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Living Faith Over Fear During the Final Crisis

Peter Chung


Peter Chung

Gospel worker evangelist: Revelation of Hope Ministries.  History and Government teacher: San Gabriel Academy.



  • October 2, 2021
    10:30 AM
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Holy father, our father, god heaven, father, we thank you for another dear life and breath. We thank you for an opportunity to worship you in spirit and truth. As a father to day I am and total dependence of you that the hears be prepared for this message. And me as a deliver, be in sync with your thoughts. At that I are ticklish, this message with clarity. And we conviction and father, if those of the Brother that disagree with the message to me, they realised that I do this at a love. And that I'm not trying to be adversarial, divisive. And so father, in spite of my so my be a blessing that occurs to people. Me, your holy spirit, bring us into the unity of the truth. And if I be wrong, mean you reveal to my eyes. I present this message. This we pray in jesus name, amen. Many years ago when I 1st became convicted about ravenous message, by the way, I was born in the church. But I didn't care much about adventuresome until the age of 25. When things were going bad in my life, it's often that god leads us through situations and trials so that we could hear god's voice a lot more clear. Because when things are going well, you can ignore the voice of god. And so at the age of 25, I became very serious about god. And that led me to the route to preach this everlasting gospel to any were the opportunity pose itself. In many years ago, there was a man, he was a preacher, he taught in time events. He taught the prophecies, the daniel chapter 11. Now I'm not gonna spend much time on it. I'm going to just give you a crash course introduction on down chapter 11. But down chapter 11 has 2 powers, yet the key in the South, in the key, the north. The prophecy, daniel levin begins with the medes and persians all the way to the end of the world when jesus comes. That is, he outlined the prophecy and it gives detailed exactness. It gives detail you know what prophecy. It repeats in a large daniel to has the image, daniel 7 and as the beast daniel aid, it has the ram and he go and daniel levitt, it gives a complete microscopic magnifying glass of the powers that play till the end of time. There's 2 powers at work that are fighting throughout this prophecy. Yeah, the key in the South, in the keenan north. Now the keena south in daniel chapter letters $8.00 and $9.00 is identified as egypt. Now we know that egypt as a nation currently has no prophetic significance. Therefore, we know that egypt is a spiritual representation. Egypt, as we compare with revelation, because we know that daniel and locks revelation in revolution chapter 11 verse 8. Egypt is revealed as connected to sodom, and we know those are still about prophecy. Know that revolution chapter 11 deals with the french revolution. So the key, the South represent the spear or the french revolution, which is secular, humanism and atheism. In fact, the culture of Egypt in the culture of secular humanism, is also found in the book of leviticus chapter 18 ill outlines all the sins of Egypt, which is connected to all the secular humanism we see today. So yeah, the key in the South representing secular humanism, secular humanism, french revolution. Through that process, through that introduction of atheist the philosophy, you have ever lucian, you have communism. You have socialism. You have the free sex and sexual revolution movement that so prevalent right now in our movies and TV to day. And so you have that side of powers warning, daniel levitt. Then you have the king of the north. If you look at the keenan, north and down chat, the lumber, $3060.00 compare the description, the keenan north, the keenan north seeks to magnify themselves above god. It gives the representation of the papacy or a church state system. The keenan north seeks to impose its will by a religious political power, so you have 2 forces yet a king of the South. Secular humanism, and the keenan north, representing a church state system. And that's where we're at today. These 2 powers warren. And I want to give a appeal to us to some davin us. Please don't be loyal to a political party. You see secor humanism can represent the party in the left All the things that are going on. The keenan north represents those a christian nationalism that wants a church state system. So either party is an enemy to god's people. We are stuck in the middle. The only nation that we should be patriotic too is a kingdom heaven. And oftentimes we have fallen in a ditch either to the South or to the north in its time that we be revived. I stealth open up that we be loyal to the kingdom of god, patriotic and nationalistic to the kingdom of god. Because the kingdom of god is every nation, kindred tongue and people. And it saddens me, there is so much political division, even in the church, we should wake up. And so what's gonna happen? You know, there's fear that the size, the, the poco spectrum is going to do this and this sided spectrum does that. The bible