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Logo of Talking Points, 4th Quarter 2021: Present Truth in Deuteronomy

01 Preamble to Deuteronomy

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • September 25, 2021
    6:00 AM
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Ah, camera division and I'm mark howard. This is talking points. We have arrived pastor howard at present truth due to rain and the 4th quarter of the year 2020. We're in the 4th quarter of 2020. It feels like we're still 2020, but we're almost still the 2021. I've been looking forward to this quarterly just because I love the book and do toronto me and it's just so it is like, it's funny that the 1st thing I saw when I got this quarterly was due to ron me and I thought, man did erroneous such an ethical book today is like, it speaks right or, and then I noticed the present truth in, right? So it's not just reviewing history, there's gonna be a lot of application in this one and I'm excited about that. Well, it's funny that you say that because our 1st temper is kind of reviewing history. Well, to be clear, there's going to be a lot of history and I mean we're looking for application. In fact, this 1st let us entitle, well, you know what, before we did this before we even do that. North asia pacific is the division that we're highlighting in mission this quarter. And that includes japan, korea, mongolia, and taiwan view. That's what we're giving to this quarter, and those are where those special 13 percent of the projects are going to go to here. So we need to keep that in mind. Also the thing to keep in mind is that october 29 to 31. We have a talking point, sabbath school training at campus level called thoroughly equipped, we're going to be looking at not only things for Teachers, the superintendents, and even just members of the whole. You want to see your status will be more effective and productive and more mission focused and more edifying for everyone. You don't want to miss out on it. You can go to Michigan. S S P M dot o R G. And right at the top, they'll be this little banner for registration. You click on that and you can fill out everything you need and that form right there, gives the details and have what we need to get going in our lesson study. So yeah, so our title of this particular is preamble to do drop me. So we're not quite studying around. I mean, we're almost either, I was a little bit disappointed when I saw that because you know how you set the school teachers understand as we have 13 weeks to cover 34 chapters and we just have one week to not yet, But I get it. We'll talk about it and ok and see you prepared to talk and what you're going to walk us through that. But before we do like barriers for prayer and we father, thank you for this opportunity to study this important book of the bible and not just from a history perspective, but for an application to our current circumstance. So please bless us with your holy spirit. Now as we record this and as sabbath school teachers are preparing and sabbath, who classes are held help all of us to be richly blessed for prayed in jesus name. Amen. Amen. Alright, pester howard. What are we looking at this week? As I mentioned, we're not really going to be looking a whole lot at do to run itself this week because this is the preamble to kind of leading in the backdrop. The lesson highlights that we've got a 1000 years of history prior to due to ron, to me that we need to understand as it leads into our story. So that's what a lot of our lessons going to be. Ok. And so I've got 3 talking points that have gone out of this week lesson. The 1st is that the entire bible is a revelation of god. Love ok. That's drawn from sunday and Monday lesson talking point number 2. God has called out his church from the world with a purpose. Now I don't know how you're going to fit it on the screen. I didn't fit it in the notes because it's kind of crap. I mean, I have in the notes is god is called out of church in the world, but the purpose is Will explain it over. And then finally, the goal of preaching the gospel is obedience to the faith. And we'll see the tie into that are the lead in to do to me as we get to that part. Okay. So this entire bible is the revelation of god's law. What, how in the world is that connected to it or what other let? Well, 1st of all, we're in the preamble. It's right, we're trying it done. Okay. But the memory versus week is 1st on for a to tells us that god is love and they less than highlights the importance of understanding the love of god. And it's interesting that the lesson says on Sunday afternoon, we just aren't able to comprehend fully what god is love means. And I don't know what to do with this. I have to tell you, I'll tell you the story. I had a friend of mine who went to a camp meeting some has been 20 years ago, and I remember him coming back and we were saying, how was it all the same or it just the guy just talked about? Love, love, love. And I couldn't help you know, you think about it sounds so like who are you mad? I mean, that should be a good thing. Right? But I knew what he was saying. As soon as he said it, like there was no real substance to it. It wasn't because here's the thing. When the bible says, god is love. What it is telling us is god define love. And what tends to happen is we always tend to want to superimpose on god what we think like notion of. So for example, when we get into the bible and even with the admission here that we can't fully understand this, but let's just chant, love, love, love, love, love, love, over and over. And that's going to help people understand guys love better than just reading the story. You know, there was, there are some stories were like, oh, you're just starting out christopher, go read the gospel, john, as if you're not going to give god's love in other books for them. Okay. And so the point is, the whole bible. If God is love, the record of scripture reveals that love in is as fortunate as it may seem to my mind how the rebellion of cora could reveal a