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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • August 28, 2021
    10:00 AM
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My name is the no candle i'm excited about being here. I was born and raised in Orange County and visiting my mom right now and also have the privilege of Be able to speak and share the message. The message for today is called where do you go? The message for today is called how to survive, the zombie apocalypse. How to survive the zombie apocalypse. And this is a message you know, you know, I think it may throw some of us off initially, but I promise hang tight and you'll be blessed, right? It's very interesting. The bible tells us about paul. When he came to preach, he preached all night, and there was a young man by the name of you to kid who got so sleepy during the middle part of the thumb and he fell down. Right. And he died. Paul went down, prayed for him. He was resurrected and the bible says something very interesting. And if, if the church was not a little comforted. In other words, when the young adults heard the preaching of god's word, he went through death. But he also had a resurrection. And the community around him was affected because of that experience. So god wants to bless us today. Men are right. I think we're ready to go. Excellent. Ah me. Why don't we start with the word of prayer? Listen by the holy spirit to be here. And then we'll get, we'll jump right into this message just morning And father, we just thank you so much again for sabbath. Thank you for the warmth of your presence. God. Thank you. This is an opportunity for you to pour out your holy spirit. The latter rain upon us. But god, most of all we would want to sense the presence of jesus. Thank you so much in jesus name we pray. Amen. All right, very, very good. The name of the sermon, again, is called how to survive. The zombie apocalypse is really interesting when luke asked the, you know, when I was talking to luke throughout the week, I gave him the title. And then he messages me a couple days later and he says, hey, the special music people are having a hard time trying to figure out what songs go with the zombie sermon. And I wrote back and I said I will never forget this text message. Okay, very good. Very good. Thank you. Arden, appreciate that. Okay, very good. So, you know, I, I grew up down in southern California. I grew up in a very secular area and environment, and I, you know, I grew up with the fascination of horror movies. And I used to watch a lot of these horror movies and I just was, I feared the dark at the same time, I was thrilled by the darkness. And remember, I used to watch movies about these like killer dolls. And then attempting to go to sleep at night when they are my sister's dog in the room with something quite frightening. And I number some nightmares. But I remember I was also attracted to the genre movie that had to do with zombie. Right. This idea that somehow the undid will, will rise from the grave, and they'll start trying to eat the brains and bodies of all those who are alive. In many of these movies, there's always this rag tag, team of unlikely heroes who, you know fortify themselves in a house or a warehouse. And they attempt to survive the night until the military shows up on tell the q or a begins to take place. And sometimes these movies would not end with any kind of, you know, a positive conclusion be sometimes fatal istic. It's very interesting. Hollywood has made lots and lots of money off zombie movies. Right. In fact, when there was a survey that was done about how people thought about in which way they thought the world would end. There was actually a small percentage of people that began to believe the world my end through some kind of zombie apocalypse. Whether or not they were, you know, making light of the, say, various survey or not. Nonetheless, given the trajectory of all the weird things that have happened in the last 2 years, you can imagine why some people might say way. Well, that's up that actually shocking. Right? But imagine this, ok, i want you to imagine if hypothetically, ok, let's say for example, the and dead you rise up and they start walking the streets and everyone's terrified. You see everyone being bit right. There are a few things you need to know for surviving the zombie apocalypse. Ok? Number one, you've got to make sure you have a place to get supplies. Ok. So we're going to just give you 2 options. I'm gonna give you a walmart or a cost go. Now raise your hand and tell me really briefly why you think costco or walmart would be the best option to get your supplies. Maybe you want to make that your headquarters. Maybe you want to pull up in there, maybe you want to just board up the Windows. But why would you choose a wal mart over cost or a cost go over more walmart, raise your hand. There is no membership required. That's exactly right. And, you know, those zombies won't be able to get in that costco, right? Because those costs go click, they do a good job, right. Anybody else? Why would you choose a cost go over a walmart or a wal mart over a costco, get your supply? Yes. Walmart has more, they do have a lot of generic, you know, brand So that can be librium and having this discussion that with morning right now, as, as I'm telling you this, I'm like, what's going on here? Anybody else? Why would you choose a costco? Maybe? Yes, they have guns at the walmart. Yeah, they do actually that's a good point, right? They do that. I've never thought about that. Anybody else? Anybody else? Why would you choose a capital mark? You can buy in bulk right at a costco, right? That'd be fantastic. Right? Can you imagine trying to get things out on a pallet? Right? Anybody else? Why would you