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  • July 17, 2010
    7:00 AM
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let's just our heads father in heaven good to be on a Sabbath morning at a special meeting here of people that are committed to doing your will we pray that as we usher in the meetings today on your holy Sabbath day that we will all gain a blessing that your Angels will be here that your Holy Spirit 's presence will be felt here in a mighty way we just pray that as we contemplated of your creative power to contemplate about you as our creative creator in your creative power may our hearts be lifted up to heavenly things may may we be determined to serve you and be faithful to you bless every participant here each one of a set face struggles amid tax of the devil we just pray that will be empowered by your grace and your power to resist and stand for use with failure be with us to speak to me as we look at words of truth this morning the Scriptures and the spirit of prophecy and we just prayed that our minds will be focused on having the day in Jesus name amen may be suited good morning good to see you all here so early in the morning but at least it's cool and that's a blessing I love you don't know me I'm George Jackson I were here we mark College of health sciences department spoken a few times earlier some you may then my breakout session for those that abandon my earlier sessions W little bit of a review we covered some of these points in the other sessions but I've got admit I don't think I've ever sung that him that we just saying that was a beautiful hymn item I have ever heard it and that's a blessing well today is a day dedicated appears to create send and then I that they were looking at the talks that will be occurring today and that's a good thing because this is the Sabbath is a good day to talk about creation on the Sabbath the very day that commemorates and culminated will basically the culmination of creation and commemorates God 's creative works but you know we we face challenging times and dates a time that we all need to be fortified in our minds when we face other things that one of takes away from what God has taught when people ask me what I believe I like to say well go to patriarchs and prophets read chapter to the creation and read chapter nine the little liberal week and that's what I believe if you want some if you if you want to protect your mind and they just fill your mind with the correct perspective on things read Genesis one and two but I don't want to read chapter two and chapter ninety patriarchs and prophets and we get a number of times because the information there is unequivocal how we got here how God did it and how he is our Creator creation is a reoccurring theme in the Bible and with this one just hit a few those as we look at today it are short presentation and if you start the reading the chapter the creation chapter two patriarchs and prophets this will be the first sentences that you get in she starts with Scripture right from the beginning by the word of the Lord were the heavens made and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth for he spake and it was taken him and his steadfast Verizon thirty three six and nine he laid the foundations of the earth that it should not be removed forever Psalms one oh far for an verse five and that's how she starts right from the point right from the start talking about Scripture and how God is our Creator now I have spent more of my life overseas and Australia was born here in California when I was a teenager I went to Australia and I thought I was never coming back because that was my new home so I spent more of my life in Australia and I have in the US my wife my children Australians but I was told I do know this that if you dial four one one is kind of an information hotline in this country i.e. I do know that so it's like four one one is an information line while you can dial four one one hotline in Revelation as well and find out some important information bonuses look at Revelation fourteen and first we got this vision is in heaven where it says the four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne and worship him that limits for ever and ever and cast their crowns before the throne saying what they say thou art worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor and power why for thou hast created all things and for thy pleasure they are and were created I might just mention I'm a biologist I spent more about you most of my career as a scientist as a researcher is a marine biologist so the issues of creation are coming close to my heart and I faced of course issues of pagan and Greek philosophy is being taught to me as I was doing my learning style what I'm looking to create I'm looking at data from the perspective of a biologist that's that's what IBM and that was my my work has been a biologist prior to coming in Weimar but I'm still a Marine biologist although it's the first time in many many years I haven't lived near the ocean so but I like the mountains too so that's okay six literal days lets Emily can turn in your Bibles eating this glance through your Bible in Genesis chapter one and maybe as you glance through the house you look at the year I comes to Genesis chapter one and an verse five and it says in the evening and the morning were the first day and a new glance down to verse eight engine says the second day and verse thirteen is the third day and verse nineteen says it was the fourth day and verse twenty three says it was nothing they are in it like it's really repetitive and then you get the verse thirty one and it says that God saw everything that he had made and indeed it was very good so the evening and morning were the sixth day so that Genesis can't be any clearer how God where we came from and how started they really can but then of course we get to the seventh day and were commemorating that today the culmination of creation or it it it it was all brought together the end by the sound and in Genesis two two and three in service as the last son last now that we've done now that God has done all this 's the heavens and the earth and all the host of them everything were finished and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which it done by Canada's in repeating it so you don't miss the