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01 Realize, Realize, Real Lies

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • September 24, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Tonight's topic, you're going to hear about 3 kind of different messages from me over the course of this weekend. And I chose to do that for a reason. I'm sure you guys are not aware of the crazy things that we have in our world right now. That it really is interesting to me that we can have such opposite ends of the spectrum on information. And it's like how is that possible that people who are very intellectually smart intelligence, schooled you name it. They can have 2 totally polar opposite ideas. And both seemingly seem true. You guys guys feel like that is something where experience in our world today. And so this message that I wanted to give you today is like as the world gets crazier and crazier. How are we going to stay grounded to be able to see the difference between truth an error? Because if you guys think that we just now have entered into some strange times, buckle your seat belts, it's about ready to get a whole lot more weird. And I believe that god has given us the tools to be able to distinguish between those truths and those errors. And that's what I really want to talk about with this particular message. Tomorrow's message for sabbath will be a little bit different than this. And then on tomorrow afternoon we'll be talking about aliens. And the reason that I would like to speak about that topic is because I believe it's important to understand and know where we stand in the wake of this time that we're living in. Because I believe that we are running out of time on the clock, there's no more time. And once that we see these events starting to play out and for unfold into our world, i hope that it lights a fire underneath you and you will with extra energy go out there to win souls because we don't have much time left to win them. So that's kind of my, my goals with these messages. Let's bow our heads for a quick word of prayer. Your gracious heavenly father. Lord, if we open up this topic, may you just speak to our hearts, open our eyes. Lord, we need to see the world with your eyes, not our own eyes, and help us to, to be able to distinguish between truth and error. So teach us how to do that. We love you and thank you in jesus name. Amen. I titled this real eyes realized real life. I think it's very interesting in the English language that we're able to say something with the same found and it means something completely different. But it is interesting to me that how is it possible that we have this very foretold things in the bible that are, that are telling us what's coming. And this is nothing new. I mean in the world when jesus was, was stepping onto the scene. I mean those jews were not ignorant of what was happening in that day and age. In fact, you remember the story of the 3 wise men that came to, to meet with the king and ask him, where is this newborn king that's been born? He goes and asked religious leaders will please tell me in your prophecies and everything, go tell me when this babies being born, they went real quick. They told them, oh yeah, he's going to be boring around this time and he's going to be born in jerusalem. I mean in bethlehem, and so discernment is the ability to judge well and like the 2nd definition in a dictionary. It says the perception in the absence of judgement, with a view to obtain spiritual guidance and understanding. We need the 3rd mint in today's world and I, I work primarily with young people. That's my passion. That's what our ministry aim that. I believe there's a lot of wonderful ministries in our church. We don't all do the same thing and our ministry has taken, they hard tasked to go and talk to the teenage to college age range. And so that's why we pick the topics that we do. That's why we aim at the, at the kids that we do. And I'm shocked in today's world when I go and I talk with young people, the lack of discernment, that kind of is alarming to me. And I often leave some of those conversations going, lord, have mercy upon this generation that's coming up. Like how is this possible? I'm sure every generation my parents probably looked at my generation and said, oh lord, have mercy on these young souls coming up. I know it just seems like it's getting worse and worse. So you guys have probably seen this floating around the Internet, right? This is that dress that some people saw 2 different colors. You see black and gold, or do you see blue? And I see where the 2 colors, black him is Blue, blue and black or white and gold. How many of you see white and gold? How many black in blue. OK, so about half the room. So isn't that interesting that you actually can see 2 different things? Here's another thing that's kind of fascinating to me. Which one of these a or b is darker the box? I'm just talking about the box a or b. How many you think b is darker than a K one? How many think a darker than be? quite a few of you want to put the color up here. It's the exact same color. So maybe you have to kind of seen this. It depends on how your brain is interpreting that information. Here's another one. There's 2 lines here, which one is darker? A or b? Now you guys are kind of thinking a little bit. They're actually the exact same color. So