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02 Divine Nation Building

Skip Dodson


The recent crisis in Afghanistan has led many to question the wisdom of attempts at nation building. In part 2 of the miniseries “God’s Plan for Society”, we will examine God’s nation building plan for Old Testament Israel and its similarities to the founding of the United States. How is it possible that these nations could fail to fulfill His purpose? What will usher in a truly just society? Listen and find out.


Skip Dodson embraced the Advent message as a 25 year old aerospace engineering graduatestudent. Over the past three decades he has served as a Bible worker, a district pastor, anadministrator, and as a college dean and religion chair. He is currently serving as a self-supporting missionary based in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Skip has been united in ministry for25+ years with his wife Renee. The couple have two young adult children, both of whom are partners with them in mission.


  • August 29, 2021
    11:00 AM
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Let's take a moment before we begin this morning to pray and ask for special guidance and working as we open work together. This is part 2 of the short series that we're doing god's plan for society. And in this message this morning, I pray that god will show us some things that perhaps you haven't thought about as you read the old testament. So that's, that's my hope. And the other goal that I pray that will happen this morning. It will take place is that you will lose all confidence in man and his ability and even in your all. So let's take a moment break together before we begin. Father in heaven. We are grateful for your wisdom. We are grateful for the history that we have in scripture are thankful for the opportunity to learn from the past to learn from what you have done and what we have failed to do. Father were thankful for jesus christ, the sin pardoning savior, a lamb of god, slain from the foundation of the world. He truly is our only hope on a personal level and as a body, as a church father bless us as we listen to your words. Today, we ask this in jesus name. So over the past couple of weeks, all eyes in the American media and among world leaders have been on what nation afghanistan, that's right. And the withdrawal of our military, there are hearts especially go out this morning to those that have lost loved ones as a result of the terrorist attack this week. What began for us is an effort to vanish. The terrorist attacks of 20 years ago devolved into the an exercise in nation building. It seems, i don't think it was totally inappropriate to try to prevent terrorism to develop from developing in the region. But we got into trying to reshape the nation of afghanistan. We try to make a nation with very different values and customs into a liberal, western democracy. How did that go? I don't think it went to Well. If the image isn't the reports of the past the days tell us anything, it is that those efforts have failed. I think americans have forgotten 2 things about america. Or what I think we've forgotten the context in which america became a nation. This nation grew up near the close of the years of people, persecution, and domination of the nations of western europe. And our founders were anxious to set up a society in which such atrocities would never be repeated. The historical context means a lot to the development of the United States. And of course that again does not have this national heritage. But 2nd and more importantly, I think we have forgotten that this nation is a nation called out in bible prophecy. In other words, god called this nation out and set it up as their refuge is least initially as a refuge for the oppressed. Those that were being persecuted by the Church of rome. In other words, we are what we are because god ordained it to be so. And if we remember these 2 things, we might understand why the liberties we enjoy here in the system of government that is serviced so well for so long has not been so easy to replicate around the world. It is not a mere commodity that can be exported. This is what we refer to as american exceptionalism. And the reality is that freedom is not some sort of a never inevitable destiny for earthly society did it? No. Instead, is the exception, not the rule. The fact is that society tend not towards liberty and freedom, but towards tyranny and oppression. History demonstrates that with abundant evidence. So having said that, I would like to remind you again why I am giving the series of messages. Perhaps some of you think that I'm thinking to make some sort of political statement. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you thought that you get wrong. On the contrary, what I am thinking to do by pointing out these things in scripture is district way all confidence in what can be accomplished in any earthly society by any that are politicians, democrat, or republican. Of course, many of us are deeply concerned by what is happening in our country and in our world there is no question that our god given rights and liberties are being trampled underfoot. Would you all say men to that? You all agree? But I have news for you, friends, things are going to get worse, much worse. And there is nothing that any political party or politician can do to heal the division in our nation or to make the American experiment ultimately succeed. The painful truth is that it will ultimately fail. This has been prophesied in the bible, and we dare not set our hopes on the American experiment. And it is a black thing to be raised here, born and raised here in the United States. How many want to say, my God, we could have been born anywhere in the world. Thank God we were born here. But our hope is not on america. Right? Or only hope is in the soon return of jesus christ. Even jesus, when he comes, will not engage in nation building. Rather, he will utterly destroy the nations of the world, symbolized by the stone striking, defeated