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03 When You Don’t Understand

Dee Casper


Dee Casper

Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program



  • September 18, 2021
    6:00 AM
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Well, good afternoon everyone. It's our last meeting together. So my last meeting today, but it's our last meeting together, and I pray that god will, will bless us. I'm going to be addressing the topic of dana chapter $89.10. Don't worry, this is not going to be a 3 hour bible study, but I want to address. So kind of big picture issue. I think that lies and practical lessons from daniel chapter 89 and 10. The topic of waiting and not understanding why god has us and he's holding patterns. How do we get through it? What's god doing when it seems like nothing's happening and what you're going to do to strengthen us if you're in one of those seasons or have ever been in one of the seasons? Certainly one will come if you have an experienced one and when that's the case, hopefully these principles will be half a blessing to you. They've been to me in my own journey. So I'd like to pray and then we'll start our presentation for this afternoon. Sweet jesus, thank you, that you have been good to us that you've been faithful to us and what we studied so far, and we praise we have one last study together that you're handed blessing would be with us and give us practical lessons. We pray and we ask this in jesus name. Amen. All right, So the book of daniel contains prophecies that are very important for us to. No one understands that true. Absolutely. In fact, jesus says matthew chapter 24. Regarding the book of daniel, let him who reads understand right, he's talking about that book of daniel, but it's not just a book of important prophecies. It's also filled with many practical stories that teachers had to live in the light of these prophecies. Even kind of wondered about the lead of daniel's kind of interesting, there's like these amazing prophecies. But there's like these like story that you can make felt, you know, a little boards out of and talk about jane and the lions den. Or you know, the shadow michigan to bed to go in the, in the fiery furnace and all this stuff. And kind of why, why do we have both components here with the basic premises? You had these prophecies in the book of daniel, but then you had the stories in the book of daniel that teach you how to live in the midst of those important prophecies. So for instance, the property of dana chapter 3 and the 3 hebrew worthies thrown into the fire, right, that's the crisis that's to come right. This idea that there's going to be a clearing called a worship, and those who don't to the line, those who don't agree will suffer penalties for this and so forth. So anyway, this practical lessons through these stories that are contained in the book of daniel on top of the prophecies. And so I want to look at some of those important parts of dana. Why that I believe are very relevant to you and I today. So indiana chapter 8. Daniels in Babylon. This a captive and he's seen god worked for him while he's still there, which is an encouragement in a discouraging situation, right? You're in captivity, that's not an easy thing, but god is still working for him in helping him. But something's happened here in daniel's that really unsettled him. If you're not familiar with this chapter, this is the chapter of the ram in the he goes, so you get daniel 7, you get the 4 beasts. Daniel, 2, you get the middle man, daniel 8. You get the ram and the he goes basically speaking of me to persia and what will eventually become greece. Because babbling already ruling at this stage. And so you get to this time and he sees the, the, he go that has the 4 horns and those are broken off. A single horn emerges is little horn. But one horn breaks off, turns in a for, and there's a little horn that kind of comes up through that process and it's wreaking havoc, right? The people of god are being trampled underfoot. The saints are being persecuted and is deeply troubling to daniel because he's an israelite riley. These are my peeps like, these are my people. This isn't easy for him to see this. And it's very, very troubling. And it doesn't make matters better. That while he's troubled by this vision, it's so bad that one of the angels individual ask another angel. So how long is that going to go on? Can you imagine like you're already stressed? And then one of the other angels points out just how bad this is like, man, how long is that going to go on? That's, that's pretty bad. And then the answer that's given it's under 2300 days or evenings or mornings. Then the things we shall be cleansed and in a more detailed interpretation divisions given as far as the you know, that the 1260 and some of that stuff. But there's not really much given about the 2300 days portion. All he's really told is it's true. Really tell me anything. Right? I don't know what it means when I'm basically told is that it's true. Now in daniel's context, the people of god were already under attack, right? jerusalem has been sacked. They're taken captive. And certainly, dana can be tempted to wonder, is this talking about right now or later? He doesn't fully understand what's going on. The angel later tell him that the primary part of that vision is far as the persecution. The saints will be for the time of the end, right? $798.00. And that timeline. But the vision concerning the $2300.00 days, which is a different hebrew word altogether, is still confusing him. He doesn't understand it, and it's still weighing heavily upon him, even at the close of this chapter. But yeah, it's very challenging to him because imagine being, daniel, you've been told that you're going to be in captivity for 70 years. It's nearing the close of those 70 years. And then you are given a vision. There's going to be $2300.00 days or 2200 years until the sanctuary is cleansed. What sanctuary do you think he would be thinking about the 3 that we talked about this morning? Do you think you thinking like william miller was the heavenly sanctuary? You don't sound to can you don't really not answer this question. It seems if you're daniel in daniel chapter 8, what temple do you think it is or what things? Where do you think it is? Going to be clear in his mind jerusalem. Right? So that means that like, wait a minute, we're not going home after 70 years. We wait 2300 more years. Are you starting to see why daniel? So distressed, he doesn't understand what's being said, you're like, well, or I thought it was 70 years and maybe have been there. Have you ever been the situations were I mean, during med school for goodness sakes, many of you were, you just budget your emotional bandwidth. I just need to make it through Friday, finals week or that I just need to make it until sabbath. And when something happens that you were planning on the immediate fear and thought is, I didn't budget for this. Where I had budgeted my emotional energy to make it this long, and then something happens your weekend off gets taken away and added a week later. And you're just like, well, oh well I didn't budget for this. I don't know if I can handle that. Well that's where he is. I thought it was 70 years now. It seems like god's apply. There's 2300 more years on top of this. Yeah, dude, pretty stressed about this. So we get to versus $15.00 to $18.00. Actually 1718 largely you can turn there if you like. I'm gonna highlight some of this is in summary just for the sake of brevity that is not my fruit of the spirit by the way. And it's not listed in galatians 5, so you can give me a hard time about that. Dana chapter 8. 