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02 The Cleansing of the Sanctuary

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • September 18, 2021
    10:00 AM
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So let's, let's pray and then we'll begin this morning's message entitled, the cleansing of the sanctuary. So let's pray, sweet jesus. I thank you that you long to bless us today. More than we have the courage to ask. But I do pray. As moses prayed that you would show with your glory this morning that you would speak to us that you would minister to us and that you would help us to see an important and I believe under addressed and overlooked aspect of what you're seeking to do in the cleansing of the sanctuary speak to us. So god, I pray me and I asked us in jesus name. Amen. All right, so I will be addressing the cleansing of the sanctuary, but maybe from a different angle than you would expect or that is generally addressed is not in the gate. That other aspect of it I want to kind of address and under addressed aspect of it. And I run a clear, don't know if you're aware of this. I didn't plan this, but clearly god must have all 3 messages we're talking about this weekend are applying to the topic of the investigative judgement in some form or fashion or the day of atonement. Daniel 8 through 10. As far as some of the different aspects of all we'll see, wars alluded to daniel 8, but anyway, we're addressing that throughout the whole course this weekend. But if you weren't aware of this young coupon was actually this week, I did not plan that, but it totally happen. So I guess this is a perfect time to be discussing this particular topic. So there are primarily 3 types of things you worries or temples referred to in scripture. The 1st is the one that was built on earth. We see the next chapter 25. Let them build me a sanctuary that I'm a dual among them. In chapter 25, kind of flushes out how it was built and what that process looked like. And we also see in 2nd chronicles 3 whenever solomon builds the, you know, the more permanent structure than we see. M I as day when a temples rebuilt. Then as well, now the most important location of the sanctuary was the most holy place where god's presence was found above the arc of the covenant. So the art served basically as gods thrown on earth. So his law in his presence were found in the most holy place when the most important location of the sanctuary. Now we actually see this again in the heavenly sanctuaries is alluded to. Revelation chapter 11. John. The revelator is given a vision of the throne room and heaven, and he sees the arc of the covenant there. And you are the laws inside of this arc. The gods presence in god's law are also in the most focal point in the heavenly sanctuary. So also alluded to hebrews 8 through 10, we'll look at those texture just a moment. So the throne is we're one governs and where they administer their laws. So god's presence in law are found in the most important location of the heavenly temple. Just like what we saw on earth. Now this important connection between these 2 temples, the earthly temple and the heavenly temple is pointed out next 25 in hebrews chapters 89 and 10. So we'll look at some of these text now, exit chapter 25, beginning of or 9. According to all that I show you, God says that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of volts furnishings. Just so you shall make it then skipping down to verse 40 and see to it that you make them according to the pattern which has shown you on the mountain. So the sanctuary that moses was to build on earth was patterned after something else is what's being alluded to here. A pattern of what heber shafter 8 begins to tell us what that looks like. Heber as a beginning, every one. Now this is the main point of the things that we are saying. We have such a high priest who is seated the right hand of the throne of the majesty and heavens, a minister of the sanctuary, and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected and not man. Okay, so this was a pattern of something that was designed in heaven. So order it is not man for every high preaches appointed, offer both gifts and sacrifices. Therefore, it was necessary that this one also have something to offer ping inverse for. For if you were on earth, he would not be a priest since they're a priest who are for the gifts, according to law, who serve the copy and the shadow of heavenly things. The author of hebrews is super clear that the things where on earth was a copier shadow of heavenly realities came. As moses was divinely instructed when he was to make the tabernacle for he said, see that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain. He's quoting extra chapter $25.00 there. So the bible, the author of hebrews, are making this connection for us that the earthly sanctuary is built after the truth. Things were in heaven. So this isn't an avenue to idea. This is a fully biblical one, right? Which is an important note that something that we cooked up to just kind of get over the great disappointment of 844. Now did he shepherd 9 of her 7. But christ came as the high priest of the good things to come. Which the, with the greater in perfect tabernacle, not native hans same language, chapter 8. That is not of this creation. Now the blood of goats and calves, but with his own blood, he entered the most holy place. Once for all, having obtained eternal redemption case again using the same language. And he's boring language from living at 16 that will look at the moment that we talked about this last night, the efficacy of cry, sacrifice for all of humanity, right? Whether we understand or appreciate it, we addressed that last night, but skipping down to verse 23 of hebrews chapter 9. Therefore, it was necessary that the copies of the things in the heavens should be purified with ease. But the heavenly things themselves with Better sacrifices and these is a consistent theme throughout hebrews. The supremacy of jesus better better, better, better. So for christ is not entered into the holy place made with hands which are copies of the true but into heaven itself. Now to appear in the presence of god for us. So jesus represents that perfect high priest on our behalf. And what we see in the earthly tabernacle is kind of getting a peephole view of what's really happening in heavener behalf. Good to chapter 10. Now he was beginning of verse one for the law, having a shadow of the good things to come and not the very image of the things can never with the same sacrifices which they continually year by year make those who approach perfect the author using very interesting language here, the kind of implies the laborious ness of these earthly sac of the sacrifices and services that it didn't really feel the deal. Right. It was a picture of what was to come, but it wasn't the thing. And so continually, year by year for them where they not have ceased to be offered. If these things actually got the job done, you wouldn't have to do it year, year, year, year like that. Okay. So for the worshippers, once purify, would have had no more consciousness of sins. But in those sacrifices those are remember of sins. Every year. Reminder, since every year, 1st for, for it's