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07 The Sanctuary: Light in the Darkness

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • October 9, 2021
    11:30 AM


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Our scripture reading again was taken from the book of john the 8th chapter and verse 12 john 8 and verse 12. The bible reads, then spake jesus again unto them saying, I am the light of the world. He that follows me shall not walk in darkness. But shall have the light of life. I am the light of the world. He that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life our message. The sabbath is the 7th instalment, no sanctuary. Series entitled light in darkness, light and darkness. Let us pray, father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word And lord, we thank you that even after a busy grueling tiring at times even wearisome weak lord you still Give us lord what we need in your word and through your truth. But the Lord we are asking for a double outpouring of your holy spirit. I am asking lord, claiming your promises that now satan be bound, the demons be removed. The distractions would cease in which a holy spirit would fill this place. As angels that excel and wisdom and strength would be given charge over this place. Father god, let me not be seen or heard. Instead, father, let us hear word from the throne room of grace. This is our prayer in jesus as precious and holy name. A man. All right, just to recap, since it's been a few weeks, we've been talking about the sanctuary and you can see here, um this is the the fence. Where are we talking about fencing? About 7 and a half feet high. All the way around, you couldn't just peak over in. You had to come in to the front. Do the front gate and a 1st piece of furniture you would see the largest piece would be the um, the, the bronze alter of the where the daily sacrificed vices take place is the largest piece of furniture in a sanctuary. You'd go further in and there was the um, the bronze laver, where you wash and, and this is where the priests would have to wash before they would go in through the door into the holy place. Ah, which is where we left off. And there so much detail and things that we talked about. Again, another view you see to alter of burnt offerings and the bronze laver. We talked about the table of show bread the last time and we're going to talk about the golden lampstand to day. And again, another view of the outer court yard, the holy place and the holy of holies. And we talked about the fact that the life of christ, his crucifixion with type in the in the altar of offer of burnt offerings. Here his resurrect burial and resurrection like baptism in the bronze labor here. And so all of the life of crisis in the courtyard. But the time of the church starts when you enter into the holy place. And that's what we're going to talk about a bit more to day. And you can see as you peel back and you look at the sanctuary, here is the table of show bread and the lamps stand on. And all of the different articles that we're going to talk about. But as you go in, you can see this thing. And remember I had purchased to somebody from an adventist artist does an excellent job. And you can see, this is what it would look like inside the walls and sides at all be gold. Ah, the pillars would be gold. And along the bottom, the softs were silver, which was what represented us because we are to be like pillars in the house. Of god, unmoved, and silver represents being redeemed the way that it had to be purified and fire and, and beaten. And we talked about the table of show bread and the 6 pieces on each side. Every sabbath, it was refreshed in the time when we come to church on the sabbath as a time to get a new word. But we are to be eating the bread throughout the week. A man and the bread represents the word of god. So we turn our attention to the day from the north side of the holy place, where the table of showed red sits to the south side of the of the saying of the most of the holy place. Ari of the holy place. Where the um, the golden lamps stand stands. We're going to talk about what this means, not just in the ancient system, but what does it represent even now and prophetically. So we start in the book of exodus exit, chapter 3. And verse one, we always kind of tied us to moses. And this is one of my favorite bible stories. It's a simple story, but a profound story. Because moses was 80 years old. How old was he? 80 years old when his story takes place for 40 years, moses was a prince of Egypt. He was educated in the finest schools the world knew at the time. He was prepared to either be a great general in the armies of pharaoh, or even as pharaoh's grandson to be pharaoh himself. Moses understood though, because of the way his mother raised him, that he was a hebrew and had loyalty to his people. And even the way he leaves after 40 years is because he, he, as remember, he murders and egyptian who was wrangling with the hebrew moses thought he could deliver god's people by his own might. He was wrong. And he went and ran for cover in the wilderness. How long does he stay in the wilderness? 40 more years when I'm telling you this guy's 40. 