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03 Alien Deceptions

Scott Mayer


Scott Mayer

Little Light Ministries



  • September 25, 2021
    4:30 PM
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I hope you all had as wonderful of a lunch as I had it was a very blessed sabbath phyllis shipping and I always look forward to that. It's always fun for me and I got a chance to reconnect with some of the people that I was with like were out here when I came 10 plus years ago and gave some presentations at the upland sta. Church. And so was really kind of need like even some pictures came out and I was like, oh wow, 10 years old. Do a lot to someone me only me though they live. They feel like the same. But I know it was a, it was a very blessed sabbath and you know, it's fun, it's fun to be able to talk about some of these things. You know, I feel so blessed to have the work that I do. I really feel like if I were to sit down and think about, well, what is it that I'm actually doing? I'm really taking a lot of these topics no matter what they are. And I'm saying, how can I teach some beautiful ad venice truth through whatever the topic is? I'm really taking pop culture and I'm really attaching a deep seated advantage belief system through that topic. And I hope, as we teach these things, especially to our younger generation, that you should be able to talk about these things because these are the things that, that are going to pop up, especially coming towards the end of the world. Now in a preference this particular talk with you, because my purpose of sharing this information with you is not because I think you are going to be deceived by this message. That's not my purpose at all. So I'm not here to convince you whether it's real, whether it's not real. I was not a big alien. I did not look into this topic. I've never believed that there was a such things called aliens. It was really one of the guys in my office, mikey, that was huge into this topic. He came from the baptist and evangelical world, and he kind of left the church, went into the colt. And then when he was sort of thumbing around trying to find truth, he really got sucked up into the alien movement and he actually believed that these were real. So when this topic came up in our office and they wanted to do something on it, I was always kind of while let's work backwards from here. What is it that we're actually going to teach people in? What is it that they're going to learn from this? And it was very interesting as we kind of started to explore, to see people on the Internet that were quote, unquote christian. And how they actually believed in aliens. And I went, this is kind of interesting. I live in the bible belt, i live in Chattanooga, tennessee, so I quickly grabbed a camera and mikey, and I actually went downtown chattanooga. And I said, I really wonder do other people really believe in this stuff. And I was shocked at how many people came by. Oh, my uncle was taken up into a space ship. Oh, I know people that have communicated with them. I personally have seen them. I mean, story after story to try and I was like, you're kidding, right? Like really? Yeah. You know, what are you christian? Yeah, we are christian and it's like, so let me ask you a question. If use, if you thought that these aliens are real and they had the answers to piece and they were to come down here, our world is in turmoil right now. And they were to give you the solution to the world's problems. Would you listen? It was an overwhelming. Yes I would. Yes, I would. Yes, I would. Yes, I would. And at that moment I went, oh wow. Brothers, sisters, i'm telling you that this particular message right here is very, very strange. We were working on this project with, with one of the gentleman that, that worked with amazing facts. And he said that he had to stop looking into this because supernatural things started happening when he would talk about this or preach about it the night that mikey put this, this topic together. The very night he spoke at an adventist church when he walked up to the pulpit, he got a message in his phone. His mother had a stroke that day. There is something strange with this message. There is something that the devil has been working on for many, many years and he is going to have an extra terrestrial component to his final masquerade as coming as the cosmic christ i, garron t. It. So my purpose of telling you This is not so that you can go, oh wow. Yeah, I Okay. We know that their demons, it's really to show you where we are in the wake of time. This is here, brother and sisters. You want to know where we're at in time. They're coming out, they're starting to communicate with people. We are here. And so the message I talk to you this afternoon about was get involved. We are out of time. This is there, this clock is rapidly running to the end of its life. And I'm telling you, if, if that's the one thing that you walk away from this message that's, that's all I hope is that you guys go, ok, we're here, let's get out there. Let's win some souls. Let's double up our efforts and get going. So that was my disclaimer before getting involved and started in this 1st peter 315 says, but thank to find the Lord God in your hearts and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asked you for a reason for that hope that is in you with meekness and fear, i believe as christians, as we interact with the world, we need answers for some of these things. And I believe that if we have some precious truths about the state of the dead about some of these things