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The BMI of the 144,000

Allen Lloyd




  • July 15, 2010
    7:00 PM
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him father in heaven we thank you for the opportunity to gather here together to listen to your words from the book that you have given us to be our guide and as we study this book in the topic of the hundred and forty four thousand we pray that your spirit would incline our minds and hearts I know that everyone in this room you desire to have as part of the hundred and forty four thousand and Lord just like our BMI weather were part of that is really up to us and whether we take hold of your hand and let go and let your spirit right and as we study how to do that this evening we pray that you would grant us not only your spirit but also a memory that we can retain these things and bring them forth in due season in Jesus name and BMI what is a stamp for our right this is a educated group and you guys are mostly aren't even from we Martin do that so that's a pretty good out expect anyone that works that we might understand what that means most people that come to the new start program have a problem with their body mass index and some of them significant problems the ideal BMI is eighteen five to twenty two five now some of you in medical school and other places that wait a minute I learned it's between twenty and twenty five well that that is the consensus sauce stir type oh five four and he did actually look at the insurance company data and the longevity data it's pretty clear if you're about twenty two five you're not in the ideal range the longevity is short and quality of life goes down after twenty two five now after twenty five ago sound even that much more and after thirty that much more but the ideals eighteen five twenty two five unless you're a female you can actually go down to seventeen points to ask the female and still be in that optimal ideal ranges far as a health is concerned well area now officially overweight in this country until your greater than twenty five zero and urine also not officially obese in this country until you are over anyone know yes thirty zero and how does this compute for the average individual particularly those of you that are not medical people if we were to take someone who's five foot no inches tall and the ideal way for someone et al. is right as a rule of thumb the ideal weights is one hundred pounds females for each inch above five feet and four pounds each inch above five feet for a male ad five pounds and that puts you in the middle of that ideal body weight or body mass index and so you can see how how your doing in regards to that is BMI genetically determined him there may be some genetic predispositions just like there is genetic predisposition to alcoholism and to all sorts of diseases heart disease hyperlipidemia there is also a genetic predisposition to obesity but the average individual in this country when obesity has no genetic predisposition for and now this is one of the things that we need to understand it's not because the oatmeal out that this is something that's also probably good to just stay as a matter of fact if you have a old beasts BMI you actually have a reduction in your fertility significantly so in fact there is a patient of mine who recently has dramatically reduced his BMI through lifestyle measures he was very overweight develop diabetes got in the hospital and I gave him a book by Neal Barnard you comes from the secular perspectives I gave him that what was in the hospital with his blood sugars over three hundred and talk to him about diet and he changed his diet dramatically became a total vegetarian overnight and has lost sixty pounds and his reproductive life has returned and not only that but he has a lot of other enhancements in his life he says my life is just so much better I had no idea all of the problems was being caused by my diet and obesity etc. in so in reality just based on that fact alone in BMI was genetically determined just based on the evolutionary selection theory we should actually wipe out obesity from the planet with them yelled several ex- generations but it's not a it is not simply genetic diseases genetic portion of his action becoming less and so BMI is actually determined by other things and so what does determine your BMI well when you eat what you eat in fact one of Zimbabwe go back to when you eat what you think the best meal of the day is for you if you want to lose weight and what do most people with challenge BMIs mess that's right and they often say that they're missing it because they want to lose weight and in reality Doctor Coppin Louisiana did a study on five hundred ninety five obese patients and he put them on a healthy breakfast that was part of the program but they couldn't eat anything after three o'clock in the afternoon or eight and a half hours before they went to bed they drink water but that was that they could eat breakfast lunch but no supper how you think those five hundred and ninety five obese patients did he actually can control their gallery and taking until Monty everyone follow the program lost weight and then there are some that only ate breakfast I lost an average of ten pounds per month breakfast and lunch average about six pounds a month on that program so when you eat is important what is far as the BMI of the hundred and forty four thousand when do you think it's best to get your nutrition morning time is the best time and that a assurance that you're going to get the good nutrition and also assures that you're going to live a more balanced life during that days the which is part of what the hundred and forty four thousand life is like a balance life what you eat is also important a lot of times people talk about how much you eat and of course that is important as well but there's a lot of people that have high BMIs that don't