the image of daniel 2. He will deliver us from the tyranny of earth and take us away from him to heaven where we will reign with him for a 1000 years. This is what the bible says. There will not be a nation left on planet earth after jesus comes for a 1000 years. Why is it you? Why is this a jesus will not rework society and sit as monarch over the nations. The answer to that is very simple. He has already demonstrated that this sort of nation building in this present sinful world will not ultimately work. How could I say that so confidently? Very simple. We have in scripture the record of such an exercise in divine nation built. Where do I find a friend? In the old testament, well you guess write the script, you're reading the book of deuteronomy. There is a lot there that we will explore this morning. But in a, in the record of the history of ancient israel, we see that the even divine nation building doesn't work. Now, before I launch into the main course of the sermon, let me point out that I believe we must read the bible in a more practical and more discerning way than we have been used to doing in order to prepare for the last days. How many of you agree with that? Too often we make the bible merely esoteric collection of beautiful stories, but we generally fail to make the application for our own lives. Isn't this true? This is especially the case when we read the old testament. Because the old testament chronicles the history of a people separated from us by to a great extent, by time and even by customs. We often make a mistake of thinking that message has little or nothing to teach people that live in the 21st century. This is often a mistake that the unbelievers make. They will look at the bible and say, what can I possibly learn from the old book? But brands, if we read the old testament with new eyesight, if we read the old testament through the eyes of the holy spirit, we will find out something that its message is equally important for us. As is that of the new testament, it is in the old testament that we really learn who and what man is and why even a divine effort, a nation building fail. I say it failed, not because god fail. Because the people with whom he was working failed him, they did not stick to his plan. But before we get to this conclusion, let's observe a few thing about god effort at nation building. First of all, I want to point out that this is looking at our scripture reading, so I hope you'll turn there and follow along the founding of ancient israel was done. First of all with a perfect constitution. We have our own constitution here in the United States, but israel had its constitution and guess who gave the constitution to them No set of men. But it was god himself that wrote and ordained the constitution of ancient israel. What could, what founding of a nation could be more auspicious than death? Think of this promised. New nation about to take root in the land of canaan conceived the liberty of the gospel, a nation to which god was speaking through his prophet, surely of nation building could ever succeed, it would be successful in this case. So let's look at our scripture reading, uter army 27 will begin with birth one. Now moses with the eldest of israel, commanded the people saying, keep all the commandments, which I command you today. And it shall be on the day when you cross over the jordan to the land, which the Lord your god is giving you that you shall set up for yourself large stones and whitewash them with lie. You shall, right on them all the words of this law. When you have crossed over that you may enter the land, which the Lord your god is giving you a land flowing with milk and honey just as the Lord God of your fathers promised you. Therefore it shall be when you have crossed over the jordan. On mount e ball, you shall set up the stone, which I command you today, and you shall whitewash them with life. And there you shall build an altar to the Lord, your god, an altar of stones. You shall not use an iron tool on them. You shall build with both stones, the author of the Lord your god, and offer burnt offerings on it to the Lord your god. You show offer a peace offering and shall eat there and rejoice before the Lord your god. And you shall write very plainly on the stones, all the words of this law. Now something that sticks out to me right away is the repetition in this package. Several times, god tells them to be to make sure that they wrote all the words that he had given them all the commandments, all the statues, all the judgements on those stones that they were to set up. I know some of you understand a little bit about the climate of palestine. Is it a dreary seattle? Like portland, like climate there where it rains all the time in palestine? No, it's a sunny, generally dryer climate, not too dissimilar from the spring except they don't get all the snow that we get. What would white wash stones look like in that kind of climate? Do you think they would get your attention if you were just passing by? Oh, those things would stand out for miles and Miles. You could see. Why did god tell them to write every word of the law on those stones that were whitewashed with wine? What was that for? What would be the equivalent today? Put up billboards. Right and make sure that they were lighted up at night. God wanted everyone to see these are their principles. This is the constitution by which this nation, well operate. He wanted to make that very plain to everyone. And I want to also note here in verse 6, I'm sorry, 1st 5 and 6. What else? Where are they to do at this? In your ration ceremony. They were to build an altar of hole stones. They must have had an abundance of those. Again, sounds quite similar to if we go to the spring. For those of us who big dig in build thing, there's always lots of stones around. They must have had plenty of those. They would build this alter of whole stones and do what on that alter offer sacrifice. So what do we have here? We have a nation that is being inaugurated and dedicated with both