point then God blessed the seventh day is sanctified because it is a rest from all his work which God had created and made like a pittance peach keeps revisiting the Bible Houston is all right don't mess up I got arrested because he created all things he created a magnet is a creator God that's why were here on the Sabbath day to worship our Creator and commemorate the Sabbath 's attorney asked us to do and so creation in Genesis commemorates the Sabbath and then have the gall to the theme of the Bible we come to the time when God hands down the ten Commandments there on Mount Sinai and in God else specifically and writes it down what does ten Commandments are to the children of Israel and we find that the Nexus twenty eight to eleven minutes in fact a reminder of what God did now we all know X is twenty eight to eleven it is my estimated because it makes a point remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days shalt thou labor and do all I work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God in it thou shall not do any work now nor thy son nor thy daughter thy manservant nor thy maidservant nor thy cattle nor thy stranger that is within thy gates why for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and how well we worship God because he is our Creator any any created the earth in six literal days he created man and any rested in he created the site I mentioned electroweak and patriarchs and prophets and I think most because I have this morning our front from those two chapters literally can the creation were told on page one eleven like the Sabbath the week originated at creation and it has been preserved and brought down to a survival history God himself measured off the first week as a sample for successive weeks to the close of time like every other it consisted of seven electoral days seven okay six days were employed in the work of creation upon the seventh God rested and even bless this day and set apart as a day of rest for man I say to my family often you know you know there are wonderful Christian people that don't know about the Sabbath they worship God I'm a different day and that's okay as I note that down only better but you know they do miss out on a special blessing because they don't know about it we hear Seventh-day Adventist people that have this wonderful understanding of truth that God has given us have this special time of special blessing that God just pours out and I I can help it but many many fallacies make it in this field the blessing is just overflowing over you on the Sabbath is a special time of God 's set aside and what a blessing services what a blessing to be in a meeting like this on the Sabbath and we committed people who are dedicating to do God 's will I committed young people that want to serve God and are interested in what the world has to offer is a great inspiration young people you are an inspiration where those of us who are no longer young cannot set have that influence and inspiration to other people Genesis also cannot it just also mentioned that we have a creation we've got the Sabbath but it also commemorates and establishes salvation and Internet first promises promised their Genesis three fifteen where only the following they were banished from their beautiful garden home and ate it all seems so hopeless but God 's came and told them that there was going to be a time and there was a way that they could reinstate it be reinstated where they had fallen from a godsend I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed he shall bruise your head and he shall bruise his heel so God there showed that this terrible thing of sins can run its course but there was a way for man to ultimately be re-created and reinstated in that same relationship with his maker they had there at the beginning so Genesis commemorates salvation and actually is the first point of establishing the plan of salvation so the Genesis creation God creates there the world he creates man eating the culmination of that is the Sabbath a pillar of our faith then as I said in the breakout sessions earlier in fact creation is a pillar of our faith if you sweep away your belief in creation you suddenly undermine the authority of Scripture and what God is saying you got to throw out the spirit of prophecy she couldn't save any straighter than she has about how we were created and you sweep away everything so creation and into the Sabbath is well sitting right Amicus the Sabbath is intricately tied with creation Genesis one there provides an explanation of our origin what cool we are where we came from let us make man in our image there the Godhead said let's make mayonnaise with an American and an image like us and of course it introduces salvation the first promise that there was anything away from man to be re-created and reinstated with his Creator element the site that set Seventh-day Adventists have never had never moved from the position of the six-day creation that has never had we've always maintained and that was reiterated by General conference present just a couple weekends ago we have not removed from a literal six-day creation if people are teaching something else that a literal six-day creation they are outside the beliefs of the Bible the spirit of prophecy in the Senate administered their the ones that move we've always maintained this truth we've never changed it's always been so not be sold if somebody is due to something else it hasn't come from Scripture it's come from Greek philosophy in humanism and various other things atheism is not come from our teachings of Seventh-day Adventist people now let's talk about origin views just a little bit you know people is kind of a hot topic at the moment what kind of surprises me I mean why would we have to be reading reiterating creation and that seems to me that it should be so fundamental and so ingrained into who we are as a people that you really think we have to talk about it we just go with the package and in it why would it be something you even have to to emphasize that it so much we are as people but unfortunately were kind of a sad time in world history where people are getting confused about their origins even arsenic death is people what is a theistic evolution that's Darwinian evolution arose back in the times of Illinois and in Darwin who was a vision