eat very much so wiser BMI so I will get into that here in a little bit how honest you are and you know that there is a relationship there studies were done on people one of the most common complaints that overweight people stay is you are not eating very much you really I don't eat very much if you could just follow me around I don't eat very much and so the challenge was for the study years to follow these people around and so those people would then write down what they ate and how much they ate that was part of the whole program but they would do it at the end of the day so they remember what the MMA record it and I followed people who were who had good BMIs around and then they also did their diary about what they ate and how much they and what they found out is those who had a elevated BMI significantly for God about things that they said that they just didn't record him and you know the that was probably the best way that they could put it but they said no they just said there was a significant discrepancy in regards to what the person thought they bad bag and what that actually and so on SD actual way is one of those characteristics that more tightly connected with having a more ideal BMI now that's not to say everyone with an IBM of above what you should be as far as BMI is having problems with honesty but it could be and how this is the latest studies obesity is very much a problem with emotions and in fact many people eat as a form of self-medicating why the soda pops continue to fly off the shelves of grocery stores sugar temporarily improve those dopamine and serotonin levels making the person feel emotionally better for short period of time and then it goes down but what studies are showing as those that have an elevated BMI have significant problems with impulse control and that gets into the heart of emotional intelligence emotional intelligence is very much connected to a BMI in many cases and of course physical exercise is also connected the more physical exercise the more easy it is to control that BMI and exercise how would we can relate to that as far as the faith aspect of thing or as far as the spiritual part account worried in the clue exercise actually is that those skeletal exercise muscles is very much connected to the exercise of faith in fact the Scriptures talk about exercising your faith and so if were not exercising our faith were really not going to be able to have the BMI of the hundred and forty four thousand it's a crew all minutes not just eating part is not as controlling the evening is not just when the evening but also that physical exercise part that is crucially related just a little bit as we start this presentation on what you eat each picture that you're going to see here has two hundred and fifty calories that's a third of a cup of peanuts and by the way the average individual would it consume around two thousand calories a day so if you're eating three meals a day you know would be seven hundred and fifty calories maybe for the first two and five hundred for the third meal if you're going to be having a third meal so this would be a third of your meal in calories two hundred and fifty calories one cup of avocado two hundred and fifty calories third of a cup of almonds two hundred and fifty calories just a half cup of raisins more brands two thirds of the cup approves just one and two thirds ounces of potato chips and you can see why many people are not eating very much but they are gaining weight because you don't have to eat can you imagine just having twice that amount your meals over with that's it that is far is your calorie intake for that particular meal that South four ounces of steak doesn't look very appetizing the four and a half cups of popcorn so you're only a third of the way through you got it easy fifteen cups in order to maintain your weight on that popcorn but just one seven ounces of Eminem four tablespoons of honey and the book of Proverbs Solomon says it's not good to eat much honey I need it when he was talking about their in just two and a half tablespoons of peanut butter five tablespoons of jelly almost three bananas yogurt one well to it's about one of their cup of yogurt there for two or fifty calories but just five ounces of fish not much there two two cups of orange juice and three whole oranges cup of cottage cheese for two hundred fifty calories look at the zucchini even for two hundred and fifty calories that's two six pounds of zucchini and if you are just trying to maintain your weight you would have to do that two times more for your lunch before your throne if that's all you're going be now that's all you're going to need by the way you would have all eight of your essential amino acids in enough amounts you have enough vitamin C you would have enough of a whole host of nutrients just by eating one food and enough proportion to maintain your weight now that is going to be the case with those things that were caloric dense is a lot of empty calories there your doctor to get a essential amino acids by eating three times that one seven ounces of M&Ms for instance I went to see were red as his oil two tablespoons of oil are one of the reasons why oil is very much discouraged as part of the new start therapeutic program this is two two pounds of what are the nose or mushrooms that's right broccoli two two pounds of broccoli pounds of broccoli and notice what's that what that is equivalent to as far as calories on this next slide same exact amount of calories this is one of the corner pounds of carrots but not even a half cup of jelly beans forty percent of account anyone want to guess how much outweighs that's three four pounds of celery two hundred and fifty calories grapes not as much three quarters of a pound just a cup of mashed potatoes that said two hundred and fifty calories and you can see why people are actually in many cases telling the truth when they're