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02 All Hands On Deck

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • September 25, 2021
    10:00 AM
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Fears god, not man, and exercises discretion and strong discernment. If that is your desire this morning. Then I would like to echo the words that that moses spoke when the people came up to him and said, hey, there are people in the camp that are prophesied, make them stop. And what was moses his response? He said, are you jealous for my sake? If only the lord's people were prophets, that the Lord would pour out his spirit upon them. It is my wish that you all were prophets, that you all were angels and messengers for god. Because I believe brothers and sisters, i believe that we are entering into a time that is making it extremely difficult to share the word of god. I was asked when I came here to share a little bit of story about my experience of even getting involved in ministry. I haven't actually spoken about my testimony and quite a little bit of time. Haven't shared it in a while. And when it was asked of me, I said, you know what, this morning message might fit with a little bit of those components. So I'll share with you a little bit of a story. Because I really have one goal with sharing this message with you this morning. And it's really to inspire you that every single person in this room, every single person needs to be involved in ministry. Every person. There is no one in this room that should sit by passively. You need to get involved in ministry. All hands are needed on deck at this moment. I come from a little town of paradise california. In fact, I see some of my fellow period dc ends in the room in here. There's actually a couple that have been here actually since the very 1st time I ever spoken front of an audience, the lang's have come from paradise and they were there. The 1st time I think we spoke for 3 hours. Yeah. It was. It was my 1st time never ever being able to speak in front of an audience before and hopefully I won't go 3 hours. I'll try to keep it under 2 and a half to day. But I'll tell you what. It was a very interesting childhood. I grew up in been from this little town of paradise. I grew up in a very typical, i've been home like a lot of, you know, adventist, i'm 3rd, 4th generation. My grandparents were huge in the mission field. My mother's parents and grandparents were big and in japan and helping to bring advantage them into japan. In fact, a lot of the schools in the Philippines have my, my grandparents and great grandparents names on those schools. And so I come from this long line of advent ism and my parents blessed their heart. They were a very sweet, innocent parents that raised my brothers and I with no television and no video games. Most of my childhood i spent outside, i did not spend indoors like the rest of my colleagues and friends. Of course I knew what movies were. You'd go over to your friend's house and watch him, right. So I was exposed to, in fact, the very 1st movie i ever saw in the theater was rambo. 3. Yeah. Not really your 1st movie you should be exposed to. But I tell you what, I had a fascination my brother and I had a fascination with filmmaking. My father had an 8 millimeter film camera and he would buy my brother and I film. And we would go out and we had film, little stories with our brothers and, and our neighborhood kids. And it was kind of just a passion of ours. It grew into something that when I got into college, i didn't know what I wanted to do for living. And I went to one of our admin a schools and they offered a film studies program. And yesterday I like that. And all of a sudden they found out that, hey, harrison ford's brother was going to be one of the teachers. Great. Someone famous is going to teach at our school. So I signed up for the classes and real fast. We were got an opportunity to watch a couple films being made in San Francisco and that bit me and I was sold for the rest of my life. This is what I want to do. My parents were big proponents on the spirit of prophecy. I read a lot of the spirit of prophecy growing up. I read the conflict to the ages series in high school. I knew what the great controversy was. I knew the information, the want to make a distinguish meant about that. So I understood what the war between gras christ in satan was all about. But I'll tell you what. When I got into college, i was unprepared for what the world was starting to replace in my mind. I went of course, trying to make up for loss of time. Maybe some of you have had this experience. I would go to the, the movie store. Maybe some of you don't remember, but there used to be a DVD store that you would, you know, go and rent these little plastic things. And when I would come home, I would rent stacks of movies and I would just try to gobble up because I wanted to make them so I would watch and pay attention how they were making them. And when I would go to the theater on the weekend, I was one of those people that would buy one ticket and see 6 films he ever met. Anybody that does that I was trying to make up for lost time. But what I was really doing was I was replacing the things of god with the things of the world. And I didn't realize I was doing that. And all of a sudden I got the opportunity to leave college and actually go down to hollywood and enter into the business. I didn't know any one but one person. She was an actress still as an actress today. I went and stayed with her and I thought how people treated her. And even though I had technically understood how to make a film, i kind of said, while I want to do that, I want to get with an agent and I want to take those kind of classes. So that's what I did. I jumped into the acting side of the business. Thank goodness I was a terrible actor. Never booked anything significant. But real quick. Within months I lost my way. I stopped reading my bible, i stopped going to church. I started doing drugs. I started