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Dealing with Distractions

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 2, 2021
    11:45 AM
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Well let's pray together afford to bless us before he opened his word, father, heaven thank you to day that you want to grab our ears to day and you want us to have an ear to hear what you're saying to us individually and corporately. We do ask that our air would be turned and open to you and christ name we pray Ok, we've been studying the book of nehemiah and in the 1st chapter we we found nehemiah that ancient cup bear a lay person, but a well positioned lay person who got a report from his brother that god's project, his temple was not going forward as planned. There were the walls were being broken down, the gates were burned with fire and he was very upset about this. In fact, he had almost what you would think of over emotional reaction when you read chapter want, I mean this guy years, we watch the news all the time and we don't come home and cry about the news. Maybe we're desensitized but hear news and he just was crying. And he was planning. He started fasting and prayer, had a personal revival that came into his life as a result of the great need he saw around him. This led to corporate conviction and revival of israel. And finally, he shared his visit with the rest wisely at the right time. And they were all convicted. So his personal revival led to chapter 2, a corporate conviction and revival in israel. And then in chapter 3, there was a reformation that came because revival without reformation is dangerous, causes fanaticism and prayer or without some kind of activity is useless and could cause you become self focused, neurotic, suspicious, wrapped up in yourself. So personal revival led to corporate revival, which led to corporate reformation, the rebuilding of the gates that had been drawn. Remember when we study the gates in chapter 3, what were the gates? There was the sheep gate sentence of jesus into the life. There was the fis gate. No sooner have we accepted jesus than we want to share with others. When we find people that do not want to share jesus with others, that means they probably have not accepted jesus or know him as they should. Because once you accept and know jesus as you should, you are going to share jesus and you can't be stop from terry. People are going to have to say, please don't share that anymore. We have something else to do. How many do you have that being a problem where you are? We should have more hands than that. I remember I was called in when I was revived earlier in my experience, I worked in this emergency room and I had my bible with me sitting right next to my chart. And I tried to act as questionable as possible. In other words, I wanted people to ask me questions because if I started talking i get in trouble. But if they asked me a question, I was just responding to their quite that my, my supervisor calls me and she was do not answer any more question. As yes, he told the staff don't ask him a question. So as soon as we accept christ, then we want to share christ. That's the fist gate being repaired. And we want to use the old gate stand of the way and see and answer the old path with a good way. As we walk in it, you will find a rest for your soul. We want to lead people back to see the organic unity between the old and the new the doodle, no mass. Second giving of the law we want them revives based on the foundations that have already been laid. Right. So we don't have young people's church and old people shirts. We had church because were unified in our approach. So repairing the sheep gave this gay the old gate, the Valley gay, gay the y walked through the Valley of the shadow of the this is where the sacrificial services were. This is where jesus was obedient to the point of death, even death on the cross. So repairing the Valley gate, spending time studying jesus, the self sacrificing jesus and then the dung gait cleansed on the basis of god's promises. I'm glad for a church that has a cleansing message. Not so many how many of you are glad for a church that has a cleansing message? restoring the dung gate, the fountain gate filled with holy spirit, the watergate that's where as we're stood right next to that get as he let a revival with a water of the washing of the words, studying god's word and then the horse gate. We need to be ready for battle. Can't run with the footman. How will you run with the horses? Personal revival going to lead to corporate conflict with the devil. And we need our horses saying until the Lord for his triumph, gloriously, the horse and rider thrown into the sea. How many want to be a mighty church that's unify not separated for battle. And then the scatter golden gate preparation for the 2nd coming. This lightning comes from the east to the west of the coming of the son of man be. And then back to the inspection or judgment gate. We live in the hour of his judgment, and we need to preach that his coming as soon. It's the message number 1233 angels messages preparing for