that are going to be involved in this deception, then it is our duty to go out and share those truths with the world. And so I would hope that you will want to learn a few things about some of these different topics in case you ever come across the need to be able to talk about it. Let no not deceive you by any means for on that day that day shall not come except there be a falling away 1st and the man of sin be revealed. The son of perdition says 2nd, vessels unions to 3 therefore do not fear them. There is nothing covered that will not be revealed and hidden, that will not be known. Do you notice this happening right now? Do you notice a lot of stuff coming to the surface right now? With the whole me to movement. There is a lot of things been uncovered right now that have been hidden for a long time in our world. I mean, there is, there is evidence strongly with all kinds of things that you, you don't have to dig around on the Internet very long. It's very easy, it's hard to get away with some of this stuff in today's world. And the great dragon was cast out that old serpent the devil in satan, which deceives the whole world. So we know that the ones that were cashed out, their main motive is deception. I want you to keep that in mind. And he that do with great wonders, so that he make a fire come down from heaven and earth in the sight of men and deceive them to dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the site of the beast, that is an experience that I believe we are going to see some crazy things in the sky. Been brought down miracles, miraculous things that are unexplainable things that happen in the sky that we cannot explain. And we are starting to see those things right now. That's what the bible's talking about. In the end of times, these things will transpire. So what you'll see is some of those things are happening in our world. There will arise false christ and false prophets and show great signs and wonders in as much to if, if it were possible that they shall deceive. The very elect says matthew 2424. So we know this deception is going to be of such a manner that intellectually we may not be able to just because we are intelligent and smart be able to out with it. It's really, I believe, through the truth of the bible and standing on the word of god. Not because you are an intelligent person that you will be shielded from that deception. Have no fellowships at the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them you. This is a verse that our ministry over the years has lived by and we feel that there is a lot of things in our world that people are just unaware of. Maybe it's in your faith, maybe nobody's put it in this context before. But I believe that when you can frame those kind of things in a, in a, in a way that we can filter that through the lens of the bible. Then I believe that that makes a lot of sense. When exposing i don't know if any of you guys in this room were paying attention, but this past year in 2021. The U. S. Was actually supposed to release all the information that it knows on it's alien movements. And they have collected a ton of information over the years. And finally enough people, enough entities came to the government and said, it's not fair if you know things and you're withholding this from the population. You need to tell the population this happened last june. And so the government said, we promise we promise will, will tell the population, but of course, they barely told the population anything. But if you ever know, have you noticed those of you that pay attention to modern media, or you watch YouTube pay attention to this. Have you noticed there being some extra terrestrial things popping up lately? More so than normal? Like there is music videos, i think maroon 5 came out with a home music video where all the dancers in the background were all aliens. And they came out of this spaceship and stuff. I mean there's like commercials, there's movies that talk about this. Like you're seen in the, in the, in the media a whole lot of stuff coming up. This is just a commercial just to kind of show you something and it's just literally a weird little commercial. So that guy lou, right there is a very public popular face that you'll see. He worked at the pentagon, these are not 10 hat people. This is, this person does not live in Arizona in an air stream trailer and is somebody that you're like, I don't know about this. This is a very respectable, even though it's haircuts kind of funny, a very respectable person, who's worked in close proximity with our government. And he's coming out saying, listen, we know this stuff is, is all over. What is it? And, and he's trying to get to the bottom, so you'll see his face pop up from time to time. He's basically the, the government's man that's really running around and investigating a lot of this. But it's not just the public media. It's also christian media. These are 2 christian things. Storyteller. Cafe is kind of a little christian kids thing. Notice there's an alien in a spaceship. And why are we all of a sudden promoting, even in christianity, alien stuff? I mean, why, where is all this coming from? You know, in the historical accounts, there is a lot of sculptures and paintings and writings and things that come from ancient history that look just like aster knots. I mean these are things that way pre date and asked or not. And it's like the devil's been working on this since the su marian culture 2000 plus years ago. That's where this whole deception is, is literally gearing up. And that's why the devil have any kind