it's interesting to me that we can look at the same topic and come up with 2 totally different ways of interpreting that same information. Have you guys seen this floating around the Internet? Go ahead and read this. You can read it with quite ease, couldn't you? Isn't that interesting? You know, I often will use examples like this to tell kids we are fearfully and wonderfully made. And our brains are incredibly intelligent and able to pick up on some incredible information that we don't even need to see the full picture. Your mind can breeze through this and read the whole thing even if it's all jumbled up. And so I point these little fun illustrations out because there is a story in the bible that comes from luke. And this is when jesus is being brought into the temple and going to be dedicated as a baby. And remember this gentleman simeon walks by an occurrence that they had seen every single day, all the time babies coming and going all the time. What was it that all of a sudden simeon walks by and goes, ah, there's the son of god. How is he able to discern that thing when the religious leaders are literally seeing the same thing? They've got their noses in the bible, they're reading this all the, the, the content all the time, the same kind of content he's reading. So I want to share with you because I believe that this gives us a little bit of a window into how do we begin to discern the things of god. Listen to this look to 25 says and behold there was a manager ruthless whose name was simeon, and this man was just and devout. Here's some facts that he was a good man. He was devout, meaning he was, he was worshiping god and he's waiting for that for the cancellation of israel. He's waiting for the time that he knows is coming close. That's how he's able to discern something that the jewish were really not waiting for the same thing. As I'm sure he was understanding and the holy spirit was upon him. Luke to 26, says and it had been revealed to him by the holy spirit. So not only is he waiting, he's a good man. He has a relationship with the holy spirit. And the holy spirit is telling him pieces of information such as he would not see death until he had seen the lord's christ. So he is led by the spirit into the temple. And when the parents brought the child jesus to do, according to the custom of the law, he took him up in his arms and blessed god, god, and said, now lord, you are letting your server depart in peace. According to your word, my eyes have seen your salvation, which you have prepared before the face of all the people's a light to bring revelation to the gentiles. Now here's something that's kind of interesting because he's letting us know luke is recording these words, letting us know that he understood the mission of jesus, that he was to be a light to the gentiles. That's a very important piece of information because you see the jews, they just took that light, that they were supposed to be sharing with the gentiles and they hit it. We don't even want to talk with them. We're not even going to eat with them. And, and we're not in the Salvation is not even for them. It's just for us. So here he's understanding of what the purpose of jesus, his mission really was and to give glory to your people. Israel and joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him, and simeon blessed them and said to Mary, his mother, behold, the child is destined for the fall in the rising of many. And israel for a sign which will be spoken against in Yes, a sword will pierce through your own sore. So also that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. So he's responding to the holy spirit. He's, he's in communication with god, god's revealing to him what's going on. You know, I got into a conversation with someone the other day of when you move out of the cities, like when is it time to actually go out of the cities and I'm sorry, I didn't look up this quote. I'm just saying this off the top of my head, so you guys can go home and look this up if you want. But he brought up a quote and read that quote, that said, god will reveal to his people when it's time to get out of the cities. But he will not reveal it to his people unless his people ask that's interesting to me. Are we really asking for the holy spirit, discernment on all kinds of different topics? Things lord, please share with me because I have example, after example, where the Lord is revealing some pretty amazing things. You know, god has given each one of us spiritual gifts and I'm totally convinced of this. You know, people come up to me all the time and they're just like, wow, like how did you see what you saw on this particular movie or something? What in the house like, do you have some special gift or something? No, I don't have a special gift. The more that I read my bible, the more that I'm able to see where some of the enemy is tripping up. Some are some of our people. If not necessarily a special gift or, or anything else. But I want you to, to listen to this 1st corinthians 1210 where it talks about some of these special gifts that god gives to 2 different people. To another, the working of miracles, to another prophecy. To another discerning of spirits to another diverse time kinds of tongues to another, the interpretation of those tongues. I believe that guide gives certain people insights to be able to, to help