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The Rest of God: The Creator's Calm

Doug Batchelor


Doug Batchelor

Speaker and Director of Amazing Facts, Senior Pastor of Granite Bay Hilltop Seventh-day Adventist Church.




  • July 16, 2010
    7:00 PM
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him very happy to be with you all here tonight some of you look like you're warm but we're very glad that we could gather together as a Sabbath approaches and openness were together seek his will for our lives and listen to the spirit speak to our hearts I could we begin if you're able to know what the geometry might be around your chairman if you're able to win the altogether as we begin with prayer again tonight our wonderful father in heaven Lord we are very thankful for this opportunity to come together in this place at the threshold of these sacred hours and to talk about the rest that we find in Jesus and Lord we believe that each day internal battles are raging around us and we believe that you called us together to speak to us through your holy Word Lord as we now direct your attention to that let's look we pray you will give us years to hear we asked Lord that we can be different in a positive way as a result of this meeting this evening I pray Lord that you be with the one who is the speak forgive his sins and that ultimately you will be the one we see in here help us to experience the rest that you promise for us we thank you and we ask these things in the name of your son Jesus in fun happy to be able to do something a little unique for me and so him passage of Scripture and I have been blessed as I have explored it to unfold them to share with you I'm hoping and praying that it will touch your heart as it has mine in the passages dealing with the rest of God that you find in the book of Hebrews and principally I've been assigned Hebrews chapter four verses one through eleven but you know you really need to back up a little bit different contexts for this if you go to the book of Hebrews chapter three first chapters and verses were not in the original here we believe Paul is the writer is talking about this wonderful rest in God is offering each of us to keep in mind and it's very appropriate that on the Sabbath were talking about this is a sentence about to begin this this rests when God made Adam how many days that Adam lived before he had a sample he started his life pretty much out of the ghetto a four hours and next thing he knew he had that time with God God established a pattern for him and is very creation that life was about resting in the Lord something else that none of us really experienced was born perfectly secure in a home made by God and was ideal I is family did not have any of that bottom is a dysfunctional baggage that world morning to be at the perfect family oriented the world but then because of unbelief and because of sin Adam was evicted from his beautiful paradise home any and from that day to two thousand ten July him has been wandering we have been missing that caress of a real home and always sing that song this world is not my home was really not modified you can read enough he was a little later where it did admits any you find his Hebrews eleven verse thirteen all these died in faith not having received the promises that having seen them afar off and were assured of them and embrace them and confessed that they were strangers in the rooms on the year manner sort of restless for wandering looking for a home for those you say such things the clear plainly they seek the homeland and so were all really trying to get home to find addresses of this is the context of what Paul is talking about when he begins and I'm in a start with the Hebrews chapter three verse seven therefore as the Holy Spirit says today if you will hear his voice do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion in the day of trial in the wilderness where your fathers tested me prove me keep in mind is writing the Hebrew sources your fathers are talking about the Israel nation and saw my works forty years therefore I was angry with that generation I said they always go astray in their hearts and is not known my ways so I swore in my wrath they shall not enter my rest why what terrifying words to hear God 's data lasts what he said that his wife back then because of your unbelief you never will get to the promised lack of the scary thought and it should be beware brethren lest there be any of you an evil heart of unbelief how does God view unbelief what happened are you resembling a will say while they sandal what was the principal sin God send one thing the devil said another they did not believe God through unbelief they were evicted from their home they lost their roofs but exhort one another daily while it is called today and hopefully we do that at a meeting like this for encouraging exhorting one another to hang on to be true while it is today lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin when you send to us hardens our hearts little by little mice not doing it today we procrastinate a lot we got lots of time on your tomorrow and little by little when you post surrendering fully to the Lord what happens our hearts are hardened to see where it happens little by little matter-of-fact this is that frightening book where it talks about it's impossible for those who were once enlightened and a piece of the heavenly gift if they turn away to renew them to repentance theory strongly it's that's what we should exhort one another today lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin for we have become partakers of Christ if we hold the beginning of our confidence steadfast in the end part of the nation of Israel lose that one generation I cannot even they came out and only solve these miracles but they lost the confidence they can hold the end and that first-generation died in the wilderness while it is said today you now Paul is quoting David who is voting Moses today if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion for who having heard remailed indeed wasn't not all those who came out of Egypt led by Moses now what was he angry those forty years was a time when those who send these corpses fell in the wilderness and that he swear that they would not enter his rest by the way in the past for reading tonight I found twelve places you find the word rests ocelot arrests in now now from Hebrews chapter three verse eleven four eleven I was called one chapter twelve times rests effect