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Revelation’s Three Safest Places

Mark Finley
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The book of Revelation displays chaos and confusion at the end of time. Our world is groaning from political and natural calamities. Where can we go to have safety. Where can we go to have peace and rest. In the video Pastor Mark Finley will study Revelation’s three safest places.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • September 10, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Where can we find safety? In a time when the world is tragically unsafe? natural disasters strike, pestilence is and strange diseases afflict many, many of our friends tonight, our own ventilator is in hospital suffering. Others have died from the virus. Millions around the world. We ask ourselves, where can we find safety? Where can we find safety when there is an economic collapse? Where can we find safety? When there's political disaster of around us, where can we find safety in an insecure world? That is very, very ah, it appears today that there is really no safe place on earth. Cobra 19 is, is ravaging the globe, but not only america, but internationally. Tens of thousands become sick. Millions of people have died. The Delta virus is spreading rapidly, but that's not all. Fires are burning out of control in California. Floods have deluge cities. If you've been watching the news all this week in, in the South and even in the north west, you look at New Jersey where we wouldn't expect it. New York, i'm in New York had more rain in one hour than they have had for many, many weeks and months. Subways were flooded. People trapped in the subways to add to that the waterfalls in the east, but there is a critical water shortage in the west. Hurricane ida devastated louisiana tornadoes destroying large amounts of housing in the South. West. Haiti is struck with a major earthquake leading political commentators to say, we've never seen anything like this before. It seems all nature is out of control. But you add to that, that afghan, a stan is ravaged with chaos and strife and we see on the TV screens and over the news media that 13 service men have been killed and a terrorist explosion. You add to that, that iran, any rock are developing nuclear weaponry. India in kashmir are locked in a battle over territorial rights. The israeli use and the palestinians are constantly constantly in conflict. And africa has not been spared from poverty disease. And in conflict many south americans are, are facing in many south american countries are facing tremendous uncertainty today. I was interested in the comment to one news commentator this week as I caught a brief glimpse of the news. Some commentators said this is historic. Other commentators say we've never seen anything like this before in the history the world. But one commentator borrowed a phrase from scripture in this commentator said this is a pocket elliptic. Now you recall of course that the book of revelation is called the apocalypse. Now the crisis of our times raises some fundamental questions. Where can we find hope? Where can we find security? Is there safety from any of for any of us? Where can we find safety? In a time when the world is tragically unsafe? natural disasters strike pestilence is and strange diseases afflict many many of our friends tonight are and then to later is in hospital suffering. Others have died from the virus. Millions around the world. We ask ourselves, where can we find safety? Where can we find safety when there is an economic collapse? Where can we find safety? When there's political disaster all around us? Where can we find safety in an insecure world that is very, very unsafe? The book of revelation provides an answer. When he says when x, when, when john is exiled on the island of pat, missed by the roman emperor domission, the aged apostle writes, revelation chapter 4. We look to the word of god to get a word of hope from the scriptures. And the message of scriptures comes echoing and re echoing down the card some time and speaks to us at this time and this generation. Revelation chapter 4, we're looking at 1st one, john exiled on the island of patmos, john lonely on the island of patmos, separated from family and friends. God gives to John a prophetic vision. And John says after these things I looked and behold, the door was standing open in heaven. And the 1st voice which I heard was like a trumpet. Speaking with me saying, come up here and show you things which must take place after this. Verse 2. Immediately i was in the spirit and behold, a throne set in heaven. And one fat upon the throne john says, and his message comes echoing and re echoing down the card of time. John speaks to us. He says above the chaos and the calamities and confusion and conflicts, god still sits in throwed. God still rave. God still is in charge. He still working out the affairs of this earth to accomplish his purposes. All those satan may be the prince of this world. God is failed. The king of the universe 40th a church in prophetic vision. John looks and there's a door open in heaven. Getting claims of the eternal comes our spirits. It encourages our hearts. It gives rest to our souls. We look up through that open door in heaven. There's calamity around us. There is confusion on every hand. There is one crisis after the other, but there still is a door opened in heaven. And looking up through that open door, we see jesus sitting upon his throne. And that brings us hope that brings us assurance. That brings us confidence. My topic today is revelations. 