not possible to the blood of bulls and goes, could take away since k. They couldn't do the job, but they were pointing to what could. And then every 10 of hebrew tenant says by that will we've been sanctified through the offering of jesus christ. Once for all, jesus is the true solution. So sing, the connection between these 2 temples helps us to realize that everything that happened on earth shows us what jesus is doing in heaven as our heavenly high priest and the most important service that occurred in the earth. The temple was the day of atonement, younger poor. What can happen to earlier this week. So just a basic review leviticus 16. This is not a 4th study on this because that's not really where I want to go today. But if you do have interest in that talk to us, i'm sure there's someone here would be happy to give you a bible study on the topic of the investigative judgement or the day of atonement and so forth. This is just kind of an overview. So there were 2 primary types of services that took place in the sanctuary. In the hebrew economy, there were the daily services where people find a tillman on a daily basis. You'd committed a transgression, you realised it. You took an animal, you walked, he took the walk, ashamed of the sanctuary. You confessed over the Animal, the sin that you had committed. You took the life of the Animal. This was teaching you that sin costs something that sin is painful. It's grotesque. It leads to death and loss and violation. So that process was being very clear to the transgressor, right? They didn't farmer out to somebody else all by the meat, but you do something with it, like you had to kill the Animal yourself. And that happened on the daily services, and basically your sin was transferred into the sanctuary. You confessed over the Animal. The priest caught the blood in the bowl from what you had slain. They would carry it into the tabernacle. They put on the horns of the altar and they'd sprinkle it on the vale in front of the ark of the covenant. And when they sprinkled his blood on the veil. Atonement was found now when god looked through the veil from the most holy place through the holy place through the courtyard into the gate of the courtyard. When he saw the transgressor, he no longer saw transgressor. He saw some one through the lens of blood. Right? This is what god saw after the sacrifice had been made in a tone that was brought for the individual. So your sin, $359.00 days out of the year and the daily services was transferred into the sanctuary rights. No longer being held against you. But there was some form of record of it in the sanctuary, and God on the day of atonement in the yearly service, cleanse the sanctuary of all record of sin, which is such a beautiful teaching. Because the implication here is that god is not looking to remember what you've done. That when you've sinned, when you've transgress, when you confess your sin, god isn't to visit. We talked about this last night in a 1st on 19 in the written language. It reads differently than it does an english. Instead of saying that if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanses from all unrighteousness. Though it actually reads in the original languages, if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to step read us from our sins and cleanses from all unrighteousness. So god only provides forgiveness. He also provide separation from our sins. And we see that in the yearly service, which is a beautiful teaching, and it was the time of celebrate, is very solemn when the sovereign, when the services were happening, when the priest was in it administering on the day of atonement. But at the conclusion of that service, it was a time of celebration because god has fully incompletely kept his promise to remove all record of our sins. Which is ironic to me because many people today are horrified of this idea, the investigative judgement. I think that it's like totally anti gospel. It's not christ dinner. It's all about like judgment and scary stuff. But literally what the israelites did after this was through a massive celebration because god had been fully faithful to his people. Are you understanding? So this is a to, is it supposed to be a joyous occasion want that service has completed? So it looks like a 16 tells us that the yearly services included the priest cleansing the sanctuary of any record of the confessions of the people that had been piling up over the course of the year. And the judgment of taking place at this time in every israelite knew that they needed to confess their sins and bring them to God before this day. Because if they didn't do this, they would incur irreparable loss, right? It could be fixed. But the point is, god made full provision for them to be cleanse, but he left the choice in the freedom with them to do it or not. He made full provision, but whether you opt into this and choose to participate in this is entirely your decision. And so you can either take advantage of his provision or rejected and treat it as of little importance. Now, if there were, since they didn't know that they had committed, we talked about this last night. There was provision for that to the morning and the evening sacrifices, and this even happened on the day of atonement which is beautiful because this implies again that god is working for us that god is looking for reasons to forgive, not for reasons, to exclude rain and this is such beautiful news because every morning when an israelite look out their tent door and they look towards the sanctuary, when they saw smoke wafting off of the altar, the immediate thought in their mind is god's working for me. Does not against me, god is working for me even in the things that I don't know that I've done and he's given me a means of atonement for the things that I do know that I've done. There's provision in every aspect of this. Okay. And so he desperately wants to remove all barriers that would keep us from being reunited with them. In fact, next to 25, a verse 8. The whole reason for the sanctuary serve, as god says, was let them build me a sanctuary. Why? So that I can dwell among them. He's trying to get rid of the separation. That's what god is seeking. And that's why the services were given to bring reconciliation and healing. To remove the means this declaration between us and God. Which then brings us to this idea of daniel chapter 8 verse 14. With avenue have traditionally applied this verse to the idea of leviticus 16 in the day of atonement and for good reason. Because anytime a hebrew would hear of a sanctuary being cleansed, their immediate thought with judgment. That judgement is happening right now into that god is advocating and fighting for his people and removing all record of our transgressions. So we had this understanding that the connection between the heavenly sanctuary in the earthly sanctuary gives us a context that makes daniel 814 makes sense. Or we have, we have a world view to look through in a context that makes this verse actually makes sense, that the heavenly sanctuary is the true sanctuary. What happened on earth was a type of that to teach us lessons about what's happening there. Because you know, you can't go there right now. So god gave us an example here