of expos day on this particular topic. Because he's like, look, I have been preparing for this for thousands of years and they've gotten to the place where this is now starting to come out in our day and age. He's not happy when this gets exposed at all. So see, these are paintings in writing, these are things on the walls that clearly looks like an alien. I mean, there's cultures in the world that have been exposed to something that looks like an alien and it has big round eyeballs and has this kind of egg shaped head and stuff. I mean, somehow, i'm not doubting the experience that some of these people are having, i'm just doubting what those aliens are really saying where they come from. Where are they coming from something out there or have they always been here for at least a while? ancient aliens, it's really funny the History Channel. They have a show called ancient aliens. And if you watch it, you know, I worked in reality television. Hopefully there's nobody in the room that thinks reality television is real, right? Anyone? I hate to burst your bubble. But there is literally some very unreal things about reality television. I hate to burst your bubble about the History Channel is about the history, right? You know, the history channels completely say tannic. Right now I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. But there are some things in the History Channel that they're putting in there that just are not actually truthful. So when they say OK ancient aliens, they came down, they put the pyramids here, they moved all of these, these particular rocks. And they give you the dimensions of the rock and the weight of the rock. If you actually do a little bit of digging that aren't the actual weight and dimensions of the rocks at all. So, you know, it wasn't moved here by aliens and there's just a lot of information. So just because it's on the History Channel doesn't mean that it's necessarily history. They add some things to there. I just want you to be aware of that. But in this particular one, they talk about some of these cave writings where they're space ships and there's things that we see in our modern world. But how have they been on these caves for a 1000 plus years? There's space ships on old ancient paintings. Well before our modern day and age, so you can just say that our military has created these things, or they space ships are a modern phenomenon. They've actually been around since the 14th century way earlier. So marian culture and that's what one of these ancient aliens theories was. Now I told you, mikey, was the one that helped really put this presentation together. And he left the church, meaning the just christian church in general. And when he came back in, he really got sucked up into the whole alien movement and he believed like what they're telling at these alien conventions is that when the hebrews came out of the land of Egypt. But it really was an alien spaceship that was guiding them and it was really the light from the ancient aliens spaceship and they were getting alien technology. And that's all all the things. So he actually really believe that and he would have identified as a christian. So it's very interesting that they actually say that and the Lord went before them day and nights for an A pillar of cloud to lead them by the way. And by the night a pillar of fire to give them light to go by the day. And by the night says exodus re 21. So this is something that's been promoted in this alien circles, is that they actually have, you know, this alien technology. But if you actually look up there is a lot of documentation that we have created. Flying saucers, like we actually can fly around in these circular disc, things and we have had this technology since the 70s. You can find you tube videos about a, you can see him there in russia, there fly any things all over. So why is it always that when we see something flying in the sky, our minds immediately go to, Oh wow, that must be aliens. Because of all of this, look at all of the stuff that people have been pumped for years. I mean, you think star track you think, you know, keep going on and on and on. And now we have generations of people that have grown up with this idea. If you see something coming in the sky or something that has supernatural things about it, all of a sudden it must be from an extra terrestrial planet. They've been primed for years to believe this. So here, the interesting thing, there was a clip of, of ronald reagan and he was discussing, you know, the world coming together. And he was talking about what would be the one thing that would unite us as a world to come together. If there was something coming out there, what would pull us altogether, listen to what he says. Session with antagonism, the more we you nice. All the members Are actually nice. Outside universal threat may recognize this Only thing how quickly this is worldwide would vanish. We were facing it from outside were yes, you know, it was already more in the universe. Last gracious are people's war and the war isn't that interesting? So here you have, you know, they, they are talking about what would be the one thing that would pull everybody together create this unified us against them. Something coming in the sky. And I've looked at hollywood and I've seen hollywood movies over and over and over again that, that have this. Something's coming to destroy humanity. Do you guys remember that old movie independence day? What can I bring everybody together? What's can a fight against that thing that's coming in the sky? And if that things coming