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01 God’s Love Forgives

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • September 17, 2021
    7:00 PM
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I'd like to pray and then we'll start and we're starting a bit later this evening so I want to get general decent hours. So let's pray and we'll begin the seasonings messages entitled god's love forgives. So let's pray Sweet jesus. I thank you for seeing something in US that we really struggle to see in ourselves. And I praise reflect upon what biblical forgiveness looks like and how you engage with us and how you want us to respond to your goodness. I pray that you would guide us, you'd speak truth into our hearts and into our minds, and that you would set us free from the things that are holding us back at the negative use that we have of ourselves and of your view of us. This is our pleaded night lord and we asked this now in jesus name. Amen. So we're sharing this evening to morrow morning in tomorrow afternoon. And the topic over the course of this whole weekend is going to be centered around the topic of the day of atonement and in some form or fashion. We will touch that topic in each one of the messages. But we're also gonna be looking at the topic of mental health and our view of god and of god's view of us. Because I think that many people are scared to death when it comes to this topic and they need not be. So I wanna speak in that space, i did not plan it this way, but literally yom co poor was like Wednesday, like the day of atonement was literally like this week. So which is really interesting. I didn't have any that in mind, but clearly somebody who knows a calendar better than I did, did so praise the Lord for that. So here's, let's go. The new testament with one minor exception uses 2 primary words for the topic of forgiveness had, eats m I and a few mike a, there are 2 different words here. They're largely use. We'll define those and work through them here in our next text. So in collages chapter 2 in verse 13, here's the 1st one had a to my says in you being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh hath he quickened together with him having forgiven heavy to my you all trespasses. And we'll get a couple definitions of this. We're just starting out at the beginning because the way these terms are defined or super important for what we're going to talk about. So not normally a big like dictionary guy, but this is helpful for the situation. So it says had a to my, the most common meaning of peculiar to the new testament is to pardon or to graciously remit a person sin. The strong's re dictionary defines it this way. A verb means to bestow it's, it's a for as a verb. It means to bestow a favor how unconditionally and is use of the act of forgiveness, whether divine or human. So what's implied by this term heats m, I is the idea of unconditional favor or pardon. Ok, that's what's implied here. Here we're looking at the 2 phases of forgiveness. We a 7th day adventist believe in a 2 phase forgiveness or 2 phase, a tillman, i should say. And I wanna kind of flush that out in some the language. A new testament thing is super, super helpful. Because some of us kind of assume that we have to do things to get god to then do things, right? So like the, the process of inertia begins with doing something and then god doing something. And so want to kind of clarify how this process works. So jesus takes the condemnation that we deserve, and he pardons us. And he has a past year or a disposition of forgiveness towards us. And things is super important and the see because if you look at some of the text is very interesting. These are just some examples. I haven't used all the ones I could use. These are just some examples of god showing his posture of forgiveness towards humanity. Before humanity even makes a move. So god covering adam and even genesis 3 before they're really willing to deal with what they've done right. Adams blaming, ease, blaming the serpents. Everybody's blaming anybody but you know, no one's really taking responsibility. We see moses numerous times in the old testament or god says, look, I'm going to wipe these people out and then I'm going to make people added you. And he says, you can't do that. Any pleads with the people for their forgiveness. And as god respond to that, he does, but are the people asking for that? No, we don't misunderstand me. Just keep listening. It's going to make a whole lot of sense when I finish some of these initial points because I'm not going where you may think I'm going. So in matthew chapter 9, there's a guy who's a paralytic in jesus before healing the man says, son, your sins are forgiven you. But did the paralytic ask for forgiveness of sins? No, he was brought there to be healed of a physical infirmity, but jesus again has a posture of forgiveness towards this man. Before this man makes any moves, jesus praying father forgive them in matthew chapter 27. Now are the people who are around the cross all repenting and asking for forgiveness at this stage. Now there mocking jesus or laughing a jesus or they're criticizing jesus. Jesus forgiving peter before he confesses, and John 21 was the stephen who is a type of christ praying that god would forgive the people who are stoning him. But are they asking for forgiveness? Don't we see that god was in christ, according to 2nd, for the ins, 519 reconciling the world, not imputing the trespasses to them. And the point that I'm trying to make and hope you'll see this evening is that god is looking for reasons to have you in the kingdom. He's not looking for reasons to exclude you. Right? He's looking for reasons to get you in the kingdom only see this that he was in christ reconciling the world himself. So it wasn't like jesus came and tried to convince the father to love us. God commission jesus to go. And that's a romans 5 verse 8 that god showed his own love for us in that while we were still sinners. Christ died for the ungodly. And this is amazing because again, we can have these really unhealthy views of god, the father. We can kind of roll with jesus because we already did for us, but the father, we just think we really project our own disappointment in ourselves upon god that we think that god looks at isn't the way that we look at us, that I'm a loser. That I'm a mess. I can't get anything right. I'm a waste of his time. Why does he bother with me? It's really easy for us to do that. But that's not how god actually feels about you. And it's important that we speak in that space this evening. So god and so jesus didn't come to convince the father to love you. Romans 58 tells us that it's because god already loved you. And before you got anything right that he sent jesus. Hey, this is a super important point can. So