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The Sand Reveals Its Secrets

Alan Parker


Alan Parker

Professor of missions and evangelism and director of Pierson Institute of Evangelism at Southern Adventist University




  • July 15, 2010
    7:00 AM
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him I was standing when a spring finally got we want to thank you for the privilege of meeting in your presence again we pray that you will pour out you Holy Spirit during the time of WY 's mate you do more than simply arouse our emotions but may you transform our lives what we are praying that we will not leave she had the same but that you will give us that Holy Spirit burning in our hearts so that we go back to become a generation of young people that finish the work father Reese with us now with your presence we pray that you be not only with us but with those who cannot get arrived we pray for Heidi hop a who has had a heart attack we pray that you will be with that family may you look after them and Lord we pray indeed for every person that is planning on being here that you will give them whether they they make it count not that you give them an outpouring of despair in Jesus name I thank you well I must admit I am glad to finally be here we had planned to come on Tuesday evening to we my and that we got to the airport and we discovered there was a thunderstorm in Atlanta and so that it up delay now flights and they were no flights in every single flight was fully booked and we are family of five and so it looked impossible slavishly I got a first-class tickets and I said to my wife I honey I may have to go ahead and it was grassy after stay behind with the three kids but it wasn't popular and so I I thought about it and I him we we got to be able to makes than I I almost went ahead but but praise be to God that good common sense kicked in and I decided to weights and so we waited for the evening flight less like twenty four rows later and there were no seats available are we watching as they would just center along the boards and no seats and then I we got down to the end and I get some other people mistake connections and they said come Harry Harry M and wheat we got ourselves in with five minutes to go role in the plane and when we say when we got to sitting down we discovered that extra bed miscounted we were one seat we had one seat less than what they thought and so my wife disappointed on a lap and didn't say anything as I close the doors have been a walk-through and they said hold on you don't have a CHN she says believe you me I'm willing to carry the kid the whole way to be a WIC a Venice and so we made it praise be to God let's pray together one more time father we pray that you'll be with us may you take this message and use it for your glory in Jesus name amen what what I've decided to talk about is little change of topic instead of robes the sand we get a deal with today the sad reveals its secrets the sand reveals and secrets I like to turn with me to to the book of Exodus Exodus chapter two exists at the Julia a look at one of the well-known heroes of the Old Testament industrial some lessons that I believe are helpful for every young person Exodus chapter two and verse eleven in this chapter to and reading from births eleven one day when Moses had grown up he went up to his people and looked on the abundance and he saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew one of his people was twelve he looked this way and that and seeing no one he struck down the Egyptian and hid him in the Senate everywhere I go I find that young people are making choices anyway here facing choices in their life and so in-your-face choices you have choice of where to go to where to go to university you have a choice on what Posen to date and eventually marrying you have a choice of what kind of Korea to go into you have to choose what kind of courses you meditate join your time that you have so many choices and is replacing those choices in any of the wondered how I might want to go about making these choices of spaces that for what we want to do today is take a look at what Moses did and not repeat his example so we want to look at love this is like how can we not do what Moses did and so as we look at most of course he made many good choices but this particular choice was not the biggest and what I found is we tend to make choices without considering the consequences met a lady and she told me you know when I got married I would say that that doesn't work out I'll just get a divorce and it we had kids and since now I have paid for that choice my whole entire life now the choices you make today will determine your destiny that will determine how you were shaped into the image of God and how you make your choices will ultimately affect how God 's will is accomplished in your life so let's take a look at what happened to Moses a little bit of background first we have to realize that Moses knew his destiny what was Moses Stephanie had any knowledge we find verbal contracts and profits that God had told not only Moses but the elders of Israel that Moses was to be the deliverer so imagine growing up and everyone believes that you'll get to become the president of the United States like a whole family and Angel appears to your father and to the elders in the church and says mock will become a president the president of the United States and you grow up with that understanding people low about it wasn't ideal maybe not everybody knew what was an uncommon thing the people use that Moses was to be the deliberate they were watching him growing up in the palace they were waiting when is Moses got to be the deliberate and Molson knows that this is going around because his mother