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  • May 29, 2010
    10:00 AM
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I thought I want to pray the prayer of Moses for the speakers this morning and exit sports well you would be with their mouth and you would teach them what to say in Jesus name amen got a lot of good questions from you folks thank you so much for submitting them will get to as many as we can annex half hour I want to begin with the first question the only question we gone about Army 's secret weapon but Army secret weapon prayer only question is not about prayer is there more power when two or three are gathered for prayer or where a whole church or conference prays for an issue doesn't matter how many pray the ghost of the case of certain leaders no limit to the power of even one person 's prayer because God is the power behind prayer with one person or group of people there's no limit to God 's ability to answer that prayer but in a special way God is looking for unity among his people and so into her three people come together in agreements that described in Matthew it is the verse is talking about that question other special power because the people come together in unity of your member on the day of Pentecost when they were praying announcement on the upper room they all came into agreement on one accord in God was able to pour out his power and even greater measure and so part of the answer that question is the unity that we experience his gut feeling is God 's people that enables God support his power and specialize next question how do you explain the way God worked in the Old Testament times using war and bloodshed of so many in order to advance his cause would we not cringe at the thought of God working in this way today how can we understand the God of the Old Testament with the life of Jesus another way to say why does God know it almost seems as God is violating his own commandment thou shalt not kill help us understand and I see is that it is not in Michigan was looking at the the issue of how God Dallas when you are how God was seen to be in Google and found if you look at the issue of the flood for example you might look at the flood in and say you know what God can go innocent children in the now the response that that God actually provided a way of escape for those who are willing to take it now remember this is that some mobile set off the same and if we believe that premise that all have sinned that all are worthy of what you it would be like a criminal on death row arguing how dare you put me to death J cell have the right to life us all out because all I have seen while the source of the glory of God however God manifest mercy and grace amen unless you will find is that very often will read stories in the Old Testament as always and not realize that in these stories were written on very often at all in detail on that story may have been included and that's when I got the final 's principal Nikon is the same yesterday today and forever classic essay paper on it initially looked because of how God is the final principle across the board we will see that God was actually indeed just and everything is than the old test on the mainland is mentioned as in the flood being gone by the negative is that God provide a public option was that public John AR annual needs a no estate was then when I'm getting on the art we are going to show who's going into the word of God and they find God and the results they want the Hmong family Memorial big God provide a way opportunity for people to escape Solomon one yes indeed he did and motivations people shall say as a result they harass if you look at how God done on the line answer to this is a young woman questions if you look at some of the Gospels in Israel told Israel I want to lead you into these lands and displays the people there because of the abominations that they were doing gone that is an undetermined amount I'm going to send hornets before you now if you're missing your country when it becomes incessantly horny twenty one points and eight the very least people we will so we're climbing again they allow all and I guess our world is repetitively netting out so as not taking any of the so called his services and honestly how invalid nations around the world and Canada expenses cut in this I would recommend only one of limited God always gave the people an opportunity to exchange before he bought the soil all just add onto that will teach that God is God of mercy and justice in English I could divorce those two characteristics of each other the two sides of the same coin God can be just and wrestling the same time in the greatest demonstration of that is that is across the death of Christ on the cross show them mercy and justice of God simultaneously the justice of the law said that the wages of sin is death that needed to happen because of the low and insult our house we just have to be consistent with that characteristic of the same time he was also crystal because instead of letting us that you got in race as Johnson received his justice and mercy also in the holy place of heaven sanctuary which is what God wants us to the life maintenance I believe that we as God 's people in the last days we will have the true picture of God 's character by David demonstrated that the world because you have a most holy place experience just like to mention that time someone wants an excellent resource on this issue the best book I've read is male will you all ministries character of God controversy and he deals with all of these stories of the Old Testament the disruption of the Canaanites the sun and the moron at the foot of Mount Sinai to process CNN making them drain the goal in all of these things and it does it in a way when it is very Christ centered right across solvent book the character of God controversy is an excellent resource is not a result of sin will start if it's just a question on Alarcon is it sometimes now versus wastefully salesman result in question is yes that you guys are all remember is that high health liner the final person with you the same questions could be asked why God was going to win and the reason will be caused by doctors because they rejected the opportunity I thought had given us the effect is the wicket are going they want to destroy so is their choice well you know just a little story my only many years ago while there was silent isn't this lady when the new church for many many years and we got to talking was wondering why she wasn't on the church and she says well you know at church they showed this movie and John Haas and they show how this faithful man of God was burnt at the stake she says and I just cannot understand how God can allow something like that to happen and I looked at her