jesus, returning back to the secret, isn't it amazing that a nehemiah 3, it actually is a complete plan for revival and reformation. How me want to go back to those gate? See those gauge repaired in your own life. And as I mentioned in the 1st hour that I preached this morning, which was a sermon that I didn't know I was going to freight, but I felt convicted to preach about facts and facts and nations, no vaccination. So if you want to watch that there will be some afternoon edification for you, hopefully edification and I, I, I was, I was encouraged by the text messages i've received already from that message, from people that are pro vax and people that are no vax. If I'd only gotten text messages from one side of that equation, i probably would be hiding in the back room. No, never. So this personal plan of revival and reformation that's outlined in chapter 3. When you actually enter into personal revival and personal reformation, the devil's going to come after you And all who live godly lives in christ jesus will. In fact suffer persecution, bluster to you and mansell revived. Say all manner of evils against you falsely rejoice and be exceeding glad for so persecuted day of profits before when I used to be in charge of an evangelism school, which I still consider the school in the vandalism school. Although some people sometimes get confused about that. If it's not in advance, when school isn't even be a school without a bible school, is that even be a school? Everything we do to be based on god's word, yes or no. Anyway, all who live golly lives. I would tell my students, they go out, look, everybody was rude to us. They slammed the door on. If they did this, they did that. I was good to let me read you to be attitude Because when you're trying to used by god to bring a reformation and revival, you're going to get attacked. Whether in your home or in the community or even a bible. So I think I mentioned several weeks ago, i've given a bible study on daniel 7. This dog comes over and starts to urinate on my leg. I was not really. I said they're expected because every single time I study, daniel sam with somebody, something bizarre happen. Once I'm starting, then someone, somebody and a picture of fell off the wall, right? When I was talking about the little or picture falls off. I said, exactly. They're going. What do you mean exactly. This is very important. So there's going to be distractions. When a dog was your name on my leg and my shoe, the lady goes, oh I'm so sorry. I said actually, so my, but let's keep studying. Let's keep studying right. And she was like, can't I clean that up? I said yes, but then we're good. We're going to forget everything we just study. You see, because when you're doing something for god, the double tries to district i said by the way that's i've never seen the dog before. He goes neither of I like a double dog. It actually came right in To the study because if you are experiencing revival and reformation, the devil wants to distract that. He wants to, he wants to you to either put it off or not do it at all. Great controversy, page 48 let to be a revival of faith. The revival of the faith and power of the early church and the spirit of persecution will be revived and the fires of persecution will be rekindled. A rail, a book, pray for the latter. Re read it through yesterday. Read through the 2nd time this morning. I'll read it through probably 4 or 5 times. That's a very good little book. And so if we're not experiencing persecution, we probably are not having revival and reformation in our lives. If you're not experiencing persecution at work, you might be in the long run wrong line of work. And I've had people tell me, I'm not going to bring that up at work because that's where I make my money. Witness at another time, really, really 6 days out the labor into all they work that all that time you're never going to witness really Really And that's what chapter 4 about is in the AM I after nehemia's personal revival, leaving the corporate revival leading the corporate reformation then of course the devil comes with its distractions and attacks and we start out in verse $1.00 and $2.00 of nehemiah for. But it so happened when the sample at her that we were rebuilding the wall, that he was curious and very indignant and marked the jews were mocking a fairly interesting it means to deride as if imitating a foreigner. So he's like speaking with their accent. And he spoke before his brethren and the army of samaria and said, what are these feeble jews doing? Well, they fortified themselves. Will they offer sacrifices? Will they completed in the day? Will they revive the spells from the heaps of rubbish stones that are burned now too, by the ab a night was beside him and he said, whatever they build, even a fox goes up on a hill break down their stone wall. It's like it's a feeble representation of a wall. So the number one thing, the devil tries to do many times is verbal ridicule and rhetoric. How many you've ever been verbally accosted for your faith in god? mocking your feeble word feel means droop or week like wax. You look like a piece of