the law and the walk. The gospel, right? The sacrificial offering was what was that for? Were they only to think of the literal lamb that was being sacrificed there? Oh no. They were to be thinking of the redeemer that was to come in that redeemer to jesus christ. So here you have a nation that is being founded on these 2 great principles, the law and the gospel. Now, what more promising beginning could you possibly have than this? Think of it. They were to put all those words up there and if any travellers coming and going with see those stones and be able to read exactly what the nation was all about, I mean, what could possibly go wrong with this beginning, right? Was this the right way or the wrong way to begin a nation friend of the right way. What could have been better? But there is more to intrigue in this situation. Now I want you to turn to do it around. I mean, chapter one. Not only did god set up the constitution of the nation, but there are some things that bear great resemblance to our own nation here in how israel was setup. Deuteronomy chapter one. Excuse me, I want to begin with 1st 10. The bible says the Lord, your god has multiplied you and here you are today. This is most addressing the people for the final time. Here you are today as the stars of heaven and most to May, the Lord your god of your fathers make you a 1000 times more numerous than you are and bless you as he has promised you. How can I alone barrier problems and your burdens and your complaints choose why understanding and knowledge your knowledgeable men from among your tribes. And I will make them head over you and you answered me and said, the thing which you have told us to do is good moses is reviewing the history that took place in accident, chapter 18. He's reminding them of how they came to govern themselves as they, as they did And verse 15, closing the package. So I took the heads of your tribes wise and knowledgeable men and made them heads over you. Leaders of thousands leaders of 100 leaders of 50 leaders of 10 and officers for your tribes. Now here's another principle that should give us encouragement for this great ancient experiment in freedom and liberty. May actually misunderstand the governmental principles of ancient israel. Though we are accustomed to calling israel of the awkward c, how many of you have heard that term before? familiar term? There is a sense in which that is true. Many people call it that it's not necessarily wrong, can name israel as the operative. But as we note in this passage, israel's government also had structure on the Human level. It was not that god told them audibly and explicitly what to do in every particular situation. They had the word to become and as we pointed out a few moments ago, but they also had a self appointed leadership structure that was sanctioned by the profit. In other words, they had a government all the what every one of the beam and it was chosen by the people. And it was for the people. Do you wonder where we got that in here in America? We think that the new concept. No, it's an ancient concept right here in the bible, you see it ancient israel was a government of the people by the people and for the people, unlike the nations around, there was no ruling class in israel. There was no elite group that felt entitled to positions of leadership. The divine right of kings was something that would have to wait until the middle ages to be develop. Anyone who was committed to God and had the fisher was done like experience and a righteous moral character, could be chosen to be a leader of his brother. What to God friends that we would select leaders today based on the same principles you think the country would be in any better shape? I think it would perhaps the church would be to and because there was no strong central government structure, the leaders of the people could always be held accountable by their local constituents and could be replaced if they were found to be coverages, self interested charlatans. Now I think we would all agree that this plan would tend to produce a government with minimal corruption, a government the truly represented the interest of its people in a government that would be anything but oppressive. Would you agree with me? Their friends? In fact, it was not until israel chose to have a king over them that they experienced any significant infringement of their liberties. But their early history based on their early history, they were exceptional in the world. They were a nation without a king. Can you imagine? Just like the United States, as a nation without a king. That was the, that was the great point of where people were all struck at the founding of this country. They said, how can you have a nation without a king? Well, it's gone fairly well for $200.00 and almost for over 200 years. But there is more even than this to explore. Let's continue reading and in deuteronomy chapter while we'll start again with verse 16. Not only do we have a government of the people, not only do we have a divinely ordained constitution, but we also see that another important element in god's nation building programs equal application of the law. Notice deuteronomy 16 or started dude, or army one versus 16 or 18 moses. Then I commanded your judges at that time saying here the case is between your brethren and judge. How france writers leave between a man and his brother or the stranger who is with it. And here's a key element right here in verse 17. You shall not show harshly ality in judgment. You shall hear the small as well as the great. You shall not be afraid of any man. Press for the judgment is god the case that is too hard for you, bring it to me and I will hear. And I reckon i commanded you at that time, all the things which you should do. Now clearly the nation of israel had a judicial system. Many nations had this, but what made the digital system of israel exceptional was not it existed, but the fact that it was to equally apply the laws to every citizen. That wasn't the case in the other nations. In