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04 How Big is Your God

Jim Ayer Janice Nelson
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The God of the Bible is the same powerful, wonder-working God today. Trust Him and become His best friend and watch the miracles unfold in your life.


  • September 12, 2020
    12:20 PM
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Ah, a welcome. Everybody's talking donkey international in our new television series, country wisdom. Let's set the tone for this new series of hours. It's found and proverbs for let your eyes look directly forward and your gaze be straight before you. Honda, the path of your feet and then all your ways will be sure. Join us now for country wisdom. Ah, ah, look about you, jim. Beautiful. I don't know about you, but when I come up to a place like this out in the mountains, all these trees rocks new. I can't help it, but I just feel so much closer to God. You look out a big fan of his creation. And what's amazing to me is that there are people who don't even believe he and you know the exciting thing is the same. Go to the bible is the same gun today. He's alive and folks, i'm like to tell you, stay tune because I'm going to share with you things that god is doing today. You'll discover he's alive and he's, well Ah, I go on truly is amazing. His creation is amazing. But there are some people who, even though they believe in god, they think that maybe he created everything and then he put it on auto pilot. It's just running. It's just doing a thing and he's not involved in humanity at all. But that really isn't the case. The bible tells us that's not the case. In a matter of fact, the bible talks about something else. Listen to what it says. Hebrews chapter 8. Or excuse me. Chapter 13 in a. Jesus christ the yesterday. Today and forever. He's the same god. He hasn't changed. He didn't set things on auto pilot. And malakai chapter 3, verse 6. I am the Lord and I do not change. So as we read things in the bible, for instance, there's a story and look and chapter 7 jesus with his disciples is walking along the street and he sees a funeral. He approaches the funeral and he sees a young boy that's dead. The mother is weeping and says he has compassion on the mother. He goes up. Who touches the boy, the touch of god, the creator god reaches down any lift that boy up. Every. Every funeral that recorded in the bible that jesus came across a dead person. He raised him from the dead. He broke up a funeral. And I submit to you, he's the same god. This is an example we were traveling, and E P O P, and we were looking for a specific story, a fellow that I heard, he'd been a fortune teller for almost 40 years. But his life and change. You see a fortune teller, they control the Village. They control the people, they control everything, and this man would tell a fortune, and you better pay attention to you better listen because if you didn't, you could die. For someone who died in the Village, he said, that's because they didn't listen to me. Everybody's scared, the fortune teller, in a matter of fact, every he's rich because he charges a lot to tell your fortune, cow, pig, a sheep or go something like that. But he became a christian. And when he became a christian, he wanted nothing to do with that anymore. The wife or she didn't want anything to do with christianity. With the husband he kept studying. And finally, several times over weeks he discovered other people in the Village had recently become christians too. He decided he wanted to get together and study with them pretty soon. Their little group under a tree is growing and growing and growing so large they said, we need to find a place to rent. Will will go out and find a place that we can have is our place of worship. They begin. How funny news were church on him. But that time the x fortune tellers wife died. That particular day I had 3 camera mon were in the Village filming had 3 camera. I lined up 5 guys. First guy. This lady was dead. Oh yes, she was dead. Second guy, you sure she was dead. Oh yes, she was absolutely dead. She was dead. 3 day 3rd guy really 3 days. And the 4th guy we prayed and the 5th guy said, and God raised her from the death. I want to submit to you the god of the bible is the same. God. Today he's working hard. Some was right now. The day in amazing way. Amazingly, i was an india in India, i was holding a large series of meeting, maybe a 1002000 people there. On a particular night, this lady over the right hand side. She begins yelling and screaming in the tellico language, help me help me. We stop the meetings, i call her. She's got a child in her arms. I roll back in his head, child and movie, and everybody that sees that child as she carries him up to the stage, they begin wailing, and I think there's nothing I can do. So I send her to a friend of mine who is a medical doctor over on the side. Maybe he can look at the child. And then I think, well, what now there's nothing else to do but pray. I think it is so sad for us, especially for us as christians. We say, well, there's nothing else I can do. I guess I'll go ahead and press a last resort. When prayer should be the 1st reason. I begin praying my translator would pray and if he was praying, i look over at the doctor some, but now I was thumbs then pray again, phones down. This went back and forth and back and forth for several minutes. And finally, somebody and you know, it went through out that city this big city that the creator god of the universe had race. That child from the you see, the god of the bible is the thing god today. Me in Ah, I am jeanette. I good friend terry cantrell and I have travelled all together only from egypt to zanzibar for costa rica, the brazil india for years was captured stories of the god of heaven, stories of plugins. Blind now, on a new adventure in you're invited. We started talking don't the International talking, don't be as a media ministry dedicated to sharing jesus christ, unique