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05 Trapped in Slavery

Jim Ayer Janice Nelson
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Patty Hearst became a slave to an idea, as did those held in a bank vault in Stockholm Sweden. Your eyes will be open to the deception and the pathway God has prepared for you.


  • September 18, 2020
    1:37 PM
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Ah, oh yeah, right there. Back. Ah, welcome everybody to talking donkey international in our new television series country wisdom. Let's set the tone for this new series of hours. It's found and proverbs, for let your eyes look directly forward and your gaze be straight before you ponder the path of your feet. And then all your ways will be sure. Join us now for country wisdom. Ah ah Ah Ah Ah, ah leaked, it's a beautiful day. Beautiful day. It's hot. Well, it is that you know, it's kind of blessings and percy's right. But it's the same way in today's episode. There's blessings and curse, curse, things are. Well, you're going to find out about that shortly. We're at war memorial. You know, tiny, california county that have given, i haven't even counted up the names this wall. Another wall on the other side. People giving their lives in war. I think about some very interesting things, you know, is a little kid. I'm quite a bit older. I grew up thinking, russia, russia, russia, rest of this terrible country, this terrible people. And then one year we went over the film, this people and it was kind of amazing. The people were really nice. I mean, I had grown up being told how bad the people were. It's not people gets the government, but there is something down underneath, the sinister lurking that you're going to be telling you about in the movement. You know, a 1000000000 people have died and wars around the World i'm told. And I know why we have that kind of history. Ah, men put in cages because of war. They seem to go together, don't. War and slavery. You might naturally think of our civil war when those 2 words are put together, war and slavery. It's my 1st thought with that war, the effects of which we're still feeling today. Just look at the headlines that wasn't the war that began slavery. That wasn't the 1st war. Those 2 things both started a long time ago in heaven of all places. Scripture tells us there was war in heaven because slowly, little by little satan who had been one of the top angels. He began slowly beating little down into the other inhabitants of heaven. Slowly making them ask questions that had never occurred to them before. Putting little seeds of doubt about whether god was really good or not, whether he was really fair or not. And before they knew it, the 1st little chains of slavery were being wrapped around their mind. And before they knew what a 3rd of them No longer made the decision to serve god, they had a new master. Our whole world is still under slavery. Because he claims this world of his own. We are his sleep. And you know, the really sad part most of us don't even know that we're slave. Ah, you know janice, you're so right on about the devil and his deceptions. And my point is that same devil that started all of that that was slowly deceiving and drawing away angels in heaven brought that down here to even more gullible character is like us. Yeah. Don't realize we're being sucked in. It's right. And it's all meant for much a bit of mental, you know, we, we talk about the real war that the devil yanks us into. But it begins in a mental area. Let me give you an example. You hear and many people, stockholm syndrome. Well, and I know that phrase on sweden in 1973, a believe was going to just come out of jail, needed some pocket change, right. He wanders into a bank where this gun hurts everybody, including tellers and anybody was in there to make deposit into the the he holds him captive, he's getting money, but all of a sudden the police show up. Now there's a huge stand in the stand off. Goes for one day, 2 days, 3 days. Oh, really weird thing begins to happen because the people in there start liking the bank rob. One has stuck them in the vault, the one who stuck them in the ball. At one point he let one lady she she really she's, she's scared of officers claustrophobic. He ties a rope on her and he let your wander out. 30 feet out around. So she can feel a little more at ease and she saw appreciated that, that the captor done later on when he's finally captured. She tells the police how wonderfully was he done. He was so kind to so kind to by letting her wander on a leash, in other cases, when that when the police finally got to the point, they think they're going to capture the man. Everybody in the vault shades him and, and covers kind of him and puts up his protection so that the police won't hurt a they were actually angry at the police, stockholm syndrome and begin mentally that we be an identified with our captain would begin thinking our captors the thinking that the ones who are there to save you are the enemy. Exactly, exactly. You nailed another situation, I can remember as a young man was patty hearst, the patty hearst, air of the patty hearst, fortune or the horse porch, i should say. And I was a kid, i remember seeing this play out on the new. Yeah, the send me an e liberation army captured her hilder for ransom, but some place along the way. The next scene you see and you can find it in still in newspapers and things today. She's in there with her sub machine gun robbing the bag. She ends up they, they bring up this defense of stockholm