3 safest places, revelations, 3 safest places. You and I can go there by faith. We live on earth, but our hearts and minds are in heaven. Reminded me of a story that I heard about a preacher called bob harrington. Bob harrington was called the preacher of bourbon street. He will get out of bourbon street, new Orleans, and preach one time he was preaching, and a guy came along half drunk in puerto, a mug of beer over his head. Well, that didn't phase bob harrington at all. He kept preaching. Another time he was preaching, and a guy came along have drunk and ripped out. The pages in his bible. Harrington knew them by memory, kept preaching. The other time bob harrington was walking through new Orleans, walking down purpose street, and somebody said, hey Bob, will you go in today? preacher bob and he said, I'm going to heaven. But just past mister town, We are going to heaven which is passing through town. And John says, amidst the calamity, amidst the confusion, amidst the heartache and difficulty amidst the sickness, look through the open door in heaven, and there find confidence. Well, what do we see when we look through that open door? revelation the 7th chapter. And we're looking their adverse 9 through 14, the 3 safest places to be in a time of chaos, confusion and calamity. Revelation the 7th chapter. We start there with verse 9. And after this, I beheld in low a great multitude which no man could number of all nations and kindreds, and people and tongues stood before the throne, and before the lamb clothed with White robes and palms in their hands. Now notice what john sees when we look at that verse, we see that John sees a great multitude. How many people are there? Is it a small group? Is it a small group that are there? Are only a few people there? What does john see? He says, I saw a great, what's the word, multitude, a great multitude, and how many were in that great multitude? How many were there? It says I saw a great multitude which what? No man could number of all nations and kindreds, and people in tongues stood before the throne and before the lamb clothed with White robes and comes in their hands. So many of them that No man could number the scripture says god's grace is sufficient to say the power of christ is greater than the power of satan. Where sin doth abound god's grace abound even more. There is no sin so great that god cannot forgive it. There is no guilt so burdensome that god cannot remove it. There is no habit so strong that god cannot break it. One of the worst torments than anybody can ever face is the torment of a tortured soul over what we've done in the past. The tortured soul for our sins or mistakes when our failure to the path. There are those people that live there life with tortured souls. They look back over things they have done in the past, and they seem to be able to find no peace. There are scenes mistakes and failures on them. But those standing before the throne of god that day discovered jesus as the source of peace. Jesus is the source of security jesus as the source of safety. You remember what paul says in the book of hebrews hebrews chapter 4 papers. The 4th chapter, there is no sin. That is so great that god cannot forgive it. And I know that with a group this is there's somebody here that has a tortured soul by faith. Look up through the open door in heaven, by faith. Look at those standing around the throne of god that nobody could number by faith, grasp the reality that your sins can be forgiven. Grass the reality that there is new power in christ. Look here, hebrews. The 4th chapter we find in hebrews chapter 4. These one did this wonderful encouragement. Verse 15 hebrews, the 4th chapter, the 15th verse. Let us come boldly. You know what that word boldly means. It means confidentially. Let us come confidently did the 3 loan of grace. So the throne in heaven is a throne of what everybody. The throne of in evidence, the throne of what grace. And we can come boldly or confidently to the throne of grace that we may find grace to help in time of need. Do you have time of need looking through the open door in heaven looking there we see the great multitude and as we see the great multitude they are rejoicing around god's throwed, o tormented soul, O sin, riddled soul, o one that has difficulty because there are not in your stomach, in your head spins because of the sins of the past. I've got good news for you. Jesus is still a mighty savior. And when we look through the open door of heaven, we see him. Some of you will recall reading the story of martin