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06 The Faith of Jesus

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program


  • July 17, 2021
    6:45 AM
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Good evening, everyone. Well, we're going to close out the formal portion of the 3 handles messages today. Tomorrow will be a bit of a summary for us and bringing some highlights and some important closing thoughts, but as far as the text proper. This will be our last. I've been blessed by this, reminding myself of what I believe is true. It's a good exercise to be involved in ministry to not just hear something in the sermon from doug bachelor 15 years ago. And believe that I still believe it and know why it's good to dig into these things and re study them and re study them. And dig into them a fresh so thank you for giving me that privilege just to rehab something is very important to me. But what I'd like to do is to cover something that I believe is of paramount importance for us to get right. Not just as the 7th day adventist church, but as christians at large the see me, we're looking at a specific series of events in the life of jesus that most clearly reveal what revelation. 14 twel refers to as the faith of jesus. And I believe that this is the most powerful in life, changing story that has ever been told and ever will be told. And so I would encourage you to plead with god this evening to allow the story to come alive to you in a way that it never has before to plead with god. Tonight, god speak to me in a while, the story to do something that will change me forever. So I'd like to begin with the word of prayer and then we will begin our actual message. All neil despite about your heads. Sweet jesus, i thank you that the gospel is good news and lord, I freely confess tonight that I don't have what these people need, but you do. And so I'm reminded of the words of the song that if you would choose to use me, my savior. In spite of my fears in all of my failures, i'm not much to look at. But whatever I am on yours, i'm yours. Jesus, use me. I'm yours is my plea. And I ask this in jesus name. He man. So this evening story will largely be coming from the 4 gospels. Isaiah 53 psalm, 18. Some 22. Desirous ages the chapters on get so many calvary and it is finished in the 2nd volume of the testimonies, chapter 29 called the sufferings of christ. I'm not going to be able to give you references for all those as they're happening. So it's just kind of the big picture where they come from and again, my nodes, the media department has those. They can send you a Google Drive link where you can download those for yourself. And I have an open email that I need to put your email address into and you will get it. So I made him a promise and I'm going to do him solid it. So I've got that there. Okay. So we're told this, I don't think this is in the slides, i'll skip that. So the want in the religious experience is from the materials the want. What is missing and what is most needed in the religious experience is the acceptance of jesus christ as presented in the gospel or total luke chapter. 19 a verse 10 to the son of man has come to seek and to save that which was lost. Now this implies a few things. The 1st thing that it implies is that god saw value in what he was seeking, right? When jesus came to this earth, he saw value in you. That's why he came to seek and to save us. But it also implies that he's the one taking the initiative to bring about the solution, even though we are in a horrible condition. He's making the 1st move, the 1st gesture of goodwill. He's not waiting on us to respond. In fact, the way that the got a word is that it gives whether it ever received back or not. Because as just how god does life. Now we're told a 2nd caribbean chapter 5 and verse $21.00 that god made jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of god in christ. So jesus did not write a check for the price of said he didn't say, how much does the, the guilt of humanity cost and what we get my check book out and All right, something for that exact amount. He didn't write a check for the price of sin. Jesus literally became sin and received the wrath of god towards them to set us free. But what does that look like and what does that teaches about the faith of jesus? Well, let's begin that story and see in John chapter 13 versus actually john chapter 13 through george after 17. Hello. I kind of alluded to this whole section of scripture. She said that jesus had been earnestly conversing with his eyeballs and instructing them. But as he neared getssemany, he became strangely silent. He had often visited this spot for meditation and prayer, but never with a heart so full of sorrow. As upon this night of his last agony. Throughout his whole life on earth, he had walked in the light of god's presence. When in conflict with men who are inspired by the very spirit of satan, he could say he that sent me is with me. The father hath not left me alone for I do always those things that please him, but she continues. But now he seemed to be shut out from the light of god sustaining presence. Now he was numbered with the transgressors, the guilt of fallen humanity. He must bear, and upon him who knew no sin must be laid the iniquity of us all so dreadful does still appear to him. So great is the weight of guilt which he must bear, that he's tempted to fear that it will shut him out for ever from his father's love. This is overwhelmingly unfamiliar to him. He has always bass in the presence of the father's love, but this is so bad, so heinous that he is tempted to believe that he will for ever be shut out from his father's love feeling how terrible is the wrath of god against transgression. He exclaimed, my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death. And as they approached the garden, the disciples had marked the chaise that came over their master. Never before had they seen him so utterly sad and silent. And as he proceeded this strange sadness deepened. Yet they dared not question him as to the cause. You ever seen somebody's suffering? It made you uncomfortable. You know that they're not doing well. You know, something is troubling them deeply. But you didn't have the courage to say anything yet. Jesus was on the other end of that. This is uncomfortable for the disciples. Jesus has always been