self sacrificial loving god. Be willing to give us only begun son to save us. Like I can get that yet that will be revealed to a person who reads the rebellion or in scripture because this is a revelation of the love of god and the spirit of god will bring that home to the heart of god. The author of it's describing himself the holy spirit. Later, maybe is the need for the agents, the man to say, well what this means is love and love love was like, well the holy spirit going to work on that. Let's just read the text itself. That's right. And so I have in the notes, love is better caught than taught. You heard that expression use with other things. We can try to explain love, even even to the point where one of our a church leaders some times past is used to use the word history. Artic that creatures try to be histrionic, and that's the word. That's where you try to impose even the tone of boy, then make and mannerisms and therapy and breathy, and talk about as if you just invoke your him with infusing emotion into your presentation as if somehow that is going to make people get it. You know, instead of just, and we just need to be clear that the bible is divine book. What used to use an expression when people try to improve upon god's works. And she said, using the story of other where other tried to study the ark of god steady when it was not steady, steady and any struck did. And she used that story. She says hands off the ark, brethren know, try to steady the arc of god. Don't think you need to add too well, I know that there is a story in the loving or might get relevant, make it something loving and not, not opposed to trying to explain the love of god. I think it should be clear in this backdrop that we're looking at that the whole bible is that revelation of love. And you had mentioned as we were preparing for this that, you know, oftentimes we read a story in the old testament say, but you got to remember that god is love. And what if we, if we flip that around with my point was like because it is dawned on me. We always try to take the old testament in a fuse, the new testament love, jesus, right? You're into like, don't forget, this is the same. Jesus. Well, what if we did that the opposite way? The new testament, every time christ was nice to a center or with with, you know, taking in a child and you know, we like me in a skirt. Exactly. Remember, don't forget, you can adjust that child any growth as well. Like we would never try to add judgment to the new testament picture of god. Why do we always try to add love to? It's the same god we don't think about what we're really doing is we're trying to balance out god being extremely trying to study the art. Remember? Yes, entire bible is a revelation of god's love in one thing that's consistent that the lesson brings out is the freedom of choice that lies at the heart of that revelation. Bible highlights the fall of lucifer from heaven. Highlights the fall of ad many highlights the falling away of the antediluvian world. And just so that when you're teasing class, remember it's an t, A N T E or, and to delude you are not entitled the answer is before, I'm sure they are all against the movie and it has to do with the dilute to the flood. So it's before the flood, now I'm sure yes and time to move, you would be against the blood would. But the word of antediluvian and the lesson points out that all of those falling away illustrate to us that god gave them the, the right to choose even to be lost. Because to do anything different would not be love. You can't force love, love, love by its own nature has to it a choice. And so we see that as god is love, it exhibited in the fact that he's given as beings freedom of choice, which leads us to the next talking point. Now before we look at that, could you read the statement? Sure. Picture of some problems there. Page 449, god placed man under law as an indispensable condition of his very existence. He was the subject of the divine government and there can be no government without law. God might have created man without the power to transgress his law. He might have withheld the hand of adam from touching forbidden fruit, but in that case, man would have, would have been not a free moral agent, but a mere atomic thought you'd say a robot. Without freedom of choice, who though billions would not have been voluntary but forced, there could have been no development of character. Such a course would have been contrary to god's plan and dealing with the inhabitants of other worlds. They would have been unworthy of man as an intelligent being and would have sustained satan's charge of god's arbitrary rule. Yeah. A lot of bad. The whole rest of this and talk about this. Yeah. Assume state path made. Yeah. The idea that you couldn't develop character without freedom to choose and all of them just it's fascinating in the whole scheme of the great controversy. So this is the backdrop of everything. And so leading into the story of deuteronomy, this help helps us make more sense of it. And this freedom of truth leads us to the 2nd point. And then as god is called out his church from the world. And as I said with a per, in other words, you know, you have the, the freedom of choice, you have the falling away and God gives me that freedom of choice. We also in that freedom of choice gives mankind the right to choose to follow him. Well, if you think about it from the sense that if God has a right way and a law that we follow the righteous and man's heart and the society that we've created here is against that. Then if we're going to be father is a god. It essentially automatically necessitates a removal from the bad to into the good. So it's no surprise that god follows the church, or those who are called out of darkness and delight. That's right. Logical, you mentioned that in it says the just for those who may not be aware, the word in the new testament for church comes from the greek word ecclesial and literal literally means called out. That's what church mean. Yeah. So you're in, of course we see