luther martin luther in a monastery became of course a monk in there and that monastery. He wanted peace with god. So he fasted for weeks. He denied himself for food. He became so thin that he had fainting spells, but still no peace. Still, his soul was tortured by sin. Still he felt that he was not good enough ever to make heaven. Have you ever felt that way? That the standard is too high, that you simply are not good enough to ever be in heaven. Look through the open door and around the throne of god. There is a great multitude that are singing salvation to our god. Luther felt that he was never good enough. He felt that he could never meet the standard. He said, and these are his words. I was indeed a pious monk. I followed the rules of my order more strictly than I can express. If ever a monk could attain heaven by his monkish works, I could certainly have been entitled to it. If I had continued much longer, i should have carried my mortifications to death. He would be himself, he would whip himself. But then god brought somebody into his life that give him godly counsel from the word of god. God brought a nother man into his life. My name is stell pitts and stop and said this to luther. He said, luther instead of torturing yourself on account of your sins, throw yourself into the redeemer arms trust in him in the righteousness of his life, in the atonement of his death, listened to the son of god. He became man to give you the assurance of divine favour. Love him who 1st loved you. And today somebody here with a tortured soul. I say to you as south it said to luther instead of torturing yourself on account of your sins, look through the open door of heaven. Throw yourself in to the redeemer arms. You can make it my friend, the journey maybe will. The road may be rough, but christ is mighty fav. You're the name of jesus. You can make these words made a deep impression on luther's mind. After a terrible struggle luther grass the truth of the gospel. And here is what luther said. Christ blood covers my sins in christ. I am a child of god accepting christ. I accept his righteousness that I am counted before god. Just as if I had never seen and he was able to thing with redeemed of all ages that expression. And revelation 7 verse 10, salvation belongs to the Lord our god. Now notice who these people are who stand before the throne of god. Did you notice that in the book of revelation chapter 7, verse 9 and 10, go back and take a look at that. The safest place for you to be today is by faith, sore from this earth, and stand before god throne, with the multitudes from all ages. Now I love this portion of the text. Revelation 7 verse 9 and 10. It says after these things I looked and behold a great multitude which no one could number and where did they come from? Of all nations of all, tribes of all peoples in tongues standing before the throne of the lam. No notice there from all nations, peoples in tongues will. Some of them come from the middle east? Will they come from the middle east? Some of them will. Some of them come from North korea. Some are their believers and north korea to that. We know little about right now. Sure was some of them come from afghanistan. You know, when we held our meetings in moscow in the kremlin auditorium, we had some from afghanistan come because at that time, russia in afghanistan were allies, there was after the war between russian afghan, it's in so many afghans came to russia to study in the university's and we had some afghans come to our meetings, they accepted jesus, they went back to afghanistan and started small groups that have ganeth nan, and whether we know it or not, you may have brothers and sisters today and f canister. And when you stand around that front god, you're going to stand around the turn of god with believers from every nation, kindred tongue and people, and sing praises to the Lord. Will some come from iran? Yes, we got, we have believers in iran today. Will some come from iraq was some come from albania, you know, pania was the only country in the world that was constitutionally atheistic. There was no other country in the world ever. Oxer was the authority and authoritarian dictator. They had no muslims there and they had no buddhist there. No hindus. There No christians, there was, was constitutionally atheist stick in the 19 thirty's as ad dennis we wanted to try to penetrate albania. So daniel lewis was a pharmacist in Boston, massachusetts of albanian ethnic background. So we sent daniel lewis to start a pharmacy which the l. Benny and needed, but he was really a missionary. He wasn't going to be dispensing pills as much as wanted to spend the gospel, which is the greatest pill. So, he went there as a pharmacist and he began any work from 939395939. The communist government of albania discovered what he was doing. He had 5 converts by that time, they weren't yet baptized, but they were accepted christ. They accepted the word of god. They began to keep the sabbath, and the authorities found out. They put him in prison. They gave him a 20 year prison sentence. Daniel