choose a cost or me the one? Yes. I had never thought about that as well. Right? walmart, they are almost in every city. Right. Excellent. Right. Okay. Say you got your location down, right? You know place where you can get your wife. Ok. Now you've got to choose your team. Ok, in fact, my brother told me he recently played a game with a group of young adults. And the question was asked if you were bit, or someone in your friend group was bit who would be the last person to tell everybody. And you know what happened, right? They'd eventually become like a judith and then bite everybody else, right? So you've got to make sure that the people you have on your team are going to help you survive the zombie apocalypse, right? You don't want to be that person who gets bit also and doesn't tell anybody about it and then betrays the entire group at the end. Right? Here is the 3rd thing you need to when it comes to survive in the zombie apocalypse. And that is this. You want to make sure you have a good vehicle. Now let me ask you a question. What kind of vehicle would you need to survive the zombie apocalypse? And please don't say a prayer. I have a Toyota prius. It's got this weird suspension system. If I draw about drive over a pothole, actually the suspension system disengage. If and the car stop it, lose of power, that's not the vehicle you want in a zombie apocalypse. Ok? Anybody? If someone tell me what kind of vehicle would you like in a zombie apocalypse? raise your hand. Well, I'm or to ok. Nothing with a right. Anybody else? I helicopter. Right? Yeah, that's good. I just never thought about that, right? I was thinking cars but yeah, I didn't Ok. Wow, that's amazing. You guys are doing far more thinking about this than I have. So anybody else? What kind of vehicle would you be like? This is the perfect vehicle to survive. A zombie apocalypse freeze around in f d b. What kind of you be a subaru You know what? They make those vehicles the last, right. Even through zombie apocalypse, yes. A solar powered su, brew right. Ok. Now you guys are thinking anybody else? What kind of vehicle would you need to survive the zombie apocalypse, right? The dead have raise from the ground and now there are haunting the world. Right? And here you are, you're just with your friends, you got a place. You've got to look for a vehicle that you're going to need long term to survive the bomb b apocalypse. Anybody else? This is why, by the way, mostly everyone dice. For this reason alone, yes or someone said horace. Ok, right. Let's it gets bit by a zombie. Yes. A brings armored vehicle. Okay. I think you guys are thinking right. One more person. What kind of vehicle would you need to provide the zombie apocalypse of volkswagen bus You know what that's actually not surprising? Those things have lasted a very, very long time, right? That's amazing. Well friends, now the whole idea of the undone raising, rising from the ground and biting people. And you know, you know, crying out brain brain haunting the world. Seems pretty fantastic, right? It's very horrific to actually think about right. And maybe even the double taken a pot shot it at the resurrection. You know, that's attached to the 2nd coming. But nonetheless, it's, it's very horrific to think of this idea that millions upon millions of, of creatures would rise from the grave. And the one thing on their mind is human flesh, right? You can just imagine what a scary world that would be in praise god. That is not going to happen. Can you say a meant to that? Right? That is something that is not biblical. It is not prophetic. It is not part of scripture. God has shown us very clearly what in time events will consist of and praise god. Zombies are not part of that. But what if I was to tell you that there is something worse than a zombie apocalypse? That is, that's happened and is going to continue to happen. Now. You're like, you've got to be kidding me. Take a look at what I might say right here. She says if we think with horror of the cannibal, you're like, wait a minute, this is our white. Yes, we think with hor of the cannibal who faith in such craft greenwich on the still warm and trembling flesh of his victim. I know some you guys are checking me the reference by the way is happening to on page 440.4. But are the results of even this practice more terrible. Notice if then are the agony and ruin caused by mis representing motive, blackening reputation, dissecting character, let the children and the youth as well learn what god says about these things. Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Friends, we're dealing with something worse than a zombie apocalypse, we're dealing with a society debt is cannibalizing itself. And a church that is also starting to cannibalize itself. And God wants us to recognize something. Hey, more stair, we are than the head hunter who's trying to eat you or the zombie. The trying to eat you is when you are destroying other people. With your words. I'm not reading this. I began to think to myself, man, words have far more power than I realize. Now just think for yourself. God could have created this world without the use of words. I mean, he could have just thought it into existence, right. But the very fact that god spoke tells us something he wanted those around him to understand very clearly what his intentions were in creating this world. He wanted those around him to understand that he was directly responsible for the life on this planet. Think about what the bible tells us in publish chapter 18 death and life, or in the power of the tongue. Think about your life now. Just imagine your why just go back and I want you to imagine, think about all the positive things that people have said to you. Think about all the words of encouragement, the affirmation, the