when this word is used, hurried to my as forgiveness and the new testament, apart from that text and collections to 13, it's always used within the context of forgiving individuals without any mention of them confessing 1st. Right? This is one of those principles of forgiveness were you know, it's not the Okay, well this person shows some form of remorse, then I'll be willing to forgive them. Well, that's not how this process works, right? The process works and you finding your healing, your freedom, your closure by you processing that, whether they respond or not. Because this is something that you need to work through, right? As far as an interpersonal forgiveness. And so this idea of, of offering that unconditionally i'm choosing to release this pain, this frustration, this bitterness that I'm feeling towards us individual, whether they respond or not, whether they repent or not. I'm making that Choice because I think that's the best thing that I need to do. So we forgive because we love and it's impossible to love a sinner without forgiveness and why it makes us amazing statement in manuscript release his volume 19 page $349.00. She says christ tells us that we must forgive the airing even 70 times 7, and then she says, and how infinitely greater is the love of god than is our love. So if we were told about this principle of not waiting until someone does something to show forgiveness, do you think god is even better at this principle than we are? Absolutely right. This is his posture toward humanity. Kane, now this that's just the 1st phase of forgiveness, though god having a posture of forgiveness to humanity in towards humanity, even before humanity, recognizing all what's going on and us encountering that undeserved and merited pardon of god is what leads to that 2nd phase of forgiveness. That we think romans chevy Traverse for that the goodness of god leads us to repentance. Right. So we encountered the overwhelming undeserved goodness of god towards us. When we know we don't deserve it, it does something to us. You never had one of those encounters. God shows you an amazing amount of grief and situation. You know that you don't deserve it. And it leads you to, to like genuine biblical repentance. Peter had that and luke chapter 5, so jesus is teaching on the shore. And he said, hey, can I borrow your boat? Sure, so he gets in the boat use like a natural amphitheater. The water is going to project jesus his voice to the shore. And then when he's done, jesus says, hey, cast your net on the other side of the boat, you'll catch them. Fish needs like broad been fish and all night. And I do this for a living like that's cute, you know, you do carpentry at night. But like I fish for a living and I caught nothing all night. But I'm going to do it because you said so. And he does, you know what happens? Do you say? bam, bam, exactly. Yeah, he ends up having so much fish that james and John bring their boat over. They filled both boats and both boats begin to sink. Right. And he's shown this overwhelming amount of grace and he doesn't know what to do with it. And what's peter's response is, you know? Yeah, he says get away from me for I'm a sinful man. Oh lord. When he encountered the undeserved goodness of god, it led him to repentance. And this is such an important point for us. That is not that god will choose to show was goodness when we repent, 1st are understanding. God has a posture of goodness of forgiveness towards it even before we make a move. And so may be saying, well, I don't know about that because doesn't say in 1st john chapter one verse 9. That if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us, her sins includes of all right, justice will in the English read that way. But the original language it doesn't is very interesting. It's the other word re to look at tonight, a fee of mine, which means to send forth or send away from. So it's a separating basically of 2 parties, which is really fascinating because this is the way, the 1st $19.00 actually reason. There is a language. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to separate us from our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Which is amazing because we again the 7th day adventist believe in this idea of a 2 phased atonement. Right? That jesus did die for our sins, but he didn't just die for our sins. He lived a sinless life, to empower us to be separated from a life of sin, right, so that we can receive his life and live a life through his strength. It's different than life we live before. So we don't just believe in the death of jesus. We also believe in the life of jesus both aspects of what he came here for are incredibly powerful and helpful for the Human race. Not just that jesus died to clear our debt because imagine if all jesus did was die for humanity that clears my death. The problem is when I accept that I now need to live the rest of my life without sending in word thought or deed. No problem, right? Because if I do then I go right back in to death. So I don't just need someone to clear my debt. I also need someone to live a life that I have not lived the understanding. I need both. And jesus provides both, thankfully said there are 2 types of forgiveness mentioned in the new testament. One speaks of pardon and the other speaks of cleansing and separating from sin. Now this is part of where that day of atonement falls into play. Here we see this, this whole, these 2 ideas laid out in a similar fashion in the old testament sanctuary service in the daily, in the yearly services. We'll talk about that more tomorrow morning. But the daily services are what you and I kinda knows is the basic centers experience of recognizing i have a need going, confessing that's in pleading with god for forgiveness and wanting to be you know, distance from that so that the daily process is, you know, understanding bringing take responsibility for your sin and letting the St. The priest do that work on your behalf. So one is giving pardon, but then the other is separating the sinner from sin by cleansing the tabernacle in the entire camp. And that's on the day of atonement. Right, any record of confessed in that went into that sanctuary. $359.00 days out of the year on the day of atonement all record of that was completely removed from the sanctuary. And it was a time for massive celebration amongst the israelites, because god was fighting for us. God was being faithful in declaring i'm not going to hold this against. You have confessed this in, this is not going to be held against you. We're going to remove all record of this, which is really, really good news that god is fighting for me. Right? This helps us have a view of god. It's proper and healthy and not improper and unhealthy. In fact, even the morning and eating sacrifices still happened on the day