oftentimes you find rest in Hebrews is the passages were looking at right now rest rest rest rest rest rest of usual Friday afternoon your cut along for rest that I long for more than you do we had a busy weekend here tonight studying Romans fell exhausted Romans chapter five will be a small morning and then I asked him to do that decisive enough tapings of the film I can handle sunscreen and of this message and renovate Sabbath school in central sermon Granite Bay and we have a friend ninety nine years old was driving him as a confluence driving himself a car accident night when Coble is an old man women thirty years ago ninety nine years old so then going if you want to talk about restaurants believe me it really means something to me I long for that blessing rests of the Lord is offered and you know even beyond the Sabbath the digital for pastors several dozen always refuse the facts and the Bible says that the priests profane the sabbath nonlinguistic is sometimes of the busiest you long for that risk when you so I told her fellowship some of the Rome trip to get excited when yellow all over them with his road trip in your heart Saints and someday you'll understand the wisdom of what I'm saying right now you get out on the road with your family for vacation and you really look to come home to recover from your vacation but no home in this world is really the rest that Paul is talking about someone who was he angry those forty years was enough with those you send these corpses fell in the wilderness and to whom did he swear that they would not enter his rest that those who did not obey notices who would not enter his rest those who did not obey what is your Bible say it is a single break verse nineteen so we see they could not enter because of unbelief Nepal make up your mind is it obedience or is it faith or is based shown through obedience that's a place I circle in my Bible as a very powerful statement there is talk about not entering the rest of God because of unbelief and then he says because it is not okay now I'm a pause before I get to chapter four and I want to show you the story that he's talking about turned back in your Bibles please the numbers chapter thirteen were talking about the creators call that blessing rests that is embodied in this chapter and only give you the quick version of this story because there's still a lot to cover this is one of the most important stories in the Bible because it symbolizes the key out how to get to the promised land and the experience of the children of Israel on the borders of the promised land back then are synonymous with God 's people Israel on the borders of eternity now does everyone understand what I'm saying this will bear for us now because they got to the borders and did not cross into that rest because of unbelief and disobedience sold the people came to Moses on the numbers chapter thirteen verse one and a silicone ready to go look at this land called the promised land but you know we happen in their and none of our fathers have been there is a advantage of for so long we have no postcards we can get online and find out with Google Earth what it looks like aware with enemy we just get little snippets of verbal reports from caravans and these additional actuators would really like to see for ourselves what we're going to access the expect is working across over into someone else's territory I basically said by the way this is ours you have to leave so they were very apprehensive they have to renew wrongly one beautiful story of Moses says the people came to gonzo send spies if you really number thirteen sounds like it was God 's idea number thirteen dollars and all right I'll give you permission to add some spice got been in these fires nor the land looked like he already knew the Re: promises job because they began to doubt they wanted spice you know sometimes you can inform them for wanting some fresh testimony were like that so the twelve man and a market arena all their names and all the tribes are from one from each tribe and two of these twelve especially stand out in history with surnames Joshua and Caleb and his agility Josh we are also correct those of the two that summarizes in verse sixteen of chapter thirteen these are the names of the men whom Moses sent to spy the land Moses called pushy or the son of nun Joshua by name Allison by the way that was the name of Jesus Yeshua so Moses sent them this telephone land of Canaan this way in the south of the crossover here and go up to the mountains had towards the north and see what the land is like whether the people who dwell in it are strong or weak few or many whether the land they dwell in is good or bad whether the cities they inhabit are like camps or strongholds whether the land is rich or poor note of Moses Noah the landless life God it was a land flowing with milk and honey get the report and bring it back to the people whatever it is you give them a report Richard Ford whether they are forced to not be of good courage he tells them before they go be courageous and bring some of the fruit of the land time and time was the season of first so they went out they slide the land from the wilderness of sin as far as we half at the entrance of him after they went up through the South and they came to him run behind him she shined how my descendents of the eMac for their by the way it tells us of the King of Vienna compatibility with thirteen feet the life was only nine and a half feet so this was a feared nation call people the descendents of a neck were there no heparin was built seven years before joining Egypt and they came to the Valley National this is up by Carmel and then they cut down is not carnal California's Carmel Israel and they cut down a branch with one cluster of grapes in the Curia between the tool of the monopole at any given the Israel you know that the logo for careers in Israel review solace is a picture of two men carrying an enormous cluster of grapes between the monopole and that was in honor of the first to terrorists and went to the land really that is the logo for the tourism industry in Israel you can go over the hill CNN doesn't accept illness and wellness cluster of grapes each of the grades I was and where was I was in Australia and they brought some my room I was feeling some meetings are back in November and I'm not kidding you for each one was bigger than my file they were anonymous and I thought to myself for those graces of all assignments and an even bigger land flowing