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  • October 2, 2021
    1:00 PM
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So we won't really talk about anything else. Pass a marquee ready for some question. I'm ready for questions, matt. All right, now I'm gonna look at the comments on YouTube as we go here. And I will try to go through those questions as fast as I can. So have I seen the most of these questions? I mean, if I had 2 hours to study the math, no, I mean, you know, I think you, if you look at this paper for alliance that it had 2nd, you know, we're kind of run of a, his schedule here, which is why we started a little bit late, but no, none of these questions pass america has looked at before. And of course all the life questions that you send in is just going to be on the fly. So send whatever question you on in, and I'll ask, pass to mark. We do have a limit on time here, so if I don't get to your question, I apologize for that. I will either get to your question in the comments or will save it for the next show. Sure. All right, pass a mark. Ready. All right, pass a mark. The 1st question we have here is what activities should we avoid on the sabbath day? Well, of that, the most important thing to understand about the sabbath is what not what we shouldn't do, but what we should do. And so here in hebrew it's, it's the 10th chapter and the 25th verse. The bible says, forsaking not yourselves to the assembling together. So the bible urges us to meet together to worship together on the sabbath. In fact, in leviticus 23, the bible talks about the sabbath as a holy convocation. The word convocation is gathering. So sabbath is a day to worship, to praise god. It's a day also to rest from our labors. The command specifically says that next it is 20. Remember the sabbath, the day to keep it holy. 6 day shall the labor into all thy work, but the 7th is the sabbath, the Lord, thy god. So the, the sabbath is a day for worship. It's a day for rest, it's a day for recreation, it's a relaxation, it's a dave to be with our families. When I use the word recreation, i mean to recreate our bodies. So hiking is perfectly appropriate on the sabbath after we're hip at times. My wife and I love to go out and hiking, getting together with friends. Now there's a bible verse that talks about not doing your own pleasure on that. That's exactly where I'm going right now. And I was thinking about, Yeah, okay, I, that's, I say a 58. And so in isaiah 58th chapter, the bible says this, it talks about and it's interesting, it says, a verse 12 they that shall be of thee shall build up the old waste places. That is, the sabbath has been torn down, we want to build it back up again. Thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations to be the restore of the breach where the restore the breach in god's war. Now notice verse 13 is the key. If you turn away your foot from the sabbath, now, what does it mean to turn away your foot from the sabbath? In ancient times in scripture, when you put your foot on a piece of land, you stepped on it signifying ownership. So what this is saying is you do not own the sabbath, god does from doing your pleasure on my holy day, but call the sabbath. The delight so that the sabbath is not a day where I dream of what I want to do. But I make the sabbath delight, how do I find it a delight? I find it in 3 areas, one in worshipping with god's people. It's a delight. Secondly, in being with my family, it's a delight. Thirdly, in the activities of hiking and being out in nature, being with others, that's a delight. So it's not that the sabbath is this day of grimness and it, but it's rather a day in which we absorb the blessings of god. The sabbath is not a day, according to nehemiah 13 for buying and selling, and it's not a day for shopping. Some people may think that's a delight. Most of us think it's kind of a day of tension, right? Right. But it's, it's not for buying and selling. It's, it's to leave the world out it's, it's not a time to watch the latest sporting of enter the news. It's a time for worship. It's a time to concentrate on our families. It's a time to be rejuvenated body. Mind and spirit met i it's Mark, thank you for that answer. Our next question ah, comes in and asked about moving to the country. Now I, I know this, this is rooted in some of the writings of ellen white and some of the benefits of living in the country versus the city. So the question is, please pass a mark. Let us know when we should move to the country. Do, is there any sign that we should be looking for the has to do with sure without contra, i'll come right to that, but there is a biblical basis for that as well. Because when you look, for example, in the days of abraham god called abraham, out from the majority to a more quieter pastoral life. Lat chose to move in the city when the city was destroyed. Lot left the city, but the city was still in his wife's heart. And she looked back at the pleasures with the city. And of course was turned into this pillar of salt because her heart was still tending towards