guidance, think about the courage they spoke into your life and think how much it's shape your life. Think about those crucial moments when you're in transition. Wondering, should I make this decision or that decision? And somebody comes to you with some counsel and guidance and got a from this is the right thing. Think about when you are just spanking. Maybe you are broken by sin and somebody gives you a word of encouragement, and it makes all the difference. Perhaps you were at the moment of leaving the church and someone gives you some words and you decide that you're going to hold. You're going to stick this out. You're going to stick with god's people. Words affect us. Now just think about how words have destroyed you might have been abused by somebody. You might have been hurt by somebody. Perhaps somebody said something to you still to this day. For many years, that's in your heart and mind, and when you think about it, it just there's if emotional pain in your heart think about maybe words you spoke that you think later on. I wish I never said that. How many times maybe you might have spoken in anger in frustration in agitation. I remember telling one of my best friends, i just got so frustrated with him. We went on the long road trip for many days, and I just was so irritated by him. I actually said this and I can't take back those words. I've apologize to a number of men. Number of times when I said I said to him, I finally said you are the most annoying person I have ever met. And you know, when I said afterwards, when I realized the horror of what I said to him, I said, but I love you so much man. And still to this day, he'll make joke of it. And he says, remember when you called me the most annoying person you have ever met? But do you remember the 2nd part? He's like no, I don't. Death and life for him. The power of the tongue. Death and my for in the power of the tongue. Think about jesus. When he spoke, he, the bible tells us, he said the words, I speak to our spirit and life, and when he would speak, even the temple guards who came to arrest him were so shocked and so blown away by the words that came from his mouth. They just stop there and they just listen. And then they went back to their own, their supervisor, when they said no man ever spoke like this. The words that came out of his mouth. We'd never heard anything like this. France, today we're going to be talking about when did the vigil, who use his words to build life, to create life, to give wife to others. Now you may think, what is the purpose of this message? God calls us to be fishers of men. Can you say men to that and you know the difference between a fisherman and a fisher of men, a fishermen take living things and makes them dead. A pitcher, a man takes that things and he makes them alive. And it's through the power of the words that god gives to him, that he's able to speak life and courage into somebody else's life. Today we're going to be taking a look at the book of acts and one man who was so instrumental in changing the church, the scriptures talk about him. Take your bible, let's go to the book about chapter 4, x chapter 4. Knows what the bible says right here in verse 30 to accept purport starting with verse 32. Now the multitude of those who believed was one heart and one for neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own and they had all things in common. The bible hears describing the, the growth of the early church, 2 chapters prior to that, the latter, the early rain came upon the praying disciples. And now the church was beginning to grow and expand. And the bible for Teachers, they were not just going in numbers. They were growing in character, they were starting to share, they were starting to, to, to grow in, in reflecting the character of christ. But notice what the bible says right here. I think this is very interesting. Notice what says in verse 36. And you'll see another word in a senior translation joseph, right. I 1st read that, I remember reading it out loud and I said, and whole dave who was also named barnabas by the apostles which is translated, son of encouragement, a leave of the country of cyprus. Don't ever forget that where he's from, from cyprus, having lan sold it brought it brought the money and elated at the apostle speed. Now the bible introduce the to a very interesting individual. The scripture, 5th, his name is Joseph or you'll see right? But eventually this man was given a brand new name, it was called, or his name was called barnabas, which means son of consolation, son of comfort. And this man was called if, because you parents, he was a very encouraging individual. He was using his words to build people up, not break them down. And it's interesting because we don't know anything about this guy's back down. We just know essentially where he's from. And apparently one day he has a conviction that he has some land, he's going to sell that land and he is going to lay it at the leadership of the church. Now that's really incredible because land back then representing something. It represented your family's inheritance. And for him to sell that tells us something about this individual. In fact, what's really interesting in the very next chapter, right next to this very story is the story of a person or a couple by the name of a knife. And so fire us. He also sell the land and the holy spirit actually put these 2 stories together. Because god wants proficio compress. You see one man who sells his land, give the entire money to the leadership and he says, use it for what you think is best in the work of the Lord. Then the 2nd group of people, they sold the land. They tell everyone else. Yeah, we sold our entire land here is the profits. And they were holding back. They were learning about