calm, cool, and collected all the time. Their confidence was based upon the confidence of jesus. But as jesus is seemingly falling apart at the seams in front of them, they don't know what to do with that. And that happens to us, doesn't it? We find ourselves ignoring people in need and not reaching out because we don't know what to do with how uncomfortable we feel, and we leave them to suffer alone. That's where jesus is. His left to suffer alone, even though his friends know that something's wrong. And as he proceeded this strange sadness deep, and yet they dared not question them as to the cause, and his form swayed as if it were about to fall. Upon reaching the garden, the disciples look anxiously for his usual place of retirement that their master might rest. Every step that he now took was with labored effort. He groaned aloud. Jesus wales because of what he's feeling inside. No physical hands have been laid upon him at this point, but he is deeply, emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually distressed. He groaned aloud, the suffering under the pressure of a terrible burden. Twice his companions supported him. We would have fallen to the earth. This weight is so difficult that when jesus crosses the threshold of the garden, get 70 a super human weight has been placed upon him. And he gets to the point that his legs collapse out from under him. And the disciples have to catch him to keep him from falling. He felt that by sin, he was being separated from his father. The Gulf was so broad, so black, so deep that his spirit shuddered before it. In this agony, he must not exert his divine power to escape. As man, he must suffer the consequences of man's sin and as man, he must endure the wrath of god against transgression christ was now standing in a different attitude from that in which he had ever stood before. As the substitute and surety for sinful man christ was suffering under divine justice, he saw what justice meant. Hitherto he'd been an intercessor for others, but now he longed for an intercessor for himself. I wish somebody would prefer me. You ever been there? You are that person, everyone comes to you and in the innocent they have spiritual needs. They come to you. But then you have needs and you don't know where to go. This is where jesus is. I wish somebody would pray for me. And are they The psychological agony is so intense that physiologically jesus begins to bleed through his pores. The weight of sin is so oppressive and horrible that it's pressing the life forces out of jesus. And he's bleeding through his pores. You know what the word gets so many means it's the press. It's a place where they smash oil, ad of olives. Jesus is having the why forces pressed out of him. And again, this is before a single hand has been late laid upon him. No whips upon his back. No punches in the face, no thorn of crowns. Crown of thorns And no crucifixion. You and I under the same circumstances can check out emotionally and psychologically anyone has worked in a trauma setting or in public safety knows this. That 1000 yard stare that the lights are on, but no one's home. When you just check out because it's too much, yet jesus doesn't have that option. Jesus can't run the social media to escape his pain. He can't run to someone else. He has to bear this pain and he bears it alone. And then the question is posed. What was to be gained by this sacrifice? How hopeless appeared the guilds and ingratitude of men in its hardest features. Satan press the situation upon the redeemer. The people who claim to be above all others in temporal and spiritual advantages have rejected you jesus, they're seeking to destroy you. One of your own disciples, who's listened to your instruction and has been among the foremost in church activities, will betray you. One of your most dell as followers will deny you all will forsake you, cries whole being ab hoard the thought. That those whom he had undertaken to save those whom he love so much should unite in the plots of say to this pierced his soul. The conflict was terrible. The sins of men weighed heavily upon christ, and the sense of god's wrath against sin was literally crushing out his life. Behold him, contemplating the price to be paid for the Human soul. In his agony, he clings to the cold ground, as if to prevent himself from being drawn any further from god. We're told this the Human heart longs for sympathy in suffering. That's true. This longing christ felt to the very depths of his being. In this, he just wished that peter james or john would crawl across that cold gravel and lay a hand on his shoulder. Jesus were here. They can't tell him, it's going to be okay. It's not going to be okay. And what does he get? Nothing. Jesus gets nothing from them in the supreme agony of his soul, he came to his disciples with a yearning desire to hear some words of comfort from those whom he had so often blessed and comforted and shielded in sorrow and distress. The one who had always had words of sympathy for them was now suffering super human agony. And he long to know that they were praying for him and for themselves were they Know How dark seen the malignancy of sin? terrible was a temptation to let the Human race bear the consequences of its own guilt while he stood innocent before god. Jesus is strongly tempted to leave us in this moment, guys. Because the devil's telling of these people and appreciate you. They don't care about you. Where are your boys, jesus? And where are his voice? sleeping when he needs them the most and in his flesh, he is tempted to shrink from this responsibility. If he could only know that his disciples understood and appreciated this pressure he's dealing with. He would be strengthened. Did they So was he strengthened now then jesus praise 3 prayers begging the father to change his might father if it is possible, please let this cup pass for me. Now the cup jesus is referring to here is the same, kept this talked about in the 3 angels messages, the cup of gods on the mingled wrath. And jesus is about to drink this thing to the dregs. We're told them testimonies for the church volume too, that in this moment jesus was realizing his father's frown. He has always been in the favor in the presence of god. And in this moment he is syncing the overwhelming frown of his father's face. He had taken the cup of suffering from the lips of guilty