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Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • September 11, 2021
    11:30 AM
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Father heaven, wendy, grateful that you've given us the ability to Read your word that you protected your word through the sensory says no other book like it. It has a special inspiration. The spirit is in the words, and as we listen today, we ask that spirit would translate in to our own lives and through our lives. And christ name, we pray. 20 years ago on September 11, I got a frantic phone call from a student of mine. Said pastor john, turn the TV. Turn on the TV right now. I turned on the TV to my horror, to see the world trade center burning. One of the towers and how many of you were alive in 2001, and saw that. How many we were not alive at all, you were not alive. You don't even know what that's about anyway. It was probably one of the most life changing several hours. I could not leave the television. I just sat there in horror as the 1st tower fell. And then another plain hit. And then is that tower fell. And my wife and I were till he traumatized by this. It was an awful thing to see. And then I remember after that, what are we going to do? What did we say, what, what, how, how should we relate to this? When that week I, I started going door to door, I put on an american shirt like, you know, red, white, blue. I got a, a tie, red, white and Blue tie. How many you got this kind of stuff. And I just wanted people to know that, you know, I, I was american and that I think that the American needed help from god. I don't remember going down the street talking to people and praying with people. And in just one day's time, 58 different people asked me to study the bible with that said, man, I really want to study the word i want to understand what this is and I was staying up nice god, what do I say? And then, you know, one of my favorite things is restaurant ministries. Can you say, man, one of my ministries was going to the falafel mediterranean place and they called me up on the phone. They said you got to come down here. We're afraid we don't even want to open our shop because we're, we're from, they were, were muslims, you know, that, could you talk to us for years? Come down and talk to us and they said with what, what should we say, what should we do? They were afraid and I talked to them and then they asked me to come and talk to the mosque and just amazing things happened both evil and good. Out of September, a lot more bibles were sold. Then anytime in decades and a life changed because of that huge attack on some huge buildings that represented america's economy and many other things. And the book of me and my of not unlike that because the wall had been broken down, the temple had been broken down, the economic center of the nation had been broken down. It was in shambles. And the M, I had to lead to that time. I don't know if you remember all the various leaders of the world and how they reacted. I certainly remember how they were all kind of jockeying for what to do. And I remember this. And this was nehemiah situation nearby. I had to learn how to lead leaders with tact and timing, just like our nation had to learn how to do that during the trying time. And So let's pick up the story again this week, and I want to tell you another story about september 11 at the end of the month. And today that kind of really changed, by the way, at september 11 was thinking about it Dr. Natalie called me up, I remember and you know, I don't, dr. Natalie said we were both teenagers, call me up and he said, don, you've got to come to New York. I'm going to New York. They asked me to come to do a depression and anxiety session for all the people that were near that the twin towers. I couldn't go because I said, look, I can't go out there. I got all my people here traumatized. You go out there. I'm going to stay with people here, but that was one of the 1st depression recovery programs. I've done deliberate in a very intense situation and that program has been used by god. Since then, with many, many different people going through traumatic post traumatic depressive events as well. Let's look at our message today and we'll pick it up here in the M I A chapter 2 because we were in chapter one last week. Let's go to nehemiah chapter 2, verse one through 4. Came to pass in the month of Nissan. And the 20th year of the K of king, our desert sees when wine was before him, that I took the y and gave it to the king. Now I had never been sad in his presence before, therefore the king said to me, why is your face sad since you are not sick? This is nothing but sorrow. Heart. You see nearby i had heard about the wall being broken down. He had gotten a traumatic kind of 911 report and yet he couldn't really talk to anybody. He had had it all bottled up, but now it came bubbling forth. Why are you sad? And so I became dreadfully afraid kinda like my friends down at the mediterranean restaurant any want to go out of their house? They were afraid. He was afraid. I said of the king. May the king live forever? Why should my face not be sad when the city, the place of my father, father's tombs lies away and if the gates are burned with fire and then the king said to me, what do you request? And so I prayed to the god of ellen. So here we see something as we're making a list of the things that leaders do to lead leaders. First of all, leaders have a sense of god's timing and the 1st chapter, it was 4 months prior to this. He didn't say anything had said nothing about his report for 4 months. Why does he stop now? I mean, why does it, why does he, why does he start now talking about it? Well, I've read many different people about what they think about that question. But then I just looked at the text itself. And