whack and drooping and you are juice the words you means praise the Lord. Thank the Lord literally but we're not thankful for you. We don't even believe it. And by the way, you're offering sacrifices of the box means to kill an animal. You're going to revive the seed gate and the 1st gate and the all gate. That's what you're doing. Some you think these downs can be revived. What to say in 1st, peter to 5, where to be living styles built up into a spiritual house, a priest to offer up spiritual sacrifices, accept god through jesus christ, another words our whole life is to be seen as a sacrifice. I. B. C. Thurber brother and by the mercy of god, you understand the mercies of god, that you present yourself a living sacrifice. Your revived as you look at his mercy, holy, acceptable, and the god. And the you render your perfect service according to his will and sandal it and to buy a new that was what's going to happen. So they begin to fight against it. Personal revival always leads to revival of Family worship. When people see that you have personal revival and you're leading your family and family worship, you're going to get attacked. When you're rebuilding the walls and boundaries in your life, you're going to get attack. When you say, look, I want to do this. Now I want to have a rapid revival. They say no. And by the way, don't think that revival cannot be rapid. It can be very rapid. Sometimes we try and slow it down. Have you ever met parents that don't let their kids be baptized for years? Because they don't think they're living up to what they think revival and reformation is. Be very careful about holding back someone from being baptized, study with them. But you can study and people can learn wrapped up if you don't believe that read look 24. When those 2 disciples on the road to a man were given a bible study by jesus, and he completely turned around their emotions and their thoughts and their reasoning. And they said did not our to burn with us within us and revival came through the bible study. Right. Take it a few years. So rapid revival and rebuilding the banners. Have you ever noticed that when you start doing the right thing for god, people come and talk to you and they never talk to you before, but they're now concerned because you're acting too spiritual. I remember once back in the day when I lived in Chicago and I was into the wrong things and someone got me and I made the decision, i'm taking full responsibility, but I got involved in the wrong things. And anyway, for one night I found myself in this, this apartment building and, and then I didn't remember anything after a while for some reason. And I woke up the next morning cuz he guess I woke up the next morning In a tub. And I was covered with spaghetti jose, how many been a spaghetti o R? In other words, I had thrown up and I've been left by my supposed friends in a tub in Chicago in freezing weather. And as I was trying to get the frozen spaghetti i was off my shirt, i realized these friends don't really care about me at all. They're not even real friends. So I said, I said to all my friends, you guys might be of one accord, but you're leading not only me but everybody the wrong way and I'm not hanging out with you anymore. And they said, why? I said you see this shirt with spaghetti. Oh, on it you left me for dead then I didn't come. You didn't come looking for me. I actually came to talk to you. Oh no, no. I said, you know what? You're just acting to spiritual. We're so concerned and like I had 5 people visiting me like this and that I'm like, you know what people can come together of one accord and have seared consciences. They can lead you the wrong way. Never let someone tell you that you should not be involved in the work of changing people's consciences. Because conferences are seared across the world today. And we need to have our conferences changed and we need to be used as change agents to help help other people see what god says and follow what god says. Yes or no. So what, when you start rebuilding the walls, you better get ready for a battle. That's why the horse gates there. And they'll ridicule what you're doing this week. Your rubbish. You're just an old stone left from a previous building project. So how did the my respond to this look at verse for here? Oh God, for we I despise, turn to reproach on their heads and give them as plunder to the land of captivity. Do not cover their iniquity. Do not let their thin be blotted out from before you for they have provoked you to anger before the builders. So we built the wall and the entire wall was joined together up to the half of the site for the people had a mind to work. So what was nehemia's response here? Oh, our god, he didn't personalize it. They don't like me. It's me, it's me, it's my clothes. It's me now. You know, god has a much bigger concern than even you. It's his grade controversy. Of course, you're important then it can you say, matt noticed what he said, you know what, here are got what they're saying were just, but the, the says for they have provoke you, they don't provoke me. They provoke you. Well, what about that