to better understand that whole process. And through these means leviticus 16 teaches us what the most important thing is that god is seeking to do on our behalf on the day of atonement. So the big picture, the day of atonement was god cleansing and removing all record of sin from the sanctuary. And to cleanse the camp as a whole. And again, this is the means of celebration because god had removed completely all of the means of separation. And that god kept us promise to separate them from their sins. But we also saw that in both of these temples, the earthly temple and the heavenly temple, the most important place that temple was where god's presence and law could be found. Both of these points god's intention to remove all record of sin and his presence in law being in the most important place are super important. As we look at the 3rd temple that is alluded to in scripture. First corinthians chapter 3 verse 16. Do you not know that you are the temple of god and the spirit of god dwells within you? There are 3 timbales alluded to in scripture, the heavenly temple, the earthly temple and the Human temple. I don't mean this in the pantheistic sense. I'm not john harvey kellogg. Don't freak out. Ok. So in the early temple and heavenly temple, the most holy places where god would abide with his law. Right. And in the Human temple we see the same thing. Where is the multi place in the Human temple? It's the heart in the mind, right? The very, the very essence of who you are. Look at the language. It's used about this john chapter 14 beginning of or 15. If you love me the marginal references, you will keep my commandments. So it's not a statement in the imperative and original language. If you love, if you love me, you will keep my commandments, and here's how I will pray the father and he will give you another helper that he may abide with you forever. And who is that helper? The spirit of truth, i want to come back to that in a moment whom the world cannot receive because it neither season nor knows him. But you know him why for he dwells with you and will be in you. God desires to be in the most holy place of your life. God wants to abide in your heart and in your mind to help you to guide you to comfort you and even to speak truth to you is called the spirit of truth for a reason. Because we're so prone to believe light and sympathy for lies. And he's there to bring balance to the equation of our thought life, to speak truth, endora hearts and minds that are so prone to believe lies and hurtful and damaging things. Inter standing things, a super, super important for us. The same premise here in jeremiah chapter 31. But this is the covenant, speaking of new covent language. But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of israel after those days says the Lord, I will put my law where in their mind I'm going to write it where on their heart and I will be their god and they shall be my people, so the new covenant experience is the work of god and riding his law in our hearts and our minds. And then he continues in verse 34. And no more shall. Every man teaches neighbor and every man is brother saying no, the Lord for they shall all know me from the least of them to the greatest to them says the Lord, for I will forgive their iniquity and their sin. I will remember no more. We see those 2 aspects of forgiveness we talked about last night, pardon, and separation from him. I am separating that from your expense. I'm not going to remember that anymore. It's can be removed. He says. So the promises and principles are what takes place in both the earthly and heavenly temple are also found in the Human temple. In the early temple we solve the most holy place with regard would abide with his law in the Human temple, the most important place where god dwells is the most holy place of her heart in our mind. And this is a new come that experience is the work of god in writing as well in that very same place and through the holy spirit, he's promised to abide in US as we abide in him. And he also promises again to remember our sins, no more will come back to that point later. But this is an important transitionary statement. God isn't just concerned with what he puts in our hearts and minds. He's also desperately longing to cleanse the sanctuary of our heart and minds of all the record of sins that have been committed against us and that we have committed against ourselves and others. And this is so important is not just that god wants to put this law in our hearts in our minds. There are so many damaging things in our hearts in our minds. And when we focus on the cleansing the sanctuary, largely our discussions, focus on what's happening in heaven that the confessed is that we put up there in the same process. And that's true and we're not denying that, but it doesn't stop there. God is one. You declare your heart in your mind of hurtful damaging thought patterns of these sins that we cannot let ourselves get over that we've committed, even though god doesn't remember them anymore, we can't stop remembering them. We can't stop beating ourselves up. We can't stop medicating ourselves because of those guilty, thoughts, the understanding god's desire to cleanse. A sanctuary is bigger than what we have focused on. Unfortunately. And again, we focus on on a great deal of good things, but don't stop there. There's still more that god wants to do for us. So again, the 3rd temple is 1st corinthians 3, john, 14 and jeremiah $31.00. So let's flush this out of god's truly seeking to do on the day of atonement. When I say chapter one, verse 5, it literally says the whole head is sick like that. This is our state of mind is fallen broken, human beings who violate and has been violated. Our whole ahead is sick and the whole heart thinks and God longs to do something about that god wants to intervene to he lives in to help us as part of the gospel solution. We're also told a chapter 28 in verse 17 that were so prone to take refuge in lies. Do we find cofer in the midst of our damaging negative thought patterns? And it's very difficult for us to let go of those. Because we found a refuge in them, those self protective tendencies and so forth that we have, can come from these things that happen to us in so many of us are believing things about ourselves are incredibly damaging. And we're also believing things about god that are damaging and a deep cleansing of the thought life is needed to render to rid us of these crippling belief systems. And God as earnestly longing to cleanse that most holy place of our soul temples to deliver us from the tyranny of these life. God wants to go so much deeper is not just that god wants to get rid of your bad behavior. God wanting to go even deeper than that. Here's what the bad behavior and 9 that. But a big reason behind this is the obvious fact apart from the fact that god does want you to live in distress, is that he understands the connection with what we believe and what leads us to act out and do the things that we do. We're so inclined to be focused on behavior, but god understands that our behaviors are birth of our beliefs. So for god to just take away your addiction and not address the wounds of your heart that led you to go to that addiction to