is playing. Who's going to win down? chat delivers 40. The bible says this and that the time of the N shelled a king in the South push adam to the keena south is being the attacker an aggressor. Right now we see the king of the South being the aggressor. We see in the media. We see in social media, within our movies, we seen on television. We sit in hollywood. We see the key, the South value system and morals attacking the cheer, the norse, but the keener nor shall come against him like a whirlwind would share it with horsemen and with many ships, and he shall enter into the country and shall overflow and pass over. You know was going to win the church state system. Secular humanism, it's going to lose. You see, if you look and read the gray corner, see there's gonna be a threefold unit. Satan is going to masquerade as jesus, atheist, believe, things that they see. They're not gonna believe the bible, but when they see, say, to masquerade as jesus, saying that this is what we need to do del commencement And so at the end of the day, the church state system is going to win. The spirit of prophecy is clear that there will be a false revival of the bible said they'll be fire coming down from heaven and a false reviled we sweeping throughout the United States and the world of this church, they mentality. And so we are picking and choosing what we're saying because we're letting cable news dictate to was what we see when the bible spirit process is clear. That is a false revivals coming and becoming so, you know, it's interesting. People say, well, I don't see it is so secular nowadays look at the current events. Look at the current situation. You know, I want to bring this up to you. A long time ago, back in the 19th century in the late 19th century, there is a bible scholar the sent out a shirt and you rise smith that wrote the book, daniel, revelation. He was a brilliant man. However, he like colonel vance, dictate his interpretation of prophecy. He identified the keenan north as turkey. At that time, the ottoman empire, the turkish empire, had a vast empire throughout the middle east in all the way to even the outskirts of central and eastern europe. They had a sphere of influence, so he led current events dictate to his interpretation. Not by the sure word about prophecy. You know, our avenue pioneers were not dictated by the current events in the 1850 c. C. J. Andrews was the 1st Avenue pioneer to introduce that the lamb light beast is the United States of America. And at that time, the United States was a relatively weak nation. It was not even expanding beyond its borders. It was in the cause of a civil war in a look very, very weak. And lot of people would say, hey, you adventist, you're wrong. The United States is a weak nation, but prophecy came true to nap light, the current situation and current news cycle dictate to you are sure interpretation about prophecy. Let's go back to the bible. Let's go back to the spirit prophecy. I'll give you a barometer. If you watch cable news more or you to news more than rena gray controversy, then there's a problem. If cable news and youtube is dictating to you, what you believe in bible prophecy, without studying for yourself, the bible is very prophecy. Then there's problems. We need to get back to the word brother, sister, when to get that to the worse and inspiration. And so you had these 2 powers, the keenan north and came the South. And you know, what's ironic about these 2 powers, they have the same motive Both the kima north on the kena south, both the right and the left. They operate out of fear The right fear that the left will destroy their way of life. The christian 19 fifties idyllic america that some of the right subscribed to the left feels that the right will destroy their way of life, of pluralism and diversity and desire. Utopian society through secular humanism and a right desires, an idyllic christian temporal nation via christian nationalism. Their motivations that are outcomes are quite similar. They both want to use force using civil government to achieve the rates. So either the north or the South, the left or the right. They both have the same motive. They both operate out of fear. The left is afraid of the right, the right is afraid left. And where does that leads us some to have this faithful review? What did jesus say will happen in the last days? knows the bible says in luke 21 verse 26. The bible says that man's heart failing them for what? Our law people tre today. Yes and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. So the bible says, and jesus says himself, that man will have fear And we are succumbing to a fear based religion. Now what will happen in greater frequency in the last days knows the bible says matthew $24.00 for $7.00 and $8.00. The bible says this and kingdom shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdoms, and there shall be famines and pestilence as pestilence. Is our pandemic and diseases and earthquakes, and divers places all these are the beginning of sorrows, that term sorrows and riddle. Greek means birth paint. Now for those that are given birth, ladies, birth pains, when the birth is near, contractions come more frequent. Is that correct? So