harsh language? Like, don't cover their iniquity, let their next and not be blotted out for before, but what are they attacking? They were attacking the sanctuary service and the sacrifices which are the only means for sins being blotted out. So they are basically saying, look, that they're attacking the very thing now that there's, that I'm saying should happen to them. This wasn't like some kind of vindictive thing and it was real reality if you don't accept jesus. Yes, sense are not going to be blotted out. You know, except jesus, you're not going to be clear in. So here, oh God, what they're saying? No, personalize it. I like what it says, how he says this. He says look, he not only prayed to God. Here, oh God, He also continued making progress for god. Notice I said there in verse 6 and so we built a wall. We kept going. The entire wall was joined together to half a tight and the people had a mind to work. So when you're a verbally attacked for following jesus, this pray to God and keep on going. Can you say man, notice the wall came together, it was joined together. How did sandbox and Company respond to this for 7? Now it happened when the San bullet heard that the walls of jerusalem were being restored and the gaps were beginning to be closed. They became very angry. And all of them conspired to go to the common attack. Teresa lament, create confusion, nevertheless, whether the se, birth 9, we made our prayer, so our god, and because of them set a watch against them day and night, then judah said the strength of the laborers is failing, and there's so much rubbish that we're not able to build the wall, but a series said they neither know nor see anything till we come in their midst and kill them and cause the work to face. So was when the jews who dwelt near them came, they told us that 10 times, 10 times, 10 times 10 times 10. I'm like I said that a 5 times like a broken road or a broken record. And those that are attacking you, They're going to keep attacking you up to the full extent and number 10, as always, the full extent From whatever place you turn, they will be upon every move you make. I'll be watching Probably a song to go with that. So look mocking and ridiculed from far that the doubles involve moves to a threat of unified and direct physical attack. It's no longer words, it's threats of physical activity. I was actually at the store the other day and I was checking out and I wanted to get a water bottle, so I got a water bottle and this guy took great offense at me getting this water bottle right in front of him. And he goes. So you're just going to go in front of me and get a water puddle. And I was like, oh oh, the cuckoo clock is not working correctly here. So I didn't say anything. I just said, I'm so sorry I checked out, but he was very upset. So you know what he did like this is me, and this is him. He's like, start standing right next to me like this. Breathing on me. The complete alcohol, his breath breathing. I mean, this is dad, this isn't the colfax, the market. Oh oh. Where he's gone now, but he's reading, i'm me and he's basically making very intimidated both. I told my wife, mom, I said, what did you do? My wife probably wouldn't be the guy, but I anyway, so I'm just right there. And I just, I just acted like he was not even there. Not even there. And then amazingly, i'm like, god helped me. I don't want to get beat up by this drunken monster. He was very big. I don't want to get beat up by him and I'm not afraid to ask you for help. Right. At that time the study goes past or die. Like yes. And you know, it was somebody that I needed to see. I had been praying that I would talk to this person and they showed up Right then and they came right over and the guy was like, you know, So what does the M, I do forget really when I did most a physical threat And this thread always comes they had heard about the revival in unity of god's people building a wall, the walls of jerusalem being restored, the gaps are being closed and they became That says they all conspired together. And they said, let us attack confuse and kill caused the work to cease. That's the summary. So the interesting thing about this attack is that it even now starts to see inside the leadership of the camp. Some of jude as leaders. And the jews were saying, wait a minute, they're going to attack us. Maybe we should alter what we're doing. They're going to attack attack attack attack 10 times. And you see when you're starting to do something for god, god will try and verbally attack you. But then I will try to attack your leadership team. Always happens. Any product i've ever been involved and he tries to bring division in the leadership team. They start to say, wait a minute, can we really trust the AM I? Does he know how to protect us as you know how to direct us? Does he know how to put up the wall? Does he know how to do those things? And noticed the attacks were from every direction. This americans lived in the north. The AM until by a lived in the east, the aster dates or the philistines lived on the west, and the arabs were from the South. Did you notice that just