with milk and honey Pennsylvania I also bought some of the pomegranates and the things it were told to bring some the fertile land now it doesn't say what you think the tumor than London that greatly an old bundle of grace the remainder of the way from lengthened by the way was announced the north entrance the landing effect of the crossing point again we think that was I was Joshua and Caleb I can prove it but you can prove you wrong such line saying and you have to be motivated and they were the place was called the Valley of Asheville because of the cluster of grapes as the men cut down and they returned from spying the land after forty days so they departed and came back to Moses and Aaron and all the congregation of the children of Israel in the wilderness of Karen educators and they brought back word to them and all the congregation and showed them the fruit of the land for singing records as they shelved in the food of the land so that almost makes me think that has their wandering the land Caleb and Joshua realize you know first impressions make a big difference these guys that we've been traveling with my thing Joshua and Caleb became friends you can read later in the book of Joshua it seems that way these characters even traveling with were really negative and as they were going to the promised land ten of the spies kept noticing everything that appeared to be an obstacle to know some people see the cup half full sums it half empty films like every half-empty Joshua and Caleb so I have to fail we saw the flight site so when they came to the mountains of hand-drawn which is the area where the unit come with the Giants him love him the walls you can call people out there you look from their hiding places and bushes he's almost green rich metals with the springs flowing even during the dry part of your visit great hearts striker Joao but why this is where I want to go in the other guys and look at all those guys are they had this grasshopper mentality if you dress up or they could think of were like grasshoppers because of this and later they come back and report you listen your so the first one to get the children of Israel Joshua gives a minute of every subject there imagine after all that time caring all that food they probably have a cloud of flies following and all the congregation season comments install season and they all gather around and Caleb and Joshua got their backpacks bullying with pomegranates and figures about what else the team is everybody needs the great Sinfonia in the land we came to his folly with milk and honey it's the first thing missing was very positive they said we went to the land you send this to him shortly in flows with milk and honey and here is the fruit I think that Josh McCaleb next verse the ten spies caught up nevertheless the people who dwell in the land are strong and the cities are fortified and very large moreover we saw the descendents of any back there in the Amalekites dwell in the land to the south and the Hittites and the Jebusites and the Amorites dwell in the mountains and the Canaanites dwell by the sea and along the banks of Jordan and the waiter saying it and Allard Baird on their hair and an moaning until the people were big and the walls are being used to see the walls of Jericho I will ever bring Elmo 's walls are you and I looking back know how they brought down the walls with a laughable statement like that you they said something like that now now what if you had a foolish Internet for another walls and they never let the Giants for they were worried about all the invisible obstacles in getting to the homicide as a vid this is very important and very pertinent for where we are today and the people as they young your getting report from the ten spies and begin to try to look at each other and begin the mowing you can hear the full effect of negativity sweeping through the congregation all I do however get why did we even comes for here we are the borders at all we mentally carry this fellow is and how we compositionally than slaves and their warlike people in the walls and laid on the begin to think about all the problems are compounded with the negative report that they got Caleb and Joshua Saul was happening and they jump up on some prominent spot in the shop into the people verse thirty Caleb quieted the people why do the epic life the people these are all beginning away already he quieted the people before Moses and said let us go up at once I like him do not wish that I think we can only strategize he had just come back from forty days of wandering in half that time caring about a lot of things and what to say when he gets back on after I come back from a trip like that is to give me a couple weeks he says let's go right now he wanted to stay to clean I like his enthusiasm he said let us go up at once and take possession I like to see I'm underlying this is my final for we are well able not only are we able to be seen we are well able to overcome it now this is very important Caleb is a report that says we can be overcome we are willing he doesn't ever confess any of the details the size of science for the obstacles that are going to encounter the walls of their fortification is an argument that those things may have been real insider that he says were willing no longer obstacles to our salvation sugar you face and everything are the real but does the devil did you think you can make it he wants to do and what does God want you to hear we are well able go up tomorrow is a single of the once is nothing today is not what we read in Hebrews today and we are willing to let us go but the menu when we examine can have a twelve said we are not a locator we got this visit we are not a landline that you you got two different words Nelson don't need a real guy opening a live cells and don't listen to God he told himself that I got to choose you can leave now the people are hearing to reports the conflict one reporter saying yes you can with God all things are possible we are well able at how far you thought of so far in the other group is saying you haven't seen releasing the problems on every side and most people are entrenched in were not able faithful saw the same promise land in the office of reports have you heard people read from the same Bible and some will say don't take yourself too seriously you're not really able to overcome Santa resist temptation and then another group says yes you can to Christ all things are possible he is able to keep you from falling he