4043 sets of 40 is the life of moses. The most mundane is the 2nd 40 years which ends at this story. During this 40 years, he meets his wife, he has his kids, the he and his father in law. Jethro is a wealthy priest of median, and Mrs. Moses his lot, he has settled and given up on the eye of royalty or leadership and he is ready to simply heard sheep Not kind of funny. He went from the successor of pharaoh the tell in sheep where to go. But let me tell you something profound about the life of moses. I would argue that the most important education moses gets was not in the classrooms of Egypt. It was on the field of the wilderness out in the desert. It was huh. It was in his efforts to manage sheep and, and, and, and flock that he was able to gain the skill and the patients he would need to deal with god's people. So at 80 years old, when moses was probably ready to put in for his retirement, collect his social security, im gone medicare ready to just you know, kind of retire. Maybe you will get a little trailer in Florida. God said no. Some of us think that we are too old to do gods work. I'm think we're too young. I want to submit to you the story of moses. How god calls him. That's it. A chapter 3 in verse one. Now moses kept the flock of jethro, his father in law, the priest of midian, and he led the flock to the back side of the desert and came to the mountain of god even to horrible. So he takes the flock and he goes around the backside. This is one of moses long expeditions with the flock to find water and grazing places, and he takes them around the back and ends up in what was probably quite a familiar place as the winds up on the back side of horror, of an inverse 2 of exodus 3, the bible says, and the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire, out of the midst of a bush. Can you imagine mining a business with the sheep? And as you come around, you see a bush on fire not being consumed. The bible says that the angel of the Lord appeared unto him. That is the pre incarnate christ. Jesus himself shows up in the bush and I hear a flame of fire out of the midst of the bush. And he looked and behold, the bush burned with fire and the bush was not what it was, not consumed moses with the sheep. And you can imagine when he looks up and he sees this thing, his attention is turned to this bush. I want to submit to you that god will find a way to get your attention. As moses and look in his aid, the bible says in verse 3 and moses said, I will now turn aside and see this great site. Why the bush is not burnt. As moses begins to move over, god begins to speak to him again. And when the Lord saw that he turned aside to see god called unto him, out of the midst of the bush and said moses moses. And he said, here am I was, I was like when samuel was called and here now moses a standing before this bush. God is speaking to him, out of a bush that is on fire, but not burning. God says draw not nigh hither. In other words, moses do not come any closer. Stay where you are. Take his shoes off your feet. Because the place where you stand is what it is holy ground. As moses moves towards the bush, god says, tells him to stop, and in fact instructs him to remove his shoes. Why? Because in that time, especially in the, even that his day, the bottom of shoes represented all that you picked up in the world. God says, take off your shoes and walked barefoot towards me. I can imagine as moses drops to his knees, his mind begins to wander. For 40 years he had been left alone in the wilderness for 40 years, he was minding his own business. Can you imagine the night when a bush begins to speak, dale What the desire of ages, page 23 says this great purpose had been shadowed forth and types and symbols. The burning bush in which christ appeared to moses, revealed god. The symbol chosen for the representation of the deity was a lowly shrub that seemingly had no attractions. This enshrined the infinite, the all merciful god shrouded his glory in a mist. In a most humble type that moses could look upon it and do what he didn't pick the most brand a tree out there on the mountain side. God showed up in a humble bush. It will baffled the keenest intellect to interpret the divine manifestation of the burning bush. It was not a dream. It was not a vision. It was a living reality. Something that moses saw with his eyes, he heard the voice of god calling to him out of the bush. And he covered his face, realizing that he stood in the immediate presence of god. God was conversing with humanity. Never could moses describe the impression made upon his mind by the sight he then saw, and by the sound of the voice that spoke to him. But this impression was never effaced. Heaven came near to him as with a reverence, all he listened to the words. I am the god of thy father, the god of abraham, the god of isaac, and the god of jacob. What wonderous condensation are sorry, condescension for god to leave the heavenly courts and manifest himself to moses. Taking with him talking with him, face to face as a man speaks unto his friend from the use instructor, december 20 1900. When I was reading this and I was looking at the the golden lamps, then I realized that god often presents himself to light. The 1st thing the 1st day of creation is hallmark by god saying, let there be what light, isn't it interesting? That light is created before the sun is. That is a statement that the source of light