is a good biologist he published a lot of stuff he observed he was an ecologist and so forth and has he traveled the world he began to develop these ideas that carried them further and further down the path further and further away from God and he started speculating and theorizing hypothesizing and eventually published wrote the origin of species and became known as Darwinian evolution and then of course we have only been talking about a special creation as described and interpreted literally in Genesis that's what we believe is Seventh-day Adventist people special creation that life is indeed incredibly interpret that it didn't arise by spontaneous generation back in the beginning from nonlife that even when we look at the incredible complexity of molecular biology cell and everything we can see the hand of a creator free look at nature but because people tend to be enamored by science and a man's knowledge and Greek philosophies and so forth they they began to start to follow the ways of the world those that were Christians and believers and came up with something called theistic evolution which is kind of blend between the first two atheistic evolution and special creation et al. I believe in God but they want to adopt with the world staging as well and become up with this strange mix that is quite a continuum in theistic evolution is it always a broad spectrum of beliefs and find that one and of the continuum God now they believe that will utilize is so complex that God had to start it off somehow and beginning the DNA of cells and all that is they believe that God disorder kicked it off and then sat back and let it evolve now at the other end of the continuum still believing theistic evolution they they may believe the name is Khan evolutionary process but the Kassie God stepping along the way creating miracles as as things cannot evolve into it it it really is a wacky belief I mean it really is really a confusing mix of our beliefs and and it really doesn't make any sense you got to be careful a lot of your students I know some of you may be in Seventh-day Adventist institutions others of you may be refacing attaining a secular university I spent two years of my initial education actually like I went through at this education for my high school before I started in third grade and at this institution wonderful writing California nine one overseas and I spent two years in Adventist institution and I went to pursue marine biology as always always such a biologist at heart I had a secular institution and there did my undergraduate my honors in the British system and and then a PhD and I share that testimony earlier on this without an audio persecuted here that Eddie probably eighteen years old still a teenager I found myself in a Seventh-day Adventist institution starting to take some most first biology classes I was a biologist as long as I can remember wanting to be a biologist and I wasn't prepared for what hit me at that institution am talking thirty years ago thirty years ago at a Seventh-day Adventist institution on in this country and there were two lectures that article in lecturers in Australia and they were regularly teaching millions of years to meet regularly as shamelessly teaching met the coloring I can remember they called in geologic years of that love must be something different than regular readers is it referring to geologic eaters I was even thinking for myself and well that's just as geologic time it's different than normal time I can remember all that anyone basically ridiculing the owners uninterruptedly they believe it they didn't just thought they were pretty open about it August I can remember one specific instance for these two scientists were invited to a creation can have conference in field trip or they were going to New Zealand and they were going to be looking at evidence for creation sounds like a great thing to do and they were kind unlocking that they can but that's not the way to do science in how we don't do things that way I guess they were going to stir up this conference and and it was a sad state of affairs and in the scary thing about that as I was young as eighteen I looked up to these guys and then I was just so committed and you know I just I wasn't thinking for myself and I guess they were clouding my mind and I hate to think of what would have a means of the terrible thought I hate to think what would've happened had I stayed there at that Seventh-day Adventist institution I mean what when where things have to even say but I let that institution went to pursue my education somewhere else and joy that was a worldwide new that I was different from the world and attend because I was a secular institution him and I guess maybe I was more on car and MIs out that secular institution is when I went through my what my real change in basically all of public and more of a conversion experience where I really had to make some decisions and then that's another story but the point is what you believe can have not only a huge influence on others but it can have eternal consequences and you know I've been thinking about this week they're going to be teachers perhaps teachers in our institutions better to face the judgment seventy young people and students are to be lost because of what they taught them and it is not just a solemn thought you can stand in the judgment with the blood of somebody on your hands because he taught them Greek philosophy and paganism instead of the truth and I will be in a position as I said earlier the seminars you needed know what you lecture a professor beliefs you know what they believe usually I don't think that's a good sign I think you know your throw this out in a throw that out on RSA Danielle you just need it I think that's a good thing I think it is starting if you are not again up in a Christian send them as institution indicates the truth in any of the many believed in him mentor students and that's what we do here we mark at so that all the students in my classes know where I stand in fact the public to shut me up sometimes no idea it's I want to know what I believe we want to know the truth and hit things like academic freedom be careful that people are using terms like we need to have academic freedom EI we should have academic freedom but just be careful because it usually means we want to