we can expect more frequencies of natural disasters coming more pandemic coming. Coven 19 is just the tip of the iceberg. You know, people are freaking a coven 19th, a civilized place, not to some last point. These things will happen more disastrous and more frequent. And so notice when inspiration says in grey, comes to page 589 paragraph 3 knows what magnify glass of sister white says, knows what inspirations that while appearing to the children, men as a great physician. Who can he all are maladies? He who is satan will brain disease and disaster until popular cities are reduced the ruin and desolation. Even now he is at work in accidents and calamities by sea, and by lad in great conflagrations. Collaborations as fires see la flyers lately In fierce tornadoes and terrific hell storms and tempest floods. Sy, clones title ways and earthquake and every place in a 1000 forms. Satan is exercising his power. He suite the way the ripening harvest and famine and distress, follow he and parts of the air a deadly tame and thousands perished by the pestilence. These visitations are, are to become more and more frequent. An zack jurors, destruction we upon both man and beast. The earth, more nathan, fatal way, the haughty people to languish the earth also is the filed under the inhabitants. There are because they have transgress laws, change the ordinance broken, the everlasting covenant. So inspiration is clear that is a time of fear. And these pandemic, these natural disasters will become more and more frequent and disastrous. Now, what power comes on the scene at this time to give a solution to these natural disasters in these pandemic? And the wars knows the bible says and relish to 13 verse 11. The bible says this, and I beheld another beast coming out of earth, and he had 2 horns like a lamb. And he spake as a dragon in the exercise, all the power, the 1st piece before him, and caused the earth and then which dwelled therein to worship the 1st beast whose deli wound was healed. So there is gonna be a lamb. Why beast that's going to set up an image to the 1st beast. The question is, what is the 1st these do? What is the image of the 1st beast? Let's let the bible interprets itself no. So the bible says in revolution 13 for 6 and said ok, you know, might as a policy today, is that all right with you? I mean, I just recently listened to a bible study from the original group lab and hope back in 2002 on audio. It was just powerful the deep bible study of the book of romans. So this is all school lab and hope today, man. Revelation 13 for 6 and 7. We want to know what the image of the pieces. What is the beast? What is the beast do? The bible says this, and he opened his mouth in blasphemy against god, to blaspheme his name and his tabernacle or sanctuary. And them that dwell in heaven. So this beast blasphemed the sanctuary and heaven and God, what else is a beast? And it was given to him to make war with the saints, the image of the beast or the beast, make war or persecute god's people, and overcome them and power was given him over all kindreds and tongues and nation. So this land, my beast, is setting up an image to this beast who is an enemy of gods people who is seeking to destroy the sanctuary doctrine and the high priestly ministry of jesus. What is he is doing in the family center right now? He seeking to forgive and forget our sins as he's blotting out since in the anti typical day bottom. On top of that, this bees power, which is the papacy cease to replace jesus is the high priest as the papacy, as the high priest where we confess our sins to a man and not to God. And so what is this lamb light be suppose knows? A bible says in religion 13 by 15. The bible says it and he had power to give life unto thee image. The beast and the image of the beast should both speak and cause that as men is, would not worship. The image of the beast should be killed, And he causes causes me force, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bound to receive a mark in the right hair, or in their foreheads, the and that No man my buy or sell say bay. He had the Mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. So it'll be a force institution of worship. And I'll say this briefly. You can't worship a vaccine. You worship a religious entity. And the bible is clear that the beast himself seeks to defile the heavenly sanctuary and also to make war regards people. You know, what makes the market the bees market? The beast. You know, we think it's just the day The market obese is not just the day. The reason why the market obese, the market obese is the forced worship of that day. That's what makes the market obese market obese are some dampness. We kind of like say, oh, it's that sir, and 1st day of the week that the market obese, that is wrong is a forced worship of that day. That makes them more could be why god is not a god of force, but a god of love. He gives us choice and so there is a lot of misinterpretation going on about the market, a beast. And you know, I'm not gonna discount that. What's going on today currently is a fulfillment and prophecy in that the king in the South is pushing against the keenan north. That is an element in play. However, many of us are