17 and 18. So says this: ah. So he came near where I stood, meaning the angel nick came when I was afraid and I fell my face and he said to me, understand, son of man, that the vision refers to the time of the and that's the 1st vision the about the, the oppression of the saints. It's not time on the $22.00 days, verse 18. Now as he was speaking with me, I was in a deep sleep with my face to the ground. So this revelation of seemingly more hard time being tacked on to the nation of israel sentence is so overwhelming to daniel that physically he collapses. It's so intense to him. He literally collapses, and he has no strength left. But the angel touched me and stood me upright. And I love this, we'll see this continuing throughout the chapters that we're going to look at today that god is so merciful, right? The even when we get overwhelmed by the bad news we receive in life, when god's doing things that we don't understand and we're tired of suffering and waiting and so forth, that in those moments god's willing to send help from heaven to touch us and strengthen us a men. Oh, I love that. So we need to dana chapter 9. So dana chapter 9. We've got the context from daniel 8 of what is going through in daniel 9. Daniel line takes place 15 years after daniel 8. No resolution, no answers. It's so bad. The dude collapses and daniel 8 and he's still wrestling with uncertainty for another 15 years. And he doesn't really get all the answers, then even releases given more answers. So 15 years later, he's still wrestling. He's not understanding even after god's in an angel to help them a long time to wrestle with the tension of not having certainty and something that's clearly important. And we talked about why he misunderstood as far as jerusalem is what he's thinking. And that kind of whole tension right now. That's why he faints. You know like 2300 years on top of 70. That's just not cool. I didn't budget for that. I'm just gonna cash out and sleep when ever been there. You just kind of sleep off the stress that come in my the only person ever done that like, life is just too overwhelming. It's too much. And the only way you really know how to deal with this is it just not exist in the non conscious sleeping state. That's what daniel does. He sleeps it off in initially the angel comes to help them. Now the thing is, daniel's been in babel and the entire length of this captivity. He's been a soldier this whole time. He's made it this far, and he's continued in the spiritual disciplines throughout this entire season. And it's been difficult and challenging for him. But every day, it's only gonna be 70 years and he makes it now he's getting to the close of that timeline. And this guy's praying every single day that he's in captivity, pleading with god to keep his promises. He was super discipline. Right. He and it was because daniel was just like rock star. They just had, you know, an amazing form of spiritual prowess. None of us can ever attain to. He realized his need on a daily basis. And there's nothing that really opens her eyes to our need, like conflicting controversy, right? Being a prisoner of war will open your eyes to the fact that life isn't really about you. Right? It changes your perspective in your priorities. This is where he is. And so it keeps getting to him, right, he's, he's, he's been in Babylon. And the promise of the release is one of those things that kept him going. And this now seems to be outside of his grasp and it's crippling to him. He maintains his daily duties, but this really weighs in him. You ever been there? Right. Like you keep showing up to work you keep going to school. But part of you isn't fully present because of what you're dealing with inside you ever been there? That's where daniel is right now. He's going through that circumstance when the promises of god seemed to be continually just beyond your grasp. But the very fact that he didn't give up on seeking understanding and studying is important. Good daniel, 9, beginning of or one in the 1st year of darius, the son of a has you. Where is the lineage of the maids who was made king of the realm of the cal dns in the 1st year of his reign. I daniel understood by the books, the number of the year specified by the word of the Lord through who jeremiah the prophet that he would accomplish how long, 70 years and the destruction of jerusalem. So is Dale just sitting around frustrated, or is he taking some form of action on his own while he's waiting on the study? Again, I'm going to go and make sure that I understood what god said in the 1st place. I'm going to re study the prophecies that god gave surrounding this circumstance. And there's a lesson for us here. When we're overwhelmed, we don't understand what god is doing. Seems like god's making us wait longer than we thought we should wait. You're not going to find answers by avoiding god. You're going to find answers by re examining what god has already said in his word. Right, if you've got prayer journals, god spoke to me on this day about this thing. Go back through your prayer journal and remind yourself what god is promise you because he's not a man that he should lie. Ne, a man he should repent. Right, daniel did that, he's researching the prob, the prophecies in the scriptures. He's digging into the scriptures then averse 3 that I said, my face towards the Lord God to make my request by prayer and supplications with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes. And I prayed to the Lord my God, and I made confession and said, oh lord, great, awesome god, who keeps his covenant and mercy with those who love him. And with those who keep his commandments, we have said we have committed iniquity. We have done wickedly and rebelled even by departing from your precepts and your judgments. K. So he's diligently searching the prophecies that are available to him. He is wrestling with the text as he's wrestling to understand what god is doing. He's also wrestling with the text, which is a lesson for you and I today. He's clearly wondering if the reaping the curse due to running the $28.00 right. There were the curses and the blessings of deuteronomy $28.00 curses for disobedience blessings for obedience. And he's wondering, did we just have more hard time tact on door since? Right. And it's gonna be a longer exile. The there was for told philly, pleased with god to keep his promise of 70 years and no longer that while god to be just and punishing them for their own faithfulness, that he would still prove to be the god of mercy. That is, claim to be in micah says that he delights to be. We talked about this morning last night and he's also assuming the posture of the guilty party. He's praying a corporate prayer of repentance and humility. But it is very fascinating, right. He says that we have, since we have transgressed, we've been unfaithful. But the thing is from the, from what we have access to in the book of daniel, this guy literally has been faithful in every duty. It's a direct quote from profit kings. By the way. He's been faithful in every duty. So imagine have you been one of those people? Were your towing the line in school? You're doing all the work that out of you. Your cohort is not. You're the person that shows up to work every day on time. Your cohort does not, and eventually kind of get frustrated that you're doing the right things, but no one else is. Right. Certainly, dana could have wrestled with these thoughts, but instead of saying, these guys are losers, these guys have been unfaithful. These guys haven't done what asked daniel, literally humbled themself in praise as if he's the guilty party. Even though nothing, we see the tech to lose the fact that daniel's the reason for any of this these very interesting. And again, he's studying the properties of jeremiah to clarify how long griggs i would be until the judgment of babylon took place. And we generally go to jeremiah chapter $25.00 to see what's going on with that. Now the background for that text and jeremiah 25 is that god in speaking through jeremiah begins by sharing that jeremiah and the other prophets were sent to them. He woke up early, sending these prophets, and they weren't being listened to their messages and being heated, and he's calling them to repent for this. And there's reminding them don't go after other gods don't provoke him any longer, but you don't listen to me. You're not listening to