none. That pain in the 1st place doesn't solve the problem. And so we think when god's clinton the things where god get this bad habit out of my life and got his thing, I want to go deeper than that. There's reasons why you had these bad habits in your life. There's stuff that you're believe you're taking refuge in life. The whole head is sick and I want to heal the heart in the mind. I want to cleanse the thing. You worry, this is what god is seeking to do for us, but will we lead him? He understands again that our behaviors are birth out of our beliefs. So cleansing the soul, temple of faulty beliefs will lead to removal of the need for bad behaviors and self sabotage. The understanding this is socio important and we're told that god wants to do this. And so 147, a verse 3. He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds. He's in the business, he's the best medical missionary you've ever seen. By the way, medical missionary should not just be focusing on physical. They should also be focusing on mental health. You know, they're right. Ok to sam. So we're promised that god is in the business of healing or broken hearts and binding up our wounds. In fact, whenever jesus and luke chapter 4 is asked to do a scripture reading in the church service they hand and the scroll of isaiah. We're really thinking biblical terms and in their culture. But the scroll of isaiah with basically to rolling pins and a 60 foot parchment and there were no chapters in there were no verses. And it says that jesus found in the scroll of isaiah, where it says, and then it's quoting isaiah, chapter $61.00 that's going to take a while potentially right. There's no landmarks to go through. But jesus finds it in that in that school. And he says, the spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor. He has sent me to heal the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and the opening of the prison to those who are bound. And I think this is so important because this is what jesus came here for. He didn't just come here to correct your bad theological understanding of what the state of the dead actually means or that you're going to church on a day that isn't the ideal day, that there is a place for doing this. For ministry, god wants people to embrace and walk in full bible. True. Yes. But if all were focusing on his correcting people's bad, the ology, but our presentations and our evangelist ec series and our bible studies and for so forth. If those bible studies and series are doing nothing about this, we're not actually doing what jesus did. Are you understanding? When people come to our meetings they should find healing for their broken hearts? Not just healing for their bad theology. And this is what we were called to do. And going to verse $2.00 and $3.00 of isaiah $61.00 to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord united people who are fully convinced that they can't be accepted by god because they've gone too far. They've done too much, they're too broken. They're too dirty. Many people, but part of jesus his role. What to let them know to proclaim the acceptable year, the Lord in the day, the vengeance of our god. To comfort all who mourn to console those who mourn in zion to give them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for morning. The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, that they may be called trees of righteousness the planting of the Lord. And it says that when jesus fully heals his people, he's glorified And the words so, so we'll get to that here in a moment. I'll skip that. Actually, i'll wait for a moment here. But jesus declares this is what he came here for. This was his mission. And I do not believe that mission in goal ended when he died and rose again. The the only focus on healing the broken hearted, you know, during this time span when he was doing ministry and earth, or 3 and a half years. I don't believe that. I believe he's still in the business of healing the broken hearted of setting people free who are in bondage of comforting people who mourn. Right? A, giving them a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. He still longs to do this, and this is part of his cleansing work that he's doing right now during the time the judgment. A big component of the work that jesus is doing right now is our high priest is applying the healing that he achieved as our suffering messiah to our lives, through the ministry of his holy spirit, who is called the comforter. And the author of hebrews gets this point, hebrews chapter to begin over 17. Therefore, in all things jesus had to be made like his brethren. It had to happen this way that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God to make propitiation covering for the sins of the people. For in that he himself has suffered being tempted, he's able to aid those who were tempted. So jesus had to suffer with heartbreak and loneliness and betrayal, and difficulties wrestling with the silence of god. He had to go through all of these things and rejection for you so that he could be a sympathetic high priest. And to help you when you're tempted, and he's doing that right now as we speak because of his life, it was filled with suffering. Just like what you and I suffer. It was to enable him to be that faithful, high priest who can aid us in the face of our own personal sufferings and temptation. And the author of hebrews goes a step further in chapter 4. Seeing that we have a great high preaches, pass through the heavens, jesus, the son of god, the suffering messiah. Let us hold fast our confession. Now why does he have to say that? Because jesus understands that when we go through difficulties in life, we're tempted to let go of our confession. We're tempted to quit, to stop praying because what's the point bad? Things happened to me and there's this court deserve ages. Relo white says that they were looking for a messiah that had not been promised. And many of us are in that same category. We think like martha and mary thought that if you had been here, my brother would not have died that a jesus was with me. Bad things one wouldn't have happened. But that's not the promise of jesus made. In fact, in John chapter 16 averse, 33, he said, in this world your gun have tribulation, but be of good cheer. Why? Because it will come. The world beloved of jesus is overcome the world. That means he's overcome whenever you're dealing with today. Whatever is heavy and hard and difficult, it's holding you back. He's already overcome that. And when they're looking for me aside, they have not been promised again. We think that if jesus is hear bad, things are going to happen. That's not the promise we were given. The promise we were given was when bad things happened. Jesus, here he is here to comfort us to help us in the minister to us. So when difficulties and challenges come against you, This is not the time to let go of jesus. It's not, it's time to hold fast or confession. He tells us why. Because we don't have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but who was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin. And then he says to let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Literally when these difficulties and challenges and heartbreak