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The New Covenant

Jevede Harris


Jevede Harris

Medical student at Loma Linda University



  • July 24, 2010
    10:00 AM
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him wanting him to send us a exam one of those hazards and be here this Sabbath on the pleasant to see you on as well this morning we would be sentencing briefly the topic and your comments I share with you briefly why I chose this topic last year in November we had a Bible boot camp and one of the prevailing questions that linger I thought was what is the new covenant on how July how do I teach this truth to others how do I explain it to others so this morning were going to take a brief look at what I consider the most precious promise in the word of God 's lawyer heads with me I would identify the court in heaven thank you so much Lord for this one it's betrayed Lord that you will do much one thing that you will speak to each of our hearts and that Jesus will be lifted up and glorified in the name of Jesus with an intimate friends are in the habit of saying usually when a promise is broken a promise is converts to a full however discouraging this may sound it does highlight one reality one the reality and the human experience Humana promises I like roles assigned to promise is when a man as I was the God of the South are as fickle and unreliable as human nature you know individuals whose promises he'll meet with much incredulity and skepticism why because you know that they are prolific and probably some making they are infamously drinking you must so to see them this promises before you often believe seeing is believing there are those global distinguished themselves as man and woman of their word you meet their promises not lit and printed at the end suspicion but with anticipation what makes the difference the cards are of the person behind the promise and turn off that will best that he or she demonstrates a fast makes the difference I promise if the comforts of full on no independence gold makes the premise in reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in the content and actions of the reader is running out Genesis three verse fifteen that God does love us to make promises immediately after the fall is the one in Shannon Dilts and condemnation by loving God 's will words uphold hard dieting and changing cards when he addressed the whole saga is called the devil I would put enmity between you and the woman between your seed our offspring and her seed which of course is Jesus Key GSS son drools all astride the serpent 's head say the sun rose his heel here and was promised since that's in place of sinners in Zion 's mom in the grave and stayed satisfying of eradication is it Wednesday sunset scene and alienating to you then I went to disobey God he sought to hide the bottle it's another one I know you thought all hope was gone for the first time they can find in their hearts on close to the desires and yarn enzymes ha ha I hunger for what they had lost work to follow Simmons on South and loneliness for God slice of sin what none of them time without dogs allow them so much to let them go guys and I will I will put enmity smelling and making that exists between Caesar and say that it is this and that this promise to us this means it leads to let it run for sin Smith admits it leaves that deliver us from the power of sin now I want you to understand from a human point of view this promise made little or no sense it was an impossibility of hard knocks how can admit to exist between certain father and a map or a sinful nature 's life is like a lion for his means is like a carnival will want to change its spots life is real and what cannot change his skin I'm sorry that this diorama time intervention but the one word that's Jesus I think I remember in my sets up the one that turns out to around ten thousand dollars that I also called his name 's Ian doesn't mean a whole lot is my son 's venison all IVs and his people from their sins we see evidence of the power of God 's promise in the life of Enoch who eagerly followed the economy of the Savior trusting in the promise head when standing on the market by Benjamin Son of Man was becoming increasingly the brand being on the wall with God he had a close relationship with God throughout his lifetime inspired testimony concerning him was that he leaves in God we see that all of the strongest in the life of Joe the yard and the one with man is wholly concerning Joe Genius Bar fax Albright one who fears God times away from evil that enmity upon giving earnest consideration of the numerous promises of God is also the starting something that sent the one explained where I are different unselect a CNN great and precious promises by the promises he might be applied ten cars of the divine nature and extent of the corruption that is in the world through lust today were going to look I think that one of such promises the granddaddy of all promises the new covenant video covenants promises for men and women who are currently stands of their Christian developments men and women will struggle with simple appetite and practices for things to live a godly life what's our income learn him either in class distances follow Mondays and add button does not always slow minimum annual yarns in a transformed by the renewing of the mind and Samir was the rebounding glory of God it is far the Christian bubble sensations like fantasy this was not still live in fear and survival reclamation and their allies will and desire to continue growing in this experience I think as long as the new communist promise is is also among Belize on the stone in the Christian world at large and so I