play around with Greek philosophies and it's it it is a Scout be careful so that the flight you don't know what they believe in your people talk about academic freedom in our here that Christian institution we have revelation in truth as our foundation not just unending hypotheses and ideas know before you go and that's if you're going to University if you're going to college whatever that might be as a young person know what you believe be for you there as we discussed earlier my breakout sessions that that person Daniel Wong where Daniel purposed in his heart it was in his heart during labor when he started facing all the stuff that he faced there in the University that the national University of Babylon now anyone been able at all sorts of things thrown out of spiritualism and all sorts of things you can imagine and but he had his mind made up before he went in that was my problem when I went to bed at this institution is always there to learn analysis soaking it in but it have my mind made up by what I didn't know was young I is I didn't have the resources that so many of you have now and I should know better but I was influenced in the point is also using young person we don't need that was okay with you as a young person can really have the opportunity to reach the hearts of your fellow young person student because of something when you're young as they are demonstrated my heart was open and then and I was soaking this stuff by you your you open and is something that happens when you do your undergraduate training and then you do your postgraduate training and then you may become a scientist where you are you going to congresses and mixing with pagan colleagues in publishing and all that that you develop this bias and and you get to the point where your own mini these people aren't even reachable anymore because they been so indoctrinated him him and Darwinian theories that are such of your biologist that we need to reach people before they get to that when they get to that point a lot harder to reach so this thing and increasing the world that you know a lot of uprisings and things are listed as the students seemed to to be where things are happening and they think differently about things and when you're facing some of these young professors and so forth and universities that their heart cases I mean they've spent years and years of indoctrination and it's not easy now God can reach anybody's heart but it comes to a point if you just keep closing your heart it harder harder to reach and as the case many that their hard-core guys enemies institutions and they really are you know they believe in what it in all this Darwinian stop his a sad testimony back over a year ago when all this stuff started blowing around about evolution and what was going on and we all familiar with that a colleague of mine sent me a copy to me or forwarded to me this e-mail from a mom among these a month Australia is a mom said to the mom said testimony is about her daughter and I didn't name the institution but I might just say it was a Seventh-day Adventist institution not in California and she said this is a quad there are some scientist here at this institution to help my oldest daughter loser believing God they don't believe in the seven day creation and teach the kids the same my daughter just graduated with a degree in physics she's headed to grad school in Massachusetts now I was a mom 's testimony about her daughter who in good faith centered to a Seventh-day Adventist institution this is a quote she said that this is what she said there were people there that helped her lose her belief in God you know on one of the guidance that's all I would say nothing of this evolution was hit head-on by Ellen White head-on and it was it was going around back then again in chapter the literal week page one eleven but the assumption that the events of the first week required thousands upon thousands of years of people and basic illusions they were all creation is just kind of a metaphor or something and it actually represents us the time and God sort of having some parts of the wooded it it's a real confused mess really is and she says if those people that are saying this strikes directly at the foundation of the fourth commandment it represents the creator is as commanding man to observe the live literal week of days in commemoration of vastly different indefinite periods as may be sense does it mean how does the Sabbath have any mean anything anymore this is unlike his method of dealing with his creatures it makes indefinite and obscure that's what she is made very playing his infidelity in the most insidious and hence most dangerous form is real character is so disguised that it is held and taught by many who profess to believe the Bible and that's the point it's insidious and it's disguised and you cannot you get the same ends up being a young person be aware when people start toying with his stuff and he try to bring Darwinian evolution into some sort of creation structure and a new end up in confusion now it's easy to spot the error because it just isn't one how did that happen I can remember I can remember people talking about this at a public university by then I had received my first degree I was working in one of the lectures there is we had of us Sunday keeping lecture there who was during a believe strongly in God but he was also strong evolutionist then he would be in any way without spoken he was publishing things in the gimmickry in the press and so forth and I can remember discussing this will would want in the lectures I will have it how did you believe in you know the creation of man if you believe in evolution and yet darkly how can you be a Christian I'm not by then I'd is able I don't understand is how can you believe that insight create demand that you believe in evolution and in our member discussing the selections you audibly she was a Christian and you know that it just is no real answer it's just confusing so be careful because she calls it infidelity in its most insidious and have hence most dangerous form of theistic evolution it actually doesn't we were trying to mix the two it makes no sense of the other point is it requires the death of organisms during an extended creation process so it out while they say creation doesn't represent the nonliteral days that