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There is difference between ten rules and ten words.



  • October 11, 2021
    9:00 AM
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10 commandments. Are they 10 don't? Are they 10 promises of something more spectacular? Find out on this up as up of inverse are coming to you from silverspring, maryland. Welcome to in a bible based conversation on my principal contemporary issues and thought provoking. Just in can with in you guys are on inverse. My name's justin kim and in a studio i got my friends were in the book of deuteronomy. We've already done episode $1.00 and $2.00. And if you can go to inverse bible dot or g, you can download the bible study guide. You can also go to a hope t, v dot orgy slash inverse and look at the past episode. And you want to be with us because we're looking at these themes that really goes throughout the book of deuteronomy and boy, is this book a doozy. It's, there's a lot going on here and that hey, sebastian is gone. So You see this, this book is wilderness experience. People zone in and There's a lot going on, so we're going to do it on the 5 due to me 5. And as I mentioned in the opener, we look at the 10 commandments, and our sister kelly was saying like, hey, I do wonder what it is that which one is it ok. And they 1010 don'ts and too often don't get this. Yes, these are 10. Do not, laws not show, not, and there's so there's a, there's a problem with that. We're going to talk about that. So kelly, pray for us and we'll jump into the discussion today. I must pray, father and heaven. We thank you for the gift of your word and the gift of this time and the gift of your commandments and the gift of your holy spirit. I pray you guide us. Open our eyes that we may behold wondrous things from your law. And we see your heart and we trustee you will help us to be our experience because we ask in jesus name, name, name in. And especially going to toronto, me chapter 5. And when I look at the, the 1st 5 versus there, you won't actually get into 10 minutes. You guys can read that, or you can look at your local government building and see if it's there or not. Right, well that's when the news these days about 3 minutes, they think it's more of an imposition or religion on government or not. We're not going to talk about that. The moral code for today on me. So not moses us about the reverse reversed one is of moses on him you 5 and moses called all israel and said to them here, o israel, the statutes in judgments which I speak in your hearing today. That you may learn them and be careful to observe them. The Lord God made a covenant with us in horror. The Lord did not make this covenant with our fathers, but with us, those who are here to day. All of us who are alive, the Lord talked with you face to face on the mountain from the midst of the fire. And I stood between the Lord and you at that time to declare to you the word of the Lord for you were afraid because of the fire. And you did not go up the mountain and he said, and then you see the 10 commandments there from for 6 onwards. So jonathan, there were 4 chapters before. And can you kind of maybe recap a little bit on that for those of you guys who are with us, perhaps I was wanting to go and see it. But also what the why, why does god do that and why now into 10 commandments. It's kind of the question i'm getting. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, we've been starting on really looking to drop me and seeing this is moses his last sermons to the people israel kind of his last appeal to them before to enter the promised land. And so he starts out by just kind of laying out the history of what has happened over these 40 years in the wilderness and in relation to you know, them between god and how it's are some of the more mundane things like how did they organize themselves with elders and leaders and so on. But then he also goes into some right away really into some deep subjects of, of you know, your relationship with god. You've broken it, but god has grace on you. He's willing to work with you as you have seen over all these years. So he points back to remember, remember, remember what happened. And then he also goes into the topic of idolatry and says, you know, there are things that you can make an idol. And, you know, on our, on our discussion here we, we thought it is not just, that's true. It's really what we choose to go to instead of going to God and it can be anything I can even be good things and but where are the sections lions on me? And now we into the on the chapter 5 in the, in the course of, of, of the book. Moses now of course, recalls the time at mount sinai, were god established a covenant where they were given the 10 commandments. And it's an important reminder because this is really laying the foundation of, you know, relationship with gotten relationship with other though really this is what we see here with the inverse to us as the Lord God made a covenant with us in horror. And what's interesting is that most really is bringing this new generation of it, right? Because this 40 years have gone by, a lot of them have died. He's saying, you know, you were all there, even though some of them were not there. He is pointing to, to the importance of remembering that this relate, this covenant was not just established with parents with them and