I looked up usually every word in the text that I don't know, you know, and I didn't know what nissan meant. I knew it wasn't a car. So I was pretty sure that's now what it meant. And I was right on a car, but I looked it up in the hebrew month, nissan comes from the hebrew word ness, which means a miracle. And nissan was called the month of miracles because it was the monk that the almighty led the jewish nation out of Egypt, redeemed them from slavery. After they've been there. For centuries, nissan was the month of redemption, nissan was the month that passed over was celebrated. How guided had done all kinds of things to bring the heart of the king into line pharaoh who finally led his people go. So I know, even though I never read it anywhere, i think the reason that nehemiah said this is the time to talk because it was the month of Nissan because he knew that god had led on behalf of his people in the past. And now if at any time god would again lead on behalf of his people in the present, it was the month of miracles. It was the month of Nissan. Not only that, it was the right time they had been there 69 years. It was 70 years coming on and there had been a prophecy and there had also been that pass over. And both of these things made him confident that now he could actually reveal what was on his heart for that song by the gate there's, I just feel like something good is about to happen. Don't you know that song? I just feel like something good is in the air. You don't know that many of you do. And I don't think he was singing that song. But I do think he knew timing. He knew what god had done the path and he knew that god was about to act now and another miracle. This gave him confidence to actually reveal his emotions before the king. And the other thing that we see in these verses we just read is that he also had this in mind. He said, what did he say to the king when he asked him what happened? He said, ok. Ok, one, live forever. Now you think maybe he said, I hope I live forever. I might get killed because my emotions here, I'm the cup error and I have to be the one protecting the king. But he at cor, was saying what all I should say about everybody we ever meet. O king live forever. I don't care if it's your worst enemy. You're saying, oh king, live forever. Remember daniel, he's put in alliance then he comes out of the lions den. He's in the lions, then the king threw him in the lion's den and said why I couldn't go guess my own word really? You're the king but thank you. You threw me the lions did, and next morning he gets out and he says, what's the 1st thing you said? I don't think I would have said that they'll be sure to just be honest. Someone throws me in alliance then I just don't think I'm had on like, holy sites. You know, like okay, live forever. Like maybe okay, I'm throwing you in here now. But he didn't have that thought, because guys, people shouldn't have that thought, even towards their worst enemies. They shouldn't have that thought. They should hope that their worst enemy comes around. And it's actually say forever, how many want to be in heaven with all your worst enemy? Like 3 holy people here. How many I want them to be converted? How many you want them to live forever? That's what he says. So he has this idea. This is god's timing and he actually can do a miracle with a rather mercurial king. And I believe it's now time to allow what I've been thinking about to be know. Now did you notice how wise new me on my was when the king says why you said he didn't a straight out answer? It didn't do that. This is a very wise thing. Instead of answering the king's question, he started to ask questions. Now who is in charge of a conversation, the person that's asking the questions? Well, the person that answering the questions the person is asking the questions and he suddenly shifts into a leadership position with the kid. And he begins to ask questions instead of answer oh, this is how you in the teaching environment, it is situation you're in. When you start asking the questions, you are beginning to take the leadership. And he was very why, cuz right may the king live forever. Why should my face not be sad question when the city, the, the place of my father's tombs lives a waste and its gates are burned with fire? This now puts him in the leadership position and now the king has an opportunity to follow. If he so desires, does the king follow? He does. But notice something else. You see leaders know who the other leaders are in the room. And nehemiah knew that there was king aria xerxes. There was the queen. There was a governor's in judea, there was sandal that there was to buy or there was guess them. There was a half the keeper of the forest, the captains of the army and there was the god of haven't he knew who all the leaders were? I think it might be wise if you're a leader trying to lead leaders that you know what the leaders are. Look at the person next you. There are a leader of some type. Maybe they only see their durable, but they're leaving. They're terrible. Everybody. Maybe that wasn't a good illustration, but everybody's leaving somebody. Yes. And you do well to know who the leaders are and what they're supposed to be leading and hold them accountable to that. If you treat leaders like leaders and you're respectful of what they have in terms of their leadership, they're more apt to be working with you. One thing more apt to do that. This is why I'm always concerned with kids. They come to me say, how you doing don? Wednesday is I'm my name is dad. Right. But is that really the best way to address me? I mean, maybe if you're at walmart and don't know me and I have a tang, your says my name is Dawn. But how many do I have to you know, doctor nelly, hey yo neil, how's it going, buddy? Hey, how you doing? You don't do this. You