every verdict handed down from the hebrew judge, the participants in the trial were to see a reflection of that great day when we will all stand before the judgment seat of christ judgement was to be righteous according diverse 16. In other words, it was to be done in accordance with god's righteous in holy law. Every process of judgment was to be carried on in a manner that was in harmony with god's character of love. But beyond this, the hebrews were explicitly warned in verse 17, not to favor anyone in the judgment, regardless of their person position or status in life. The modern ideas of diversity, equity, and inclusion would have had no bearing on any case in ancient israel. Rather, each case would be judged righteously, meaning it would be judged on its mares. We refer to the principle in our modern american constitution as the equal protection clause. That's part of the 14th amendment. This is defined as the right of all persons to have the same act, us the law courts, and to be treated equally by the law and court, both in procedures and in the substance of the law. But as you can see, this principle was not new when it was incorporated into the constitution. But rather it existed from scripture from its very 1st pages and in the heart of god from all eternity. God is no respecter of persons, friends. Could you say men to that, let's say, man, one more time. He is no respecter of persons, regardless of how they look, regardless of how much money they have, regardless of whether they come from a so called marginalized group, or whether they're part of the majority. It doesn't matter to God, we will all stand before god in judgment and the judgment will be righteous. Can you say, man is judgment is always righteous and just and so it was to be in ancient israel and God still desires that it would be that way. Everywhere today. Now I've said one of the most interesting aspects of god, nation building exercise for our 4th and last point. And that is the fiscal policy of ancient israel. How many of you agree that that's an important aspect of nation building? You know, if you don't have a sound economic policy, how in the world can you get anywhere? It's an aspect of god's plan upon which we don't often reflect, but we should. We can learn a lot that would be a blessing to ourselves, to our community, into the church. Conspicuously absent from god's directions for an ancient israel was any sort of taxation plan. I don't think you heard what I said there was no taxes is really no tax. Yet they were to return times and give various free will offerings as part of their religious duty to support the priests and the li bites and their spiritual work and to support the upkeep of the tabernacle. But beyond this, we read of no income tax. We read of no property tax, we read of no sales tax and we certainly don't read of any wealth. Tax. Taxation did not occur until what period in israel's history everyone when they got the king. Yet, when they asked for the kate and you remember the damn your word, the people about that before he went ahead with plans, he told them that the king would do nothing but take from them. You would take this, he would take that he would take their young men, he would take their oxen and their sheep and so on. He told them very specifically, if you are for this monarchy, you will be cast Of course, of necessity when the monarchy came. What happened to the size and scope of their government? It grew significantly and it became more centralized. And of course then it required the taxation of the citizens to support. Does any of those sound familiar to? There are also laws that would tend to discourage the inquiry of death in israel. Deuteronomy 15 versus one through 10 speaks very clearly to this. Listen to these words, your follow along booter on me 50. At the end of every 7 years, you shall grant a release of death. And this is the form of the relief. Every creditor who has anything to his neighbor shall do what everyone. If you're following along li, release it. He shall not required of his neighbor or his brother because it is called the Lord really. Who commanded it, god did. It is the lord's release. Of a foreigner, you may require it, but you shall give up your claim to what is owed by your Brother. Except when there may be no poor among you for the Lord will greatly bless you in the land, which the Lord your god is giving you to possess. As an inheritance notice plead debt was not something that the average citizen would be involved in. It was something that the poor would be involved in, and therefore if there were no poor, there would be no occasion to borrow. And therefore there would be no need of the release. Does this make sense to everyone? Now I'm going to continue reading only if you carefully obey the voice of the Lord your god, to observe with care, all these commandments which I command you today. For the Lord, your god will bless you just as he promised you. You shall land to many nations, but you shall not borrow. You shall reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over you. If there is among you, a poor man or your Brother. Well, before we get, before we continue with verse 7, I just want to point some one thing out here in vs 5 and sick. Do you notice the connection between economic freedom, from debt and superiority among the nations? Do you see that connection there? What's happening in America right now? Are we, are we liquidating our debt? Are we paying off our debt, or are we preparing to take on more and more and more? I think this is a very disturbing situation because yet places you under those to whom you But continuing on with the 1st step. If there is among you, a poor man of your brethren within any of the gate in your land which the Lord your god has given, you shall not harden your heart and shut your hand from your poor brother. But you shall open your hands wide to him and willingly lend him sufficient for his need whatever he need. Beware lest there be a wicked thought in your heart, saying the 7 