everyone who calls himself, you know, justin is really interesting to know, Right. Build building off of jonathan's inside there that there never called commandments. Right. It's just like this is what he said, right? These are his words. This is the words of the covenant. Yeah, I mean you actually heber says 10 words, right? In English, we do kind of make the 10 come mind. Right. It's interesting because even even taking that concept right, changes the spirit behind how you view them. Right. And got, puts them in the sort of transcendent, you know, condescending communication like yes you will do is you will do this. And this is the covenant is me commanding and you submit an AC. We're saying Yes. And so I think that understanding this in the context of a covenant builds off of our and the sold one about the relationship emphasis. These are the 10 words that god is saying to you. And this is what's going to be the terms of our relationship. Not so much you command because you don't command a person you love, right? In that same sense, right? When your son is young, you me guide and you know, tried to demand obedience. But as you progress in that relationship, that's not the nature of the relationship. You always want with your son is open the chapters up today. You really reflect for me presuppositions. These are what sunglasses, what colored glasses do I put on? As I read this text to read the story. There's a lot of people who read who put on his glasses and it's like, god, god, god. And then he put on his glasses and then they read the god complaining again, and he's got a power train. And then we mess up again and then in and then this, this relationship is getting horrible. He's whining. He's remembering every single time that I didn't pick up the garbage every time that I didn't pick up the kids from school every single time. I mean, august, maybe august, and then at the apex of that like and now the 10 rules, this is like a final like this is the final, you know, if you don't mind it, then you're caput right? That's one set of glasses that many people, unfortunately. Yes. And then there's the other set of glass the way you put on. And it says, god does re court all those times. You messed up here. You messed up here. You messed up here, mr. Peer. And this is why you need a covenant where now I'm going to do, I'm going to give you 10 words and promises, right? And you're going to be able to do all these 10 things. And I'm going to flow through you. I'm going to give you a new heart, i'm going to do everything for you. All you have to do is stay in the covenant with me and be part of relationship. And now let's coast from here, right? These are the 2 experiences that we're lee. People have when reading the tax. Right? Yeah. So it's often, so hi, Mr. Sometimes you need to go to the doctor and just get a new pair of sunglasses. And those classes often get clarified by other parties, knowing that it reminds me of this concept that people say there's a difference between i'll swing to my kids, the difference between being blind and legally blind. And this whole idea, they're like, legally blind, like you think you're blind or you're not blind. Well, you can be legally blind, right? According to the law. And I feel like in some sense, people read the 10 commandments legally blind, right for them. They're blinded by the legality of what it is like. All this is the 10 commandments. This is the law. And this is blinding me from seeing that this is the values that exist in the person who is calling me. As we've seen in the previous chapters, to love me with his heart, who's saying I'm giving you these things for your good always. And you can see this right in any relationship that, you know, each of us could tell about a time where we talked to a person we really cared about. And we gave counsel in advice to protect them. Which is why we were asking or suggesting what we were suggesting now because we're trying to control. But because we're trying to protect what we have, just add to that, you know, lee went like that lustration. Interested little tip for bible reading, especially in the old testament, is that god and in the office of the bible, they sometimes don't just say, you know, straight up exactly how things are they tell stories and through stories. Sometimes things are communicated between the lines. They're not written and spelled out directly, it's like the hebrew way of thinking and you know, the next birth number 6, if you can look at that real quick, chapter 5 or 2 on Yeah. Versus heart of the 10 words. Okay. The 10 commandments. I am the Lord your god, who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bonds. These 10 promises begin with the fact that god did a merciful and gracious act of salvation, right. And then we find an exodus temper 20th. Well, so, so we see a beautiful picture here to the foundation of it all is love, the foundation of it all is Grace. The foundation of it all is that god took the initiative to take those who are in slavery. You know, it's every physical, the israelites, but us and flavor of sin, all of us. And I'm here to save you. I saved you like I did this for you. And because of what I'm offering you and revealing to you my character here through that experience, you know, I'm showing you a better life. This is what the better life can look like for you. So, so god is inviting