city life. Now, god invites us to be to be separate apart from the influences of the world, but he calls us to go into the world. Jesus said in John 17, i pray not that thou take them out of the world, but you keep them from the evil. So it's not that god wants us to move up into the mountains and they're up in the mountains save us and our family. We may be lost up there because we may be selfishness, you know, but god wants us to do that. Everything we can to protect ourselves and our families from the influences of the city life that are evil that can grip our hearts. While at the same time we reach out as lights to the world and salt of the earth of ambassadors for christ. Now directly to your question, the bible teaches and revelation 147, the god cause us to worship the creator. Revelation 49, he tells us not to worship the beast. Revelation 1412, he tells us to keep the commandments of god. So there's going to come a time with a crisis over worshipping the creator and worshiping the beast that will manifest itself in what the bible calls the Mark of the beast or the National sunday, or the National sunday. What is the last call to leave the cities? Why? Because at that point, it's not the 1st call, but it's the last call because we won't be out by yourself and be very difficult living in the city if you have food shortages. So you move out to the country and you have much more time that you can, you can grow crops, you can barter with other people. You can, you can join with other adventists. But it's not that everybody is to run out of the country now and abandon the cities christ to love the cities. He went in and preached in jerusalem. He st. Jonah to nineveh. But there will be families now that recognize the influence the cities, and they decide not to wait to the last call, but they leave now. But this is a very prayerful, a very it's a very personal, prayerful time of studying god's word to know what god wants you to do. Okay. Thank you. That's a kind of a long, you know, a day, a really long question, but thank you friends on that question. In a short time. Can somebody bring my phone out here? I'm having some internet connectivity issues that my phone, somebody find my phone in the back and bring it out here. But in the meantime pathmark, i have some other questions that came in beforehand. The next question is about israel, and the question is, what does, what's your opinion on a, on the map, on modern state israel and their role in last, the events that we have a lot of, um, maybe you could say protestant religions that are focusing in on on, on literal israel this day and watching the fulfillment of certain prophecies. But is that really what should, what we should be looking for here is the good news? The, the question is, what is my opinion? The important thing is not what my as my opinion, important thing is what is the word of god say? So if you look for example at galatians chapter 3, it says in galatians 3 verse 272829. For as many of you as have been baptized into christ, to put on christ, there is neither jew nor greek. There is neither bond nor free. There is neither male nor female for your old one in christ. And if you are christ than you, are abraham's seed heirs according to the promise. So based on this passage in many others, we are so when we become christians and give our lives to christ, we become spiritual israelites. And as spiritual israelites, we are part of the household of faith, or we're part of the israel of god. As the bible says, in the book of matthew, the 23rd chapter. The bible talks about the fact that jesus is lamenting over jerusalem. Matthew 23 verse 373039. O jerusalem, jerusalem, thou that kills the prophets and stones them that are sent to the how often would I have gathered thy children together even as a hand gather through chickens under her wings, and you would not behold your house, that's the temple is left unto desolate so the bible predicted that as the result of the jewish leadership rejecting the messiah at that time, that the temple would be destroyed. That house or the temple would be left desolate that happened when titus came down and destroyed the temple and 70 id earlier than in that in 34 a day. Stephen was the 1st christian martyr. He gave what's called a covenant war suit, where he charged the jewish leadership with their rejection of the messiah. He was stoned. The high priest ripped his garments indicating rejection of stephen's message. So based on matthew 23 and the stoning of Stephen, in the book of acts, the jewish nation as a nation is no longer god's chosen people. But just like the new testament, tens of thousands of jewish people, accepted the messiah. And in the last days, tens of thousands of jewish people accept the messiah again. So we are not now looking mad at literal israel. The bible does not talk about literal israel is playing a major parton coming events. Last events, it does talk about spiritual israel, which are the people of god. So people from every religious denomination are led to become part of the israelite of god, the true