reading it? Neither did I tell. I looked at the map. So they were being attacked from every direction. So what was nehemia's response to this physical attack? Number one, nevertheless, we made our prayer to our god. Notice that it's not I made my prayer now it's what In the verbal attacks was here. Oh, God was a personal prayer, but now it's what we made our prayer to our god. The something about united prayer that brain protection and direction like nothing else. X 114 unity in the upper room, lead to unity among people who are never unified and selection of leadership that was more faithful than judas. Accept or to verse one. Through 4 pentecost came as a result of unified prayer, and people could hear in every language the gospel from all around the World except to 2 verse 46 and 47 united prayer lead to church growth and we added to the church daily. Those were being said this week at least 3 people have talked to me about wanting to be baptized or re baptized. And I think is because we're starting to pray together in a deliberate way. Act 3 verse one, the healing on the man at the gate. Beautiful came as a result of peter going to the place of prayer at the 9th hour, a United place of prayer lead to that healing of a person who had been there sick for 40 years. Acts for 24th to 31. They prayed for bold and says they were told not to talk about the about that healing anymore. And the room was shaken and they were given boldness to speak. The word. So boldness in witness comes as a result of united prayer acts after 5 prayer. And solomon's porch, everyone praying together led to the plain of all kinds of sickness and asked after 12 or 5 through 19, peter was freed from prison as a result of united per i'm you think we should be praying alone but also together, praying alone, praying in our families praying together as a church. I me think this might be something useful seek every opportunity to go or prayers wants to be made. Those who are really seeking for communion with god will be seen in the prayer meeting. Faithful to do their duty, ernest, and anxious to reap the benefits so they can get other benefits from United prayer. I'm if you want to be there this week, How many do you have hands? Just raise your hands 1st to see if they work. How many you want to be in United prayer this week? Now because I ask you, although that is my job. But because god is asking you Now we tell your story about united prayer. I was thinking about this the other day. And I remember the conversation. I had with the doctor, doctor bowers twice, nickel and bowers, nickel and David, the thing is Dave, our anyway. I asked him to give a vespers, talk at my church, back in Kansas. And this guy gave a talk. I never forget. He got up and he says, you know, I was working in russia with ted wilson and his wife and others. And we had this clinic, it was a medical clinic and we were serving the needs and the mafia didn't like us. And the mafia said, you know what, you need to move your clinic and get out of here. Because you're bringing in a light here and, and we're not, we're involved in darkness. They all drove black s, U, v. 's, you know, mercedes and they would come and they said you got to leave verbally, they said just leave. And I said we're not leaving. They said ok this on this day work coming with everybody. And if you're not gone, we're physically going to remove you from this place and also potentially from the life itself. These are the mafia. I think the map you know how to do this. So elder wilson and his team said, what are we going to do? Do we move our clinic as a no, no, no, no, no, no, we're not going to move our clinic. So what should we do? We need to pray. So they started to pray and they asked people to pray. And the people sent emails back to them. Text messaging, they sent emails and they printed the emails out and they posted them all along the wall. Everywhere on the claim, there were prayers all over the clinic. Literally prove their prayers are the clay. People are reading close friends, right. People coming to the cleaning. Oh, the mafia are going to come, you know, the day got closer and closer. There are prayers all over the clinic And so yeah, why don't you just move? There's other places. So now I'm moving the day came from the mafia. Come sure. And they came, all these mom came are all driving in there have to be, they come up So they just go inside, they start to pray. Only go outside and just know They see this a strange thought. There's like all the mob here in their cars. They're driving away, they're almost running into each other. They can't get out of there fast enough, their tires, and they're all leaving and never came back. They ask one of what happened, you know, so unless or what happened, didn't you see it? Either they saw something that terrified them and they all drove away. How do you think that the a's of award doesn't camp around about those who fear him? And natalie polls sarah bout a, in her little toes out of the fire, but also can actually help massive operations for guy. So there's a power than that in his response. So number one, they didn't