to destroy us, we need to unite together and work together. And let's take that thing out. You know, it's interesting to me. Something is coming in the sky and it's coming to destroy wicked humanity that's here. And my bible tells me that they will rally together to fight against that thing that's coming in the sky. And I find it interesting that the thing that comes into sky, the city of jerusalem is this big object that people are going to say. If that's going to destroy us, how are we going to destroy it? I find it interesting that the catholic church has the biggest telescope on our planet. Did you know that? Do you know what the name of the telescope is? The lucifer? I'm not making this up. You can look this up on the Internet. It is the largest telescope called the lucifer telescope. What is it that they're looking at in outer space waiting for that thing to come? What is it that they're waiting for? You see, you're not the only one waiting for jesus to come. That's the reality of it. They are also preparing for a day now this lady right here. Her name is Dr. Carol roslin. And way back in the seventy's. She worked for a, a rocket engineer. And she's going to talk a little bit about it she, she used to help him write his speeches and stuff. And he would go through and he would talk about why they were trying to convince people of this space space weapons that they needed to develop. And so listen to what she says, it's very interesting. She's talking about the reasons why through the different years what the plan was going to be to create the space weapons. And then she said, the final one is going to be something very interesting. Oh be but before I show you that she worked for this gentleman right here, his name was corn, von braun. And he was a german american aeronautical engineer and or aerospace engineer, very intellectually smart man, created a lot of stuff and she used to work with them for many years Or 74 girls. And the last years, as long as that was the educated family and about life space, well down dangerously, stabilizing too costly, unnecessary, unworkable and desirable i yet, gravity was the 1st one in Atlanta for a really bad life. Yeah. Throw a combat. Moved around with then her math, welcome to follow, you know, I left her then we learned identify those low grade now, but he's that out. You the 3rd and he does need to go And the next one after all. Now this way, he had a temple that, let's say, absolutely, absolutely. So one and a fine one of all, when again, with aggressive value, the 5 over and over and over for years I knew him in the fetus when we were bringing out that last The last it with all Isn't that interesting? And since then, it's played out just like that, the russians, the terrorists, the, the 3rd world country, crazy that have their finger on a button and we need to take them out or whatever. And now all of a sudden we need to build these weapons for these, this alien movement. What is it that they're building these weapons for? What do they, what is the threat that they really want to take out? Are they trying to prepare to take out whatever's coming in the sky? This gentleman right here is the one that worked for the pentagon. And so as he's been trying to find out what is this whole alien thing he's been going around investigating? He's kind of the one that's the most public that you'll see. And so he's given an interview right here and he's talking about an experience that he had at the pentagon and listen to what he has to say. Well, gee, stop Your head. Why you should know that I honestly thought maybe I'll Tell you stop or so hours and you said no say and said yes we we question we're We're this new, another meetings are on That and we're getting this back. We have, you got Saying So isn't that interesting that the pentagon would even have people in place? That's why, you know, guy has people everywhere. But it's very interesting to me that they told him there's no need for you to look into this. Why? Because we know they're demonic. Well, it's crazy to me that he's still continuing to try and investigate it. And he's going all over the place and trying to find more reasons to, to either disagree or agree with this. And once again, he finds over and over and over again that there is this connection to the demonic world. It's interesting to me that in December of 20 or december 20 of 200-1000 that we in the United States, we developed the United States space force. So like the air Force, we now have a space force when it sounds like something just out of a fiction book. But we actually really trump signed the deal. We have an actual real space force. You can look this up. So there's all kinds of, of, of articles you guys can read through those if you want to. But there is a lot of information about what these things are. They are space ships that literally are not acting within physics, meaning flying at incredible high speeds and taking a 90 degree turn that defies physics like that just doesn't work. And so they're literally saying, we know we aren't creating these things because we can't make something that is as able to do that. And so is very interesting also that the coven 19 relief bill. What was attached to that bill? That $2.00 trillion dollar bill was actually forcing the hand of the United States to release all the information that they know about u. F o's. Not funny. Like you have all these things over here that all of a sudden get all the media attention and then they just keep attaching things over here. And probably many of you didn't hear about that, of course. So