and I said John Huston completing that pretty much took care of it Jesus had a complaining at any next question how do we know when to apply to AMS hold time periods in the Bible it was a he is the forty years of each Egyptian captivity for seventy years of Babylonian captivity and why doesn't it apply to the one thousand year period mentioned in Revelation twenty also known as the millennium can recommend another book is not yesterday remember the name of the name of the book 's prophetic principles in its written is actually edited by Ron Dupree and it saw published on Michigan conference and has a chapter that deals with that specific issue the title of the chapter 's miniature civilization and takes all those little prophecies of the Old Testament and shows why they're not symbolic including the seven years of maintenance is the sanity and it shows why we take all their prophecies in the apocalyptic prophecies as being symbolic and representing using the yearly principal saw that chapter is a short one it's only like seven or eight pages but they are a very powerful can use give us a teaser sent out how to tell someone at the millennium is not part of the prophetic prophecies revelation because the Bible itself already plan applies the principle to the thousand years I don't know like to think this I threw to him so and him okay I now have an excuse for my glasses it is during a violent and evil Isaiah twenty four the Bible itself applies figurative principle within itself is it twenty four energy arena check this talk about the second coming of well whatsoever Molly was talking about here is being broken off the wagon being destroyed and everything in them against the end of the chapter and verse twenty one it says and it shall come to pass in the name which is the second coming that the Lord will punish on high levels of the exalted ones that Satan and his angels and on the earth the kings of the earth as Revelation nineteen when Jesus comes in the horse to punish the kings of the earth standing incident that says they will be gathered together as prisoners are gathered in the pitch and it will be set up in the prison rustling on the wicket are set up in the prison of death and Satan and his angels are set up in the prison of the earth and then says and after many days they will be punished Revelation interprets the days as he is so within the Bible you have in itself then phase in Isaiah means years in Revelation twenty is one example the owner many other examples where the Bible itself tells us that was supposed to love your neighbor is presented the seventy weeks you know it it's seventy weeks most conservative churches usually get a principal for the seventy weeks and they don't want usually get a principal for the twenty three hundred days and for other biblical prophecies also in all there are the principles we can apply within Scripture to determine whether to apply the unity principle are not is that the annual and revolution you'll notice that these costs along the Baja symbolism and downloaded the off-season one thousand years there is no symbolism there is a straightforward notation on what's going to happen on words and then send that age innovations and not all these shingles in good recording I know what that means local lesson on the things you are practical question how do we retain experienced that we are experiencing here we go home Bible says in revelations interest eleven Jesus said behold I come quickly hold fast to what you have and that no man take your crown wittily put on his face is my prayer and just remember you know right now when a special mountaintop removal to the Valley got to continue to fight the warfare and the encouraging thing is that when the devil knocks us out I cannot start dysphagia is a Microsoft get back up keep fighting keep holding huge driving because heaven is not in us also remember that even I will separate another week or so united in Christ and we can still keep the fire going by listening to these messages on army volcanic .com and audio burst .org I think this is based on what times mentioned last night about Jesus giving up his throne and exchanging or across were told that Jesus gave up all for us were told that he died the second got for us but he's in heaven now he has his throne and ease with God and will be with us forever so I don't understand how he came up all it seems like he still has all and us really really good question one thing to understand is that before Christ in the flesh from eternity past you'd never experienced separation from his father their one and that one this is something we can only comprehend but when he became flesh I the well-known amongst men and then when he went to Yosemite is the weight of the world 's human being based on the very first time in each eye he felt the presence of his father withdrawn from nothing will be most human of my safety was going this is the world that in his mind when he never experienced it in a very real way I feel it was actually an and you learn he said that he might arise the thirteenth but was ultimately rots Jesus I speak nothing of myself whatever the author tells me that Wednesday is the promise of a resurrection was given by the law in Gethsemane for the first time and eternity the father went to his presence and if I can give you honest and then I turned my back on you what happens to the promise I guess you know and that's exactly when Jesus was experiencing a seven SOS wild across this in my God my God why have you forsaken me he wasn't really felt utterly forsake and by the way what is the full wages of sin one hundred and eternal death why because he was an angel along those problems that you can only human enjoyment that you have eternal life he did not Jesus that I is he's the only one that seems on so the first time and eternity being separated from the father is paying the wages of sin which is not just the first step program but a permanent and that's even though he resurrected us what he experienced on the cross think that our team just where is the fact that at that very moment I stood his keynote of the cross is to have been assumed she is too expensive many go back tomorrow and then these have this in the Angels and the deck again to Jesus remained on the analysis you can but as I saw someone who is gay the gay lifestyle is not right him a call passing the bar and him and that he given you women's organization you can go to my website you will now well I think the only thing that you can use the Scripture every question that we answer we must answer is now some people on my leaving Scripture and you might not like the original all smart cell phone psychological and sociological and humanistic arguments there's no waiting you can really answer of yes tit for tat you know