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The Valley of Achor

Nicole Parker


Nicole Parker

Wife, mother, and Biblical counselor




  • July 18, 2010
    7:00 AM
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him him him him authorities the city to be here with you I cannot speak for myself I know that you have a heart here I pray Lord that you will get through that each one will hear driveway the forces of darkness that they may not be able to distract the wall of Angels earlier this ticket away the devil and half in the winged people may be encouraged in the customer facing station we love you good morning the family of a core is our message today that is exactly what the place that achingly kill my great final devotional writer ever felt very cared and I hope that that you hear this message you'll see what applies to your heart your waistline not long ago I I I careful phone call now I get a lot of better than my work which he found some people are crying because of their own sins some people were crying because of other people think that girl was a young lady that I admire deeply I think the Lord working so mightily in her life she would homeschool beautiful virtuous young woman and just a couple months before that I listened to her share her testimony in southern for that Thanksgiving week of prayer she stood up before all of these students can testify that she was saving her first kiss from her husband that she believed in purity that God had a plan for her to wait for the rightly so now she called and she said I was raped two weeks ago the thinking is you know how we find that when she said I taken to pregnancy test this morning they're both positive and says that he can get high with them I colluded with the don't know the future I thought about asking you to figure out the future is asking you to surrender in the moon 's and whatever you surrender to him he will turn into something beautiful I told her I know what's ahead but that's not something you have to worry about what you need to worry about us Lord and I getting this situation to you because you give it to him he will through it into something you there was a time when Israel when things like very dark and hopeless because of the sins of the people because they were turning away from God and God spoke to how they and he said that I want you to marry prostitutes because Israel is causing me so much pain I want to join the pain common factor with me feel what it feels like to be betrayed over and over it wasn't fair for Hosea to go through that it wasn't fair for my friend to go through but sometimes die policy go through things that weren't there you know the story that were not near the prostitute Gilmer and over and over she disappointed him she betrayed him she broke his heart but over and over Hosea showed her consent all of this part of my that love that debt forgiveness that human heart cannot come up with on the phone and chapter to the book of Hosea I strive for he has that are going through any sense about Israel and went ahead and get your way with the Lord I'm going to cause you to suffer and sure enough it works in Hosea two percent the woman that unfaithful woman says I will go and return to my first husband for this is what I need sometimes that's not planning our pain sometimes he allows us to go through pain especially because of our sins because he wants to hedge at the way make it painful to go anywhere else but back to him and that kind of pain is a tremendous blessing is because this chapter to give me things take a surprising turn after this instead of God saying here and come back to me he says after this unfaithful woman in Sacramento back to my husband he says now I'm getting give you what you deserve I will take back my green turning and my wine in its season and I will take away my wall in my flax which were given to cover her nakedness now I will uncover the missing side of her lovers and no one shall rescue her out of my mouth and into all humor I will lay waste of vines and fig trees of which she said these are my wages which landlord versus given me I will finish it for the feast days of the bail when she burnt offerings to the adorned herself with her ring and jewelry and when after her lovers and forgot declares God 's mercy she's come back to them she said I want to come back to you and now he makes a harder and never gone through the he surrender something to guide them instead of defending blessed is he you still feel turmoil is still agonizing and things get worse rather than better finches surrender value through that I needed to suffer so much him so unfair sometimes sometimes our travel as a result of our unseen but sometimes as a result of someone else's pain or sometimes it's just a result of living a sinful world but pain and suffering are just a result of a big always been that causes pain and suffering and all that God is able to bring beautiful thing two at the end of the passage of pain and promise of revenge it sounds like not being so vengeful just like a human heart fields and they been betrayed we wanted to sound like a lot of that way but it's not because right after that he says in verses fourteen and fifteen therefore I will wear and bring you into the wilderness and speak tenderly to and they're looking for her senior and make the family of a core door of hope what is the valley of a core what is that mean the words a core is a word for trouble Hebrew the Valley of trouble and he turned Joshua setting up on the first mention of the valley of a core Joshua seven versus twenty four through twenty six I don't have time to read the whole thing this morning and but if you look in Joshua seven versus twenty four to twenty six the VI gave at the beginning has been the whole passage God has been dealing with Israel they went out to fight the battle at a high they went out without asking God if they should rather than everybody going out to the battle they set out and let limited to Jericho just a couple