comes to us, that's not the time to let go of jesus. It's literally the time to sprint into as comforting arms. And to let him do for you what he's earned, the right to do by suffering before you suffered. This is so important for us. So he didn't just die for us. He suffered for us for us to offers healing and cleansing from the wounds of our past, whether they be self inflicted or the wound that were imposed upon us by those around us. He's in the business of healing and cleansing, but the way we get access to that is by 1st holding fast our confession and coming boldly to his throne of grace. And love. This idea to the throne is where his perfect laws found. That will judge the world, but it's also a place where the mercy seat is found. And that is our assurance of his grace and forgiveness when we come to him for help. Because when we mess up those thoughts come to us and say, you can't go. He just want to hear from you. You too bad. You're too dirty. You've gone too far. You've made too many mistakes. God can never forgive you for that. And we're being told here didn't know how this works. And so many of us have been robbed of hope because of the violations and disappointments that we face in this life. But I love the poll addresses this in the book of romans in romans 15 of our 13 it says, and now may the god of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that you may abound in hope, by the power of the holy spirit. Notice it's not a god who happens to kind of sometimes possess a sufficient amount of hope for your particular time of need. It calls him the god of hope and he uses the god of multiple times and romans, the god of joy, the god of peace, the god of love, the god of hope, the god of all comfort in 2nd corinthians and I love this because he's literally willing to be the god of whatever you need him to be. He did the business of doing that guy, that's what he wants to do for you. And so in this situation, he's not just someone who happens to possess a small measure of hope. He's a very source of hope, and he's willing to flood your life with it, but we get hurt in damage and, and abuse and difficult damaging circumstances. It's easy for us to lose hope, but we're told no, don't let go. There is a god of hope available to you who can fill you with all joy and peace in believing and that you can abound and hope by the power of his holy spirit. Romans 55 says the hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out in our hearts by the holy spirit who is given to us. That is willing to fled our lives with his love in his peace. So I love the pol addresses his head on god isn't again, just as god who possesses a certain measure of hope. He's the god of hope, the very source of the hope and the spring from which it comes forth that can more than meet your needs. So here's the point, guys, if we continue to dwell on what we've done or who we've been in our past, we're really not allowing god to do what he intends to do on the day of atonement when we keep clinging to who we've been and what we've done, we've brought those tends to jesus. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to separate us from our sins and the cleanses from all unrighteousness. He cast them as far as the east is from the west. So why are you holding onto them? Why are you finding sympathy with the accuser of the brethren? Who's telling you you're not good enough? And God would never forgive you because you did this. And you, repentance wasn't even genuine. And you know it all those thoughts, those don't come from him. And when we cherish these thoughts, we are literally standing against the cleansing of the sanctuary. We're fighting him. We're allowing these things to remain in the most holy place that god intends to cleanse and remove. And I don't believe that the abundant. Why did you want for us, remember, and jeremiah the 31 of our 34 part of the new covenant experience is that he will remember our sins and our lawless deeds. No more. He doesn't remember them any more. Yeah, but god, but I did the thing 10 years ago. I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know what you're talking about. Why are you even bringing that up? I'm trying to, I've already gotten rid of that in the books that haven't, but I'm trying to cleanse it from your temple. I'm trying to cleanse it from your heart and from your mind to give you the freedom that I want to give you. And so there's a word that's used in the new testament. So as though that doesn't just imply physical healing, it's spiritual, healing at salvation, it's deliverance, right? It's a means of preservation of rescue, of saving and of healing. God never intended for there to be a separation from healing and salvation. But some of us wrestle with this, right, like we were forgiven for a sin, but we won't let god heal us from the wounds that came from that sim, the self hatred, the self sabotage, the addictive tendencies and all of this god wants to give you a complete in told you and he doesn't just want to say OK, that didn't happen, right? That's covered by the blood of jesus. He wants you to be able to live your life as if that didn't happen. Are you understanding? Many of us are in bondage right now, and this is not what god is intending. In the greek, it's used interchangeably to address healing and salvation. He doesn't just want to save you. He wants to completely heal you and set you free from all of these wounds that are hindering your current experience. The words you hear in John chapter 3 verse 17, for god did not come into the world to condemn the world. But the world through him might be saved, and this is so important because when we're living in a thought life of condemnation, right, it's damaging to us. And some of us are actually prone to believe that those feelings have share those thoughts of shame and condemnation. They come from god and the reason why we're tempted to believe that is because they have a moral feel to them. Something's telling you, you did something wrong. Anything, all man that must be from jesus. But jesus is saying, hey, I didn't come here to continue. It's not what I came here for but that the world through me might be saved. Not just he, no, not just saved in a legal sense from our transgressions, but healed to heal you from your thoughts of condemnation, to heal you from an experience of condemnation and of shame. So for living in a head space of condemnation and believing that god has a posture this being against us, john 317 shows us that that is not true. That's not what jesus came here for. And it's not what god sent him for. He sent him to heal and to save us, to deliver us from the penalty punishment an presence of sin. And 2nd, christine's 517 says that jesus became that sin right and received all that it we deserve. So that we don't have to identify ourselves with our fillies dance. Actually. Second grenades, 521. Not 17. That god made jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of god in him. So shame is that I am something wrong, right? guilt is that I've done something wrong. Shame is that I am something wrong. I'm nothing but an addict, right? This is one of my beefs with though there are, are helpful principles within alcoholics anonymous in all of those