what they were doing. And the scripture tells us one had god's approval and want to have god disapproval. Look friends. I remember listening to this old preacher one time and he says, you want to know something. He said this, the last thing to be converted in a man oftentimes is his wallet. It is the last thing to be saved in a man is his wallet. It's his bank account, but we learn something about barnabas. He has a very generous spirit. And he begins to give because he wants the money that he has to be use of highest value and that was for the work of the Lord. And so the 1st thing we're introduced about this guy named bond a bit if he is encouraging other whip his wallets. He's actually blessing people. I heard the story, actually one of my good friends for me not too long ago. He said that he was out a decision where one of his nephews needed a car that he had and my friend said he had to few cars. And you know, he's not very wealthy. But he realize his cousin just got married, had a kid, and he was like, man, I gotta, I gotta do something here. I gotta give one of these vehicles. And what was really extraordinary if he just thought, man, I don't know if I made the right decision or not very next day. Somebody comes up to him and says look, we have something for you. It's like ok. So he takes his wife, takes his 5 kids that go there. So what I have a check for $30000.00 for you. Puts it in his hand. And he realized I can give god here. I can't out give god and when you're generous like barnabas, you will see more blessings come towards you. Then you will see giving them away. A man. Blessings are meant to be given. Blessings are meant to be shared. Right? But here's, i want you to see something interesting about barnabas. Everybody take your bible, let's go to acts, chapter 11. We're going to start digging deep in the life of the man who use not only his wallet, but his words to strengthen the church, acts. Chapter 11. Acts chapter 11. Notice what it says right here. This is really remarkable, says this starting with birth 19th. Now those who were scattered after the persecution that arose over stephen traveled as far as benicia. For 15, cyprus, and antioch, preaching the word to no one but the jews only. But some of the men were from cypress since irene, who, when they had come to antioch, spoke to the helen in which for greek tooth. In some cases they were also gentiles. Preaching the Lord jesus and the hand of the Lord was with them and a great number believed and turned to the Lord. Now when news of these things came to the ears of a church in jerusalem, they sent out barnabas to go. As far as antioch. Notice what happens here. The churches to roof from operates like a, like a headquarters of the growing church. They start noticing something they notice that non jewish people are starting to accept the golf ball and it's just exploding. So what they decide to do is hearing the news, they decide they're not going to neglect the work. They're going to be faithful to the work they said. Who can we send to this area? Who do we know that will be able to be an encouragement and a blessing to the church? By the way, one thing I become more and more convinced about and convicted about is when you study out the early church. The early adventist church, when young adults moved to a location, it wasn't because they were, you know, that they decided many times. This was the best place to be socially. This was the best place to be monetarily. It was book a tip. They decided there was a mission and they said, lord, send us where we can be most useful. Not if we're not so much what can we can be. So what can be most convenient center where we can be more useful for the cars that you have for us. So barnabas is sent and he goes there and noticed what the bible says next. This is really remarkable. Versa 23. And when he came and had seen the Grace of god, he was glad and encourage them all with purpose of heart that they should continue with the Lord for he was a good man for the holy spirit and faith. Now notice the result and a great many people were added to the church. When you study out the early church, it's like a delicious recipe, right? When god wants to do something, he adds an ingredient, right? The 1st thing, green, obviously if the holy spirit. But the next ingredient, he is the preaching of god worth, but as the church continues to grow, he has another ingredient, which is the organization of the church to be of the deacons and the church growth. And the bible even says a great number of the priest raso converted after that experience. But god also adds another ingredient, yet the ingredient of a single individual by the name of barnabas. He doesn't out a method, he doesn't out a strategy. He adds a man. And the bible tells us this individual name barnaby. Barnaby, if was not appall bought of, if didn't have ministerial training. In fact, I think it's a disservice to the church so many times when we begin to exalt preachers and teachers. Because later on we will find out how human they really are. Don't build your faith around a teacher or a preacher. Build it upon the word of god, a man. Because sooner or later, you're going to be disappointed by leadership. God wants us to see something about this net man named barnabas. This was an individual. He was late, he was a member. He sold from land and now god begin to use him. And he was sent to a church that was starting to grow. And he encouraged them the result if it exploded, you know, why they've, i think this is so important. The idea of encouragement is because take a look at this quote right here. This is by millard j. Your cindy, the, the logins wrote, wrote about the holy spirit. He says, if, if reality a fundamentally physical and the primary force binding it together