man, and proposed to drink it himself and in its place give to man the cup of blessing. The wrath of god that would have fallen upon man was now falling upon christ. And it was here that the mysterious cup trembled in jesus his hand. The sins of a last world were upon him and overwhelming him. And again, it was a sense of his father's frown in consequence of sim, which rent his heart with such piercing agony in the forest from his brow great drops of blood which rolling down the pale cheeks fell to the earth, moistening the year, the main gold wrath of god is being poured out upon god. It's a seeming contradiction in terms but only god can endure the wrath of god and burst through that to him on day 3 men. Only jesus could be our sacrifice only jesus could stand in our stead. And as jesus was pleading with the father, father, please let this cup pass from me. It's in this moment that your face comes into the mind of jesus. And this is what gives him the intrinsic motivation to even murder the words. Nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will, but as humanity strings from this responsibility again and says, father, please, and a 3rd time father, please let this cup pass for me. And again he is reminded of your fate if he doesn't go through with us. And says, nevertheless, if this is what it takes, i'll go forward. And it's in this very moment that we're told something that is just heartbreaking and amazing. His decision is made and he will save man at any cost to himself. I don't care how hard it is, how much it hurts, how much I don't want to do this anymore. This train will not stop. What ever they deserve, and whatever it takes laid on me, he says his decision is made. He will save man at any cost to himself. But jesus isn't the only one who's hurting and suffering this moment. God suffered with his son, and there was silence in heaven. Heaven is not a place is known for being silent. Read the book of revelation. But in this moment, not a word is spoken. Everyone's focus is on their champion. What will he do? heaven fall silent. Could mortals have viewed the amazement of the angelic coasts as in silent grief, they watched the father separating his beams, of light love, a glory from his beloved son. They would better understand how offensive in his sight is sin. If we saw what they saw, we would not do what we do. This is a holy and strange act. And then god has to send an angel from the right hand of the father to do for jesus. What peter, james, and John did not do. And it says touching and a heart rigging, scene, and desire of ages and so many chapter where the angel comes down beside jesus. And we're told that he cradled the head of jesus in his bosom and speaks tender words of encouragement to him, reminding him of the promises of god. Do you remember at the baptism jesus, this is my beloved son and whom I am well pleased. It's still true and it's going to be worth it. Jesus, you will see the travail of your soul and be satisfied. And John opens his eyes at this stage and he looks across the courtyard And they see jesus being cradled by this angel. And he's pointing, they haven't encouraging jesus, we need you to go forward. They need you to go forward. And what is implied by what jesus, his own words said, My soul is exceedingly sorrowful even to death. Is it jesus never would have made it out of that garden? Were it not for this angel coming to strengthen him? But he is strengthened. And then when he takes the disciples to the gate of the garden, he's greeted by a brute group of guards with implements. They're not going to need for jesus. He's a man of peace. And he's greeted by judas and betrayed by a kiss. And in this moment, jesus musters the unselfish love to refer to this man as friend, friend, some of us in this room right now have people in our lives that we cannot refer to as friends. Because what they did was too much. They went too far and I just can't In his strength, you can. We're not saying you need to return to abusive circumstances. Had this person your day to day life, but we are saying is the disposition of your heart can change towards this person by the Grace and strength of christ, a man he gives set us free from the bitterness and the anger that holding us back. Then peter is a brilliant idea and he gets a sword in hack smell because his ear off thinking he's doing jesus a favor. And jesus says, put your sword in its place. Peter. I don't need violence and violent arguments to defend my kingdom. If I wanted to, I could summon multitudes of angels to defend me, but I don't want to they're not taking my life. I'm giving myself to him. And unfortunately there are many in our ranks who were just like peter. And they think that violent arguments against people they disagree with is doing the kingdom of god, a favor and they are dead wrong. And jesus would tell them the exact same thing, put your sword in its place. This war is not one by taking. It's one by giving These argumentative discourses, these knocked down, drag guards, drag out on Facebook and websites with quote unquote article that are largely arguments against each other and against fellow avenue. Just this past to stop, it is not honoring god and it's feeling a hatred for fellow christians and shame on us. And I'm talking about both sides of the aisle. You tube channels committed to standing for present truth. Criticizing the object upon which christ places his supreme regard and shame on us, it is dis, honoring god. And it needs to stop stopping just short or referring to the remnant churches babylon. Because we know good enough. The white says that calling the remit church babbling is the work of satan. When you're implying that that's the case, you're still doing the work of satan and get a different job. We're not helping jesus with this stuff. Guys. Put your sword in its place. Then jesus is given the sham of a trial where the word justice isn't even invited to the conversation. And then we're told, and I say a chapter $52.00, that he's be beyond the point of recognition. You can't even recognize who this man is when they're done with him, to floggings and other violence, senseless violence. Then he's brought before the jews and what they had to say for the man that came to save them. We will not have this man is lord over us. We have no king but caesar and give us bull rabbits. And we think to