of atonement in the morning and the sacrifices were for were for the sins the people didn't know that they had committed because some of us are so freaked out about the day of atonement and all this, like I got to get all this stuff into my life or I'm never going to be good enough and then like, let alone the fact. But what about the stuff? I don't know that I did like I really in trouble. Well, in the sanctuary service that morning and evening sacrifice was happening even when you didn't know what you've done like it's covering those since you don't know that you've committed. And so just imagine being in israelite, you wake up in the morning and you look out your 10 and you see this waft of cloud or of smoke coming off the altar in the morning. And your immediate thought is god's working for me. God actually working for me, god is making provision for me even in the things that I don't know about. And he's willing to provide it to me for the things that I do know about when I come to him, you understanding. And so god literally is working for us. Now, I don't say this, right? I'm not mentioning what I mentioned about how read to my this idea of unconditional part. And I'm not saying that to discredit or to discourage confession. In fact, that should lead to the opposite. When we see how good god is willing to be to us when we come to him, why wouldn't you? Why wouldn't you distance yourself from the things and plead for god to separate you from the things that are keeping you from having a relationship with him that you'd like to have? That makes sense. This isn't to discourage confession, right? If you want to be separated from your sin, it's going to require confession. That's what 1st 19 is saying. So we're not discrediting that. We're not downplaying our avenue you. If y'all do that, sin matters. It, it's growth, it's nurley, it's a bad thing. Of course, but the point is, and this is a really, really, really big point. Is it the plan of salvation begins with god and not with you? God is the one who's initiating this entire process. He already has a posture of forgiveness towards you. He wants you to see that so that you would feel safe enough to come into his presence to ask for forgiveness so that he could also separate you from your sin. Do you see that the whole package is built into it and this is what god wants for us. So he takes the 1st step in pursuing and redeeming us. And this is what leads to our response of confession and forsaking of sim. So you can still embrace the topic of repentance, a confession and take responsibility for our sins, but you're also removing some of the going weights that can fall in US. So both of these phases of forgiveness are absolutely vital for us to have a balanced view of salvation. If we just focus on a fear my separating from sin, it leads to legalism and the lack of assurance or belief that god wants us or will accept us. But if we just focus on her, read them I, which is unconditional. Pardon? It's going to lead us to believe that we don't need to do anything where there's no role that we play. That makes sense. You can have a proper balanced, 3 dimensional view of salvation through this. And here's the point. The sacrifice of jesus was so powerful and all encompassing, that No soul has been left unaffected. Literally, every soul that ever has lived in ever will live is directly impacted and receiving benefits from that sacrifice. Now what does that look like? Well, let's just look at what the bible says about this process and what kind of gives some other definitions. We're told this 1st on to to and he's a propitiation the covering 1st since and not for ours only, but also for the sins of who for the whole world. And again, bear with me into a mega closing point. But just looking with the bible saying your romans, chapter 3 verses 23 in 24. For how many have sinned, all the fall short of the glory of god to all extend and in the original language is actually the continued of for all have sinned and are continually falling short of the Grace of god. But then what's implied in the next statement is still all, all being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in christ jesus. We'll talk about that in the future text here in just a moment. Then it says romance 5 versus $6.00 and $8.00 for when we were still without strength in due time christ died for who for the ungodly. But god demonstrates is all love for us and that while we were still sinners, christ died for us. Ok. The 1st time of the chapter, foreign verse 10 for this end we both labor and suffer reproach because we trust in the living god, who is the savior of how many of all men, especially of those who believe this last part of verse 10 furthers, are point when it says, especially those who believe because they will experience that 2nd phase of forgiveness that separates them from there. Since right now, we are not saying that no one is lost right now. That's not where we're going with. This is gonna make more sense in a few moments, but this is an important point. And white picks up on this review and harold june 3, 890. She says it's difficult for the reason to grasp the majesty of christ, the mystery of redemption. The shameful cross has been up raised. The nails have been driven through his hands, his feet. The cruel spear has pierce to the heart and the redemption price has been paid for how many for the Human race. And here we're talking about the magnitude of the cross signs of the times june 21. 19 o 5. The whole world was gathered in the embrace of christ. He died on the cross to get the death stroke to satan and take away the sin of every believing soul. He called upon us to offer ourselves on the altar of service, a living, consuming sacrifice. Weird to make an unreserved surrender to God of all that we have and all that we are. And why would we do that? Because we 1st have understood how much he's given for us. Right? So it's not that if I give up this stuff, then I'll get something in return. I respond to his goodness. That's what my repentance genuinely is. My response to his goodness, to his favor. So this is where we're going here, romans chapter 5, verse 18. Listen to this, therefore is through one man's offense. Judgment came to all men resulting and condemnation, even so through the one man's righteous act. Speaking of jesus, the free gift came to hell many all men and what did it result in justification of life? This is a beautiful, beautiful principle with the bible literally implying here with the apostle paul is implying and whites gonna make this even more clear in just a moment. Is that every person in this room right now? The very fact that you have breath in your lungs right now is evidence that god is not holding your sins against you. Right? Because the wages of sin is death. That's what all of us