out the rest of us that need help seeing things. There are certain ministers that I like listening to and when I watch and listen to some of their, their, their messages. I'm always like, how in the world did they see that? How did they put that together? I remember listening to a sermon about ivr myers. I think he spoke about all the books of the bible being written in the way that they were written and the order that they are written in tells a story. Meaning if you couldn't necessarily put them in a different order to come out with that same amount of story and it was just like, how did he see that? But I believe god gives people special gifts. But I believe that it's important for us to be aware of where the enemy trips us up. Second corinthians to 11 says less. Satan should get an advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his devices. We know that the end of this world there is going to be a lot of deception ad play. Second beth alone ins to 9 through 12 says even him who's coming after the working of satan with all power in line and science. And line wonders. And with all the feasible nest disable ness of unrighteousness in them that perish because they receive not the love of truth that they might be saved. And for this cause, god shall send them a strong delusion that they should believe alive, that they all might be damned. Who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. I like to use this verse when really trying to get young people to understand what's the reason why I shouldn't watch something that has some unholy things in it. What's the real reason why this would be damaging? There was only one sex scene. There was only one evil scene, there was only one murder. What's the real problem? The real problem is the more and more that we have pleasure in the unrighteous things of this world. The lesson less, we will be able to discern the things of truth. And that's what the bible tells me. And so I'm kind of sharing this with you because our ministry has spoken a lot about spiritualism, lot of films, lot of movies. They have a lot of things of spiritualism in them. These, this is one of the elements that, that satan has been working on the Human race since the very, very beginning. He's use spiritualism, he's using it in the end times. But listen to what the great controversy, page 561 says satan has long been preparing for his final effort to deceive the world. The foundation of his work was laid by the assurance given to even even you shall not surely die. And in the day you eat thereof, your, I shall be open and you shall be as gods knowing both good and evil. Genesis 34, and 5, little by little. He's been preparing his way for his master piece of deception. In the development of spiritualism. Spiritualism is just a system of belief or practice based on supposed communication with the spirits of the dead, especially through mediums. And this will be especially important when we kind of start to talk a little bit about the alien topic. There is a lot of spiritualism that's involved in that. But what's more alarming to me is how many christians actually believe in that topic? And I think that's where like, it's really, I think our job as adventists as people who understand the state of the dead, that we can actually help our christian brethren to avoid this pitfall. Because they, we have a duty to go out and tell them this information. So that's another reason why I really want to share that with you. So obviously, the devil used the snake in the garden of eden. That is a form of spiritualism. He said, you won't, you won't die if you eat this piece of fruit. You can dis spill down any bit of spiritualism in this very simplistic one sentence word. All spiritualism is designed to do is to change the words of god. That's it. That's the, that's the most basic definition i can give you for spiritualism. God says you eat this fruit, you die. The snake says, no, you eat this for, you won't die. All he's doing is changing the words of god. And the reason why I'm telling you that the we call this a medium when he use the snake, right? The plural form of, of medium is media. And one of the dictionary definitions of medium is literally communication information, entertainment newspapers, radios. It's sharing information. But I want you to keep that in mind that the devil just all he wants to do is change the words of god because it's the word of god. Just like what 2nd past loans said for us. Those that build their foundation upon the word of god, the truth, then they will not be deceived by these delusions. It's the word of god that jesus was able to to beat the deceptions that the devil was throwing at him. And I believe it's the word of god that we need to understand today, due to me, 810 through 12 is a great verse to understand why spiritualism is not a good thing in our life. There are some not be found among you, any one that makes his son or daughter passed through the fire use a definition or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or which or charmer a consult with familiar spirits, a wizard or a necromancer, for all that do these things are an abomination to the Lord. So anybody that's involved in which craft sorcery, all of those things that we see in common media today, those things are considered by god to be an abomination. And he was very serious about