say, what do you say, doctor natalie? Right. You don't say yo randy. You don't do the doctor visits. Right. And you demonstrate respect for leaders by using the most leadership oriented term. I haven't come to some of you guys how you doing today, admiral? I know you're not an admiral, but I'm treat how you doing pastor, because I see you in the future as a pastor, i start using names that telegraph your leadership role that I think god, my lay on you. If you want to influence leaders, use the leadership term for them. That makes sense. And this is, this is what he is going to do. You're going to see this in his language. So he acknowledge the leadership of the king, the queen, the governor, asap the captain in his writing. But he also always stayed in touch with the highest leader on the leadership chain. And who was the highest leader on the leadership chain? The god of heaven. Other places in the bible is the god of heaven is not the god of hell is not the guy the middle world. He's the god of what can get higher than that. And that's why it's called most high god. Or there are other gods and false gods, but most high god, the king's heart is in the hands of the Lord. Proverbs 211, and like rivers of water, he turns it wherever he wishes. And so we know that though the king is high up and he's talking to him, he knows that someone higher. He's the one that can help him live forever. He's the one that's in charge. And so he talks like that. And he also has a friend called ezra and ezra and chapter one verse, one of ezra said in the 1st year of cyrus, king of persia, in order to fulfill the word of the Lord spoken by jeremiah, the Lord, move the heart of cyrus, king of persia, to make a proclamation through all the room, so he knows that god, the most high god can move the heart of whoever you have to remember that. I mean, when you're dealing with leaders, you've got to remember who the real leader is. How many have any charge, strong willed children. You're basically take over the room. I was kinda like that. And I would hear my mother praying because she like, what are you going to do with don? And she's in her room, pray. Oh God, change his heart. I'm like only like 6 years a whole my dad had a more direct approach. You have a demon in you. And my research Actually told me that it's probably true, but it wasn't really. Anyway, so So we pray for by my grandfather, he would pray for me. He's in the other room. He didn't want to hear what he had to say. So it take out his hearing aids when I came in, he didn't like what I was saying. You took out his hearing aids, it was put away, and that was like telling me I don't want to hear anything else. So grandfather, what you're putting here in a way. I don't need them right now. But then he will go on the other room and he would be praying to the god of heaven who could lead me. So leaders, they know who the leaders are. They know who the most high is and they want him on their team. So 1st 5 I said to the king, if you can look at your bibles again and it's, it's always good to take notes to the weakest thing is stronger than strongest memory. I took notes today so you can do if you want not, you can watch it later. That's why you're not taking notes because you think I can watch it later. But you really should take note. I take notes on all my sermons that I listen to have you noticed that I go to the front row and I take notes for 2 reasons. Number one, I don't want to fall asleep And helps me stay focused. And number 2, it helps me learn from whoever is teaching and I can learn from anybody. Anybody can learn something from them. I meant, so I see that you all take them out. Sure, no pads. Thank you for that. Number 5. First 5, I said to the king, if it pleases the king, and if you're serving this bound favor in your side, I ask you send me to do dia to the city of my father's tombs, that I may re rebuild it. Notice he's in the leadership role. The king is now ask him, he's actually saying what do you want me to do? And now he's taking advantage of that leadership positioning. And what he say, I were to want to remind you. Or I want to ask another question of you. If I have found favor in your site. I me think this is a very, very astute leadership position. Me. You know that word favor means run, and I know you look up all the passages in advance of my sermon because you're my reader and have a lot of and you know that me dory. This is a one time he does not the whole. If your server has found favor, that word favor means literally i got so happy when I found the so many there I got so happy or you know, no one. It literally means, if your servant has made me feel well or made me cheerful, or made me marry, in other words, nehemiah was not a dead beat. He wasn't like this person, that's how that character was baptized and pickle juice, walking around, thinking about conspiracy theories and everything else and all, wait a minute. The jazz was, he wasn't like, there wasn't like there he, he, he was a person that was a professor. He was a person that when the king was with him, he, I imagine he even last. I know that seems like sac religious to some people. I've heard it all my life. Oh, you can't laugh. The bible does not teach that. Does not teach that. Doesn't mean that you're like some kind of comedian or something. But near maya had found favor found favor in the king say they had a chemistry. And it was pleasing to the king and then noticed what he does. Building on that positive vibe, he says, I asked that you send me to judy to the city of my father's tomes that I may rebuild. We have had the times together, but my tubes are my father's or not, they're not taken care of. So there's this mingling of merriment and then what? pain and the scripts, the kids like, wait a minute, my friend who's always so upper vest and who's always