has taught him this you are being prepared for a purpose may be through you and ultimately God 's purpose of releasing his people will be achieved and so is he's beginning to think about this as bad as God 's will has been revealed to him he begins to think that he knows what must happen you have been in that kind of situation where time after time you have you been hearing this is what God wants this is what God 's plan and then you begin to think that you know how it will happen Moses knew his destiny but sometimes when you feel like you know God 's will you will source you that you know God 's method and God 's timing and so I want to encourage you as we go through out this weekend to do really get on your knees and thank God how do I not just fall into the same trap that Moses did how can it be that I can know none of you will but your method engine timing back seven was twenty three helps us to understand what happened with Moses so let's go to ask this is kind of the post description Exodus tells us what happened at that time but accept the seven tells us what is going on in Moses heart inside you be ready good for us to look at acts chapter seven and was twenty three it tells us he was forty years old they have to understand even hundred and twenty and he was still going strong and a hundred and twenty South forty could be translated to young adults that there enough four years old it came in two yes hots to visit his brothers the children of Israel not just what happened yeah it came into his heart he thought this wasn't something I got a plan this wasn't something that God had told that no tenancy laws is hot that he was going on visit his brethren now that wherever he went on the net which copying installing a building you can find is like everywhere it wasn't that he couldn't find it but now he's paying claims visit down to where they let now he is he is looking at what is the situation is this a strong enough group that I could build on me out of it could I take this group and children into people who could resist the Egyptians and join me as a mighty army and let you write themselves and take over Egypt to understand the thinking that's going on in his mind so he comes into his hot that he's going to go down and visit his people know this was not God 's choice this is not God 's way it wasn't something that God told that something that came into Moses hot and not as when he does this he draws down verse twenty three and since he was go to visit them and seeing one of them being wronged he defended the oppressed men and advanced him by striking down the Egyptian I want you to notice what hydroxyl profits is about this insulating the Egyptian Moses had fallen into the same aerosol often committed by his father 's work was that era half taking into their own hands the work that God had promised to do it was not God 's will deliver his people by warfare as Moses thought you understand what he was thinking of getting he was going to liberate them by what they buy it was not as Moses thought but instead it was my God all mighty power that the glory might be ascribed to him alone God 's will deliver the people of Israel God 's will Moses be the deliberate balls this takes those two things together and he begins to form his own method about how it will take place and that's what I see in young people today when Moses began his own operation deliverance he was energized not by the spirit but by the flesh and when you begin to move my own impulses when you begin to move by you on methodology by you on strategy you will find disaster because I see it with young people in Koreas based on not following God with a good motivation I'm the son of God and to do this under to do that but pretty soon after while the begin to run their own talents their own abilities to their own schooling and training and they begin to think that is dependent on man and not I got in my caring from your my foot well that's really exciting all right there we got some prayer request never stand in your break with Neil on NRS sub-Saharan life he was doing things it is all away according to the way that he thought was best and young people today I'm telling you that unless we do it according to the spirit and an endlessly following God 's plan we will reap from the flesh and too many people I see who may choice is dependent on the flesh are reaping from the flesh you are what you sow is what Galatians six oh seven since you reap what you sow and I found this a young man who believes that God has not given him the gift of celibacy and so he waits for Miss congeniality and she doesn't and he's waiting waiting and pretty soon after while he thinks you know God 's little slow yes I better start taking things into my own hands and so he starts doing a Facebook search in order to to check out the talents that exists in the great administering pool and then he goes little for that heat heat God is taking his time and such is not working I I know what this is like as when I was thirteen I had this experience I was a brand-new Adventist and I I met this goal it should show his new Afghanistan and I was glad to be in church and at first I was all about God 's will but I really got to want me to get married is how can I serve in ministry and is unmarried and so the wood does one go caught my attention and so I remember about a year late items I got down on my knees and I and I pray God I think I found the woman who once boasted that he now why I need you to do is is I just need you to confirm the site yes what I'll do on the night with a friend of mine he doesn't attend church weekly got to motorcycle racing there for my family that we would get to be on the way and if he brings up the name I'll know I was using a pagan person