just pray. They also had protection we settle, watch against them, it says, day and night. Let's look more closely at the Watch that was set 1st 13. Therefore, I positioned men behind the lower part of the wall at the opening. And I set people according to their families with their sword, spears and bows. And I looked and arose and said to the nobles and leaders and the rest, the people don't be afraid of them. What does he say? What did he say? What did he say? Who is the senior to know about the leaders and the rest, the people who are the 1st people many times to get afraid. The nobles, the leaders on the rest of the people. So this is very interesting. The devil is always attacking leaders to try and divide them And try and get them to have wrong priorities. And he says, don't fear. Remember the Lord, great, an awesome and fight for your Brother, your son, your daughter's, your watching your houses. Look it up. Brilliant. This is, remember, in the previous verses he was praying personal prayer than united prayer and then protection, but the lowest, the protection, the priority positioning, the lower parts of the wall and the openings go over the weaknesses, build that up. The passionate planning, put the people together by family groups. You're going to fight more for your family, then you will others. In a crisis, have you noticed that the family members can be fighting with each other, but when you attack them together, they all turn on you. I mean, if you've ever noticed this, my brother, I would fight like cats and dogs growing up. But if someone came from down the street and the mess around with us, now it was the Mac attack, the Mac pack in the mca tech. So was he brilliant or not? He sets them according to their families. And then he provides power here, some sorts here, some bows, and here's some spares. Can you say a man, we have them right outside for you when you're leaving. Actually have them right here. Because ephesians chapter 6 as the breastplate is the breastplate of righteousness and christ righteousness is available today. Can you say, man, this feet are shod with the gospel of peace? So not only does he give you his righteousness a Visa 6 says he gives you protection with feet that are shod with the gospel piece. And other words, your protection come through witnessing. Can you say man? And it gives you the sort of the spirit which is the word of god. It's a offensive and defensive what weapon And God wants you to kill as many people as possible or see them killed through bible baptism. I am crucified with christ. Therefore, I no longer live christ, jesus lives in me. Someone says me, wait a minute, almost past this is the old testament about killing people. Do you believe out? Absolutely. And they get kind of scare I say because they're applied in the new testament by death to self and a resurrection to newness of like we have a baptism today. Right? re re being re baptized as 40 years old. You want to say, look, I want to walk, follow jesus. Love being baptize today, right? Reason as well. And we can say hello you. This is, this is a death to self. And I don't know how the sort of the spirit killed you. But how me larry, did I don't back out now. We got about 10 minutes here. Breast pet fee sword prayer and supplication in the spirit fees and $6.00. Notice also his priority, visitation and communication. He starts 1st with the nobles, than with the leaders than the rest. The people look false revivals and false notions and plans always start somewhere sandal and to buyer. They got together hello meeting. But that has to be met with priority planning and communication within god's body. That's why a few weeks ago we started a revival and reformation committee. You know what that committees already bearing for? I think we need to be intensely and an ongoing fashion be planning against the attacks. You know, the devil's planning for you And especially leadership needs to be involved in this because they're the most tempted to sup, to suggest things that will divide god's people I want to tell you something just maybe too personal, but I just give you an example. Dr. Mills, and I work together to plan a church on what style. Dr. Mills is the board chairman of this institution. We had so many people coming into the church through health advances that, that we realized something, you know, we realized we could not be away from the church Without proper planning. We didn't to say OK, i'm going to go here, go there. When I was gone, he was always there. When he was gone, i was there. If you care about souls and your winning souls, you don't have the luxury of just flitting anywhere. You think you want to go? Because you're attending church is not about you anymore. It's about the soul you're wanting. Do you have someone here today in church that you invited? Then that's why you're in search because you're watching over them. When people newly come into the faith, they come to my house. I feed them, I eat with them. I want to know what's happening with them Because the devil wants to know what's happening with them as well. How many think we need to move