them, he's not forcing them. No one had to go out of Egypt, they could have stayed, they had a choice, but god is inviting him through the beautiful revelation of his character, saying I, I'm freeing you from that. And so that's how we need to read these stories and understand that gods care of as a character of mercy and grace and love. And when he tells us some of these things that we have done wrong, as he said earlier, there is a purpose for the purposes us to understand that we have a great need for him to remind us. It's like, he's just constantly trying to remind us, I love you care, i'm going to help you feel come, because you don't want to just do it on your own. And then just to kind of give an example of, you talked about these 2 ways of approaching the 10 commandments of the 10 words. And it's interesting how much the tone of something can change. And so kind of the 1st example or the 1st sunglasses, often that he mentioned is reading the 10 commandments. And a very commandment centric waiver, judgment. Heavy way of I'm the Lord, you're not going to do this, you know, allowed to do this. You know how to do this. Also, you know how to do this and he's going, there's a difference between that and I'm the Lord your god, who did all this for you? And when you enter into a covenant, let me tell you what it's going to look like. So you, you won't have carved images. You're going to observe the sabbath day. You're going to era on your parents. You're not going to take away lives. You're not going to covet and the tone is filled with promise and was hoping like, look at the light that you'll be able to enjoy when you're in covenant with me versus obey me and do what I say. And just even that tone and just the changing of the sunglasses, as you said, it changes it from just a very judgment. Me centric me pulling myself up my bootstrap's mentality to man, god really wants to give me a wonderful life here on earth. In covenant relationship with him, it's almost as if for us to appreciate all these blessings that god has. We really need to embrace how we are unable to do this by ourselves. I'm then right and we have to know how miserable condition your, how sinful we are. And he expresses that from chapter one through 5, saying, hey, you messed up, you messed up. You didn't you messed up, you messed up, you messed up. I'm with you the whole, but you keep on messing up. Hello. Hello. And the solution isn't try again. Yeah, exactly. And then our human nature says you've got to buck up and try harder next time. Say let's go take a break right now, but we come back when to look at what promises the fulfillment of these 10 promises. What does it look like in reality, in a christian's life? So say what this is in verse, just in case I have interest in a blessing. Do you have questions, comments or feedback you'd like to lever? Find us on social media by searching in booth bible on Facebook, twitter, instagram, or youtube. While they're joining like us product sums up a handle again, is inverse bible know faces. Now back to the discussion, ah, welcome back. We're in deuteronomy chapter 5. We're looking at the 10 commandments. We established that the 10 commandments are not necessarily command ms, but they are 10 promises. And as kelly co share with us, let's see out a little bit more. What does it look like these 10 commandments living with this? It's not that you will not come in on to all 3, but hey, what year your, your marriage will be such that there will be no one tall tree. Yeah, exactly. It's the same exact like look how great this is different. Yeah, yeah. And something actually we talked about recently and that will see as we go throughout, but these are kind of a table of contents if you will, for the rest of the book of deuteronomy. And that can be kind of weird to seek, doesn't literally say is the table of contents for what to follow. But we can see how each commandment is it because you do wish like the bible would do that. Honestly, we do. Yeah. But as others have been reminded, that is not our mindset. What is? Yeah, yeah, it's a good thing for give you the sometimes. And so what I mean by table of contents is each of these commandments are repeated in a sense and then expanded upon. So in the 10 commandments, it just says, you know, no car damages and but then there's sections where it talks about what it actually looks like in the day life. And that's where we get the list of rules like you want this. You want that you will do this and it's an expansion and even it really helps us better understand the principle behind. Because we might understand the commandment of like, oh, just to that one thing. But over that one thing then not bringing the commitment. But just as love comes from the heart, so does lack of love and so does disobedience. And so it's the principle and the motivation that springs up in our hearts that either keeps or breaks the commandment. And so I just kind of see that as we go to actually want to say that although this is a hebrew book, jude iranian was kind of has a greek element to it, just just the player to play the advocate advocate. So dude, or to me, the word deuteronomy means the 2nd law, right? This isn't the 2nd addendum to the law, but 2nd time the law is mentioned, right? And it's a way that in genesis through, through numbers, you have all these wonderful stories, the hebrew