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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • May 29, 2010
    2:15 PM
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over him he will join yourself and your windlass is to sell I was one of your crazy guy are you not familiar I decided to go home and begin to study the word of God and I had a study before a man prays not praise God you do have a word of prayer and not just be my last presentation here on what I want to do is I want to take you yesterday sent where we met over at just over the way there we we discussed the new teacher how to study and she soon surely getting the goods of the word of God and we discovered that she was to exercise one the mind exercise the mind so that the mind expands or strengthen so that it is able to pick up the handy things of the word of God amen and so today with a letter continue not study with an outlook at the small details so you look at the new picture and now look at the small detail of Bible study and then on to finish some of the close-up by walking you through a study that I just recently done and I will just tell you my thought process I was going through this study so the agency get a typical example one would be like to to go through complete study in the Bible and all right so let's have one prayer that will begin heavenly father we again thank you for your mercy and goodness your grace and long asset as we continue to study and seek to dig deeper in your word knowledge that you would expand and she are online and you hold on the Dean and wonderful things on the word of God in Jesus name we pray amen councils of the charges page two oh seven medicine yes then want to read it again at the means of intellectual training the Bible is more useful to than any other book and all other books come by the greatness of its themes for murder that were being I we've been talking about learning how to study by the game the greatness the brings of its scenes the dignified simplicity of this utterance is the beauty of this imagery quickly add up to the thoughts as nothing else can no other study can part such mental power I love the effort to grasp Hindus choose a revelation the mind and thus brought into contact with the thoughts of the infinite cannot but expand and strengthen so what we want we want our minds to what Stan and strength and to strengthen how do we learn that we were to do that we learn that the mind expands and strengthens as we walked contemplating the word of God and yesterday we learned that life exercising the mind exercising the mind however we also discovered that most Christians only stress the remember the warm-up five-minute warm-up and then believe without ever exercising the mind God wants us to this is why we must understand that if we want them to grow we must exercise it as we would exercise a muscle we must not shrink the mind to dwell upon these incredible and grand themes so you may understand better the statement found in business is the desire of ages page eighty three where online census it would be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour off also many also a thoughtful one out Madison please don't know this doesn't mean sixty makes sorting spec is she saying spare time to time they met it would be well for us to spend the thoughtful hour each day in contemplation and what everyone contemplation on the life of Christ we should take it one and let me imagination grasped each scene especially the clothing worn by many of you ever talk to imagine heaven on event processing read the book of Revelation chapter twenty one twenty two think homicide if you think Justin Anderson in Houston had been according to what you may think that you need in a cinematic epiphanies of his involvement in the be there for some time if you are selected to read Revelation twenty one twenty two and just sit there and it was upon the vote of the images and just imagine this is what happens on the shared it with me now for us to do this partly what our contemplating the life of class we should take it point by point let the imagination grasping scene especially closing one thousand one upon his great sacrifice for us our confidence in him will be more constant Arnaud will be more quickened and the something more deeply in view with his spirit he wanted he wanted menu in the disparate class is my physically six three policies and in perfect peace whose mind will what's the margin in an is stayed on the Castle of listening that not only certain Bible studying when we pray and operate on we should also be Bible studying all day and Internet content on a Bible study said the pastor have a job Ms. Melton produces mind is stayed on before in our mounting in perfect peace whose mind is always fatal I want you to realize that you can be studying your Bible even when you don't have a Bible in your hand are you with me so we read a story in the Old Testament the story of the Exodus or some other story it's not like you know when you shut the Bible God sat down and we hope that he opened the know you read the story you close the Bible you finished your year is set on time what I think will want to date you should constantly be training the mind that constantly what United States know that means it means you're exercising your mind don't hold day because unlike a lot of the music industry analysts off I went to work at will always get mixed up it's time once you identify and oh you know seamen who had seen enough his legitimacy not one of those new inboxes and unloading that is that this stuff in the right place pad and my back pocket so I'm stuffing boxes and how my will I write down what you need back in my pocket and then I go back to them on and seriously all they want and where I'm a good matter what I was going my mind was eventually and still is constantly doing this is why so important for you to attempt to read the Bible is because God now has material in here that he can work with anything I just want to work with you once you open the Bible he wasn't able to work with you at any given time at any given moment humor the great disappointment after that date when I will talk about two of the pioneers and their walking through the field and suddenly one stops even what happened that the initial link suddenly came to it's like they began to connect one of an interconnect because all the information was already way he canceled God Aniston was able to connect