hanging out at parties and I started saying, if this is all the world has to offer, then I want to chase all the things in the world that you think would make you happy. And that's what I thought I did. And time and time again, I chased women money, fame, houses, you name it, I went after it and I found a broken road every single time. And it wasn't until about 10 years into this experience that my I have an older brother that's a year older than I am. And he invited me to come back to his 10 year high School reunion, which was at an advent school. I hadn't been around administered about 10 years, completely walked away from the church. And so he said, why don't you come back in now? You know, share your share your weekend with me and let's go back to our old hometown up in paradise. And we can rekindle, you know, some of the old spots that we used to visit. And of course I said, no, I don't. That's not for me. I don't want that. But he convinced me, and I ended up going any way. And on that weekend, I had a transformational experience where god was not going to let me live the life that I was choosing to live. He was going to knock on the door of my heart. And I had a, a kid come up to me. He was a pastor's kid 1st to try drugs 1st get kicked out of school. He was a mess. And here he was in his right mind in a suit. And he came to me at the school. And he said, scotty, i have a question for you. How's your relationship with jesus? And I just kind of went, are you kidding me? Like, how did god get ahold of your heart? And so he invited me over to his house that afternoon and I went over there, very curious. When you see someone's life truly transform, there's something attractive about that. And I wanted to know how did god get ahold of this person's heart here? So I went over to the house and he shared bible text with me and prayed. And, and I had a supernatural experience that I went home and I went, what am I doing? What am I doing? I'm this kid from paradise of California from all places. I, I read the great controversy. I know there's a war between christ and satan. Here I'm totally on drugs, have no care of god whatsoever. If jesus came tonight, I would be lost and that realization was enough for me to go. God, show me you. There was never a point where I said he doesn't exist. I knew he existed, but I said, lord, show me. You ever prayed that prayer. He showed up so mightily in my life. It was one experience after another. But I'll tell you what is I was starting to get my life back with with god. I knew enough to say OK, i need to get away from this party lifestyle. I need to get away from, from hanging out with certain people. And I replaced all my friends. I even moved. I changed locations. And all of a sudden the devil's watching this going Oh, you want away from this lifestyle, do you He sent a couple drug dealers that moved in the apartment right below me. And this friend of mine from northern California came down and stayed with me for a little bit. And we started having bible studies. I started getting my life back together. But all of a sudden my friends started going over to these drug dealers houses and he would, he would witness to them. And it was really amazing. At 1st I was like, wow, this is truly amazing. Were going to transform some drug dealers. I mean they, he would come back in my house and he would say, it's the most amazing thing. These guys were like a pharmacy, you would go into their closet. And I mean, it was just wall to wall stuff and they would be cutting up mountains of cocaine on the table and he'd be sitting there telling them about the 3 angels message and jesus. But then he started coming home later and later at night. And then I started kind of getting back into that lifestyle and I was losing my grip on god. And I was praying, lord, i've prayed for you, and the only person that you send me is so far going back into that lifestyle help i'm thinking and I need your help. And you know what? God sent me an angel. She was going to school here at loma linda university. She was in the dental hygiene program and she was actually from paradise. And she was friends with my friend and myself. And she came out to visit one day. And I started hitting off with her and I ended up started dating her. And my 1st time ever coming back to church was here in loma linda. And this is really the place that god got a hold of my heart. And I would go back out to hollywood and I would live like a rock star. And then I would come out here and live like a good little adventist that I knew I could. And then I would live in both of these worlds until I finally said, lord, I know you are the god have changed hearts and I know you can change my heart. Sat my girlfriend down at the time and I said listen, I'm addicted to this. And this and this, and I'm doing this and this and this behind your back. And I know god can change me. And I stand here sober to day. And it's been that many years. There's nothing that you guys can get yourself involved in that god cannot get you out of. But the reason I share that story with you this morning is because somebody had the courage to open his mouth. To me. Somebody had the courage. And I said, lord, what do you want me to do now? I don't know how to do anything for you here. I have selfishly served my own desires. I have chased money and I made great money. I worked in television, i was being groomed for a supervising technical supervising position. I was in a position to have an incredible, well paid life. And when I got married, i'm married to that girl. That was, that was the dental hygienists out here in my 1st year of marriage. I remember coming home from my job in television, and I said, no more. Do I want to serve this world? I cannot serve 2 masters anymore. And I told my wife i quit my job and I'm surprised. She didn't freak out. She said, I believe you're following what god wants you to do. I had no idea what god had in store for me, but I prayed, lord, i'll do anything that you