it's actually I can remember remember I started back at my when I was in the Seventh-day Adventist institution lately years later that when I was further on down the career I I caught up with it teacher again and he actually said we were discussing this very issue in the slot he was hiding behind any said I think you use the blood thermodynamics as well how would you do not teach thermodynamics to continue the example he used was aborigine or somebody living in it in simple primitive conditions and you've got explain thermodynamics the laws of thermodynamics to anywhere say will that's basically creation is is you know was so complex it is a very simple description marriage and in it immensely was hiding out in a mistrial we don't understand how God did it but got as many clear enough so we know what the facts are about it but people think well that's just kind of a metaphor I'm not experienced I was saying that and it in a hide behind that and say well it is really something what the site is the Scriptures mean something that they more than what they say you're interpreting and twisting it and an answer said it's a step set situation in the point is you can't because after each day any of you believe that is a wealth this is just an evolutionary process and in and in each day God said it was good and it was very good well if that's the case that process required life and death of organisms all along the way while the God at the end of each day which may represent some vast evolutionary periods and it was good I'll get all the raptors eight V the herbivorous dinosaurs and they moved on to something else then you know that it makes no sense that death is is is not part of God 's original plan dropping his death in a process of creating things it is just not logical sense it's a theological disconnect were going back to page rocks and Prophets page forty five again that chapter the creation God created man in his own image here is no mystery there is no ground for the supposition that man was evolved by slow degrees of development from the lower forms of animal or vegetable life amici speaking directly against the evolutionary theory that was coming in at the time such teaching she says lowers the great work of the Creator to the level of man's narrow EarthLink sessions that are so intent upon excluding God from the sovereignty of the universe that they degrade man in defrauding of the dignity of his origin I mean we evolve from apelike creatures I mean how does that make you feel I mean really Jesus set the starry worlds on high intended with delicate skill flowers of the field you feel the earth and heavens with the wonders of his power when he came to crown his glorious work the place one in the midst to stand as ruler of the fairer did not fail to create a being worthy of the hand that gave him life they were created in the image of God would waiting evolve and therefore have no morals are now standards annoying with creating the image of God God gave us a standard to follow and God is our Creator and we worship a God that created us and I love this down the bottom near the genealogy of our race as given by inspiration traces back to its origin not to align the developing germs mollusk Drinkwater pads to the great Creator though form from the dust Adam was the son of God I guess as a biologist I committed there she has Macy's she is taking on the textbooks we had today their changes I don't believe it does not have happened we were created in the image of God and that's another point about evolution the whole thing that will who we are as a person now how is there any right or wrong or immoral values if we just evolved from something and it's not the truth the truth is we have a creator who has given us a moral standard and wants to re-create a spin in fact redeem us from our fallen state the interesting thing about creation the Sabbath as we go there we had a debt creation there we had a regard reiterates that at the fourth man in demand the songs he sings songs about God creating all things it keeps popping up through the Bible but the interesting thing is that it comes right back down to our time and I can recover this breakout session that it is part of that last movement because if you have revelation can look at Revelation tenure Bible that's what a great angel is opening the book is standing on the plan is standing on the sea and proclaims that there is time no longer cared it says before we got the point is revelation and describe Spike Remer how excited I was when I listened to Kenneth Cox years and years ago as he explained the thought wow there is the Millerite movement they are described in Revelation ten where he said give me the book and I ate the book and was sweet in my mouth it was bitter in my stomach describing that that those early Millerite believers were proclaiming that Jesus was coming in eighteen forty four it was a sweet experience and then you can come in and with that horrible bitter experience and and how wonderful that that whole experience is written out there I had a time in Revelation ten and the whole thing that kicked off this last movement there in eighteen forty four starting with Luke William Miller and others is these are these verses merits as a revelation ten verses five and six and the angel which I saw stand up on the scene upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven and swore by him at liberty for ever and ever go created heaven and the things that are therein are that therein are and the earth and the things that therein are NSC and the things which are therein that there should be time no longer so here is the great angel comes down to know why we talked about at the breakout session is no know other than Christ himself coming out for claiming that this is an a prophetic time there is October twenty two eighteen forty four was completing the prophetic time and when the people look through that last great time of proclamation is that it's terribly bitter experience for them and it was amen and as you look at very important revelation came with the messages you must prophesy again and the people realize we're not finished yet we got to keep going there's more work that we have to do but the point is that the retailer of that last eighteen forty four movement involved creation because it was a time when