is electromagnetic. If, however, reality is fundamentally social, then the most powerful constituting force is that which binds persons together. Namely, love was you can say, wait a minute, how do you know that to be true? Not just think about the pandemic that we are in. If you were just to utilize completely just quarantine as a measure of saving people's life, it would work. Why? Because when a person of quarantine, obviously the disease has get to them and they can't get to the deal. But the fact that mental health issues have just skyrocketed, suicide rates have skyrocketed where you have young adults that are struggling with so many kinds of the just the gamut of issue that exists. Tells us something we are not primarily physical beings. We also social beings, and when this social component of our life is affected, there is disastrous results. In fact, I was listening to some interesting testimonies of people who were in solitary confinement for over 5 years. And they described how angry they began to become and are critical. They began to come become and they would steer up the wall, staring at the plaster. They said they would take the soap and they will try to make figurines out of it, day after day. And they said we couldn't talk to anybody, even the way they put the South, they wouldn't put a cell directly across from us. They would pull it diagonally across from us. So the only way that we could talk to them if we would have to go to the corner of the so, you know, until the other person heard us. They said it was complete torture. Right. The point of this, we're living in a world today where people need encouragement, they need some form of connection. They need to be built up. And when words are spoken to them, it will make or break them, and it could be in a different it could be just the difference. Return it between and tony of life and eternity of nothingness. Sharing words of comfort and hope is what people need like never before. There's 3 things to learn about barnabas encouragement. Number one, presence number to promise. If number 3, potential presence, promise, and potential. They didn't just send a text message to the church in an eoc. They didn't just send barnabas to go there, drop off some flyers and then take off. They didn't just put a facebook at out there. They sent barnabas there and they said barnabas, we want you to be a presence there. In fact, there was a book that's out, it's called the, I'm trying to say it, right. It's called the 7 effective habits or 7 principles of an amazing marriage. And they said, this is interesting. There was an experiment that was done with some researchers. What they did is they took several, several of these families and they put cameras everywhere except in 2 places. The bedroom and the bathroom. And they said we would observe these families over the course of several days, several weeks, sometimes months. And they said we were actually able to identify when couples would be on the verge of divorce, or would be divorced, most likely. And they said we were actually able to hone in on specific characteristics. And you know what they said as one of the characteristics. Very interesting. They said this, we notice this as a pattern. And we saw this whenever we saw this were like they won't last very long. And it was true. What was that pattern? They said that when the husband and wife would talk to each other, if they would actually turn their body and face them, it was a find that the marriage would do well. But when they will not even face each other. When talking throughout the course of the day, they realize it was actually indicative of problems that the very way that they're that they exuded presence to the other individual said something about their relationship. God sent through the church, barnabas to be a presence to the early church. And when he got there, he started encouraging them. But notice what it says next. This is very remarkable. Notice what it says in berth. 23. It's a 5th. When he came and had seen the Grace of god, he was glad and noticed he encouraged them all with purpose of heart. They should continue with the Lord. Notice when he begins to give them he didn't just show up there. He actually begins to give them promise, if in fact, what's really remarkable, the word purpose of heart actually translate in greek. I didn't notice before pro peace if, which means purpose. But keep, if it also means show bread. Show bread, the show bird that was used in the temple services you can take out your cord and on your phone you can see that he was actually uses the same word and describing this presentation. By the way, do you know if you study out stories of people who resorted to cannibalism like those soccer players that crashed in the andes mountains? And you know when they, when they were there and eventually they resorted to cannibalism. Or you can look at the donner party. Do you know what the primary factor is that led to cannibalism? They ran out of adequate food. You're like, oh, that's not that impressive. Do you know what happens when churches are not fed properly? The word of god. They start cannibalizing. What do you think happened to society? There's a famine for the word of god. Right? In fact, let me just give you example of this. I had somebody message me. They said, hey, you know, can we talk? And I said, sure, let's talk. And it was just somebody I was mentoring. And they said this, they said, oh no, I just preach the worst. Remember I can preach where someone ever will happen. And they said, I preach for 45 minutes. And this guy in the back, one of the elders, stands up and he goes like this. When the elder is doing that, you know, you're in trouble. And he said, so I ended the message. He's like, I've never had to end a message