ourselves, what savages, what monsters to say, such a thing. But we need to come face to face with the fact that every time that we choose our Choice, sims over jesus, we're saying the exact same thing. I will not have this man is lord over me. I have no king, but caesar and give me, but revis. I'm no better than them. None of us are. All of us, we're not for the Grace of god deserve to die because of our sins. But we have the Grace of god, a man. We're not better than them. Never have them never will be. Then comes the next and I believe one of the most impactful moments of jesus vulnerability in his life. Jesus tells the disciples matthew 16, a verse 24. If any one desires to come after me. Let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me. You waited with his text. With dog me a couple years ago. What did it look like when he picked up his? If jesus is telling us to pick up our cross and follow him, what did it look like when he picked up his cross? One john chapter 19 over 17. Were told that in he jesus, bearing his cross, went out to a place called the place of a skull, which is called an hebrew, ga gov. But in matthew chapter 27, a verse 32 were told that now as they came out, they found the men of siring, simon, by name him, they compelled to bear his cross of important question for us this evening. Does the bible contradict itself? Yes or no? No, these are not statements of contradiction. Their statements of chronology, jesus began in carrying his cross and someone else gets involved. See if I can make it through this. As jesus past the gate of pilots court, the cross which had been prepared for parabolas, was placed upon his bruised and bleeding shoulders. 2 companions of rabbits were to suffer death at the same time with jesus. And upon them also crosses were placed. But the saviors burden was too heavy for him and his weak and suffering condition. Since the passover supper this with his disciples, he had taken neither food nor drink. He had agonized in the garden of so many in conflict with se tannic agencies. He had endured the anguish of the betrayal and had seen his disciples forsake him and flee. He been taken to and then the car for them to pilot from pilot he'd been sent to herod. Then again, the pilot from in sold to renewed insult, from mockery to mockery, twice, tortured by the scourge. All that night there had been a scene after scene of a character to try the soul of man to the uttermost. But christ had hoped He had spoken no word, but tended to glorify god all through the disgraceful forests of a trial. He had bored himself with firmness and dignity. But when, after the 2nd scourging, the cross was laid upon him, he couldn't nature could bear no more. And he fell fainting beneath the burden. The crowd, the fall of the savior saw his weakened, staggering steps, but they manifested no compassion. They taunted and re fire held him because he could not carry the heavy cross. Again the burden was laid upon them, and again he fell fainting to the ground. And his persecutor saw that it was impossible for him to carry his burden further. And they were puzzled to find anyone who would bear this humiliating load. The jews themselves cannot do this because the file met would prevent them from keeping the passover known, even in the mob that followed him would stoop to bear the cross. And so simon comes along and he carries the cross. And this is a great blessing to him because it leads to his conversion. But the question was, if jesus is telling us to take up our cross and follow him, what's that going to look like? You're going to collapse, it's going to be too much for you to kill her. And that's the point. The cross that we've been called to bear today, beloved, you're not supposed to carry on your own. It is not a weakness to need help beloved. In jesus makes a fool of himself to make this point clear to us that when I look at jesus and I see myself collapsing under the weight of the cross, this tells me that I'm not a loser when I collapse under the weight of that cross. Because he wasn't the loser. Are you with me? The very fact that jesus collapses under the weight of his cross makes it abundantly clear that I'm not a loser when I collapse of the cross and I'm burying today. So if you've had to go through the agonizing and humiliating effort to carry the cross that you've been given, only to collapse under its load, you have a savior who understands today we have to come face to face with the fact that we cannot bear the cross we've been given that we need help from a source outside of us. And again, jesus humiliate himself to give us that example. Vulnerability is not a weakness. Beloved. It's a strength. And we see this model in the life and sufferings of jesus. Then he's nailed to this demonic torture device. And as a strip of naked and nail him to this cross, they have it in the air and swam into the hole in the rock that's prepared for it. And every nerve infinity of his body has fire running through it. And yet we're told this strange line, the desire of ages. That is, physical pain was quote, unquote hardly felt. In comparison with the emotional, psychological and spiritual agony that jesus is enduring in this moment. Then the start of unbelief are heaped in the face of jesus. If you are the son of god, save yourself, come down from the cross. Jesus then will believe in you. Someone crucified. Next to jesus says, if you are the son of god, save yourself and us in irony of ironies is precisely because jesus is the son of god that he's not coming down from that cross. And he's already saving them. They just haven't figured it out yet. Then his voice of softness 3 returns you're wasting your time jesus, these people don't care about you. They don't appreciate you. Why continue with this madness. They make a pretty good point. You ever had to give for people that don't care, tard isn't it? thankfully jesus isn't like me, but now the only consistent thing that jesus has had for 33 and a half years. The presence in the approval of his father is now gone. Jesus is in a horrific bout with the absence of god when he needs him the most jesus is enduring the deafening silence of god. And he's also enduring the deafening silence of the closest people the has on earth. He's suffering alone And then words come out of the mouth of jesus that you do not expect to hear from someone who has been in fellowship with god from eternity past. