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From Despair to Repair

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • September 4, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Well, let's pray and then we'll dive into the book via my father in heaven. Thank you that we can study together and you know, each person here, you know, there are those who are rejoicing. There are those that are morning. There are those that are wondering what your will is for their life. And so no one is able to meet all these needs except you. And so we asked that you were through a preaching of your were touch hearts and lives today and will give you all the glory and christ name. I'm in Today we begin a journey through the book of nehemiah and the book deals with building projects. And if you've been here, we mar at any time, you know that over the last number of years has been a number of building projects. This particular building project for nearby was the rebuilding of walls. And these walls had been torn down as a result of nebuchadnezzar and the attack of babylon against israel. But nehemiah goes back, he is involved in this building project that rapidly advanced and it only 52 days. The walls were rebuilt, although there was great external and internal opposition. Whenever we do something for god, there's going to be a position from the outside is troubling. But the inside is even more painful, but it always occurs. Whenever god is about to make a movement in his church, there will be a position from the outside and the inside opposition occurred because they knew that if the walls were restored that would provide protection for a place to worship and an ongoing center of revival and reformation, and so he was very worried and always worried when these things begin to develop opposition because a place were education and mentoring the missionaries would commence a place of identity that would fuel the memories of those mentored there with pictures of success that would encourage them as they went into the mission field, to reach the entire world. And so any time there is a call for revival and reformation in any time, there's a call to build up the work. There will be position from outside and there will be a position from inside. This was the case in nehemia's time, and there are others besides nehemiah working. There was a rebel who had rebuilt the temple. It already had been rebuilt. There was ezra, who was rebuilding the city, and yet the walls were broken down and needed to be rebuilt. But I might say that just as important as physical buildings might be even more important are spiritual walls that need to be built up because spiritual walls have a tendency to be broken down and less cared for. And then they'll want to read you a quotation from the book education page, 46 page. What of the book educate you might want to jot down and also read it later. These schools, these were the schools of the prophets, or intended to serve as a barrier against the wide spreading corruption. So what were the schools to be? What is a barrier? These schools were to be a wall against wide spreading corruption to provide for mental and spiritual, the mental and spiritual welfare of the youth and to promote the prosperity of the nation by furnishing it with men qualified to act in the fear of god. So what are schools meant to be walls that serve as a barrier samuel gathered companies of young men who were pious, intelligent and studious. What was the 3 characteristics of the recruitment that strategy of the school, the profit, and then look for anybody. For everybody, they look for those who are what pious, intelligent, and studious. So piety has to do with being revived, being reformed, being some unknown that desires to have a heart for god. And these were the students that samuel look for to be in the school. These were called the sons of the prophets and they study the word, the works of god, his life giving power quicken their energies of mind and soul. And the students received wisdom from above. What kind of instructors were needed at the school goes on. The instructors were not only versed in divine truth but had themselves enjoyed communion with god. What had they enjoyed? They were connected with god and had received a special endowments of his spirit. And they had the respect and confidence of the people, both for learning and for piety. So in rebuilding the walls, we have to think about education, kristen, education, and actually centers of chris and education if they are serving correctly, serve as walls to the church. And that's why we mar, has been called into existence. We mar, has been called to be a part of a building up of the walls that have been broken down within the lay of the sea and christian context. That's the purpose of the school. That's the reason every student that's here has been selected to be here. Hey man, that's the reason every faculty member is here selected to be here. And do you think satan is happy with such an endeavor? Everything he's please. So he's going to do everything that he can do. This is what he did, a D, M I as time. And he's going to devise distractions and booby traps each designed to bring the building of the wall, the rebuilding of the wall to a standstill. Humanly speaking, it's hard to find someone who would ever want to be involved in such a project. And I will let you know that when