this. With his old testament people and I believe he's as serious with us as, as he was with them. If the old ancient days leviticus $26.00 says and the soul that turn up after such that have familiar spirits and after wizards and goes horn after them, I will set my face against that soul is such a serious offense to God that those that engaged in that witchcraft in that lifestyle that he would literally turn to them and say, I want nothing to do with you and trust me, god is a very patient god, god is a very, very, very, very patient god. Beyond what you can possibly even imagine. But there are things that will push him past his patience. This been one that you constantly see in the old testament come up again and again and again. So I'm telling you that because I found a very interesting, alexander graham bell, was a huge spiritualist in the 1800s when religious awakenings were starting to happen. And things were really starting to get ramped up in the world. We had all these technological booms and in these technological booms, you had these major inventors that were actually using spiritualism to invent these products. Alexander graham bell, there's some articles and stuff you can find online about how he involved was involved in se ounces. Thomas edison was also a huge spiritualist and he came up with the record player. That was one of the inventions that he came up with. Alexander graham bell, when he wanted to come up with the telephone. What he was wanting to do was be able to talk with the spirits. And so he was involved in spiritualism to basically show people that spirits were real. Thomas edison develop the record player and there is a ton of information on him on the Internet where all of the experiments that he came up with. He was trying to communicate with the dead. So what he was trying to do was he was trying to record the spirits, and then he could play him back to people proving that there was a spiritual life beyond what people knew. I find that really interesting because think about this in the 1800s spiritualism is ramping up, technology is ramping up, and all of a sudden the stage is being set. God could have come. Right. And we've heard that before, but flashforward to us to day, we all carry around technological booms in our pockets. Technology is ramping back up. And so as spiritualism, what is it that the devil knows that he's using those 2 things together? That is going to prepare for his masterpiece john loki baird. He was the one that invented the television. He was also channeling that the late dead spirit of thomas edison and thomas edison was helping him create the television. What would the spiritual world want to do with creating all of these devices? Because like what mrs. White says in acts of apostles, the ancient system of magic is in reality, the same as what is known as modern spiritualism. Said this finding access to thousands of minds by presenting himself as a guys of departed friends. You know, it's really interesting if you kind of just pay attention to what's going on in the religious scene in the world. Because like it says in the great controversy, those, those unions that are going to come together, right? This is where she says great conover. See page 588. The 2 great errors, immortality of the soul and Sundays sacredness. Satan will bring his power, is people under his deception. While the former lays the foundation of spiritualism. The latter creates the bonds of sympathy with rome, and the protestants of the United States will be the 1st and foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to glass grass, the hand of spiritualism, and they will reach across the abyss to crass grass class. The hands of the roman power and under the influence of this threefold union, this country will follow in the footsteps of trampling on the rights of consciousness conscience. So we can see that this is now starting to begin to happen. We see these unions coming together, and this is all the more reason why we need to know, how do we go out and talk with those out in the world so that they don't get caught up in all of this. I've always wondered how is, how in the world are they going to rope all these different religious ideas under one roof? I mean, there is a lot of people in hollywood that absolutely hate god. I have made a 10 year ministry of showing people how much these people hate god. How are you going to get those people and everybody underneath one roof? And you can see them doing it. Papacy, protestants, and world liens alike will be in the form of godliness without the power. And they will see in this union a grand movement for the conversion of the world and usher in the long expected millennium. You can see that there is a pushing of an ecumenical ism in the world and how that's being done is really interesting through climate change. But I want to show you a clip from the pope and I want to show you how he actually sees creation. Listen to what 60 minutes did a little piece on him, listen to what they believe he believes about creation. Years of the paper and say the mire targeting, they All want a 4 page letter or able to acknowledge the quantity the open, the little story creation. All right, so in that kind of interesting that he would not even believe in creation. Do you think there's a reason why we were given the 3 angels message which the 