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13 The Ultimate Rest

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • September 18, 2021
    6:00 AM
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Ah, camera pager and Mark howard, and this is talking points before we get started in our regular lesson study. How our pastor, how are there's a couple of resources and opportunities we want to share with the folks today. That's right. The 1st is the sabbath school workshop coming up, the thoroughly equipped is our theme, and we are going to provide some practical training for all those involved in sabbath school who want to be better at those caring for those responsibilities. And mission minded way that weekend is going to be at our own campus. Alva here in Michigan from October 29 to 31 october 29 as a Friday begins that evening. So people drive up after work more than likely and then all day sabbath and we finish by and I think noon on Sunday. Again, there's going to be a lot of practical tools and training there that will help you out in your sabbath school responsibility. And if you go to Michigan, s S P M dot or g right now, in fact here it is on my phone. You can see it. The very 1st thing is a click on this banner. And there's the registration form that has all the lodging and food, all the different options that you can register right on your smartphone right now. That's why you're on your smartphone when the new app. That's right. Well, it's a sabbath school app for the general conference called if you click on this little icon, it's open that up, and boom, you have the official sabbath school app, the general carpet 7 damage. In fact, let me give you a hint. If not just the sabbath school epis, the S S P M app because it's going to be continued to grow and not only have sabbath school, but also his personal mentor ministries, resources, company alive. But for now, you can find all of your regular sabbath school, quarterly lessons. What else can you find on there? But when you click on any one of those, like I just clicked on the 1st one in quarter 3 here, and living in a 247 society right up at the top right is this is on the I phone application. You can not only find the language thing, but can also find that audio where it will read it to you, your lesson, or the video button, and look at all these other video resources like hope sabbath school in is written television. Sabbath school study our and the very last one there is talking point the, the best for me as they want to do anyway, we want to let you know about the training was coming up a campus all 20 to 31 and also the sabbath school app we can find not only talking points, but all kinds of other resources here, saturday, school preparations, right. So we are net else today. What else? What other you unique situation have we entered into? I believe we have come to the very last lesson and this quarter study on rest in christ and the title of this ultimate ref. And this is of course, 13th habit. Yes. And I think that's where maybe you were aiming for that. This tab at the end of our quarter, but it's also the high point of our mission giving us right at 13 sabbath offerings, by the way, all the offerings for the 13000 projects are in the north American division this time. So, you know, we have for admission from here right here at home, and it's pretty cool. So please give sacrificially to the 13th sabbath offering. But with that said, we are on the clock here and we need to talk about the final lesson. Less than 13 the ultimate rest and you know, I was thinking it was just going to be generically talking about heaven. But I was pleasantly surprised that there was a really good framework for big picture security and ref that we find the word of god. So I was really, I don't we pray and then you can tell the talking points and we'll dive into pray together. Heavenly father, we are so thankful that we can have rest in jesus and lord as we have had opportunity meditate about that this quarter. We praying this last lesson, your holy spirit would continue to guide us into a clear understanding of your truth, not just theoretical but practical lord. And we ask that you would bless our hearers as we go through this presentation. And we thank for hearing and answering for we pray these things in jesus name. Alright, title, the ultimate rest. This lesson well in the very end of sabbath afternoon study said this week, we will look at how we can rest and she this in the faith of global unrest and our unknown future at least in the short term. In the long term things were very promising indeed. So essentially it's the short term versus the wider angle lens that the scripture provides with the great controversy with the prophetic scenario and our mission for the Lord. A lot of things we can rest in even though the world is crazy, right? So talking point number one is a prophetic perspective gives peace of mind that's taken from sabot sunday, monday and Wednesday says the bulk of this week study is going to be that idea. But it's that wide angle lens, a bible prophecy in our place, and it gives us peace of mind when the world is in chaos. Ok. Number 2, talking about number 2. We have a clearly defined mission and that's from Monday and Tuesday, basically more than just having a place in history. We have a role in the work and the last days. And finally, number 3, talk to one of the 3 piece is a choice that's taken from thursday in that god offers, is that Choice? And do we choose to enter into that rest that he provide? All right, so it's a great study. Let's go back to talking point number one, how it prophetic perspective