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? This is a direct quote. Want to get into the faith of jesus here. This is a direct quote from psalm 22. And to the onlookers, it seems as though jesus has lost faith. But if you're familiar with the text, there's a point in transition in the middle of the chapter and verse 21 where it says you have and certainly the beginning is questioning. Where are you? God, why you forsaken me? I don't understand what's going on. But then diverse 21, there's a turning point. You have answered me. And then the psalm ends with praise. For he is verse $24.00 for he is not despise, nor hoard the afflicted or the affliction of the afflicted. Nor has he hidden his face from him. But when he cried to him, he heard the faith of jesus pierces through the darkness and chooses to rest in the father's love here to forgiven him. And he chooses to believe something that he does not feel right now that god loves him, that god has not left him. Satan has cast an impenetrable cloud of darkness into the mind of jesus and in the experiential mind of jesus. It literally is as if the father is nowhere to be found. Total radio silence. Then a verse 27. Psalm 22 shows. What him persevering and faith will accomplish. All the end of the world shall remember and turn to the Lord and all the families of the nations shall worship before you. This is what jesus said would happen in John 1232 and I if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to myself. But that word peoples is supplied. It's so much bigger than that. I if I be lifted up, will draw all to me the fallen universe, the unfolded angels, but the darkness that jesus is experiencing right now when is closing ours wasn't eclipsing his statement of john 1232 and he had to choose to persevere for faith to believe what god had said before he was going through this difficulty and to rest in his father's love even when he couldn't feeling. So jesus didn't just happened to remember some 22 inverse one, just in case things ever got nasty and he got tempted. His whole wife was filled with the reality of god's presence, but jesus memorize the whole chapter. And this statement on the cross shows that jesus, faith pierce, is through the darkness and the rest in his father's love, even when he can't feel it. So when jesus is claiming psalm $22.00 in verse one, which seems like a statement of defeat, he's also claiming the rest of the chapter which ends in victory. It is finished. And he claimed this promise by faith because he did not feel that way. But we're told and is, are they just pay $73.00 that in that thick darkness? The reason why it looks like midnight, even though it's noonday we're told, is ave to $73.00 in that thick darkness, god's presence was hidden. He makes darkness his pavilion and concealed his glory from human eyes. This is alluded to insult 18. I believe it conceals his glory from humanize god and his holy angels were beside the cross. And there's a very important point for you and I tonight, there are moments in our experience where we are fully convinced that god is nowhere to be found when we need him the most. But that does not make it true. Because in the very moment when jesus felt that the father was the farther from him that he had been for 33 and a half years. The father was the closest to him that he had been for 33 and a half years and were told to deserve ages. At our moments of greatest discouragement are the times when divine help is nearest. We cannot put stock in our feelings. Beloved, we cannot put stock in those feelings of discouragement and despondency just because you feel that god is nowhere to be found. Does not make that through. If it wasn't true for jesus, it's not true for you. Are you with me? This is so important when we are wrestling with the silence of god to see this truth. The father was with his son, yet his presence was not revealed. And had his glory flash forth from the cloud. Every human beholder would have been destroyed. It was the mercy of god that veils himself because you and I probably be inclined to believe that these people who are crucifying jesus deserve to die for what they're doing. And yet this is what the bible refers to as mercy and justice embraced each other. And kissed each other at the cross of calvary, the justice and mercy of god, come face to face. God is pouring out justice on his son while sparing those who crucify his why. So they can have a chance to respond to the faith of jesus. It's happening before they're very eyes. You know, this implies to me. God is not looking for reasons to keep you out of heaven. He's looking for every reason he can get you into heaven. But he will leave that decision with you. And in that dreadful hour christ was not to be comforted with the father's presence. He trod the wine press alone and of the people. There was none with them. And you know why? Because there's times when you and I try the wine press alone and there's no one with us. And as we talked about in the everlasting gospel, we did not have a cedar re high priest who is not acquainted with our weakness, but was tempted in all points as we are yet without him. And then he tells us to let us, therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Jesus understands those feelings and he's willing to help you. What he's asking you is just to come boldly. But what is it the keeps jesus going through all of this madness? Why continue? There's one thing in the mind of jesus at this stage, you know what that is? It's you It's you. Jesus cannot bear the thought of losing you. It is unthinkable. And unacceptable to him were told that heaven was not a place to be desired while he while we were lost. And so jesus comes into enemy occupied territory. And these going through this horrible hell, asia is experience because he does not want to lose you. And that also was the faith of jesus. He sees something of value in you that you don't even see in yourself. And jesus treats you it as if that's who you really were. Why to awaken within you would desire to live a life that would honor such a sacrifice. The faith of jesus, seeing something in you that you don't see in yourself entreating you accordingly. Whether you live up to that potential or not. And in this stage, jesus cannot see through the portals of the 2. He is fully convinced