the point so I use your mind with the Word of God nor I'm putting everything I can in their God is then able to argue can be washing the dishes one day and suddenly the money is additional to break and sorry you found what they saw not only do we want to expand the mind you know like when exercising one of building muscle becomes that when you build muscle you also want to hold your muscle right know someone out there that are omnipotent in this context will expand the mind we also want to start the mark so expanding the mindset that I can see the big picture shopping the mind goes way to minute there's something in this verse here when I saw her mind you can look at the small lot detail and begin to see things that I don't mind would not pick up so we want a mind that expand but also a start and end nicer releases page seventy three one nineteen here's what she says is there not enough in the great plan of redemption to engross every mind on knowledge of this plan will not only educated and discipline the mind and will not shop at shot and Sean Penn begins on you want to stop and let us on success meant it on this thing signifies a God would have us avail ourselves of every means of cultivating and strengthening our intellectual powers we were created for a higher nobler existence of the life that now leads the time is the time is one of preparation for the future will be there where I can be found random themes for contemplation a more interesting something for all the sublime shootings unfolded in the Bible these shows when the money work for man if you never follow that what they teach you how little the Bible to study every unimportant as well upon in preference to which they want to read more if you choose were better understood we should be far more enlightened and intelligent people is the next sentence angels from the world of lifespan by the sign of the earnest seeker after truth to impress his own and it is my soul I believe that the most vital thing that we can do in the process of trying to learn how to study the Bible is allowed ourselves to be moved into the influence of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is the one that will say stop right here read that again no really one more time in Paris there is the one on the problem of the Holy Spirit is a positive learning attitude was so intent that we don't hear so he shall come close to impress certain shows up on our minds that the cause of armed on Monday read the Scripture and the goal must be nothing to keep going and keep reading the most important thing we can do is to people and to the influence of the Spirit of God so once we opened to the influence of the Spirit of God am a series of the eulogies this is the Bible oh I is on the sparrow that he wants that he knows about espousing the also cares about you is not actually that God is concerned about the rack so I'm not created the universe and all his creation he also is as focus upon the style the little things the grass of the field so we should come as an approach the Bible in that same way Lord I want to see the big picture but also sold me the one the small detail I saw it a couple of very practical things very quickly and then malevolence of study on how you have a Bible software program okay you do not have a lot of software program will suffer from it have to go online in order to use it anyone okay some of you do in those like most of you while sulfur program if you have a computer unless suggest you are using a sword now I love you so I have bought other Bible software programs for like three hundred four hundred dollars and you know I just be soared which is free to mean tops them all okay as so if you don't have a good Bible software program or the one you are using just do not use with I'll encourage you to watch these sort he sword .net I believe it is and you can download onto your computer they have many Bible translations they have commentaries dictionaries all kinds of things so that I suggest him that he do if you do not have you will will buy the software program I would encourage using while to check out the sword or some other program that you like I'll bring your reading the Bible when you're reading the nurse be careful not to take anything for granted set everything is a living you can check and see if you can help me on your breasts what are some things you can look at when you're when you look at a person using okay on the beginning smallest first the okay pray that's good what you do as well as prey is missing the whole contemplates right left and John three sixteen or any other person you might just so you know what I said as well as on the way on this one breast for the next hour can you imagine that someone had been the night before anyone here ever done for me can you testify that at the end of the hour you did not look at that person same way that you didn't beginning of the hour Jan I'm telling you it is an amazing thing using how much I get on this for one hour but the word of God have his incredible expanding ability as you contemplate on the first is the deeper it seems to get so that you know a sauce then back on the verse is so excellent customers interested in a stunningly thoughtful way understaffed and those are all chaos that I know this means humans on the stressor that is underneath underneath the surface so him contemplating that is looking up at me I will now let me ask you after you pray in your moment of anger meditation what are some of the things you can view it will be happy about it I am one has to get into the study of contemplating possible to look at some other things what can you do nothing unless the context is important and what would you use a concordance more so than otherwise why would you want to look out the word see how to use it elsewhere see the meaning of the worth many times there are times now for example I'm angry we talked about yesterday when the revelation twenty and angel coming and grabbing hold of Satan we talked about that and it was his house I was looking this up and what you know what word is used here what the definition of what the Greeks as for the whole of what the strong concordance in this particular word and what is the meaning of the word I thought the hands-on guess what happened my mind immediately went back to asses out when the high priest came out and did what they haven't seen the city is looking on the meaning of a word can help suitcase that the