thousand of us we can we can conquer the city it's just a little one they go out there and they fail they are beaten thirty six men are killed and has drunk back broken hearted and then when Joshua goes to the Lord and false if one is willing was going on God says is finicky you go out and find out who's seen it in and they cast lots eventually comes right down to Aiken and once a Guinness chosen that they say are what did you do then he confessed and that's not good enough is confession is not coming heart is truly repentant or he would've confessed before the finger was pointed right at him with an bot has to have taken his family stones I believe that because all of his family must of known if it was buried under the floor of the tents all of the family knew a getting all the family are taken to the family of a core and there is some today and send on Joshua seven twenty four three twenty six concludes with with wherefore the name of that place was called the family and a core unto this day so here they are in the valley of a core the Valley of trouble what does God mean when he called the Valley of a core the door of hope because I Valley of trouble alley of something so terrible no matter how much we see well what Reagan did was really wrong it just seems like an awful place to remember that's where we killed all these people in the family and family of trouble it's a place where we saw her think of the people the families of those thirty six men wouldn't you be suffering who will never be brought back to you because of a consent finale the court or with theme that God will bring justice in the midst of trouble in my friend 's life I can tell her honestly I don't know it's going to happen this guy hasn't gotten any consequences it doesn't look like he's going to but I just you don't have to resist you you don't have to hold the senior heart with anger and bitterness in rage you have to let it teach you because God is a valuable work acorn teaches us that someday God will make this right it may seem like one person get away Scott free another one have to live with the consequences of his goodbye Jack the Valley they court teaches us that if there's someone else's signature suffering for God is just he is not going to just leave things unfair Sunday at the end of time you will make it fair that the one thing I love about the iPhone 's message we believe that there's a thousand years during which everyone gets a look at the record of what happened and say God was just now I can see the other side what happened now I see the turmoil that person went through now I think the consequences that follow them repeatedly the valet decor teaches us we don't have to hold a grudge we don't have to try to believe in ourselves like the families of those thirty six men we can trust that God will be fair that there's something that you are suffering as a result of someone else's sin you can know God is just the messenger the valley of a course that you are in trouble because of someone else's sin God will destroy and God will bless you as you go through the city but sometimes the trouble to go through because of our own sin really and sometimes that's the hardest to bear I deserve I deserve it what's the message of the Valley of acorn for those people when the devil is saying not here in the Valley to be found there is no hope for you when the message from him remember there's a difference between guilt and shame they feel similar guilt is a message from God saying that he forgive you let me wash of light is not money brings back into harmony with myself because I have the power computer at the message of guilt guilt is a message from God things done something that I can wash away Shane is different shame is a message from Satan shame that you are and there's nothing that God himself can do to cleanse but if you look at the story of a contentious emergency I have noticed then that the Joseph Joshua stand up before all the children of Israel and say who has been someone come forward and confess repent then they cast lots they comes down to this tribe come forward and repent please over and over and over God pleads that they can to repent before it's too late and if you're feeling condemns it's not God who wants to make you feel hopeless I never sent a message of hope I think the message of hope if the message of hopelessness in electric and the devil that you have knelt down before God and you've confessed your sins have repented it even if you don't fill repentance and faith I give me a gift of repentance the chief promises that he will give us repented if you're feeling convicted you know there's something that you need to have washed away but you feel that God cannot forgive you what to do about the decor gives chance after chance after chance is in place of conviction is pleading with you and there is help you through the valley of a quark becalmed at Oracle because when you've been through the valley of trouble when you see I am so sinful now I can confront you about your pride the person who has never felt terribly sinful doesn't appreciate country gone allows you to go through the valley of trouble because of your own thin value of a course the door of hope because when you come up off your face and gone with you is likely why she might know now he'll appreciate his grace now they'll appreciate his love for you his forgiveness his character and you will pour out your heart and grateful Thanksgiving to you in a way that a person who has never sent a sinfulness the company wants to make that family of trouble door of hope for you to and sometimes we face the Valley of trouble just because we live in a sinful world maybe you're struggling with some kind of effect of seeing maybe cancer maybe there's something going on in your life that at the terrible scourge in your wondering why may not really know the Valley record teaches us sometimes things happen that are not well he didn't intend for Israel to take this detour through this terrible situation