on earth is not the sun. Or y'all miss in this thing. The reason we don't worship the sun and the biblical model that we don't worship the sun is that the sun is created after life is created because god is the source of light And all through the bible. When moses goes up in the mountain, he comes down, he shines with alike, jesus goes over that amount of transfiguration. It comes down, he shines with alike all through the bible light shines. And in each one of our lives, one of the things that the sanctuary message is telling us as we begin to turn our attention from this burning bush to the golden lamps, then is that each one of us on a daily basis is supposed to have a burning bush experience as I was studying this, I realize that some of us are starving in a sense because we don't have the relationship that we need to have. So on a daily basis, we have the connection where the light of god fills our lives. This is what was represented before moses could be sent to do god's work. He was going to be sent into persecution. He was going to be sent into challenge. Can you imagine when he gets the egypt and he has to see some of the folk that 40 years ago, he ran away from god, had to speak to him. They had a conversation, he reasoned what god, before god sent him out to be a light. And this is what it would look like to come in. The priest would come in are and we each are to go from center to priest. We talked about that each to be working in god's a field and in his vineyard and you come in and here it is. The golden candlesticks, the golden lamps, dan would be there. It was a most precious piece of furniture in same material value as it was one of only 2 pieces of furniture in the entire sanctuary system that was made of solid gold. It was the mercy seat. And the golden lampstand, the only 2 pieces that were not occasion wood and it was overlaid or gold. This was solid gold. Every piece of even the pieces of instrument that were used with the golden candlesticks was also solid. Go and he's not candlestick. They don't put candles on it, it actually is a system, as we'll talk about, where the holy spirit represented by as olive oil would be used to light the fire. So every day the priest had to work on this thing as we'll talk about what it represents in its solid gold, it represents the deity and the royalty of the god of the universe. The trinity is represented in the golden candlesticks. Why god is the solid gold god the father, jesus is the light and the holy spirit is the what is the oil is out was made exodus chapter 25 or 31 says and thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold of beaten work, shall the candlestick be made his shaft and his branches, his bowls, his knobs, and his flowers, all shall be of the same. And 6 branches shall come out of the sides of it. 3 branches of the candlestick out of the one side, 3 out of the other side. 3 bowls made like on to almonds with a not in a flower in one branch. And 3 bowls like allman's on the other branch with a not in a flower. So in the 6 branches that come out of the candlestick, noticed that language is the language of a bush branches and flowers. And in the candlestick shall be 4 bowls made like unto almonds, where their naps and their flowers. And there shall be a not under 2 branches of the same, and not under the 2 branches of the same and not under 2 branch of the same according to the 6 branches that proceed out of the candlestick. They're not in their branches shall be of the same. All of it shall be one beaten work of pure gold. Now shall make the 7 lamps thereof, and they shall light the lamps thereof, and they may lie that they may give light over against him. The only light in the holy places came from the golden lampstand. The priests watch this did not work in the holy place with amy light from the world. The only light they used was the light provided by god. And we as priests in the house of god must understand, we must be careful to take from the, from the light of the world. We must be careful that we, when we walk in and we can you imagine what the golden walls when you lit up the candles and the light reflected off of the gold what it was, what the look like inside of the holy place. And the tongs thereof, and the snuff dishes thereof shall be of pure gold of a talon of pure gold. Chelly make it with all of these vessels of talent of pure gold is super heavy and would have been and this day would be worth probably $1000000.00 really would be priceless when you consider the, the scale it would take to beat the gold into the shapes and look that thou make them after their pattern, which I showed the on the mount. And thou shalt command the children of israel that they this exit is 27 in verse 20, and I shall command the children of israel that they bring the pure olive oil beaten for the light to call the lamp to burn always. In fact, the olive oil had to be so pure that when they were finished with it, you could see through it. I are missing this thing. The oil had to be so pure that you could see through it. And in being able to see to the oil and represents the holy spirit, you never saw the oil just the flame. That's the way we ought to be. The holy spirit to fill us in such a way and folk don't see, you know, some outward an exercise of the holy spirit. They just