church of god following jesus, keeping his commandments. So the bible teaches that in romans chapter 9, romans chapter 10. It talks about being grafted in. It says that we are true israelites, as we are, become a part of abraham seed that we're, we're grafted in romans 9 is really good about that. Romans 10 is good about that. Um, I can just read a passage or 2 in romans chapter 10. It says romans $1012.00 for there is no difference between the jew and the greek for the same lord overall is Rich that call upon him. And then it goes on to point out that to the true israelite is the one it says for with a heart man believes unto righteousness. So the true israelite is one who believes in their heart. So it's not biological. Israel, it's not, is connected to is her through blood. It's not the nation of israel, but it's rather those that accept christ become the chosen people of god. Or the israel of god. Like peter says in 1st peter to 9 for your chosen generation, a royal priesthood. God is cold, you ought to darkness into the light. Thank you. Pass mark. I one more question here from our questions that came in and I'll start move into the live ones. The next question is, and again, we got a lot of questions that come if I don't answer your question, we'll either try to get to them. I'm in the comments, we have a number of pastors that will answer your questions after the fact or will save them to the next shell. Also one of the things that passed and Mark and I love to hear is where you're from. Where are you watching from? So if you want to in the comments right now, just tell us, where are you wanting from? If you're watching from a state or some other country, a senate is into us and we, we enjoy. Yeah, we really do it's, it's great to know that we can sit here and we're talking to people all over the world and thank you for your questions and thank you for being so gracious to send the men i pass and Mark the question is, what is the falling away, what is the falling away, the falling away, as mentioned in the book at the salon eons. And let me just read it to you in here in the book a thistle audience. We're looking here at the apostle paul's writings in and we'll go to see 1st this alone in chapter 2. First this audience chapter 2. And we're going to look here. That's just exactly what the scripture says. You know, it's always important to go directly to the bible and when you go directly to the bible, you find the answers from. From scripture you don't have to worry about human answers and you'd have to worry about what human being say. But the question about the point way, it's really, really a good question. And it says here in o, this is I said 1st this one is actually 2nd pennsylvania chapter 2, 1st one to 4. Now we beseech you brethren, by the coming of our lord, by our gathering together to him, that's when christ comes, that you be not soon shaken in mind are troubled neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter, as from us that the day of the Lord is at hand. So paul was saying to them that I don't think based on 1st this alone is that he has written previously that the coming of christ is going to take place right away. That's. He's writing to the church at vessel and I can the 1st century. Let no man to see you by any means. He says, don't be deceived. That day that is coming of christ shall not come except there be a falling away 1st. That the man of sin be revealed in the son of perdition. The falling away is a departure from biblical truth. And it says that the man of sin is going to exalt himself above all that is called god or that's worshipped. So he, as god sits in the temple of god, showing himself that he is god. So in other words, what the bible is saying is that to be this falling away, that the anti christ power would manifest himself. And he would institute human traditions, human ideas, human opinions, and that the falling away is a falling away of truth from the scripture. That's why jesus said in John 17, for 17 sanctify them through thy word, thy word is truth. That's why the bible says and acts in isaiah 820 to the law, into the testimony. If they speak not according to this word, it's because there's no I'd in them. So there may be power in a movement. There may be some truth, but the I will says to the law into the testimony of they speak not according to this word. There is no light. Light is what you follow. So the falling away is a departure from the light of truth of god's word. It's a drifting from god's commandments, and it's the institution of the commandments of men for the commandments of god. Okay, next question. I pass a marker question comes in here from valentine lamba limbo. And the question is, is it appropriate for person to be re baptized? Is it appropriate for a person to be re baptized? The bible does tell us about one instance of re baptism. When should a person be re baptized? Well, if an individual has made a commitment to christ and they've drifted away from that commitment to christ, that a commitment to christ and his truth and his church is a public