want. What do you want? And all of a sudden my phone rings, and I get an offer from the youth pastor in paradise that said, hey, why don't you come and give a talk at a youth rally? Maybe you can show a movie and talk about god. He was very pro movies as a, as, as, as so was I that was what I, I would have never said anything negative towards movies I. That's how I made my money. But I prayed a really important prayer. Lord, not as I will, as you will. I have nothing to say to these people, but you do. What do you want me to say? And when I prayed that prayer, god literally pulled the wall off my eyes. I was a big movie fan, i collected movies. And one of the movies that I, that I collected with this movie called fight club. It was with brad pitt, and edward norton. And in the middle of the movie, there was a scene where brad pitt slaps edward norton. He says you have to consider the possibility that god does not like you. In fact, god hates you. We don't need god, we don't need salvation. We don't need redemption where the children of the other side, so be it. And I put it on pause and I said, how is that possible that I an adventist kid that understands the war between christ and satan, watch this movie so many times. And I didn't recognize what was being told to me. And that was what really started our ministry. Never did I think or dream that I would ever preach in front of a church. I mean, trust me, I am the most least likely person to stand in front of you with my bible and tell you anything about the things of god. But I'll tell you what. If you have a willing heart, god can transform your heart in such a way that you cannot keep quiet. I share with you that story because I want to read something to that comes from the desire of ages. Listen to this. No. Now sin has marred god's perfect work, yet the handwriting remains. Even now all created things declare the glory of his excellence. There is nothing save the selfishness of the heart of man that live than to itself. No bird that cleaves to the air, no animal that moves upon the ground, but ministers to some other life. There is no leaf of the forest and no lowly blade of the grass, but have its ministry. Every tree and shrub and leaf that pours forth the element of life without which neither man nor animal could live a man and animal in turn, minister to the life of the tree and shrub and leaf the flowers, breathed the fragrance and unfold their beauty in blessing. The work to the world, the sun sheds its light to be glad and by thousands, by a 1000 worlds. The ocean itself is a source of our spring and fountains. And it receives the stream streams from every land, but it takes to give and then, and the mists ascend from its bosom and fallen showers of water that water, the earth that it may bring forth that the bud. Did you realize that that there is nothing on the face of this planet? Not even the, the plants outside that do not have a ministry. I hope you hear me this morning. There is no one of us that does not live on to it's our selves. In fact that that comes from the bible. But I want you to be inspired this morning. You say, but the animals, they're dangerous. Don't they do terrible things? Maybe you've seen one of these videos floating around the Internet. Would you do this? Anyone? I would do this in a heartbeat. I was actually in South africa and they asked me if I wanted to swim with the sharks and I didn't even think twice. I said, absolutely where's the suit? I didn't get a chance to do it. But would you look at this? He is patting these sharks like they are a dog. Do you realize that the finger print of god is in all of his creation? I often wonder what would it really be like in heaven? What are these animals really going to be like? Maybe you've seen this floating around the Internet, this poor elephant had fallen into this ditch. And so they had this excavator here, and they end up helping the elephant out of this ditch. Now I want you to recognize something very beautiful about this experience. I have such a passion for animals. I want you to notice after he helps him out of this ditch. And this elephant gets up, it easily is scared, it could easily run away and it starts to and then it turns around and says, I want to thank the thing that helped me out of the ditch. Do you recognize every thing on this planet is meant to work together to bless each other. I saw this pop up on my, my one of my social media feeds the other day a diver was diving and all of a sudden it's a seal, came over and wanted a hug. How amazing is that? A wild animal sees the thing in the ground water and just goes, I want to hug that thing. That is amazing. Every thing has a ministry. The verse i wanted to reach you as romans 147 for none of us live with unto himself. And no man dias to himself, everything has a ministry. I want to submit to you this morning. We are caught in an information war. In fact, people often ask what you do for a living. You know what I do? I play psychological warfare for a living. What I'm doing is I am putting messages out into the world, challenging people's world's views. I am literally trying to write some of the misinformation that is out there and aren't we caught in a world of misinformation? Right. We talked a little bit about this last night. It is absolutely crazy to me and I'm not a doctor. So I don't really have any bone to pick either way with anything. But it's very interesting to me that people in the same profession can have such polar opposite views of the same thing. That's fascinating to me. But we are caught in an information war. But you know what? It's been that way since the beginning. In fact, since the beginning, we have literally been caught in an information war. You know, when I asked the question earlier, how many of you are angels this into what the pen of inspiration says in angels, in their nature and their ministry. Page 26. The original word, both in hebrew and greek means messenger and is so translated. Matthew 1110. We learn from the