1st angels messages fear god and give glory to him for he's created the heavens in the earth. Right? That's our message that we're supposed to give. Because this is coming down on the world like a storm, not giving god the glory. I'll play a little bit of this clip, but you can begin to see a little bit of the beginnings of them calling for a day of rest. Here he is talking about how the jews take a day of rest and this is good for the environment. Is not interesting. How many of you seen this picture? Yeah, it's not kind of interesting. Do you see 2 eyes? Does it look like there is fangs coming down? That's the building that is called the auditorium. It's right off of st. Peter's square. But it is literally in your face that he is speaking from the mouth of the serpent. This building was not made by a mistake that's the outside of the building is even designed to look like the head of a snake. Isn't that crazy? And you know what I just typed in on the Internet. Vatican snake building and you see tons and tons of pictures. It's not just somebody going Oh wow, this looks like a snake. This building was designed in a particular way. Now I want to preference that. Listen to what it says in bible commentary. Page bible commentary for 1184. God has his jewels in all churches and it's not for us to make a sweeping denunciation of the professed religious world. Listen to this, the Lord has his representatives in all churches. These persons have not had the special testing of truth for these last days presented them under there circumstances that brought conviction to their heart and mind. Therefore, they have not, by rejecting light severed their connection with god. And then she says, among the catholics, there are many who are most conscientious christians and who walk in all the light that shines upon them and God will work in their behalf. Not beautiful. I preference that with because I don't want to just slam the organization and therefore every one part of that organization is a problem. God has so many people. Part of these organizations, we communicate it's hilarious. People get on, are you to page all the time. If somebody comes on are you to page and uses an ellen white quote, we are very specific to only use bible because we're reaching out to the public. And people will come on just guests. Not being aware of that using ellen white quote. And then all of a sudden will receive this flood of you should not have 7th day adventists on your show. We've been watching your show for so long, and it's a great show. Don't rude it with the 7th avenue, just not knowing you've been watching a 7th day adventist shower in that grade. I love it, but god has his people everywhere. The reason I'm sharing that with you is because, remember, we're talking about discernment. How do we have discernment? And when I said it's about ready to get strange, listen to this. This comes from the great controversy. The apostles, as person aided by these lying spirits are made to contradict that which they wrote. And at the dictation of the holy spirit, when they were on earth. What that tells me is that there will be a time that, that person that wrote that gospel. Let's just say john shows up and says, you know what, you know, what I wrote in the bible, you guys have all these translations, you kind of got it a little bit wrong. What I meant was this. Remember, all spiritualism is designed to do is to change the words of god. Listen to this. I have been shown that evil angels in the forms of believers will work in our ranks to bring in a strong spirit of unbelief. These powers of evil will assemble in our meetings not to receive a blessing, but the counter, the work of the counter work, the influences of the spirit of god in this time, evil angels, in the form of men. We'll talk to those which know the truth, and they will misinterpret misconstrue the statements and messengers of god. Let me tell you, brothers, sisters. I have spoken in many environments, and I am not and familiar with people disagreeing with us. Trust me I've, I've had constant disagreements over the years, but I had someone in one of our meetings in a church and I'd never had this happen before. Raise his hand and stand up in the middle of the meeting and turn around to everyone else in the church and say, don't listen to this guy. He's going to poison your minds and everything he's saying is faults. I'd never had anyone do this to me. Public before and it threw me off guard. I didn't know what to say. I just kind of like, you know, like, wow and I and I and I just kind of barely rolled through it and stuff like this. But he completely disrupted the entire room to the point where I almost lost about half the room. You can tell when people are listening and people are not listening. And from that point on he encouraged them. Don't be weird people. This is being weird and what he's saying has been weird. Look at this. What she says is that those people will come into our churches, evil spirits in the form of men and sit and counter the work that god is doing. Do you know what that tells me? You need to know what the work of god is doing. You need to know what the work of god says, and you need to know how to say it from the bible and know where that comes from. So that when you see that counter influence come, it's like, nope, thus sayeth the word of god. It's right here. That's the purpose of wanting you guys to know. We need to understand the truth and they have to be grounded in the word of god. John 17. 