so happy he actually leads the court with happiness. Now was sad, but now I understand why because he's gone through a broken this through a pain. How we think this is just brilliant? No, no one thinks it's bryce. This is brilliant leadership, brilliant leadership. And you know, he doesn't talk about, well, I want to go back to jerusalem. No, he doesn't talk about that because jerusalem is seen as negative. It's seen as a rebellious city. That's why it was torn down. That's why they took it over because they weren't paying their tribute because they cozy up to the kitchens and they were not listening. So he didn't mention, i want to go back to jerusalem. I have some philosophy. He doesn't say that. He says, I want to go back to the father where my, the tombs are and he doesn't say, oh yeah, I want to send some people back in. He doesn't say that I'm going to send, you know, like, like, and the steve to go back. No, no, no, no, no, nothing. Get sandy and Steve, if you're here today, but he says, I will go back personally. This is a personal thing with me. If you want to have leaders to listen to you, then be willing to take the leadership. I'm going to have people call me say look, i've got this idea for we mar, i've got, I don't know why they even come to me. I mean, you know, I guess I'm kind of a leader, but I'm not like the leader of we mar gasoline or we weren't. But they come to me. They say, listen, I said, so how invested are you in the saw? I got some friends, it'll do it really. I don't even listen anymore. It's like, I don't do that, you know, but I say, you know, maybe if you write out exactly your plan and how you're involved, we'll talk about it. And so this is a leadership primer, this book say look, I'm going, I'm involved, i'm got going on again. I want to bury my fathers. And by the way, he had to be careful with his king because this came before and ezra chapter 4. And you can look there if you want ezra chapter 4, let it be known to the king that the jews who came up to you have come from jerusalem and rebuilding there are values and evil city. Chapter 4 of a city. This king is a rebellious city. Harmful kings and provinces as chapter 4 verse 19. It is found that the city in former times is revolted against kings and rebellion and this and have been fostered in it. And so this very king had before gotten letters, hate mail, emails, text messages from people in the region. You know what he had done before. He had said, 1st 21 of chapter 4 of ezra. Now I give the command to make these men see that the city not be built, stop building, the city, stop building the wall. So this kid before had shut it down. And that's why nehemiah had to be very careful and attempted to leave this liter because he had used his leadership after the sad things down. But notice as rich after 4 verse $21.00. Now give the command to make these men sees that the city may not be built that notice the next words till the command is given by me. I'm not in words as right. You know, as when am I like their buddies? You know, they would go out to eat together. I don't know that for sure, but I think so. And they knew this. There would be a time when the command would be given to restore and rebuilt. Now look at verse 6, then the king said to me, the queen also sitting beside him, how long will your journey be? And when will you return? And so it please The king to send me and I sent, I sent him a time. Now this is leadership point number 4 leaders since when it's time to really share their heart. And we've already seen that already. This is the right time at Nissan at the time of miracles. But notice the king is with his queen. Look, if you're talking to somebody at their, with their wife and they seem to be getting along well, right. Then this is a better time than if they're fighting with their wife. Hello. Like and by the way, when I looked up this word queen, it's not the typical word for queen. This is actually a word that means the queen and the king were intimately very close at this time. An intimate relationship and other words, kinds of goal relationship and other words they were very involved with each other and the intimate way and they were in a good mood as a result and somehow nehemiah picked up on this. So he's the cup error. After all, can get thirsty, i guess all over the house and he knows that also the king is drinking I mean, did you see this before when you're running my he's actually drinking. Now you can say that the king is doesn't drink alcoholic why? I don't think that would be accurate knowing my, the history of person. So he's is kind of lost in the South a little bit. He's feeling good. And he has an openness and flexibility that he normally doesn't have. And neal my and knows this how me think it might be good to know when people are a little bit more open and flexible before you come with your grade proposal. He knows that and he understands this about what's happening. And he also knows that the king likes to, Well, how long are you going to be gone? I don't like it when you're not here. And he sees all these dope and you know these, these, these dynamics. And so we choose a lot of motions to be seen and the king and queen they pick up on it by the way. Leaders also have plans in place long before they have any conversation. You know, in any given week I'm just saying myself as, as a leader, i might, I might write 5 or 6 sermons a week last week I, I wrote 5 service. I'm preaching one sermon this week, but I, I wrote 5 or bible studies because I'm always thinking, what does the congregation need, what to members need? What's gonna happen if they asked me this question? What's gonna happen if they get me in the corner and start to beat me up over the vaccination or no vaccination? What am I going to do? What does they think vaccinations the Mark of the beast? What