scriptures that it is the office of the angels to oversee the works of god, especially the cause of god in this earth to watch over his children, to minister to their wants to defend them from their adversary. The devil. And there is an end numeral company of angels. Some of them are always before the throne of god at his every command. Isn't that amazing? Isn't that amazing that their work is so intertwined with god's desire to save you that they're waiting around? Just going give me the command, give me the command, i just want to go down there and I want to help these people and they're so involved in that. Many of you guys are involved in finishing up your final years of what you're going to do in your career. I'd like to challenge you for a 2nd. How many of you got a job just to sort of make it through medical school or high School or something? Maybe you worked at taco Bell or something. Maybe that's a bad example in this room. But maybe you had a job at something that you weren't wanting to necessarily do forever, but you did it just as a means to get by how many of you did that. Ok, almost everyone in the room. What if you are in a working interview for the career of the rest of your eternity right now? What if, what you are doing right now is a means to the end. But what you're going to do is like what the angels are doing and haven't literally involved in the work of god. I want to share something with you this morning. The message I really want to share you is how god passes information. I've been asked the question before we know what jesus does, we know what his function is. We in fact we talk of jesus a lot question for you. What does god do? God the father. What's his job? Never thought of that. Really easy to answer what jesus does, but when we sit there and we think about what is actually the function of god, the father, what's he doing? And I've asked to young people all the time and they go, well, he's like the brains of the operation. Right? He's like master planner of all this stuff, right. Would that be a correct assumption to be able to say that? Yes. And if you've read a lot of spirit of prophecy, how does the rest of the angels and anyone else know what god is doing? Or wants them to do? There is a direct line of how that information is disseminated into the population. Does that make sense? So I'm going to come show you a little bit of that message or that line. We know in number 7, a 89. When moses had gone into the tabernacle in the congregation to speak with him, and when he heard the voice of one speaking unto him from afar off or from off of the mercy seat. That was upon the ark of the testimony between the 2 cherub sims and he spoke to them. You know, I love it that god is always involving his creation. I just love it that when he wants to do something and share something, it's like he's putting his creation front and center and he's working through them. This is just a little window into how god actually works. So we have these cherubim on the top of the ark. In fact, I think if, if I have it correctly, they were standing on the side. Right. And their wings were touching. Is that how it really was? Any of you scholars in the room? I think it was a large angel that was standing there anyway. Mute point, but it's very interesting to me that these chair them. They have a specific function in heaven. We have adventist, we talk about michael, the art angel, jude 19, says yet michael, the archangel, when contending with the devil, a disputed about the body of moses does not bring against him a railing accusation. But said the Lord rebuke the michael, the archangel, is a point of contention with a lot of our other christian brothers. And whenever we mentioned this in any of our videos, we get all lot of paid comments and people just don't quite fully understand this one. But you know, here's how I see it. How does god, who is this missed cut thing that wants to be with his creation? How does he interact with them through the expressed image of god, right? That's through jesus. So jesus, his interaction with god and in between the angels he is described as michael, the archangel. He's the one that literally is kind of that in between. He's always been that in between. He's always been that. How do we understand, god, how do we connect with god? First, this one is for 16 says, for the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout and the voice of the archangel and with the trump of god. And the dead in christ shall rise. Did you know that when jesus was on this earth that it was spoken of him? That he was a prophet? luke 2419 says, and he said to them what things they are concerning. And are they said unto him concerning jesus of nazareth, which was a prophet mighty indeed, and word before god and all of the people. Remember, a prophet is someone who is literally doing the bidding of god, right? Trying to share a message, trying to turn people's hearts back to God. So the bible describing jesus his function as a prophet, did you know that lucifer was also described as a prophet? Did you know that? Did you know that the bible describes him? Listen to this, isaiah $915.00, the ancient and honorable. And this is the same chapter that talks about the prince of peace. The mighty counsellor, right? That's jesus, the ancient and honorable he is the head, the prophet that teaches life. He is the tale. You know, it's interesting because the bible does talk about false prophets a lot in this information war. What are they actually sharing revelation 123 through 4 says any. Appeared to them another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon having 7 heads and 10 horns, and having crowns upon his head and his tail drew a 3rd part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them down to earth, whose tail drew a 3rd part of the stars of heaven. That was satan's drawing. The 3rd of the angels away from god. You know, when we kind of depict the war in heaven with swords and they were actually going to battle and fighting against it, I believe it was a psychological war. I believe that what they were actually fighting was an information war. When you think of adam and eve and eve getting deceived at the tree, that was an information war. God gave her all the tools information wise, there will be a bein that has caused a war in heaven. And he will, at some point, come to you and try to win your affection over those things were detailed to adam and eve. And yet she did not recognize it when it happened. So this is one thing that is described about lucifer when he was in heaven is equal 28. 