the ill, their family of the recovery programs they have for that same system. The problem is you begin the conversation by saying my name is Dee and I'm an alcoholic. I am identifying myself with my sin, but god doesn't do that. Synchronous 521 says that jesus identified himself with my sin so that I can identify myself with his righteousness. God made jesus who knew no sin to be my sin so that I could become the righteousness of god in christ. So he became that sin and receive all that it deserves to we don't have to identify ourselves with our failures and we can be defined by his success. And this is part of that cleansing of the sanctuary that jesus along and do right now, we see it again, aroma center 5 in verse 10 for if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his son. So much more having been reconciled, we shall be saved so so by his wife. And I love this because and we talked about this last night. That is not just the death of jesus that we need. Jesus is death we're told deal to the idea of reconciliation, right? It clears our debt. The problem is once I receive that beautiful, marvellous gift, i now need to live the rest of my life without sitting in word thought or d, no problem, right? Cause it because once I do that I go right back in the debt, so I don't just need someone to clear my debt. And this is why I fully believe is a 7th, a amnesty in the 2 phase atonement. The daily service, the yearly service. Yes, jesus cleared my debt, but he also lived a life that I have not lived. And he's offer me access to that type of life. A life that can honor him, that is faithful to love god. That roman chapter 8 says for what the law could not do save us this verse 3 for the law could not do save us and it was weak to the flesh cause our flesh can't keep the law god did. By sending his son in the likenesses sinful flesh and flesh like ours and on account of sin, jesus condemned sin in the flesh. Not you. He condemned sin in the flesh so that we might so that the righteous requirement of the lovers for might be fulfilled in US who do not walk according the flesh, but according to the spirit. Literally, jesus lived a law abiding life in your flesh, so that you can live a law abiding flight law abiding life through his strength, through the ministry, the holy spirit. This is the gift it's given to us through jesus. So we don't just need the death of jesus. We also need someone to live a life that we have not lived and you get both. And what jesus came to offer is not just salvation, but healing complete in total healing. We see this mike chapter 7 who was a godlike you pardoning iniquity and passing over the transgression of the remnant of his heritage. He does not retain his anger forever because he delights in mercy. A man god delights in mercy. He wants to, to provide for you, he wants to forgive you incleanse you and all of this. He doesn't have a posher saying, you know, if you prove your worth, maybe I'll make a move. God made the 1st move and he was recording from last night. We talk about that god made the 1st move and we're responding to that. We're responding to his goodness. He will again have compassion on us and will subdue our iniquities. You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea. You'll separate us from our sins. You will give truth to jacob and mercy to abraham, which is sore into our fathers from days of old. Again were prone to take refuge in lies and he's in the business of delivering truth. But will you let him? Because every time that god tries to speak truth into your thought life and you say no, that's not true. I am a loser. I am a liar, i am a thief. I am an adult for I am not good enough. You're literally standing in his way of cleansing the sanctuary. Your fighting, the work of cleansing, that god is seeking to do in your life. And he doesn't want to take refuge in lives anymore. So if you remember, we talked about last night. He not only has a posture pardon towards us, but he's also fully desirous of separating us from that sim. He wants to cleanser completely from the temple and leave no record of it. But if we don't let ourselves be loved and forgiven, were basically refusing to let him cleanse the sanctuary. We're fighting his much needed to work on the day of atonement. And many times we're doing that while seeking to be a christian or pleading with god to forgive us. But then we're telling him, no, you can't get rid of that. And it's us, there won't let it go, it's not god. And this is why I wanted to share this week and last night again to day. God is not the one who's saying I don't know if I want to let go of this. It's us. God is in the business of cleansing, he's in the business of healing, but will you let him? So when we cherish our thoughts of self hatred, shame, and condemnation, we're basically telling god you can't take that out of here. It belongs here. That's what we're telling him. We're literally standing in protest against this most precious work of plunging the sanctuary. We're fighting his work of signification in cleansing, and we don't even see it. Now the apostle paul understood this really well. Time of this, the idea of self hatred and those thoughts of shame and condemnation that can come to us. Imagine being saul of tarsus. He's. He has literally voted for the death of christians, people who are serving god he's, he's voted for that. He's in prison. People and beaten people, and then it becomes a christian. And you think the devil gave him a diploma? Taking graduations hope worked out for you. You better believe paul was harassed all the time by his past, and we never talk about this. But this is why he says what we're going to see here later. It's right here in romans number 17. The reason why I think he says this a roman 7. Ah man I, I hate my own god for the things I want to do. I don't do the things I do want to do. I don't. And it's so frustrating. Maybe it's the same thing twice. You know what I mean? Anyone? roman 7 any goes to this process and this is o wretched man, that I am. Who shall deliver me from this body of death. But paul understood the secret of the christian experience in romans 7. Number 17, he says, but now it's no wonder i who do it. But sin that dwells in me, and this is the point. Paul understood the difference from what I do and struggle with and who I am as a person in the eyes of god. He understood the difference that what I am doing does not define who I am. Those are 2 different things. God does not you shame. Jesus became what you have done so you can be identified by his success in so imagine how much harassment paul got for who he had been preaching the gospel. How were you just killing people that did this? You're not even worthy to go out there and preach and maybe this is why paul said he continually priest with fear and trembling with unimpressive as a public speaker maybe being harassed while he's speaking because the devil knows he's doing a great work for jesus and maybe that's why you're being harassed. I'm fully convinced the amount of oppression a person receives is in direct proportion to the potential that they bear. So what if all that harassment that you're receiving is not affirmation that you're a loser? What is the fact that satan believes