are they from another world or another dimension? Well, let's talk about this in history. There was actually a huge citing, and I want to, I want you to pay attention to this because there is a common denominator here. There was a group of 3 kids that all of a sudden had some visions. And these visions were of the lady mary, and she showed up and she talked to these 3 kids and she told them that they were catholic. She told them that there was a, a world beyond theirs. And that this, this world was going to intersect with ours and that they needed to show up on this one day if they actually wanted to see. So get everybody else together and bring them out to this thing. So these 3 little girls ran around, and this is back in 1917. So in the turn of our century. So these little 3 girls went and rounded up $70000.00 catholic people out into a field because they were told that these extra terrestrials were going to show up at this time. And what happened in that field is all of a sudden the son started dancing around. It literally moved from that side of the sky to that side of the sky. To that side of the sky, up and down and all sorts of stuff, I guess 70000 people saw the same thing. How do you fake that? And what was interesting was, why is there always this kind of interesting, common denominator with where these things are, people are either worshiping, meditating or it's over some kind of church. There's a lot of these sightings over catholic churches. I find that very fascinating. And as you will see, meditation plays and actually a big part of some of these sightings by the way, this was one of the nativity scenes that was at the vatican. I find it kind of interesting. Not too sure what space men have to do with the birth of jesus. But there is also a new age belief called star people and or indigo children. And in the new age movement, they're also gearing up and believing that there is some kind of communication with these extra terrestrials as well. And they're looking for it. And what's fascinating as you kind of listen to, there's a lot of examples of these new age type people talking about this. They will speak the language of the aliens. And if you actually play a video of somebody speaking the language of an alien and you play the, the exact same type of video of somebody in an evangelical church speaking in tongues, it's exactly the same sound, the same barley on your way or your wire and they believe that they're speaking with an alien through them. They also believe that these aliens can come from far away and they can walk right into your body. Now. Does that make any logical sense whatsoever? Some physical entity coming from millions of miles away has the ability to come into your body. That sounds like a spiritual experience to me. And we all know that that demons have the ability to do that. Luther 1124 says when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh about a dry places seeking rest and finding none, he said, I will return to the house, which I came out. You know where empty vessels, right? We're either filled with the holy spirit or if we are an empty vessel, it's very easy to be filled with an unholy spirit. The difference between god and satan is god is a gentleman. He's not going to come into your life, your heart, or anything else without you inviting him in. That's why. Revelation describes him as knocking on the door of your heart. Because he's a gentleman. Satan is not a gentleman. In fact, if he sees an empty house, he will come, he will bring his friends and they will have a party and not ask for permission. And so I believe what these people are experiencing, of these entities coming inside of them is they are unwillingly inviting, evil spirits. Now, you've probably seen or heard things from roger me or no. I love this guy because he's like, this was in the eighty's and I believe that he's talking about inexperienced that happened to him 40 years prior. So I'm talking, this is probably in the 1900 forties and fifties that he's talking. He was involved in a demonic cold. And in that demonic cold, he got very high up and was communicating with a lot of these demon priests. And they were telling him what their future plans were going to be. So I find it very interesting. Even more interesting to us today, because this is in the eighty's or ninety's that this was even being filmed and listened to what they were telling him was going to happen in the end of days. That play. They more of a long time. More and more. It Would be more Along with clay with us and I read it back in With one of the navy and Then the pre and thought Well, and then when they did a rain rain for harris in revenue. Mom, you call just for the clothes on the conversation with neil. So we're a new the senate money down there. It is. Name lane. The people even eat it up then they will. Yes of the ahead of them are, I mean by That are coming to one. Yeah. And then on the end, I mean, so be wrong. Oil in it made me will lane. If you had our, i heard a raises a word version version actually hold, you know, there there waterfall aggression. Yes. Right with you my all so the bag When the worst Case I want you to pay, I want you to pay attention to that. He said when and he's kind of hard to understand, but he said when these spirits show up to people, and they start communicating with influential people, and they start posing as extra terrestrials from another planet. This is right around the time of the close of the great controversy, and you pay attention to that, because this is a while ago that this was said. And as