14 thou art, the anointed cherub that cover us, that little angel, that's over the ark of the covenant. It describes him as anointed. And I have set the so which that was on the holy mountain of god that was walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire. You know, it's interesting to me. Somebody pointed this out to me the other day when it describes this holy mountain of god. It described that as a mountain, something that's high. In fact, when, when it's talked about looking up at the throne of god and seen these stones right, that there is some kind of thing about god being on a mountain. When god is on the top of mount sinai and relate his information. I think it's really interesting that when jesus comes down and he gives us headlining sermon, we call it the sermon on the mountain. What is this that god is trying to teach us? What is this? You see, satan was anointed. What does that mean to be anointed? If you look around the World, and you see, in fact, let me give you the definition of what, what anointing is. In 1st, samuel 10 versus one, it says, then samuel took a vial of oil and ported out upon his head and kissed him and said, is it not because the Lord hath anointed deed to be captain over his inheritance? When something was anointed, it was a special position that you were literally you had a special office for this thing that covering chair of that fatal was he had a special office. He was next to God. So follow this logic here as god brings jesus into his is counsel. Then jesus walks out of the counsel. And what does he do? He turns to his angel that is that covering chair of angel, and he tells him the information. What does that covering cherub then do? He turns to the other angel and tell him the information. What does that angel do? That angel goes out and tells all the other angels, what are those angels supposed to do? Those angels are supposed to go out into the universe and to tell the creations that god is made. What god is like, have you ever wondered why satan is an artist? Do you know that when you look at the design of evil that he has and how easy it is to get into evil and the just just malicious way that he designs things that are just of this se tannic order. He is an artist of evil. Do you know why he's like that? Because god created him and anointed him with an artistry to lead people to God. He's an artist. His specific gift was to literally frame god's world in a palatable and understanding way so that the rest of god's creation would then know what god is like. He was a profit. He was his specific function and job was to tell the creation what god is like and therefore that's why it was so damaging. When he broke that, all of it designed to point people back to jesus and back to God and you know what? He said, I'm not gonna point people back to jesus. I don't want to. I don't want to tell them to aim at him. He broke that chain of command that that chain of command. And you know what I find is really interesting. When you study out the, what the hebrews did, we often described them as the special people that god gave this special message to. But what was the purpose that god was giving that special message to those people? What was their purpose? So they could go give it to the world. It was never to hold on to it. It was never to keep it inside. In fact, they were only the conduit between god and going out and reaching this dying world. They were to be the prophets and the angels. And you know what they did. I don't even want to associate with them. I don't want to, I can't eat with this person. I can't talk with this person. They are not of my kind. You know, brother and sisters, we run the danger. We run the danger of keeping to ourselves. We ran the danger of preaching to ourselves and not, not doing what god intended us. Hebrew is 11 and 2 says god at various times and in various ways spoke in times past to the fathers by the prophets. And has these last days spoken to us by his son, whom he had appointed air of all of all things whom through he has also made the world's, you know, I think it's an awesome thing that god is doing. How he doesn't just pass the information and say, you know what, you guys, I'm gonna, I'm going to let my people tell you how I am and how I want. And what I, what I like god himself comes down and says, I'm going to demonstrate it for you. And I'm going to tell you what god is like in that wonderful. It's beautiful. And he comes down and even he even sir, comes to this terrible, terrible death. You know, I was listening to a sermon that ty gibson gave one time, and he, he said something that really stuck with me. He said he'd brought up all these superheroes, and I was like, oh, now are they going with this? He's bringing up all the superheroes. And he said, you know what, and all these cultures around the world. There is a superhero that is literally going to be stronger than the next superhero. That's what they're all about. And in fact, in all of our movies and all of our literature and all of our historical accounts from greece and rome, and egypt and all this, it's the same story that's repeated over and over again. Whoever has more power and more might, is literally the one that is the greatest god. And then there's jesus, the greatest god that humbled himself and comes down and gives up his life to save you and I that fact alone that it's so different than what we can even mentally