like that. I go, I'm so sorry to hear that man. I hear what you preach about. He says one more, simon was about lions in the bible talking about the book. Daniel, go, that sounds great. I go what scripture verses you shared. He said. I never got to it. I said, I said, wait, what did you talk about for 45 minutes. And he said the covert conspiracy going on. And I said, brother, you've got to preach the word to people. That's what give life to them. I think you got to share the scriptures, talk about what you think you've best to talk about, but jump into the word. The word is the bread. The word is that which will feed people. I go on, but it's funny to go what you think about it. She's like, she don't like it either And you know, you're in trouble then. Right. Right. It's look to be purposeful, to encourage you. Right. Friends, what you see about barnabas? It wasn't just his presence that encouraged people. It was also the promises he began to share. He begin to share hope and encouragement to these people. And he reminded them that god loved them and would care for them and take care of them. By the way, you know, when I 1st became a christian, was really interesting. I remember sitting in church, probably the 2nd or 3rd time I had a big king james bible. And I remember the pastor would say something like, hey, everybody turned to the love chapter in the bible. And I had a king james bible, so I went to court and I'm like, I have no idea what a love chapter with. So I looked at the word love and you know what word was in 1st corinthians 13 said the word love, it's her charity. I never thought that was the love chapter. I'm like, what does the word love appear? You know what I found the word love. I found it in 1st john, 2nd 23rd john ward than any other pub books of scripture. And I thought, man, john talks about love, this must be what the past is talking about. You. Obviously it was not. But as I begin to study 1st on 2nd, john 3rd, john, one thing is really remarkable, and that is this. Every time john mentioned, we're loved in the exact same sentence. You mentioned the word god. Every time mentioned the word god. In the exact same sentence, you mentioned the word love. Because to John he could not speak about god without speaking about love. And he could not speak about love without speaking about god. And that's why he could say infallibly. God, hey man. That should be music too. Yes. God is laugh. Barnabas encouraged these people who felt the loan, who didn't feel like they had a shepherd who felt like they, they lacked leadership, an experience who felt they were an uncharted waters. And he said to them, he's like, the Lord is with you. And the Lord is going to bless you and he is going to take care of you. And by the way, you know, it's really interesting. The bible tells us in proverbs, this is really powerful right here. Probably chapter 25 birth 11. Want you to see a powerful verse here. This is a meeting problem 25 birth 11. You're like, how do I encourage people? Take a look at the principle found in the book of proverbs chapter 25 notes. What it says in verse 11. There say man, a man knows what's his birth 11. I hear a word fit, leave spoken. If like apples of gold in we're not just think about that apples of gold in settings of silver. In other words, by the way, what's really interesting, this is really market by the way, this idea of apples of gold and silver is also what it says and patriarchs and products describing the Fruit from the tree of life. That's the description. And it's really interesting because what you're seeing here under the inspiration of the holy spirit, that words that are spoken at the right time at the right place is like fruits from the tree of life. But notice the criteria for encouragement. Fitly spoken. It's the right timing for this and I begin to realize something when I look back at all, the people encouraged me and people who blessed me and spoke life into my circumstances and experiences when I was depressed and discouraged. And I realized a few things, few characteristics. Number one, there was observation. These people didn't just say, hey, good job, hope you do well, we're pray for you. God bless. They paid attention to what was going on with me. And I noticed that the 2nd thing that also took place in good observation of biblical a biblical incursion. What not just observation. It was intentionality, intentionality, these people actually thought about what they were going to say to me before they said it. And when they thought about what they were going to say when they recognize the circumstances that were in my life, those words had a deeper impact upon my life. Friends, if you just want people to be nice, go to warm, actually don't go to walmart, go to costco. But you're just more than just about customer service. Can you say I'm in to that right? There is a battle for souls that are taking place and God wants us to utilize his words in a world that is cannibalizing itself to build life, to bring life to speak life into other people. A word fitly spoken is like apple's of gold in settings of silver. Not just observation, not just intentionality. Ready for this last one. Super important consistency, consistency. When I was a pastor, i remember that when there was a funeral that took place and people were broken and going through hard times, or there was some tragedy or people were dealing with depression. Oftentimes, people would show up and say, look, we're here to help you and then you would never hear from them again. I have realized like never before, the power of consistency. I failed so much inconsistency that I begin to realize. I said, I've got to make a better effort, a consistent effort to reaching out to people, to speaking, to people, to encouraging