see the flame why the flame is the light of christ. Once when our that open, we went to New Orleans. Ah, we so good, I'm a do something at the emphasis church down in New Orleans and I that that, that of either Friday night of the saturday night we went to a non in a pentecostal church. Um, because some of the folks from, from our group were singing at the, at the church anna, and we went, i'd never been to a pentecostal church before, and I make a light pentecostals. But when I went in there on the music was really going and oh, after a little while they began to, to, to get the holy spirit, as they said. And people started talking tongue that never seen anything like it. And people began to run in circles around the church. Now sitting there with my cousin leon, and I tell you, at least 3 times he got up and ran out of the back of the church. That's not a getting worried and I'll never forget. Remember the holy spirit pure a girl it must have been about 7 months pregnant running around and at church. And she smashed straight into one of the pillars and fell out. And he has picked her up, brought her in a back room, and everybody just kept going on. The holy spirit doesn't need to be that visible to work. In fact, if you listen to the story over, i've read the story of elijah, god often works through a still small voice because he's not trying to have people see what you do and it be proof that you have the holy spirit. Like speaking in tongues some say what god wants your character to be so sure that people when a deal with you a by default i impressed with who you are and recognize that god is working in you The golden candlesticks, the gold represent, the deity of god, will represent the holy spirit, the light represents christ and because it represents god and the word of god, and jesus is the word of god, jobs after one in vers one. The total of the bowls and knobs in the flowers is $66.00. Is that a coincidence? That the same number as the books of the bible. 22 knots 22 flowers, 22 bowls. Exit of 25 or 31. A candlestick in the tools were made him a talent of gold is over a 100 pounds of gold. Millions of dollars in our day, those pure olive oil, the blight, the 7 lamps and they represent the holy spirit. When you stepped into the holy place, this light was burning. The priest had to do certain things. We'll talk about that in a 2nd. But Oh, the high priest alone can actually deal with the golden candlesticks. Only the high priest could do it. And he had to do it 2 times a day, which symbolizes that we ought to spend some real quality time with god at least 2 times a day. Daniel gives us the 3rd time that we ought to have prayer 3 times a day. So this isn't simply talking about prayer. This is talking about really spending time in the light of christ. Fact when we get to heaven revelation chapter 21 verse 23 says and the city had no need of the sun. Neither of the moon to shine in it for the glory of god did lighten it and the lamb is the what is the light thereof. In fact, just like creation week, I love how this thing works out. Just like creation week, god did not create the sun in a dark space. Ha. Light existed when the sun was created. When we get to heaven, you want me the sun any more because he will be the light. Is why we don't worship the sun. I'll say it again, is why we're not amazed by the sun as, as, as societies have been throughout time and even to this day, solar worship symbols are all over the place. But I challenge you that you understand that god is the light and what we are to be is to be a reflection of that light. In fact, we ought to be more just a reflection. We ought to be so filled with the like that folks see our light because is the light of christ. I love what revelation chapter one says, revelation one in verse 12 and I turned john, the revelator on the isle of patmos says and I turned to see the voice that spake with me and being turned i saw 7 golden candlesticks. You see this? So jesus in heaven also deals with these candlesticks. Remember it was only the high priest that could be what the candlesticks on earth, the lamps in our earth. We are told that in heaven, ah christ is there. Let's look at this verse 13 and in the midst of the 7 candlesticks, one like unto the son of man. This is christ, closed the garment down to the foot, and good about the paps with a golden girdle and his head and his here's where like what we're white like wool as white as snow in his eyes, whereas a flame of fire and his feet like on to find brass as if they burned in a furnace and listen to was this part and his voice as the sound of many waters just as christ called to moses from the bush. He's calling to us here in revelation for 16 and he had in his right hand 7 stars, and out of his mouth when a sharp, 2 edged sword. That's the word of god, a man. And his countenance was as the sunshine if in his strength and when I saw him, john, the revelator says, when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead rambles that to cover his face. He couldn't come, but so close. Here it is. Again, this is that experience and it any laid his right hand upon me saying, fear not. I am the 1st. And the last. I am he that lives in was dead and behold, i am alive for evermore a man and have the keys of hell and of death. Right. The things