year releases in hand. See this was on a schedule. It was, it had nothing to do with how long you have are holding the note. You may land in the 6 year relief and in the next year you would have to forgive the debt. Now there what would be the reaction of most people under those circumstances? If you were somewhat a mean and somebody approached you instead, could I borrow a couple $1000.00 from you if they weren't, what do you This is, this is not the chair of the business proposition, the year releases next year. I can't do that. I'm going to be out the money possibly. What does god say to the eagle? He said Yes. Beware, lest there be a wicked thought in your heart saying the 7th year the year of release is at hand. And your I be evil against your poor brother and give and you give him nothing. And he cry out to the Lord against you. And if become cinnamon you, you shall surely give it to him and your heart shall not be grieved when you give it to him. Because for this thing, the Lord, your god, will do what everyone bless you and all your work and in all to which you put your hand. In other words, your business will prosper even more if you treat your poor brother like that. In other words, if you lend him what he need, even though the year releases at hand, even though you think I may not get that money back out so I can give you more than that. We get the distinct impression. When we read this, the norm i, I think I pointed out a minute ago, but I'm going to repeat it because it's in the manuscript. We get the distinct impression when we read that, that the norm in israel was to be debt free. As an israelite, you only went into debt. If you experienced some sort of misfortune crop failure, perhaps the death of the bread winner of the family or something like that, israel was never to become a nation of debtors. Also you will notice that the longest period that anyone could remain in debt was what everybody 7 years know 30 year mortgage is and I think they have lot don't they have 99 year mortgages in California? I think I read that at some point that was a few years ago. Of course this plan was predicated on the honesty and the integrity of both the borrower and the lender. There was to be no working the system that would have been considered theft and probably would have been punished as such. The borrower was to do all he could to faithfully payoff the loan. And the lender was to recognize that everything he had was the lord's anyway and to render assistance when it was needed. I'll point out that in the fact that another thing that the israelites were not allowed to do was to charge interest on loans to their own people. They could charge interest to foreigners, but not to their fellow hebrews. Leviticus 25. 30 sick speaks to death. In fact, in nehemia's time, he reviewed the link of israel for doing that very thing. And he said that they were out of harmony with god's will. Now another interesting aspect of israel, divinely ordained fiscal policy, was the treatment of the land itself. Know these words from leviticus chapter 25 versus 23 through 202324. God said, the land shall not be sold permanently for the land is mine. For you are strangers in sojourners with me. And in all the land of your possession, you shall grant the redemption of the land. Now I want to point one thing out to you who, whose land was it, who did go said the land belonged to him. It was his land. He said, the land mine. I think it's important for us to recognize this in this age and generation in which we live, where we hear so much so much about the rights of so called indigenous people. Now, I don't think indigenous people should be mistreated. They shouldn't be cheated. They shouldn't be heart and they shouldn't harm or anyone else. But here's the issue. All the land belongs to who, friends god. And if God wants to sell the various people in a certain land up to him in it, There is no inalienable, right, that any about tab to any piece of property on planet earth, god owns all of it. And so therefore, he can do with it whatever you want. And in this situation, he specified that they were not allowed to sell the land permanently to someone else outside their family group. Now this is, this is very important. And it's a great contrast to where they came from, the people that israel god ordained that his people would be. Possessors of land, not simply tenants in egypt, the working class of which the hebrews formed significant part were just that they were tenants. They were renters, they did not own their own land or dwellings. We know this because the time of joseph, what happened to the land? What happened in the land of Egypt at the time? Joseph, you've rather you've read your history. I know what happened. They sold the land to pharaoh in exchange for food. Ok, pharaoh, the crown acquired all the land of Egypt in return for the support that they offered in the storage of the grand. That situation was subsequently exploited by the pharaoh who came later and did not know joseph, god would not allow such a situation to exist in israel, so he outlawed the permanent sale of the land. By the way, this is what god knave, off killed you remember name off the one who was approached by king ahab, and he king a have to tell me that piece of land you got there where your vineyard did, and they bought that. I'm sorry, king can't do it. Naval was following this principle to the letter. And of course the king hey, had wanted to hold the land permanently. He was not concerned with the following god plan. And so he hadn't a bar killed. Or I should say, just about the queen, arranged for naval to be killed. So if any, israel light sold a piece of land, he had the opportunity to buy back at any time. And the man and the person to whom he sold it would have to offer it back to him for sale. If he couldn't buy it back. One of his relatives could do. This is what happened in the story of bo, as in ruth, you know, it's a beautiful story. There are a lot of great lessons there. But one of the things that the