syndrome and her trial holly didn't work. She actually went to jail. I'd forgotten that totally alters the, the mental capacity of people. They don't understand it, but they had done a fight with the counselors. Now here we are, the situation that down here on earth, you talked about it in heaven. The devil was so angry with god because he wanted all the power for himself. He knew he could be better off. He just knew he convinces you said a 3rd of the angels to follow him. Now there kicked out of heaven, they all come down here to planet earth and think this was a good place for our, for our realm, right? This is a good place for us to, to control well gun and just created adam and eve, the 1st wonderful beautiful couple. He comes to them, he appears to them, and in his mind games, he convinces them basically, to follow him to switch sides. To switch side, adam had been the principal plan under god had given him the whole thing, given eve, everything. And they turned it over to him, turn it over to the devil said basically, you know, will, will accept your version of the truth. They chosen new master. Exactly. They chose a new master. It's sad, but it's very true. Ah, powerful image, isn't it? Not just a war and what it does to us emotionally and mentally that could be an image of people's lives today. People who aren't experiencing any kind of war in the country, they're living in, but who are experiencing it in their own homes. Stockholm syndrome isn't just for hostages and kidnapping victims. It happens every day in millions of people's homes. People who have so slowly gotten sucked in to domestic violence to domestic abuse, that they no longer even recognize that they are hostages. There is a term called trauma bonding. It was a new one to me. But what, it's what happens in a relationship when through coercion, through manipulation, through threats, through physical violence sometimes. But not always, that a victim is slowly made more and more dependent on their captor. Slowly begin to believe they can't live without them, that everything goes wrong, really is their fault. If they were just better, if they did more, if they worked harder, that everything would be better. Because it isn't this person's fault. They, they quit recognizing who the real enemy is. And even the abuser most often male. But not always. It is hardly just a women's issue, but as a woman, i think I really feel for it because I've known people i've had friends, have friends who are in situations like that, who are trapped. Sometimes they simply don't know how to escape. Sometimes they don't recognize that they need to, but the abuser it is so easy for someone like me to view them as they're the bad guys. They're the ones who are the cause of all this. But there's another abuser just behind the veiled. Because as this world seems to get more and more chaotic, i see people working harder and harder to get control of someone of something. My life isn't in control, i will control yours. And it might not be that conscious of thought. We are so often not aware of how we're being coerced and manipulated by the enemy, by the one who invented all of this. The one who invented live, who invented chain, who invented slavery and everything that leads to. We're no longer even in charge of our own thoughts because we've chosen a master who doesn't allow that. But that can be changed if you're in a situation like that. If you recognize that you are causing a situation like that. If you don't recognize who you're serving, who is really the one making you feel that rage making you think it's their fault making you lie and manipulate. Just to get your way, whether it's in your family or in your business. Something that is constantly making you feel like I'm, I'm powerful. I have the upper hand here. I'm the one in charge because the enemy certainly doesn't want you to recognize that you're not in charge. None of us are in charge. The only thing we are in charge of is our decision of who we're going to serve. You know, there's legislation against slavery. There's legislation against domestic violence. Does it get rid of the problem? Do you know it's estimated to day to day, worldwide that there are upwards of 30000000 slaves in one form or another, whether it's human trafficking, whether it's someone who has been lowered out of their own country with the promise of a better life. Working in this business in the home and when they get there, they discover their slave, their passport has taken, their traps were all trapped. And you can legislative against that because you can't legislate morality. All you can do is choose a new master and make that Choice today. Ah, introducing talking donkey international god once used a donkey to spread his word, but he'd rather use all of us. Our experienced team has preached taught and filmed and countries around the globe. In partnership with you, our mission is to share the life saving love and hope only in jesus christ with everyone in this last and dying. Your financial partnership we're talking donkey will enable this exciting ministry to proclaim that jesus is coming to it's time to prepare quality programming created to attract and reach the viewers of the world together. We can carry the final advent message to the individuals of planet earth, and he's on the return of our lord, please pray for and support the successful mission of talking donkey international i, you know, he has done such a good job across the planet. Well, putting things in people's minds that just like he did in heaven