commitment, a person may have drifted away from that and they decide to come back to christ re, baptism is appropriate. It's not appropriate every time you sent, it's not appropriate every time you fail because christ forgives us. But if we totally turn our back on the teachings of christ, totally turner back on the commitment of truth totally turner back on bible doctrines. We go out into the world and re baptism is appropriate, but there is another time that the baptism is appropriate to let me read to you a little bit about re baptism here as a group of people that were baptized by immersion by immersion. But they were re baptized acts. Chapter 19 says it came to pass verse one. That while a palace was at corinth, pull, having passed through the upper coast, came to emphasis, finding certain disciples. He said to them, have you received the holy ghost? Since you believed they said, we haven't even heard about the holy ghost. He said to them who baptized you, what we baptized. They said john the baptist. Then paul said to them, john baptized with a baptism, a repentance, saying to the people that they should believe in christ. When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of jesus. So here were people that were baptized by john the baptist, but they heard they had never heard the fullness of truth by the holy spirit. And they were re baptized. There are people who are baptized by merchant, but they never hear the fullness of truth about death. They still believe in the immortal soul. They never hear the fullness of truth about the sabbath. They still believe in sunday, they come to meetings, they hear the truth of god's word, they desire to be rebaptized. You know, if God is leading you in that direction and you need counsel in that area. If you were once baptized by immersion, but you drifted far, far away without broke the sabbath and went out in, didn't live a mortal life. And you want to be re baptized. Put the comment in our sit and our comment section here will of one of our pastors talk with you will help you to understand this even more fully if he were baptized once by immersing a protestant church and you've never understood the fullness of truth of the bible and you really want to do that. We will be more than happy to help you to, to have that fullness of that experience with jesus that I pass for next question comes in from John. And it's referring to ephesians chapter one, verse 4. And the question is, is it true that god already elected, who will be saved and who will not be se? I great question. Thank you John for asking that ephesians, one verse 4 says according it has, he has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world that we should be wholly and without blame before him in love. Having predestined us unto the adoption of children by jesus christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will, to the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he had made us accepted in the beloved. The truth of the matter is that every one of us were chosen by god. Every single one of us were predestined by god to be saved. It's our Choice whether we accept god's choosing and we accept the pre designed plan that god has for us. So did god pre desist in US before the beginning of the world to be? Yes, he did. Every single person born, there's a pre design plan that god has for that life for them to know him to serve him in to love him. But we not locked into that pre design plan. We're not bound that pre design plan. We have to choose to fall christ, and he, but he has elected every one of us to be saved. He's pre designed to point for every one of us. Every one of us are accepted in the beloved when christ died, he died for the whole human race. A john says that jesus is the propitiation for our sins. That's the ransom for our sans propitiation does not work for them and not for ours only, but for the sins of the whole world. So christ died and reconciled the world unto himself. We have to choose whether we accept what christ is done and whether we respond to what he's done. He has a pre designed plan for your wife, john, as he does for every human being and do everything he can to save. You are a pass mark before I get it to our next question here is want to read some of the places here. Oh yeah, this is great. This one of my, my great at the time I enjoy the most where I hear where people are, are, are sending in questions for what we got that are, and I'm a, go as fast as I can go here. Namibia, orlando, end of nearby is, I know it's in africa, it's by south africa on the one you what you've probably been there before. I haven't been anywhere. You've been everywhere. I've been knower. Alright, orlando, nevada, oklahoma, washington State, california, fiji, mississippi, mississippi, jamaica, grenada, indiana, indiana. Ah, let's see canada, texas costa rica, another from namibia, california, the netherlands, another from jamaica, great britain, i, alabama, london. Oh, and to saudi arabia, saint lucia, west indies, and solomon islands. So I could keep going here, but that's an