conveniently ignoring that there is a certain power at play that will come on the scene and really assert itself in civil government. Knows with inspiration, says signs of the times july for $1899.00. By the way, you can also find his great con of his page, 441 on down to 598. Inspiration says this. Our land is in jeopardy. The time is drawing on when the legislatures shall so adjust the principles of protestantism as to give continence to rome. Apostasy, when what churches price in churches shall seek the support of the secular power. Thus far in the example that apostate shirts for opposing which the ancestors endured the fiercest persecution, then will there be a national posse, which will end only an national ruin. So what are we looking for? prosten churches seeking power from secular government were concealing, ignoring that, that is the piece of the puzzle that many of us are falling victim to an ignoring. And oftentimes there, I say, we're so much in the cable news right now, and we're letting a congresswoman from Florida dictate to was what the market a beast is that we don't go back to inspiration. We don't go back to the bible to see that there is a known power play, which are the prost in churches. Some of their avenues should be distinct and separate from the world, both the left and the right. We have our own separate course. God has given us an identity and mission, which is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd angels message And no side in the left or the right preachers, the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message. And so, why will people desire a forced worship day for a certain shout or fibers? 3, this is the motive for when they shall say peace and safety, they want peace and Security. That's why people are willing to forego their constitutional rights. We're seeing some of that right now. Then sudden destruction come upon them as prevail upon a woman with Child, and they shall not escape. So whenever there's a crisis, people call for peace and safety. You know what's going on right now with the mandates. This is nothing new in american history all the way in the john adams administration. You had laws that were passed, that said if you spoke against the government, we could the porch, you then a world war one, there was shake versus the United States, where it says that if you talk against united military, we can imprison you in war to another executive order 9066 were japanese. Americans were placed upon in german camps. They were american citizens just because there were japanese talk about the civil war, the great abraham lincoln. He removed due process and if you talk against the northern government, he could support you to the South. America has always been speaking like a dragon during crisis situations. You look at world war 2, economic freedoms are all taken away. September 11, 20 year anniversary. The patriot act, 4th, 5th amendment rights, all compromise. So whenever there's a crisis, america has always took away civil liberties. So this should not surprise us. But yet we're freaking out. And so peace and safety notice what aspirations is. And then the great deceiver will persuade men that those who serve god are causing these eve. The class that are provoked, the displeasure of heaven will charge all their trouble upon those whose obedience to god's commandment is a perpetual reproof to transgressors. It will be declared that men are offending god by the violation of the sunday sabbath that this sin has brought calamities which will not cease until sunday observance still be strictly enforced. And those who present the claim on the 4th commandment, thus destroying reverence for sunday, are travellers of the people preventing the restoration to divine favor, an temporal prosperity. You know, the reason why there's going to be a Sunday law. People think that we've offended god and goddess punishing us and we will restore our economic prosperity. It is for security and peace. It is for the restoration of America as a great nation, which is the motive for the National sunday law. This is an article political magazine, february for 2021. This is written by evangelical christian, former official, the Department of Homeland Security. She herself, is the evangelical christian. And she said something very, very, very interesting. In this article, christian nationalism is a huge, same throughout evangelical christendom. Newman says, referring to teaching that post it america as gods chose a nation, christiansen's ascribed to those teachings, believe the United States has a covenant with god. So that if it is broken, the nation risk, little destruction analogous to the cedar truce, them in the hebrew bible. In the eyes of these believers, the covenant is threatened by cultural changes like taking per out of Public Schools and legalize abortion and gay marriage. Newman said christian national, see it as a cataclysmic terms. This is the moment and God going to judge us, she says, when you paid it in an accidental terms like that, a lot of people feel justified to carry out acts of violence in the name of their faith. And what a great converse, he say. The motive is the restoration of divine favor and temporal prosperity. And so what is this can elite in those? The bible says in matthew 24 1st night. All this fear, this fear that america is offending god and God is punishing america for all the sense in America. So god is winning down natural disasters. What is this going to lead to matthew? 