17 says. Sanctify them through thy truth. Thy word is truth. Now, listen to this. Those who make the working of miracles, a test of his faith, will find that faith and can, through a species of deceptions, perform wonders that will appear to be genuine miracles. What that tells me to is don't think that just because it is a miracle, something good that happened that therefore that counted as something that came from god. That's not a test of whether or not it came from god. Let not these days pass by by the precious opportunities be lost by seeking the Lord with all of your heart, with all of your mind and soul. If we accept not the truth and the love of it, we may be among the number who will see the miracles wrought by satan and the last days. And believe them many strange things will appear as wonderful miracles which will be regarded as deceptions manufactured by the father of life. And let me tell you this. If you see an absolute miracle happen and you are to be someone that said, you know what, something doesn't feel right about this. And I don't feel like that comes from god. Think of what the rest of people that saw that are going to think of you That's going to be a hard test of when people are like, why you didn't see that. And that just happened and listen to what dude around me. $131.00 through 5 says if there arises among you a profit or a dreamer of dreams, and it gives you a sign or wonder, and that signer wonder comes to pass of which he spoke of saying, let us go after other gods. So here's the thing right here. If somebody prophesies and says something and give the sign and wonder, and that comes to pass, that still not a proof that it came from god. You need to listen to what are they saying? Is it contrary to what the bible says? Because they're always going to come up and try to counter the word of god. That's their purpose. You shall not, you shall not listen to the words of the prophet or the dreamer of dreams. Now listen to this carefully. For the Lord your god is testing you. Whether you love the Lord your god, with all of your heart and with all of your soul, you shall walk after the Lord your god and fear him and keep his commandments and obey his voice. And you shall serve him and hold fast to him. Isn't that interesting that god allows these things to happen as a test to us? And I find that a difficult thing to explain to young people that they got into this conversation the other day. Why did god do this to job? Why would that just seems cruel? Why would he do that? And it was, it was hard to explain to him in a short quick conversation. But I believe that god allowed that experience because faden was bringing an argument saying you've provided all these things for him and he's only serving you because you gave that to him. And God had to say, it's not because of that. If he had none of that, then he would still serve me and really he was exposing satan through that whole experience as well. John, 1426 as the comforter, which is the holy ghost. Which the father sent in my name. He shall teach you all things. I believe that the holy spirit, his function, his job to bring us into remembrance of all things to bring us into a conviction of sin. I think it's very not interesting, but I think it's sad that we have a big question on this topic of the holy spirit at this point when death function and the job of the holy spirit is really to convict us and bring our minds back to the things of god. How many of you guys play with social media, especially the young people? Yes. Have you heard of the term? An influencer. Ok. So this guy right here is going to do an experiment on influencers. And what he's really wanting to test out is if you are an influence or an influence or is somebody that can get other people to buy the products or whatever, right? They're good at getting people to follow what they're doing. And so he goes, if you're an influencer, i wonder if I could influence you. If you know what the tricks are, is it possible to influence you? So he brings these influences into this place, and l A and I'll show you what he does. So he sends him out, they go and they take pictures and they take hundreds of pictures in every single room, tons of pictures over and over and over again. And then he brings him in the room and he says ok, now I want you guys to make a post and I want to see what you're going to post. So the point is, the point is do you really think it doesn't affect me? Do you really think millions of dollars are exchanged between groups and entities who have honed in psychological profiling and you name it? We're going to talk about tick tock for a 2nd to morrow. Not tonight. Tomorrow. It is mind boggling. What tick tock is capable of. I mean, mind boggling. And I, you guys remember a little while ago and trump was like, we shouldn't have tick tock in our countries. Do you guys remember that? And everybody laughed at him. It's kind of interesting. I think it's kind of interesting because if you wanted to be another country and take over a country no longer do you have to roll in there with guns, you know what you do. The, I gotta do is make an make an app. You can rot them from the inside out. And it is a mind game that is