invite you to consider carefully this promise as we study turn with me to Hebrews chapter eights the book of Hebrews chapter eight when you're there that me know my thing MN now the five and for the first five verses of Hebrews chapter aims can be summarized as follows there is a sensor in have been made by God where the resurrected Christ ascended unbegotten his role as our mediator as our mediator Jennifer 's role is to reconcile us to God to bring sinful man into harmony with the holy God that we may be one with him having his mind thinking his thoughts with a doorway according to his good pleasure so completeness is this victory that is our high priest is that it gives us that the pilot said that David Hamilton says the author most all that come to God through him and gave us a heavenly ministry the test may completely ineffective unnecessary the ministry off of the priests those are appropriate threats over the sidelines of the example shadow of the ministry of Jesus which is the real substance notes on with me it's the first face of Hebrews chapter eights the Bible says but now he had a hand signal Jesus a more excellent ministry on this our ministry my Hamas also he is the mediator of a better confidence which was established upon better promises it becomes evidence is not often a cursory reading of the book of Hebrews that a new covenant had been hit in June of this priestly ministry and Heather Sunseri chapter sub address but did so in the new international version reads it says is that Jesus became a priest with and without all when God said to him the Lord Hustler will not change his mind you'll all a priest for ever after the order Melchizedek because of this both genes that has become the guarantee of an better confidence now some questions to ask at this plane so would be one exactly was the bullet covenants what then is the new and how is the new superior not for start as a writer read in Hebrews chapter and verse six that the new covenant is better than own precisely because it was founded on better promises know what the covenants we know almost as common as a binding agreement between soapboxes let's go so the old covenant and see what we can unravel from Exodus chapter nineteen near theirs MM and Exodus chapter nineteen not the red light soon readmitted because field versus I would invite you to follow along in your Bibles and read with me the respondents of the congregation so it have a congregational reading where the congregation of Israel responds starting at verse one in Exodus chapter nineteen in the third months when the children of Israel were gone forth out of the land of Egypt the same day came very into the wilderness of Sinai verse three and Moses went up unto God and the Lord called on to him on the mountain saying us shut no sense of the house of Jacob and tell the children of Israel you have seen what I did onto the Egyptians and how library Eagles wings and brought you unto myself now therefore if you will obey my voice indeed and seeing my covenants then you shall be a pension extra socks in the above want people for all the earth is mine and he shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation these are the words which thou assess the cost of the children of Israel verse seven and Moses came and called on elders of the people and the land before their faces on these words which the Lord minus him and all the concerns again and said all along that the Lord has spoken we will do well in later the Lord descended on Mount Sinai and in the hearing of law is threatening while the ten Commandments the Bible describes this awesome scene in defense after Xmas in nineteen verse sixteen and it came to discern a day in the morning that there was thunder than lightnings and it fit cloud upon the mouse and a device of the trumpet exceeding loud so that all the people that are in the time trembles at the Lord of thunder the ten Commandments have no other gods before me no man on theorists invented Graham and image done in the name of the Lord your God in vain remember the Sabbath to keep it holy under your parents don't kill steal limited knowledge of manifold witness our company your neighbor the lowest on these ten Commandments the Bible says that if people trembled and according to Exodus chapter twenty verse nineteen started me to access twenty first nineteen ninety three zero two and they said unto Moses so the console us and we would hear but let not God speak with us lest we die so much as he drew near to God for then continued to stage the motives why do people start off all knees knocking teeth chattering in addition to the ten Commandments the Lord also gave all the laws called the judgments to Moses that in life spans and drive profits based three ten minds of the people then I did the Bears by slandering humanism were not prepared to appreciate fully the far-reaching principles of godsend presents that the obligations of the Decalogue might be more fully understood and enforced additional precepts were given in a strengthening and applying the precepts of the ten Commandments these laws were called judgments terms mean out to Exodus twenty four we look at verses three four seven and eight to verse three and Moses came and told that people on the words of the Lord and on the judgments at all the people answered in one voice and said on the words slipped in Lord had said we will do and more this arose on the words of the Lord and draws upon in the morning and go then on out there under the hero to twelve pillars according to the twelve tribes of Israel verse seven and he took the book of the covenants and ran in August of the people and events that on that and the Lord has said we will do the