on to spiritual maturity? And think about church as a place where people are getting say, and need to be grounded. How be serious about that and that's why he talks to the nobles, 1st the leaders and then the rest of the people was he said it up. Don't be afraid of them. Remember, are gone, isn't last god, he range from heaven above with with power in my God is one more time is in god he re from heaven above with power and by god is in awesome god. That's what he said right there. Denny, our god is an awesome god. So what were the results of this response? First 415 and 18. And it happened when I heard that it was known to us and that god had brought the plot to nothing. There plots and nothing that we all returned to the work every one to his work. Half of my search service worked on construction. The other half had spears and shields, and bows and war armor. And the leaders were behind all the house of judah. Those who built the wall, those who carried burdens and loaded themselves so that one hand they worked to construction and the other hand, they had a weapon. And every one of the builders birthday thing had their sword girded on his side as he built. And the one who sound of the trumpet was beside me. How do you think this is a beautiful plan? Number one, 1st result. We all returned to the wall. Every one to his work. Number 2, a security system was put in place, half worked well, half watched one hand, they worked the other hand, they had a weapon. Number 3, a trumpeter was next to the leader. There were not multiple trumpets. A big problem with institutions is people start listening to different voices, different trumpets. I used to tell my head elder dr. Mills and myself said, you know what, we gotta be like white on rice. Nothing can come between us because it's something becomes between you and your top leaders. It's going to be a disaster. You let gossip come in. You that evil speaking come in. You let something come in between a husband and wife. That's going to mess up that family, you let something come in at work is going to mess up that workplace. By the way, where was the trumpet left? It was actually left by who nehemiah, the spiritual leader of the camp was not left with the nobles, so it was not left with the leaders. It was left with nehemiah, we learn a lesson from that. Having to learn some lessons from that spiritual leadership is always the most important leadership on any campus, any institution, any family at all. She is in a position because you don't get it by position. You get it by real work ro, visiting real, talking with people really making yourself spiritually available, really being there. And he said leave the trumpet with me. So there was prayer, personal prayer, united prayer protection, trumpet, lead progress. Notice would happen. Verse 21 and 22. We labored in the work and half of the men had spears from daybreak until the stars appeared. So they worked day and night. The same time I said that the people that each man and the servants stay at night endures them, that they may be our guide by night and working partly by day. So they actually lived there day and night. So neither i nor my brother, my service or the men of the guard who followed me, took off our clothes except the everyone took them on for washing. So man, they are theirs, their day and night. Anything that's of value is worth that kind of commitment. And you say man, day and night with us all day, all night angels watching over me my little all day but not during the night. Now. I'm glad the angels were there day and night. So they knew they might were out so they had shifts. But this was the commitment to spiritual growth and physical growth. So let me in that message with this. There's 1st of all prayer, then protection, and then trumpet, lead progress than personal focus and persistence. Near my is right there, he's with the people right there all the time. He has the trumpet with him and what happened as a result, we built a wall. We got a bill and the gaps were filled. Isn't this the job of the admin movement at the end of time to be restored of the breach? The cry aloud and spare not lift up the voice like a trumpet that is often to city and honesty. Isaiah 50, a verse one leading to a restoring of the breach by healing or hurting world middle of the chapter, and then a repair of the streets and the gates. Which culminates in what the end of isaiah $58.00, a revival of habit worship. The closest personal relationship you can have, that's what the advent movement is called to. And how many do you want this place in your life to be committed to it? One story, as I close, maybe to 1st story is Louis who shared his test. My last night louis contract covered 19 gets very 6 that have been hospitalized by every metric. Would have probably most certainly died if there wasn't oxygen on the campus. So he's put on oxygen. All kinds of people come around louis time. We were praying for louis. I'm have you visited louis, anybody visit louis? faster. Paul, i were invited to come and pastor jason, we went had an anointing service for louis as well. Louis said, at that