24 for it's not an issue. Delivery you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and ye shall behave of all nations. For my name's sake and those an expiration says in great conjure page 591. God never force the will or the conscience, but satan's cotton, resort to gain control of those when we cannot otherwise seduce, is compulsion by cruelty through fear or force. He endeavours to rule the conscience and to secure homage to himself. To accomplish this, he works through both religious and secular authorities, move them to the enforcement of Human laws in defiance of the law of god. Those who honor the bible sabbath will be denounced as enemies, a law order as breaking down the moral restraints of society, causing anarchy and corruption, and connie, upon the judgment of god upon the earth. The motive of the sunny law is pure with these people. They just want america to return back into a nation. That uplifted christian principles. And many of these people, they're motors, according to John chapter 16 for to nozzle. Jesus says, and John 16 verse 2 are the motives to many of these people. They shall put you out at synagogues. Yea, the time cometh that who's ever killed you will think that he do with god service. So they think they're doing god a favor and these things will they do unto you because they have not known the father nor me. So the motive is their thinking that doing god's service. But jesus says they do not know god, you know, a type of this is the apostle paul. When he was saw his motive was to uplift israel and uplift the old testament and uplift. The old covenant in up with the jewish economy in a breath, jehovah, his motive was actually pure from his perspective, but he was sincerely wrong. But what a god do. God came to saw. He reveal the truth, the saw. The scales of his eyes were revealed and the greatest destroy the christian church, became a greatest builder. The christian church, when persecution happens, you know, what god has given us, allow cried the 3rd angel, and we will be preaching, and they'll be more sauls. I'll turn in the pause, and those persecutors will be converted by allow cry and join the remnant fault, and the greatest destroyers of the church will become the greatest proclaimers on the 1st 2nd, 3rd angels message. But we need to know the pure message. The bible says the reason why they persecute is because they do not know god and what is god for ashanti? The forbes 8 he that love it. Not. No, it's not. God for god is love. Did you not know what the character god is? We know the character god. We know that god does not burn people in hell for eternity. That is not a loving god. We know a god as seeking to save and not to punish and punishment is a last resort. We know that. We know that the 7 last places reserve not for everybody, but just those that are persecuting those against their will for force worship. We know that we know the character god in his time to show god's love you know, I guess illustration my students I tell them this illustration it mr. Chung came to you with a gun to your head and said mr. Chung is your favorite teacher and you said Yes. Is that true or not? No. Because I'm forcing this out of you. That's not love. But if I don't have the gun to my head and I prove to you that I have your best interest in mind, and I, when you, over by sharing with you on selfish love, is that true of? Yes or no? Yes. You see, love versus force is the final climatic moment of the great controversy. And because the key, the South has a dna of satan and the key, the north has a dna, a satan. Both are united in using force to achieve its aims. And we must disentangle ourselves from both the left and to the right. And because the character of god is warped with many people who think that god is seeking the punish there to come into a fear based religion that Oh, america's doom. The reason why we're having fires in California is because we have so many sinners in San Francisco. The reason why we have economic crisis is because we're not like the 1950s because of this and that going on. God is punishing us because of that view of god. You know what's going to happen when they see jesus. Those a bible says in revolution chapter 6 was 14. The bottle says us and the heaven departed as a scroll when it was rolled together in every mountain and island were move out of places and the keys and earth and the great men in the Richmond and the chief captains and the mighty men in every bond men or be freeman hid themselves in the DNS and the rocks on the mountains, and said to the amount that rocks fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne. And from the wrath of the hu, wrath of the lamb, for the great day of his wrath is come in who shall be able to stand in? I find a very interesting wrath of the lamb. Last time I checked, a lamb is not something that scary. You know a lion be suppressed. A bear beast, a pray, fictional