Blue. I mean, it's mind boggling. I have nieces that play it. And I just asked my nice one time how many hours, because you know, it gives you a little counter how many hours you actually play on it. It was in some crazy tens of thousands, if not a 100000 hours. And I was like, the game hasn't even, or the pap hasn't even been around that long and you know, you get, you get, I think counted every time you scroll and all that kind of stuff. So I'm sure it's not totally true, but I mean, it's mind boggling how much these kids are playing with these things. How is it possible that in jesus his day, you have farris sees that are watching jesus do miracles? They are watching him. He'll watching people raised from the dead, watching 5000 people being fed, amazing miracles happen. And yet they don't believe. And then you have a story of like the woman at the well, who only hears the words of god, only here's what jesus says. And immediately i need to go tell somebody and runs around and goes and tells everybody who will even possibly listen to her. How is that even possible? I believe that it's because of the holy spirit. First timothy for 7 says have nothing to do with irreverent, silly mis. Rather train yourself for godliness. You and I read a verse like this is very interesting to me that our world and many of our youth obsessed with super heroes. Because if we listen to the bible and we said, it tells me I have nothing to do a supernatural witchcraft, sorcery, all that kind of stuff. Well, there goes disney, there goes half a marvel there, go, you know what I mean? Like we would immediately just filter through that off of one or 2 versus an if it says have nothing to do with silly vein miss, we would go, is it mythology? Well then there goes the other. Don't need to watch this, right? I want to show you why I want to give you the why. I don't think that people in this room have a problem with this, and my purpose is not to convince you of it. But I want you to be aware of it, because I believe that when you are in the event to try to need to explain this to someone, you need to be able to explain it from the bible. Bail. Do you know much about the god bail you ever looked into the god bail? He's an interesting god. I never could understand why israel was constantly tripped up by bail. What was it about him that they would constantly for Okay, we're going to forget about god and we're going to totally fall after this, this god, what was it? Listen to this. I was doing some research on this and I said, ok, i want to know on understand. So I looked up encyclopedia britannica bail, his name was lord, they called him the Lord, lord, and they worshiped him as the prince of the earth, they called him lord lord, they said that he was the god that was in the sky that created the earth that made the water fall down on the plants that made everything grow. He's the one that cause the sun to shine all those things. Right. Well, who is that? Who, who can we say that? So that's kind of like right? So follow this logic here. Why couldn't I just take this god and say, well that kind of sounds just like god. And in fact, if he's the god that's in the sky. And he comes from the clouds. Do you know who his arch enemy was? His arch enemy was. They called bail was known as the Lord of the heavens, by the way. And his arch enemy was this snake god name monce. So follow the logic here. Bail came down from the clouds to fight a snake god, who was the god of death in the underworld. And that snake god ended up killing bail, bail die, and his resurrected back to life. Wait, stop me. When you don't hear a parallel to jesus, I don't care if he's wearing a cape. And he goes through the same things that jesus went through. What's wrong with an allegory, if it shares all the same similarities like this? Because god clearly said, have nothing to do with this god, nothing, nothing to do with this god. And so he was the favored mot was the favored son of god, l, which is very interesting. So you can see the kind of flip reversal right here. But he bail was resurrected, he comes back to life, any saves the people and listen to this. The worship of bail was popular in egypt from the new england, our new kingdom, in the 1400 b. C to the end. And though its influence were the R, A mans who borrowed the babylonian pronounciation bale, the god ultimately became known to the greeks. I bellows identified as zeus. Do you see why god says bail is you should have nothing to do with him. Don't, don't, don't read his stories. Don't follow after what he does this god is constantly trip people up. But you know what? The devil? He's so smart. He just changes the name and he hands to the next generation and they go all, it's not bail, it's zeus. And zeus is this god from the sky that you know, has all these towers. So this is a comic book writer, he's not christian or anything like this, but he's just commenting on where does it say right here? Like number 12, zeus to us, turned in to superman. Is that interesting? We're still getting tripped up by this god bail. We're still having problems with them in our church. I mean, graham morrison has, has as come out and said, these are gods from other civilizations and other cultures. And there they are, you know, they're worshipped as these other gods. But see if we just went back to what is the bible say, thou shalt