story of bo, as in root teaches us, is how things were supposed to operate in ancient israel. What kind of a place was it? And you see ruth, the one who was a mo abide, has converted to the faith of israel through the witness of god fearing israel life and how god took care of her and her mother love. But if no one could buy the land back, there was still a provision to make sure that No person in israel would be landless. And no person in israel would become a land bearer. In the year of jubilee, which happened every 50th year, the land would revert back to the family from which it had been sold off, whether it was redeemed or not. How important do you think it is to God that we become owners of our own homes? I think it's his will if we can possibly do it, would you agree with me? All right, so given all that we have examined in relation to the old testament, israel is divinely inspired. Constitution and laws. Its government of the people by the people and for the people. It's Justin theory legal system, modern model after god's own process of judgment and it sound fiscal policy which was designed to encourage prosperity and discouraged death. The question immediately comes to mind. How is it possible that such a nation failed to become the greatest nation in history? How could such a nation fall? All gods with it? All god promises that they would be the head and not the tale. All gods intervention in their banner. It seems that all that wasn't enough to prevent this potentially great nation from failing to live up to their potential. That was the case when god was the nation builder. What makes us think that any nation today, or any set of people, no matter how many degrees they have no money, No matter how many experts they have among them. What makes us think that any nation or set of people today could succeed in creating a utopia where god could not our progressive friends, i think believe that they can do I think we're going to have to wait until have what do you think? But the answer to this perplexing problem is clear when we read the old testament the answer lies in verses like this one, song, 78th, birth date. Listen to these work, please. Speaking of israel, he said that they may be like their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation. A generation that did not set a heart or right and whose spirit was not faithful to God. Would you like to know why this great nation of israel with all its advantages, was a failure? The answer is simple. It was because of their own selfish, iniquitous hearts. In one sense, it is the pride of man that is really at the root of all. The pride of man that seeks to do things in any other way than how god they are to be done. And yet that same pride, a man will be very quick to copy cat others that are not following god's will. In other words, the pride of man says, I'm not going to follow god plan. What does he know? And yet they're willing to read after other nations that have tried the same thing and failed and say, well, we're going to do that. Isn't that what the israelites did when they asked for a king, they said make us a king so that we can be like all the nations around us. It was that it was, it was to wearisome to them to follow god plan which would have given them the ultimate freedom that was compatible with law and order. They wanted high taxes. They wanted a king that was going to take their liberty away. What were they thinking, friends, and yet this is the perversity of the Human heart. Is it not the pride of man, this selfishness of man, the stubbornness of man? What is it that brought mankind down from his exalted position in creation? After all? Was it not the exploration of this very same thing? iniquity and selfishness and pride. The serpent said the eve eve. Yes, I recognize that you have a perfect existence in this perfect garden and that you have almost limited freedom. But why would you want to do god's way to it your way iif, you know, bet you can know good and evil for yourself. This is what we talked about last car. Now you see it's application in the realm of nations. And every one of us is tempted to do this very same thing. Are we not? Every one of us is tempted to ignore god's counsel and well for our lives in this very same way. Every one of us is tempted to give up the freedom and the liberty that god offered us in the gospel and choose the slavery of state. And I'm telling you anything you don't already know today. Why is this? What would make of free people choose to be slaves? I do not understand except that the Human heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked jeremiah. Who can know there is no understanding of the Human heart. There is no explanation for why people would choose these things. Friends, my appeal to you this morning is quite simple. What have, are you choosing? Will you choose the freedom that god hold out to you through the sacrifice of jesus christ through his mediation in the heavenly. Thank you very well. You will you embrace that freedom, or will you say like, ancient israel didn't know I would rather have a tire and a king over me. Like all the nations like everyone else, I want to live away. Everyone else live. Do you realize that everyone else is under the domination of the evil one? Why would we want to live that way? Why would you choose that? Why would I? So I'm just asking you this morning. As we have our benediction, i'm not going to ask people to come forward today. I usually don't do that, but I always try to call for you on you and myself to make a decision about what we've heard today. May god help us each one to choose liberty and to put no. Com put it in what nation builders in this world can do. But instead look forward to the heavenly society which god himself will create. And he will do something before he does that. He will create enough clean for the we can enjoy that free of that. He's going to reinforce this media with brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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