and powerful way out of the ordinary. Just like talking like us, i'm guessing you're hiring the same old cookie cutter programs and wine the christian airways. The whole is exciting, just kind of out of the mold and let the donkey talk. When that happens, people will pay attention its way out of the ordinary. And we're inviting you to become a part of this exciting and innovative outreach to the world. People are tired of watching the same old thing become a financial partner with us today and together. We will change christian tv. Never give the donkey a voice. In chapter 8 in the book of that really interesting story. Jesus appeared to basically to fill up speaking to him. We don't know how that happened, but he spoke to him and told him, go down to the unit. The unit is writing in a cherry. He sees him, he runs down alongside the chair and he's invited into the chair to begin explaining some scripture. After a while the unix says, or what hinders me to be baptized. I know everything you've talked about. I know of the scripture and now I understand who jesus is as a fit in the scripture go into the water. He baptizes it, and the moment he comes up out of a water says the spirit takes him away and takes him to another whole village. Another area you say well that, that's in the bible, nothing like that happened today. But in the going to share a story with you that happened in a particular country where this totally illegal to share the gospel method. With this young lady heard the gospel message and she accepted jesus with all her heart and she began telling everybody about jesus. That's the way it is. When god is come into your life, you can't control it. You just have to share. She was so excited about it. She's telling everyone was pretty soon, the police caught up and they beat her up. They tied her hands behind the back, the blindfold as they hauled around the jungle they've done during the jungle in the middle of the night. See if your god can protect you. She's laying there night. You could hear the growls and the snarls and all the jungle animal too scared to death. Lord please. I don't want to die. Please help me alone. In a moment, she can be able to wiggle her blindfold off, and she lays there still on the ground. She looked. Lor, please help me. I don't want to die, but if you want me to die and lord, i'm willing to. But I would love to share more about you with others. She continued praying and pretty soon she could. She can feel her hands or was there loose? And she stand up and she looked all around more. I have no idea where I am. It's dark. I can see anything, please help me to get out of the jungle. The wind begins to blow in the tree harder than list today. It's a bit blowing, harder and harder. Pretty soon her hair is blowing back to she fix, we feel we can't figure out what it is and the wind continued to blow harder and harder. And all of a sudden in the middle of the night, she sat down in her own village, completely free. The god of the bible. He is definitely the same god. Today. He's an amazing well that's not all scripture continues. We find and Matthew, chapter 8. Jesus is confronted with demon possession. I didn't one time I thought no demon possession. I didn't know yet in the bible. It's in the bible. Well matter of fact, it's all over especially the new testament, jesus contacts satan in so many ways. I want you to understand that he defeated every time when he comes in contact with never missed a step. He defeats him every time. Jesus is a winner. Jesus is a when I was, I was an india. Hello. An amazing situation where a friend of mine, who's a pastor is a bam sizing people in the river. We've been holding large meeting in baptizing this little tiny lady, maybe 95 pounds dripping wet. And I seem struggling. I can't figure out what it is. He's pulling and pulling and tugging. And this lady still under the water. And all of a sudden she comes up out of the water and she's all controlled. It probably isn't totally disfigured. My God laid on my heart demon possession. I've never seen him. I never really heard about it other than from the bible. I walked down to the edge of the water where the deacon brought her to the edge of the water and grabbed hold of and said in the name of jesus christ be gone. I command you to be gone just as the bible. And immediately the woman she takes her breath she strings here because she looks around, she walked up the bank with the other lady. God deliver this way, you see the same god of the bible to the same god today. The same thing happened in the bible are happening today. An amazing way. We read in ephesians, i want to read this for you and chapter 6, beginning at 1st hand. So finally, my brother and be strong in the Lord and in the power of his mind, put on the whole armor of god that you may be able to withstand the wiles of the del. Now listen to this for we russell not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers, against rumors or this world against spiritual wickedness. In high places, bible talks about the powers of the devil speaks also the power of god in god. Never lose. I just need care of this other story with you was working camera room. We had an evangelistic theory going in a huge soccer state. During the meetings, at one point, the audience was invited down to pray for the vast audience of their particular needs. Are speaker that particular night began to pray. And all of a sudden, all of a sudden there was a huge commotion in the stadium. We all knew we've been around, we've worked enough in many countries of the world. We knew it was demon possession, begun to rise, a big guys went out and they grabbed this lady who was just playing all over. The held her up each one guy with an arm, one leg. I held her hair so she wouldn't bite the guys. We carry to help my find the scream, because we'd have big, big screens filming and showing the production. And behind that green to begin demanding in the name of jesus christ that the demons come