stories and narrative. But there's all these laws sprinkled in in these narratives. And what dude or army does it takes each of these laws out and re codified and re organize it in the table of tank, the table contents according to which of the 10 words it is. So it's very amazing, like we know thou shall not kill. So all the laws regarding war and murder, accidental murder, they're all in that murder section. Really pretty self explanatory. I think that makes sense. But they have like the unclean and clean dietary laws. I mean, where do you put those? If there is no 10 commandment, thou shalt not eat pig, right? But they're actually in the section where you don't take the, the lord's name in vain. So very, very interest and then a very interesting thing is there's other other, other stuff like you shall not wear cotton and wool or some not mixed them together, but that's in the adultery section. And so just li, just like them, just give me example. Yeah. You're and so when you're reading through this and you don't know the table costs and you're just like, this is where I go. Yeah, it's random through the end. But when you see the table comment, you see the sections, it allows for deeper, deeper, deeper insight. What's the principal, what's your principal here? Yeah. And so there's, there's the wall and the cotton should be mix. It isn't some, you know, and I don't, I don't know what the around, but I know know there was a application, a place to live for component to that law back then. Yeah. But there is mixing going on. There should not be mix, it should be pure, but there is mixing going. And so that motif is not within adultery where a husband and wife is pure and you should have some extra do or extra lady out there mixing in with, with the purity cotton. No, cause actually just go the man that's and so just gives you a little bit more more insight clear dietary laws in terms of not keeping them in vain. How does that work? Right? Seeing those connections just really been flies, all of the laws and then you go back to the narratives of genesis. The numbers are like, whoa, it's cool. Yeah, it kind of goes along with the instruction and we found it around me as well. Talking about the, the parents telling the children constantly about the things and got, provide all the stories, the duration i got your curriculum, the curriculum. And because you can talk about your clothes and tell them about, you know, not committing adultery. Really. It really? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, and another aspect as well. So I think it's god is very much knows how the Human mind works and what we remember we don't really good with remembering lists really good remembering story. And so god, this is a beautiful thing. When you look at the how to what was written and not just the book, a drawn on me, but throughout the bible. God put this together in a way that is best for humans to comprehend and get even though we might some passing, like I don't get it. But he actually got, has a purpose for his all, you know, and I would even argue running, building off your point, jonathan, that we've all been in a, a situation where, and this is often happens sometimes between justin and I is like, you know, just saying something but it's not what I'm hearing. Right. And it's not because just being confusing, but it's because I'm filtering with justin is saying to my own thoughts and experiences right about what he's saying. So if I've had a negative experience with leadership or commanding or rules, then when you say you shall not, I'm interpreting your words in my, my own already on. Yeah, exactly. And so there's a lot of times where I have conversations with just the people who be like, wait, but that's obvious. And he loves to tell the read spice you the read spice story where like where eating at some mediterranean restaurant is I wonder with this, this is in my conser read spice, right? He's introducing this awesome awesome restaurant. You say this is a favorite restaurant. All the time, you know everything about it. I'm is my 1st by me. I don't know what it is. Here's a read, but he's sebastian what's despise. And he responds read spice. But he's saying it without any hint of sarcasm and he's, and he informed me he's educating me or that is a read by the most obvious thing. Thank you for let me descriptive. I have no idea boys in the red color of the spice. So it's one of those things where you're, we take the 10 commandments and we're filtering god's words through our own experience, right? Our own perceptions and this is where, you know, family life shapes the way I see the 10 commandments parental leadership, church leadership, community leadership, right? shape the way I view the 10 commandments, and this is where you will eventually going to get to this in the next chapter by teaching your children when you walk, by the way and etc, etc. Is that we have to 1st recognize our assumption in our experiences that are influencing the glasses. Because I'm the people who say like, but that's all I got like, how are you going to tell me that my experiences are and I'm, I don't know what you're saying, Right. What are you discounting my experiences? That's all I have to bring to the table. And if those sunglasses are wrong, or faulty or the the prescription is, is off. What, what do I do? I think the biggest thing to remember