also we as animals need to stick description we need to stick with one in the Bible is very clear on this issue alter clear on this issue of prescription six the apostle Paul Benson saw that homosexuals will not enter the kingdom practicing one's odd Scripture also gives us an example of Sodom and Gomorrah the legislation of Moses is very clear on this point so you know the only way that I find it we can answer is in the sample and also one thing that we must always remember that God hates sin but he loves the sinner we and that God hates homosexuality burritos homosexuals just like he hates lying weevils alliance may die for that and that we can gain the victory not only over cultivated but also inherited tendencies even if there's freedom and reading by Richard Claybrook and it's actually a leading only but it happened that I know has dealt with the issue of sexual ethics it is very a huge book but I believe that in addition to the Bible there are biological reasons why homosexuality can be condemned and so there are actually up this book that Richard David actually explores all of all of the aberrant practices of sexuality annual test that shows that it shows the ethics behind why why they are wrong but I would say that if a person was homosexual that did not believe in the Bible you could actually make a pretty conclusive argument that the homosexual lifestyle is being dressed for a number of reasons and without getting graphic but biologically beauties natural and so there are some other ways targets but a great book which related is called a slave of Yahweh and exhausted it is a very exhaustive volume button it really deals with the nitty-gritty even for heterosexuals there are many areas in Christianity that are not discussed you know and it really really documents a lot of those areas very well so for further reading I have asked two questions are related to one another can we obey God 's law perfectly with our later even before the close of probation and a character is the only thing we take a heaven and if I'm struggling with certain sends and if I were to die today will I be able to go to heaven been requested to read the questions again can we obey God 's law perfectly with our sinful nature even before the close of probation and secondly if character is the only thing we take a heaven and if I'm sounding a certain sense and if I were to die today I live in person with this question you still here today will I be able to go to heaven because this was written last night the question move this is a great question and a lot of the struggle with this question because we have struggles in her own personal experience but the fact that matters the Bible is very clear that there is power available to us in Scripture and the Bible says and in Jude chapter one verse twenty four that God is able to keep us from falling in the second Peter Jeffrey one verse four says that their exceeding great and precious promises given to us that we can become partakers of the divine nature and escape the corruption that's in the world through lust now that that the challenges of course is learning to cultivate the mind of Christ where we are constantly responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and not responding to the promptings of the flash the flash Paul says is embedded in our physical member Center body of the body of death in women is struggling that as long as wherein like most is this vile body that will be changed until the second coming but what we can do is we can cultivate a mindset which is constantly listening to the boy was losing and not listening to the voice of the flesh so if we ask God to come into our life we asked them to create in us a clean heart and to give us a right spirit that doesn't mean that were no longer can have temptations over never been a have an attraction are called to do something that is not biblical that doesn't mean they got has mentioned that prayer that it hasn't transformed the heart but we need to learn to discipline the mind to focus on the spiritual promptings to be spiritually minded rather than carnally minded we only have four minutes so I'm not sure if that time for this question but I'll ask anyway why do seven Gavin is fully air the remnant know whether Christians are as meaning that they are in the Bible because you have a prophetic parenthesis indicate out when our name on all that is involved in the opposite we understand that that process is again does not all dollars grant us and engines and the heaven just because you carry the name Seventh-day Adventist we believe that there are many Seventh-day Adventists that will not be making them while there are many all people on the denominations that will be in the kingdom because they live on the line and a half and so God judges as face-off of the life that we have in the life of women is not to our mission as God lastly people used to bring the rest of the lines without the Sierra Nevada seven o'clock know rest of the lines to a people who are searching for wanting to either said this is the setting is Monday and not forgetting that I'm not after symbolism any time I think my method is only what you ask a question the NSA is not asked a question in a anything that is also because even answering said now I know why I was never satisfied with the answer is there are people out while waiting for someone to bring them that you are not a cause what makes the youngest six unique is our origin our message and our mission the church should ever forget its origin its message and mission it would cease to be a remnant Lawrence the word remnant does not apply to a group of people who are better than everyone else it applies to a group of people who are conscious of where we began why were here and what mission God has given to us that's what makes us unique we have a unique message and we have a unique mission to the world that no other church of that message but the message is God 's messages Norris the mission is God 's and he's the one that called the church into existence and so none of the glory belongs to the remnant church all of the glory belongs to God called gave it its message and gain admission also we stand on the shoulders of great Protestant reformers we continue to flag across Reformation while the rest of Protestantism is no longer protesting an error actually making a U-turn right back to Rome will be the ones that will persecute us for keeping all amount of Sunday and Jesus says I have see other sheep I have it or not his fault but I want to bring them into the fold right thank you gentlemen we appreciate your time we got through as many questions as we could write our to have a five-minute break and will will will resume at ten thirty five


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