deserve. But we are receiving the benefits of christ, justifying death by being justified in our current existence. That's not justification by faith. That's a different topic. So saying that everyone is saved right now, but we are saying is your current existence is allowed for? It's justified, right? Just or lost anyone for a purpose, god is giving time of probation to every human being to respond to his goodness for the death of jesus and the life of jesus is literally justifying the current existence even of the last so that they will have time to respond to the goodness of god. Is it this amazing? And so and I picked up on this. Okay, so this, this topic of justification of wife shows the beauty of the gospel of christ, death and resurrection and its impact on the world. So let's l white, she says to the death of christ we owe even this earthly life. She's making the same connection of romance 5. It's because of the death of jesus that any one is alive right now. And why they're given that time. The bread we eat is the purchase of his broken body. The water we drink is bought by his spilled blood. Never one saint or sinner eats his daily food, but he is nurse by the body and the blood of christ. The cross of calvary is stamped on every loaf and it's reflected in every water spring. Literally everyone is receiving of the goodness of god right now, whether they appreciate it or not, when they respond to it or not, which is good news for us. Because again, it's not that I had to pull the magic lever or do the magic deeds. And then god will do something and maybe favor me. He's already favoring you. The very fact that you're alive as evidence of god's love and favor towards you in his disposition towards you. But you're not just alive by happenstance, your life for a purpose, and that greater purpose is to respond to his love and his goodness. That's why you're here. If you're trying to find purpose in your life, at this stage, the purpose of your life is to fully embrace the fact that you are fully known and fully loved by the god of the universe that he wants you, the desires to be with you. And the fact that he's giving you this time right now while you're making your decision, is evidence that you want to hear, right? Because you want to lose you education, page 29. Christ is the light which why does every man that come with into the world john 19 as through christ, how many human beings have life? Every one of them. So also through him, every soul receives some ray of divine light, not only intellectual, but spiritual power, a perception of right. A desire for goodness exists in every heart. Even those right impulses are benefits from the life of jesus in the death of jesus. So when you find people in the world to day who have absolutely no desire for the things of god, but have some philanthropic, you know, ambitions and so forth. That's not there's, those ambitions were borrowed from someone dislike their life is borrowed from someone. And it's for a reason that those instincts of right that somehow find themselves in human experience would point them to the source of all things that are right. Inner standing desirable to $745.00 that prayer of christ. When jesus prays father forgive them for they know not what they do. This is what all white says about it. She says that prayer of christ for his enemies embraced how many people the world. It took in every sinner that had lived or should live from the beginning of the world to the end of time. Upon all rest, the guilt of crucifying the son of god, and to all forgiveness is freely offered. She's born in romans language there to all forgiveness is freely offered, whose whoever will may have peace with god and inherit eternal life. Anyone have access to that? Anyone can respond to that gods, not excluding any one. He's all entering their own decisions to be excluded. He's already very decision, say, or pass not interested. They're still benefiting from the life that he's giving them. The provision that he makes for the daily needs and even those little impulses to write things. But they will not receive righteousness by faith. They will not receive justification by faith because they don't want it. Understanding we're speaking of that, we're not saying that everyone is saved, but everyone is currently being allowed to exist. Their existence is being justified right now because of the death in the life of jesus. And here's the point that payment was paid in full and we can't change that. Right? Jesus had to die for all men. He had to do what was necessary for the justification of all men. Because all men were destined to be se, that doesn't mean all men will be saved. You understand the difference. He want it all to be said he made provision for all. So jesus can't go back in and die for you because you don't want it. The only option he had was to provide what was necessary for everyone, whether they respond or not. Does that make sense? Ok. And so what we can do is reject that and refuse to surrender to it. So again, we're not saying that No one's going to be lost. Scripture is clear that many unfortunately will be. But what we are saying is that the cross of christ in the love of god are so powerful that none should be lost in his sacrifice was so sufficient as to encompass all of humanity and even justifies the current existence of the laws. Along with the said to give them a probationary period of time to respond to the faith of jesus christ. Why the apostle paul romans? chapter one verse $1617.00 says, run not ashamed of the gospel, fritz, the power of god to salvation for everyone who believes for the jew 1st and also for the greek. For in it, the righteousness of god is revealed from faith, god's pursuing faith in US to faith or reciprocating faith in him as it is written, the just shall live by his faith as it says in her back, you can reach a language by the faith of jesus so the only way that anyone is going to find faith in jesus is by 1st encountering the faith of jesus. That goodness of god towards humanity, what we deserved at the least, where we could care less. He does that 1st and that's what leads to our response. It's not that if I put my money in the vending machine, maybe I get something good out at the end of the day. You understand the difference are obedient, our confession are repentant. All of that is our response to the already declared in achieve goodness of god. So we don't obey to get god to be good to us. Our obedience. In fact, heaven does even view that as will be dns. By the way. We only respond to his goodness to us. That's what true median says. It's a true worship is our responsive gratitude for the goodness of god towards us when we know who we've been and what we really deserve does, why he does it this way. Things are so important, so no one could respond