I 1st got started getting involved in this project with we mar back in 2007, 2006. This plays look a lot different than it does now. Many streets you look at had no pavement on the many of the buildings were much more dilapidated, certainly was not any interior designers that had been involved for years. Some of the chairs looked like the late 1700 And this building here that we sit in was completely condemned. They said it has to be torn down. I remember bringing my students from afco who started a meeting in the old chapel and we came over and we cleaned out the whole building by faith that it would be rebuilt. Humanly speaking, it's hard to find someone who would ever want to be involved in such a project. And God has led people here. Lead dr. Nedley here. Dr. Bill evans here. Let dale our cfo here, lead dr. Harris here. I'm remembering all these initial conversations before they were even here and by faith, i said, I see you here. And God has led them here, easy to find people for such building prophets. In fact projects. In fact, the prophet is equal put it this way in a voice of lament. Expressing god's heart is equal 20 to 30. I sat for a man from among them who would make a wall and stand in the get before me on behalf of the land that I should not destroy it, but I could find no one. God was looking he's 13. Is looking for people that will stand up and be a part of a building project, not just a physical project, a spiritual building project on the double hate it. It'll do everything he can for me, not let it advance. I mean was that we don't want to build when No one could be desired had desire to make a wall, no one that is until god found nehemiah and we see how nehemiah begin to invest in this project. When we look at nehemiah chapter one starting and verse one, read it with me, the words of nehemiah, the son of pac elia came to pass in the month of just lab. And the 20th year the I was in seuss on the civil. That was the summer palace about 150 miles away from the tigris river. These were the books of esther and nehemiah and daniel, chapter 8. We're all focused in this particular city. And that had an eye, one of my brother actually, it was his own brother, came with men from judah, and I asked them concerning the jews who escaped, who had survived captivity and concerning jerusalem. I imagine that he thought he was going to get a good report because they had gone back. He had heard that the temple was rebuilt, he had heard that the city was repelled. You probably was a salivating for a good report, but that's not what he received. Verse 3, they said to me, the survivors who are left from the captivity, the province are in great. This bright distress and reproach, the wall of jerusalem is broken down as the gates are burned with fire. And so it was when I heard these words, I sat down and I wept. And I mourned for many days and I was fasting, and praying before the god of heaven about you. But how many of you are kind of like an out of sight, out of mind, tech person, even with your relatives are not around you, don't worry about it too much. You're just kind of out of sight out of mind. But this was not what the mile was like, even though the city was a 1000 miles away. He could not stop thinking about it. He been weeping. He began morning and for many days he could think of nothing else that the way you are about god's work. When his languishing can you think of nothing else? This was nehemiah, however, because of his position as cut bearer. So the king most powerful role in the world, he could not show his emotions Because if you look sad or mad, who are overly glad that could be bad for the K. So he can zip the lip, took the pep out of the step spunk out of the trunk. He does kind of cannot show his emotions or turn to others. He couldn't talk to anyone else. And many times when working for god, you have to be careful about who you talk to because opposition can come from within or from without You had nowhere to turn to humanly speaking, but he did have some term to divinely speaking. And it was the god of heaven that he would turn to his only recourse was to turn to God with fasting and with prayer, have you ever been there where there is no one else to turn to, but god and you have to fast. You have to pray. This is what his experience was. But note, at least he had some work to turn. Can you say hello here. He believed there was a god and that god was a god of heaven. And this gave him hope and by the way to each is given a measure of they don't care who you are. Even the, even the, the most declarative atheist has a measure of faith because god gave it to him and he gave them also the gift of enmity. In fact, we now know that spirituality is ubiquitous. It doesn't matter who you're talking to. They each have a measure of faith, they each have to give them a piece that been placed within them. And it's actually hairs a ball they now can do that can show genetically how it's passed on, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker, but everyone has a measure of faith. And he had a great measure of faith. Can you say? Yes. And so he turned to God the god of heaven 1st step nehemiah took when face with a problem. The broken down was the 1st thing he did to start rebuilding the wall by faith, even though he was a physically next to the wall was to turn to the god of heaven. How many do have ever things