in you and he knows what you're capable of? If you let god quint that sanctuary, he's not, he knows what you would be capable of if you believe the things about you that god believed. So he continually throws your past in your path and remind you of who you've been, what you've done, and why god shouldn't forgive you. This is why this is so important for us. This is present truth guys. The topic of mental health is absolutely present truth. And 1st on chapter 4, we're told and we have known and believe the love that god has for us. This is the answer to experientially know and fully believe the love that god has for us. God is love and he will abide and love abiding god in god in him. And love has been perfected. Perfect in among isn't this that we may have boldness in the day of judgment because as he is so are we in this world. But many of our own people are horrified of the judgment. But that's john saying no, no, no, there shouldn't be your experience. You can have boldness and just not because of you will because jesus Do, we may have boldest in the day just because it's he is. So are we in this world? This is what we, this is what gives us boldness in assurance, in the judgment, knowing and believing that god loves us right that god made jesus who knows him to be our sin so that we can become the righteousness of christ. And so as he is so are we in this world? We're closing the righteous is a jesus christ, which gives us freedom from fear and the judgment. God is for me and against me. He continues, there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. And then it says that we love him because he 1st loved us. The only way in which any body is going to fall in love with jesus is by 1st encountering the reality that he's already in love with you. And that's before you got anything right. God showed his own love for his romans. Chapter fibers 8 says god showed his own lo, forrest, and that while we were still sinners, christ died for us. Jesus didn't come to commence a father to love us is because the father already loved you before you got anything right that he sent jesus. And this is the gospel guys. He seeking the cleanser hearts and minds of fear as well. Listen to this, this is what god is doing an investigative judgement right now. I'm going to the sanctuary. God does not use or employ compulsory measures. Love is the agent which he uses to expel sin from the hearts. If not condemnation, if not, fear is not the judgements come and get my act together. God does not use compulsory measures. He understands that when we can come to a full embracing of the reality that I am fully known and fully loved by the god of the universe. This is what's going to lead to sin being expelled from the Human soul. Love is the only agent that can do this. Not shame, not pressure, not corps in condemnation, and by it by love, god change his pride and to humility, an emergency, and unbelief into love and faith. Maybe you don't believe the things about you the god believes and you don't know how god, I need you to speak that truth in my life right now. Speak, love and life into my experience. And the same can go for the transgressions. Had been committed against us. We talked earlier about the fact that, you know, we're holding onto what we've done and who we've been. We're keeping god from his cleansing work. The same can be said for the transgressions that it can been committed against us by other people. We need to ask god for his ability to forgive these individuals and to release these things so that god can cleanse them away and remove all record of them from the temple of our own hearts and minds to be able to fully release what has been done against us into the hands of one who is fully safe. He has suffered just like you. This is what lead you to be able to come boldly news prisons because he knows what dislike to be treated poorly, abuse rejected, abandon lonely and so forth. And he's willing to heal you fully. Not just to give you the ability to intellectually forgive them and what you like. He wants those wounds gone from this old temple. He wants to fully healing and set us free. And for some of us that may require professional help and that's totally fine. Man. For me it did. My trauma was bigger than me and I had to come face to face the fact that I needed help. And I found a bible believing non freudian, amazing therapist has been such a blessing to me who's pointing me in the right direction. He's not changing. My thought is not telling me what to do. He's giving me a guided tour of my story and helping me to process it and work with god and giving those things been so amazing and so helpful for me. For some of us, that's maybe what this looks like. And so if any of your study, the topic of mental health, this is a big work as needed right now and hang in there. So we need to ask for god's ability to forgive these individuals and to release those things so that god can cleanse them away. And remove all record of them from the temple of our own hearts and minds. And so part of the latest the message revolution, chapter 3, is that you're not who you think you are at every aspect, dreaming of emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and otherwise. You think you're rich and have need of nothing, but what you don't realize is you're poor, miserable, blind and naked. But then god offers a solution in himself. Accounts you to buy me gold tried in the fire of faith that works by love. White raymond, the righteousness of christ, and then the hard one is the 3rd one. I have spiritual discernment to recognize your true condition. We don't want to go there. Part of the reason why we're not experiencing the cleansing that god wants to give us is because we're not willing to go there. We're not willing to give the stuff up to let him have it. And we see this even in John chapter 5, jesus comes up to this guy. I've so many more things i'd like to say, but it can't. So anyway, john chapter 5, jesus comes up to this guy, the pool bethesda, he'd been an invalid for how many years will 38 years. You've been an invalid and jesus comes up and ask him a seemingly obvious question, what is that? It's on the board. Open book test. Do you want to be made? Well, that seems like a ridiculous question to ask someone who's paralyzed doesn't unless you knew the guy's story, because when jesus asked him, do you want to be made? Well, the guys, immediate response is all the reason for why he can't be made. Well, does early matter? No one cares about me. No one will carry me to the water. I'm lonely, i'm rejected, and I did this to myself. I deserve it. Is what he's believing in jesus doesn't waste time and bantering with a guy. He tells him rise, take up your math and walk. Now I talked about this before. The restoration is a 1000000 years ago. None of you are probably even here that stage. Maybe you are, but I talked about this restoration 3 years ago and there's turn over your college. Just kidding anyway. Some of your professionals are still here. I know you. I know you. I know you just yeah, I get it anyway. So jesus, when he tells he got a rise, take up matt and walk. It kind of makes you wonder like the writing a walk. You make sense. But what's with Matt? What jesus is basically