lewis, 20 year prison sentence, he only sort of 4 years in prison because he died. It was, is conditioned or is so in, you may need, he died. His wife flora was also in person, but she stayed in romania because she was a romanian, so rather a albanian. So she stayed in albania and stayed there, tried to nurture this little group. One of the women in that little group was a woman by the name of my opi gorka. Now this little group of 5 waited 50 years when in 198520, and I with our family moved to europe, lived in england. And one of the countries that was, was my responsibility was albany, but I could never get in to try. We want, they want to be a go, but it could never get in. When communism began would fill in 1989, 1990. We were able to send a team in, in 1991 to mania. As we sent the team into albania. We began to look around and we knew where daniel lewis that lived, we knew where his 5 conference had been converted, but we had no idea where they lived, but we knew the Village. So we went to the Village. We sent a team, I was not with this particular team, we sent a team in and they found mail gorka. She had been converted under the influence of daniel lewis, 50 years before. 50 years before she had a greek new testament that she hid under her bed and she knew greek and she so she copied it into albania. Every day when her daughters would go out to their work, she would copy a scripture and give it to them to read, to encourage them. When our 3 adventist leaders met, may be gorka. When she was 87 years old, she said, I want 2 things. One I want to be baptized, i've never been baptized, but she wanted to be baptized. She waited 50 years to be baptized, but she said, I have something I want to give you. She went to under her bed and pulled out. Now you have to understand, she was on $4.00 a month pension. She had saved her tie for 50 years, and she had $539.00 in tie. And she said, this is sacred money. I've said there's for 50 years here. Is it use it to spread god's work around the world. Some day you're going to stand before the throne of god. Some day you're going to worship with people like daniel lewis may helping gorka from every nation, kindred tongue and people. That is the message of the book of revelation. We are part of a world wide family that god has raised enough. Notice we notice 2 things about that group that stands around the front of god. We notice 1st that nobody can number them, that you can be there that I can be there, but the Grace of god, we can stand around the throne. When the journey is long and about and rough, we looked through the open door of heaven and we see those around the throne of god. We can say by the Grace of god, I can be there. The 2nd thing we noticed is that they are from every nation, kindred tongue, and people that were part of a worldwide family. Now notice something else. Revelation chapter 7, revelation chapter 7. Noticed 2 other things about this group. Revelation the 7th chapter. You're looking there at the 9th verse 2 are the things about this group that are standing there around the throne of god. They sing in 1st hand salvation belongs to God who sits on the throne in the lamb. But at the end of verse 9, there are 2 things about them. First, they are close in white robes, and then they have palm branches in their hands. What does it mean that they are clothed in white robes? What are those around god's throne where the white robe symbolize that they found jesus as they're all and all white robes symbolize the righteousness of christ that covers 3rd themes and the cleansing power of christ to deliver them from the bondage of sin. Their pardon? By his grace, they are justified by his blood. They are Thank defied by his 2 in dwelling power. Here is the problem with many a christian. They look into their own hearts for assurance of salvation. They look at their own behavior to try to determine whether they're going to be qualified for heaven and not. If you look in your own heart or you're going to find is to file men because jeremiah says the hardest, deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. If you look at your own behavior, you're never going to match up. But these people are clothed with the white robes of christ righteousness in christ righteousness covers the failures of our past. It empowers us to live a godly life in the future. So we look through the open door of heaven and what do we see there? We see jesus at a great multitude standing before the throne of god. Now they have something in their hands. What do they have in their hands? What do they haven't ariens, palm branches. That's kinda strange. It is only strange if you don't understand the symbolism. What is this about the palm branches in their hands? Can you think of any time in the bible? Where it talks about palm branches where there are 2 instances that we want to notice. What in the old testament, what in the new testament leviticus chapter 23 verse 40. This is during the feast of tabernacles. Now what was the feast of tabernacles? These the tabernacles came at the end of the jewish year. The