done? One who is saved by the prayers of some one who with distant and yet because of their prayers, something happened, even though thousands of miles away. Let us focus them on the Human prayer, verse 5 through 11. For I believe it can also direct our prayers. And can lay a spiritual foundation for the rebuilding of god's wall and our own wall. So I invite you to look at the 5 elements in nehemia's prayer starting with element number one. In verse 5. Element number one, verse 5. And I said, I pray lord, God of heaven. Oh great, an awesome god. You who keep your coveted mercy with those who love you and observe your commandment. First thing he did in his prayer was not to focus on the problems, not to focus on his petitions. But what did he focus on? First, god's character, god's activity, what he had done in the past. Let me think this is a good strategy for prayer. Oh lord, I have a now great, an awesome god. Our god is an awesome god. He re things in heaven above with wisdom power and might our god is an awesome god that a tommy is an awesome god. He re, things in heaven with with power and my God is an awesome god. I mean, he is a good sign to sing all day and that's what he was doing. He's an awesome god. You're great. Oh God, you brought us out of Egypt here. An awesome god, even though who was, are broken down, you are still an awesome god. And you're awesome. You parted the red sea. You parted up on the right and on the left and no matter what's happening now, we are never going to forget that you're great and that you're awesome and you can do anything. And that's how we start praying. The spirit of prophecy puts it this way. We all need to draw near to God and he will draw near to those who approach him in humanity filled with a holy aah! For his sacred majesty. And then the before him separate from the world. So what will god do? He comes near to those who acknowledge his greatness and his power. How many want to do that in your prayer, just starting out? Our god is an awesome god. He's done amazing things. How many of you remember the things that he did in your life? How many you catalog those and you need to have them there. So you start your prayer with while the awesome things god did in my life was to give me godly parents. Who got married on September for this is September for long ago. Remember that day, dad, you had an awesome wife. Sorry about that. So we need to remember that is great. That is awesome. And what reminded me of my parents anniversary was what it says next. God, you keep your cabinet. Hello louis, how many of you are thankful for a god who keeps covenant and the expressions of keeping of the covenant that you see around you. And we will put those marriages that have stayed together and stood the tests of time because they point to an awesome god. And that word cub keep means to guard. It's a word of the word shamar. In genesis where the garden was kept and guarded by god. From corruption. He guards our covenant that we make with him because he's a covenant god. And when we pray, we've got to remember that you keep your covenant. That word covenant, not just any word to keep or god, the word covenant means literally to cut. When we have a married celebration, we cut the cake. We had people on different sides of the ceremony. We had the husband's family had the wife's family, they're cut into, but then they come together. And then we celebrate at the service we celebrate the covenant by the juxtaposition eve of the business, or I muscles in the state of partial contraction, right? That's, that's, that's a kiss that's a coming together. That's a one West movement that say we cemented in public before you and that's why we do that. The side of the cabinet, and then we celebrate. Yes, yes. And they feed each other cake. And that's a cutting of the covenant. They hold hands together like shaking hands with a covenant sign because make no mistake, that god who keeps us or god just did it because he was cut into flora. He was separated. There was a thundering of the divine powers to guard you to keep you in covenant. I want nehemia's praying that you are a covenant god. You keep your covenant. It's summarizing the entire plan of salvation. When he says that, I want to pray that way. God, you keep your covenant and God, you are merciful. My kid, my child, my son, my oldest son. He asked me this week. He said in my class, the teacher's giving all kinds of homework. I need help. And I said, what classes? A bible class. I'm like, I'm not trying to call at any teachers here, but anyway, bible class, I said sound to me, give you a strategy. I have a teachers going too much homework. You need to start asking questions in class. So it slows the teacher down the co. Becky was I don't, she didn't work. She told me she's going to talk about it later. I said, no, I gave him some more strategies obviously. But one of the questions gamma brilliant at the really, you know, during my schooling, oh man, we got some great dogs. One teacher said I can't, I can't answer all your questions. And the teacher said to me, you know, 4 can ask more questions in 5 minutes. And a white man can answer in a lifetime. That's what she said to me. Anyway, but anyway, so one of the question was the question was, what is god's mercy? That's what the, asking the bible class this week, and this is what it says. You keep your covenant got and you