I show you some of these clips of some influential people that are now starting to have these things manifest to them, I believe that we are in those days. So the message that the aliens have not All law Did any of the moment that a So that right there was him, channeling a alien. And what was the message of the alien? follow your hearts, no matter what anything else says go with the heart. We heard that message before. I mean, that's disney's m oh right. I find that interesting. I find that really interesting and you know, what, if you get to the bottom of some of these clips over and over and over again. Why are the aliens always like, you know, jesus really isn't. Who you think he is? He's just in offended master. You need to do away with the bible. Religion is a big farce. Why would the aliens come for millions of miles away to come and tell us that jesus hasn't who he really says he is like, these are just lying, demonic spirits that are telling people the same lies from the beginning. Cash chart is a very, a cold. In fact, most of her, her music videos are nothing but upside down, crosses and pen to grams, and super, se tannic things. And during the coven pandemic, everybody became a youtube star. Did you notice that? Everybody jumped on, got their own youtube channel. I already had mind, but she would interview a lot of celebrities. And so listen to as this guy from entertainment tonight is interviewing kaesha about what some of the things that she would do during the pandemic. And what would she, what was she excited to do? She said, oh, she's been turned on to this new thing and it's contacting and communicating aliens and listen to who she said turned her on to that Are facing mar. Oh, love Her a whole new where he met in Isn't that interesting? He's as summoning them, summoning the extra terrestrials, so she gets turned onto it by this particular character named dami. Lovato mean lovato is an american pop singer who has really made a splash in the news because of her christianity. In fact, she came out and, and was so mentioning her god size whole and that she really needed to find god and feel god. And so what she did was you actually went to the jordan, was baptized in the river jordan and was very public about telling everybody you need to have god in your life. You need to have god in your life. And this was a big deal. I mean, this person was like a pop icon that everybody follows. Will write shortly after this. This is all pri cove. It, she gets all twisted up in this whole extra terrestrial things. Now she's come out, she's identified as non binary. She's not a male, she's not a female. She's a meet popsicle, whatever she claims she is. Sorry, that's probably not politically correct. Delete that. And she literally is this supposedly christian person, but now she's telling people to go ahead and channel extraterrestrials. Listen to what she said when she was on dr. Phil, she was very open about her christianity i There are some who Are More Work that Are are now In the off I will pay higher So she's outspoken about her christianity yet here she is telling people that you can summon and aliens and if you just meditate, i want you to pay attention and there's always this meditation. If somebody goes out into the field right now and said, I want to see an alien spaceship. That's when they'll show up. If you went out in this field right now and you said, demons, i want you to show up. You're inviting that presence, but they're inviting these presence to come and manifest in their life. Listen, she's telling the story right here, this to her I. E N, Or, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, I, so here she's, i mean, not, not shy about telling people about this experience. And you remember the story of saul when he went and spoke with the medium. When you're meditating and you're putting yourself in that experience, that's why I believe that this is a spiritual experience. I don't believe this is a physical experience. Why? Why is it manifesting to all these people that go out into a field thinking that they're going to see mary, and they're all meditating and wham, all of a sudden this crazy experience happens. Why is it underneath that experience? So they believe that they are these ascended masters and very these are the things that the aliens say, jesus is just one of them. They show up in these kind of 3 forms. It's always this angel of light, the column, the grays, they're blonde, they have Blue eyes, and the description is always the same, there as a frog version of it. And there is a serpent version of it. Very interesting because there was an alien that came down to planet earth, and there was an alien that spoke to eve and said, you know, don't worry about eating that you won't sure die. Maybe you've heard of alice or crowley, allister kelly is in our modern day known as one of the biggest occultists in the world. He was called himself the beast, 666. And he actually met a lot of these aliens and he drew pictures of them. And this picture that he's holding here in the book is a picture that allister crowley drew the alien that he met. And so this guy right here, brian wanted to meet this same alien. So he got the book. He went out there he meditated, and he's writing this in a story. So this is coming from that guy that was holding the book. He said when I last left our magical story with brian butler, he talked about his demon worship experience in brazil. Co, many culminated in a lamb experience. So yeah, by the way, this, this alien calls himself lamb l A. M. Do you find that interesting? I