on. When you demand what the bible says, when your heart is right with god, god will answer that kind of prayer and chased the devil away. That's exactly what happened. This woman setup. She wiped her eyes, looked around. The demon is laughter. At that moment, there's somebody else in the audience that screamed against somebody else came around the corner of the gym. You have another demon to jump to another one of the audio, simply because you say that you're a christian simply because you, you call and say, I'm a christian, i go to meeting doesn't mean that you really are. You need to invite god into your life and God then will protect you. God will change your life because he is a power and a god strength. Now, I wanted to share with you another particular quote in song chapter 66 verse 5. Just come and see to come and see what god has done his wonderful work among his people. I think of the time when I was in the Philippines when I was talking with his pastor, who his camp cleared on the southern part of the country. Huge earthquake, he calls up from the north. Wrong phone. Thinks well, because of the earthquake, the lines must be messed up. He calls the next day. Same problem. 3rd day he calls again same wrong number the 3rd day in a row. And the woman on the other in the line says, what are you doing? Why are you calling me? Why do you keep bugging? Yes, ma'am, I'm sorry. I wasn't honestly, I please, I apologize. Oh, and she began using what cuss words he hang with the phone. It's, I'm a pastor, i don't need to listen to the well, the woman called back. He continues to apologize, ma'am. I'm telling you the truth. I didn't try and call you. I was trying to call him, I am please. I even have a radio program, a christian radio program. I honest, i'm a pastor. She stopped with the program. Do you have? He tells the name of the program and then finally on the other line, then here's crime, ma'am on you. All right. And she tell the mention, i listen, your program, my home and I had been listening to it recently all the time. Would you please come visit? Well, in this particular, are these people not too many years before that had been had to have a little nervous to go. But he decided to go because the past he takes a friend with at least going to the Village, meet with us wait, and in a short time this lady, her husband, and 16 other people in this village are baptized because of a quote, wrong phone. I want to tell you, God knows you. God knows your heart. God knows your life. He knows your address. He knows everything about you and he wants to connect with you. The god of the bible is alive today. He's well and he's ready to touch bases with you get to know you on a very intimate and a very personal basis. This guy watches out over some what's amazing way. We were actually broadcasting into a particular program. And these people were finding out about jesus they began leading, but they didn't know how to conduct church. They didn't know how to form church groups doing anything. So we were taking them out of the country into another country to train them on how to raise up churches because of legal and our country after any christian church. It was only sneaking out of the jungle when they come in across the jungle. When all of a sudden over here comes the police, they come up over life and the police feel are they are get them or guys is wide open area. There's nothing they can do they freeze or just like the only headlight, as the police were guns ready? Come running after the look and looking for where does it go? Where did they go? One of the police are fairly go away and they took off money across town. They've just been on the job to leave our guys to go on their way. They were never seen god put up a veil and the eyes of these fully and protected. That's the kind of done research that the god who's alive and well today. The god of the bible. Things got billed in the same god today. Amazing god ah is another story down in brazil from palmer can be a pretty rough location. Pretty tough place. One day though, this young man and his wife are driving down the roadway. So I stopped up. He slammed on the brakes cares in half the day. My wife does that to me once a month and what happened to flame on the brake? And she jumps out of the car, she didn't say when she comes back and she's got a little book with honey. Do you see the wind mel know in this book with lane out in the field and the pages were blowing back and forth 1st one way and then another way going back and forth, i just had to see what this book was because there is no when they read the book, it was an amazing book. They were so excited. They were thrilled to death. But there was no advertising, no place to call, No place to find out who printed this book. One day, the fellow in downtown apollo is right in his motorcycle. The camera behind this vehicle and on the vehicle there's a little sticker. Same ticket that was on that book. He pulled up alongside the car. He began talking to the fellow in downtown for paula, when a motorcycle pulled up alongside you. That's not necessarily good. That's going the vehicle rose up the window and soon as the stop light seems as agreeing he takes the motorcycle falls right in behind him, he's following down the street. Now I go speed up a little bit. All of a sudden he's caught it another traffic light, a motorcycle pull up alongside him again, scares the guy so bad. We gotta go through the red light. Now. Motorcycle follows him on continuing down the streets. Finally, he's blocked with traffic. He can't move. Fellow pulls up alongside him and he yells, the name of the book. Great controversy, great controversy. The guy in the car stopped, he cracked window a little bit. What did you say? Great, controversial fellow. Worked in the hills who handed out this particular book. He knew this book and he began studying with fellow and his wife. They were baptized, baptized counter of a book plane out in the field with no in whose pages