is able and looking at the same idol and you make a decision which one you believe which reportedly what you have to ask this question how the Lord successfully him them quite a ways standoff finish what he starts look at all the miracles God to bring them as far as they were why would they doubt at this point someone worked miracles for you before hasn't given me any victories that you can look back on praise for the candy do more film ideologies pretty simple way I think is is gone stronger without and when I here preachers stand up and say try to stop singing arabica malleolus I think to myself once you are alternative to just bash seems in to surrender to it funny with your two choices you can either resist the devil or you can capitulate and so my theology is do we believe that the devil convinces the sand I believe that drinking right you don't want family forces is a contentious and do you believe Jesus can keep you from said that those who are saying that they believe the double contempt understand but I don't think Jesus can keep them from sin from because after all you get this fall New Jersey it is not capable we are not able to bring in back of that report by the way if you don't believe that you're able you won't as righteousness by faith starts with faith doesn't begin a righteousness by faith of how pervasive you want to righteousness first you need to face that he's able to disassemble this experience of the Israelites really is an allegory about salvation works out when I done it since they said were not able for the people are stronger than we are is a level stronger than we he him and Jesus are always a majority they gave the children of Israel all bad reports of the land they had spied out the land through which we gone as spies is a land that devours the inhabitants and all the people we saw in it are men of great stature devours the inhabitants under Johnson was a land flowing with milk and honey honey look at this two opposite reports and they're all church members there all the Church of God in the wilderness for all Israelites could we have that kind of conflict in our church to completely different reports no I like to make a prediction a nonprofit thing right now I'm in the state John Novak but I'll make a prediction based on the word of God that history can repeat itself and you're going to have a split of reports on the borders of the promised land again year to help one group say let's go we can make it and you only may not be the majority the smaller group were they the majority or the minority another physicist trick question via the positive group within the majority of the minority to the small group ministry Jesus said straight is a gate that leads to life and few there be to find a wife you believe if you believe that he is able they brought back an evil report and then we saw these are all of great stature and this is where talks about the grasshoppers and we saw the giants of the same as we hang out here who came from the giants and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight that was the problem their thinking like grasshoppers beyond you according your faith you think like a grasshopper you'll be aggressive so we were in their sight then I went to read on them chapter fourteen of numbers all the congregation lifted up their voices and cried and the people wept that night and all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and the whole congregation said to them if only we had died in the land of Egypt or if only we had died in this wilderness in order is same as a few of this is the whole congregation said I was leased to the didn't say that Caleb and Joshua probably Moses and Aaron Xavier the rest of her praying a prayer and careful what you pray for make sure you punctuate your prayers recorded your will Doctor sometimes got last event prayers the Army sometimes you pray pray pray he gets anything almost little about homemade maybe I gave you because you wanted it so bad they could learn some of the people of Israel so give us a kingdom as it came as a case was a God will have again no big imaging yet was the problem solved sure was something God will answer your prayer he prayed that prayer even if the Lord if it be your will is a letter signed this wilderness why did the Lord bring us up let's take another later it's another thing so we want a leader that doesn't believe that literacy in the Somoza said the outcome related to the problems in the finale one another leader executive offices we can make it very thankful for the new leader we have the general conference then Moses and Aaron fell on their faces before the assembly they knew what was coming of the congregation they fell on their faces the apprentice on their faces to duck it happen God made a note got doesn't swear by the way is elsewhere what is I only said that as I live verse twenty eight father verse twenty seven numbers fourteen how long shall I bear with this evil congregation who murmur against me I have heard the murmurings which the children of Israel murmured against me say to them as I live says the Lord and usually people 's lives as Mormons using as I live this is an old and this is coming up in Hebrews as I live says the Lord just as you have spoken in my hearing so will I do to you the carcasses of you who have murmured against me shall fall in the wilderness all of you who were numbered according to your entire number from twenty euros twenty years old and upward except for Caleb the son of Jeff any and Joshua the son of nun you shall by no means into the land I swore that you are dwelling on that means whenever I read this I start to do the math there might have been filled two and a half million Israelites the cross over into the promised land how many of them were there over sixty Hmong I dropped out of high school I know the answer this to everybody over twenty dies except to a any wander forty years there is no money over twenty that gets the longer those forty years on how many other over sixty one a strange tribe they must do probably was no senior center by the way you've read the verses as there was not one feeble person among their tribes no one reason he called everybody over sixty telehealth program usually doesn't tell you that you dedicate that in my in my right think about that my back is cellular chapter four verse one they could not endure in because of unbelief how do you know is talking about the children of Israel did not enter the promised land all of those is that we