are merciful. Now when I looked up that word merciful, it has a meaning that I never really considered it before. It literally means willing to be put to same. In other words, god was willing to come to be cut in to, to be san asunder, to be put to shame for you To be seen as sen for you. How me say, how a lawyer that he was willing to be cut into to guard you. He was willing to be put to shame and it's because of these things that we love. God nehemiah loved god. And flowing out of that was we want to keep your commandments your statutes in your ordinances. You have done all this for you. For us, we want to do that for you. Can you say, how are you to that? You're an awesome god. You're a covenant keeping god. You're a merciful god. This drove nehemia's prayer and that was element one. It was god focus. I think we're too self focus many times and we get discouraged. I mean, we got discouraged by looking at yourself if you doubt your pride whole and you're going to fall because probably goes before a fall. So either of you in a precarious situation. But everything we need to look less at ourselves and more at god because he's an awesome god. He's a great god. He's a covenant keeping god, he's a merciful god. I say hello, Yes, this is how nehemiah started and maybe this is how you should start when you pray out on the woods this week. Element number 2, verse 6, and 7. Please let your ear be attend and your eyes open that you may hear the prayer of your service, which I pray before you, day and night. For the children of israel, your servants. I confess the sins of the children of israel, which I have, which we have sent against you both my father's house and I also have sent against you. We have acted very corruptly against you and that kept the command. That is no ordinance which you can manage your servant mode. So element number one was what? God focused element number 2 was confession and corporate repentance. As well as personal confession. You see god, here's the prayers of those who are persistent. He proved he persisted night and day. He also hears the prayer of those who are honest about their sins, honest about their sense. I think church is sometimes the most dishonest play. Come to church. Oh yeah. How are you? I'm just all just sanctify them holy oh yeah. Let me bless you. What I'm just blessed when you're really obsessed with something, you know, blessed maybe, but I mean, you know what? I'm saying. I when I go, when I was past, when I got so upset with this, I guess I'm past right now. Not said anybody, but I said, man, just give me some people that are honest about what's going on. So I used to visit a meetings or why you have a court ordered move to jail for 10 years. Let's come here. Like, what would you do? Well, I had some with my car and I, you know, whatever. I'm like, finally someone's actually talking about stuff. They did wrong and they're being honest about it. I mean you think that we should be a little more like nehemiah he was honest about his then he was honest about the problems and don't personal wall structure. Well, I'm not just rebuilding the wall, i'm sanctifying. Holy no, I got disaster going on in my own life, my family's life, and everybody else around me. That's what he says on his printer. Does that what he says? Oh, isn't that what he says? And when you look at your wall structure, are you going to be honest about it today to yourself? By the way, everybody else in your family knows that your walls crumbling You feel some of the people some of the time, but people all the time. And whoever has no rule over his own spirit as like a city broken down with our walls probably 2528. What's the condition of your wall? nehemiah was honest about his wall. He was honest about his inherited and cultivated tendencies to do evil. He said, I've done bad, but not too bad. Real bad. I've been corrupted. You want to be used by god. Be honest. You want to answer your prayer, be honest than your prayer. Are you struggling with drugs? Are you struggling with pornography? Are you struggling with alcohol? Are you struggling? As I mentioned last night with technology, maybe pornography on godly music. I struggling with anger, resentment, bitterness, i get critical. Are you complaining? Are you back biting? Are you thinking the worst about what someone says? These all tear down the wall. And the things that stop the war from going forward, do you feel powerless? Are your gates broken down? Are they burn the feel powerless to go out? I am powerless to let others in. I you close down. Near my a laid this all out. He asked himself, what is the condition, What is the condition of my own personal wall structure? You know, we have a lot of building projects that need to be done on this campus. The devil wants none of them done. You know, throw up roadblock about everything we're doing and he'll do the same and your life to. I was telling the students early when I listen to the great sermon by john, sir, i've got my humble legs. Preachers are man and the Lord is blessing them already. Through me and rapidly only 2 weeks and a half of that. If you got to preach who John was saying, you know, whatever you do something right for guy, you start being honest with god, things will happen. You start preaching the truth, things are going to happen. You're going to get pushed back. I'm once I was given a bible study in this home study