wow, that's great greetings to all of you. Thank you for joining us. All right, ok. Okay. Next question is about deuteronomy chapter 28. Did blessings and cursing. Right? So it talks about israel and if they follow god's commands that he would bless them in certain ways. Can we claim those bible verses as promises for ourself or was it only for them? We claim the bible promises generally for ourself. Obedient springs blessings, disobedient springs cursing, snow. It doesn't mean if you get sick. Your cursed doesn't mean if you have economic difficulties. Your cursed but god was giving us a principal in deuteronomy chapter 28. In the deuteronomy chapter 28 story is that by the Grace of god, if you're obedient to God, you will be think he will be blessed by god. That principle is also given in the book of galatians, escalations chiz 6 and verse 78 and 9. In the bible gives you that same principle in the new testament as that we have in the old testament, escalations and chapter 6. And scripture puts it this way, be not deceived. God is not mocked whatever man, so he's going to reap for he that. So it to the flesh shall reap of flesh of corruption. He that so it to the spirit show of the spirit, reap ever life everlasting. So it's this idea of sowing and reaping you. So corn seed are going to reap corn you. So to made a seed, you're going to reap tomatoes. If you so kindness and love throughout this world, you're gonna receive that back. You receive the blessings of god. And the challenge here is that we live in an evil world, a wicked world, a sinful world. So it is true, the bad things happen to good people. But we will receive god's blessings. They may be the blessing of peace. They may be the blessing of joy. I know people that were physically afflicted. One of my dear friends said joan herman, who I met early in my ministry, was paralyzed with polio from her neck down. She had to, to learn to paint with a, with a paint brush in her mouth mat. She had to learn to type with a mouth stick. But she was one of the most joyful people that I ever known in my life. So did she have blessings? Yes, where they physical blessings, not necessarily. She was studying the bible with 15 or 20 people. She put her bible above her, her stick in her mouth and she would turn the pages of the bible. So. So what she blessed. Oh yes. Did deuteronomy come true for yes, but was her life easy? Certainly not. Yeah. And do you think if we know to do something and we choose not to do it, you think god can take away some of the protect? He does certainly certainly we walk out of his protection, right. So it's not only he takes away it's, we walk out of it out of it. It is that once we know what to do and we don't do it, we put ourselves on a path that god cannot endorse the evil that we've done by sending good angels to protect us in our own choice. I'm sure god sends ages to protect us. We make wrong decisions all the time. But if we persist in that course, we actually deny god the ability to help us as, as he really could a should. Right. Thank you in pass america, appreciate that answer. Ah. Now if I skipped over your question, I skip over, I just want explain this, that way people aren't mad at me. Sometimes I skip over your question for a couple reasons. Number one, we may have a whole video on that question and we're going to put the link in the description. So you have a full explanation because bass mark is limited on, on what he can explain here. Another is that it might be better if one are passers answers you because again, pastor marks time limitation might make it so that it's just, it's better for somebody to answer you in depth. And that way you can have a conversation with them. Pass mark, ah, you have someplace to be. Yeah, they're not. So are minutes. I'm we're on a sure all right. Work smartwatch, right. Let's see what we have here. Ah, you find a live one. And before I do, let's see here. Um, when god reset the world by washing it with the flood, why didn't he choose people that were going to have a better outcome? The 2nd time around, god knew they were going to build the tower of the US able. Why didn't he choose 7 people that were more like noah to be saved in the earth? With god made the best choice he could bat. And I'll give you a real good answer to that question is found in deuteronomy chapter 23 actually. And here it is, it says the secret things belong unto the Lord, our god. But the things that are revealed belong unto the US, into his servants. The prophets. Um you know, a 1st corinthians chapter 13 verse 12 says now we see through a glass darkly. So when god shows noah in his family, he chose the best he could do. That was the best god had. They responded to his grace. They entered into the ark. Now it is true when they came out of the arc. They still had sinful human. Nature's still still per generate, but god preserved the race. And the interesting thing is this: you have the myth messianic line, the line of the messiah coming down to redeem the world. So even though no is family sin did, even though you have the tower babble that was built after the flood, even though you have that, you still have god's faithfulness. In spite of our unfaithfulness, god is faithful. In spite of the fact that we turn away from him, he doesn't turn away from us. You know, jeremiah. 