saying I'm not even eating very much now what would happen when they were not telling the truth as they were just forgot that they even ate the cheese the outcome of bad enough that they did it but it must not of been aggravated in remembrance and so you know was it really worth it if they remember what do that insofar as how much tomatoes two six pounds of tomatoes twenty four pieces of those small pieces of gum two four cups of oatmeal but only a little bit of chicken there third of a cup of sugar that's your whole-wheat pasta it's more caloric yes butter even much more caloric content just one ounce of butter there corn eight three ounces of corn four ounces of ham fifteen ounces of apples or two large apples and that's a whole head of cabbage two hundred and fifty calories but not even a whole Butterfinger for the same amount this is your corn macaroni six ounces this is a small double cheeseburger and it's not even half of its forty percent of a double cheeseburger kale twenty seven and a half ounces of kale but less than a half of french fries McDonald's french fries for two hundred fifty calories seven cup of vanilla ice cream this is almost three cups of skim milk two hundred fifty calories would notice the difference as far as whole milk not even to one and two thirds cup this is the slices of whole wheat bread three and two thirds slices of whole wheat bread and that's it as far as your Hershey 's milk chocolate is concerned fig newtons for a nap thesis and then your Dove chocolate square that said six will over six for two hundred fifty calories and so there is some there is a some application there when it comes to the BMI of the hundred and forty four thousand we take a look at impulse control you take a look at empty calories some people are spending their time on daily activities to get an emotional rush doesn't produce anything positive for them as far as their mind body and soul is concerned and in us we see a relationship there while tonight study the word of God and were going to study what the Word of God has to say about the hundred and forty four thousand first question is who are the hundred and forty four thousand and I actually brought a Bible that I would like to trade the seat I have your remnant study Bible there thank you very much great study Bible by the way Mark K and allowed me to borrow his Bible and he's borrowing a four versions over there that was much smaller writing for me who are the hundred and forty four thousand Revelation seven were going to be studying extensively Revelation seven and Revelation fourteen tonight verse one after these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth the sea or on any tree you think that's talking about today are the wins of strife being held back yet they are being held back and in fact if the Lord would've just allow the natural consequences of humanity 's actions to take hold we would be in far worse crisis than we are today is a world far worse it's only because of the staying hand of those four angels that were not in worse condition and in verse two then I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and see saying do not harm the earth the sea or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their four heads so here is an introduction verse four says I heard the number of those who were sealed in there it has one hundred and forty four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed how do we know if we are the servants of God notice that phrase in verse yet the servants of our God was Revelation seven three but let's turn over to Ephesians six chapter Ephesians chapter six verse six not with eye service as meant pleasers but his bond servants of Christ doing the will of God from what the heart and so were not doing the will of God out of it no not because word not wanting to enjoy the word many people and you know it's actually a good thing I know someone was talking to me about legalism and the Seventh-day Adventist church and the problems that it causes people and yeah there are some problems come about but did you know a legal someone who is a legalist is a Seventh-day Adventist if they really are keeping the law of God in their own strength save themselves a whole lot of trouble bachelor level far better life than a nonlegal lot than someone who doesn't have legalism problems of the Seventh-day Adventists and doesn't have a saving relationship with Lord because those people are getting themselves in all sorts of trouble just as a simple result of their repeated sinful activities hi and so I this is him in fact and you're having said that there are times when our will is of the Lord 's will and Ephesians six verse six he said bondservant that root word for bondservant is way now I taught the Sabbath school lesson last week Romans chapter one verse one we might turn to it Romans is great I'm looking forward to regard seven school lesson this quarter I think it's the one of the best expositions probably the most detailed exposition you'll see in the gospel is in the book of Romans but Paul bondservant of Jesus Christ called to be an apostle separated to the what the gospel of God Paul is saying I am a slave to Jesus Christ now when the owner of a slave tells us lay what to do what is a slave it slaved just opened the just obey whatever that owner of the slaves that but notice that the end of verse wine he called this the gospel what's the word for gospel good news he says it is a good midair it is good news to be a slave to Jesus Christ now many people are shot shy away from Christianity because they feel like they don't want to be given their life over to someone else like a slave would do but Paul says when we do that the Lord Jesus it is good it's all my goodness and Ephesians six how do we know if we're the servants of God if we have that type of relationship whatever he says will do and in addition whatever he says will do and