that I'm better and better than you, I'm better than you. I'm better than all these other people. I'm so far superior. I was working in one country this dear lady. She came, she came to me every day and it was kind of weird, you know, I had on my my slippers and she would come up to me and she'd get down and want to touch my toes and kissed my feet. Well, that just, I didn't want to do that at all, but that's kind of what I can understand. That's what they show to people they think are higher up in everybody else, you know, with the compound and in the location. But that was just fine. You know that she should treat me, that they approved of her paying on March to Oh absolutely. Because she's just a lonely nothing. And I one day I went out, I notice she had nothing on her feet. She had no money to get anything. And I went to the store and I found her a pair of paris slippers. And that day she showed up, she came up, she was going to, she was going to come up and grab my feet and I grabbed her and I lifted her up. And I said no, you stand here, you still stay here. And I think she afraid of you. Oh yeah, she was when I got down my pulled out of the bag and I put slippers on her feet. And it was like this revelation. And everybody around the stand by this time we had a crowd of, I don't know, 3040 peers and there I knew it was, it was anger. And later on they took me aside and said, you know, you, you come on, you, you shouldn't be doing that. You should be doing that or being kind. Oh yeah, absolutely kind. But in their mind, and this is, this is going to tell you, unfortunately, this is people who profess to know jesus christ. The devil has been so good at creating a situation in the world that he has brainwashed, everybody. In the situation of slavery, we are all slaves to all of this kind of stuff. But I got to tell you, I think about jesus christ. My king, the got down on his feet. Any washed the feet of others. Try and touch their hearts. He was the, the sample, that's what we should be like. So I'm still not understanding why they didn't approve of your being so kind to this other woman because they're so brainwashed. Absolutely. Brainwash the devil thought you were lowering yourself. Oh, absolutely. Think about this, james, you you shared what happened in heaven with the devil in heaven? The angels have haven't had never been separated from god. Everything was absolutely blessed. Everything was absolutely perfect. And yet one 3rd of those angels left with the devil to come here to planet one 3rd, who had always been next of a love of god who knew his character absolutely loved. And you go, come on, it's mind boggling that you can be with god that you could have known perfection and ever thought that there was something better. Yeah, yeah. Well, I just, you can't really explain when jesus came to earth here. He was the king of the universe and that I really want to show you what gods like you took so much to get the brain washing out of everybody's mind that he came to talk. That that was one of his actually got down on his knees and began washing their feet because they were too hard hearted. They were in a dinner situation is that when you do know that when you do it over there, I'm not going to watch somebody speak why I walk next to the master because that's what service, that's what services jesus took off. His outer garment got a tunnel, a bowl of water begin wash their feet. And you know at that moment to begin touching and changing hearts. And that's what needs to happen. We need to have that happen tomorrow. We do because I catch myself. This might be news to you, but I'm not perfect. Who would have guessed right? I catch myself with a thought about someone or not liking the way. I think someone just treated me or just dismissed the thought of mine in a meeting. You know, whatever. We have that sinful core of that is always comparing ourselves to the people around us and kinda want to make sure that they know that they're not that great. Let me give you an example. Well, only back in the garden to be when the devil came and he tricked adam and eve. Adam was the prince of this world. God had given this world to adamant to eat and they gave it all the way to the devil, said none, and we believe you, we don't leave god. At that moment he was the prince of this world. He is to this day. So basically one were born, as you said, one of us that early it's in our jeans, its energy, send them the slavery thing is got hold of, we can't get out of it unless god gives us away. And many were stuck in that garden without getting out until jesus came to them and said, look, I want you to see that little lamb is grazing nearby. He took a knife and slipped their throat. This is where and how horrifying it was. Never, ever seen animals die. Exactly. And then to have the realization that it was what I did, it was my thoughts, my actions did that to that land. You said enemy, this is what you deserve. But he said one day in the history, may I or come can I, darn like lamb. Because I can do that. It's in my power to be able to do that for you to save you because you can't get out of this mess on your own. We would have had no choice. We would have been slaves for ever. Can I look something up there is such a verse that I'd like to find that I think here roman 622. This is the best news. But now you've been set free from sand and other slaves of god. Your game is a life fully dedicated to him and the result of eternal life. And then it goes on to say for sin, pays its wage debt. We've all heard that