feast of the day of atonement was a day of sorrow. It was a day of soul searching. It was a day of cleansing heart. It was the day of judgment, but the piece, the tabernacles came at the end of the harvest. The seed had been planted. The crops had grown. The harvest had ripened, and the grain was brought in. So we look at leviticus chapter $23.00 and we noticed there verse 40 and there as we look at verse 40. Notice what the scripture says in the 40, at the verse of leviticus $23.00. And you shall take you on the 1st day. The bows of goodly trees, branches of palm trees, and bows of thick trees and willis of the brook. And you shall rejoice before the Lord God 7 days. So the palm trees were a symbol that the harvest had been gathered and waving the palm branches was a symbol of rejoicing. So when you think of the great multitude in revelations, 7 standing before the throne of god, you are thinking of songs of joy and glad ness and rejoicing. You are thinking of the fact that in the old testament, the palm branches being waved represented the completion of the harvest. Now can you think about any time in the new testament when also we have palm branches mentioned? Can you think of any time like that? The what? The triumphal entry right? John chapter 12. Take your bible and then we'll put all this together. John chapter 12, verse 12 and 13. God has a wonderful plan for you. And you can participate in his heavenly plan that will take place when jesus comes and can participate right now in that, by faith. John chapter 12, verse 12 and 13. We find another description of these palm branches and what we find here. You got the great triumphal entry. They are singing jose, santa, hosanna, hosanna, in the highest. And as they sing, many of them take their palm branches and they spread them before the feet of jesus as he enters into the city of jerusalem. And what we call the triumphal entry. John chapter 12 verse 12 and 13. The next day. A great multitude did we see a great multitude around the throne of god? Did we see that there? Yes. Next day, a great multitude that had come to the feast when they heard that jesus was coming to jerusalem, took branches of palm trees and went out to meet him and cried. O santa placid as he comes in the name of the Lord, the king of israel. So the placing of palm branches before jesus on the triumphal entry is simply a Ford taste of the glory that we will have in the triumphal entry of christ into the heavenly thing, to worry and praising god around that throne. As he sits upon the throne, john sees the door open in heaven. And what do we see there? We see we have 1st grade encouragement because it's a multitude there. It's not one or 2 people. Secondly, we have great hope there of security because god is still upon his throne. In above the confusion of the earth, god is still there. We need not worry because we can enter by day to day through the open door of heaven. We see there are men and women not close to their righteousness, but in the righteousness of jesus christ. If you look at your work, you're always going to feel disappointed. But if you look at jesus, he will change you by your grace and glory into his image. We see them waving palm branches and we say, lord, away those palm branches with great multitude one day. I want to shout victory. Hello. Yes. We know that No matter what conflict there is an earth. What crisis there is in earth. What calamity there isn't. Are it that victory is harley victory is heart. So some day when sickness afflict your body some day when you are running out of finances and you have economic difficulties. Some day when you are afflicted with salmon, fire flood in your imagination. Take your tom branch and wave it now in say jesus, one day I'm going to stay around the throne of god. And one day you give me victory. Where did these people come from? What does the bible say in revelation 7, where do they come from? They come out of what great, what tribulation is they? Great tribulation coming. Indeed, are these people going to be destroyed in the great tribulation? Not at all. They're going to come out of it. The trials of life one day will be over sickness, suffering and death. One day will be over, joy will fill our heart, glad nestle radiate through our beings, redeemed by the blood of christ. We are home at last home, left home at last. Before god's throne, we rejoice and were safe forever. Let's look away from the trials of life now. Enter the safest place in the universe. And by faith, stand before the throne of god. Now there is a 2nd place that's very safe. The 1st is before god's throne. The 2nd is on mount zion. Revelation chapter 14, revelation chapter 14 is divided into 3 parts. The 1st part are people's, that are, they are with jesus, mount zion. Second part is the message and it gets them ready for mount zion. And the 3rd part is the event for which they are prepared for use. And revelation 141 to 5. The people. Revelation 146212, the message. Revelation 141-3220. The event that they're prepared for. Now revelation 14, we begin to look and don't, we're not