dragon, beast beast, the pray they pray and kill other beasts for food, the lamb is vegan. And they say fall on us and who can stand the wrath of the lamb? What is the lamb do be whole, the lam, a god that taketh away the sins of the world. This misinterpretation that the character of god causes people to be afraid of the very wine that sought to save them. And we had a solemn responsibility to give the correct picture of god to a sin dying world. And so what is the bible say about fear knows a bible says a 2nd timothy chapter one verse 7. I'm almost done for god had not given us a spirit of fear, but a power and of love and obey sound might we're not a fear based religion. Were based upon love in a sound mind. But here's the ironic thing. Wait a minute, doesn't the 1st angel message say, fear god, and give glory to him? The bible says the brothers 40 for 67. I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven. Having their everlasting gospel preached unto them that dwan earth into every nation and kindred and tongue and people same with a loud voice, fear god, and give glory to him for the our best judgment has come and worship him that made heaven and earth and see and the found the water. How does fear god? In judgment. How is that good news, the everlasting gospel? I'm glad the bible interprets itself proper saturday for 13. It's not my slides progress. Chapter for 13 the bible says the fear of the Lord is the depart from evil. That's the fear god. When you love god, you run away from sin. Why? Because he realised that when you said you crucified jesus fresh and you don't want jesus to suffer. That pain again is based upon love and notice south 140 fibers, 18 and 20. What is true? fear, godly. Fear. The Lord is near unto all them they call upon him to all that call upon him. In truth, he will fulfill that czar of them that fear him. He also well hear their cry and will save them. He will fulfill the czar them that fear him. The Lord preserver with all them that what law them but all the wicked will he destroy so fear him and love them means that those are fear him love god. So when you say fear god and give glory to him, you just love, god hates him. And why do we hate sin? Because we recognize him, we trust god, that god has our best interest in mind. Because sin causes natural consequences and also spiritual consequences in our life. It separates from god and it gives us a bad quality of temporal life as well. It's all out of god to love god as practical, even in our lifestyle matter. He tells us not to do things because he wants to protect us from bad health. And from a broken heart Why is the judgment, the everlasting gospel? The question is who is the judge? I say a 33 percent tube. The bible says that this is the judge for the Lord is our what judge the Lord is our law giver. He's not only the judge, but he writes the law that a lot of power. The Lord is our king. When what we do, he will save us this judge is nothing in the condemn. This judge is seeking to say That the purpose of the investigator judgement seeking to save. And if you read the great controversy very carefully, you know how we are judged whether or not we repent from our sense. And how do we repaired, if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from all righteousness. The judgement is determining whether or not we accepted the pardon of jesus in our lives. And because we accepted the pardon, we are the transformation of life and we become law keepers because the laws written in our minds, in our hearts You see human judges In the civil realm. Those that are running for judge in our local governments, they run for office seeking to say, I punish this many people and put them in prison. So our view of authorities is based upon human authorities, but god, the judge, he's not seeing the punters. He's seeking to save, and this is the message that we need to declare this as the everlasting gospel. In fact knows about this is the moment, chapter 5, verse 8 or 9. The bible says this for god commanded his law towards it. In that while we were yet sinners, christ died for us. So present tense while we were bad while we were lawbreakers. While we were yet criminals, jesus died for us present tense, much more than being now justified by his blood. We shall be saved from wrath through him in a who got punished for the wrath of god. Jesus jesus already take the same last place for you and I know the same last place. The 1st to plex wander turns into blood. What came out of jesus? blood in water You know one of that seminars flags. There is darkness on the earth, right. And there is a great earthquake. What happened when jesus was in calvary, earthquake and darkness. You know, in the senate last plagues. It says that the river euphrates, dried out, that means that every earthly support was dried out for support of the babylonian system. When jesus about to die. All his support dried out. He took that play for you and I You know, the bible says that to some last legs that grievous source were upon those that receive some last place who was last the way to be. Our recognition is skin scourge jesus. Jesus take the 7 last place for you and I at the cross. Why do we have to worry? This is present