to encompass God 's will so that we were in the car and this guy does not get it he just does not get the plan so I start talking about church nothing I saw told you about the girls at church finally he says had whatever happened to that girl that you were telling me about I said thank you Jason etc. can you accomplish God 's will your way no when you move by the flesh you will often find that instead of God 's will be encompassed in your life you end up with a major mace on your hands now noticed some of the ways in which Moses made this mistake was twenty forty says he sold one of them being wrong now if you look at the trucks and profits it says that Moses saw this as an opportunity an open door what was he thinking it is my jazz what was going on you think if I take care of this all on the Israelites will see that I'm standing for then instead of for the Egyptians they will then trust me and they will see this as a moment of opportunity they'll throw their weight behind me and now that I've seen what's happening yet I will grab the open door this is the time that God has given me to step into the open door and to accomplish this deliverance now I want you to pay special attention to this not every open door is a sign of God 's providence just because something seems to that seems like a publicly good opportunity it does not mean that God is provided some people set now I can't believe it this and this and this happened altogether the same time I pray that it if we were to get married that she would come in in a red dress lightheadedness and then she did and it was it was just the public opportunity I had an opportunity to go into ministry over in this placement was a disaster I can understand it seemed like the best opportunity of the wealth not every open-door is something that God 's Providence is direct subsidy will set well how might you choose the you recognize that there are three ways we choose by the word by the spirit of my Providence and we can't just take Providence important rollout by itself and you can't remove praying about it carefully even though it's an open door and you can take the wood out of the situation goes away in so you have more three pulling together in order to discern God 's will and it some demos as if it was an opportunity you can trust signs you have to instead seek God how are you pulling things together yet an employee about it if you liked his of you thinking about if you're thinking about recording a person and used to bring twice a day honey times a day should you pray for times a day we tend to instead operate by open doors instead of now notice what else happened next he saw one of them being wrong and so he defend the oppressed man and of banished him by striking down the Egyptian Mullis a Cialis of the Jihad against the Sullivan justice and he felt justified in dealing with that injustice he felt a sense of justice he had good strong positive feelings going through in little endorphins were going okay this is a good thing to do and so he steps into the situation with the sense of rightness and justice not it if you want to make a mistake will you depend on your own reasoning step three on open door and then you depend in your feelings it just feels so right so he steps in and it feels good he is he is doing God 's will and he doesn't with a sense of justice throughout how can something that feels so right be so wrong you may not know this but I was engaged twice before I met my wife I was a ministerial associate Association president I was attending the college there and it was this petite blonde you want them to the campus and I was immediately attracted and so we started getting to know each other we dated and that we were the talk of the town and the it it everything looked like it was going great one night high I was out visiting my stepfather whose very young with cancer and she had come in to help out and after we had taken care of my stepfather we were sitting down together and I looked across at him and I just looked at one of the great characteristics and qualities and I just felt the strong warm positive feelings toward and IAI 's decided to go ahead yes I'm going to go and commit my life to the swollen advice I just blurted out with you marry me as she was shocked now she's a kind of looked at me on your list I was twenty and she was twenty one and it seemed okay and she moved an inch was very excited siblings on telling one yet but I pray about it but the short story it's within six months that perfect arrangement fell upon and we stopped a regrow cofounder how can something that feels so right be sorrow how can something that feels like this should just be the way it is not what you see Moses had been believing God you're in this this is my open door this is my opportunity I feel it's right and then he ended up with a mix even though he had the open door of the right feelings are you listening to me we need to be careful we don't do what Moses did notice what happens in verse twenty five penitence she supposed with that word she supposed that his brothers would understand that God was giving in salvation by his hand but they did not understand yet is the major problem he makes a bad assumption and many of us in a situation where you make a choice based on false assumptions and so you want to make a mistake on shakeup effects does I don't want to listen to the facts she is the one for me I believe God has chosen if the you don't understand it like we designed that will happen at the same time and it feels so right I had done a family that I was planning on baptizing the kids but I said I did this is one problem I know you could want to be baptized this wonderful that your son is played sports on Saturday and Saturday as the centerpieces