have no other gods before me. Right. First kings 821 says elijah, when before the people said, how long will you waiver between these 2 opinions? The Lord be god, follow him if bail is god follow him. But the people said nothing. You can't serve 2 masters, either hate one or you'll love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other, says luke 1613th verse 13. You cannot serve both god and mammon. I love how jeremiah puts it. I will punish bail in Babylon, and I will make him spew out what he has swallowed. The nations will no longer stream to him. Even the wall of babylon will fall. Come out of her, my people. My people says jeremiah 51 verse, 44 through 45 in that interesting that we kind of hear some of the similar language come out of or my people come out of her my people and we hear that coming around again to us today. Really hear it from revelation 18 verse 4 and 5. Come out of her. My people. Galatians 519 I don't need to read this entire list but where we get a lot of the immoral sins of the world. You can just read this list and you can just apply this. You know, if the things that we're engaging in in this world have any of these elements, why would we want to put them before our eyes? ephesians 55 says for you are sure of this that every one who is sexually immoral or impure or who is covetous, that is an eye doctor that has has no inheritance in the kingdom of christ. And God, I put this verse in here because I want to notice, I want you to notice something. It's not just those big sins that we say, I'm not going to be doing that. But notice how they're lumped in with things like being a simple eye doctor. Are we following after other gods? Those things will keep us out of the kingdom of heaven. Just like the other things. You know, I really believe that we are on the precipice of time. I really believe just like the story of the israelites standing on the river. Jordan moses is preparing to go across and all of a sudden bail him is called by the midnight kings to come and, and somehow curse these people because everyone else is heard the stories of what god did for the israelites coming out of Egypt. And now they're there right at the edge of their borders and they're coming into their country. So bail them gets called in there to do something. And bailiff tell something very interesting to those kings. He says, you know what, as long as those people follow their god, there is nothing you can do to them. You could send your whole army against them and they will be a nihilist in front of you. And he ends up blessing them. But, you know, baylor goes how many thinks and he thinks, and he really wants that money and he comes back and he says, you know what, if you actually want victory over these people, it's pretty simple. All you gotta do is get them to worship something other than their god. And they're like, how do we do that? Just throw some parties just have them engage in your worship ceremonies. Right? And if they watch you, they'll be, they'll fall prey to that. And that's exactly what happened. It was simple things that were brought into the camp of israel, that all of a sudden god lost his connection with the people and therefore they lost his protection. That's why I feel very passionate with speaking to our young people. Don't let these things if our world come in between you and a relationship with god. Social media is a tool can be used for god. Yes. Can be used to meet with your friends? Yes. Are there things on social media that may not be wholesome for us? Yes, we need to be aware of those things and we need to be able to know when to turn away when to turn it off when to walk away. Because I believe we are literally on the precipice of time. Listen to this beautiful quote from ministry of healing. Page 477. God estimates men by purity of motive, not by wealth, their education or their position. Does god estimate men, he estimates them by the purity of their motive and their beauty of their character. He looks to see how much his spirit they possess and how much of his likeness in their life reveals to be great in gods kingdom is to be as a little child in humility, in simplicity, of faith in purity of love is not beautiful that we don't have to be something big to try to win the favor of god. All we have to do is be simple in our faith, simple, in our desire to have god's purity. That's what he sees as, as worthy of, of, of great value. It's not how much have you done? What do you make? How many times, how much money did you put in that in that offering plate? That's not what is the greatest value to God. It's when he looks at you and he sees the simplicity of our characters and the purity of our hearts. That's what he sees much barry heads for word of prayer. Your gracious heavenly father. We thank you so much for the ability to come together to worship freely, to have just open conversations about what an awesome god you are. We know these times are fast approaching to where they will be no more. So we just ask for your divine presence, lord, especially over this weekend on the sabbath day. Maybe connect with you, lord, in a way that we, we know we need to you and maybe or need if you, we thank you and left This media was brought to you by audio purse. A web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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