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The Man of Romans 7

Norman McNulty


Devotional talk #4 given on July 22, 2010 in a series of 5 talks on the book of Romans given July 19-23, 2010 at the Community Hospital of SDA in Port of Spain, Trinidad.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 22, 2010
    8:00 AM
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him us him and then join sharing another around and thought we were early on our fourth study I can't believe it I soon we have covered some high points us we discovered the power of the gospel Thursday from Romans chapter one and what it means for the just shall live by faith and the next day on Tuesday we cover it the faith of Abraham in Romans chapter showing that here is an example of a just man who lived by faith and that is not just for him Alanis for us also if we believe the same way Avery is yesterday we talked about the justified life what it means to be justified by faith Romans six shows a when we are justified by a cleared deck this then we have been raised to walk in newness of life the way Christ was raised up from the dead so that is what we as thus far in horse that even before we get into our study reveals a pattern heaven is this game is studied from your word buses now is the unit room six in Romans chapter sent me enlighten our minds as we study a friend using Sarah on the basis that so far when we come to the end of Romans chapter six that we see is that you have to option because what Paul has presented in the book of or him through the first half of Roman chapter six is the cause of justification by faith once he has laid the foundation for justification by faith she sure has that you are either a servant to send for a servant of God unrighteous now the Korean War for serving plate in the King James version is actually slain singer obscenity that Aeneas later than best Landon God in his right now they must labor to God Scripture says Maya is why Satan and make it appear that may not explain to him that in the easy way out on the fun way again zero what is really a hard task master he realized that she is the one that causes pain and suffering in this world and seventy times God yet blamed for what Satan is true that God will that Satan is the one to talk this pain and suffering sadly what unit rounds setting inverse excuses now you know that to whom you yield yourselves servants zero they just sermons you are then you may weather of sin and death or of obedience and righteousness as if URS in this weekend the result is that if we are instead and we obey the Lord that is righteous and in Romans six eighteen him me free from Sunday became the sermons and writings now those of you who here yesterday and he remember what being free from sin can also be translated out in Romans chapter six percent that means enrollment services for seventy three and the marginal reading freed from sin it actually means just like San Ramon since taking one is being then made free from sin you became the servants of righteousness what is saying is when you're justified by safety are the servants of righteousness therefore if you are justified by faith you live a righteous life that's what Paul is teaching and then he continues on verse twenty for when you were the servants of sin you are free from righteousness another was when you were sending you to live a righteous life because US waived aside and then notice in verse twenty two but now being made free from sin and again in danger of being made so and becomes servants to God 's ways to go you have your fruit on the holiness and the and everlasting life the notices when you're free from sin you are justified which means you live a holy life and the end result is our last because of Christ is done for us and then with the famous first rooms at twenty three that we all know that now in the semifinals as for the wages of sin is that the gift of God is likely as Christ our Lord so notice what happens when you are a slave to sin you get paid for your wages are set how is in the same so many to think that what he has to offer is not when his pay scale is that him why am the pace failure on them at all the same that the same song is now notice what job we don't earn any sessions of the things that because we've all got however is starting that we must surrender life completely to the Lord and being in the crucified with rice when that happens God is yes and when you consider what God is ever not by sending Jesus to the earth he's not asking a lot for us to surrender our lives in fact he's doing us a huge favor because he knows that we also render a life that God the devil 's going to give us a KCl at the end of our lives and that payment is that in the Lord doesn't want to die so he doesn't let me give you a free and yes the only condition is complete surrender to an outdoor in work-at-home rooms the Romans after the winter is as I said yesterday this is probably one of the most misunderstood chapters like respective ways really say I'm a worry I see is that Romans seven does not contradict Romans a lot of times people read Romans six and six of things at the San we don't live any longer therein that's nice but you have to understand that this will accomplish the Romans twelve lets you appalled really saying something because obviously God speaking through Paul does not contradict the Bible is a unified themes will start in Romans chapter seven personal not rather interesting to them in the long hell of a lot him on this eleventh pause writing the Jews in Rome primarily these students know the ten Commandments is the law have dominion over you as long as you live send thousand one hundred and notice the illustration is asserting her and her students is for the woman which hath an husband is down by the owner husband so long as you when the husband be dead she is leased from the longer mother Nancy cc NovoLog marriage for specific amount there is something so thou shall not commit adultery that what he's speaking here is when you are married and he uses the illustration of a woman he does this for a very good reasons you see a woman marries a man now that man becomes you have an as her husband is alive she is down by the law of marriage according to Scripture since they married to Paul is using this as an illustration is actually not trying to give a sermon here about faithfulness in marriage on the local side is important and too many people today don't regard the sanctity of Americans out of the business side is not as where he says that the husband means that she is loosed from the laundromat as long as you live it down in writing that a few guys she can marry someone else does voice and her three sentiment while her husband when she be married to another man she and alters that her husband the dad she is free from that law so that she is marital to be married to another man I is Paul using the law of marriage as an illustration here in Romans him worse for him therefore I run he also argued some death of a long line of body of Christ you should be married to another even this can prove is raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit to God all things to remember what Paul said in Romans chapter six twenty said knowing this that our old man is crucified with Christ the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin do you realize that when we are sinners following after son enslaves the sin we are married to the old maps and the only way to the liver from this slavery is the is the old man to be crucified when the old man is supplied Paul is teaching here spiritually speaking we become married to Christ that here's the key point highs does not commit adultery if the old man still alive right your life justifies status and this is a spiritual thing is the amount of the life crisis in America because three people that argue proud of her marriage is not the bottom line three people are too crowded for American right will not marry spiritually