to the cross and be justified by faith unless the 1st received the justification of life dead people can't be safe. So he gives us this time this season and to make good use of it. And it changes your whole view of the world around you, right? We're not currently enduring the condemnation that we deserve because of the Grace of christ. But the big variable in the equation is, are we going to respond to god's grandest ray of love and pardon? Will you accept the gospel, or we continued to reject gods, pleading through his spirit to bring his home. And I love this because this premise in this principle now make 2nd corinthians 5 makes so much more sense. He says, for the love of cries compels us. This is what drives us, this is what drives the christians, experience to ease suffering, to be a blessing, to share the goodness of the gospel, to be willing to obey, to commune with god. It's the love of jesus that drives us to do these things. And then he says, because we judged us that if one died for all than all died, any died for all listen to this, that those who live should no longer live for themselves. The bible literally says that the reason why you're alive right now is not to keep doing me. We should live right? Jesus died so that we would no longer live for ourselves. But for him who died for them and rose again. Therefore from now one we regard no one according to flesh. We no longer look at our fellow man for what we can get out of them. Like dollar bull commodities, right? Like that's not how we look at people anymore. Well, we encountered the true gospel of god's grace. We recognize that if God saw something in me when I deserved at least maybe he sees the same thing in my neighbor. Maybe sees the same thing in the person that I can't stand and it changes your whole world. You because literally that person that lives next door to you that could give to rips about jesus is only alive right now because of the goodness of jesus. In this changes your whole world, you recognize that it's the love of christ that would compel me to desire the situation to change because I don't know how much time this person has. Now I want to be careful with this because I'm not trying to throw somebody into like a inexperienced a scrupulous city, which is, it's basically a form of spiritual oh, cd, right? Where you, you fear that, like if I don't say something that are going to be lost and like you're in this constant state of a hyperactive conscience. That's not what we're saying here. But the point is, it does rearrange your worldview because you recognize people aren't just here. Are you, are you getting me this evening? People are just here. There's a purpose, even for their life. And those little glimpses of goodness that you see in your neighbor, who doesn't give any concern for the things of god, that wasn't them that did that. That's a borrowed attribute. Right. And to help them understand that there's something more in this world, the very fact that you exist is for a purpose. I believe that why do you believe that will tell you why god sees value in you? That's why you're here. He's the one that loans wife to all I believe. So therefore if any one is chrisy says a sorry, even though we've known christ according to flesh, yet now we know him thus no longer. Many of us come to jesus for selfish reasons, right. Splitting hang over a divorce, a traumatic event, or something else, or we find ourselves, that stuff's fallen apart and I need it. I need a fire extinguisher to fix this thing. And the beautiful thing is, jesus accepts us in whatever means that we come to him. John chapter 6 tells us that if he who comes unto me jesus says I will in no wise cast out. And I love this now and actually comments on this verse of priest a gazillion time you for. I heard it a bunch of times, but she makes a statement that if you have no promises to claim but this one promise from our lord and savior, you will never, never be turned away when she says, if you come to jesus his presence and you say you said that he who comes in to me, I will no ice cast off. She says that's enough. Then she goes a step further and says, if this is all that you have to claim from jesus and you have nothing else to offer. In that moment when you claim that promise, she says you are as safe as though in side of the city of god That he who comes on to me, I will in no wise cast out. If that's all you have to offer jesus. When you claim that one promise, in that very moment you are as safe as though inside of the city of god. Which implies that god wants you in that city, not outside of the city. He's not expecting you to complete navy seals training to prove whether you're good enough and maybe I'll think about it. There's a reason why there's 12 gauge in the new jerusalem. He's implying ease of access. Now he's not lowering the standard is not implying, doesn't matter what you do, just walk in. But the point is, I've never said that never wouldn't say that. And to jump to that conclusion is ridiculous. You're swimming the worse about me. Don't do that. But my point is this, the what jesus is implying here is that I want you inside of this city. Right? There's 12 doors, guys. 12 of them. I want you there. Jesus pled with his father and John chapter 17 father. I desire that they might be with me, where I am, jesus want you there and he did what it took to get you there. The question is, what are you going to do with the goodness of god? How will you respond to the time that he's given you? How will you respond to those impulses that he's given you? Or you can say that's nice or I'm a, I'm a pretty good person and I'll be ok. Are you recognizing that I literally bring nothing to the table and that jesus saw something in me when I recognize i have nothing to offer it in those moments that we recognize our true situation. The faith live by 111, were told that what is justification by faith, it's the work of god, the work of who the work of god laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man that what it is not in his power to do for himself, you can't pick yourself up by your bootstraps. And then she says, when men see their nothingness, they're prepared to be closed with the righteousness of christ. When we recognize what we don't bring to the table, what we don't deserve, and yet jesus is willing to lavish it upon us. Now we're on the vantage ground. That's the point. All right, so therefore if any one is in christ, what happens to them? There a new creation, the old things have passed away. Behold, all things have become new. Now all things are of god who has reconciled us to himself through jesus christ. So god is even working towards reconciliation through jesus. He's not got a posture of that. I don't really know about these people and what do you think jesus would take him