will do it because we wanted to sometimes we may not completely understand it but will develop a trusting relationship so much so that no matter what he tells us to do were to go forward and do it and do it cheerfully and willingly because we know that's best for us what is the will of God let's look at Psalms forty verse eight Paul told us to be a servant of God is to do his will and to do it willingly Psalm forty verse eight says I don't like to do your will O my God you're what law is within my heart saw the solvent equal weights the will of God with following the law of God in Isaiah eight sixteen adds to that bind up the testimony seal the one the law among my disciples the will of God is actually there in its law and part of what the hundred and forty four thousand Gbits stated repeatedly Revelation is the Commandments of God that is the will of God know a lot of people want to talk about doing the will of the Lord but they don't want to talk about his commands and their synonymous and that we really can't separate them what symbols as the Bible used to describe the hundred and forty four thousand what's read further in revelations chapter so within the throwback to their revelation chapter seven very interesting portion of Scripture here is the the symbolic description of hundred forty four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed and it says of the tribes of Judah twelve thousand were sealed in the tribe of Reuben twelve thousand were sealed and goes on all the way there through verse eight in regards to the tribes now if you take a look at what these words mean it's kind of interesting to put it together in the order that the Lord had us are there in the book of Revelation Judah means I will praise the Lord next is mentioned what Ruben Ruben he has looked on me to member the story of urban Leah Rachel thing and when the first child came through Leah she realize the Lord had looked on her and Rubin was named that the Lord has looked on me Gad is third given good fortune forth is Asher happy in my Natalie my wrestling Manasseh making me to forget and again this is this is not who was who named Manasseh Joseph what was he wanting to forget forget what his sorrow in his sorrow was caused by what buys brothers and the way the brothers related show I think it's very clear that Joe's the suffered from PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder he couldn't get in fact were even told by the spirit of prophecy that he couldn't years later still hear the exact tone of the voice in who said it and what they said about him during that last twenty four hours before he was sold into slavery never to see his family for many years thereafter making me to forget is their part of the trauma that had been experienced and by the way despite that PTSD he refused to let his life on the control by that and in addition to that he'd powerfully look for evidence that would not support his emotions when his brothers came forward to he systematically looked for evidence to support a different way of thinking than what he was currently thinking about them and did he find that evidence he actually did and he acted on that evidence God hears me Simeon Levi attached to me it's a car purchased me Zebulun dwelling Joseph God will add to me and Benjamin son of his right hand if we were to take a look at the BMI of the hundred and forty four thousand through these names this is what it says and by the way this is like reading the old King James were the italicized word is added to the text and so I will praise the Lord for he has looked on me and Jim and good fortune happy am I because my wrestling God is making me to forget God hears me and is attached to me he has purchased me a well I'm an God will add to me the son of his right hand almost worth committing to memory in regards having a really is worth committing to memory in regards to this is probably a good synopsis of the DMI of the one hundred and forty four thousand and you take a look at that whole statement there it is pretty powerful only contemplate these names in this order describe the story of the churches struggle the church 's redemption the church 's victory and the church is married still all things that the hundred and forty four thousand will participate in there's two names not listed that were part of the twelve tribes Dan and Ephraim they had since that they did not overcome and that's why they were not included and what were their sense each one had different ones for Dan it was what criticism that judge mental spirit watch out for criticism for Dan and what was it free for him and Dalton 's and by the way those two sins tend to raise themselves powerfully as the big inhibitors of participating in the joys of the hundred and forty four thousand names can also be no ownership in the ancient world slaves were designated by the Mark of the owner in the four head of the sleigh was actually there that Mark that tattoo denoting who they belong to and it's one of the reasons why the Bible talked about this language saying hurt not the earth near the sea to win sealed the servants of our God in therefore heads in other words until that ownership is clear and manifested family one and forty four thousand and the name of God we can see that having God 's name I once for had means of the hundred and forty four thousand are servants of God he has taken ownership of them and by adopting them is even better than sons and daughters have you want to know about better than Isaiah would give you the answer that in the forehand reflects the forebrain forebrain is the center of spirituality morality and the well you'll see that those words use in secular neurology textbooks today we also see that God 's character is been transcribed into the spirituality morality and the will of the hundred and forty four thousand this is in contrast to the wicked remnant all of them carry the name number