that in Paul talks about the church in the wilderness. When he taught the israelite, we see we with, with no other god called him out from the world around him. He had to do the world. We see abraham was called out of these, we see them, the israelite nation was called out of Egypt. And so god gives man choice. And he because he doesn't force, he invites and that calling out is that invitation to follow the Lord? Now if you look at tuesday's last and last paragraph, can you write that for us in a world steeped and ignorant error and in general, lack of knowledge of truth. The Lord called out of people his people. Abraham's seed from egypt. In them he sought not only to preserve knowledge of the truth, that his knowledge of him your way and the plan of salvation, but also to spread that knowledge to the rest of the world. It's right. And so now you have called god, you know, doesn't force, he invites and he calls his people out to follow him. What does it mean to follow him? What's inherent in that call? What's inherent in this called out of the church? It's the purpose of the search, and that's why I think it's called people our, the purpose. And so he didn't just separate them. Say this was bad, these are good, the end, that's where he's going to do something with them. There's a purpose and call and that's right, he called out and if we look at the call of abraham godson is going to make him a great nation. What did that mean? nation how they were just his own descendants. And when we come to the book of galatians, and I'm going to refer to the lesson because a lesson on Tuesday in the 2nd paragraph highlights this. It says the apostle paul in seeking to deal with the heresy of the galatians pointed back to abraham's call, showing it to be an early expression of a god's intentions. Had always been the gospel to the world there and then he left his quotes from galatians. Therefore know that only those who are face are sons of abraham in the scripture, foreseeing that god would justify the gentiles by faith, preached the gospel to abraham beforehand, saying in you all the nations shall be blessed. So he makes paul makes the application that, that call to abraham was really a call for abraham to preach the gospel to the world. Abraham and his descendants, that special called up nation was merely to be a vehicle to get this message to the whole world. It wasn't just for abraham, but through abraham to the whole world. That's all the thing that's the gospel to the world beforehand. That's exactly right. So paul makes an application, we can go back to know we talked about no, well, no, I didn't just getting the boat be saved. The preached bite of the people to get on the boat. And when we come to the nation of israel, which you read the further page, they were to carry on that same call given to abraham. They too were to be a witness to the world. And we see that in exodus chapter 19 if you want to read that, sure, if there's 19 versus 4 through 6194 through 6, you have seen what I did to the egyptians and how I bore you on eagles wings and brought you to myself. Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to me. Above all people, for all the earth is mine, and you shall be to me, a kingdom, a priest, and a holy nation. These are the wars which you shall speak to the children of israel. Now you can get away with when you go to verse 5. And the lesson brings us out actually goes net $904.00 through 8. But we did core through 6 on Wednesdays lesson. But you can get the idea when you go through 1st 5, we're going to be a special people and then you get the exclusive mindset. Like we're the special people over here and you're over there and above all you have. And then, but then you come to verse 6. And what is that? What is he going to do with that specialist? He says you shall be to me, your kingdom of priests and a whole nation with the priests represented the god to the people. And also it was interceding between the people and God. So we see a little bit of the mission that he gave david. Well, I think that intimated in that last cause because it just ended with a special trust me above all, people like all makes it for all of the earth is mind. He's like from I'm trying to, the whole earth is my game plan here. I'm using you as a special agent to get to them. Right. So it's not just for the purpose of having you but the whole earth i'm trying to win through you. That's right. So wednesday's lesson paragraph for says the live idea of a special treasure. However could be easily misunderstood. There specialist came not from anything inherently holy and righteous in and of themselves. Instead, it was because of god's grace given to them. And because of the wonderful truth he had bestowed upon them. Truth that they were to follow. And as the kingdom of priest eventually spread to the world, so we see that concept of mission. That purpose for god, calling out his church. And obviously we draw the parallels in the same way. God has called out the 7th day adventist church out of babylon. And instructed her to call others out of babylon as well. We could look a revelation $1460.00 travelers range of messages. Right. And so like the israelites that we just read there. Specialness. What was there specialist from it came from the special true head. Well, we should resonate with that if not, and I put in my notes did around me 77, you know, guy didn't choose you because you were the greatest of all people. I think of that all the time when it comes to the evidence because there are some damage they like, I don't like the term remnant and it worse. We say we're better than everybody. Oh no, no, no. When we say the remnant, we're probably saying we're the biggest knuckleheads of everybody and got saying if I can do it with these guys, I can do it anyway. I think of the new testament, the apostle paul was the preacher, the gospel, a gentile, tearing down the wall of distinction or anything. And he had to rhetorically argue and say, like, well, if there's no distinction, why even have to do what was