with site once a month I said when I got you know I don't feel comfortable baptizing him when he's played sports on Saturday it means he has made a commitment to keep all of God 's commandments and he says you don't understand this we will on our way to the sports game and we were starting to feel a little uneasy so we parked beside the road it was excreted we knelt underneath the street and we said God if your mind is going to the sports can give us a sense of peace so they they pray this and any says as soon as we finish the pre- werewolf felt the same sense of peace we got up we got in the car with the sports deck will be getting a once a month ever since there's nothing wrong with it what was the false assumption that a sense of peace equals the will of God now I want to let you know that if you are making an assumption given a check it out is that the way got operates that way what are you willing to listen to other people 's advice are you willing to take it what you parents have to say you wanted to hear what would some of you godly friends and mentors have to say all you don't hit a respectable I guess this is my plan I know that God wants me to be married and she's the one to be careful so Moses G Ceballos he supposed that they would see that he was a great guy and that that Betty they should follow him shadow says we we read on the annexes to the two that he did that he will this way and that way you notice which when he didn't look to look up to he looked horizontally but even the politically he looked this way and that way but even shaken with God and that's what false assumptions tend to come in when you start dealing with your own reasoning honestly I don't even listen to anyone that's when you end up in a tragic mistake and one mistake is like a car that hits blackjack you suddenly utility wrong when you find yourself careening across the ice and rolling into the ditch and if you've ever done anything like that you know one mistake one bad choice ultimately affects your distant eye I love this quotation that I read Moses dedicated himself to the will of God but not to the God whose will it wife's genially got well I see that God 's will is on deliberate and intended to be said for a night he didn't dedicate himself to the God who is willing was because he was more dependent on his own understanding and so it's his he went and he hid the Egyptian in the sense when you act according to the flesh when I found out you always have something to cover you know you have a little flesh a procedure that United implement and you end up having to bear real motive you end up having to to manipulate the situation to conceal a lie or a half-truth so you can get what you wanted you have to backtrack on a post that you made you have to cover up the Colts on your flesh the procedure and it's just a matter of time before the sand reveals its secrets I wonder why he couldn't Egyptian right what if he didn't leave his post sticking out I mean I don't know what he did but the content you when you're doing it your way the sand will reveal its secrets now God could very Egyptian Mary Hall on lien on the trace right when God David and works but when Moses was in it he had a fleshly cause of his procedure that he had to cover up and it would feel itself and so notice go back to the exes chapter to notice what happens when he makes a critical mistake exes chapter two and noticed the results of Moses decision fix this tube is thirteen and when you got up the next day beholds to Hebrews was struggling together anything to the man in the wrong what you strike your companion any NSAID who made you a presence and judge of a rescue mean to kill me as you killed the Egyptian then Moses was afraid and thought surely the thing is known share is not the well drilled on me that Moses is expecting so you get a little worried data fighting each other this is a part of the script you got supposed to be joining another my ranks of Saint Hale Moses but you're not doing that what's wrong yet they tried to break up either cut back on smarty-pants who you think you are you to take care of me like you took care of Egyptian the other that anyone in your link and some of this is his and his son is dead this thing is not and so he is hot stuff the beat any takes over running because he realizes that the Israelites one falling him and the Egyptians open to see them as a traitor and a betrayal he is in deep trouble at all because he took things into his own hands your choices will determine your disk I remember one night it became known for me I was a theology student graduating from my four-year program and I had been dating a go for a while he probably wasn't the best choice for me and I had been slowly slipping in my devotional life but I thought that's been God 's will it is God 's will that I become a minister testing God 's will but I wasn't having the devotional life I wasn't having the time with God AI are you listening to me I wasn't connecting with God the way I should have been so even I was doing God 's will I was running on empty inside and because of the outside everything the good the night of graduation I won the award virtual leadership and sigh walked out then I got the award came back down later that night is with my girlfriend is like blood car I won this award is a great and she said to me but I know who you really are who I know who you really are that's secret of your life will become null the way you all will become knowledge if you want to be transformed into God 's image then you have to make a choice that will change thanks not to live by the appearance not to live by what I'm doing what God asked me to do but to actually change on the inside the following the God who is willing to say men