gives peace of mind. Now that just arrest my attention right away because it's so often that we hear that prophecy robs as if p, I get the traverse the make this grade and property in New here that exactly the opposite. Isn't it? That right? As we're going to go through here, well, 1st of all, when we talk about prophecy, sometimes we think only in time prophecy. But when the bible actually gives the prophetic viewpoint, this bigger than in time events or even our current circumstance, that goes all the way, the beginning of the issues. Very good. And so we call this what met a narrative. The great controversy, right? This all encompassing backdrop for everything in the bible describes it in many, many passages. I just put a couple in the note there. Revelation 127 through 12. We're talking about the fall of satan from heaven and then how he's going to be destroyed at the end nam chapter one verse 9 says, what do you conspire against the Lord? He will bring an utter in the affliction will not rise a 2nd time. That's right. So when we understand that great controversy, overarching theme, we can have peace when stuff on a week day is crazy. We pay it out. We say, well, there's a much bigger picture here, right? 7 afternoons quarterly says in the confusion of events, we can easily lose the big picture of god's escape plan for this world wars political unrest and natural disasters can hold us in helpless terror. But god's prophetic guidance can help us to keep in mind the big picture of where we are going and how we will get there a man. And so that was the very 1st sub point under that is when we talk about prophecy, we need to pan out the largest wide angle lands we can, which is the great controversy. Now stepping more specifically point number 2 within that 1st talking point is that the bibles in time prophecies do pinpoint our place in the story line, redemption. So we're not just somewhere in the flow of this big picture, but we have a specific spot in it. We think of the quarterly brought this out when the apostle john was on the island. A pat must, how discouraged he must have been looking at his circumstances, but said the great apocalypse vision, john has recorded. Revelation helped john constantly to rest in god's provisions and promises. So he found his place. I know why I'm stuck on this rock. I have a purpose and it gave him confidence in. Similarly, as we look at the in see the outcome prefer prophecy always provide it doesn't leave you where you are you the outcome. And you know, like the old saying says I read the end of the book and we, when you got that, we've got a, a positive ending to this whole thing. And sometimes we need to be reminded of to do as well as specifically going to our place, our chronology in this timeline. We know that we're not only again somewhere in the flow we happen to be living in the very end of this flow, where the income prophecies are really taking their focus. And specifically, i'm thinking, even the prophecies jesus gave of the signs of his coming. We can look all around and I can see wars rumors were. And so while those very things might be the very things that are making the world uneasy, we can have a confirmation of the sure where to prophesy and say, wait a minute. I can see why those are disturbing, but praise the Lord. This is a sign of a soon coming i. It makes me think of the past original feel used to say that I have been us almost to a fall get excited when we see disaster. I jesus is coming kind of guy is trying to show a little comparison of the for the be able to. But the idea is, is not nothing is Total disaster from because we know that those are the version you think of the prophecies of jesus, that these are the beginning of sorrows or birth pays, you know, birth pains are, are advertising a coming deliverance. And the idea is when a woman is going to give the child when a woman's going through the labor pains, she knows at the end of that a baby's gonna, there's a resolution. Yes. And so likewise, jesus, like in the science here, you're going to see wars and rumors of wars and family, personal surfaces cetera, these things. But they're signs that something better is going to count a minute. And it's in that context, we go to a 3rd sub point under this 1st talking point. And is that understood from this perspective? prophetic perspective, this is this cosmic viewpoint that even death is merely rest. Because that you might know how the story ends. I know how started. I know christ did the bring it to, you know, in the cross and then our place on the end of the is we look at that death. As the bible. Repeatedly firms is but a sleep. It is something to be sorrowed, but not sorrow like those. We have no hope that there's the hope at the other end of this world is not all there is. And that gives us a peace of mind that others simply don't have. I see you looking up a pathogen scripture, well I would just in our family worshipping other day we were going to the roman 6. And the apostle says for he who has died has been freed from sin for if we died with christ. We believe that we shall also live with him, knowing that christ, having been raised from the dead, dies no more. Just link that we're going to live with him here. Jesus, he dies no more and he says, death no longer has dominion over him. Even for even though we can faith the 1st death, the reality is that once we accept christ, we are errors to eternal life. And so as you mentioned, the even death is not a permanent thing for right. And that has to change the perspective, you know, I could say a lot about our society, the fear of death. The bible talks about how fear of death