but no matter what happens in this world whether God 's will is always that are not the purpose can be fulfilled in any situation as long as we surrender with my friend I can truthfully tell her I don't know what's going to happen but I had something beautiful he's going to bring as such each automotive people grow something more glorious than you can imagine as you surrender is a pain can be a gift from God Cain is not our enemies and instruments in the Redeemer 's hands page seventy one says the deepest issues of the human struggle are not issues of pain and suffering but the issue of worship because what rules are heart will control the way we respond to both offering and sometimes they think why wow you let me go through all this is making me so angry of making these are resentful no pain doesn't cause a to have terrible things in her heart it reveals and suffering right then what was already down in their so that we can see it on the tree we can go like takedown of the takedown in my heart change me into a person who is more driven to holding and happy healthy and make my goal in life to glorify you what I feel greater knots because I thought that's how Jesus lived he was a living his life continually worrying and you go through something today and that's why he can throw away that self protecting such a part of our current nature Judith could face Judah knowing that he and the trainee can choose to love him could I do that if I knew going into my marriage this man is going to be training definitely catching on you can break my heart cannot go through that and I give myself in full love to but Jesus did he loved Jesus knowing that Jesus was going to betray him support on a car God wants us to live life and self protecting were not concerned that this can hurt when Jesus can glorify you and as we make our goal holiness instead of happy he can give us contentment and joy peace and happiness that could never happen to if we still think we need to think the Lord I want to be happy don't take away this one thing I really need otherwise unfamiliar of eighteen now God has given me together that dream you have of getting married someday if the Lord I'm surrendering everything allegedly just give me that he says Hannity everything I own but but not because they want him away from you because you want to hand it back to you as a gift from him rather than something that you held onto God wants us to respond to both suffering and blessing by being right in thinking that God if you can respond to suffering well you may not respond the blessing of flowering on we have to bring it back to suffering to help you surrender instead of becoming comfort driven because of your blessing what is the valley of a court teacher we are told in Havana Valley of acorn becomes the door of hope for the Valley of trouble between the door of hope for you I don't know what what struggles are going through in your Valley of trouble maybe you're going through a divorce it wasn't your fault from an office hurting you maybe your children and lethality maybe a friend is really hurting you I know what you're going through but she's with my friend in her situation I can tell you honestly I don't see the future but I know for sure that cause the deliveries you as you surrender it to him he's going to turn this into something beautiful I don't know what he'll do but I know the process he will follow he will follow this process views surrendering and him transforming your thoughts this is especially dead redemption is a process of change changing people into the image of God and God uses any circumstances and situations you face any threat of changing you into his image as you surrender it at the God we serve to take an entire situation the great controversy between Christ and Satan look at the things going on in the horrible situation were in look at the awful things happen every day in our country are moral heartbreaking and dynamic than half now back there without leaving the garden he said don't do it don't do it don't feel they did it anyway and even trouble that is not God well can be used to accomplish God 's purpose we see that reveal the whole great controversy here God takes a situation where they went directly against a community that don't do it don't do it felt good they did it anyway right now not just in spite of your sleep but actually because of your skin the universes can understand my lot in with your design become the become flesh and heart with you in fact with you because pain is not gone in the baby Jesus was afraid to come down unfortunately he wanted to bring about his glory he wanted to show us in the universe is laughing even if not one of our kind and willing to befriend her heart to him the universe out there with understood better what kind of God will God is revealing that lets everyone can bring us through troubled because trouble is what transforms as we surrender to him trouble is one of the best tool that God has been carved into his image as it reveals to us that the sinfulness of our hearts and not have a chance to say what he see that part of you that something didn't realize the same when she can be given I can bring to you a deeper joy richer experience than you knew was possible that the credit card plan of redemption redemption takes any bad situation and turns it into something beautiful as the three hundred the Valley of trouble becomes the door of hope for for my friends the reason why she called me was because she knew my story she knew what I've gone through similar situation and therefore she had the courage to come talk to me him with my valued trouble was a very painful time for me why would God let something like this happen what are you I really had to wrestle but now I look back to England so grateful from without and when it becomes a deeper person that I needed to be it wasn't God 's will but it's accomplished its purpose going through pain makes us into who God wants us to be because it draws us to our needs it drives us