point, there was a turning point. Remember, you mentioned this to me And personal commitment to prayer, corporate prayer, and then personal ministry that reform to the constitution. Let's see here, and ester and julie, why went in there? They had all of these natural remedies, which if you're adding to your natural with natural, i don't know if that's natural, but let's just say it is. All of these natural remedies were added, bolstering his immune system. There was a chart there. There was someone sleeping there day and night and it brought revival to louis. Can you say hello to that, that happened here that happen now? How lose And that's what god wants in our life. Several years ago, my dog tosh. I used to have 2 dogs. I still kind of do, but one of them is a wall per dog. Now it's Megan wall. Used to be mack and ta said 2 dogs, one was called mac, the other costs. So the, when I said my name, something would happen, mackintosh to dogs would come running. And tosh and mack were attacked by pitbull was not a vegetarian purple. This was a pit bull. This is pitfall. And I remember james coming up or might have been di, dad, tom got a tech he was bleeding, put him in a box. I took the dog to the vet. And I took my family with me. They got to the vet and the vet says it's going to cost $1800.00 to do the surgery needed on your talk because like $1800.00 for a dog. So I'm thinking of myself currently. Right. And I'm going, I don't want melissa garcia to hear that I shouldn't even be thinking that way. But then I said, $1800.00. And my kids go, it's worth it. It's worth it said todd, save dogs and I'm like, oh man, I wish I went there, brought them with me, but I had brought them, I'm glad that I did. So then I said, I said could it could you could, could children leave it for a minute and they wouldn't leave. So I said, okay, I'll step out with you. And I said, $1800.00. I can't you kept some corners, maybe amputation something. I don't know, I didn't, I did not say that. And the lady goes, you know what, this is a great dog. He's worth this. Her thing here is, notice your nice car out there to anyway, so But it goes ok 1500. So done. So you know that I can't remember about snape, but she worked on tosh for hours, months longer than she thought that she was in it and, and I was there waiting while the surgery was going on in a waiting room. And I was, I started to pray because now I had made an investment. You know, when you give your ties and offerings, you want the project to go forward. Can you say man, and I'm praying. Oh lord, please me. 1500 bucks. You need to live, at least, you know, 30 or so. So I pray for her and I go, you know, so she brings him out in a box. And he's just like, he looks, it looks like dead. You know, if I could have seen a scan, it was probably ask somebody still had hair, right. So I take him home, get home with toss. Everyone is asleep. I bring him in. And remember, this is in the kitchen and I realize I could tell by watson the doctor that the doctors like he might die. I knew that he taking my 1500 bucks. He. She looked like and then I said, man, I gotta stay with toss. You know, I knelt down and with carson, i look at him. He can look at me and I rose, i couldn't leave the room. So I slept over night with ties. And when he started to mon or somebody gave him water, i gave him his medication. This happened for a couple nights and then toss came around. He started get better. And then the, the lady cause when yvette house dies, doing 6. I said what, what do you think he's doing? She goes, did he pass? Said I kind of pause like well, well no, he didn't When I went back next to see her, she said to me, she goes, you know what? When I was working on task, he was so ripped up that is femoral artery, at the right name of an artery was just hanging there and you could see it pulsating. If that would have been nick, he would have died for sir. He was so torn up that I realized I was over my head and I prayed the whole time as I worked on top. But if you come to my house to day, tosh will barker. He will chase you and even family members. I won't say who that did. Not you still like tosh now like kosh toss has been revived and he's been reformed. We wish he would obey us more, but still work and I man And isn't this church? Isn't your life? Isn't your home? While tosh is valuable, isn't your life even more valuable than that of a dog? Isn't god's paws cause more valuable? There was a dog wants whose limb was set so expertly. Charles spurgeon told about it and his message was set so well that the dog started to go out and get other dogs and bring them to the veterinary who had fixed his leg. Has god fixed your life as he bought brought revival in the reformation to you? Is he the best orthopedic surgeon you ever knew? And how many want to restore or refer other people to him for restoration? As a whole point of nehemiah chapter 4 don't give up because of the verbal attacks. Don't give up because of the physical threats. I have confidence in the guy ah, ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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