which thou hast seen and the things which are and the things which shall be hereafter. The mystery of the 7 stars, which thou saw in my right hand and the 7 golden candlesticks, the 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches, and the 7 candlesticks which thou saw are the 7 what churches prophetically. This represents the time from the, from the, from pentecost. When again, the holy spirit like settle on him like like tons of fire, cloven fire over their heads. From that time all the way through to 1844 and beyond really, but to 1844. That is the time of the holy place, his prophetically and historically, that's the time it covers. It tells us that during that time christ was walking around. He was working with his church. When william miller began to preach the that the advent message that jesus was about to return, as the early adventist began to gather together, my bible is teaching us that during that time, jesus himself was working with them. And he's working. Now. Actually the apostles, page 586 christ is spoken of as walking in the midst of the golden candlesticks. Thus a symbolizes relation to the churches. He is in constant communication with his people. He knows their true state. He observes their order, their piety, their devotion, and although he is high priest and mediator in the sanctuary above, yet he is represented as walking up and down in the midst of his churches on earth. With untiring wakefulness and unremitting vigilance, he watches to see whether the light of any of his sentinels is burning beam or going out. If the candlesticks, when left to mere human care, the flickering flame would languish and die. But he is the true watchman in the lord's house, the true warden of the temple court, his continued care and sustaining grace are the source of life and light. You know, christ is involved what, what's going on with the church. He understand sometimes we are so worried about the church. I hear people talk so bad about the organized church and I think sometimes they recognize that at the end of the day, christ is in control. Even of the church Some folk have given up on a church or some even calling babylon. Now they've given up on the church. I want you to understand that the same christ walking through these candlesticks. In revelation chapter one is still walking among the people of god to day in the press by the presence of the holy spirit, he is working and walking with us. This is the power of the sanctuary method that we understand that christ is paying for the tedious detailed attention to each one of us. Just as though as a high priest, he couldn't eat when he went through the 7 uh pieces of the candlestick, he couldn't let all of the lights go out at the same time. So he would turn one off, wiley trimmed and took care of that one. Then he was a lighted again and moved to the next one, so that there was always a continuous light in a holy place. Lemme day something you may not feel to day that you are right with god. You may have a bad day, but this is what a script to says a just man falls 7 times and rises every time because christ is there just like john saw him and fell as a dead man. Christ still lays his right hand on us and raises us up. I don't want you to think you've gone so far from god that he can't find you. I don't want you to think that you sunk in so deep and send that he cannot save you. He is walking among the candlesticks, he knows what you are going through. He is an adequate high priest. He is a perfect high priest walk because he was tempted in all points like we are. Yet he never sin Where the prophecy goes on manuscript 189, the she says, no candlestick, no church shines of itself from christ emanates all its light. The church in heaven to day is only the complement of the church on earth, but it is higher. Grandeur, perfect. The same divine illumination is to continue through eternal ages. The Lord God almighty and the lamb are the light thereof. No church can have light if it fails to diffuse the glory it receives from the throne of god. We are not supposed to just take the light. We're supposed to take the light and share the light, shine the light, and let me do something just like when moses was at that burning bush and he took the job to go into egypt and to re enter and to collect god's people to redeem god's people just like he went in and was persecuted and tried his was crazy. Moses wasn't just persecuted by pharaoh and the egyptians. He was persecuted by his own people. But when you sign up to be a light barer church, you sign up understanding you have a hard road. So the candlestick experience represents. When you turn from the candlestick, you're gonna have to be able to stand even in a time of persecution. Testimony to the church vine 5 says this. It will be found in the day of final settlement that god was acquainted with every one by name. There is an unseen witness to every action of the life. I know thy work says he that walketh in the midst of the 7 golden candlesticks. It is known what opportunities have been slighted, how untiring, have been the efforts of the god of the good shepherd to search out those who are wandering entricken ways and to bring them back to the path of safety and peace. The scripture says that the spirit of property here are saying as the script