mean that the fact that he would show up to allister crowley and say lam and when this guy asked him, why did you, why, why is your name lamb you? Nobody said because I am the way. Yes. And so brian is experiencing this. He met this, he drew a picture of him. It's literally the same picture as allister crowley. Set it right there. Tom delong of blink $182.00. He's a american rock star. He's really into this whole movement. And he actually believes that there are aliens out there in the world, and he's really disturbed that our government has this information and he's not, and they're not going to share it with anybody. And so tom da long has gone to our pentagon and gone to our government and said, listen, our population naturally distrusts you guys. Then they don't trust to anything that you've put out. So let me be the face, they trust celebrities. Let me be the face that put the information out. So tom de long is actually goes to area $51.00. He's got c, I A clearance of a lot of these places. He's met with some of our, our intelligences that, that are in communication with his old alien movement. And he does interviews about it. Listen to this interview that he's doing right here. Here. I remember laughing with a, not in the lab. There. This is Tom belongs. What are the bible and other religion? What do you have is something that period isn't that interesting? There is something between a link between what you read of in the bible as a demon. And there is strong evidence that if you f O phenomenon is connected to demons, that's what tom delong has found out. And that's what he's saying. And you know what he just said right there, which is really interesting. These people hate humans. They have a hatred for you. That is unexplainable, isn't that interesting? That tells me that these are just demons that are posing as these extra terrestrials. So here's a little recap of what we've learned throughout history, these things have popped up. There's evidence not just in our modern world, but way back in. So marian culture, the military created flying saucers that defy their thing, that defy physics that we can understand. Thousands of catholic sightings have been around the World, new age, contact channel, them a call to see them. Messages always anti christ and these deceiving spirits are what we are told by the bible. He's going to happen in the last days. Now the spirit speaks expressively, that in the latter time some shall depart from the faith, giving he to say to deceiving spirits. And doctrines of demons speaking, lies, and hypocrisy, and having their own conscious seared with a hot iron. For do we not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts, of wickedness in heavenly places says ephesians 612 for faults. Christ's and false prophets will arise to show signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the very elect. But take heed. I have told you these things beforehand. So there is a lot of supernatural things that we know of that are coming. Listen to what the PIN of inspiration says fearful sights and great signs shall be in the heavens. As we near the close of time, there will be greater and still greater external parade of heathen power. He than deities will manifest their signal power and will exhibit themselves before the cities of the world and in this delineation has already begun to be fulfilled. Listen to what she wrote in evangelism, page 622, a power from beneath is working to bring about the last great scenes in the drama. Satan coming his christ and working with all this evilness and all unrighteousness. And those that are binding themselves together in secret societies. Oh, by the way, I saw a music video, recent music video that somebody pointed out. That guy tom belong, that's really got connected with our cia and he's going to area 51 and all that he has a freemason patch on his jacket, freemason patch on his speaker, and there's freemason things all over the set and the Compass and everything. Right? He's very much so a part of the secret society. So I find it very interesting that she's talking about those that joined themselves together with those secret societies will be plain into this last great deception. Those who are yielding to the passion and the confederation are working with out the plans of the enemy and they will be caused by follow and effect. So she wrote in darkness in dawn, very something very interesting. But the familiar spirit, these visit tins from other worlds were called are declared by the bible, the spirits of devils. You know, she wrote about that. Did you know even back then she had the foresight to talk about some of these things that were coming out. It's nothing different than just deem demonic activity. But spiritualism, which numbers it's converts by hundreds and thousands, yay, by millions, which is made its way into scientific circles. And all of this is boiling down to being scientifically, you know, provable. And yes, there are species beyond our world. This is where science gets wrapped up in all this which has invaded churches and has found favor in legislative bodies and even in our courts and kings. This mammoth deception is but a revival in a new disguise of the witchcraft, condemned and pro headed prohibited by the old. Why do you think I feel so passionate about witchcraft? I constantly hammer movies with witchcraft. If it's god, witchcraft don't watch it. Don't watch it. Why? Because it numb view and makes you just a little bit less sensitive to things like that over and over and over again. Which craft will be a component of