and daniel 7, I knew some were going to have because daniel 7 is like one of those texts that god doesn't want people to understand. It's not about, by the way, it's not about the anti christ primarily about christ. So I was studying about christ. The dog walks across the street doesn't even own these. People don't even own the dog. He walks right in laos, he comes underneath the table and starts to urinate on my leg. I'm like, what in the world does your name? But I knew was having a great controversy. Very kind of I. So that's fine. You can go ahead and give me a little hydro treatment if you want. So he's doing that. He's doing that, and I'm acting like I'm asked him like, nothing's happened. I'm like, I'm preaching, i'm, I'm teaching, you know, and, and, and then the lady said she was like, oh, you're the one you're moving. I'm like I said because so many times my bible study and daniel silva is interrupted. And it's so important, more than 10 important than the dog this year and a on my wagon, she goes, what is wrong with you? But look, every single time we do something for god, when we start to get honest with god, when we start to say this is the situation that was going to send all kinds of bizarre stuff. Dogs will act differently than they normally acted. People will act differently than they normally, I know the person for 30 years and now what just happened. I was understanding. So we talk about rebuilding walls. We did it give credence to God, the great awesome god, the covenant god. All that. But we also need to be honest about our own issues, because when we're in the process of rebuilding the war, the devil is going to find any area in our life where we need, where we've got problems and he's going to try and take advantage of those and so we need to get him out there ahead of time. Have you ever heard of getting ahead of the situation? Just confess your sins now and get rid of them so that you can have power. I don't think you're going to cover them up. They're going to come out, especially when you're on the wall. Rebuilding the wall. Bible says, and so I'm 6618 if I regard iniquity in my heart. The word regarding it looked it up. I look up a lot of words when I'm studying for service, but if I regard was me to approve to enjoy to stare at literally to view. If I regard in liquid, i'm looking at staring at it. I'm viewing it iniquity in my heart. That so my feelings, my will, my intellect, the Lord that literally ad on either the promise people will not hear me. Why I want to hear you now because he doesn't want to hear you because you're staring something out. So he might hear you, but he can't really communicate with you because you're looking at something else. You're viewing something else. I mean see that? So if you're not honest about your wall and how it's broken down, it can stop them and notice for me and he was praying about the sins of others, the children of israel. Sometimes we don't like to pray for other people, especially if we're kind of upset them. But he's praying for other people and he's praying for his father's house. How many have problems in your own house or your own family tree? How many problems your own family tree, right? Maybe if I was present this right after a holiday, you remember these better but sense of others sense of his father's out and his own sense. This is what really struck me. I'm reading it says I have then He didn't say, you know I, I'm just part of grade church and praise god that's around that moment and we really have it all together here. He wasn't acting like that. Was I got spiritual cove and 19 and I'm spilling for the virus is all the time I have sin literally missed the Mark that word means and I've acted very correctly, were correctly to ruin to pervert, to destroy. I've acted very correctly, and I have not kept the commandments. Statutes ordinances. Public mental of wrong is something that les a to see is not that interested in That I'm rich and creased with goods. I really don't have many needs at all. In fact, I don't need to go to the mid week service. I'm pretty good. I don't need to go to the sabbath school. I'm ok. I've reached the spiritual play that I wish I could describe to you. I'm hovering above prayer meeting. This is not how am I would've acted His crying are war, have mercy on me. I'm a center i'm corrupt. You know, in the bible is interesting. You got people like david, who actually things about his sense song that the one you got, the author of saw 109 who things about how angry he got. So angry that he wanted to put oil in people's bones. He's saying about an hour for 2 people. Bo oh yeah, you're In elementary and then say, but I really was wounded of heart. The people in the bible were honest about their sense how me think we used to develop a culture of honesty. I know there's true forms of confession and both forms of confess and read that and testimonies. Volume 5, there are some things that you don't just talk about. I know I go to sometime week of prayers and stuff and people are always talking about. Yeah, I used to be in a gang doing this and that foot. Don't try and say things to people that make them think that he were really cool when that was your dad at that time. But there is an honest, how many understand what I'm talking about. There needs to be an honesty. And this was a public and mil. I mean, he wrote this down in a book