people. Friends, god is not so much worried about the quantity of work you do, but the quality that you put in that work. And when you're saying, look, I know about a few people that I want to reach out, and I want to encourage be consistent with them. In other words, periodically, keep coming back and say look, hey, is there anything I can do for you? You know, when you read the story, by the way, the story of the angel that minister to elijah elijah, the depressed prophet, you know, it's a powerful about that story. Daniel doesn't talk a lot. You know what he does. He wakes the lodge up and he says, hey, there's some food here. Ok, here's some water to elijah, goes back to sleep. Does he even talk to the angels, like, by the way of an angel shows up. I've already got a list of questions. Who are you? What's your name? What's your position? How long have you been watching over me? What's got a big plan in the universe when it's the 2nd coming, going to happen? If do you know that you probably don't? Right? Tell me about other angels. What about my friend? He got hurt, does he have an angel? You know that you've got a lift of question. You're going to be african angels. But when you look at a larger, he a full discouraged and depressed in a circumstances. He's just like ok. And he goes right back to sleep, but you know what the angel does? The angels consistent, he wakes them back up and he says, lodge or the journey is going to belong here. Some more food for you here some more food for you. He's consistent in his behavior and it's teaching us something about the power of consistency. Don't just reach out to people and everybody else doing the reaching out be there when everyone backs away. You're going to realize that the power consistency will awaken more opportunities and more blessings for youth. And you even realize consistency with people consistency with your habit consistency with your work, consistency with your life. You will realize it will open up more blessings than you can real life for challenge yourself. Not just the observation, not just be intentional, but what kind of work you want to do. Perfect. But also be consistent. Where barnabas, it was not just present. It was not just promise if, but it was also get ready for this potential. How do you know that? Go to chapter 11. I want you to see something remarkable here. As chapter 11. No one is in berth. 25 as he's ministering to the church for 25 years except 11 berth 25. It says if then bottom, if the part of port tarsus to seek saw. Now, what's the big deal? You know, this is a big deal here. Because when paul was converted in the book of acts a few chapters before you know what happened, he immediately went to the synagogue. He confounded the youth. He caused an upper and you know what the brethren did. They sent him to tarsus. Do you know why that's so important? They didn't know how to deal with paul, this man who was those see converting and you know what they did. They said go back home to where you're from. And you have this, you have a few chapters and when it seems that the story appall is forgotten about when the whole episode of if this, this pharisee who because a persecutor who eventually became a convert to this powerful providence. The whole story seemed to be tucked away. But you also learn in the book of galatians that paul was communing with god. The spirit also visited re be during that time. For many months paul was just forgotten about barnaby. If what he does, he's like, look, you know what I'm going to do, I this church of goin, but we're going to need some help on where to go get fall. And he goes to where song that and he brings him there. You know what so powerful about barnabas? He an ability to look past people's past. And when you look past people's path, you start seeing the future. Do you know this man saw became paul and actually wrote much of the new testament. You're like, wow, that's impressive. You know what else is impressive. You read the book of acts chapter 15. There is this. The dipole by the name of john mark, who paused like now one of the with John mark you flipped out of the last time. Barnabas actually takes john mark and you know, bonham with us. He goes back to cyprus, cypress. And what he does is he ministers and disciples, john mark, do you know who wrote the golf marco, give you a guess? We're talking about brains being in today. Apparently some right John mark is the writer of the gospel and mike, you're like, wow, that's impressive. Us is also impressive. Marx gospel, awful inspired parts of matthew's gospel and luke scott, which is kind of considered a final edition final draft on the gospels. Not only did this, this individual, this young man who failed in his pass. And by the way, there's actually some scholars and speculate the man in mark chapter, i think it's chapter 13 who fled during the time of that night. The one that only marks gospel describes about some scholars actually believe or speculate that this was mark because apparently there's knowledge there that's not present in the other gospels, mark is a person who seems to be running away when he's needed the most. He's the kind of person that it's like a hike when you're hiking, what the, what instinct and that stick breaks and you goes right through your hand. I mean, that's never happened to me, but you can imagine what that would be like. Right. The bible says an unfaithful man in times that are needed, like a tooth out of joint. We needed this man and he wasn't there for us. That's who mark was. But you know barnabas did barnabas as I can see, passed his path. And I'm going to go minister tim, so sharp, with the contention. The bible actually said that paul and barnabas departed and you know what barnaby goeth? barnabas actually goes back to cyprus