are not able to the naked celebs one of the first steps if you want to make it big of a leader you're able and thought what if you lose a battle along the way his enemies I guess when you're not able now he you keep trusting the Lord and still keep believing hearing the detection if the children of Israel have vowels in the wilderness before they got to this experience they get they follow the Amalekites Moses hands went down they started losing languages give up because Moses have a backup and a frequent backup and there was a period of time until Aaron and hurt him alongside Moses is handling down people started dying this article is an example of this order money for talk about pressure your arms his sword he's fully wrestled with our dihydrogen actually will you will you find that you may have literally right and always has a son and ups and downs through the wilderness and several places akin to before they ever got his experience than what models they lost battles but they weren't to lose face that he was able to bring them into the promised land now I venture to say you probably also know anyone spouse but don't stop believing that he is able to finish what he started and bring you all the way into the promised land a man therefore since a promise remains of injuring his wrist Alex brings this minute what is the promise that remains given my Paul was preaching here in the New Testament children of Israel had been in the promised land what is the promise that he still thought let us fear lest any of you should seem to come short of it was both fear anything I just the Lotusphere is a sermon title for things on the other side of the sphere had some very positive but you know the Bible let us fear what we follow their example of unbelief you should be afraid of that is not along the fear was no man if you're not hated evil who was a John Leslie Vincent give me three hundred people the fear nothing but God help conquer the world seated fears God fears nothing else even is not cured on fears everything else I just hope I forget who said it for indeed the Gospel was preached to them he's talking about those in the Old Testament the good news about the rest was preached to them as well as us for the word that they heard did not thought of them not being mixed with faith in those who heard it for we who have believed notice a leave to enter that rest is the connection between faith and believing in rest as he said so I swore in my wrath they would not enter my rest so you know what is talking about here by the way Paul is quoting King David Psalms ninety five verse eleven who was voting Moses second wilderness although the works were finished from the foundation of the world forget spoken in a certain place of the seventh day in this way and God rested on the Sabbath day from all of his works and again in this place there shall not enter my rest so when Parker for second half of the Sabbath in contracts with this rest you one reason the Seventh-day Adventist churches on porn in the last days everything are to send you about the children of Israel make it into the promised land is spoken of in the context of the rest every week when we celebrate the Sabbath we are thinking about that fulfillment rest of heaven is not only a memorial of creation given my atoms first Sabbath he was resting as he was in his first Sabbath right he was home he was exactly where he was we for Santa every Sabbath and we keep now is a memorial of one hundred effect and the real rest that we find in the promised land in the West we find in Jesus Aristotle doesn't say your rest this is my rest you will not enter into my wrists he has a rest for us the message of the Sabbath is especially important in these last days because were talking about the rest they find Jesus off see more about than just a moment free slogan a certain place of the seventh day in this way the Paul's writing the Hebrew season venue where that was and God rested on the seventh day mass effect this might be an example of a little bit of irony in his writing they all knew where that was and God rested on the seventh day from all his works and again in this place there shall not enter my rest since therefore remains of some must enter it in those to whom it was first preached did not enter because of disobedience and again he designates a certain day in David David means in Psalms ten day after such a long time as it is been said today if you will hear his voice do not harden your hearts for Joshua given them rest he would not afterward have spoken of another day or not I mailed this to the plan on backing up and see if I could explain it the children of Israel when they came out of Egypt they were looking forward to resting in the promised land well they got each ward because of unbelief generation of corpses died because they rebelled they did not obey to did not believe they died in the wilderness right but the Lord said even after John will will will generation in the promised land and sent to David and Saul delivers Josh related Joshua will after Joshua 's been gone King David Joshua Dike fourteen gold or exactly thirteen eighty or something like that PC David born about one thousand BC Josh was Linda Long time David comes along and Davidson says in Psalm 's today if you will hear his voice do not harden your heart and if he goes on Psalm ninety five then not known my ways and I swore in my wrath they will not enter my rest resisted a cost not entering rest is talking about the rest of the promised land they got after Joshua one would think that using in the promised land say you have any of my wrestling is a monthly forty sanest is another rest Paul was writing it is my same as the rest is not just about having your own piece of land here in this world the rest is not even about just having the seventies and is arrested in somebody Paul was appealing to the Jews who accepted Jesus that there was a big morass the Dean and the promise I'm concerned right now they're fighting with the Romans about what we happily into ourselves again and not give us his plan and Donald are having today and it wasn't about the dirt under their feet it was another rest is talking about his resume David talks about arrests that was not injured because of unbelief is not only you got to think about something bigger than just being your only is talking about a permanent dwelling place for Joshua had given them rest Lindsay David would not afterward a spoken of another day there remains therefore a rest of the