in his own mind, that when he breathes his last breath, it is forever. He will never see the light of day again, he will never see the father again. And even at this point of salvation does work in your said, he's not going to be there to see it guys. This is what jesus is reality looks like in his mind. And yet john, chapter 13 tells us in verse one, having loved his own who were in the world, he loved to who the guys jesus truly loved you to the end of himself. He believed that when I breathed like the last breath, it's over and he was willing to love you to the end of themself. Because that's what a got a does. That's what the faith of jesus does. The fact that word loved in John 13 is a got a very of a to 76. Amid the awful darkness, apparently forsaken of god, christ head drain the last dregs and the cup of Human woe. And in those dreadful hours, he had relied upon the evidence of his father's acceptance here to forgiven him. He had to rely upon what god had said before he was going to this terrible experience. He was acquainted with the character of his father. And he understood his justice, his mercy, and his great love. This is why having a true and healthy picture of god is paramount of paramount importance. If we do not have healthy views of god before the time of trouble, we're not going to magically produce a healthy picture of god during the time of trouble. Are you understanding? Jesus was secure in his identity and the acceptance that god lavished upon him before he went through this hell. And so when he goes through this difficulty, he relies upon what he previously knew to be true, even when he could not feel it right now. And this is what god's people are going to need, the closer time. That's what it means. When it says here, are they who keep the commandments of god in the faith of jesus, they will choose to rest in their father's love even when they can't feel it. And they will rely upon what god has showed in the past, even if it's not feeling that way right now. By faith, he rested in him whom it had ever been his joy to obey. And as an submission, he committed himself to God. The sense of his father's favor was withdrawn. But by faith christ was victor, A man. And then as jesus is resurrected and gets into the gates of heaven, the angels erupt in praise. You have never seen a worship service like this in your life and in the mid to end. Just imagine being jesus. He has spent $33.00 and a half years, not being appreciated, not receiving the love, enjoy, and gratitude that he deserves. And you can imagine that his love tank is pretty empty right now, and it would be nice to finally be appreciated. But that's not the way jesus responds as they erupt in praise. Jesus looked at the angels and says, nope, no, I will not accept your worship. And he presses into the father and he has one question. Can those whom you have had me be with you guys, you were always on the mind of jesus. All he can think about in this moment is you not there praise father? Can those whom you have given me be with me where I am are you please? And the father says yes. And he embraces his son for the 1st time in $33.00 and a half years. Yes, they can come Then he accepts their worship. A beloved there is never. He loses sleep over you guys. He can't sleep at night. You're all he thinks about. All he wants is to know that you're secure, that you're safe, that you're happy, and that your whole some of us didn't have parent figures. Some of us don't have people that check in on this like we wish you got one in jesus. He's always thinking about you, and there's never a time when he's not thinking about you. This is why revelation chapter 12 says that the heaven should rejoice, but woe to the earth. This is a revelation chapter 12 emerson x. I skip the quote, I'm sorry for this, but as jesus prays father forgive them for, I'll come back to that actually, never mind. I'll come back to that. So in revelation chapter 12, it says that the heaven should rejoice, but woe to the earth in this is what saying universe 10 in relation 12, then I heard a loud voice in the heavens saying now a salvation and strength in the kingdom of our god. And the power of his christ have come for the accuser, the brethren who is accusing before our god day and night has been cast down and say, holla louis this evening. This is in direct response to the cross of them and they overcame by the blood of the lamb and by the word of the testimony. And they did not love their lives to the death. And you know why? Because the lies that they were living lead to death and they found something better in the faith of jesus. Therefore rejoiced heavens and knew who dwell in them. Rejoiced. O heavens and you who dwell in them. War to the inhabitants of the earth and see for the devil has come down to you having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time. This sacrifice of jesus even makes the OWN fallen worlds, and angels more secure. We'll give you a homework assignment signs of the times, december 3889. Write this down. Signs of the times, december, 3889, an article entitled what was secured by the death of christ. It was the victory in the cosmic conflict. It's much bigger than just your celebration of mine though I'm grateful for that. It even guards the angels from future apostasy were told. The signs of the times december $3089.00. What was secured by the death of christ, heaven and the unfold. Worlds are made. Have made up their minds in this great controversy, cosmic conflict there fully on the lord's side, but the case has now been moved to our point. Where do you get to decide? Who started? Are you going to take? Who will have your affections? So if you're wondering if God can accept you today, calvary says yes. Yes, an aim in the fusions one told us you are accepted in the beloved jeremiah 31 of the worst 3 says the Lord is a period of old to me saying Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love. Therefore with loving kindness i have drawn you. The cross of christ is like a magnet of grace. John 1232 I. If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to my self. And again, that word peebles is supplied that we've been white's drawing from that principal inside the times, december, 3889. But one more thought than jesus is closing moments. He prays father forgive them for they know not what they do. But think through the