and essentially that's the last we hear about barnabas. In the book of acts, we don't hear about him and where his story began with cyprus in now and with him disappearing in cyprus. Barnabas is the type of guy that wasn't trying to be on the world spotlight. You know what he was trying to you so I want to be faithful. Wherever god would have me to be, I want to win for forever. God would have me to be. I want to encourage and bring as many people as possible into the church. What the life that god have given to me. Barnaby. If name, by the way, means they made fun of encouragement. You know, the actual greek word is the greek word of connected to apparently both, which is the word for the holy spirit. You know what they named this guy the essentially named this guy after the holy spirit. Because so powerful was this man and so connected to human being. So loving he was to other than the other individuals that there like man this, like this guy is such a full the holy spirit. We just sent the spirit of god around him through his words His word, his name was joseph. Joseph was joseph was the guy that was promoted all the way to the top of this foreign nation, the most powerful nation at that time. What a name, what a legacy, what a future. Barnabas more important than trying to get to the top was reaching out to those that were around her. I tell this a lot to a lot of young adults who are discouraging depressing. That is, if, if you live so much in the future, you're going to be depressed in the present. You know, I brought a book not too long ago. It's not cheesy advertising for that, but call rethinking god apologetics on Amazon. But anyways, bite after sabbath. But anyways, i've learned so much about life in writing this book. So many times when I was writing this chapter, it's ready one chapter, up another chapter. I realize I would think about the other chap in my math, i'm thinking about the other chap and there's something wrong with thinking about what's next. But what happened is I began to be so interested in what was happening in the future. In the next few chapters from I love that I began to become useless in the presence I began to become useless in the present. It wasn't until I wake into this idea when I need to be faithful in the present. And I begin to realize my phone as many on the talk there was like the distortion dissipated. So much had they been trying to live in another world. They, when the collecting the blessings that were around them. Friends, barnabas wasn't always looking to the future. He's like, I want to be present. I want to, I'm going to share the promises of god. I want to feed people. And then he says, I want to see the potential in people and friends. So as I said before, if you look past people's path, you will begin to see the future that god has for them. And I love enclosing what I want. It says right here. He says some powerful words right here and words, we should never forget specially when you're broken. You feel defeated, you feel defraud, you feel in the darkness you just feel connected. She says this in the book is our age is it is saying work to what discourage the thought it is quite work to inspire with faith and what hope christ does not want to discourage you. Friends, jesus does not want to to crush you. The bible teach us, he wants to encourage your for and if you are in a place where you're really struggling and you just feel wife is being crushed out of you, you can cry out to jesus and says, lord, I need some encouragement. And he will gladly answer that prayer. Friends, jesus loves his people. He loves you. He didn't come for the best kind of humanity. He didn't come for the successes of humanity. He didn't come well for those great moments when we're doing well, we're seems to be righteousness and own wrong straight. He came for a broken. If he came for a weakness, he came for those dark moments. Why? Because it's in those moments he's able to reconnect us back to God. Jesus came to giving courage meant to you and to me. And what do we see in the life of barnabas, a man who shared the presence of christ with others? The promises of christ with others and the potential that would take place in christ with others. Is there somebody here who needs encouragement? Is there somebody here who needs just an encouraging word words of, of faith and hope to know that the Lord is with them? friends, god is with you, the last parting promise you gave to his people with never will. I leave you never will. I forsake you and God has a hope in the future for you. And sometimes the greatest thing you can do is just to take time to stop and say, lord, i'm just surrendering my anxieties through ending my ambitions surrounding my desire, surrendering my weaknesses. When you just take that time handing it over to God, you will find peace and rest in place of that inside God knows the future and your potential and he wants to bless you. A man is someone here who needs encouragement or do you know someone who needs encouragement, reach out to them, reach out to them, and your words will be like fruit from the tree of life to them. A man. Let's bow our heads forward, a prayer father and haven't Got in a world that's falling apart. We just pray you would use us to speak your words, words of life to others. God give us just the right motivation. Encouragement just to go share with the fainting sold, the hope that is for them. Lord, so many young adults are dying. Some are over dosing, committing suicide. We have no idea of the battles they're fighting. Even in this group, lord. Bless them, wrap your arms a love tightly around god. Speak your word and promises in jesus family. I use this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. 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