is we're not even saying we don't have sunglasses. Like literally, every single human being has an experience that or many experiences that make it hard to see god as he really is. Because he so contrary to human nature, sinful human nature. And so all of us aren't expected, like anything we're talking about to fixture on sunglasses or take them off themselves. It's more of coming to God and say, lord, maybe I see it. Maybe I don't, but I know that I don't see things perfectly. I know that I'm informed by my life, by the good, by the bad, by the in between. And I need you to help me to see things the way you want me to see it. And that humility of coming before the Lord and say, opened my eyes that I behold wondrous things from Yeah. And so that is a requirement for people and on this table for everyone listening because we all have sunglass yeah, this is this. Yeah. You know what I really appreciate about about the way to the headboards and the promise is given. Right. Given the fact that god is not calling us to say, you know, I come and I will promise you God, I will do all the things. Right. God, I'm actually calling to say come trust in me and my ability to fulfill my promise to you. I'm going to like I, you don't come with your promises you trust in his promises. And so these 10 words, these 10 promises are yes, they are not moral imperative, but they are also promises that god will fulfill in your life when you get into that covenant versa to when you recognize that he said you were 6, these are the things that will happen in your life. Consider how most people enter. Some people, enter relationships, right? We call them like gold diggers, right? And they're just like, I'm just entering in for the benefit. But it's like if you want the religion would ultimate benefits. This is the person to come to. Ultimately the 10 words are letting you know, here are the benefits, right? This is where your character is going to be. Your marriage is going to be happy. You have parents, you're going to live long in the land, you're going to be able to enjoy prosperity for a longer period of time. No murder, there's no sadness, no gossiping, right? Which was in the murder section, right? Of the laws. So you're just thinking like, wow, like these are a benefits that come with this. You know, why would you not sign up? But for some reason, it also reveals that we in the world, the value character, we do value these things that ultimately make for our happiness. Right, how many wealthy families are torn apart by violations of the 10 words? And it's just like, oh, you got so much money. You're, you're famous, but your family is broken right. Your marriage is divorce after divorce up the divorce, adultery, intrigue, idolatrous practices, etc, etc. As I find the basis of all these promises, in the 4th commandment, you see in verse 12 observed the sabbath day to keep it holy as the Lord God command you 6 days you shall labor and do all your work. The 7th day is the sabbath of the Lord, your god in it, you should do no work. You your son, daughter, male servant, female servant, box, donkey. All your cattle strangers within your gates, your mail server and your mail server will rest with you and remember. And then in exodus 20 a uses creation as the basis by here and do on the 5 users redemption the base brush out these 2 great enormous events of history. The creation of god says let there be no life. Yeah. And then god, god comes in and then you know, go away gyptian and you like are these is left and right foundations for like will you please believe in me that if I can do that, you can also do here. Are going to think about one of the town bound when I have my devotion. And my question is, what is that? What is that? What is that? It's a conversion. That's right. And that's where it was transformation. It's changed and he only thought, and he already told us in chapter 4 that you know, he says if you give me your heart, yes, yes. With all your heart. Yep. This will take place. So we see righteousness, the faith in the dude around him in the 5 books of love in the old testament law clearly laid out in a beautiful, complete picture in connection with god's words 10 words and promises. We see that the god of the new testament that everyone loves is also the god of the man. We enter into the tax to end in the verse with our experiences. What experiences can change our experiences are transformed. Our heart is transformed, our eye is transformed and we continue to interpret scripture. Scripture interprets us and we re interpret scripture. It becomes this back and ebb and flow with the bible. That's my prayer. Hopefully that's your prayer there as we continue our journey in the book of deuteronomy. When I go to inverse dot inverse bible dot origin and download our bible study guide, we'll see you next week as we continue this wilderness experience and now flushing out the 10 commandments found in these laws. And how impacts are part relationship the Lord jesus christ. Sir, ah, ah, ah, you've been listening to invoice a bible based conversation tele rodeo ro. Jonathan was the fashion braxton dachelle. Justin kim, the invoice is brought to you by the whole channel. Television that change his life more by episode in hope to Find us on social media inverse bible until next time. This is invoice.


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