context of what jesus is feeling when he says that jesus is praying to his father, whom he's tempted to believe has a band in him and isn't answering his prayers. And yet he's pleading for the father to help you and me. Beloved if that's not the faith of jesus, what is he is resting? No, even though he is not feeling answers to his prayers. He's not being comforted. He still has enough faith in the father's love for you that he prays for you anyway. The faith of jesus on display and like comments on this particular prayer. Listen to this. She says that prayer of christ for enemies embraced who the world it took in every sinner that had lived or should live from the beginning of the world to the end of time. Upon all rest the guilt of crucifying the son of god and to all forgiveness is freely offered, whose whoever will may have peace with god and inherit the turtle life. This also tells me that when god special people, dean of time have received the faith of jesus that their focus is going to be outward. It isn't self focused. He helped a thief. He helped his mother and he prayed for us. So that same spirit can be given to us and it will cause us to look outward in our crisis and not inward. That's what receiving the faith of jesus looks like. So why did he go through all this? And as a chapter, $53.00 verse 11, it says he shall see the travail or the labor of his soul and be satisfied as jesus before he suffers, looks at what he is going to endure. He's satisfied as jesus is suffering, he's satisfied. And as he looks back upon what he did suffer, he still satisfied why? Because by his knowledge, my righteous servant shall justify many and he shall bear their iniquities. In short, you're justified. He's satisfied that the gospel, beloved. Jesus believes that you are worth that price whether you believe that or not. Christ went through all this because he saw you a pearl of great price. He saw a value in you that you don't even see in yourself. And he's asking you to respond with the reciprocating faith. Paula to this romans chapter one verse of 16 and 17. He says for I'm not ashamed of the gospel of christ and now we see why it's amazing for it's the power of god. What draws us and keeps us to salvation for every one who believes for the jew 1st and also for the greek. For in it, in the gospel, the righteousness of god is revealed from faith. Jesus is over caving and pursuing, overcoming, and pursuing faith in US to faith are reciprocating faith in him. As it is written, the just shall live by faith in his courting from back you can either original language it reads the just shall live by his faith. Christ faith, not by your faith. By the faith of jesus. No one is going to find in place their faith in jesus until the 1st encounter the faith of jesus. First, john, for 16, we love him because he 1st loved us. So the 2 book in the 3 and those messages are the everlasting gospel in the fate of jesus. Both are talking about the same thing, a suffering messiah, who perseveres through his fate. And who gives that face to his people, which will propel them to preach that gospel to the whole world. We can't lose sight of this. This contextualize is the entire message. So the 1st part of the 3 of those messages of the gospel in the last put part and 3 and this message in the gospel. I'm not a doctor, but I'm just guessing here that everything else in the middle relates to the gospel. And so we are not seeing jesus as we're preaching the rangel's messages. We're not doing it right. We have missed the point and all we're doing is making more dooms de apocalyptic tinfoil hat wearing sinks. Here is the patience of the saint. Here are those who keep the commandments of god and the faith of jesus. Now the only way that people can be viewed as having kept the commandments in the past, whereas being capable of keeping them in the future or the present is because of having 1st encountered the faith of jesus only his sufferings and death in righteous life can make one righteous listen to this, many who profess to be christians become excited over worldly enterprises, and their interests is awakened for some new and exciting amusements while they are cold hearted and appear as if frozen in the cause of god. Here is a theme poor formulas, which is a sufficient importance to excite you. Eternal interests are here involved upon this theme, the theme of the cross. It is then to be calm and an impassioned the scenes of cal recall for the deepest emotion and upon this subject, you will be excusable if you manifest enthusiasm. Now you can say aim in my date, it took all week. I should with this quote out the 1st day. The Lord has given me a message for you. This is the last written letter we have from l. A white and she ordered to discourage say, do what she says. The Lord has given me a message for you and not for you only, but also for other faithful sold who were troubled by doubts in fears regarding their acceptance by the Lord jesus christ. Maybe that you his word to you is, fear not for I have redeemed thee. I have called the by the name thou art mine. You desire to please The Lord and you can do this by believing his promises. You want to make the Lord happy. Believe what he says about you, you're mine. You're my beloved. He's waiting to take you in a harbor, a gracious experience. Sorry about that. He's waiting to take, you know, a harbor, gracious experience. Any bids you be still and know that I am god. You bet a time of unrest, but jesus says you come on to me and I will give you rest the joy of christ and the soul is worth everything. And then are the glad because their privilege to rest in the arms of everlasting love. She had another letter to discourage say, she did this a lot. Listen to this one. The message from god to me for you is him that come with them to me. I will in no wise cast out. If you have nothing else to plead before god but this one promise from your lord and savior, you have the assurance that you will never, never be turned away. How many people in this room have nothing to offer god tonight? Well guess what? You can come into jesus is present with this verse. You can come into the father's presence with this verse and you're not going to be turned away. It may seem that you're hanging upon a single promise, but appropriate that one promise and it will open to you the whole treasure house of the riches