and so most of us on very clever at coverups when Pharaoh noted that it says in verse fifteen he sought to kill Moses but Moses fled from Pharaoh explained in the land that million and it says at the end of his fifteen what happened he sat down by a well Nokia to me is the gospel of grace in the middle of Moses stupid because Jerry has been running he's made a mess up and God has a way of stepping in to change things noticed they took some profits page two forty seven yet even this rash act of killing Egyptian was all a ruled by God to accomplish his purposes can you say amen Moses was not in great working to get to learn the same lesson of faith that Jacob had been taught not to rely upon human strength or wisdom but upon the power of God and so God says was a sitdown by well when you talk we need some time to get this chance your mistake means that you'll get to spend forty years with God has a way of fixing even on dumb mistakes can you say amen if you missed up in you done some things that you know you should than done you operated according to freshly procedures God has a well for you I I read this great quotation I want to read it to you such experiences come to us all we rush forward thinking to carry all before us we strike a few blows in vain and it was staggered with disappointment and real black back we are afraid at the first breath of human disapprobation and we flee from the scene to hide ourselves in chagrin and then we are hidden in the secret of God 's presence from the pride of man thereof vision cleanest the silk drops from the current of a lack of self life lies down phosphoric drinks of the River of God which is full of what our faith begins to grasp is off to be the channel for the manifestation of his power and thus at last we much to the knowledge to be his hat to leave the next this God wants to take our decisions and turn them around was to switch our universities from following our own way the sun University of Egypt to the wilderness Temple University where God can sit you down by well and feed yourself to the same he wants to change you to be the kind of guy who can lead a nation the kind of person who can challenge the laces society operates and that may mean that instead of rushing a hint neither whites because what you what you awaiting what you become what you wait is more important than what you're waiting for him to say that God wants you to stop striving stop doing it your own way and simply drink from the well that he has provide my wife was on her way out to visit she wasn't my wife at that point she was my go friend and she was wondering what she was doing traveling to Africa to meet up with the strange guy on the other continents and so as she was try to debate what to do she she said Lord I I just want to put in your hands I don't want to do it my way have I been rationing it according to my own decisions and she was ready grappling with SOS using you auction to get the plane from Nancy stayed at someone's apartment and then got onto a train and subway and everything else finding that the airport was running late had these huge bags with it got to the gate and couldn't find the tickets kept looking surely my ticket is just somewhat open one compartment off after another and couldn't find the ticket anyway and so the guy at the cases sorry without the ticket detected on its paper tickets not electronic I can put you on the plane need the paper tickets and so the sheet she got down a suitcase she started crying and she said Lords maybe you don't want me to go maybe this is not your will for my life have I really headed over to you and so she knelt down next to his suitcase and and and she graciously God I am not to do it my way I I ought not to do it anymore and just rely on you by this time she also called to the apartment they couldn't find it she wanted his on the training should look through the suitcase she done everything according to the flesh but nothing would work so after she finished praying a prayer after everything else she got up and she she felt an impression look in the map is like a reluctant but she grabbed the man and she threw it open the fellow she she got the ticket she ran to the counter there was another mandate was a little friendlier he helped her up he got achieved she went for the plane she was the last person the plane as she walked in and closed the door and she said she thought of trying to get woman cry a lot and yes but this time with tears of joy why is fishing you that when she had handed it to God got a different effect is there someone here who sang God I just wanted to review away this coming onto the front to someone guesses got I just wanted that your way I'm tired of doing it my way I just want to do it the way you said we should do it discount on the front God I surrender it I surrender it to you not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the law I I want to sell it to the spirit and not to the flesh I want to be created in your image I know what you want me to do in my life I know I need to do ministry but I realize sometimes I be doing it my way I just want to surrender doubtless the five again this morning as we gather it's a WIC we seen an example of somebody who try to buy the flesh and we don't want that version of monstrous we want the second version that comes out of the wilderness prepared to lead in Exodus God made you change this group of young people over this weekend so then they are doing things your way according to your time they waiting on you put it hot enough for the Korea they waiting on you for their ministry father making lists this surrender to you may you create a name and new hot will have to use in Jesus and thank you


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