there specially and well, 1st of the, there distinction was they were entrusted with the oracle of god. Like exact, they're special. This is not their inherit purpose. But the purpose of mission that god gave them that was their purpose. Specialists. And so in god you know, talking point number 2, god is called out, is church from the world with a purpose. You see that in the past and that continues right on to, to be interviewed around and you will see it with the children of israel. And we'll see the applications to us as 70 eminence and something that we could take away from this also is that when god called abraham, you know, abraham didn't stay in the cavities and preached the gospel. He left and went, tells us that, that unquestioning obedience of abraham is one of the most striking evidences of faith in all the bible. It was the action that accompanied his belief that preached along with what he had to say. And so what I have here in the notes, his god called abraham, out from among the nations. So his life can bear witness to his message. The call to preach the gospel then must include a coming out of earth called ease, which incidentally was where battle was. Right? Well, you think of, even in the 1st angels message, this is saying to the loud voice, you know, it's, there's a, there's an approximation. But there's also give glory to him, and that's in our sense. So there's a demonstration and a proclamation, there's a life message, the core bond. And that lead us to our 3rd point. So we preach the gospel message to what and, and I want to turn to roam is that this was not in the lesson, but it came to my mind as I was preparing. And that is romans chapter one, verse 5. You see the same thing in roman 1625, almost verbatim, but will read romans one in verse 5. If you want to read through him, we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for his name. Okay. And again, similarly roman, 1625 paul says the reason the Gulf was given is for obedience to the faith. In other words, is to turn people, as he said in the book of acts from darkness to light, right from disobedience and rebellion to obedience to God. Can we see that I'm not going to say a whole lot about that. You know the call to noah and abraham in israel. The nation of israel was all a call to obedience. And this is going to be evidence throughout the book like this is the theme. Consistent theme in the book of deuteronomy is this call to obedience. Well, even in the name dirani and I'm sure they're going to get to the 2nd giving of the law. Right. The whole purpose is remind you that god's got a law where to be accountable to it. That's right. So the lesson, in fact poses this question. It's in, in the discussion questions on Friday. Question number 2, it says with obedience so central to the whole bible. What then a legalism one factors can turn and attempt to be faithful to God and to his commandments into the trap of legalism. Why he just that, that one question i'm thinking of his article teachers like if you want to know your classes, hold onto the ring, you can help the floodgates and everybody's gonna have an opinion on this when you know, but it's like that in a lot of people's minds, i think there will be almost a cognitive dissonance. Like, why are we talking obedient, and how are we not make that ottoman i thought obedience was legalism. Any time you taught it, this is one of the we, we could do an entire episode just kind of trying to clarify this point because any time we talk about obedience, there are a lot of people who, I don't know how it's come about through miss you know whether they were taught this way or misunderstanding, any kind of blend of whatever, but that obedience is almost equated to legal, is like obedience reaches a point like I can obey. But if I start obeying like really carefully, carefully or intensely or like I'm going to keep the commandments. So I start pushing 9 of the commandments. I'm put if I get to 10 and I'm being so nit picky, but then that becomes a legalism as if a certain level of obedience it becomes legalism and that, and you know, the stress people because I've a priest message about this years ago about how the idea is like, we don't want to be so flagrantly rebellion that we're clearly out of balance, right? But we also don't want to like be super careful inst studio because that mean, So what we want to do is find that really nice balance of like being good enough to be say, but bad enough to still have something for grace to cover things. So we want to always look, I want to be faithful to my wife, but not so much that I don't have any girlfriends on the side because that definitely over you. Exactly. You don't want to be solomon or not, sir. But the point is that we end up playing these mental games that are completely outside of scripture because of these preconceptions that are out there, they're unnecessary. So I put in the nose, legalism is determined by motive not action. It is not an attempt to obey god, it's an attempt to earn salvation by our own goodness, and oftentimes to the exclusion of obeying god as we're talking about, jesus said, you tied the men to the in, i've mc human. But you avoid the way to your matters of the law, like if they were so particular, why would they be avoiding anything? So the point is there were things they didn't want to do. So they built up all the things that they did want to do as it would offset, and we were talking about that time. And whether it's like, you know, schools or churches or whatever the institution might be when you can't get a grasp on, it's even hard to articulate and certainly want to touch on nerves and really sensitive issues or me like boy, the kids character is way off or whole direction, we might come up with a really hard dress code and of course better we're like come in, I'm not I won't be too specific, but you know, we've got a situation where a couple of the students in an academy are having relations together. And it's a sticky situation, and the parents are influential and their big