David sang about it. Maybe write out a song about how bad you are And how good god is only think that might be good. And I see so my one class this week and we don't ever have this in his memory. Verse usually deliver them to satan. So they might learn not to blast st. How many over that the liver alexandria, and herman asked the saying that there might weren't, you are here that is a special music delivery then to say to me that they might learn not to busty. I'm not trying to be funny, but that's sometimes what it takes and this is what was happening with the entire nation of israel. They were delivered into captivity. Daniel, one says that god gave them into the hand of nebuchadnezzar. Why? Because before they were afflicted, they want to stray Only a captivity, they started giving us way of saying we have acted currently near mine was one of these folks. But notice this number 3 was number one. Again, god focus number 2, confession of corporate personal sin. Number 3, the claiming of god's promises only after you have seen that god's office awesome only after you're honest about your own situation. When you're set up to claim god's promises, remember verse 8th, 8 through 10. Remember I pray the word you commanded your servant, moses saying if you're a faithful, i will scatter you among the nations. But if you return to me and keep my commandments and do them though some were cath to the farthest parts of the heavens, yet I will get them from there. I will bring them to the place that I have chosen as a dwelling place for my name. These are your servants and your people whom you have redeemed by your great power and your strong hand. What nehemiah doing this prayer here? He's claiming god promises. But notice the interesting one, he claims 1st. Oh God are captivity is a bowman of your promise. You said if we did that, take your take us into captivity. Oh praise god. You did it. You were faithful to your promise. We are in captivity. How are you He was claiming this promise that god had made to them. As they were faithful, you kept your promise. Like l signs Or southern was from march, 19 or 4 puts at god had been faithful to his threatening. When his people separated from him, he had scattered them abroad among the nations, according to his word, and nehemiah found in this very fact, an assurance that he would be equally faithful and fulfilling his promises of return. Maybe the curse does not come causal. Us maybe are languishing with some physical mental emotional spiritual malady. Maybe you are really hurting, but god promises that He promises that he will correct you promise that he will hew you with his profits. How me say hallo lawyer. God for his faithfulness. And I know exactly the curse has not come caused las and I praise god for his of the affliction i'm going through right now because it's telling me that god is keeping his promise. But praise god, there deliverance would also come as a film of god's promise. You could read the the blessings and the curse, things in deuteronomy. I won't go there now, but both the cursing and the blessings are there and he starts to know hearken to the, to the, to, to the To the blessings. By the way, let me just encourage you. I read a couple statements this week, one from amazing grace. God has not left us to battle with eve or evil in our own finite strength. Whatever may be our inherited or cultivated tendency to wrong, we can overcome them through the power that he is ready to impart. Can you say hello? Yes. Whatever may be the evil practice, the master passion. What through long indulgence, bind, soul, and body christ is able and long to deliver. He will in parts of the life of the soul that is dead in trespasses, incense he will set free the captive the hell by weakness and misfortune and the change this can you say hello? So they, these are the promise is he starts to hearken to that they would bring them back that they would be able to return. But notice element number 4. He has only personal, but corporate pear. Oh lord, verse 11. I pray please let your ear be attended to the proof of your service and the prayer of your servants who desire to fear your name and let your servant prosper this day. I pray and grant him mercy in the side of this man. For I was the king's cup bear. So notice this progression. I prayed, we prayed, we desire another words, personal revival, lead to corporate revival, wasn't just I prayed it then led to we prayed as what dr. Arthur and I were talking this morning. We said, you know what, we need to revival and reformation committees. Who had the people most interested in rebuilding the wall spiritually? Who are those that are already attending prayer meeting that have a passion? They've already seen that among the students and among the staff. These are the real rebuilder of the wall. Maybe they said come together in a committee and intentionally pray. That revival and reformation will spread across this campus in a meaningful way. How many think that might be good? And this is one the AM I did. I have prayed, we are prayed, we desire to fear your name. We deserve to be willing to have pleasure into fear, the revere and reverence your name, not taken in vain to say that you want to reverence. God's name is to hearken to the 1st 4 commandments. Where his name is attached to each one of the 1st 4 commandments. We want to worship you, you brought us out of