am I going to say? What if they listen to an another preacher i heard that says it's the Mark of the time I can relate to that. Now you're really interested in what I would say, right? But I'm not saying now, but I'm just telling you I'm telling you I have like 5 answers for that. Ok. And leaders are always doing that. They're not, you don't watch a football game and they go, hey, let's just, let's, i think up some place right now in the huddle. Ok, you just go left and right and over there. Know your watch the NFL game. They practice like all week. You don't have trick plays that just happened by acts the practice did. They have a plan and leaders always have a plan. Right? That have to wait for openness and flexibility. By the way, dictators. Dictator types are not very flexible. They always say it's this way and this way, only not very godly position, but this is the picture picture that dictator types are very autocratic. They'll say, you know, use, i'm the only one that makes it says no talk anyone else. And this is the way this king was, but he had a moment of openness. And the AM I knew that. And he moved in look over 7. 0, by the way, he knew what god, why him to do. I'd say leaders have plans in place. He had 4 months to pray fast and, and not been wasted. He wasn't just like, oh yeah, maybe I'll go to them off. Know he was fasting, he was praying, he was thinking, having plans made and I got to tell you for being involved here. And we were, this has been my life. This is been my wife for a decade or more planning, thinking, praying fast thing for this play. A spend the only thing I got for the last decade. And this is so important to understand that if you're being called to leadership, so important, it's the same thing used to do with your kids. How, how am I going to deal with this kid or that kid or this student or that student? Every leader does this, that makes sense. Every leader does this. So he knew what god wanted to do. He knew why god want him to do it. He knew who he needed to talk to for it to be successful. The guy who had shut down the project and he was just waiting for the right time to talk to him. He knew all that stuff. So over 7, therefore, I said to the king, furthermore, i said, if it pleases the king, let letters be given to me for the governors of the region beyond the river that they must permit me to pass through till I come to june. Give me some letter mandate letters that say they have to do something, but I know exactly who it is. I know where they live. I've got their address. I got the email. I got, I know their d n A structure. So everything about these people and I'm, I need help with this, you're the person in authority over them. I'm going over them so that you tell them what to do. I need your help, and I know specifically how I need help. So if you're, if you're trying to lead leaders, you lead you transfer the leaders who lead those other leaders because you're leading, you're being led by your leader. You didn't follow that. That's why we take these messages. You can look at it again. So letters leaders anticipate and plan for potential opposition letter to the Governor's baez's passports, memorandums of understanding being put in place for this no small task to do this thing. Because the devil tries to mess up everything he doesn't want things to go for. And he always will be, he has his little letters who got his little emissaries. Right. God has is to know thing is that god is in charge of principalities and powers. I L song i teach people and I'm counseling them. You know, I'm saying more often to people in counseling sessions, i just sent to them. I know you This is gonna cut down at the request for counseling. I know but they never remember of the stuff I say. So I sent it to them. And one of the science i see to them you are come, plead in. You are plea. You are comb, please. You are truly who is the head of the prison? So pal, t and po. Who is the head of prune t? Paul? Think about that verse. Don't think about, I just saying, think about the verse. Think about, I started to high, closer to the most, i guess, but started to high. But think about that 1st. You are complete in who, who is what? Who is what the head of what, how many all principalities and powers would you believe that? Then you have peace. A man. You don't have to worry about what other people saying about you. He's in charge of that. You might have circle back. Not about you about him. Oh, it's obvious. He have to move the hearts of a few people. They're acting like dictators. Manipulators, commentators, agitators all the taters. My wife has a great children's stories. She tells where, you know, she comes up with all these paid taters that are dressed up concentrator agitator, manipulator taters. Right? So there's always these taters and you got to wait for, you know, for god to bake those potatoes. So leaders anticipate a plan for potential opposition. Number birth Date of birth. Isn't this rich passage look over say a letter to asap the keeper of the king's force that he must give me temper. He missed me timber to make bein for the gate. The civil pertains simple and for the city wall for the house that I will occupy you know, like ok. And the king granted them to me according to the good hand of my God upon me. This is powerful leaders now his leading this other leader like that, he put them in this question. Anything. And then he goes ok. Now that you're listening, here's the list. It's almost like he pulls it out of his pocket. He, i've been thinking about this should go through it. Now leaders that are spirit lead. They know the materials they need and they also know where to get them. He'd been on Google that morning. He'd been search of it all out, will probably not. It didn't, it didn't have technology, but He knew asap was the keeper of the