has kept many, all their lifetime and subject to bondage people's greatest fear that the christian does need to share that because it's not, doesn't have a permanent that it does for those who don't have that. Well, even inside the text, i was thinking it was revelation. Chapter 14 for 131. Yeah, these, you know, the, the critical time in the last days when the 3 angels messages given there's the Mark of the beast insides are being chosen. And right here is the patient of the things, right? But in, even in that context you even verse 13. Then I heard a voice from heaven saying to me, right, bless it. Are the dead who die in the Lord from now on? Yes, sir, they may rest from their labors and their works. Follow them when we die in the Lord were dying. Yes, at 1st death a temporal death, but we can rest from our labors knowing that you will dance resting from the labors. I mean, now if you're, if, if you're tired from a long days we're rest is refreshing. Unless you think you're never going to wake up saying like so, in most cases for people. But the way the bible treats it in this context is it is your weary go to sleep, get your rest, and you're going to wake up from that. And when you wake up, man, oh man, it's a whole new day. New. What you read from desire of ages, 77, ms. Lawyer, and I'm here to the believer. Death is but a small matter. Christ speaks of it as if it were of little moment. If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death. He shall ever taste of death to the christian death is but asleep, a moment of silence and darkness. The life is hid with christ in god. And when christ, who is our life shall appear, then shall he also appear with him in glory at 34. So as we look at the origin of evil christ dealing with it the in time offence, our role there and the hope that we have in christ that right, that whole prophetic outline. Step of that is confidence, inspiring. And we can trust in god and rest in him, even if death is our lot. It's not in the store. So we've talked about this with the quarterly before, that the rest were talking about the spiritual rest. And the unique thing about spiritual rest is in, in, in the temporal world. Rest can only come with absence of strife. But in the spiritual world you can have rest in the midst of strife. Yes. So in all the conflict and all the may have that's going on where people, how can I find rest to the person who's spiritual? It's in much of it is in these promises of knowing that what we're dealing with this temporary but the unseen things are return. Well, and I would say that downstream, even that Yes, the eternal then is the great piece of mind that we have. But it will, it will reverberate into the other areas of her life will probably get better temporal sleep and has a better outlook and health. Just right now, because spiritual life is not just an insurance policy for later. But now I'm sure that, that knowledge, that framework can affect every aspect of our lives and the eternal. I truly can start now and even if we have to go through temporal death, it. Sure, but a moment you talking about jesus in the storm, where the disciples are panic guy and he is asleep and I'm good. Yeah. And that friend is written. All right, well we got to move on talking point number 2 in the light of this context of the scriptures, you know, prophetic picture. We then have a clearly defined emission and need that we don't just because we could leave it a talking point number one and say OK, we know how the story ends. We know how it started, we find our place and we can rest easy. And even if we die, we die. But that's almost too passive of a posture that I think that scripture doesn't, you know, let us off the hook so easily, right? That in this picture we have a work to do, right? And I put this note in the talking point, clarity of purpose in life is a type of piece. Many lack. I don't know if you've ever run this. I'm sure you have the people like they don't know who they are, what they're going to do or where tomorrow holds for them. Right. But 7th day adventists have no need to suffer such restlessness. We do not have to toss about like wonder what I'm supposed to do. Now we know what we're supposed to. We have our marching orders. We shared the statement before, and I don't remember off the top, my head where it isn't deserve ages. It's in the chapter letting her be troubled, but delaware says she speaks of the holy spirit comforter in that context. She says, there is comfort in peace in the truth, but there is no comfort in error or falsehood. Much to what you're talking about. There's a type of peace that comes from having that from knowing where we're heading from, knowing the law from having that level of competence. It brings a level of peace that you can't have otherwise certainty. Yes, there's a certainty. And again, it's not just certainty that things are true, but now I have an active part to play in god's plan for this world. So I have a purpose and a mission. In fact, the quarterly brings us out at the end of mondays, less than a paragraph 7, very, very bottom. Yet in this cosmic conflict, we are more than just observers. We're to be active participants in spreading the gospel to the ends of the world. And so our role in this is not merely to watch what jesus is going to do on the good side and watch the world fall apart on the bad side. The we're supposed to be active in this. That's right. And you have is a sub point here. The gospel is it mentioned here includes the present truth of the 3 angels messages. And sometimes there's this mindset of and I've even heard it express like, you know, we need to preach the gospel and the 3 messages. And is this as if there's this addendum to? Well, when you go to the book of revelation, i want it. I don't want to be clear. I don't, I don't disagree with anything. You're saying in fact, if you go to tuesdays lesson mark that down folks in that sentence. But I guess sometimes you hear the gospel and Yeah. Distinctive administer. 