people of the word they arrest is the same as the word sat somewhat useful there is still the key Ellis him this is a powerful evidence for us New Testament Christians the Sabbath is still in effect by the way this would've been a really good place for all the same Hebrews you don't need to keep the Jewish Sabbath and Marcus were looking for just the rest that Jesus never even broaches a concept that was a thousand miles from anybody's thinking that there they all knew the facet of a Sabbath was there just for a moment to talk about the spirit of the law and the letter of the law now aware new testament Christians are we under the spirit of the law or the letter of the law both many slight eyes of fear diversionary myth that a lot of the pastors and believers mother churches sometimes talk to some of the administration you seventy as you guys are all tied up with a letter the lung by the way some are good atmosphere they just have a letter that's very sad condition could be in film places the sermon there is rising a little ball if we were to preaching about the letter of the law we don't talk about the spirit but just as ridiculous as the idea that you got the spirit and you don't have to learn me some examples Jesus said for example you've heard it said that in the whole selection of the now is that part of the law the government 's finger is that the letter of the law or social life of peace is the spirit of the law is if you look on a woman to lessen your hard networks will wait ladies you commit adultery in your heart it's not just the letter the action is an attitude that leads to disobeying the letter of the law is as fearful attitude ways of his obedience so now I understand that and I want to be led by the Spirit is spirit when regarding the seventh commandment is it possible for me to keep the spirit of the law break the letter if I were to say beyond spiritually in my heart I never think of something I might do it this is the description of the concert the letter the losses thou shall not kill the spirit alive Jesus said if you're angry with your brother without a cause you don't give some of your consumer description of our estate you know I'm a spiritual Christianity sister-in-law but only briefly I would never thinking response against you might kill you double think a healthy loving thoughts while I do it because I am loving spiritual Christian while I kill nothing loving thoughts as possible can you write a letter along what you keep the spirit so don't ever fall for it when someone says are you administer your people in the letter of the law this is one of the seven dates even only I keep this here the law I have my wrist and Jesus well for how can you say you could dispute along with your regular is if you love Jesus and your resting and pricing at the very minimum keeping his holy day and it goes on to say wasn't man's idea this is for God God rest and man follows his example for he was entered into his rest has himself also cease from his works as God did from his let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest how can you be diligent to miss Athens every Friday you diligently work that you can enter rest when the sun goes down should we diligently work to enter the rest of the promised land by faith is no conflict in having faith and diligently working to enter that rest through belief just let us be diligent to Internet rests him was anyone follow the same example of disobedience know what happened this is is an example of disobedience what happened to the children of Israel to disobey it in a negative promise is telling us that gets through unbelief they disobey I was talking to somebody earlier this week about Grace and grace was the emphasis of the General conference session and I are some wonderful things I also heard some things about ominous applications a lot of people use race as a substitute for presumption the idea being that when you have grace you don't need okay and the idea of God 's grace is he gives us grace to you don't hear very often out how rarely do you hear someone say praise the Lord is gracious on the man he's given me power thank the Lord for his grace to do his well the purpose of the grace of God where you can do anything without God 's grace and gives you his power to do is what it is all like grapes is actually become less gracious mercy as part of inquiries we also give you grace on a daily basis to be doers of the word now I want to go back and not we read the entire passage and in the China remains how I talk about what the essence of this is all about homesick homesick for heaven when you think of a place of peace and tranquility I'll thank you very much I'll save that for later when you think of a place of peace or tranquility what pops up in your mind you have a place on this planet him Moses Abraham e.g. look for the city who had foundations whose builder and maker is God nearly patriarchs Abraham Isaac and Jacob there were pilgrims there were strangers they were wandering just but now they desire a better country country you look for a better country that is a heavenly country therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God for he's prepared from the city usually has a place for Jesus and I go to prepare a place for you he said don't let your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid in my father 's house are many dwelling places many matches I go to prepare a place for you you long for that place you think about that place I think Caleb and Joshua all they wanted so much to be in that place the definitely little bit today finally get ill I love that story you find a suitable Joshua chapter fourteen of facility as well as I can but they fought a number of battles Caleb now is eighty five years old comes the Joshua was also eighty something years old it is as you remember that forty years ago it's actually more than forty now the Lord said to you and I because we believe that we get into the promised land were here we are seasoning away fonts and battles instead by the grace of God my strength is now as strong today as it was then pulled for war from going out for communist while only fifty three I wish I could say I was strong as I was turning his ago I can see that people keep coming up and I had a root of the day I get a backend slandering out for members everyone goes if you do another one is no find one more it will be my last long enough to be a rough landing theories eighty five years old is as long as strong now as I was then