king's forest. He knew that they may beams. He knew that the city wall needed them. He needed they needed a house. He probably had the architectural plans here it is And leaders that are spirit let are not afraid to ask for what they need, even from pagan people. They know they're asking is very important. Not only for them, but for the people they're asking. Because many people in this community and anywhere in the world, they have no purpose. They might have a lot of money, but they have no purpose. They have no plans, they have nothing to do consequently, or press and they're suicidal in their homicidal and they're genocidal. And they're, they're just, they're, they're in trouble and they need a plan. And if you come to them and share something, I'm just like nelson was talking nelson nelson was doing last night. He said, look, I want to have a 1000000 people handle glow in Philadelphia and I need $25000.00. And so he goes to someone who says the person says that that's great, right? Check. Now listen to this belie the gospel shining from the cross of christ, rebuked selfishness and encourages liberality and benevolence. It should not be, this is from the night volume of the testimonial. Page 254. It should not be a lamented fact that there are increasing calls to give god and his providence is calling his people out of their limited sphere of action to enter upon even greater enterprises. Unlimited effort is demanded at this time when world darkness is covering a world. Many of god's people are in danger of being ensnared by worldliness and covetousness. And they should understand, listen to this, this is one that it is this mercy, that multiply demands for their means. It is what mercy that multiplies the man for their mean object that call forth benevolence, and the action must be placed before them, or they cannot pattern on the character of the great example. So you should actually be asking people for money, for god's plans and purposes. You say, you know, over there we mar, we're working on these different things. God is moving, but we need more money. Do you have any money to spare? I got some friends that are going to school and they are doing a great job. They, they love the Lord, but they're running out of resources. Could you help sponsor that? Do I do this all the time? And when I put it before people guess what? They say why, Yeah, I think I can do that. I mean, think all of us should be doing that. How many think all of us have been doing that? I mean, I know that's the development department. No, no. Why don't you get developed? Why don't you care about the students to maybe even tell them I'm praying for you and I've raised funds for you think that would cause more accountability, know that the government do it. Let's get a pell grant. Let's get along. None of this is the way to neutralize leadership ability. If you help people become leaders, you're influencing leaders. If you say the government's going to do that, none of them don't do that. Does that make sense? I'm sorry, this is so rich and by the way it says there's the principle in christ. Life is this principle about christ's life. Same same paragraph where a paragraph before the principle illustrated by christ appeals for benevolence is give, give. And this is carried out by actual benevolence and good works. It is true fruit of the christian life. But the principle of whirling is get, get. They expect to secure happiness, but carried out in all its bearings. The Fruit is misery and death. So people that are saying, I'm just going to say my money get, get, are the exact opposite of give, give, i mean say for the people that give to this church. I mean, think of the people who give to this institute. This is the spirit of christ. They might give, not just money, they might give them time or whatever. They have some people who have money, but they have something more valuable is themselves. I follow me. And so in the story, leaders know what materials they need and where to get them. And they're not nervous about asking about it. Because they have a boldness that comes from god. They know that they need that and god's work needs it. But they also know that person they're asking needs to be needs to be ask. I'm asking you because you need to be asked. You think I understand that very important. Notice on the my acknowledges who is really behind the giving in success. What did he say? The good hand of god was upon me. All this came as a result of fasting and prayer. The only reason I'm talking you is because god led me here and I'm giving praise and glory to God. He's the one leading in this discussion. The good hand of god was upon me. First night I went to the governors and the reason behind the river and gave them the king's letters. Now the king has sent captains of the army and horsemen with me. Look at this, the king now because he's been asked not only gives resources but says, look, even though you and asked for, I'm sending captains with you and some in the army with you. Well, how do you think that's just great? I'm I might help a little bit. I got a police escort. As I'm going back to this is because this is wonderful. But it also shows that the king's has now his might have flipped. And he's allowing me a my, actually god to lead through nehemiah and he wants to say, wait a minute, that's not says your project is my project. And since I gave all this investment to my force to my lumber, to all these things, I want to make sure you're protected. So I'm sending the secret service with you. I've sent in all these people with the, the army, the navy, the reins. I'm sad on them all the seals, they're going with you And now he's leading those leaders. I mean, he's in charge of captains of the army leaders, acknowledge other leaders and speech language they can understand. Here are the kings letters, and