313 says with loving kindness. Have I drawn you? So god has drawn is people all through the old testament with loving kindness. And he has promised the messiah and christ came to pay the ransom christ for the Human race. Why didn't god choose 7 other people because he chose the best he could. And the secret things belong and to the Lord our god. We see through a glass darkly. We're gonna have to ask on some of those questions. Threatened head, all right, fast markers. Another question that came in from emanuel, and I says, looking at the end time events and at the rate at which the world is moving, now, we've reached 2030 without a Sunday lobbying force. Is there any way we can that we could know that where are we gonna make it that 2030 fast to mark. Well, I don't know if we're going to make it to 2025. So things are moving quite fast. But here is a, there's a couple of things that I think are really important to understand from a biblical standpoint. So you know, you look at scripture and the bible says in the book of romans, it says for he will cut the word, he will finish his work and cut it short and righteousness. So god is going to cut his work very, very short things. The final movements can be very rapid. If you look, for example, at acts chapter one verse 8, it says, speaking of the disciples and in christ, you shall receive power and the holy spirit come upon you. So god predicts the mighty outpouring of the holy spirit, a revelation 18 1st one says that the earth is going to be filled with the gory of god habakkuk to verse 14. And 15 says that the earth will be filled with the knowledge of god as waters cover the sea. There in matthew $24.00 verse 14, it says that in this gospel the kingdom shall be preached is all the world to a witness to all nations. So god is not waiting for something on the calendar. He's not waiting for more. Earthquakes. Famous fire floods not even waiting for national sunday, or he's waiting for a spiritual revival among his people where the holy spirit is poured out upon them. The earth is lightened with the glory of god, the gospel goes to the ends of the earth, and that event hastens the crisis that that takes place. That event allows the angels to let the winds of strife go. Because revelation 7 verse one in 2 says that the angels will hold the winds of strife to the servants of god, sealed in their foreheads. So what is god waiting for the proclamation of the gospel to the ends of the earth by a people that love him that give glory to his name and a people who are committed to him. Then he'll let these winds of strife flow. And so the National sunday or in these final events could be ushered in very, very, very quickly. Yeah, I think if coven has taught us anything, the world can change almost over night. Yeah. Right. All right, well pass or mark. Thank you again for answering the questions. We're going to try to do this more, I think not tell me of some more count country. So just before we yes or Yeah. Okay. Because I know we've got saudi arabia on line. I know we've got to london on line, and matt has this whole list of countries he can hardly read. So am I talking to anybody out there, matt, tell me where we're coming from. Well right now we have about almost just under 300 people watching live. We'll see who a who's after this us. We have some more people from the United States watching. We have virginia. That's just down the road here and lauren, san Jose, california. Ah, let's see saint lou. I think I said that one already. Ah. So let me screw up your stockholm sweden. That's a new one. Clever. No heil. Again, more states, new York City, new Orleans, mexico city, baton Rouge, tennessee, california, again, ah, miami, Florida, toronto, canada. So yeah, we've got, we've got a nice group of people watching today, and again, I really enjoy that as well. We just love to hear everybody, you know, of course the ministry, a lot of the time we right now, we're just talking to a camera. But we know that you're watching, we get the comments, we try to interact with everybody as much as we can. Thank you so much for watching. Incidentally, we have a hope lives 365 bible study dot com hope lives 365 bible study dot com is our university. Go on there, you can take many courses, many questions will be answered for you. Let's pray father in heaven. Thank you so much for your love, your grace, your power. Thank you for jesus. Thank you for the opportunity of serving you. And I just pray that you would bless each one this watch to day. May the power of the living christ be present in each of their lives? draw close to you in christ's name Um, in this media was brought to you by audio verse, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermons, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. Mm.


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