present a pretty good night 's heavenly food him for having the something is remarkably similar everybody was so scared of the Giants and when you and I will looking out of those bushes in recent look at those metals and look at all those springs and Caleb Solomon my son himself that's what I can picture my house my cabin right here for four years as they went through the wilderness Caleb had his picture in his mind that home where he wanted to be in Joshua at least regarding the former he wanted to be in Caleb said give me the mouth to talk about the mouth have one give me that now the Giants I'm afraid that guys like me will overcome the capable even overcoming video overcome okay love conquered the children of enactment in the mountains he conquered the Giants because of his faith he was from the tribe of Judah the reason that the tribe of Judah lives where they live today is because of the faith of that old man came in the tribe of Judah ended up taking a territory any other pictures at home all the time he finally was able to settle down and at home and without his days their vital signs of those beautiful trees and those metals because he believed what is a home it's the native habitat of some animal the physical structure within which one lives house or apartment a dwelling place together were a family or social unit occupies its environment offering security and happiness of value place regarded as a refuge a place of origin the place of one's country where one is born or is live so long someone said home is a place we can find yourself around find a way around in the dark home is a place for the greater small and the smaller great for home is not where you live it is where they understand you where's your home I think all of him now everybody sort of his longing for something better in this world will also have shuffling around all the time you know more people move in this generation according National Geographic we are living in a generation or more people move in any other time in North America some people are average time for adults is three years one place changing jobs if this is phenomenal when you think about it everybody's on the move you picture a home in heaven and I used to wonder why my dad would say he was born in Oklahoma out of your heard the story like grapes of wrath but to the people in Oklahoma during the gospel came to California I guess part of migration he was a farm kicker became very poor at unit doing well successful business move from California to Miami lived out the rest of his days there I there and it's time to surprise the whole family one day he sent us a photograph and it was each song is kind of an eerie he was a photograph of a tombstone of the bachelor on how to know what was my first visit fast-growing and I let my dad was always very brief in his notes and visit the future of agreement is signed and what is this all about the threat is anonymous diseases I got my great place to pick up the phone or cellular had a vivid picture of self-help answer not exactly parents that he could every night you wanted it very back in Oklahoma no one else in the family was there but Islam and then somehow that's when he wanted to me it's like he was longing to find a place of hope and imagine in Miami Beach and he wanted to get buried in the Shawnee cemetery and we went for the shoddy cemetery very minor in order to amazing story him about this on the radio regarding David Livingstone when he died in eighteen seventy three even some instructions that you it is very loyal friends the only Congress Livingston had exactly a greater geographer and explore the missionary but he opened the way for all the other missionaries through his exploration two of his friends to my CC for his instructions a various heart in Africa beneath the tree then they laid his body out in the sun the Limassol what an mollify the rough it up with cloth in the bark of a tree so his body up in sailcloth after was thoroughly mollify took all of his important papers and you said casually while he was sick it said if you can find a way to get my body back to the British Council in my family would be great because I was sort of his dying wish these two friends and stuff a pull through the sailcloth and make Sherry 's body one hundred thousand miles I over their shoulders to come eleven months to get it to Zanzibar to the British Council there and it took some doing to convince the British Council visit this is David Livingstone never remembered new David Livingstone intervals famous lines Doctor Livingstone I presume it is a foggy night in the wilderness and so someone in New York hired Henry Stanley a war veteran to become a reporter to go to Africa he spent months looking he started out as an agnostic at three hundred books when he began his journey in his journey in one book left it was the Bible and after meeting with Mister Neil becomes a Christian and everyone is going to work in fact they found Livingston he was still alive he was a national hero facilities to poor Africans show about the jungle with this key and the I sure more money this is the second eleven seven yes if we can bring back is a no fail for nothing finally they found a scar on his arm that had been left by away attack survival tax audit of faith and they said it must really be patient the body back to the year for his body to get back actually brought one of his friends CC there and died and was greater and in that Westminster Abbey one of the amazing things not only was a Henry Stanley there Robert Moffat 's father-in-law was there who would call them to the mission field forty years earlier when he was a boy you live a long time off it did actually Mary Moffat 's daughter talk about why what kind of friend would have to be but they thought how we want to come home it was so important to them to get their friend home and then you read in the Bible Joseph died he said don't Barry Nugent sisters got to visit you and you can lead you as surely as his word is true he's an allegiance to the promised land take my balls within a mummified him to juveniles from them God will surely this is the usual theory of my bones from here and they brought him to the land of Israel sort you anxious to get home you know every now and then I hear these stories and I remember one and the details particulars a little sketch of the roughly what I remember this family in Jacksonville Florida was moving this is like in the last ten years and in the flurry of the move was moving truck the