here am I with his army. Wow. Verse 11 through 16 i came to jerusalem. When I was there 3 days. I rose in the night and I had a few men with me and I told no one what my God put my heart to do at jerusalem. Nor was there any animal with makes up the one on which I rode. And I went up by night to validate the serpent gate, the refuse gate. And so I'm looking at basically the Valley. I'm looking where the serpents come in. I'm looking at the refuse and other trash iep, whether broken down in the gates that were burned with fire, and I went to the fountain gate kings pool, but there was no room for an animal for the path. So I went up in the Valley by night, viewed the wall, then I turned back, entered the Valley gate. So our return so goes into the Valley gate comes back to the Valley gate and the officials did not know where I got what I had done. I had not told the jews, the priest, the novelty officials or others who did the work. Leadership leaders often lay plans in secret with god. First. I often do that because you want to have a surprise element. Right. You know, just practice your trick plays in front of the opposition team. You don't do that because building god's wall 1000000000 for guy, whether spirit or physical creates controversy. Once I was on a church, we had a building project going on. I got a call to go to another church, large church kind of was thinking I would go because you know, lot church was larger i'd, I'd be more important. All kind of self is carnal reasons. But I was like now guys going to show me assigned about this. So I go back to the church and I want to tell you all the dynamics, but there were dynamics and I went back there and this guy says to me, he goes, you know what? Because of the way you been past or I'm taking $30000.00, I donated to this building project. I'm taking it back. I was like a good a. But it kind of got me going like wait a minute. Maybe I should go. People are pulling money out of the building. Fine. So then I went into the restroom and there's another guy there and he says me, you know what, pastor, i really appreciate the fact that you're taking a stand on this and that. And I just want to ask you, is there anything I could do to help you right now? He was a very wealthy guy. So you could actually do something really good because what is that? And I said, well I, I would like you to give $60000.00 for the building committee building program right now. Right now. I mean, I can't way that has been out. He goes, that's done, giving his 70 i was like, why didn't I asked for a 100 the so I go out, go out and I go up front, you remember the stair? I go front and I now to get some good news today. Our building fund has gone up by $40000.00 today. This confused both man, the person that pulled up $30000.00 like what and the guy that gave $70000.00 was I what I thought, I guess not they were both confused. Anyway, this is, this is how it operates sometime and you know what god works and that building was built and many souls have been one as a result. But sometimes you're going to face opposites and you're going to have to maneuver around people to try and dictate everything and they have their own ideas and everything. You still love the people, you just realize they don't have really a clue about the big picture right. Anyway, So leaders take the time needed to get plans and priorities also in place. He went out, he looked at things, they do a lot of pre work to get their followers on board. He rested for 3 days. He investigated at night. And he also identified the people who be doing the work. They didn't even know that yet. But guess what? It's going to be the jews. It's going to be the price is going to be the nobles, it's going to be officials and I others. He had a list here and even talk to him yet why? Why have a list of things? I think some of you should be doing and I will be talking to you soon. But anyway, he, he leaders always. They see that and they see other leaders and your husband house was like this. All those testimonies at the funeral. Yeah, he saw something to me. I never saw that he would see people and their talents, and he was a great way. I never saw more blind people in one building and then in and then at the funeral, all these people don't hire addresses of the world whether I mean it's of all these people. But the big thing was added that he saw leaders before they even side for 17. Then I said of them, you see the distress that we are in how jerusalem lies in wait and the gates are burned with fire. Come let us build a wall, jerusalem, that we may longer, no longer be a reproach. And I told him the hand of my God, which was good upon me. And also the king's words that he had spoken to me. You see leaders are able to crystallize, look at that statement for 70. They're able to crystallize action statements that elicit rapid reaction work. You see there's a stress that were in jerusalem lies waste. That gates are burn, that's a summary of chapter one. That's a summary of all that stuff. One chris statement then he says, come let us build the wall, jerusalem, that we may no longer be a reproach. And I told him about we got a gun. So look, they crystallized statements that lives at a rapid response. Come let us build now because they can't let the enemy now catch up. You gotta keep going. You gotta keep going. Now. Right? You get so many that anyway, motivated by. Look, we don't want to approach. Look, the timing of god is definitely in it. Let me tell you what god has been doing and telling them stories of the activities, the hand of god last nights, sermon by nelson with a master class on that. Look at what god did look what he did. Look what he did look, act, and every was like, wow, I can see that guy was leading. Do you know how god has been leading your life? You know, how is leaning towards the