or mark of the beast and therefore had or their hands and so that all they're not all marked and therefore had as the servants of God are because they're not all participating in it as far as her frontal lobe is concerned some of been deceived and are participating in it but many of them just have it in their hand they're just going along with it because of that in emotional reasoning part of the problems that that those are not part of a hundred and forty four thousand run into just acting upon their emotions to try to avoid pain and suffering in the end up getting more as a result there is an ethnic term he uses crime the hundred and forty four thousand in Revelation seven to detach it within the term of the hundred and forty four thousand Israel they were all we would call them Jews today but they were all children of Israel and what does it mean to be part of Israel let's turn the Galatians six chapter will have a few answers here in Galatians Galatians the Ephesians Philippians Colossians right after Corinthians Galatians six alas chapter verse fifteen says for in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor on circumcision avails anything but a wife a new creature or creation as the new King James as and as many as walk according to this role peace and mercy be upon them and upon the Israel Parliament part of Israel is to be a new creature and that's part of that gospel the good news of the gospel as well how can we tell us we are a new creature will just back in Galatians chapter five he gives is that answer earlier think it's Galatians five verse six for in Christ Jesus he is the same turn neither circumcision nor insert circumcision avails nothing but what faith working through love it's faith working through love that is a faith that manifests itself in love it demonstrates that we are really that new creature how can we know if we well and say I think I how can we know if we have this experience first Corinthians just a little more forward first Corinthians chapter seven verse nineteen circumcision is nothing in on circumcision is nothing you can see the repetition here but keeping the commandments of God is what matters and keeping the commandments of God the Israel of God are those who truly love and follow God is demonstrated in obedience to his well I have an obedience to his commands what's now turn over Revelation fourteen where we get a more complete picture Revelation seven gives us that picture in Revelation fourteen both divisible by seven and of course is for the three Angels messages are but will get into the first five verses before we get to the three Angels messages then I looked and behold a Lamb standing on Mount Zion and with him one hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written on therefore and I heard a voice from heaven like the voice of many waters and like the voice of loud thunder and I heard the sound of harpists playing their harps they sang as it were a new song before the throne before the four living creatures and the elders and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty four thousand who were redeemed from here interesting and by the way who has the voice of many waters and we want to I turned to it because of time or revelation one clearly states that whenever you hear that voice of many waters as Jesus voice that voice that is so distinct and those hundred and forty four thousand have learned that distinct voice what is a new song that only the hundred and forty four thousand same stall the song of Moses and the land they sing a song which relates to their unique experience upon the air since no other manner women are shared in their experience no one else can fully comprehend the meaning of their song and that's why only they can sing it what is the song of Moses and the Lamb Revelation fifteen three just forward gives us that answer they sing the song of Moses the servant of God and the song hello I am saying great and marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty just and true are your ways okay the Saints it's a song of deliverance just as the song of Moses was the experience of the hundred and forty four thousand is one experiencing the wrath of God upon the earth on next with mercy they are sustained and delivered by God through this terrible time of trouble and that's why it's such a song of deliverance I'm looking forward to hearing and better yet why not be a participant and you know there's times when it's far more a blessing to be a participant and singing than there is in you I have been a member acquired many times and I can tell you on those great anthems the moving aspect of what takes place by singing that song is something that you don't want to miss out on and that this is going to be one of those moving periods of time revelation fourteen verse four these are the ones who were not defiled with women for they are virgins and by the way what are what is a woman represent the church if they were not defiled by women now it is the hundred forty four thousand it's actually called as part of the pure woman but not because they don't either not equate with any women at all but it's talking about there not actually lining themselves up with false churches that's what the women are there there's lots of women that are false women is only one true woman and and so it is with any man that's married there is a lot of women out there that they can commit adultery with but there is only one that is the rifle woman what does it mean to be undefiled by when I separate themselves from falls from enough people separate from false charges at the end of time to be part of that hundred and forty four thousand required to be the first fruits to God and to the Lamb that was the end of verse four they were redeemed from among men being first fruits to God and to the Lamb and what does this mean actually I think it's worth turning to these two Exodus