to cling to it forces us to decide if you really find any trust with all my life when he doesn't look trustworthy and when we choose to trust in any way he does something so beautiful here I stand now with a tool for ministry to so many people that I could never have understood if I hadn't been through something I don't know what trouble you're going through but I know that God is willing to use this as you go through the tool to change you manage the tool for you to minister to change that's the purpose of the gospel for God to change people into his image he changes us into his image first and sometimes it seems like a terrible waste of time I think that a particular why we make Joseph got through all that time in Egypt when nothing made sense for years his wrestling with God why would you let all these things happened to me I didn't do anything to deserve it why why why but the years of going why why why and saying I trust you anyway paid off because they turned just as we needed to be they turned him into the man was safe to be exalted set position of honor without falling into pride God knew Joseph needed that kind of trouble sometimes it seems like such a waste I can't see anything good you can bring this situation God but he always came he always came because he is the God of redemption act when he got when we go into that wow willingly or unwillingly whether with our fault or someone else's fault on one of the training takeover of hope he wants to do that by helping us to go deeper to examine our sinful attitudes are simple ways of relating to that suffering Lord I'm not going to rebel if they know now not me this is so unfair don't let me go through that you want to say whatever you want like only help meet these the Valley of trouble that you faced today may be something that is because of your sins may be because of someone else's many are not in the Valley right now maybe you're just saying Lord I pray that that doesn't happen to me for me but whatever it is you're going through what you're going to go through in life just now I have time I go through this family with me enough I told my friend you know God is getting through the family last week I had the privilege of seeing her the radiant smile on her face and her little girl she centered so grateful that God is I just couldn't imagine how wonderful his plan I wouldn't want to go through that particular situation I would never ask for it I'm glad that God brought me through that he did he gave me the beautiful wonderful gift that I could ever imagine not just because of sin but actually true see God brings beautiful feet when we get to heaven were to look back at what happened in the first market buffet wow your laugh is deeper and richer than anything I could understand and don't we see in the Bible revealed that there will be I plan there is long that others can't sing because they've never been through redemption rate when I sing redemption story they will fold there we are angels never felt the choice is ours the door of trouble becomes the door of hope as we surrender to God and that my prayer for everyone of you I don't know what you're going through I got and he has a plan he's going to do something so beautiful you know when I was a dark time of my life when I was facing continual panic attack anytime and I walked behind the I would freak out panic I couldn't breathe I was terrified it seemed really darkening I think that God could be free I had this tremendous rage my grandfather stole something from me that now all never be able to get back now I can never get married because I can never have that kind of relationship with me but as I surrendered to God that I understand how you could ever bring beauty of these actions he said we seem now I can stand before you one is that married to the most wonderful man in the whole world for me for nine years and those struggles I think that there has never affected me it's just so beautiful to see what kind can do how he sets us free and I know that I'm a much deeper and richer Christian and I would've been I doubt actually if I would've come to Christ if I would've surrendered my life to him if I had been through that because it was only when I hit rock bottom when I knew there was no way out but God that I was willing to abandon to self-reliance otherwise I can take care of myself I actually need to a colony of money crisis I got into control but when I faced those situations where I couldn't make it with the only option with suicide however every as the whole God thing works I'll try that first and if it doesn't work I can only kill myself later I never had to look back because it doesn't work redemption does work the gospel always work and God goal in your valley of traveling to help you surrender more deep his purpose will be accomplished of changing images image is so don't worry about the future don't worry about what's going to happen just that will is in all interviews and everything am holding back because I know if I'm not going to point our heads from the prayer I want to give you a moment for silent prayer if there's something that you need to hand over to the Lord there's some situations and breaking your heart because the confusion of pain when getting a chance to talk with the Lord about it I'm going to close the free so grateful that your word reveals the way that I truly the greatest faculty size the family is self that the victory you give is specifically received we thank you for the promise that someday he'll likely hope you aboard now wobbling the family is now only go through the family we just rejoice in your presence was thinking more than we can trust you with whatever we knowing that you will never be never forsake us if we can hang out why you are that serenity as we face this week as we face this year we thank you for the blessings of the tools you've given up yet we have to continue doing that good work is starting transforming your repair


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