donors and I don't know. Right, right. So let's just really get on the kid who's dressed in the in the such and such building that shouldn't be wet, will crack down on him and make sure he suspended for 3 days or whatever. Like, because somehow as if to serve my conscience or something and you had mentioned something similar like what I've worked in a different different school settings. No one knocked it. And I don't think that the bad motive from any of them, but I think no very easy just like the pharisees back into miss the big picture issues in our, in our the crack. Now I think that's the issue with legalism is making up a set of rules and enforce them really hard when you're actually not even seeing. One of you know, if I had mentioned is I've watched this happen in our church light, and I'm not trying to take a and one way or the other. But music, like I know, people like, hey, we're going to be really hard or make sure that we don't allow any variation on, you know, course there are glaring misunderstandings about about the law and the savage in the gospel. Second, we're going to address where there might be other discipline issues that are gifts we leave in the church. You know, not that the want, not that you should leave these guys. We should have all those come and not left the others under. But it's just an exhibit. So legalism is, is oftentimes just the opposite of an attempt to obey god. It's actually often an attempt to get around something you don't want to do. And then just multiply a certain behaviors as if to kind of way, you know, offset, like 12 little ones off that one big one have to do with motive. And if a person has a pure heart out of love for god, who wants to do is Will, it does matter how particular they're being, they're not being legalistic because legalism is a motive. And it's a motive that isn't driven by love, so that the goal of the gospel is to bring people to obedience of the faith. And the last thing lesson brings up is it is real failure. Katie barnett was the result of their disobedience. And that's very plain if you go to hebrews chapter 3, verse $8900.00 times their lack of faith in their disobedience together. This is why they didn't enter the land. And that's why paul says in that goes on in that passage to say don't fall after the same example, they gave up their disobedience rebellion to God. So the idea is that the, the lesson is, is we come in to do rami. We have an example of the israel of god on the borders of the promised land. And that speaks to us today on the borders of the eternal world. And if we are, you know, l white makes his reference repeatedly. We are on the borders of the heavenly canaan, as the israelites were on the borders there, and God is looking for his people called out people. He will share the gospel, the call people to faithful obedience to him turn us from rebellion to light in life and obedience to God. I was just looking at that last quarterly last reference. Yeah, there from thursdays friday. I know I'm look mo. Yes, it says then speaking a kit. Yes. Bernier, then as now so often disobedience is occurs result not just of outright rebellion that does happen, but from a failure trust in what god tells us. And you know, kind of mentioned that, okay, we can call the one outright rebel the other was just a failure to trust. Yes. Well that's just the softer form of rebel 1000000000. Is settled. Careful rebuilt, you know, but the idea of being the underlying thing, either going to take god in his word and follow him, or you're not, you know, whether it's a bigger me guess you quit glossing over. Yeah. Subtle rebellion. Well, and we're going to mention as we go through do to run. I mean, we're going to see some, some of those issues. It's interesting here. This last statement says pictures from profits on page friday on Fridays lesson from peterson prophets 392 says the decree that israel was not to entertain him for 40 years was a bitter disappointment to moses and aaron came of an joshua yet without a murmur. They accepted the divine decision, but those who had been complaining of god, dealing with them and declaring that they would return to egypt, wept and mourned greatly when the blessings which they had despised were taken. Prized the blessing moses. Now they didn't get it either, but they didn't murmur the rest of the guys who had murmured about who had, despite the blessing, now they're upset that they're not getting it but, and noticed this sentence had they mourned for their sin when he was faithfully laid before them, this sentence would not have been pronounced that 40 years, and I want to think about that what you think about that so, so getting ready to stone, caleb and Joshua and all of that would have been forgiven, and they could have gone right into the land if they had just had a general knowledge and said we did wrong, and I think how are we unwilling to acknowledge that we did wrong? And here were we get us keep skirting, traveling in the wilderness, travelling in the wilderness instead of going into the heaven again. It says that since finishes, but they mourn for their judgment. Their sorrow is not repent and thinking not secure, reversing of their sentence. Obviously that's the thing we want to avoid. As we, as we study through deuteronomy, let's learn lessons and make applications that will be of benefit to our spiritual lives in. All right, let's bar has for prayer, heavenly father, thank you so much for the opportunity to study this powerful book of deuteronomy and even in the preparation for the Lord, there are some important themes that we've touched on today that will be developed. I assume as we follow through in this lesson. So lord bless every student, every teacher, every superintendent, everyone has anything to do with the sabbath school. And these important trues help us to be honoring you in our presentation of them and discussion of them. And most importantly, lord inter application of them in our lives for pray to jesus. Ah.


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