meaning of the text in a salt we can the meanings of the words we can look up the meaning of me and I'm the meaning of names but yes a beautiful setting yet Jesus 's main something called Jesus because he will do what they need his people from their sins enough of the main means so this context added to their here is one of my favorites documents you quickly view member when she is all four they had also brought another prisoner was a prison around Robinson you know it around as younger runs his meanings it means son of the father so think about this the Jews are being asked to choose between the son of the father and the son of the five MSM one hundred and is an imposter the visuals because they were devoid of the spirit could not tell the difference and they chose the wrong side of the five that ring a bell of things that I have in the last days yet Satan will appear as Jesus himself I'm not sure of the father on much of the Christian world will choose the wrong sum of five celebs of names is a very important because while in other words you don't want to turn you don't want to take anything for granted in the text I mean into the tech looked at as possible and that you can't overlook it in the end in relation said of the picture some progress to me automatically when stronger seventeen who was a about adversity Proverbs seventeen continuum of them are sent out with you excess a broad that he might cause justice to turn away or something to that nature now Sega that he might pervert justice now you know the arena for the person you go okay so some good advice of when you think about it in the context of what he and Charlene will him that was fun until now you can read the CNL will easily set up in the cellar it was like a nearby oh yeah I mean wow this is the right thing is the first anomaly worth it oh yeah this means you will not existence but not in life on the D sure you see the outbursts in a in a initial longer do now is remaining on going to take you use a phrase single well maybe not simple but is not on my cellular process of how God brought this Sunday to meet them he mentioned his role isn't here the question so I'm reading the Bible and I have lots of Bible stories in my mind I have lots of contest of them always thinking about concepts and stories and how they relate together and by the way we should see the Bible as a whole amen and I was not written in separate parts that don't connect everyone connect to the other like thousands in be able to trace the entire theme of the great controversy through the whole line so one day I noticed Don what I was doing I felt really the spirit of God draws near I will say I'm impersonating with all nonmonotonic with the thought is that because that makes legal I am going to come to the Bible and see if this is so select a candidate ever has to happen we just get suddenly it's like a connection happens him away to the Bible to see if those things are so outside of that perhaps ninety percent of the time that's how the Lord needs me and my case it is the cause the narrative God is already there and then God will just whisper something to me I thought I feed you do things as trees of not you will find the rest can anyone testifying that experience okay so of course want to be careful because we don't think on it was something I really got into the something if you can't find anywhere in the word of God okay so my Bible and I'm not getting ready to study by the way I believe this is the most crucial states I believe God gave the fee and recently worked with the city got just a thought and ninety seven I want to exercise your mind around this one so I begin with Matthew chapter one verses one to fifteen monogamy the holding by Matthew chapter one verses one to fifteen I know all I know God has given me and what I'm about to give you now is the end conclusion and that was when I will not get the state before someone I would begin by asking them this question have you read the genealogy genealogies in the Bible Matthew chapter one for example and has been absolutely wanted that and wondered why what would God have genealogies like this in the Bible versus the second so-and-so begat so-and-so and so-and-so begat so-and-so and so-and-so begat so-and-so and you're going and will not okay so I am going to give you an answer so why those means outstanding guy that are so important and in fact such only one goal powerful illustration you rejoice you have to help me find any rejoicing and genealogy so can't longer do not I want to begin to study this issue of genealogy remember I know what I know what the Lord has spoken to me I want to see more on these things so so the fastest cycle to the book of Galatians chapter three verse seven through nine in relationship to three percent of your nonliving son you are working on the disadvantaged because I know I'm going with you on the liable instead initially not be the case if God has spoken this this thing to you and now you know okay I'm to go see this is reversal in the Bible so just bear that in mind Galatians three beginning the process the Bible says your millionaire for that date which I think the same opportunity as the Scripture foreseeing that God would justify the even Thursday preachers for the past month Abraham thinking it again shall all nations be blessed so then I went to be a faithful Abraham on things be our faith are blessed with faithful Abraham so this is solid and then basically about the blessing and the promise that had been given a normative promise us around at once meanwhile the father all day great nation so in my in my Bible study I now go back to the book of Genesis chapter thirteen want to find unwanted twenty ten okay I always end the new thing is that seeing anyone assisting the wireless is wrong with off-season the argument and Odyssey from I will make thy seed after the dot on the earth so that if a man can number the dust of the earth then some I see also be number our minds want to the land in the length of the admin has been free I will give companies the one God promised Abraham that thing last and a multitude right now is the time we doesn't have to do this note supersedes common to Abraham he first has who is and he is one hundred years old before he has the promise shop which is who I am missing something here once in those of me Genesis chapter twenty six verse one two four Genesis twenty six verse one two four the Bible says and there was a family land