were blowing back and forth. Oh God bless you for him and God is seeking to have that relationship with you. You need to pay attention and listen and watch on god work around you. Enjoying god. I could probably share the story for hours with you. Things that are happening right now. I do want to share at least one more story with you though, and that's in nepal to sell. It was now a terrorist. It's kind of a mouthful to say malice, terrorists, but he was, people were scared of him. Everywhere he go to a village. Everybody would give everything he asked for because he killed them otherwise. Very simple to choose him dead. One particular day he walked into a church. He walked into the church, he was going to kill the pastor and take the money, take the offered. They just recently taken up the offering. Well, the guy know that church who sticks the gun in the pastor safe in the past. Her says, you're going to change when god comes in your life, you're going to change. It shocked him so much. He couldn't believe it. He didn't know what to do. He turned and he left. He didn't even take the money. Time went by. He's continually thinking of it. Who is this jesus? Who is this jesus? It bothered him so day after day and one day as he's tony radio he comes across the program is talking about this jesus, he stuffs the lessons and thinking what is this? But after a while of listening to the same program every day he fell in love with jesus christ. You see that's what happens. We'll begin listening to who jesus is, the god of the bible, who is the same gun today. And he began falling in love with him. And this young man did, he changed his whole life. He quit being a terrorist. Normally they would kill him, but he helps converse, many of the other terrorist and well, it's amazing the things god does in romans chapter 8 or 31 bible says in view of all this, what can we say? What can we say? I think about a young man that I was doing meetings in one of the particular states here in the US. The young man was a pretty big boy about 600 pounds turned out he'd been an error in brotherhood enforcer. He'd been a murderer, gave us heart to God and we had a big tank that day. Kind of a stock tank is the only thing we had were in a kind of a country setting. And we baptized that young man in that wash who seemed away go and wants to change each one of maybe things you've done, you know, you might be a drug dealer and alcoholic going to see if I was all those things at one time. Maybe a cocaine addict, the list goes on. God doesn't care, says come to me. I will change it. I will give you. I think of a young lady and, and mother, christina and maria. They were done in brazil. Christina, she was a beautiful young woman. And her mother compelled him one day she was going to be problems with a young man. Every young man looked to her with eyes while just wide open. She kept saying, you do not go to the city. Do not go to the city, honey. You will have troubles if you go to the city. Mom gets up one morning she goes to her bedroom. And there christine is. Bed is totally empty with a note on the bed. Mama, i love you. I'm going to sitting all just about broken mother's heart. Mother gathered up every, every bit of coin, every bit of change, every bit of money she could find and she put it all in Little purse and she headed toward the bus station before she got to the bus station. She stopped at a little place and took photos. You know, she got a little booth and she took photos. Every dollar, every penny, every time she spent on photos. She got on the bus and she headed to the city. And to begin writing on the back of each one of these, every single one, she wrote something she got to the city, and she been going to every sleazy hotel, every died, every restroom, she could find. And she posted one of those phones. This went on for days and days and days until she finally spent all the rest of her money. She spent everything that she had no more photo and she went home. She continued to pray, continue to pray for her young, sweet daughter. And one day that young sweet daughter who looks a little harder now a little rougher. Come down one of those back dark stairwells with a guy hanging onto her. She comes to the bottom of the stairs and they're on a little bit more to the picture of her mama. She turns the photo over. And she reads, when mama had written on the back of the honey, no matter what you've done. No matter what you become, i still love you. Come home. My friend. I feel the same way. No matter what you do, no matter what you become and why. God loves you to cares for. He wants you to come to him. Seriously. It doesn't matter how bad you are, the devil will try and tell you if you're too bad, you can't come to God with all the things you've done. Don't believe in the bible says he's a liar from the beginning of time. He's a liar. But you can trust god, you can believe god. Same god of the bible. Same god. Today he loves you. Respond to him right now the jesus please come into my life and God will do that and he will change your life. Please respond to God right now, just as you are, I use the introducing talking donkey international god once used a donkey to spread his word, but he'd rather use all of us. Our experienced team has preached taught and filmed in countries around the globe. In partnership with you, our mission is to share the life saving love and hope only in jesus christ with everyone in this last and dying for your financial partnership. We're talking donkey will enable this exciting ministry to proclaim that jesus is coming to it's time to prepare quality programming created to attract and reach the viewers of the world together. We can carry the final advent message to the individual to the planet or, and hasten the return of our lord. Please pray for and support the successful mission of talking donkey international. Ah, very, thank you for country we'll see you next time. Ah.


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