plans that he would have for you? Are you able to take away that if you want to be a leader? Yeah. Than that, that's what you need to do. That makes sense. So they said, how did they respond? verse 18, let us rise up and build, let us ask and they sat there. Oh they had cut us No longer his job. So our him to say let us notice what happens then. Opposition? verse 19, but sample that and cor night to buy the ammonite regression, the air permit, they laugh at us. They despised us. And they said, what are you doing? What do you rebel? Now it's not about us. They tried to make it personal. This is the biggest tech to get the devil. Always personalized stuff. Oh, you're trying to have a power control or you're trying to set up something to take over. Oh, you're trying to rebel, this is directly from the head of hell. Always attempting to frame things of personal power graphs. What are you doing? And so I answered the verse 20, the Lord God of heaven will prosper a very short answer. Quick, short power for we're motivated by the god of heaven himself. It says god of having himself will prospers. He already had prospered. Remember that word prospered may from chapter one. He will move us along. He will push us forward. He's the one to push this here and he's going to push us over the as he's the one leading. This is a very powerful noticed his language. Ah, yes. He will prosper us and we are his servants. But you have no hair. It is a writer memorial, or if you were here from the beginning, you have no idea what you're talking about. You're not born again. You're not even a part of the heritage spiritual heritage or you wouldn't be talking that way. Very interesting. And we can see these principles. You see leaders know which liter, so listen to and what's to ignore. The god of heaven will prosper us. He'll move us along, and sometimes people are not worth listening to Or at least allowing them to, to direct things, direct things as they would. We, as servants, will arise, we will build Until you're born again, you're not going to be a part of what we're doing. Have you learned something about leaders leading, leading leaders with tact today? Now let me start finish. Finish with that story. I was going to tell you, september 11th plane hits one of the towers and then hits hits the 1st tower and there's a lady there. I can't remember what floor she was on. But she was below the plains at him. And the police officer walked into the room. Security comes in and says, billy has been hit by a plane and hit by a plane. And though worrying the engineers designed the building and biplanes, it's going to be ok. So to stay here and we'll just get things under control. And the lady said to her friends, we do not want to listen to that guy. We're not listening to his leadership. And the other said, no, wait a minute, he knows. No, no, no, no, no. I'm telling you we need to leave right now, and we're not going to go by the elevator. Let's not go the elevator. Let's just go downstairs. And the lady been assistant lee screaming people. You've got to get out. You've got to get out now. And the officer was saying, you're going to have a stampede on the stairs, you're going to hurt people. And the officer was saying that and they said no, we're not listening to them. They went down and another several other people fall them to 25 people. I think as I recall, they went down, they went out of the building, I started to run down the street 2 blocks and then the building fell down. And that's when they really they followed the right leader. But you want a little behind the scenes story That young lady or that lady who was working there had been raised. The 7th day adventist, she was not in the church. She left the church. She was listening. The guy wasn't listening to his leadership. I don't know, there's always kind of reasons people get for lead on the church And even now people trying to get people leave the church or just bizarre ideas. But she left whatever reason. But she remembered something and she remembered. She remembered all those boring, family worship that her father had a lead, and the boring family worships where he had made them read through the testimonies through the bible and then the testimony and every day it's like, all right, it's time for a testimony. Treasure Kind of disrespect to the leadership of dall tad, just resent it that day. Well, target has she suddenly remembered one of those family worships of testimony, volume 9, page 11, to 13. And that those pages said there would be at the time in New York City, when buildings would be, it would be hit with fire and they would say we could put it up with the fire trucks would be unable to put it out. And this worship came to her mind just like she just had hurt. She probably didn't even listen while she was, you know, listening. But god brought it back to her memory and she told her what else we got to get out. We got to get out. We got to go And then we said, what were they said by god of heaven who gave testimony to his church? How we were thankful bible. We thankful for the fair prophecy. How we think to the principles of leadership, whatever you take from this message, just remember there was a king, there was all these governors, everything else. But the real leader was who and him I hooked up with god because of that he was able to get to a very trying time. You guys many of you are going through try and time. Some are true, try and times some of the distractions of the dell And guy wants to get through it. The only way to get through it is by not only knowing who the true leader is, but following that leader And using that information to lead others to escape the fire and the furnace ah, be prepared for board a. This media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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