Egypt. We want to worship you because your commandments are better than your gypsy commandments. We want to worship you and not make up our own commandments. Take your name and thing we want to worship you because you're our creator and our redeemer for command. We want to worship you and become spiritual parents to others and rebuild the wall. Can you say hello you. So we prayed, i have prayed, we prayed, we desire, and then this word, i look, look up, look up everywhere, but these words are the ones they're bring it look at this when he says, let your servant prosper this day. What's that word prosper mean? One of the nuances is this. Pushed forward, pushed forward. The thought of prospering based on alyssa sit back. Let go and let god moon. When you let go, god starts using you and he pushes you forward and places you never thought you'd be before. And what he's saying in this prayer is as we pray individually as we pray corporately with a desire to fear god and give him glory to be satisfied in him. What's proverbs? 923 say a fear the Lord lisa life and he who has it will abide and satisfaction will not be visited with evil. So as we desire to fear god to be satisfied with him, he will prosper us or push forward his agenda in our lives this day. He say hello that and that's element number 5. Final element in the same versus i prayed, grant me mercy in the side of this man for I was the king's cup there. Last element, element number 5, what was element? Number one. God is awesome. Proclaiming his care was elementary to He's got a covenant. Right? For that was actually problem number one. And then true confession, right? We looked at and then climbing god's promises And then personal and corporate prayer. Number 5, pray specifically that god will move things forward in your own life. Or in the life of the project that god is called you to do pray, things like move this specific person to act in a way that will advance the rebuilding of the law. Many times whatever you want to do can't be done unless you're someone specifically steps in to help you and you have to give all glory to God. I remember when we mar starting, everybody says not going to happen. There are some discouraging people. One took me out to eat and said, you need $500000.00 for this project to move for us like so happy you think? I'm so rich, praise god for this that you would think that I said I, I have well, I know nothing. And you know what? God provided the $500000.00 just in time. But he moved on spit specific cards and people who had $500000.00. Can you say, how do you move this specific person in this case, the king to act in a way that will advance the building of the wall. Use my position in this case. He was a cup bearer. Could be a hairdresser, could be a little made near my was a lay person. Use my position, my influence to influence this person for god. A leader is someone who has influence monetary influence only go so far. The most powerful influences spiritual influence. Use my position, how me want to pray that use my position to influence someone to advance god because There's always someone standing in the way of god's building projects. They may be evil or they may be well intended. But there's always someone standing in the way of god's building projects. Someone stay on the way of you rebuilding your wall. Someone saying a way of god rebuilding his wall and that's why we need to pray like nehemiah, We need to handle such people with care. No, we actually need to handle such people with prayer. Maybe they're all walls are broken down. Maybe they're still fearful or anxious. They've never trusted god. We need to handle them with prayer. Maybe you're all walls are broken down. How many you think would be well to join in prayer concerning god's building projects in our own lives? gods building projects in our own homes, gods building projects on this campus. Is it important? I don't know how you remember some months ago and pass a tours with here that we now down out there And consecrated some land for god's building project. Remember that You think god wants to have a church here? Do you think the devil was to have a church here? Who do you want the one who do you want the one? God. How many want to start praying? Look, I hope to such a revival of gathering this on this campus. So what will happen is that So much attention will be given that will have to tell the deacon Tell the people to get no more money. Stop giving money. Because that's what can happen when there's revival, how me think the biggest need bigger than even a building. His revival, The nehemiah give us a formula. He did. What was it? God focus prayers. True personal and corporate repentance. Claiming of god's promises leading to corporate personal and corporate pair with specific prayer targets in mind. Started last night. Nick led us on the specific prayer target of getting rid of the distractions of media that are turning us down. Continue this morning with nathaniel, calling the Academy to decision, as well continued at 1030 with John shirl. Again talking to the Academy. This Message is for us as well. And I believe god brought all these messages together on this day because he wants to do something in your life. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio verse a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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