me and then picking up in jeremiah, chapter 25, beginning of verse 12, then it will come to pass when 70 years are completed. So I will punish the king of babylon in that nation. The land of the cal dns for their iniquity says the Lord and I will make it a perpetual desolation. So I will bring on that land, all my words, which I pronounced against it. All that is written in this book, which jeremiah has prophesied concerning all the nations. So daniel has gone through this process. He's going back to all the places that he had read before that said why they are where they are and what's going on. This is one of them. Ok. So because you're not listening, i'm calling babbling, to come and take you captive, and the whole lands going to be desolate and there will be no more celebrations. And you're going to serve never kinetzer. My servant for 70 years is what they're told, the book of jeremiah. He refers to the disciplinarian that's being used on his behalf, nebeker as her, as my servant. He'll take you to captivity for 70 years. But this isn't the only place that dana would have gone to study in the writings of jeremiah, to see what god said regarding their captivity and their eventual release. The other place he would go to is jeremiah chapter $29.00. Turn there. Jeremiah, chapter 29. Super interesting jeremiah chapter 29. And in verse 10 is where we're going to go. So in jeremiah 25, the captivity is yet to take place there. Not in captivity yet, but in jeremiah 29, it's a current reality there in captivity. And God reminds him of their fate and how they got there, but he doesn't stop. There came the verses preceding this. He tells them to put down roots. You're going to be there a while. So play gardens have kids and pray for the peace of the place. Where you are held captive and then look at what he says and verse tim for the Lord the said, the Lord after 70 years or completed a babble and I will visit you and all perform what type of work towards you. My good word towards you and, or cause you to return to this place. So even though daniel doesn't, there stand with his whole vision in chapter 8 with about it seems confusing, even somewhat contradictory. What is her before he's studying? And as he's diligently searching, he's reminded of the promise that god is made 70 years and no longer. Right, he's reminded of this promise. But look at the very next thing that god says beginning in verse 11. For I know the thoughts that I think towards you says the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. Many of us maybe have this on a bible on a cross stitch, some inspirational poster in our house. Right, with claim this promise and so many ways, but we've never thought about the context. The context of this verse is the nation of israel has been unfaithful there in captivity because of their own faithfulness. And even in the midst of them being unfaithful, god responses i still have plans to bless you. Maybe you're in captivity right now. Maybe you're reaping a season of difficulty that you yourself have zone. And God response is my story for use not over. You think there's no chance for me, there's no hope. Things are going to get any better and I get what I get and it's what I deserve. And god's response is I still have plans to bless you. I still have plans to prosper. You. There is still a hope in the future that I want to give you 1st 12. Then you will call upon me and you will go and pray to me and what's gonna do when you pray. I will listen to you and you will seek me and find me when you search for me, how with all of your heart, are you starting to see why daniel pray so fervently and daniel chapter 9, god literally told him to do it to as daniel's trouble he doesn't understand what's going on. He's deeply trouble, but what's taking place? What he does know is in his search, god says, pray to me. I still plan to bless you. It's going to be 70 years. And when you pray to me with all of your heart, i'm going to hear you. And so daniel acts upon what god has revealed, in spite of these circumstances, he doesn't understand these delays these difficulties and so forth. He still chooses to believe what god is said. So for one, he really wants to understand what god is doing because it seems like that judgment got longer. So he stressed about that and concerned about that that's part of the passion of his prayer, daniel 9. And that's a good enough reason to pray with all your gods, but gods also giving an invitation to swing for the fences, call upon me with all of your heart and I'll hear you. Yes, you've been unfaithful. You've received the rightful judgments that are promised to give, but I still have plans for you in even to prosper and someone needs to hear that today. You're going through a hard patch and god's telling us he's not done with us just yet. To continue verse 14, I will be found by you says the Lord and I will bring you back from your captivity. I will gather you from all the nations from all the places where i've driven you says the Lord, I will bring you to the place from which I cause you to be carried away captive multiple times. He says, by promise hasn't changed. My promise hasn't changed, my promise hasn't changed. So imagine god rewards his diligent search. I'm stressed i don't know what's going on. I don't know why got his taking me through the circumstance and God literally rewards his diligent search in his stress. To speak into that event you have had tells me it's not the time to abandon the things of god. Right? gain didn't get less spiritual in the midst of his challenges and difficulties and that's what were tempted to do is know. I'm so stress, i'm so overwhelmed. Nothing's happening. It seems hopeless. So we stop praying because what's the point we stop studying? We stop investigating because not really getting anywhere but daniel continued, he didn't get less spiritual in his disciplines during the time he dug his heels in even further. And that's another lesson for us. When god doesn't seem to be working, you not understanding what's going on. So it's hard to get less spiritually disciplined, to tend to be even more spiritually discipline. And, but that's not the only place daniel to God. But what I love is the fact that as daniel was searching for information about the exile, what do you find the promise of god's love for him? And that he still has plans to help him. God rewards our search with precious jewels to keep us going. I love that so much. That's not the only place that daniel would have gone to figure out what's going on. He also took on the 2nd chronicles chapter 6. Second chronicles, chapter 6 is basically when king solomon is dedicating the temple to the Lord. He's finished building the temple, he's dedicating it to the Lord and he prays multiple things. Ok, he begins his prayer by acknowledging that god keeps his covenant with his people. And he shows them mercy when they walk before him with all their hearts. Then he goes into the fact that god kept his promises to his father, david speaking solomon, and he pleads with god to keep the other properties made and keeping david's lineage on the for on the throne. Ands we read this negative 36 when they sin against you when there's no one for there's no one who does not sin and you become angry with them and deliver them to the enemy. And they take them captive to a land far near that sound. Familiar, certainly, yet when they come to themselves in that land where they are carried captive and repents and make supplication to you in the land of the captivity is very interesting when it says when they come to themselves. That language is somewhere in the new testament, you know, that found the prodigal son. When you recognise that you're in this situation because of decisions that you have made and you come to yourself, you come to your senses. Right? Same language is using a prodigal son which someone's borrowed, i'm sure from this particular prayer in this topic. When they come to themselves and make supplication and repent, and to you in the land the leaves