spiritualism, which will be a component of this last day, deception. And what I'm hearing from the pen of inspiration is it is a master plan of deception that's coming down the pipe. It will be of such a manner that I believe there's a reason why she cautioned us not even to look at it. You know, it's very interesting in the blue letter bible. If you look up what nasa means, you guys can look this up. Do you know that nasa in a as a means to lead astray, to delude to seduce, to beguile and to deceive? Do you find it interesting? That little kids are wearing, nasa plastered all over their chest, which literally means to be deceived. I find that kind of fascinating And one of the most sold toys in 2021 is yoda the little baby yoda is not kind of fascinating. I believe that there is a plan for this. I want to close with this one thought. This particular gentleman right here. It's very fascinating. He has studied the phenomenon of people that have been abducted pulled into space ships. And I actually, when I went man on the street, i heard people talk about, they knew someone or they themselves had been abducted. And I was shocked, and when you listened to them, their experience seems very real. I mean, they're not crazy. They're not talking about something that didn't happen. So this gentleman right here wanted to study all these experiences. And there's thousands and thousands of experiences of people that have been pulled up into space ships. And there's always one way that people get pulled out of that space ship. Listen to how they get pulled out of the spaceship. Find it Right. Over the next 10 years I an hour was over $400.00 cases of people that enables the staff experience the name of glory of jesus christ. The last name. Oh hi, no audio but I want one name stops. The deception and you know, it's fascinated about that. Gentleman right there, he goes to alien conventions and he wants to talk to those that are involved in this type of work. And they don't know what to do with him. They don't want him there. They'd say we don't, don't bring the name of jesus in here. We don't know what to do with that brothers and sisters, that proof right there, that our god is a mighty and powerful god. The very name can poll people who have no connection to God whatsoever out of that experience and bring them back into us. That tells me that's a spiritual experience. Now I share that with you because I believe that as we are approaching these final movements and these final days, when we start to see the demonic world really coming out into the open, I believe that there will be a day there will be a generation that we'll see these things with their physical ice. We will see that demonic world begin to interact more openly and more openly. And we know that is their final try to pull people on to their side. And what I'm making a call to you guys in this room to day who know the truth is to go and spend time learning this book read the words of this book. So get into your heart. I was so pleased when I sat here in the, in the sabbath school this morning, and there is, there was different ministries that were like, here's how to read the bible. Here's how to memorize the bible. Here's how to get this information in because I believe there is a dying world out there that is going to get sucked up by a lot of this delusion. And it is our job. Who know the truth? Who understand what some of these events are going to be that are coming down in the world. It's our job to get out there and say you guys, there is a name above all names. That literally is coming to take you and I home and that name is jesus. Would you like to know jesus? Because there's another jesus that's coming as well. I hope dead. This inspires you. I hope that you, you feel a, a fire put underneath you. I hope and pray that as, as I heard the sabbath school panel this morning, sign up, get involved, get actively involved in different ministries in church. You know what? I love, how nelson, who does the glow tracks you ever heard that guy talk? And he goes, raise your hand if you've got a thumb, and everybody raises their hand and he's like, then you should be handing out glo tracks. Brilliance, right? We all have simple things that we can do. We have people that pray for our ministry. We have people that call our ministry, they simply call and say, please continue to do what you're doing. I thank you guys for it. Let me pray for you, and I'll tell you what I value that person just as much as someone who buys a DVD from us or anything else that person that calls our ministry and praise for us, gives us all a renewed vigor to get out there and keep going and to win more souls. You can pray for people, pray for our ministries and get involved if you are not involved. Let's bow our heads for word of prayer. Dear gracious, heavenly father, we thank you so much for for just the blessing of information that you have given to us in this adventist church. Lord, we are information gluttons. We have so much information at our fingertips that it's really worth nothing unless we apply it to our lives. So lord, I just pray that everybody in this room right here will hear messages like this and will be inspired to reconnect their life to you to go get involved to jump out in the workforce. Because the fields are plentiful, lord, you know that. And the workers are few. So help us to have that connection to your work in loveland. Thank you. Amy. This media was brought to you by audio purse. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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