to says that god goes out and searches for us. And it is all recorded on judgment day. Those who have not found god every time god made an effort every time they heard a word of scripture every time a spirit, a god moved on him and they rejected it. It will all be recorded Again and again. God is called after the pleasure lovers. Again and again, he has flashed the light of his word across their path that they might see their peril and what an escape but on but on and on. They go jesting and joking as they traveled abroad road until at length. Their probation is ended. Testimony, sir, is Ryan 5 pates for $35.00 gods ways are just an equal and when sentence is pronounced against those who are found wanting, every mouth will be stopped. I want to submit to you that this is the challenge we face. Because if you take this all the way out, the last church that is represented of the 7 churches in that timeline of those candlesticks is the Church of leo to see the church that describes christendom to day is Leo to see. And this is what the spirit of god says to them. In revelation chapter 3, verse 817. Because I'll say asked i am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing. And no, it's not that our wretched and miserable and poor and blind in Macon. I counsel thee, i counsel the to buy of me gold tried in the fire. The dow may be rich and white raymond, that thou may be clothes, and that the shame of your nakedness do not appear and anoint thine eyes with eyesight. The da may a see look at verse 19. As many as I love, i rebuke and chase him. Be zealous, therefore, and what and repent. Because you say I am rich and increased with goods. Let me say something I have found in the last several months. There is an arrogance and a pride among some of us as adventist, that is frightening. We're talking about the, the end time issues and as we're talking about the coming persecution, even as we deal with this pandemic, I'm hearing a lot of us arrogance. Their focus and listen, whatever happens to everybody else is fine. We have the health message. Well, if we have the health message and they don't, I'm not sure that's a reason for us to feel good. They're like, oh, don't worry about it. You know, the corona virus only kills people over 70 years of age. I told me that although my grandmother died at 86, I would, I would not have one of the lou that last 16 years with her. We've gotten to a point, we think, well, we've figured it all out and we are taken care of. And so whatever happens outside of that is fine we, we've fixed it all ourselves and we don't understand it is danger. Not just because a lot of time to read this and we speak to the material wealth of the administered. We speak of our great institutions and, and whatever resources we have, but I want to submit to you that the most dangerous wealth is the false wealth of self righteousness. Because then what is happening is it is no longer the perfect oil of the holy spirit that is creating the light. Now you are trying to create your own light. You think that you figure it out and be by your behave, your us special privilege. This is dangerous dangerous doctrine because one people become indifferent to the plight and the suffering of all those around them because we have the truth and is disgusting at times. We are doing our program on Friday nights, myself and my, my colleague, doctor columbus, battista for us for our slave food project. And they're there to baptist Church sunday church. One of them is a baptist Church in Atlanta that has invited us down to do presentations in their church in front of the congregation, not at venice. And we've gone down there and introduce them to our health message, whole food plant based live, and all these different things and, and have excellent time of discussing with their congregants in Atlanta to churches. So we had them come on in the past. There's of the churches are now whole food plant based and giving their testimony of how they changed. And here's where got deep on our on the show we did, they make that these 2 pastors began to discuss how theologically they're not administered, how they may study the bible. They see that if God designed for man to eat a whole food plant base died that disease, that in fact act one of them. The question is a presumption to eat whatever you want and then pray when you get sick. Neither one on one of the other. That question But here's what it is. They both were like listen, you could you, if you can't, one of them said you can't pray over the pig and expect god to bless what he already cursed. And you know what some adventist wrote to us That we should not have babylonians on our show What a shame If we share with them and they're given the testimony of what has been shared and his benefit. You see them as bout, you should have medical missionaries on it. Are they? These 2 dues are doing more to change people's health. Then most people who call themselves medical missionary, their congregations are massive in Atlanta. These are tiny little churches and, but this is the arrogance that now is there I'm, we must be, we're the only ones. Let me take a whole lot of advent. Us are going to be lost because they think we are the only way you can get truth is if they give it out. But you know to, there are people outside of our