are kept everything we have said. We have done wrong and committed wickedness, verse $38.00, and when they returned to you with all their heart, with all their soul in the land of their captivity, where they've been carried captive, and they prayed towards the land which you gave to their fathers, the city which you have chosen and toward the temple that I have built for your name. Wait a minute. In daniel chapter 6, there is a decree this past because daniel is faithful in every duty and the only way his cohort can get him in trouble is by making keeping the law of god illegal. Could someone say that about you and your workplace? And so in this circumstance, they say if anyone prays to anyone but you o king, let them be thrown into a lions dim. And daniel as his custom was, goes up to his room. And what does he do? He prays. But what does it look like? He opened his windows towards, towards where the temple used to be in jerusalem, and he prays 3 times a day, and he did this throughout the entire 70 years of exile. Why did he do it? Because of this promise and 2nd chronicles chapter 6. When solomon pray that this would happen, when this does happen, the god would hear them in those moments. So this guy's clinging to god's promise is evil when everything they, his eyes see don't look very promising. They don't look very encouraging. So when they pray towards this place, which I built free and never 39, then hear from heaven your dwelling, place their prayer, their supplications and maintain their cause, and forgive your people who sinned against you and verse 40. Now my God, I pray let your eyes be open to let your ears be attempted to the prayer made in this place. Now therefore arise are lower gods. You're resting, place you in the arc of your strength, let your priest. Oh lord, brought up god, be close the Salvation and let your goodness rejoice. Let your st. Rejoice in goodness. Oh lord, God do not turn away your faith from your anointed. Remember the mercy of your servant, david. So this similar promise, right, is given to solomon answered his proved indication. God says i've heard you and I will honor that right when there unfaithful. And you pray towards the temple, i will hear them, which again shows it how tenaciously daniel clung to the promises of his word. Even in the midst of trials and death, threats could have cost him his life to keep falling this promise. But when you're following the promises of god, god always stands it for you. Yeah, and we see that here in this situation, new cleansers promises nothing would keep god for that. Nothing would keep daniel from communing with entrusting in his garden and holding him to his word. And moses did that Disney moses would hold god to his word. When god would seem to do things, it didn't seem to line up with what he thought was going to happen. And again, these are practical lessons for us living in the midst of times of prophetic significance. These are the lessons for you, and for me now go back to daniel night. So here's kind of the inspiration behind why he prays, as he prays in daniel 9. Jeremiah 25. Jeremiah 29. Second chronicle. 6. Ok. So going back to verse 5, verse for him, and I prayed to the Lord God daniel, 9, verse 4 and I prayed to the Lord my God and make confession and said, oh lord, great, an awesome god, who keeps his covenant and mercy with those who love him and those who keep it commandments. He's quoting 2nd chronicle 6 year. We have sin, committed in equity. We have done wicked, lean rebuild even by departing from your precepts and your judgments. And verse 6, neither have we heeded your servants, the prophets, he's quoting jeremiah 25, who spoke in your name to our kings or princes to our fathers and all the people, the land. Oh lord, righteousness belongs to you. But to us shame of face it is, is this day to the men of judah to be, and how does jerusalem all israel, those near those, far off in all the countries to which you driven them? Now it's quoting due to me 28 because of the faithfulness which they've committed against you. K now skipped down to verse 13 as it is written of all the Lord of a beloved moses. All this disaster has come upon us. Yet we have not made our prayer before the Lord, our god, that we might turn from our iniquities and understand your truth. Things is very fascinating. He's the, we've not made our prayer. We have not done the prayer. What prayer the prayer they were encouraged to pray in jeremiah chapter 29 to pray with all of your heart with all of your mind. So I'm doing it right now. We haven't done our end of the deal, god, and I'll take responsibility for the whole nation and we're coming to you now. I'm coming to you on our behalf. Therefore, the Lord brought this disaster mind verse 14 and brought it upon us. Because he's righteous, even though we have not obeyed his voice. And in verse 16, according to all your righteousness, i pray let your anger and your fury be turned away from your city, jerusalem, your holy mountain because for our sins and for the iniquities of our fathers, jerusalem, and your people are reproached to those around us and then listen to what he says in verse 17. Now therefore our god, hear the supplication of your servant in his applications for the lord's sake, cause your face to shine in your sanctuary, which is desolate. Oh my God, enquire in your ear and here. Open your eyes and see our desolation in the city, which is called by your name for we did not present our supplications because of our righteous deeds, but because of your great mercies, we don't deserve this and we acknowledge that. But you've claimed to be a god of mercy, you claim to delight and mercy, and were pleading that you would give us mercy 1st 19. 0 lord, here. Oh lord, forgive his quoting 2nd chronicle. 6. O lord, listen, an act do not delay for your own sake, my God, for your city and your people are called by your name in this amazing he literally is claiming every promise he can find on what god has said about this situation. And he's clinging to it in spite of what he sees in spite of what do you think counting is deeply discouraged and we get there, don't we do we have these moments while we're waiting seasons. We don't know what god is doing. Can't make sense of it. And our answer, those moments is not found to getting mad and picking up your toys and going home. It's in digging your heels and even deeper in your spiritual disciplines and cleaning what god has said in spite of what you see and God honors that search. He under daniel surgeon and gave him those blessing to jeremiah 20111213. That happens again here. Ok. So then we get to daniel chapter 9, beginning of verse 20. And while I was speaking, praying and confessing my sin and the sin of my people israel and presenting my supplications before the Lord my God, for the whole amount of my God. Yes. While I was speaking in prayer and I love that it keeps making this point like literally while that plea was in my mouth, got hurt. As I was speaking guys now like I prayed in 3 weeks later, god brought this miraculous tension to my prairies, making it super clear. While I was praying this thing, god did something god acted on my behalf. Being caused to fly swiftly. Gabriel, whom I had seen the vision beginning being caused to fly swiftly, reach me about the time of the evening offering. And he informed me and talked with me and said, o daniel, i have now come forth to give you skill to do what understand was his biggest concern of dana chapter 8. I don't understand and no one around me understood. I am here. Heaven cares about the distress you're going through right now in the things that you don't understand. That's what he's being told. And the same is true for you today guys. Whatever it is, it's overwhelming you that you can't make sense of heaven is deeply concerned with the distress you're going through in this moment. Heaven hears that prayer, the responding even as you pray. Oh, daniel, i've come for to give you skilled, understand. At the beginning of your supplications the command