going to get into the details of who the 144000 are today. That will come another day, but we're going to look at some of their qualifications, some of their qualities. But there's one major thing I want you to see. Revelation 14, 1st one, I looked in low lamb stood a mount zion, who is the lamb jesus, and with him, 144000, having his father's name written in their foreheads. Take mention of that. The father's name written in the foreheads. We will come back to it. I heard a voice from heaven as the voice of many waters and as the voice of the great thunder. And I heard the voice of harper's harping with their hearts. And they sung as it were, a new song before the throne and before the 4 beasts and the elders that nobody could learn that song but the 144000 who redeem from the earth. These are they which are not to filed with women for their virgins, they fall the land wherever he goes. These were redeemed from among men being the 1st fruits of god to the lamb and in their mouth was found no guile. And there without fault, before the throne of god. Now where does the bible say that these people are at names they particular mounted? What is, what's the name of that mountain the there on mount? What zion? Now, when you read in the bible, the symbolism of mount zion, that is significant. Zion in the bible, always refers for the city of god. While the name was originally given to a genteel slight fortress, the name mount zion literally means mountain fortress. What does that mean? Everybody, what me, mountain fortress. So when you think of mount zion, you're thinking of what the mountain fortress, mount. Zion is the high hill that david built, his citadel on. It's on the South east side of the city of jerusalem. It means defense. A fortified place or a stronghold. Here is the incredibly good news. In the calamities of life, in the confusion of life, by faith, we can look through the open door of heaven and lead to mount zion, the fortress of the living god. With a devil's wiles can never touch us. Hebrews, the 12th chapter. The 22nd verse. Hebrews chapter 12 burst 27. In our minds. By faith we can grasp the reality that one day we will stand on mount zion with christ. One day we will find jesus as our refuge, our security, our defense. But by faith, we can live in mount zion. To day hebrews chapter 12 we are looking there at verse $22.00 hebrews 12 verse $22.00. But you now remember hebrew 11 is about the worthies of faith. And it says in hebrews, trapped 12. But you, believers, you who are redeemed by the blood of christ. You who are waiting the advent. But you have come to mount zion. And when we think about fine, what is mountain fine? Everybody is a place of refuge, a place of security. It is a fortress of defense, but you've come to mount zion, the city of the living, god, the heavenly jerusalem, to a numeral, company of angels. Now notice verse 3 to the general assembly and church of the 1st born who are registered in heaven to God the judge of all when we come to christ and are bathed in his love, charmed by his grace, transformed by his power. When we live in the righteousness of christ, our names are registered in heaven. By faith, we come to mount zion and we are in the safest place in the world. There christ is. Our fortress christ is our defense, christ is our security. Christ is our protector and christ is our refuge. Hallelujah. Noticed something that's significant about this group. It says the father's name is somewhere. Where is the father's name in their foreheads? Now you can receive the father's name only on the forehead, but you receive the Mark of the beast in your forehead or in your hand, why? hand indicates a power coercion. So the beast power will force you for it indicates volition choice. So people are either deceived to re received the Mark of the beast in their forehead, or they are forced to do it. But god has given us free will, so he will never for us the father's name in the forehead, the Mark of the beast in the forehead. One is the sign of absolute allegiance to christ. The other is the sign of absolute allegiance to the beast. One represents total commitment to heaven's authority. The other represents total commitment and the authority of the beast. One represents obedience to God, and his commands, the other represents obedience to the beast. And his commands. Here is the truth of the matter. Every single one of us will either receive the father's name in r for in the seal of god or the Mark of the B. There is no alternative. There is no neutrality in earth's last war. There's nobody that can say, hey, I don't want to vote in this election, we vote for jesus. So we vote for satan. Now, who are these 144000. The bible gives us a clue and revelation chapter 14 verse 4. You'll find that they are revelation 14 verse for who are they? revelation 14 for puts it this way. They do something. These are they revelation? 