true for this time. You know, as we bring some final points In or just seem like yesterday I was 25 years old. It is came as a blink of an eye. You know, ministry makes things everything, warp speed. And sometimes I just looking back what happened and I see the trends go up and down. Seeing the various things that happen, you know, back in 2008. It was you can on a crisis, get ready, jesus about to come. Everyone freaking out. Some people send me everything they have and giving it to certain ministry, which I will not name and losing all their finances in the process. There are other times when we saw that the pope did something every once are freaking out. There are times when this and that are happening. And oftentimes when crisis happens, everything freaks out. And even today, a lot of our ministries there profess to prepare for jesus to come and to prepare for people to jesus to come. All we're doing is fear based religion Trying to scare people into receiving jesus in o, my fear is full disclosure. My fear is that the National sunny law is not coming imminently. My fear is that we're, we're walking around the wilderness for another 40 years. That's my fear. You know why it's my fear. Because in order for in time events to go to with fulfillment, there is a missing ingredient of the message that every ministry needs to preach. Is a message of justified by his blood. We shall be saved from wrath through him. Let me give you from the spirit of prophecy testimonies, the measures gospel was paid 91 paragraph to final points. The Lord in his great mercy, sent a most precious message to the people through elders, wagner and jones. This message was to bring more what prominently before the world, the uplifted savior, the sacrifice for the sins of the whole world. So it presented justification through faith in the surety invited the people to receive the right. It's no christ which is made manifested in obedience to all the commands of god. Many have lost sight of jesus. I think many of loss side of jesus went to look back upon jesus and look upon his beautiful face and the things and the world turned strangely. Dim They need to have their eyes to read it to his divine person, his merits and his changeless love for the Human family. All power is given into his hands that he may dispense rich gifts unto men imparting the priceless gift of his own righteousness to their helpless human agent. This is the kicker. This is the message that god commanded to be given to the what to the world. Is it being given to the world right now? We could start Here The ab and move and started with a bible study group of bunch of young people. New england will makes any difference we could start Here In is that 3rd angels message, which is to be proclaimed with a loud voice and attendant with the our pouring the spirit in a large measure. This is the loud cry of the 3rd angel justification by faith and for young people and for young people that want to know more about justification by faith. There is a book by 80 jones and easier. Wagner called lessons by faith. You could download a PDF in this for free. I know some of you are in debt. It's okay though you're paid off. So what does this love do for the fear a punishment in the judgment? No, so bible says in 1st john chapter $417.00. 19 the bible says this here is our love may perfect that we may have what fullness in the day of judgment. What makes that love will allow us to have boldness in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in this world. There is no fear, love but perfect love. Cast out. What fear? Because fear had torment. He that fear it is not made perfect in love. We love him because he 1st loved us and outages for his love us at the cross when he took the 7 last plays in our behalf. Here in the last days You know why we're afraid We are afraid because we fear losing something. The fear of loss causes us to be afraid. In a natural human instinct for self preservation were either fearful of losing our lives, or losing our livelihood, or losing our careers, or losing our reputation, or losing or standing with people that what causes fear. But we have to understand in our minds we have nothing to lose because we already have everything jesus has paid at all. Jesus given everything for us, jesus not only want us to be in heaven, he is seeking to share his throne with you. And I revelation chapter 3, verse 21 And so there will be some challenging days ahead in the last days. But the bible says of psalms 20 favors for yea, though I walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil, no fear based religion, faith or fear. For thou art with me, thy rod and I staff, they come from me, this is a promise that we have nothing to lose. You see? Whenever we are discouraged about the coming events, when we feel like we're not gonna make it say I'm to send for then I'm not given us god as a promise for you and I you know, god has given us a personal prophecy in the book of revelation that can encourage us revolution chapter 15 verse 2 and 3. This my final tax. And I saw as a, were a sea of glass mingle with fire. And them that had gotten the victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark and over the