telling the guy is to not forget where he came from. That man is reminder of 38 years of shame, rejection, abandonment, and loneliness and so forth. And what jesus is trying to tell him is, remember, that was good to you in that dark moment and then that's not who you are anymore. That's who you used to be, but that's not who you are anymore, and you can walk your free dude. Like you can walk on your own 2 legs without assistance. You don't have to go back to that. But for some of us, we've been carrying that mat while trying to walk as christians are whole lives. This is different from understanding the benefits of where you came from, where you are, but to keep identifying yourself by the story of your past is not healthy. You're seeing the difference. And so the question, jesus is really asking this guy is to exchange his identity. Do you really want things to change? Do you want to keep living, inexperience of self hatred, self sabotage and self pity? Do you want that to change for some of us? No, I mean, yeah, I'd like to have this. This malady gone. But to change my mind set right to allow you to cleanse the sanctuary. I don't know if I'm ready for that. The kind of scares me because again, we find refuge in lice. The whole head is sick. This is a place of comfort for us. Many of us are more comfortable in the damaging places than we are in a place of freedom and healing. Because we don't know what to expect from the always known as brokenness, always known as betrayal. And loneliness and discouragement and it's scary to hope that things could change. And that's what jesus is asking us this morning. Are you willing to let me get in there? And would you be willing to change this whole process and let me change this whole process to live a different life and abundant wife there, migrate my healing my freedom. So our sins that we're committing are largely berth at the things that we're believing. So to assume that god is only going to try to get bad behavior at your life during the day of a tillman is really missing the whole point. And that's why he goes in these heart issues with a man in roman john chapter 5. So when we've been surrounded by what we've been surrounded by what's afflicted us becomes comfortable and to let go of that is hard even scary for some of us. And so when jesus asked us, do you want to be made well, or answer like the guy in John 5 is hesitancy, excuses. But he's asking us to trust him with our pain and our story in the let him keyless fully to do the full work of soho in our lives and cause of this last idea, I think yeah. So enrollment chapter 4 on the reef in the ivy quote from the ivy speaking abraham, it says get abraham did not waver. Is the one belief regarding the promise of god, but was strengthened in his fate and gave glory to God being fully persuaded that god had power to do what he had promised. And we say a man. But when you read the book of genesis, this story doesn't look like that. And there's tension here, but there's a good answer on the questioning script from questioning, god's goodness, mercy, just as any of that, listen to what I am saying. Why is there tension? How can paul had the audacity of you said he says, are romans for 20 and 21? When the book of genesis has a different story, abraham trafficked his wife twice. He laughed in the face of god and he slept with handmade and tried to do for himself. God promised to do. Does that sound like only obeyed continually? Always believed fully. It doesn't. So what do we do with this enrollment? chapter 4 in verse 17 paul says, god calls the things that do not exist and still they did. Now, how can god do that? Because abraham fell upon the rock and was broken. He confessed and repented, which was the access to separation from his sin. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to separate us from our sins and the cleanses from all unrighteousness. And here's the good news guys. When we bring our broken and troubled chapters of our story to jesus, he literally rewrites our story. And now what's the story of the success of jesus over the top of my failures? This is what he wants to do in your life today. Guys. He wants to rewrite that story. He wants to cleanse the sanctuary. But will you let him and understanding. He wants to do that. So it says the 1st on chapter 2 versus one into my little children. These things are right. You said you don't see him, right? I'm not pay leading sense. And I keep saying, doesn't matter, gotta get rid of it. Like of course, who would live like that? I would never say such a thing. Beloved, i wish you didn't see him. But here's the good news. If you see him, you have an advocate with the father, jesus christ, the righteous, and he's doing a work right now on your behalf. He himself was a propitiation the covering for our sins enough for ours only, but also for the whole world. So here's my appeal to us this morning. Are you willing to let him do what he seeking to do right now? When he's cleansing the sanctuary up above? He's also seeking a cleanser sanctuary right here in our hearts and in our minds. Will we let him go there? Will we let god do for us? What he's wanting to do? Are we gonna stay the way and I don't know that belongs here. You can't take that. That's not the abundant wife guys. You can't change your thoughts. You can't free yourself and these negative thought patterns. You can't hear yourself from abuse and abandonment and loneliness. But you do have a savior who's in the business of soho, of saving and healing, and he delights to cleanse. He delights in mercy. But will you let him go there? I'm fully convinced the lay to see and message had a large mental health component. This is present truth guys. We're finding refuge in lives. We're finding these, these horrible, challenging circumstances our own hearts and minds are not, as god would intend refuge and lies in the whole head is sick. We let him in today. Will you let him be the great physician and begin this work? I don't know what that's going to look like for you. I don't know what your next step is, but he does. If you're just willing to go there, he can get you there, man. Guaranteed. But are you willing to look in the mirror and let him do that work that he wants to do? Let's pray, god in heaven. You know our hearts, you know, our stories better than we do. And you know what our stories are doing to us when we don't release them to you. And so I pray or god that you would forgive our sins, that you would cover them with the blood of jesus. I pray that you would send the holy spirit to bring comfort the spirit of truth to minister to the lies and our hearts in our minds and that you would do for us will we so desperately need. You don't pay li 8 sin, but you are faithful. To cleanse and forgive from sin and to separate us from it. And or do you want to rewrite many stories in this room right now? And we've been hesitant. We're scared of a different chapter. We least know what to expect in the pain. God, would you give us courage to turn the page to hand you the PIN and allow you to write a new story today? This is our plea. Oh God. And we asked us in jesus name ah, this media was brought to you by audio purse. 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