without listen to this. So it's not even like I prayed really hard and then god did something literally. As soon as daniel prepared his heart to pray, heaven was already moving. Heaven was already responding to his circumstance. The very beginning of your request, the command went out and I've come to tell you for and what does he say next for you are greatly beloved. Can you imagine i wished as I remember? I used to live next door to 3 b and C murray, who used to be at 3 be and that was with steven bore, but ca, murray, was preaching in the book of daniel. And he just had a moment in front of everyone. Is he filming this, this program called daniel all access or something like that? He just had a moment in the midst of this presentation is giving that there a moment we get overwhelmed and it would do as a lot of good. If God would you send an angel, let me know that I'm loved you ever been there? I would just love to receive that and my time of grief and need and stress and being overwhelmed. And God knows that that's what daniel needs. So he tells him that he is greatly beloved. Therefore consider the matter and understand the vision. Then he goes into the say, the week prayer or the senate prophecy, we're not really going to go into that. That's not really a purpose of the study for today. Though it's an amazing so I almost did that last night, but I, I made the decision to do something else. If you want it, it's on audio verse. It's called a god who's always on time, where I go to the whole. So new week thing. So it's in there if you want to see it later. But god is so so eager to answer our prayers that the principle we can draw from this story, he flies swiftly to help him understand. And as soon as you started, i was here. Then he tells me reverse 23 is greatly beloved. So or wrestling for prayer, for answers to our prayers. We can be prone to doubt that reality can't we? When you're in seasons of waiting already prone to wonder, does god even really love me? Or does god even really care? And there's a statement about mary martha lazarus and desire of ages where there's this kind of tension. Because when jesus gets word and John chapter 11, that lazarus is sick, it says no, jesus love jesus, love mary, and martha and her brother lazarus. And then he would assume the next thing the testers in the say is. So he went directly to where they were, but that's now with the tech says it says he loved them, then it says he stayed 2 more days where he was and there's tension there. Isn't there jesus love them. Jesus made them wait. Well, why has it's amazing statement a response to that? She said he love them No less because he parried, jesus loves you know less because you're waiting. Some of us need to hear that today. You're not waiting because jesus doesn't love you. Some of us are waiting right now because jesus loves us and he has something better for us than we're asking for. Who knows or the story may be, but it's not a lack of love. And so, so the angel speaks into that space that dana could be tempted to believe while he's waiting. Daniel, you are greatly beloved. Heaven sent me to tell you that. And so he, when he's resting for the answers, he gets that. So then he shines light on the vision of daniel with another vision source of $23.00 days involving time that gives a picture about what the longer vision is about. So the 70 weeks gives you a snapshot in some form or fashion in a microcosm of what the 2300 days is all about, right? That there's a timer, probation, or dealing of judgement for the people of god to be prepared for cutting off period. Then it closes a versus $25.00 to $27.00. That the messiah being rejected will lead to destruction, desolation and displacement for the nation of israel, which eventually happens in 80. 70. OK, so this 70 week prophecy ends right in 8034. But there's more that happens even after that, like the full consummation of that, the full fruit of that is the destruction of jerusalem and $8070.00. And it's really interesting, there's 3 seventy's in this whole scenario. There's a D 70 the structure, jerusalem. There are 70 years in exile and babylon and the to 70 week prophecy. And they're all surrounding the same story that when we reject the messiah desolation comes, they're all talking about the same type of scenario is very interesting. But um, so when they reject towards messengers, it leads to destruction, desolation displacement. That's what happened on why they went to babylon. That's what's gonna happen with a nation of israel in $8034.00, and the full consummation of it is and $8070.00. Where the, the cities destroyed by my role. Now, while we don't have time to go into the sandwich prophecy, it is worth noting that god puts his own life on the line to keep covenant with his people. Cause daniel saying, keep covenant with your people. Keep coming in with your people, you're the covenant keeping god and God response to that fervent prayer. And daniel 9 is lou. To tell him you have no idea how faithful and am I covenant. Let me just show you. I'm willing to be cut off to keep covenant with my people on that faithful. And it's amazing reminds me the vision in June and genesis chapter 15. God shows up to abraham and says, abraham, i'm your exceedingly great reward. I want you've been looking for in baseball, what we read a romance for you think abraham would say him in. But in genesis the way that it reads is, no, you're not. You promise me kids and I've got no kids. L E are served in my house is gonna be my air and God doesn't beat them up for it isn't shame of 40. Let's go for a walk. Abraham. Look at those stars. If you could number them, so will be your decide. So disciples, so will be your descendants. My promise to you has not changed even though you're waiting and you're hurting while you wait. My promise is still the same. And then gods does something he tells abraham to sever these animals and separate them. And this is covenant, a language in the far east. He separates the cut the animals. And what people would do is the 2 parties would walk in between these 2 animals, basically making a pact that so what was what was done to these animals be done to me. If I don't keep my covenant to you, that so they would do in coming into language in that time. God does that with abraham. It's that he's the only one that passes through the animals of flaming towards passes through this vision the abraham give us this kind of spooky vision. And after a god passes through there, he tells abraham of the eventual captivity of his descendants, but that they will be released will plunder the captors and so forth. But this is what god is literally telling abraham. So let what was done to these animals be done to me. If I don't keep my promise to you, that's exactly what does happen. He literally has to be torn to keep covenant tabor him. When jesus comes, he's torn for us. We're told pole lose to the tearing of the veil in. I think it's in the corinthians, but lose the idea of the tearing of the veil that happened when jesus died to the tearing jesus flesh. The whole godhead was torn asunder, to keep covenant with his people. So you got the assurance to day that god does keep cabinet to his people. You better believe it. That's part of the answer, daniel nigh. That's what he's telling him. Keep your covenant. Keep a cabinet. I'll show you healthy way into my covenant. I will be torn to do so. I'm not going to fail you daniel. And he didn't feel abraham either. So um, I think this is amazing that while the news is encouraging daniel, the messiah is coming to truly he'll forgive us. It's going to cost him everything. The messiah will be cut off, but not for himself. Then we'll get to dana chapter. Tim daniel is still under duress for this time. Problems in chapter 8. Years have gone by. He still doesn't have closure. And we can have that in our own lives, can't we? God says he's going to do something. We wonder when he's finally going to come through, daniel, still wrestling with this. So he's back for 3 weeks. Ok. And he doesn't