and I will close you with a rich robe with rich robes. I read from the pen of inspiration as satan accused joshua and his people. So in all ages, he accuses those who are seeking the mercy and favor of god counsels to the church, page $351.00. He knows that those who seek god earnestly for pardon and grace will obtain it. Therefore, he, the accuser of the brethren presents there are since before them to discourage them to discourage them. He constantly is seeking occasion against those who are trying to obey god, even their best and most acceptable services. He seeks to make appear corrupt by countless devises the most subtle and the most cruel. He endeavours to secure their condemnation. Now the fact that god's people are represented as standing before the Lord and filthy garments should lead to humility and deep searching of hearts on the part of all who professed his name. It says those who are indeed purifying their souls and obeying the truth will have a most humble opinion of themselves. The more closely they view the spotless character of jesus, the stronger will be their desire to be conform to his image. So notice how this works. There is nothing good in US. We cannot save ourselves. Our case appears to be hopeless. But when we look at christ and we see his, his matchless, his spotless character, what will start happening? We will desire to be transformed into that image. And when that desire surges in our hearts, they will cry and ask for it. And we ask for it, the holy spirit will start doing that transformation in our lives is the holy spirit. But we have to ask for it. Many times be focused on I can't do it. That's true. We can't do it. It's a supernatural work. But if you stay on that level, i can't do it rather than looking to jesus, then you cannot step into the next phase. When god's transforming power will actually enact that miracle in our lives. So it said it tries to keep us distracted, so we will not focus on the cross. It adds. But while we should realize we should realize our simple condition, we are to rely upon christ as our righteousness, our santa vacation and our redemption. We cannot answer the charges of satan against us. Christ alone can make any factual plea in our behalf. He is a able to silence the accuser with arguments founded not upon our merits, but on his own. Jesus, our advocate presents any factual plea in behalf of all who, by repentance and faith have committed. There are the keeping of their souls to him. He pleased their cause using what the mighty arguments of calvary and vanquishes they are accuser, his whose jesus christ. His perfect obedience to god's law has given him all power in heaven and earth. And he claims from his father mercy reconciliation for a guilty man. It is his perfect obedience that jesus uses, in order to ask from the father mercy and reconciliation from guilty mand progress. And king says that that vision of josh and the angel applies with peculiar force to the experience of god's people in the closing scenes of the great day of atonement in the closing things of a great day of atonement when the remnant church will be brought into great trial and distress. When those who are true to God will be men as denounced and proscribed, they will be betrayed by parents, brethren, kings, books and friends, even unto death. Their only hope is in the mercy of god. Their only defence will be prayer. As joshua pled it before the angel, so the remnant church with brokenness of heart and a faltering faith will plead for pardon, and deliverance through jesus their advocate. They are fully conscious of the sinfulness of their lives. They see their weakness and unworthiness, and they are ready to despair, said he has an accurate knowledge of the since he has tempted them to commit. And he brings the urges these accusations against them, declaring that by their sense they have forfeited, divine protection, and he has the right to destroy them. He pronounces them just as deserve the deserving, as himself of exclusion from the favor of god. He says, are these the people who are to take my place in heaven and the place of the angels who united with me, they profess to obey the law of god, but they have not kept its precepts. They have been lovers of self more than the lovers of god. And then it says, behold their selfishness their malice, their hatred of one another. But while the followers of christ have sin, it says here. The quality of process in they have not given themselves to be control by the se, tannic, se tannic agencies, wonderful promise. They have not given themselves up to be controlled by. They see tannic agencies. They have repented of their sins and have sought, the Lord and humility. And contrition, and the divine advocate pleads in their behalf. The US also said in our strong, his delusions are subtle, but the eye, the Lord is upon his people. Their affliction is great. The flames of the furnace seem about to consume them, but jesus will bring them forth as gold tried in the fire. These, these, this situation in this crisis, god will use it for those who have learned to depend upon him to perfect their characters, to god's image. Isn't that comforting? Isn't that a wonderful promise? often we are, we have this idea that if, if I don't perfect my character before the sunday law will be lost and we try to create a religion of wretchedness by work. It is christ is going to do the work in US. And as we see our defilement and we see his mercy and his love, we are drawn to trust more and more in him as he defends us with his righteousness and the trials that will surround us during this time of trouble. Prior to when he stepped out of the most holy place, it says that these trials are the flames, a furnace that jesus will use to let me quote their earthly this will be removed, that through them the image of christ may be perfectly revealed. He will bring them forth from the trial as the gold tried in the fly. What a wonderful promise. Why invitation this morning? The appeal that I feel to my own heart is or you find in hebrews chapter 10 verse 307039. Hebrews chapter thin. You know, as and as a, as we turned to this scripture to close our study this afternoon. I think of when I had, I've been married now for 26 years. Time goes by very quickly. I got married in 1994 that year. I was a volunteer here at heartland at heart and publications. My and that was my 1st experience here at heartland 994. But surely after I got married, i my cousin, what are my cousins? Had a child out of wedlock? And she interested me and my wife, we could bring of this child. And we took him as our own child. We had no children at that time. And this little child we were, I thought it a great privilege to be able to parent him out. And one day he had these character deficiencies that were quite severe. And I was trying to deal with them and encourage him to do what was right. Remember very clearly one day that he was so disrespectful, so I mean out of the world with, with an older person. And I said, samuel, his name was samuel. She can't do that. Don't be disrespectful. Why do you say those things I was and I told please ask the gentleman for forgiveness. I will not ask for forgiveness. Ask for forgiveness. The network note amount of coaxing. So then in my inexperience, i told him, well, you can choose either you ask for forgiveness or not. But if you don't ask for forgiveness, you want to have life today That I hear a name and that was not meant to elicit in a man. You know, I try coersion and it didn't not work. He said don't give me lunch and he was a little kid. He was about 5 years less than 5 years old. I won't need much. I won't say I'm sorry. He did not budge. And he'd prefer not to have lunch for eventually i felt sorry for the poor boy. And I said why my theology was not straight. You know, god does not coerce those to repentance. He invites us to repentance invites us. And as we, as we look upon the Lord and his what he has done for us, if we look on him, this will be the risk funds in our hearts to seek him in repentance and ask him, please complete the good work that you have begun in our lives continue, that good work. He was 10 and we read verses 37 through 39 for a yet a little while and he who is coming will come and will not terry. Now the just shall live by faith. But if any one draws back, my soul has no pleasure in him, but, but we are not of those who draw back to perdition. But of those who believe to the saving of the soul, may that be the experience of each one of us? We are not of those a drawback, but those who believe to the saving of our souls, let us pray. Heavenly father, we thank you for the time in which we are living and I pray, lord, that we will realize. As we see the signs, as we see these international movements, it will lift up our eyes. We will look up because our redemption dr. Ny and lord, thank you because as we see the events that will lead towards the final crisis on this earth, we have no reason to fear because we serve a god who has purpose to save us. If we look and to you, you will increase our faith. You will build on that little capital of faith that we have. You will cover us with your righteousness. You will present the powerful arguments of your death on the cross to banish the accuser of the brethren, and you will use the trials to complete that good work which you have begun in each one of our lives. Thank you, lord for your wonderful mercy. We want to respond. We do not want to disappoint you because you have done so much for us. How can we escape if we neglect such a great salvation reclaimed these promises in the name of jesus in this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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