twenty three verse nineteen the first of the firstfruits of your land you shall bring into the house of the Lord your God you shall not boil young goat in its mother 's milk which is really should be part of another verse another thought but one worth centering on here is the firstfruits of the firstfruits of your land shall ring where into the house of the Lord your God now let's compare that with James James chapter one from the New Testament verse eighteen of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth that we might be a kind of first fruits of his creatures so he brought us forth to the word of truth and he brought us and to the house of God which actually is a sanctuary the firstfruits were those who were brought in the sanctuary sanctuary as part of the teachings of the hundred and forty four thousand part of what they live by and it's part of what they are accustomed to incoming to a sanctuary hundred forty four thousand follow the Lamb wherever he goes Revelation fourteen tells us and what is this man first John close to Revelation tells us what this means in verse two follow am whithersoever he go at whoever keeps his word truly the love of God is perfected in him by this we know that we are in him he use as he abides in him ought himself also to walk just so wherever that leads there focused on Jesus words and ways in their part of their thoughts their moment by moment thoughts then Revelation fourteen tells us something else that they have verse five of Revelation fourteen in their mouth was found no what dial for they were without fault before the throne of God the new King James actually spells it out the seat in the Bible interprets that as having no guile guile refers deception lies and falsehoods a hundred forty four thousand not only don't why they are poor and depart from anything associated with falsehood or deception in Alsace Revelation fourteen also says they are with all all who does this remind you of Jesus yes there following Jesus wherever he goes use was without fault there someone else yell part of the hundred and forty four thousand in fact this is how I kind of look at it in a simplistic way the devil one in the garden of Eden Adam and he fell Christ one is the second and the way it's being looked at its best two out of three in the third aspect this is why is the final crisis the third aspect oh really when severe as can Christ's life be carried out not just one person but an entire group of people consistently and if so there is no question it's best two out of three and there someone in the Scripture that wasn't Christman says there was no fault they look Daniel Daniel chapter six verse four says they look and by the way there was a hundred and twenty of looking and they were looking in they couldn't find any whatsoever Daniels without fault during a time of judgment in a time of trouble he feared God and gave him glory by overcoming his faults through his faith in Jesus this picture of Daniel is receded in the hundred and forty four thousand they are without fault because of that consistent faith in Jesus being a bondservant to the Lord and following him wherever he goes so the BMI hundred forty four thousand let's summarize hundred and forty four thousand are part of God 's and Time remnant people we got that from Revelation seven they are saved and sealed by God they represent God 's Israel the end of time they are represented by Jesus and a new song and by the way tomorrow in the breakout session were every talking more details about that new song what is music that is appropriate for being part of a hundred and forty four thousand not not only appropriate but what is going to leave them heavenward I will get into the studies on that as well as some of the inspiration that they have separated themselves from false churches they are the first fruits to God they enter into his sanctuary they are men and women from every nation and by the way hundred forty four thousand terms it's used for men some people said well us as women but the turn the Greek word for man is answer upon us which means mankind it's men and women it's not just they follow the Lamb in his words and ways they have no dial they shun all deceit and lies and they are without fault before God 's throne I ask you this evening view desire to be part of the hundred and forty four thousand you desire to follow God 's ideal plan for your BMI and not just BMI physical is far more important than having a BMI of twenty this is really being part of being used of God in this last hour of Earth 's history to spread the good news to the rest of this world and if you desire to be part of the hundred and forty four thousand and really desire to participate in every aspect of what the hundred and forty four thousand are part of I invite you to stand and notify the Lord this time let's bow our heads father in heaven we thank you for revealing to us in advance the type of people who will be victors with you during the final crisis of Earth 's history and lore it is we look forward to that crisis we recognize that Peter fell in the time of your crucifixion for two reasons really even understand the seriousness of the crisis to come in secondly he didn't understand the weakness of the sonar help us Lord understand the seriousness of the crisis it is going to be relentless and but also help us understand the weakness of our own human heart help us to realize there is no way that we can be part of this without one hundred percent complete dependence upon you and submission to you as a slave would do master but help us to realize as the apostle Paul that that this type of slavery is not bad this type of slavery opens up the best news that could be imaginable make each one here participate fully and what it means to be part of the hundred and forty four thousand from this day forward in Jesus name amen


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