guards opened in August for he is scruffy was calm I forget his name some mongrel but it was their dog they love their dog he got out and he got spooked or so he ran off right about the time the motor truck and had to go and they love high love to the neighborhood the confine finally told him they refuse were removing defined scruffy cause will find a way to show from home for the never were native often there planes their trucks they moved to have a lean six three months later is very tired scruffy looking blogging scruffy short of her house in Appling Texas a thousand miles away from home in the world do they do that we've heard stories like his heart was not a cat when about six hundred miles and Casserly are not owned by anyone he comes as the site who they want to live in and the thing is that scruffy didn't want to go home to the home where he had been he wanted to go home with some dealing on a different distance not to get back to the two by fours and plaster that has been his home he went on a distance to get back to the people that in his home Jesus says in that great invitation come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest so Hebrews for when God says he entered into his rest today you can have his address regresses fall talking about the rest that comes from following Christ and surrendering to him Jesus is take my yoke upon you and learn from me become him just like you are and then you learn you come you still learn after you come for a gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest you'll find resting of his pieces on give you rest no finer assignees of the gift is something you search for you'll find rest for your body so much right now before your soul from my youth is easy fight for his life is going on home are you looking forward to a better country you believe that he is able to take you all the way that you can make it do you really believe you can hear you got a start but she was fully different shoes today I believe that you can be and do everything God has planned for you anyhow I thought it be appropriate to fulfill the song in your journals like you have pimples around here somewhere I believe it's two ninety six is coming home coming home and where to sing the song out as we sing suffered what I said you could buy gas and we sing the first verse and I like to make an appeal unless special prayer is and now I I and I may him him on a and I me again on the borders of the promised land and just as that in the Old Testament there are two conflicting reports in your behavior some people are saying don't take this business ascendance of always seriously and just sort of except in your mind that you can be saved and invest the event of occurrence of the world around you is another voice to say no we can conquer the Giants we can by favoring on the walls we can actually take possession of the promised land that God is with us all things are possible we can make it to the less than these problems maybe even hearing the voices and you haven't fully surrendered in it today is the time he tells to make a decision but he totally surrender to the Lord of your life to him he's got a big plan for you you can really activate the plan unless you totally surrendered and you know we have the feels like this we do it publicly because he's in addition and he's like you probably a good starting point to express your love for him publicly if the Holy Spirit is speaking your heart you realize you know I haven't only today I want to it would you like to come forward for prayer reducing verse two and verse five is an adhesive ashes and I and you find God only and is and is and I may a man mad Martz who I him and half hours five I is dying on me I am a new and you are being a I hate it had gone to her and the nonexistent woman on their prayer review and I like to believe that only the Holy Spirit knows what is happening every mind and heart surrendering fully to Jesus right now means that you believe they give you victory don't worry how you can do that tomorrow going through the wilderness of following the Lord is something you can do by day he will give you the strength for every trial is not enough down the walls of Jericho to get Jericho is penciled to say I believe he can finish what he began my life and on the following and by his grace one day at a time one minute of the time you have a life of victory you believe he's able to keep you from falling thereafter we pray nothing maybe now I'd like to have Cindy the energy around us we might be quicker we've got some slips of paper after we pray some of you like to fill this out please did you like to request Bible studies maybe some of you have never been baptized why would he want to make that decision now involving the Lord you have a special need for prayer we got a number of groups around the campus of your brain you may want to meet with the pastor or counselor will have some arthritis like to make that available to the fellow and following our prayer even if you would like those cards will be gathering over again my left your lights and a cooling tower hits when we your father we're very thankful and we praise you for the evidence of your sphere here tonight Lord we do urine for that rest that comes from Jesus Lord we we hearing for that that land where you will once again be restored in this world and what we can live with you and walk with you and see you face-to-face will find rest in those mansions that even more work right now we can find this in view unrest that will continue in that heavenly father 's we want to come to you right now today you've told us we can begin that rest today we can find that rest we can enter that rest by faith when we can believe that our sins are forgiven and then you not only willing to sanctify us you can then give us victory in our lives not only justifies legal simplifies bless each person that we might realize that experience I pray also for your blessing on the screen the sacred hours of the Sabbath on the whole WIC meeting is going on right now for under spirit under church law he will raise up an army of young people that will be filled with faith encourage in this generation light on the borders of the promise bless every presentation I will be made a credible distance that your Angels are hearing your spirit right in our hearts now thank you again for your goodness for these prayers are being previous decisions of the main and Rasmussen Christ in


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