3 angels message type of stuff. Right. Kind of noticed a hint of that on tuesday's if you look at paragraph 1234, down on Tuesday says speaking of this 3 angels methods present truth says notice it starts out with quote, the everlasting gospel, the wonderful news of christ, death, and resurrection. So apparently the gospel is the news about trist death and resurrection upon which our hope of salvation rest. There is also the message that the average judgment is go. Yeah, it's so to implies that the gospel priestly work from the rest. And my point is that the gospel is always the work of jesus, whether it's being born in the main process, interceding in heaven, or coming back as king or even judging now on his throne, the most holy place that's all the gospel. And that whole message of christ is what the 3 angels messages point out. And of course, i'm sure the author lesson wasn't seem to detract from that, but just I just want to get the 7 as the uniqueness of the 70. I was message or not. And addition to the gospel, because when we, once we start thinking that way, it doesn't become essential. I think of the non essential think the gospel we know the essential. But this isn't necessarily essential. No, it's part of the message. I want to demonstrate this, and I like the way you put it, we're talking of the gospel is the work of christ in the work of christ did not end with his essential payment. Right, well and I wanted to point that out from scripture and Matthew chapter 24. You and I talked about this lot, i'm not sure if we've shared this on talking points yet or not. But when jesus talking about those in time prophecies, the signs of his coming and whatnot and Matthew, chapter 24. After he talks about how false prophets will rise and many will be deceived. First 12, because lawlessness will bound the love of many will go cold. But then it says, and versus $13.14, but he who endures to the end, shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached and all the world has witnessed all nations, and then the end will come. So you have all the difficulties of tribulation last days, but there will be those who endure to the end, right? Ok, the dimensions and the gospel will be preached in that context. And then the end will come when, if you go to bed, revelation chapter 14, that's exactly what you see happening. Starting with the 6 with the 3 angels messages, then I saw another angel flying them. It's of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach. Those who dwell in the earth to every nation, tribe tongue and people what to say in for 7. Saying we'd love with your god and give him glory, saying So having the everlasting gospel. Thank you. What's he doing? He's here, here comes you saying what he's saying be ever the gospel, quote, your gun, your glory, him for the germans come to the, the 1st part of the everlasting gulf in the middle of the right. So as we have an actual picture of the gospel going to every nation to the whole world in the last days, just like jesus is told and what's being said, the hour of his judgment worship him. There's talking about the sabbath, the judgment, the distinct doctrines of the 7th babylon, them, or you can't say there's the gospel and then there's this added admin stuff. No, you can't because the whole message is the gospel and you come reverse 14 in the end, it's coming. Jesus representatives coming in a white cloud. We exactly so. So revelation 14 the 3 angels messages simply a detailed retailing of what jesus for told. And Matthew, fulfillment of his word, us, if you could read for evangelism, page 120 this year, in a special sense, 7th day adventists have been set in the world as watchman and light bearers to them has been entrusted the last warning for a perishing world on them is shining wonderful light from the word of god. They have been given a work of the most solomon port, the proclamation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd angels messages. There is no other work of so great importance, there to allow nothing else to absorb their attention. The most solemn truth ever entrusted to mortals have been given us to proclaim to the world. The proclamation of these truth is to be our work. The world is to be warned and god's people are to be true to the trust committed to them. So talking point number 2, we have a clearly defined mission where to give the gospel in its entirety to the world as a warning before jesus comes. Okay? So let's move on to our final talking point then that it took out of this week's lesson and that is piece is a choice. And I say that because god can provide that prophetic outline, he can give the promise of the holy spirit. He can even give us the assurance of salvation if we layer lives in it. But it's still all of that that he provides is dependent on our choosing to take advantage of those precious privileges, right? That's right. And so I put in a talking point here, god has made ample provision for our temporal and eternal happiness. I think of creation the plan of redemption, prophetic guidance, the promise of a new heaven and new or we could go on and on and on with all the different ways that god has promised to let liar. Fi comes to my mind. Here is room as 5 verse one. Therefore, having been justified by faith. We have peace with god