speaking someone accesses to be married to him that is thoughtfully merited the old man and that is why all says in Romans six of these are old men him herself I was surprised the body of sin might be destroyed and this also makes one is that we should be married to Christ was raised from the dead that we should bring forth fruit in the gut remember we talked about in Romans six first that why is Christ was raised up from the dead by the war in the father even so we also should walk in newness of life since Christ was raised from the dead when we die this we are resurrected to walk in newness of life by the power of Christ and we are snapped in that new laws by being married to Christ spiritually speaking and obviously in a human since we have thousands in the spirituals can you imagine a better companion I value that holds office who is your slave master and you down carrying a thesis and at the end of your life you die because you were married there is if you surrender your life to Jesus Christ and stay faithful to him he will give you the free gift of everlasting life so why is it so easy for us to want to stay married to the old man I believe is a standalone power of God that he has available so continue on catalyst is a number of things and were going this starting in verse fourteen is the crux of the matter what we've seen and the underground system you're either a slave to sin or a slave the righteous when you're a slave a righteous is a major married to Christ which means that you have the best possible companion you can ever have a new life that is jettisoned and you're basically living as if you are in heaven here on this Earth is your marriage in the all set here in bondage to sin and eleven miserable life the end result being payment of this note is what Paul says here in verse we know that the law is spiritual that I am carnal sold understand now this is where people get confused about what Paul is people think of Polisario that he is carnal sold under a sense of us the way we all are Wallace sure that we could be like them what is it mean if you are sold if you are sold and callous thing when I am Arnold IMS waves as soon as you shout in Romans six that if you are a slave to send your payment is that now now he's going to explain what it lights to be carnal sold under sin or being a slave to sin this first fifteen for that which I knew I allow not what I wanted that you are not but what I hate that does that sound like a description of a slave absolutely slays don't get to do the things they wanted to and they have to do things they don't want that's what it means to be a slave to sin you know in your mind what truth is what righteous one being a follower of God is like that you're still married to the old man and so you white crime when he has offered politely said the editor this lets you percent of the old man that gives you just a little bit of a novel that makes you want to stay with the old man election even where you want to eat delicious hot and we want to do is you find exactly what you want five the most was the rest of the subsidy after you don't want that she was reversing you just want 's me because if you're married in Christ Christ but actually forgiving nice the people anyone find that so you don't want that little part you want you just want to try keep that little little part that you can be in the better than at the end of the day like you know what what do you possess what is the newest latest the Christ you're not very different Christ not in control of your life so you do the things you don't want to be and so they nice the people you want to your non- you don't help out the lesion about and so carnal sold understand and you know the Christian church says praise the Lord this is my Christian experience on the way to have Paula sang a hero 's life is in your payment will be that the view of this why she's describing these the when he was a slave is not yesterday speaking of the present sense but by the time he wrote this he had moved on to victory Cindy continues on anything I need I wish I was not concerned while that is good now than it is no more I that do it but sin that as well as many people say seeing thousands within the amounts will have followed really saying when he says is no more I send soon as your math is surrendering your life soon since then controls your life Sally's US Lane percent send users in the master so your slave master does in you what you don't want to do and doesn't allow you to view what you wanted it you surrender your life to say him a and he continues on the right have in the nineties in my watch well known to his will is present with me that how to perform that which is good I find not in tears of the net definition of our human flesh we have a desire when he says for to will is present with me that means we have a desire to do the right thing that we don't have the power to that's human flesh and how do we get around that we want to want to not do in that it was weak through the flesh you flash is he knows when it is right and one video that doesn't have the power to view it God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flash that the righteousness of the law might even help in not outside of in the water not happened was that the spirit you realize that we don't have to walk after the flesh you realize that we don't have to have similar master Christ is sinless life giving us an example of how we can want in this life even we flash we are married and who is raised from the dead so as we come to the end of Romans of Shem and coming on down paltry in the idea that in verse twenty house number I assume that will mean it doesn't assume an inverse twenty one aces I find them a lot and that when I'm with you to get evil is present with me that he's describing someone who knows what is right but is still married to the old man try to widen the logon after the inward man so this is someone who delights in knowing that him him him surrender otherwise complete him twenty three but I see another law in my numerous warning against the law of my mind and bringing me into captivity loss which is in my members in verse twenty four wretched man that I shall deliver me from the body was that you all identify with that statement in verse twenty four we can all identify with that you know the gospel is good news is that we don't have to stay that way it would not be your knees if the power that job opportunities is here in the best as the rest your life is to say how you will save you Jesus came to save us I anyhow is where the ratchet comes from the great mortality risk is that there's only one other place and in all of that word is found in worms found revelation the feature-rich reason doesn't have need of nothing and knowest not that thou wretched miserable poor blind and naked did you realize that Romans done surprisingly as is different about the way the seamstress and Robinson the man of Romans seven those of you from any civil unrest I must aid the same idea things I don't want to do the things I don't want to send Laodicean church believe that they have the room and sentence and so they don't need anything else they think they had righteousness of Christ praise the Lord uncovered with his righteousness even though I keep some Jesus is actually if your reps of microphone seven urinary him him I write him a set of God 's people here price marking up endorsing them at the door and not let me tell you need is not as an outward covering is an inward righteousness as well and got cable statement now ironing on your righteousness I don't want back and got a student 's people a day she wants us to have the experience of having the righteousness of says life fulfilled in us who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit and matter is in the experience that the power of God is offered each one of us today how many of you would like to have that experience with you


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