the wages of sin is death. People have to understand. On this world we make a wage. We get paid. But if the wrong kind of payment, because the simply death total eternal separation from god from Life, god just pull the plug in that. But then there's more than that in the oh there is you interrupted me. But god, free gift is eternal life in union with christ jesus, our lord. So the wage of sin is death. But what god gives us is free. We don't have to work for it. In fact, we can't hard would you have to work to earn something like that? Yeah, we can't. You know, it's only kim and furthermore, we just can't get out of the mindset. It, it is that stockholm syndrome we are in love with her captors. Just we either don't even recognize that we have a captor or we are in love with our captor and think yeah, this is a much better life. I don't want you know, god. So restricting has made it so that we actually believe that it's god who's taking away our freedom and our liberties. He's keeping us from having fun. Yeah. And it's a great point. It said who offers totally free and you can make your own decisions. You can do what you want, and that is the way to have life. I've got to read a scripture too because it's in the same area. It's about matthew chapter 11. Started verse 28. Jesus said, come on to me, all who labor and are heavy leave anybody heavy laden unless you know or you have you laid. Oh yeah. And I will give you rest. This is the god of the universe and I will give you rest. I got a feeling that right now there's very few people have any rest in this world, things that are going on. And he says, take my yoke on you and learn to me that was, you know, as you saw the Animal go into the field and got a yoke and they worked together. Well. This was kind of funny. They'll go to take my yoke. Pony learn of me for I am make and lowly heart unusual find rest your soul. When you work together with god, changes, everything changes everything in the last part of the vs for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. I you cause easy, my burden is like what a god that we serve. And God wants everybody to experience that to get all the questions go that will not be wounded any more to not be slaves to sin any longer. Ah ah Ah, eugene, i can't help. I look at that school to the spin. Why do the skies? Jesus said in scripture, he's coming back again. He's coming to take us home and those who love him, we will stand there and say, this is our god. We have waited for him and he shall, if that's what god wants to do, he wants to have him out of this world of sin in place. Indeed. Now I've got a quick story. I want to share with you because I think it will be sent already. I think it represents really what god does for janine i work in another country and quite a back with country really. One day I came home from work and janine got dinner prepared. We sit down to dinner and she's got tears and rice, honey, she says they're going to sell big. Who is big? Big is a sweet little 10 year old girl. She was 9. And I asked her, I said, well, she turned 10 years old today. And now they can legally, so are you going to be kidding me? They can sell or Yes that the family can afford to keep her so they can seller as a slave or a prostitute. And I just, I just couldn't believe the break. And we talked about it, everybody at the dinner table that night when the other folks were we'll begin talking. And one of the guys that come with me on many mission trips. Why don't you buy funny? I never thought about buying at who would, but you know, we worked on it and we were able to buy that little girl and we saved or you can't imagine what, what we got into school got to renew life, set her free in jesus christ, we actually then were able to help the family, so didn't have to sell their other children too. But I think that's what jesus has done for me. He came down here, he died for us. He shed his blood to purchase us to set us free, and we belong to him to start when he was buying back. Something that had been stolen from them. Yeah. Yeah. We've got to understand that we're living live here on the earth with the double is holding a camp. You know, there's a verse collation 51. And I think the way I heard it was from the good news cycle. But it says, and this is appropriate for all of us. It says he has given us freedom. Freedom is what we have a price set of that's present. That's not just some future problem. Promise that he will set us free. He has set us free and it goes on to say, so stand a 3 people do not allow yourself to be taken back asleep. Man, a man, I mean, what you said present to him. He that has the son has eternal life. Not may have, might have some day going to have, he has what you said, present tense right now. Grab a hold of jesus christ friend. Look the devil's going to fall, cathy, but we don't have to remain captive with jesus christ. He said, come to me all he labor and are heavy laden. I will give you rest. Please today janice urging you. This is an opportunity to be set free in christ in a way you can imagine. Give your life to him right now. Get your knees where you are. It's easy to get underneath the Lord or where you're sitting, where to camp, stand, sit, whatever, wherever you are, the Lord, please take my life. I can't give it to you. You just take it and God will answer that prayer. He will change you. He will you free? Please do it right now. The good. Ah, I day thanks for joining us for country wisdom. See you next time. Ah.


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