through our lord jesus christ. And far too many christians read this from a pagan heathen perspective and that is we have peace with god jesus that on the cross. And now the god that was against us is now for us that he been, is like credit gone, gone to mind around. All right, right. In in what the bible is trying to tell us is when we are justified the peace with god. And it was he g, wagner brought up the point that peace is simply the absence of war. So the question is, who's fighting? Who was god fighting me up until the time that christ died? Or was either one fighting god in justification? Does god stop fighting me? Or where is justification the time when I have chosen by eating, i surrender to that. And so when you talk about peace being a choice, we act like like helpless victims in like, you know, it's up to God when he's going to decide to be nice to. But the reality is M, I choosing to quit fighting the will of god because the unrest we talked about in the less than this quarter, many times comes from my own rebellion mercy. Instead of just yielding my will to God and I would variance the peace that comes from not fighting against his will. For the 2nd point, the only impediment to our rest in christ and experience a pri supervise is our decision. Follow him? That's right. So it's not like god was against us and she had to change his mind or with some obstacle. God is said, here's everything you need, come, follow me. That's right. I'm thinking flip the chapter for you want to look that one up real quick. Sure. Philippines for, for through and this was also listed as one of those key texts in the, in the lesson this week. Galatians, diffusion lip. This is sticking here. Okay. First floor philippians more for rejoice in the Lord. Always. Again, I will say, rejoice, let your gentleness be known to all men, lord and hand, the anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication. With thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God and the peace of god which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through christ jesus. Oh, that was traverse. And I love that. But notice it's always not just to, you know, just be happy kind of rejoice, right? It's specific rejoice. How in the Lord let you know the Lord is at hand. Verse 5, be anxious for nothing because we can take everything to God that yeah, that, that point there be anxious for not like we started off on that, be anxious for nothing. In other words, there are things that would make an person anxious, but the context would be anxious for nothing. Why? Because you can make your requests known to God and you know god's not often a distant land. Some where he hears this request, he will answer. We believe that he loves us and wants to do what's best for us, and so we don't need the anxious attitude. Right hand the colon's, and if you knew that you didn't have to be anxious anymore, the guy's got your big picture. Best interest in mind is going to listen to your daily needs. You can rejoice in all things, right. And Paul, this is the base of god which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart exactly. So in mind, it's beyond knowledge to be all understand. You can't really explain it to people, but you, This is Paul who's been shipwrecked and beaten and abandoned and disheartened in prison. And he's able to say like that, but in the end I got jesus. So I got it all. You know, it's going to have that kind of mindset. Our mentality, if you will, is essentially bulletproof, right? And the quarterly brings this out. And Thursdays, paragraph 3 says in this passage, paul is not thing to rejoice. Always in all the trials that you are facing. He is saying, rejoice in the Lord always so that the trial that's making a joyful but the fact that this isn't the end of it, right? No matter our present situation, no matter what trials we're facing. If we dwell on god on his goodness is love and his sacrifice and the cross for us, we can rejoice in him and have peace for our weary souls and princess what this entire lesson was trying to get to. I think with the reminder, the necessary reminder that we are living in perilous times for sure and politically, economically, ecologically all kinds of the it's going downhill. But we can nevertheless rejoice in christ and be at peace in all things because we have him. And that is a bless, a promise. That's right. On Fridays lesson from gospel workers. The 1st paragraph there, halfway through that per 1st paragraph, is, is because we can trust his wisdom a love. We should not ask him to concede to our will, but should seek to enter into, accomplish his purpose, into and accomplish his purpose. Our desires and interest should be lost in his will. And that's kind of the point is that god's, god got this thing and he's got you and me. If we choose to lay our lives in his hand and we can have peace, that passes understanding. I think there's an important point and I'm happy that we have concluded the study. It's an important theme. And as we close, can you give us word prayer that's praying, father and heaven. We do thank you for the peace that is ours. In jesus, we pray for that. The realization of that piece for every one of our, our listeners and viewers as well. Lord is those who will benefit from the teaching of the sabbath school lesson of all times or history. We need that piece of christ now. And we pray that that would be a witness that would move others to want to know more of the god that we love and serve. Thank you for hearing answering for we pray these things in the name of jesus and for his email. Ah.


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