of the Grace of christ. Cling to that promise and you are safe. Him that come with unto me, I will no wise cast out present that listen to this, present this assurance to jesus and you are safe as the inside of the city of god. If you have nothing to offer jesus this evening, but that promise that he who comes on me, I will no wise cast out in that moment you are safe is the inside of the city of god. Which again implies that god is looking for every reason to get you into that city and not keep you out. There's a reason, there's 12 gates and the new jerusalem ease of access. God wants you in the kingdom. Jesus says, father, i desire that they might be with me, where I am. He longs for that. The faith of jesus, it is talked of but not understood. What constitutes the faith of jesus that belongs to the 3rd angels message. Jesus becoming our sin bearer, that he might become our sin, parting savior. He was treated as we deserve to be treated. And he came to our road and took our sins, that we might take his righteousness she's courting synchrony is 521. And the faith in the ability of christ to save us amply and fully and entirely is us receiving the faith of jesus. Oh, I love this lady so much and we want to give auntie and a big hug when you get to heaven. Oh man, me 1st. You g wagner, great gospel preacher, the 1800 says this, god choose his men, not for what they are, but for what he can make of them. And there is no limit to what he can make of even the meanest and most approved if there only willing and believe his word, the faith of jesus. But I want to close the idea of what happens when people reject this most precious message. And how serious it is when we do so in the face of god's extraordinary efforts to save us from sin wagner again. And so I went throughout the plague, speaking of Egypt, all the steps in each case are not recorded, but we see that it was the long suffering and mercy of god. The hardened pharaoh's heart. The same preaching that comforted the hearts of many the days of jesus made others more bitter against him. The raising of lazarus from the dead, fixed the determination, the hearts of the unbelieving jews. To kill him. Listen to this, this blew me away. The judgment will refill the fact that everyone who has in the hardness of heart rejected the Lord has done so in the face of the revelation of his mercy. Not one soul will pass unto death without encountering a revelation of his mercy. And we see his revelation of mercy, so clearly in the threes of messages and the revelation of his mercy, the $32.00 messages is repeated again, the revelation 18 in case we missed in a loud cry of the world, the last message of mercy. And I imagine when I read this quote that jesus is basically saying, if anyone is going to end up last by taking the road to perdition, they're going to have to trip over my dead body to get there. I'm not letting you go down without a fight. He says, jesus does not want you to be lost. He did not hold anything back. Everything was placed on the altar. He's been tenaciously pursuing the last the route, salvation history in this beautiful and most precious message is his last opportunity to bring in who still ever will before that door of mercy closes. Again, having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end, to the end of their ability to make a right choice at the end of the day and the end of his life. Guys think about the privilege that god has given us to share this message of mercy with a dying world. He could have sent little angels to do this, but he doesn't. He's sending you. And he's sending me. I remember matt hara, one of the teachers at the arise program mentioned this in a sermon soon after that program that just moved me deeply. He has a really logical question. Was talking about the faith of jesus in a practical sense. But he says, why would god choose to believe in people that he knows good and well aren't going to respond? You've wrestled with that. He said, what god knows, doesn't change who he is. And love believes all things, hopes, all things endures all things. That's how he does wife guys. He can't turn that off just because we're jerks and ignore him. He is literally going to love you and love you and believe in you to the end of time. It is impossible for god to not believe in you. This is what the faith of jesus does. So we have a charge to preach this message to the world and how they respond is none of our business. That's not your problem. Your job is to give them this beautiful truth. So the faith and jesus that will be received by his people. Revelation 14 is a faith that pierces through any darkness or del an arrest in his father's love. And one that sees the value in the people that have been purchased. We will see people for what god can make of them. Not for what they currently are. The faith of jesus and gods last day. People had just made since this evening. Yes or no. God in heaven. You know our hearts, you know, that were but dust and lord jesus, we admit the fact that every thing we heard to night of what you suffered is my fault. I did this my sims, kill jesus. And lord were sorry God, I pray that you would forgive our sins, our hard heartedness, our indifference are selfish, this, our arrogance, our petty differences with our neighbors. God help us. We confess today that we're but nothing. And lord, I would be remiss if I didn't say this evening and give an opportunity for someone if there is someone in this room this evening who is seeing for the 1st time that god loves me. And there truly is a home that unwelcome in that I want to take hold of that today I want to bite you to raise your hand to have it if you're realizing for the 1st time and maybe for the 1st time again, maybe you lost your 1st love i want you to raise your hands. They haven't jesus, i want in. I don't want to leave anything on the table. Jesus take me and make me wholly thine. Take my heart for I cannot give it what I pray, that you would cover him to the blood of jesus that you would fill us with your holy spirit. And that you would do in through. And for us, what we are a holy, incapable of doing for ourselves, give us the faith of jesus. We bring and we ask this in jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio purse. A web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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