obedience and monotheist of the blood and sprinkle it on the people and said behold the God of the covenants which the Lord has made with you concerning all these words Philly time sensitive threat Israel assignment from the Lord of all that has said we will do the exact time of Modernism ratified the covenant 's within not often an amount that's a dream and what sets of common between God and Israel was established after the sprinkling of blood bought called Moses on Sinai there got gave him instructions regarding that Arthur Sunseri and its services after which a relative is on finger and sandals of stolen the ten Commandments is important to note that all common is included in the ten Commandments adjustments and also the ceremonial laws of Moses in Hebrews chapter nine verse one the Bible confirms the inclusion of the ceremonial system and overconfidence and then verily in the first confidence but also ordinances of divine service and a was a sanctuary however we will readily noticed that the ten Commandments or the car on the basis of the old covenants but with me but still Deuteronomy chapter nine versus the nine to eleven Deuteronomy nine versus nine to eleven when I was going up into the mountains to receive the tables of stolen in plan that handles all of the covenants which the Lord made with you then I applaud in the Montfort today that for tonight 's I need a day to eat bread nor drink water and the Lord delivered on meeting Zoltan is a stone written with nothing Wanda was written warnings on words which the Lord spake with you in the mountains often in the mount out of the midst of the fire and indefinite assembly and it came to pass by the end of fortune and on for tonight 's the Lord gave me a bit silly tables of stone and then the tables of the covenant the ten Commandments were records that handles of the covenants precisely because based on the very heart of the old covenant government says if you abandon my voice indeed I will make electing him of kings and priests to advance the people had confidently responded all that the Lord had said we will do now one thing that just six weeks after this all inspiring experience in development I just say Celine felt that making such a silent promise to live by every word of precept of God that we would find the people faithfully executing their promise yet the workplace by six weeks it is most astonishing one of mode this was in the mouths receiving on his knees the ten Commandments from God and instructions relating to the ceremonial service is well worth on their knees and breaking that covenants the common that they had time this floor and said to themselves to keep worshiping a God that they had made now you and I know Israel's history is replete with breaking rebellion some as Jeremiah ten twenty two Jeremiah chapter twenty two verse nine enzyme I learned so verse nine we read then shut the answer because the helpless say again the incontinence of the Lord their God and worship under God 's and served them they have forsaken the covenants of the Lord now so please let his resume again but that was not a single commandment is that they had not transgressed the back to Hebrews chapter eight and the reverse is seven to nine for if that first covenant had been faultless then should note that have been sought for the second for finding fault with them he says behold the day comes that the Lord when I would make a new covenant is with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah not according to the comment that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt because they continued not in my covenants and I regarded them not say the Lord know there was something wrong I thought it was the original Communist between God and Israel the Milwaukee Brewers reveals many deficiencies of the old covenant but in this process the author emphasizes the law all the people and says finding flaws with them and the last part of mirth may indicate that whoever is the house of Judah and Israel verse nine explains their thoughts on what was this Batman promises to God and that they did not keep they continue it not in my covenants consequently according to the terms of the covenants the Lord withdrew his favor from them so far we have been reading about broken promises but somehow you are reading this rep Israel is likely to obtain in a mirror we are reminded that myriads of promises that we still have made in the Lord and have not kept broken promises you may have the experience of making approximate the Lord for example that he'll would wake up earlier in the morning you are so inspired by the day that the experience that the pattern that Jesus left us up waking up early in the morning and spending time in the Boston on prayer with this on the Bible that the omega of the Lord that you will find out in the footsteps of Jesus then comes morning off the alarm down on that snooze button drop-down promises you promised the Lord that he will again see ourselves selflessly to give out their best to the master that diligent in the strength of their use Daniel began out there means for the fulfillment of the great gospel commission but now upon it obtaining and add your and I know how much you commit to the Lord healed me I don't want annoying guys have a feeling some of the alcohol I do really the problem the best all ten promises you made a commonsense exhibit on condition of the Jesus that you to your neighbors but you'll find that many of the abscesses are still drawn with selfishness and grow ten promises you made covenants with their eyes gentlemen heal what not allow splitting the woman then comes Mrs. California is well ten promises you made a promise that you would think that unhealthy