come up with is the Human race is proof that it is true isn't that truth? The fact that we couldn't even think something up like that is proof that it is true. Listen to this, no hit the history of no one of the disciples better illustrates christ's method of training than does that of peter bold, aggressive, self confident, quick to perceive forward to act prompt in retaliation. Is that describing anyone in this room? And no, not your neighbor, right. How come all of us identify with peter more than some of the other disciples? Sometimes he was so fired up yet. I'm going to go for a got him. I'm going all the way just to, to death with you. And he's the 1st, 1st one to just reject him. What, what lesson can we learn? yet generous and forgiving peter often aired and often received proof patiently discriminating love. The savior dwelled with his impetus, disciple, seeking to check his self confidence and teach him humility obedience, and trust. I think peter is a great example of sometimes how zealous we are for the for the gospel, quick to rush in. Not quick to, to think about the words that we're saying. I'm sharing this with you because there is some council to our church. Listen to this in our mingling and societies and families and whatever relationships we have, where we are placed, either limited or extended. There are ways that we may acknowledge our lord and many which we may deny him. We may but deny him in words by speaking evil of others by foolish talking by justin and joking idle and unkind words. By prevent catering by speaking contrary to the truth in words, we may confess that christ is not in US. You know, it's interesting. You have a ministry, whether you like it or not. In fact, the very way that you conduct yourself the very way that you dress, the very way that you have conversations at work. The very way that you carry yourself is a ministry to the world who is looking on and saying, do you really believe the words that are, that you're professing to say out of your mouth? In our character we may deny him, by loving ease and shunning the duties and burdens of life which someone must bear if we do not, and by loving sinful pleasure, we may also deny christ by pride of dress and conformity to the world or by uncared. He has behavior, we've been deny him by loving our own opinions and by seeking to maintain and justify self. You know, as I've watched this battle in su upon this whole idea of what is medically safe and what is not medically safe. I have colleagues and, and ministry friends that I hugely respect and seen some of the things that they've put out and it breaks my heart. This is the hill we're going to die on. This is the hill. We should be united more than ever before this the devil's aim to get in between us and, and divide and conquer. And here we see the division in our own ranks. We may deny him simply by our lifestyle. You know, satan thought that he would have the whole world on his side to day. The enemy is still playing this game of life with everyone. He seeks to bring in division of a differential and division. But if we are partakers of the divine nature we will stand united. Hol, let us not think that our churches can enjoy god's blessing while in a state of disunion. That's a harsh statement to hear In this world, we may be representatives of christ. He has called us to glory and virtue and as he represented the father, so we are to represent him to the world for in representing him, we are representing the father who is in every place to help where help is needed. We have a great work to perform for the master after jesus has sacrificed so much in our behalf, giving us his life for our salvation. Shall we buy our course of action, make him ashamed of us. Those are some heavy words for us to day. You know, criticism is, is a very interesting thing and I'll be honest. When I came back into the church, i came in guns blazing. Anybody else do that? You walk out, you come in and it's just like I got, I got to a K 40 sevens on my hip. And I'm going to arm myself with the truth. And if you're not preaching that truth, then I'm firing away. And over the years I have softened my approach. Maybe if you've never heard of our ministry before, I am extremely hard on super heroes. Why? Because most of my work is with the youth of our church. And I have been to the g I. C. I have been to the more conservative movements where everyone looks like they walked off and ellen white set. And I've literally said who here is watching batman and 90 percent of the hands go up. I just want you to know we're no different in some certain respects. And I had a gentleman who called him our ministry up one time. And he said, I have a youtube channel where I discuss comic books. And I came across one of your comic book documentaries, and I would love it if you would come onto my channel and discuss your point of view of that. And I went interesting. And so I, mikey, one of the other guys that works with me. We both, you know, started talking about it and we both were going to plan to go on to this website. And I would tell you, I was, I was prepared. I got all my slides up switched. I'm going to go in there, guns, blazing, and this guy i'm going to tear his logic apart to what I believe superheroes are just greek and roman gods and we should have nothing to do with them. And so he asked me, why don't you share with me how you got involved in ministry? And so I told him I started telling him I was involved in hollywood and I was a big movie fan. In fact, superheroes were one of my 4 favorite films. And when god got a hold of my heart, i went into this big old long story about how god had transformed my heart. And he went around the room and he talked with, with Mike, you one of the other guys it works with us. And then it got to him and mind you, he's wearing a spider man hat is a spider man shirt. And he said, let me tell you a story. He said, when I was in high school, or when I was 2 months old, I had a stroke. And it left me with