number of his name, stand on the sea of glass, having the hearts of god. And they seeing the son of moses a sermon, a god in a song of the lamb, say, great, marvellous, are thy works. Lord, God almighty just and true, are die. Ways thou king of saints. And when you discourage that, visualize that you are in the sea of last, already have a victory or the beast, his image, and his mark. That is a prophecy for you and I god saw you when he gave john inspiration to write that prophecy. Victory is already guaranteed for you and I, we just need to cooperate faith over fear. You know, a bible figure that has gotten my attention for the last 5 years. Is abraham because the bible says, abraham is the father of faith. You know, abraham made a lot of mistakes. He was a liar, he threw his wife on the bus. Twice He used human means to tried it, fulfilled god promises by marrying hagar. But when placed to the Ultimate tess sacrifice. Your promised son isaac abraham trust and obeyed god. So now he learned from his failures and he developed a faith that god will have this under control. That even if I sacrifice isaac, he can be resurrected. There is no fear of loss for abraham to do this. Why? Because he developed that faith was most powerful about that. At that time. There was no account of god resurrecting anybody the 1st recorded resurrection was that of moses abraham trust god in his work. That is what we can develop. Even when we fail in life, we can learn from our failures and come to God. God loves us slow learners. He will embrace us and he will change us. In closing, when the children of israel was in the wilderness and the serpents attacked them, god gave a remedy. God commanded moses to create a serpent, made a brass on a pool for the children of israel to look up to be healed. But many were so inundated with their current situation. They did not trust god. His word, they say it's impossible. It's not scientifically proven. I'll just look upon the ground. They were seeking their self preservation and did not look up. Many did not work because their fear, their current situation was so overwhelming. God is asking us to look up Your redemption drive, my brothers and sisters, My heart breaks. And I'm not trying to offend people. My heart breaks because 20 years ago, dr. Miranda the murders know We sacrificed so much for the work. I mean, we maxed our credit cards to start revivals as college kids to bring speakers because we believe the message. We so the word daily, deeply of the prophetic depths of the word of god. And I fear to day as I watched the condition of the young people, even those the profess, present truth. We need to really start staying the word of god again. Jesus beautiful. And when we say the word of god, the things of the world will grow strangely dim. When everyone's freaking out, you will have confidence because god loves you, and God will take care of us. Even in the darkest moments at earth, history Were experts and instagram, putting these instagram influence or pictures. It's time to be experts in the world of god. But it takes time. It's not going to happen over night. It's, it's, I working out, it takes time. But you will get there and we will get there. And guy wanted revive deep bible study with young people here today. The world needs this message. But in order for us to give the message we need to know and live the message. And we could start Here to day our father and God and heaven father forgive me for this feeble message. Father, forgive me of 5 offended people. My father, my motive is just up lift the present true for this time, which is justification by faith. And father, may we not come to fear base religion, but our faith over fear may the precious young people here to day realised that god as a special work for them to do in this time on earth, history, and brothers and sisters, that 3 heads are bad and either close, if there is someone to this a father to day, I want to accept you and replace my fear with your faith. I want to begin the journey here to day to learn deeper about you and your truths. So I could share this in time gospel message to world that's falling apart that's needing jesus. If that's your desire to there's a father to day. I surrender my fear. Fill me with your faith. I simply as we stand to show our committee got here today. That's her desire. I am standing with you brothers and sisters, Because I need his message as much as you father and have him. We are standing here today. Broken, defective, wretched, miserable, poor, and naked. But father, we thank you that you were wretched. Poor, broken naked through jesus at the cross of calvary. So you identify with our wretchedness and through the pain of the cross father, we thank you that we could receive healing and restoration through the message of calvary. And so father, today we are standing asking to replace our fear with your faith and that your faith empowers us to declare this in time gospel message with power this we pray in jesus name in this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse, for if you would like to listen to more sermons, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. Ah.


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