14 for. Can you read it with me? church, let's read it together. These are they, these are the ones that's going to start. These are what the ones who follow the land wherever he goes. These were redeemed from among man. No. Notice that they follow him. They are because they've followed him here. They walk in the footsteps of jesus in heaven because they walked in the footsteps of jesus on earth. They know him, they are because they knew him here. They enjoy his presence in heaven because they enjoy his presence here. Do you enjoy the presence of jesus? Do you enjoy the presence of jesus the enjoy those quiet moments that you spend alone with jesus. They stand before his throne rejoicing in that day. Because he has established his throne in their hearts who is on the throne of your hearts. We follow the y M wherever he goes in heaven. Because we've been following the lamb. Wherever he has gone on earth. Are you willing to follow him? wherever he leads you? Are you willing to follow him in sabbath keeping? Are you willing to follow him in ties paying? Are you willing to follow him in health and your diet and reform? Oh, don't, don't touch that one pastor. I mean I'll follow him in some time and in time but don't touch me. And I guess I like those things too much. Please leave. You're willing to follow him and dress and adornment. Are you willing to follow him? In what you watch on the video. There will be a group of people praise his holy name that follows him wherever he leaves. They will follow him wherever he leaves. As it says, in the book of collage and they set their affections on things above. He has weaned them from the affections of earth. Their desire is eternity. I love this reference, bio and white that she rode in an article in the review in harold april 12 1898, where she puts it this way. She says we need not wait till we are translated to follow christ. Don't you like that? We need not wait till we translate it to foul christ. God's people may do this here below. We shall follow the lamb of god in the courts above. Next word. What is that everybody? Only if we follow him here, I want to follow him here. Don't you? Following him in heaven depends that our keeping his commandments now were not to fall cry fitfully or capriciously. Only when it's to our advantage. We must choose to follow him in daily life. We must follow his example as a walk. Trust really follows it shepherd. We stand on mount zion, a place of refuge and security by faith. And as we stand and mount zion, we stand following the lamb. They are because we have followed the lamb here. Now there is one more picture that we might see. Revelation 15 verse 2 to 7. The 3 safest places in the world. The 1st safest place is by faith. To stand with the multitude of all ages before the throne of god. The 2nd safest place is by faith to stand on mount zion. And since the jesus is my defence, jesus, since my refuge, jesus is my security and decide to follow him wherever he leaves. The 3rd safest place we find in revelation the 15th chapter, revelation chapter 15. We're going to look their adverse 2 and 3. And I saw something like a see of glass mingled with fire. Those who have victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark will some people have to re over the beast they will by the Grace of god. They will triumph victory over the beast over his image over his mark over the number of his name, standing on a sea of glass, having the hearts of god. They sing the song of moses, the servant of god, and the song of the lam thing. Great and marvelous are your works, lord, God almighty. Now they're standing some place where they standing. Everybody where they standing on a see what's the see made of glass that's kind of confusing. See of glass and the sea of glasses mingled with something. It's mingled with what fire now in the bible, what does fire represent when a pillar of fire lead israel by night, what did it represent when the fire read came down between the cherubim in the sanctuary, what it represents? The presence of god. So the fire leads israel, that's the presence of god, the fire between the cherub in the presence of god. When the disciples prayed on the day of pentecost, fire came down from heaven. And what did that fire represent? The presence of god through the holy spirit. So when you stand on the sea of glass, what does that represent? Peter also talks about fiery trials that his church will go through. It represents the presence of god that's been with his people through every trial that they've ever experienced. So I looked through the open to her and I imagine myself standing on the sea of glass transparent glass that reflects the throne of god in the glory of his character. And I think of the symbolism of the higher when I say god, you've been with me through every trial. You've been with me through every difficulty and you will sustain me. So one day I can stand on the sea of glass and a victory over the beast and the powers of hell. And I can thing with those from every tribe and every nation and every people. I can sing the song, the moses. Now in the bible, there are 3 phone for both us. Did you know that 3 songs moses in the bible? One song is the next. It is 151 song as in some 90 and one song. The song is in deuteronomy 