little movement on this side of my body and he showed me his arm and he had a withered hand. And he said, ever since I grew up, i've been kicked, i've been beaten. I have been ousted by all of my friends in high school. I was thrown out of a 2 story building. And I was sick and tired of living a life that nobody wanted me. They called me gimp. They called me all sorts of names and I was ready to commit suicide. And he had a spider man comic open on his table the day that he was going to commit suicide. And he was literally sitting there contemplating how he was going to do it. And he was not a religious person, and he said if there is a god, then you need to show me a reason why I shouldn't commit suicide. And he opened up his spiderman comic and he saw jesus in the spider man comic. I'll tell you, I did this exact thing that you guys are doing right here. My world just went like this. And it was like, all of a sudden the holy spirit just said listen, just listen. And I was listening to him talk and he was saying, listen, I came across your ministry and I agree with what you're saying. But I just want to share with you my ministry. And he said, I take these comic book ideas and I go into comic conventions and I reach out to kids that are immersed in this thing that would never click on your video. They would know if you were there with a suit and tie, or you put a bible text on the screen. They would not click on your video and he goes, i'm able to open them up in their language and show them that there's a god that loves them. And I just, when lord rebuke me, he has a ministry that I would never have chosen. If some young person came to me and said, I want a ministry that I'm going to run around and tell people through using comic books about the stories of jesus. I would have just said, no, that's not god. And God said, don't do that. Don't do that. Because he's reaching people that you would never ever reach. And you know what? I became friends with him. He actually donates money to our ministry. He comes on every once in a while. He's the, he's just a great guy. He has a real heart for ministry. And he, you know what, he's even reading the great controversy and wants to know more about the 7th day adventist belief. How amazing is that? What if I would have got in there and just said, nope, you have it wrong. I share that with you because brothers and sisters, i have seen criticism in our church, like there is no tomorrow. I was actually recently this last year put on the cover of a of a video. I was with steven board. You know, that is I li, shared the space with steven board, but it was how, how scottie my are from little light studios in stephen bore take money from satan on their, you to page. So I watched the video, i thought it was interesting. Because I have ads on my video that all of a sudden I was taking satan's money. And you know what this pastor could have called me and said, why do you have ads on your videos to which I would have replied. Most of the content that I'm talking about has hollywood images. And I cannot choose whether or not there's ads on there, because if I want people to see it, I have to allow them to put ads on my thing. I don't get that money. And that would have been cleared up like that. But instead he made a whole video on how I'm taking satan's money. I reached out to him and just said, brother, I love you. But call me, let's talk about it. Course I got no phone call. Don't be like that. Be careful. Be careful. When you criticize another ministry, because god is in the business of saving people, If there is error, then bring that error to that person and say, would you consider, look at what the bible says here. You said this, what do you think about that? That would be an appropriate response. Listen to what the spent pen of inspiration says. We deny him, by having our selfish spirit criticising our brother and we deny him by seeking to be 1st seeking to honor one another. We may deny christ in our outward appearance by gratifying a proud heart lifting up the soul into vanity by courteous behavior. You know, I want to share with you a biblical story on somebody criticizing. I know we're approaching the end here and I'm getting near the end. I won't go 3 hours, I promise. The story comes from numbers and this is when miriam and aaron began to grumble against moses because he has a crush wife and for he married the crush sides. The Lord had has. This is what they said. The Lord has spoken through moses or has the Lord only spoken through moses. They said, hasn't he also spoken through us? You know, that's also something we get ourselves in trouble, right? Wow, god worked through all these other people, right. As any kind of work through us as well. And when the Lord heard this, now moses was very humble man, more humble than anyone on the face of the earth at once. The Lord said to moses in area and miriam, come out to the tent out of the meeting, all 3 of you now, would you be knocking in your boots or watts if it was like you 3 in the tent now? Ah, yes lord, be right there. My children do this, I try to intimidate them, everyone to do. All right. So the 3 of them went out and the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud and he stood at the entrance of the tent and summoned aaron and miriam. And when the 2 of them stepped forward, he said listen to my words. Anytime god says that to you, your ear should perch up. When there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord reveal myself to them and visions and I speak to them in dreams. But this is not true of my servant moses for he is faithful in all my house. And with him I speak face to face clearly and not in riddles. He sees the form of the Lord. Why not? Are you afraid to speak against my servant moses and then the anger of the Lord burned up and he left that would you be freaking out? If you were there talking with god and he says something like that to you and then disappears. Yes, I would be absolutely. But should we not have