to? We not. He has a posture reconciliation to you. Right? He's reconciled us to himself through jesus christ. And he's given us the ministry of reconciliation. That is that god was in christ reconciling the world to himself. The god literally was in christ reconciling us to himself. And they were told not imputing their trespasses to them. That's why you're still alive to day, right. He's not crediting that to you right now. And he's committed to us the word of reconciliation. Again, we no longer view people for what we can get out of them and we view them for the value that jesus places on. And we recognize i want them to experience the reconciliation of the I'm experiencing god as commission to every one of you to be ambassadors of reconciliation on his behalf. It's not because god is against us. It's because war against him. God has never had a posture of being against you. And that's the point we're trying to make this evening. That's why these terms are used. So continuing to chapter 5 averse 20 of 2nd corinthians now then we are ambassadors for christ is though god were pleading for us, we implore you on christ behalf, be reconciled to God. Now if God didn't want to be with them, why would he be telling these other people to be reconciled to God? He's not pleading with god to be reconciled us. He's pleading with us to be reconciled to God. And this is important again because we have, we can wrestle with this, we have these unhealthy views of god and unhealthy views of god's view of us. And that's going to have to change because many times are acting out our sins, the medication that we want work through and work through. And I'm, so I'm not talking about, you know, pharmaceuticals necessarily. But the things that we're doing to medicate the pain and difficulties of life are largely because we're believing things about god and ourselves that aren't true. And so we're seeking validation or to numb the pain that we're feeling real know what to do with it. We don't know how to process it, we don't have to work through that, and we'll talk about that tomorrow morning. And so our view got, i'm fully convinced that there is a large, a larger than we would like to admit, percentage of our own people that are struggling in some form or fashion with mental health challenges, largely because of our view of god. Bad theological distortions, miss characterizations of god and how he does life and the miss characterizations of ourselves. That were dirty losers. We don't deserve god's favor. We're never going to be good enough. We can't get anything right. These things literally cause us to have tremendous challenges in life. They're holding us back. And, and I think the investigative judgment has something to do with that to the david toma. We'll talk about it tomorrow morning. So god made jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of god in him. So everything that you've done everything that you deserve because of your sins, your selfishness and all of that. Jesus literally became all of that 2nd. Christine's 520 tells us he became that why so that you could become everything the jesus is the righteousness of god. There is full and ample provision made for us. But does that even matter to us? Do we value that? Do we appreciate that? Are we responding to god's goodness with our own form of response, repentance, confession reconciliation and so forth. Understanding. I think god made a pretty clear case this evening. I've never been against you. I want you here. But do you want that? And some of us will say, yes, I want that. But then we'll go in the reasons for why we can disqualify ourselves from receiving it. We have sympathy in our captivity, it's a form of stockholm syndrome, right? We hold sympathy towards our negative thought patterns are self hatred and so forth. Members hang andrew peterson, a singer songwriter. He was telling a story one time that he was wrestling with some kind of heavy self hatred in front of his head. Andrew, you know that self hatred, religious a form of self worship. Right. And he's like, we're not friends anymore. Just kidding. But there's truth to that, right? Because if, if we're filled with self hatred, we're focusing on hating the object of god's affections for of idolatry. Right? Because we would rather cherish our own feelings of hatred towards ourselves in receive the truth of the matter that god loves me, that god desires me and he wants me to see myself in the same whether he sees me that I am precious that are valuable, that I'm important that I'm special, that I'm the only thing that is just like me that god has access to. You're the only you that he had access to, you know that right? You're the only you available to God, which means you're of infinite value because you're the only one who has access to and he wants you. He knows your story. He knows your dirt. He knows what you are capable of it. He knows what you're not capable of any. Literally it's willing to do whatever it takes to see you in the kingdom. You don't know how to live or righteous life. There's good news. Jesus live righteous life. You can receive his yeah, but I believe lights. I only speak the truth, we listen to me. Literally everything that you need. Why I'm not righteous. Jesus is righteous. He'll close you with his righteousness. Do you see your need? Are you willing to receive it? He literally is doing whatever it takes to see you in the kingdom, but we are fighting, hoping claw. You can't do that. That's not fair. I don't deserve that. I'm not good enough for that. And we're literally rebuking jesus in his goodness towards us because we don't think we deserve it. And so, or really saying is the gospel really isn't the good news. We don't want to believe that the gospel is as good as it really is. Because at least I know what to expect when I keep creating chaos and self sabotage and so forth, right? If I keep destroying everything around me, I know how to navigate that. I don't know what to do when people are good to me. You've been there. Can take money from people can't take compliments from people or you to see though praise the Lord in your heart. You think I was so terrible. So bad, right. Like we, we, we wrestle with this guys. We truly wrestle with favor. There's another singer songwriter, he's a, he's a friend of andrew peterson. He says, we don't know what to do with the good thing. You don't know what to do with a good thing. Put the money in your pocket to run. You don't know what to do with the good thing. Favor is a loaded gun. Like you just don't know it just, it's scary to you like. And when we do encounter undeserved goodness from other people, suspicion arises. All they're up to something because there's no good human beings in the world because I'm not good. So certainly no one else can be you understanding our