323 song for moses in the bible. The 1st song, the moses in the bible, is a song, the victory moses and the israelites go through the red sea after the gyptian plagues. As they go through that see, and that miracle is worked. The egyptians attempt to go through that see and come crashing down upon them, the sides and they are destroyed. On the other side of the sea, miriam leaves the children of israel to sing a song of moses, which is the horse and the rider he's. He's cast into that god is cast into the sea. We are safe and secure, so that the song moses is a song of victory that every foe has been defeated, that the evil powers have been vanquished, that fate him is no longer has his grip upon us. That's one aspect of the song the most. The 2nd aspect of the song moses you read is in the 90th psalm. Now the 90 of psalm, it's an amazing song. It's the song of moses in which moses talks about god's sustaining presence, despite israel's waywardness and departure from god's will. It begins in take your bible place and turn to psalm 90, and this is the 2nd song of moses in the bible. Som 90. This saw a song is encouraging israel, things it. Israel was wayward from god. And this is the song or the prayer of moses. It talks about the eternity of god man's frailty. And the 1st reverse says, lord, you've been our dwelling place at all generations. Before the mountains were brought forth or ever you formed the earth and the world from everlasting, to everlasting. You are god. So it speaks about israel sinfulness israel's on faithfulness, but the faithfulness of god. So when we sing the song moses, we are thing in god. Although we've been on faithful, you have been faithful. Although we've seen you been righteous, although we've been on Oh, you've been only and we've accepted your righteousness. You've covered arts and you've changed our life. You've been powered us. We sing the song moses, so excess 15 the song of victory saw 90 the song of god's faithfulness in spite of the israel's unfaithfulness. Then we come to do it around me. 31 now into the round me 31. And I'll summarize that for you. Moses is about ready to die, is about ready to go up on the mountain cold with the promise land. He wants to go into the promised lang, and he says, god, please take me into the promised land. Don't let me die among the midianites, among the amorites. Don't let my bones bleach in the se, in the heathen god. Take me in and gods. As moses you said you can go in. Moses goes up on the mountain hor been dies. But yet god had a better point for him. He's going to resurrect him from the dead and bring him to eternity rather leading to the earthly promised land. God is going to take them there to the place of eternity. The song of moses in deuteronomy 31 revealed what was the common emphasize god's faithfulness in that song, moses in deuteronomy 31 and 32. God as mentioned, has the rock of stability 4 times. Even as god's people chase their whims intrusted their feeble gods, and God remain, steadfast, unchanging, the source of salvation. What a day that is going to be. When we stand on the sea of glass, mingled with fire, see the reflected, glory of god. Since that god is with us and every trial and every difficulty. Sing the song to moses like an exit 50 and the song of victory over the powers of hell. Sing the song of moses some 9 d that god is with us in our own faithfulness. Sing the song moses in deuteronomy chapter 32. The god is our rock. There are through all of life when the ground is shaking beneath us. We still had a rock of security. Come with me by faith, looked through the open door of heaven. And find the safest place on earth. Standing before the throne of god. We are safe and secure. Standing before the throne of god, we know that he still rains. Come with me to mount zion by faith, the place of refuge insecurity. He will never, ever let you go. Come with me and stand on the sea of glass. Sing the song of moses. He is there with us now and forever. Let's pray. Father. At times, our view is on earth. We look where they look and we fear their fear. Sometimes we feel so weak in inadequate And we fear that we can never make it and be lost and we're going to be lost. Help us look through the open door of heaven and see jesus. Imagine help us to imagine that we're standing there on the sea of glass with our white robes of christ righteousness waving the palm branches of victory. When this earth is going crazy, help us know that you are still on the throne. Father, we pray that you would give us peace and serenity. Help us look away from ourselves to jesus. Sometimes, lord, when sickness afflicts us, we wonder if we're taking our last breath. Help us know that our life is in your hands, that you are a fortress. Your defense and sometimes we get afraid both finances about calamities and storms. Help us to imagine that one day who he will be on mountainside with you. I made the things averse to pass away. Because we are the arms of jesus christ. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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