evolution was being developed are or certainly are targeted many Greek philosophy birds for millennia for hundreds and thousands of years but it was a time when we needed were God neither do we emphasize creation because all these false doctrines were coming to the war front as well so the very movement there proclaiming Jesus was coming was created was proclaiming God as Creator and then we get through that movement and now we come to the movement of us the Seventh-day Adventist church out of that movement of young people predominantly young people that were going out to change the world they are in the Millerite movement we come to the early establishment of the Seventh-day Adventist Church the people come together and the publishing work starts we start establishing centenarians and educational institutions in the world and the word in the movement goes around the world and part of that movement in the core that movement is the three angels message is there in Revelation fourteen and how does it start Revelation fourteen six and seven and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach and to them that dwell on the earth and to every nation and kindred and Tongan people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is gonzo in the message year that about a worldwide message is talking about living holy lives now giving gone glory and the latest sanctified life giving that message loud message to the world and the judgment now that the what Jesus is doing and heavenly sanctuary talking about the judgment but what is a short and the first angel there and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters now that's essentially a quote from the fourth commandment so there it in Revelation is our church depicted as growing up with this three Angels messages and that part of the three Angels messages that Sabbath commandment and at the core of the Sabbath commandment is God is the creator and that's the message we need to take now that central pillar for us the Seventh-day Adventists is God as creator is it no wonder the devils attacking one of the central pillars of our faith science versus revelation we mentioned that before show I'm a scientist but I also believe in revelation other scientists believe in science they don't believe in revelation she says here again this is from the literal week geologist claim to find evidence from the earth itself it is very much older than the Mosaic record teaches such reasoning has led many professed Bible believers to adopt the position that the creek the days of creation were vast indefinite periods again these to devolution but apart from Bible history geology can prove nothing those who doubt is what she says that he began to toy with Dow go to doubt the reliability of the records of the old and new Testaments will go be led to go a step further and doubt the existence of God and man having lost their anchor they are left to beat about upon the rocks of infidelity it's it just all falls apart God she says and page one fifteen and literally God is the foundation of everything all true science is in harmony with his works and this is going back to you and you academic freedom well God is the foundation of all true education leads to obedience to his government science opens up new wonders to argue she soars high and explores their deaths as cadres sort of the way she rises is quite quite quite descriptive but she need to talk about science here but she brings nothing from her research that conflicts with divine revelation ignorance may seek to support false views of God by appeals to science but the book of nature and the written word shed light upon each other and I can say that as a scientist I'm a scientist and how we go through the condos doing my wool wool have it we teach our kids foundational biology will be amazed start with the DNA and what goes on himself and it's just mind-boggling what's going on it reveals God the creator and the point is those of us here are reformers we need to carry the message as articulated by the new general conference present to go back to the old ways because Bible study leaves the Reformation and and just as the Bible depicts our church then Revelation fourteen it also depicts a remnant that carry on the work of reformation is says in Isaiah fifty eight and a that shall be of these of these shall build up the old waste picture build build waste places that shall raise up the foundations of many generations we call the repair of the breach the restore of it has to dwell so you need to go out and you need to be reformers you need to carry the truth and don't be deceived by pagan philosophies so may God bless you as you carry the torch of truth in the Reformation forward and it to worship continued to worship and the next in the upcoming meetings and Mrs. Van for a closing repair father in heaven it is such a privilege to have the understanding of the truth that you've given to us as a people and to not have to doubt and wonder where we came from or wonder what is right and wrong because you provided all that for us your creator you created us anywhere in the world and the universe they are the beginning and not only that you shown us the way of salvation you offer redemption and a means to re-create us the father help us to realize Raleigh pilgrims in this world help us to keep her ion heaven and realize that what you have prepared for us is it is greater than than RRR most amazing imaginations and Baptist realize that sometimes we can we see the world and we began to think long maybe the world has something to offer but help us to realize that the world has nothing to offer that everything and all true happiness isn't following you in getting this worked out in getting to heaven where our real home and so we just thank you for this group of young people we thank you for this conference that there is a place we thank you for this Institute but as a place were unashamed to stand up and teach the truth and it helps to have clear minds empower us with your spirit help us to overcome sin so we can go out and help others in their people will look at us and say I want something that that person has help us to to go out in your spirit and reach others bless us and keep us be with every family represented here in Jesus name amen


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