habits that get sent away in a you recognize that you still have days that the lane and understand how this new blood of proud I get sent away to be understand how it so I did not throw up your hands in frustration law into relapse all ten promises one day my heart sound gives a frustration that God by Clinton seems upon anything that you have all the love holiday principles of God 's word I thought I just don't understand myself the thing I didn't know what to do Ron I did not want to do that I would dilute right I want to salute that I would not all recognize that I am I thought and made me feel kind of experience that sometime is limited you are having that experience right how do Neil colonized on this is for individuals will have this experience the Lord said they continued not in my comment on this and I regarded them not seem to and verses ten to twelve let's continue for this is the common ends that I will make with the house of Israel after those days saith the Lord I will put my laws into their minds and I will write my in laws into their hearts I would beat them a God advantage of the Simi of people and that's all not teach every man his neighbor and every man his brother saying know the Lord for all shall know me from the least to the greatest fall I will be merciful to their unrighteousness then their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more wasting away here in Hebrew with a smirk this sentence allowed under law God remains the very heart of the new covenant is never a bad exchange what is the heart remains the same I will put my laws into their minds and write it up on their hearts and that is sanctification and dance beats and mean people reconciliation you shall not eat some of my new man was saying the Lord Ross unknown in the Bible it says that the null I O renewal and hence promises the vacation the new covenant promises reconciliation with God the new covenant promises a foot gymnast the new covenant promises on the use and why can we so much bad in the promise pilot said that its waves precisely because the neocon was founded on better promises promises are better because they come from a reliable source not just to do it is with Israel that the new covenant is made now Israel of the new covenants the pilot face of believing Jews and Gentiles God does not contain off on his thoughts he marrying people who all would not let us and also gone to make a neocon and had to rectify that with the blood of Jesus so that the site closeout of the disciples went undecided to us we recall on the night before is that what you didn't than a company with St. Agnes fountain drink by this incident Neil not of my blog the New Testament is the new covenant of my blood God sent Jesus to institute a new covenant and thereby to demonstrate the power of divine promise in Jesus dwells all the fullness of the Godhead mightily when he delivered that have yes Hall is so selecting them on yet Jesus was demonstrating the power of Congress when he is again that what man caught in adultery stealing making her the beneficiary of that promise when he restored the exotic colored lip misbranded drugs apostleship demonstrating the power of a promise when you stand solid particulates are madmen him that the document demonstrating the boat that I think I think the new covenant when he slipped Grant Johnson blogging Gethsemane on the way that old rugged cross it was demonstrating the cost of promise not when I feel it is with my minds eye that's all I'm hugging from the cross on the ballot then there was blood was drawn from Immanuel 's veins and that's all that send their times we need not to build on their guilty stains take the words resonated in my mind that is my of the new confidence and so features of the old covenant it is God 's promise and God cannot lie it is God 's promise to sanctify God 's promised the reconciling himself to God 's promise to give us life eternal God 's promise of abounding grace and forgiveness and why the shadows of the ceremonial law of Moses have disappeared in the blogroll light of Jesus the ten Commandments law of God remains of the various parts of this confidence another feature of this new covenant is where does your dependents the deadline in your ability to think that keeping your promises made in God are not delight in God 's ability to fulfill the promises that he has made you I would be remiss and without any man sent off Hebrews Chapter 11 without any mention of faith because Fontenot on the Senate thus far culminating in the experience of faith in leaving us the experience of his faith in fact Hebrews ten thirty eight thousand now they just shall live by faith in Hebrews eleven one now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen we read in the Bible of the date that the heroes of faith in verse thirteen D is born and died in Spain not having received the promises but having seen them afar off and were persuaded of them and embracing them unconfessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth villain died in faith not having received the promises what's we are errors of the promise would we like them seeing these promises with it I have faith embrace them I've experienced this new covenant relationship with Jesus if that is your desire is by your heads with me as we pray our dear father in heaven we thank you Lord for promise such as this we thank you Lord for power such as your this category generates all hearts we pray that God lets you will help us to experience today tomorrow and every day the sanctification reconciliation cyano and abounding grace let your new covenant offers thank you so much in Jesus 's name and


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