need anything pleasant. It says, no entertainment or things are brought before a me doesn't eating pleasant, easy simply for 3 straight weeks he is fasting. Let me see if I can find this here. Yeah. First to those days I was morning for 34 weeks. I ain't no pleasant food. No meter wine came and I went out nor did I know it myself at all till the 3 whole weeks were fulfilled. This is again, a very fascinating point that daniel, in the midst of wrestling with what he doesn't understand doesn't get less spiritual. He doesn't slack on his spiritual disciplines. He's digging even deeper for 3 weeks. He's fasting, he's removing things, and he's b. This is what's called important at prayer. I'm not going to let you go into you bless me. I'm not going to leave you alone until you help me understand what's going on here. And until you keep your promise to me, that's what daniels doing here. And this is what season through, but listen to the impact that that has as we keep reading through the narrative. And so he doesn't have any encounter with jesus christ himself versus like 49. And it humbled them, and he has no strength left as result of it. It says that twice in those versus then averse 10. After he passes out from his encounter, look at what happens. Suddenly a hand touched me, which made me tremble on my knees or the palms of my hands. Maybe have been there, god gives you some negative encouragement, but doesn't really make all the pain go away. Right, you're more mobile and functional, maybe the or at the beginning of the situation, but you still aren't fully feeling like yourself. That's where daniel is at this stage versus him. And for some of us, it may take multiple encounters of cause encouragement and blessings to really get us in a proper footing. But then the verse 11, listen to this. And he said to me, o daniel, and what does he say? Man, a great li, beloved. Again, he is reminded of heaven's love and acceptance of him and look what that does for him. Understand the words I speak to you and stand upright for i've been sent to you. And while he was speaking this word to me, I stood trembling. So what is the cause, daniel to be able to stand and understanding that he was loved? Do you know what it is? It's going to cause people to be able to stand in the midst. The judgment is to come. We read it in 1st on for this morning to know and believe the love that god has for you. And yet that's generally not the type of conversation that we have. It's about everything else, not affirming ourselves and love that god has for us, but eat right dress right. Do right, pray right? Live, right? And we should do all those things by god's grace, right? The blessing to do them. But the only thing that's really gonna get people, the ability to stand in the crisis, is to come is an understanding that they are loved. That's what made daniel staying them into his crisis. That the only thing that can make you stand in the midst of your crisis means the message, god's love should be packaged in all of our prophetic presentations. So ah, your greatly beloved and stand upright. Okay. Verse 12. Then he said to me, do not fear daniel, for from the 1st day that you set your heart to understand and humble yourself before god your words were heard. Again, god doesn't just hear your prayer when you say a man is soon as your heart is stirred to pray, all of heaven has interested him in all heaven is interested. He told him that a 2nd time. And so I've come and live live. I've come because of your words. Literally heaven is moving in response to daniel's prayers. And this is why it's so important to not stop our spiritual disciplines when we're discouraged. When we're wrestling with dell and heartbreak and disappointment, and delay. Because those very prayers that you're not praying, maybe the very prayers that god needs to do what he's longing to do in a standing. God doesn't just love you. God doesn't just like you. God doesn't just believe in you. God needs you. In the midst of this controversy, and some of us have taken ourselves off the battle line because it got too hard. And he's asking you to come back just like olaja. What are you doing here? Go back to the battle lines. I still have a work for you, I need you in this work. So I came because of your words, he says. But the print of the kingdom of persia withstood me for how many days? 21 days. How long is 3 weeks? Literally this battle daniela's praying through and this is the other thing. Daniel has no idea that there are spiritual battles being fought right now. Daniels under the impression that nothings happening as he prays because he sees nothing. And yet he keeps praying. And what he's told is, god is working for you even when you didn't see it. And this is important for you and I, because we think, man, I'm praying of fasting a bringing all these things before the Lord and nothing's happening. So what's the point? I'm just going to quit. What we don't realize is, god is fighting battles for you. Those moments the you know nothing about. He's doing it out with the devil and you have no idea and you have the death. You say that god doesn't care. And God doesn't listen to me and he's not doing anything. Literally, he is fighting battles for you that you know nothing about. And God gives us that picture. Daniel didn't get the benefit that picture wally suffering. But you can have the benefit of that picture while you're suffering. You have the book of job. You can see the spiritual battle, the great controversy and daniel's life, and daniel 10, daniel didn't have that privilege. You knew the job. But we can guys and it's for a reason. So then he says, so he was stood me 21 days and behold michael, one of the chief princes came to help me for I had been left alone there with the king of persia. But now I've come to do what to help you understand to make you understand what will happen, your people in the latter days, for the vision refers to many days yet to come. Thing, this is so so amazing. So he says that he is fighting a war with the king of persia. If you read ezra nehemiah, you recognize there's about a going back and forth. There is a korea restore, a build jerusalem. So they start the process of going there. But then there's another king doesn't know joseph, right? A similar situation. They don't know what's going on. And the people in the land complained to the king, they will, all these people are troublemakers. Do you know that they're building a temple and they're going to cause all kinds of problems old and tell them to stop when they stop building the temple? And then they send report back to the king. Say, well, we'll check your record books like this is something, it's totally kosher. We have approval to do this. He searched his books, he realized that they can do this, this back and forth, is all going on during this time period. Guys. This whole scenario of as really a my, this back and forth. And the thing is the whole plan of salvation is at stake here. Because the 70 week prophecy about the coming of the messiah. When he'll be baptized when he'll die, when the gospel go to the gentiles, all centers on the decree to restore and build jerusalem. That's when this whole process begins. And satan is warring against god's plan of redemption in this moment. And daniel's prayers are ensuring that god will prevail in this battle in ways that god could not have done things heading operate you understanding is tremendous power and holding god his promises and praying. And God may be making big power moves in the great controversy in response to your prayers. And we had no idea this entire time. So this gives us great insight in the controversy at large and also in our prayer lies when we pray and pray and pray and wonder why things aren't coming to pass. Especially were praying for god to do what he said he would do. It's not because heaven is interested with it. God is lied to us. There are other forces that play and he needs to persevere in prayer and claiming his promises. So when you feel like god, why don't you hear