whole world view is so messed up. And we think that those world views, we're not going to apply those to God his blessing. You know, no, he's not really, but maybe the devil's trying to bless me. That's what my test really well because then then I'll get really proud to get arrogant like we do, we do crazy things. We're crazy people. The bible says the whole head is sick and I say a chapter one. Right. It also says nice day that we take refuge in life and we're going to hit that heavy tomorrow morning, but we do this to ourselves. And what god's trying to make clear this evening is I have never been against you. Never. I don't intend to be against you. I want you with me. But will you respond to my goodness? Will you let yourself be loved? Will you let yourself be accepted? Will you let yourself receive my favor by unconditional goodness? And yes, there is a rule that we play repentance. A confession is how we're going to find that separation crimson. That's totally true, not downplaying that but my goodness people we really need to reassess how we've been looking at this whole process. God wants you there. So we see in John chapter 8, the woman has caught the active adultery that if there is any body in that congregation and they gather because it is a church by the way, this is in the temple, the 3rd, the woman in front of jesus. And jesus has one he who is without a stone with him throw. He's without sin, let him through a stone at 1st and what happens and no one throws a stone of that group by the way of all the people present who was actually able to throw a stone and who could have is jesus, what was his response to her neither do I condemn you. Go and send no more. Now he was not heaping await upon her shoulders and not lifting a finger to help with it came. And this is an important point in the command of jesus is the power to walk in the command of jesus. There is creative power in the word of god. So when jesus told the man and John chapter 5 to rise, take up his mad and walk in. That very command was the power to rise. Take up his mat and walk because that guy couldn't do that right. His muscles with attributes level of you guys a little bit about medicine, right? He's been an invalid for 38 years. His muscles have gone to atrophy, and he has no infrastructure to rise. Pick up his matt and walk. The only reason why he could is because he believed what jesus said, in spite of what he saw or felt. What does the same thing is true about what you're believing about yourself right now. What if you chose to respond to what jesus says about you in spite of what you feel, what you see, do you think maybe things could change? You better believe it. But if you keep living in an experience of staring in the mirror like narcissus and dying, because you can't stop staring at how broken and messed up you are. That was why he stared themself. He thought it was gorgeous, apparently. But the point is, so in rapture with his own reflection, some of us are. So in raptured with our own inadequacies, that we're going to die From not receiving the basic things we need for life. That's not what god wants for you. That's not the abundant life. It's the seat that comes to steal, to kill and destroy, not jesus, he can't, he may have an abundant life. And he's not stealing your money. All. I mean, he may be to some degree. He's trying to steal your assurance. A healthy view of yourself, a hope if you have god viber relationship with jesus that we're going to take and this is still so important. Anyway. So in the command to go and say no more was the power for her to go and send them, or what he's basically telling the woman is to walk in the freedom i've already provided for you. Because again, some of the say, well jesus, would you set me free from sin? But what you part of what we're asking is would you come and live that righteous life again? Because what you did already wasn't good enough. I need you to do it again. But literally, he's already provided that he already lived righteous life for you. Here he died for your sins that has already been done. That's the object of truth of the gospel. Jesus already achieved these things. What he's asking you to do today is to receive that. So instead of asking jesus to do something he's already done, why don't you receive what he's already done? This is one of those powerful lessons. Righteousness by think I'm choosing to receive the goodness of jesus. Jesus is righteous life. I'm asking for him to live his life through me. Not to do something again that he already did. Right? So this is a beautiful thing, this balance picture that she encountered, accountability and acceptance. And this is what the true gospel should lead to the true gospel of jesus is going to lead to accountability and acceptance. The 2 kind of camps in our church and I don't really fit either one of their boxes and life is better that way. But the 2 camps in our church, one camp kind of highlights the idea of acceptance. What you need to do, and the other camps can highlighting, doesn't really matter what you do, the jesus except you. But the true picture of the gospel leads to both acceptance and accountability. Neither do I condemn you, but go and say no more. Right, and this is that whole idea of how reads am I in a few my you encountered the goodness of god, but you're also encountering a separation from your sins, right? He wants to give it this whole picture list o L white says about the chronology of the situation. She says the woman had stood before jesus cowering with fear his words. He that is without sin among you let him cast a stone at her 1st, had come to her as a death sentence. She dared not lift her eyes to the saviours face, but silently awaited her doom. And in astonishment she saw her accusers depart, speechless, and confounded, and then those words of hope fell upon her ears. Neither do I condemn thee, go and send no more and listen to this. This is the chronology. Her heart was melted and casting herself at the feet of jesus, she sobbed out her grateful love and with bitter tears. What did she do? She confessed her since she encounters heavy to my and she responds right in receiving a fee of my she confesses for shall one night. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to separate us from our sins and cleanses from all unrighteousness. We see both principles in this woman story. So a jesus is telling her to do is to walk in the reality. These already made available to her. She could go and sin no more because she now understood and accepted the fact that she was not condemned. Many of our own people are living in experience of shame and condemnation, so they can't get off the mat and they're thinking themselves, well, what's the point of reading or praying or studying anymore because I'm not changing, i'm not good enough. I'm never going to be good enough. So why bother? And this is why people quit. If satan can't deceive you, he'll discourage you. So yeah, you can give a boom and bible study on prophecy, but if you don't actually believe that god loves you and you're going to quit, why does that matter? The understanding if we're discouraged, he still wins. This is why it's important for us to see ourselves, healthfully as god sees us. So listen, this, mike is 718 to 20. We see these 2 principles here. Had a to mine a few. My unconditional pardon an separation from sin who is a godlike u pardoning iniquity had its m I and passing over the transgressions of the remnant of his heritage. He does not retain his anger forever because he delights in mercy. Did you know that? No one says a man at ivanhoe, god delights in mercy y'all. You can say him into that. Okay, just making sure you have a pulse. They weren't holograms or something. He does not retain his anger forever because he delights in mercy. He will again have compassion on us. It will subdue our iniquities in elsa. This you will cast our sins into the depths of the see which was that a few my right separation from sin. You will give truth to jacob and mercy to abraham, which you sworn to our fathers from days of old. So here's the point in the life, death, burial, resurrection, and intercessory ministry of jesus complete pardon and complete cleansing. And separation from sin is afforded no expense. Was spared for your redemption. That one, everything you need is provided for. And so the appeal is to choose to walk in the reality of the faith of jesus to day. Believe in his belief in you respond to his goodness. Now go to matthew chapter 9. Had a bunch of text on the board, but turn there and do some form of formal exercise. Go to matthew chapter 928 and 29. And the chapter $928.29. Her twenty's them. When jesus departed from their 2 blind men, followed him, crying out as saying, son of david, have mercy on us. Verse 28. And when he had come into the house, the blind men came to him, and jesus said to them, do you believe I am able to do this? Do you believe I am capable of doing what you're asking? They said him, yes lord. And he touched their eyes saying, according to your faith, let it be to you. My question to you this evening is do you actually believe that jesus is able to do this for you this evening that he's actually willing and able to forgive you? That is actually willing and able to separate you from your sense. Do you actually believe that? Are you living your life in that reality or if you cut yourself off from those blessings. So we love him because he 1st loved us. We have faith in him because he 1st had faith in US and we forgive others as he forgave us and one little closing thought here. It's very similar with the story of Mary magdalen right. She didn't receive forgiveness because she loved she loved because she was forgiven. Right 1st on 419, we love him wide, you know? Because he 1st loved us. No one is going to find love in their hearts for jesus until the 1st encounter, the love of jesus for them. It's all we're saying this evening. Ok. Now makes some people uncomfortable, like already saying you say it is early met? No, I didn't say that wouldn't say that, but the point is we, we need to wrestle through some of this stuff. What is the gospels even better than you thought? And would you be willing to actually believe that and walk on that? Because you can keep living in purgatory if you want to the avenues version. But it's not really that enjoyable. You can actually delight in the goodness of god. You can receive it. You can allow yourself to be fully loved, fully known and fully loved. Because it's not like he doesn't know already, right. Like in this blayton honesty like you're way uglier than you think you are on the inside. You're good looking people. But on the inside we got stuff guys in his way worse than you think. You think it's bad? You think it may be ground for disqualification? He knows it's even deeper and darker than you think. But here's the good news. It doesn't discourage him from pursuing you, and it didn't keep him from dying for you. And it doesn't change his disposition of forgiveness towards you. This is what I love about god. Write, your piety doesn't impress him and is in your dirt, doesn't discourage him. His love for you is an objective truth period and the gospel is an object of truth. He has done what's necessary for all now becomes a subjective response. Will you opt into the thing? Will you respond to the faith of jesus with faith in jesus? Will you receive justification by faith, your life, right? You are receiving that from a justification. But we receive justification by faith. Will you believe the things about you, the god beliefs? Do you actually believe he can do that for you this evening? That's the question. Yeah. This made sense this evening. Yes or no. The gospel supposed to be good news guys. And I think one of the reasons why we aren't sharing our faith of other people is because deep down inside. It's not really good news for us. Right. If I'm never going to be good enough, if I've my life isn't changing, if I'm not overcoming, like kind of afraid to tell somebody else about the misery that I'm going through right now. Right. And it's because we don't actually believe the gospel is as beautiful as it really is. God has always been for you and always will be. And if you find yourself in the resurrection of condemnation, it's not because god put you there. Is because god honored your decision to remain outside of the city. That's why you're there. He want you in. But he leaves the choice with you. So what will you do with the goodness of god? That's the question, ma'am. God in heaven, thank you for seeing something in me and enough that we don't see in ourselves. And I pray that you'd forgive us, lord for being so eager to find sympathy for the lies in her heart in our mind that the enemy is placed there. We confess, lord our nothingness, and you've told us that when we see our nothingness, we're prepared to be close with the righteousness of jesus christ. We bring nothing to the table but us. We get it. And lord, we accept the fact that if you saw something in US and you had that posture, that disposition towards us, why wouldn't we respond? So we pray that you would forgive our sins, that you would cover us with the blood of jesus. We confess we forsake, and we want you to keep your promise to not only separate us from our sins. But we also pray that you would put, put within our own hearts and minds upon your reconciliation towards you. Help us to believe what you believe about us. We pray and we asked us to jesus news This media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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