that same fear of respecting god's workers even if we disagree with them? You know, I've worked in this ministry life long enough. I'll tell you what. And I and I, and I don't say this to try to ruin any of your guys or things, but I sat on board with our, with our churches, great being. I've been behind some doors and I'll tell you what sometimes you would lose heart to even want to work for our church when you see it from the inside. Lord, have mercy on our church. But we can't do that. We can't just tear each other down. We need unity more than any other time. Right now. I share the thing with you guys in closing because I've noticed something in the ministry world. I saw something that came up in, in a feed on, on somebody's social media in our office. And it was one of the guys had he was an M. M, A fighter trust me. I'm not advocating m M A. He had a head ban on that, said john 316. And what they were commenting in the social media is this particular m. M A fighter had just won a large fight, and when he was given the microphone, he turned around. He was from the United States and he looked over into the audience. And he said, america, why have you forgotten, god? Why have you forgotten the most important person in the universe? You need to follow god. You need to do this, right. And I'm sitting there going. Wow. And am a fighter, he just beat the living carnation out With John 316 forgot the loan of the people that he gave his only begotten life. And here he is there trying to preach the bible. Do you know what I would have looked at that in the beginning and said, that's just ridiculous. But the commissioner of the M A world he got on to the interview and you know what he said straight to the cameras. Nobody wants to hear your thoughts on god. You just won the greatest fight in your life, keep it to yourself. And you can believe whatever you want to believe. But don't use this platform to share it with people. You know, my kids sabbath school. This week they're studying the story of cornelius. And as I was reading that story to my kids here, cornelius a centurion, a he then someone that is not even of the fold of god in the, in the respect that the hebrews would have thought is following after god. And God shows up to him. The angel of the Lord it says, showed up to him and said, you need to seek out this person. Peter. He's over by the see at the tanners house, right? You have to find it's interesting about that. God shows up and tell him go find this other person that's going to tell you what god is like. But he just showed up to like, talk with you. Why didn't god just tell you, why did he send you to someone else to tell you if you went through the effort to come and meet with you? Why wouldn't he just say it to you straight out? And it's very interesting that whole experience because god is working with many people, not just cornelius. You see peter peters in the vision where he sees the sheet coming down and, and God given the vision about not calling the the things unclean that he deems clean. And so peter goes after he brings a bunch of other guys with them because he knows he shouldn't be going under this guy's roof. And cornelius, i'm so excited the peter says he's going to come over to his house that he invites all of his friends, cook the meal, his family, his loved ones. And the 2nd that peter comes in, he's got all of his friends. They're ready to hear his message. Peter walks in, you know what, the 1st thing out of peter's mouth was. You know, it's not really lawful for me to be under your roof. Who to make a racist statement as the 1st thing you say when you walk in there, like, you know, it, I shouldn't even be eating with you guys. But you know, it's interesting to me about that. That really gives us a window. Peter was racist. Peter was racist in a way and I should probably be careful. We're not recording this ari mercy delete. But, but think about this. That was peter who was the headlining preacher at pentecost. Is it possible to be a racist and preach a message for god? lord have mercy on our church because brothers and sisters, we all have something to learn. I hope you're inspired by this message this morning. And I want to leave you the this one thought, I know I have 3 minutes left here. This one thought when I was in paradise, i had a sweet little 80 year old lady come up to me. And she said, I want to work for you. I said, do you do even know how to turn the computer on? And she said not worry about that. And I said, what are you going to do for me? She said, when you start work, said 8 o'clock in the morning. I'll be there Monday morning, 8 o'clock. Okay. She shows up at 8 o'clock in the morning. The sweet little old church lady, and I'm like you, you realize we work in a media ministry, right. She walked in the room and she went, y'all are a bunch of messy boys. She started over in the corner of our studio, cleaned labeled, took apart my vacuum cleaner, literally with a tooth brush. I could have eaten out of that vacuum cleaner. And the Lord rebuked me. And I said, you know what, here she has a beautiful ministry. She blessed us, she organized for us, and she did these wonderful things. You are not too old to get involved in ministry ever. Keep that in mind. Let's power heads for where to prayer, duration, 70, father we. We thank you so much for the way that you work with us the way that you use us, even in our broken state, you don't ask us to come fixed to work for you or do you use us in this broken state? And I thank you for that because it is by involving a senior work lord that you are transforming our hearts. And so I pray for this group right here, advent hope, or anybody that is listening to this message, lord, that you unify us. Do away with this critical criticism spirit that we have towards others. And may we see people the way that you think I this media was brought to you by audio purse. A web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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