him? You aren't you doing the thing? He's fighting battles that you know nothing about and keep bring. That's the point. Yeah. So nor mcnulty. He has a book, a commentary in the book of daniel. He says this on the section. He says the fact that christ appeared in this struggle shows how much resistance the devil put into this battle. The resistance was so strong that even gabriel cannot overcome him. Only the power of christ turned the mind of cyrus. And once he a ride, the battle ended, he told us that all power is given to me in heaven and earth, matthew 2818. Although the devil may have power, he does not have power to resist christ in who obviously knew how important cyrus, his role was in helping the 70 weeks and the 2300 days to begin the entire plan of salvation was at stake. Because of daniel's faithfulness and unrelenting prayer christ answered daniel's prayer and won the battle against the devil. So that cyrus would cooperate with god's plan and well, white continues on up come and he was quoting from earlier, we didn't read from that quote, but anyway, l A white talks about this before the contest closed, christ himself came to gabriel's help in all that heaven could do in behalf of god's people was done, the victory was finally gained and the forces the enemy were held in check all the days of cyrus, who reign for 7 years and all the days of his son, campuses who reign 7 years and a half norm picked up again. Once the victory had been gained, gabriel led daniel know what happened behind the scenes during the 3 weeks while he break. Daniel had no idea while he's bring, but god is a great mercy. Shows him on the other side of it. Hey. I was fighting and winning battles for you that you knew nothing about. Daniel's praying because he doesn't understand about the prophecy of daniel 8. But that prayer fervency for god to keep his promises is what ensures that christ prevailed in daniel 9 in Indiana 10 specifically to think is so amazing. This even shows us the great controversy between good and evil, god saints like daniel can play a key role in drawing in the power of christ to turn the tide to victory. And so Again, a verse 14 of daniel tin. He says, now I have come to help you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days. For the vision refers to many days, yet to come. That's the vision of the $1260.00 and that circumstance. But the mara, the word associated with the 2300 days, is used to get number 16. And he says this and suddenly one, having the likeness of the sons of men, touched my lips and I opened my mouth and spoke, saying to him who stood before me. What his fi falls in the ground again. And then he's in verse 6, he's touched again. I open my mouth, my lord because the vision, my sorrows have overwhelmed me and I've retained no strength. Gay. So that vision that 21 days is why he's so stressed in verse 16 for 17. For how can this service my lord talk with you, my lord. As for me again, No strength remains me now nor is there any breath left in me. This guy is taxed beyond measure by what's going on in his life. But then look what happens averse 18. Then again, the one have the likeness of the son. A man touched me and strengthen me. And what does he say to him for a 3rd time? Oh man, greatly be loved, fear not peace be to be strong. Yes, be strong. So when he spoke to me, I was strengthened and said, let my lord speak for you have strengthened me again. What's going to strengthen god's people in the midst of christ that will cripple them and challenge them? Is this understanding that they are loved? That they are greatly beloved, that all of heaven is interested in their case? This is our secret of victory guys because we're going to go through those moments. Some of us are going through the right now, and this is just the training ground for the big thing that's coming later. We think this is bad and we're not del blank. It could be very bad. What you're going through. But what's to come even more difficult in what is going to keep god's people in that moment is knowing that they are loved. And that heaven is fighting for them, heaven is advocating for them. And that heaven is deeply interested with the distress that they're going through. That's the promise were given. So inverse 20 then he said, do you know why I've come to you? And now I must return to fight with the printer, persia, and when I have gone forth, indeed, the prince of greece will come. But I will tell you what is known to the scripture of truth known up. Hold me against these except michael, your prince. So daniel doesn't understand why his prayers were being hindered because a spiritual war was going on. The god is fighting for him. So then we're told this, Oh man, I forgot to skip these slides, but there's nothing on them really aren't great controversy. It was on this page $621.00. The season of distress and anguish before us will require of faith. Sorry way. There we go. The seasons distress in English before us will require a faith that can endure weariness, delay, and hunger. A faith that will not faint, those severely tried the period of formation is granted to all to prepare for that time. Jacob prevailed because he was persevering and determined. His victory is an evidence of the power of what type of prayer important at prayer and not letting you go into your bless me. I'm not leaving till and high until I had the assurance that you have heard. And you're going to do something all who will lay hold of god's promises. As jacob did, and be as earnest and persevering as he was, will succeed as he succeeded. Those who are unwilling to deny self to agonize before god to pray long and earnestly for his blessing, will not obtain it, wrestling with god. How few know what it is, how few have ever had their souls drawn out after god with intensity of desire until every power is on the stretch, when ways of despair which no language can express. Sweep over the supply it how few cling with unyielding faith to the promises of god. And while I was given this vision in this vision her attending angel, she asked the attending angel, she said, how come there is no more faith in israel? And the response the attending angel gave her was you let go of the hand of the Lord to soon Many of us are giving up before god does what he said that he would do because he didn't act on our timelines. This is the whole ishmael situation. God did not deliver in the time of the abraham and sarah thought he should deliver. So they do their own thing and did that cause the blessings or curses? Yeah. Isis. Right. We're still dealing with a multi generational holy war because of that decision to not trust god in the midst of the promises that he has made. But the good news, his god is faithful. Even when we are not a man. And that he cannot deny himself though we may be unfaithful, he is faithful for he cannot deny himself. So for some of us all we have is the promise in what we're waiting on isn't happening and we feel stuck. But god is saying, i've got this. I've carried you this far of going to take care of these circumstances, but I tell you what, For some of us reality doesn't look like that. God may tell you to go forward and you may get mow down and doing so. And you wonder why would you tell me to do that if I'm just going to be disappointed and hurt? And we have to clean to what god said in those moments and keep going. Okay, cuz remember, if the enemy can't deceive you, he'll discourage you. Deserve ages, listen to this, every promise in god's word is ours. How many of them all by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of god are we to live? When assailed by temptation, looked not to circumstances or to the weakness of self, but to the power of the word. All its strength is yours, thy word says the psalms. Have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee by the word of thy lips. I have kept me from the past of the destroyer. Listen to this hello. I picked up on the commentary of what we talked about earlier. Ah, with this whole situation of the nation of