because the first famine that was in the days of Abraham and Isaac went on to Abimelech king of the Philistines at the hearing the Lord appeared in payments and go down to Egypt developmental social County of Sojourn is probably the right I will be Wednesday and will be uncertainly on film five see I will give all these countries outperformed the old which I swear unto Abraham my father I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven and I will give unto my feet and all these countries and my feelings on all the nations of the earth be blessed when you notice will you say is transparent so I now I was not second-floor he got it mind I was the second one okay doesn't give you little enough inside here at this point in market on my study I'm jumping up and down and I'm screaming but you're not doing that you have no idea what I'm going I say okay this is verifying just what the Lord told me so that I wanted on see okay I said now has two children is how I is not in Jacob who is more with the second war and who gets the nod or whether we find anywhere in the Bible and the promise that was given in hand and passed onto Isaac is not passed on Tuesday absolutely yes so what we fear the promise or the bad thing is that insurance will probably face a unique and exciting okay so now you are all on Janco the console is real remember by the way can you imagine a man going okay I have here's my promise child as was promised a great multitude and once I can imagine so come down the line and now we have on change the look on Israel Israel has found a son twelve when anything happens to the promise it must be transferred to history and what you want in the e-mail opinions on all that apply like a fantasy and so is causing within Israel and multiplying everyone within Israel on this thing a multiplication then multiply interesting if you look at the first Chronicles chapter one all the way through Chapter eight is genealogy eight chapters of genealogy are not insignificant the house has anyone ever read from first Chronicles of first Chronicles one to eight is written in the genealogy had boarded that now from this point I now look for my transition because I know what God has told me and so now I'm going to Galatians chapter three verse fourteen Galatians chapter three I want to the notice with me Galatians chapter three verse fourteen that the blessings of Abraham Mike on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ there is now a transition in my study I have no figure out now move from the general to the law spiritual this now makes it even more frightening than what God just showed me also you show me using the blessing is fast terrible neurons onto the three Jesus says except a man be one born-again is not answer that promised land the guy cannot enter the kingdom was explained on all in the authentic McCain and let's talk on the law the kingdom of hospital so everything in the promises given to Abraham are not applicable to the Gentiles but only as they sent to Jesus because he is all see just like I was the scene so want to spend Jesus as he must be born again and if you're born again than the blessing of Abraham upon you one of the blessings of Abraham multiplying you shall multiply no news yet new you can get multiplying you some of what I determine the Bible where you see lines on saying my little children my little children I will continue with all all all Timothy his son what about a possible and when you are born again you enter a new genealogy will him I you witness to someone and bring them to the phase in this and then clearly possible could it possible that when we get to have there was going to be a gigantic book of begin this any junk that the something the Bible says that the promise went to the second morning right did you know that there is an evil twin of you okay I know that there is an ace on you and Jacob they saw you is the one that was born first and will close upon his face in another thing you are born again if you want truly under the blessing of Abraham we'll be producing for us all spring should multiply when is the last time you want somebody to Jesus are you really under the blessing on if you are really under the blessing inevitably is not if you're really a blessing to be producing offspring will home that was sitting these Monday morning demanding somebody does not see and see the gas and you fill in the blank for the person that you brought that person be doing the nasty business software that you think that was so exciting to be ahead to read hundreds and thousands of pages I'll be yeah so if it wasn't for him you mean you wouldn't be your the one that brought in so and you're the one it was you are from God 's will I took the stairs of the mount another begin this picture we begin to understand Satan 's home is to destroy your lineage he wants to cut off your offspring there are people that you only can reach the devil wants to abort your spiritual children he knows that if he takes you out there are some people in this world that all you could reach because my feet came out then I naturally take off bills on PC only just the ones in the Bible gone to see with this is true I was afraid you will know what the war on any of them I had material to work with and offspring County is important what you mean his goal and starting I will go and we begins among the rankings gunshot on Scripture with all the potential meeting and performance details and suddenly my why webpage when a the you that in the Bible for yourselves and God is more in a moment then the man in years and years of teaching encouragement show us the word of God shows the spirit of God and no God if you met me if you will allow him to expand your mind God can reveal fifteen of his work in heavenly father we thank you for speaking once again to our father we cannot wait to get to heaven so there is incredible genealogy a the genealogy that will be game with you and I are we thank you for calling this to be sons and daughters of God father help us helpless to defend will him all that is on prayer in Jesus name amen a interesting in and out as I didn't wait for now remember the time I get to experience a victorious Christian living is more information about our military resources will very much be hanging in it please log onto our website and www. tolerant of the Lamb .com www. our motherland .com Inc. to her a in a bad mood and


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