israel is 70 weeks and all that. She says the israelites had no real excuse for leaving their work on the temple. So they had stopped trying to rebuild the temple and they were building houses for themselves, is what she's talking about as re nehemiah during that timeline. When daniel's praying and wrestling with god, the decrees going forth, restorable, jerusalem, all of that this, this timeline, the time when the most serious objections were raised was the time for them to persevere and building. So the times when you're most tempted to quit or the times when you need to dig in your heels, hey, to daniel, do that. And to God favor him for it. And to the great controversy advance because he persevered, yes. They did not possess the faith that is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Oh sorry, but they were actuated by a selfish dislike to encounter danger, by arousing the opposition other enemies, revenue conversation at lunch. Today's being people pleasers, and we don't really want to make people upsets. There are certain things that we don't do in those moments. But because of this, right, it was a selfish dislike to encounter danger that kept them from building god's house. Cuz it was gonna be hard to do so right there they got a trout on one hand and a sword in the other hands difficult, right? It's challenging. And so they didn't. One difficulty they did not possess the faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. They hesitated to move forward by faith in the opening providence of god because they could not see the in from the beginning. So just because you can't see what god is doing doesn't mean that god isn't working. And we saw that in daniel story, right? gods working for us guys. He's fighting battles for you that you know nothing about. And yet we have the death. You say that god's not doing anything, god doesn't care about what I'm going through. This is why daniel stories here to peel the veil back and help us recognize none. None of that? No, no. Slow down. Just because you don't see god doing something doesn't mean that god is not doing something it, when difficulties arose, they were easily turned from the work. He got hard, so they quit. You ever been there? gods made promises to you when you walked in those promises for a while, but it just got to a point. You said I can't do this anymore. This is just too hard. This is just too difficult and you quit. That was them was know what she says. This history will be repeated. There will be religious failures because men do not have faith when they, when they look at the things that are seen impossibilities appear. But god can lead them step by step in the course that he desires them to take. His work will advance only as his servants move forward by faith. While while they may be called upon to pass through trying times, yet they should ever remember that they are contending with a weakened beaten foe. Hey ma'am, god's people will finally triumph over every power of darkness. But we can't let go the hand of the Lord too soon. There's a lot of practical lessons in daniel 89 and 10. Arthur, i'm sure there's many more than we talked about this afternoon. But is this been helpful for you guys? God does here when you bring in fact, as soon as you open your heart to pray, heaven is already working in your behalf. And just because it feels like nothing's happening for what you can see, that doesn't mean that god is not doing something for you. In fact, in those very moments, god is fighting and winning battles that you know nothing about. And our answer is not going to be found in slacking, you're running away from spiritual disciplines and our hardships in digging our heels in and persevering, and moving forward in faith that god will keep and provide for his people. All these principles are found here. And lastly, and I think most importantly, the only reason why people will be found faithful and that they will stand in the midst of the coming crisis is by 1st having an understanding that they are greatly beloved. Which means that our prophetic message has to have this met his lace throughout it. Not just things are coming. It's bad, get ready, get ready, get ready. Right? And there's a stems that we need to be preparing ourselves. Absolutely not downplaying that, but you mustering up and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and white knuckling and pushing harder is not the same thing that we're talking about here. Are you understanding? It's a faith that works by love that proving to God it's approved by god and acceptable to God. Right. So we encounter god's goodness for us, which awakens within our hearts, a gratitude and the thankfulness that leads us to obey. To do the things that he does for us to do to go over. He's waiting to see the difference. And I had to tell you today that there are many of our people in this very moment who do not understand and believe that they are loved and they're hurting right now. Our own people, our own precious movement, 3 be and one large television stations. In our denomination, their pastoral department is getting alarming about phone of about a phone calls from 7th day adventist adults and pastors who have no assurance of salvation. That's a true story. And we're telling people that jesus is coming soon. Why, how can jesus come soon? If the very people he's called to preach the gospel to the world, don't actually believe the gospel is true. Are you understanding? Maybe this is one of the reasons why we're still here. We have not fully known and believe the love that god has for us. So we're not ready for the crisis to come and got in his great mercy is waiting. This most precious message of god's love for this world has to encapsulate and overwhelm and saturate every single message that we are preaching to this world. If that's not the way that we're doing it, it's a disservice. And I believe that our best days are ahead of us beloved. I fully believe that that christ and his righteousness will be preached in every aspect of the oddness message. It will make sense to the world and they will respond in great numbers. I fully believe that and there will be a massive revival in this movement. I'm not going anywhere, but we cannot live as the egyptians lived and not own our losses. We had to acknowledge the fact that there's a role that we play on why we're still here and until we acknowledge that as daniel, acknowledge that and repents we have sinned. Oh God, not those guys who you know, don't had the same lifestyle that I live. We have sent, we have not done rightly. We have been unfaithful, but god, you are faithful. And you promise that if we come to you and pray with all of our hearts, you will hear us. So here we are. We're praying. We're believing god help us. Do you think you'd hear that prayer? You better believe it? And if we do that, I think we're going home guys. Ma'am. God in heaven. You know the hearts in this room to day. You know, those who will hear this message later. But many of us have been sacked by difficulties in trials and delay and has gotten the best of us. God, we're so sorry. We have not believe the things about us that you believe. Some of us have completely forsaken the promises of god because it just hurt to keep waiting. And lord, i'm praying that you would fight for your discourage st. Today that you would reach out and that you would touch us as you did, daniel. And that you would remind us that we are greatly beloved touches. Oh God, I pray give us a willingness to examine our own hearts as we talked about this morning. Give us a willingness to go there to face these things to process them to release them to you. And lord, we want you to clear this temple today to set us free. And we embrace what we talked about last night that you were fighting for us. And we need to stop disqualifying ourselves from your grace. Forgive us for believing help or unbelief, we pray. We ask this in jesus ah, ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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