church. The god is going to call in, during the shaking that the reason god hasn't call some of them in is because some of us are in here, miserable and unhappy in church, never smiling, always judge and fault. You can't be all right. If it's your life you want to shine, it's the light of christ that must shine. That means we're humble. That means we're teachable that we, we love people. Even people who don't agree with us. I'm light. If the only time you love someone is when they agree, would you Tell me, I'll tell you. Things are about to get worse. While we argue among ourselves over foolishness and things that are not salvific. This is where the world is gone this week. But prances in earth, a message, this is, this is I'm a build up to happen this week, but this is back from early it is pope francis and earlier this year, hope frances and earth messages warns we are at the edge on climate change. Right? So to port the same as we are at the end, in fact that people say we're like a year or 2 away from total climate collapse in the, on the planet. And this week, all the different ads of different denominations came together in different. You can see even so there's a, there's looks like a seek, a muslim here, different religious traditions came together and signed the document to impress upon all the nations of the world that they are to do more for climate change and a pushing hard on this thing I hope you had your burning bush experience. Look at us. They're ready for a climate sunday now. Who is organizing climate sunday and isn't an interesting sunday was set up as a day of worship to worship the sun. Just like like did light was created before the sun i want to submit to you that the truth around what is happening exists outside of this particular day of the week. Because what they're really pushing for this is from the vatican. News christian churches are holding climate sunday. I had of glasgow conference. And I've shown you another talk that there governments in Europe that are already moving towards sunday laws. The european union union in, in conjunction with the labor unions and others are starting to come together. People on every side of the political spectrum can agree that this is the day that should be, that should be hallowed. And in fact, right now, while we're in finding inside of our denomination, there are those outside really rallying together. Why are they rallying together to make us look even more ridiculous? That we believe a Sunday law is even possible? Even I just read a really good book on religious liberty this week by ken starr and advent of mentioned in it because these laws of the lot of the supreme court has gone against us before or against religious liberty before. This is what I said, christ object lesson page 414 says, this is why we must have that burning bush experience. The coming of the bridegroom was at midnight the darkest hour. So the coming of christ will take place in the darkest period of this earth's history. The days of noah and lot pictured the condition of the world just before the coming of the son of man, the scriptures pointing ford will forward to this time to clear that satan will work with all power and with all the civil bonus of unrighteousness. Second testimony is 29 and 10. Satan will work more now. Be able to deceive more now if we have not had a burning bush experience. If we have not spent time twice a day before, of the golden lamps stand in our houses. And in our worship experience as the world grows darker. If we don't have the light of christ, we will be lost. His work is plainly revealed by the rapidly increasing darkness. Speaking of satan, the multitudinous errors, heresies and delusions of these last days, not only a satan leading the world captive, but as deceptions are leavening, the profess churches of our lord jesus christ. The great apostasy will develop into darkness deep as midnight impenetrable. A sackcloth of air, to god's people it will be a night of trial. A night of weeping, a night of persecution for the truth sake. I like the last line here from christ. Bless bates for 14. But out of that night of darkness, god's light will shine Will shine because we will stand up on the persecution. How did the church grow so fast as the martyrs were being devoured by animals burned on stakes during the time of the roman empire? The blood of the martyrs watered the church and it grew Matthew 514 through 16 ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men, light a candle and put it under a bushel. But on a candlestick and it gives light unto all that are in the house, let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father, which is in heaven. I want to glorify my father, not myself. I'll prove to you how great I am. Well, good is that, do the whole lot of people that are convinced they're great that are going to find their way into the lake of fire. The glory i want is the glory to go to God selected messages $398.00. When when the christian is looking forward to duties and severe trials that he anticipates ought to be brought upon him because of his christian profession of faith. It is human nature to contemplate the consequences and shrink from the prospects and this will be decidedly so as we near the coals of this earth history. We may be encouraged by the truthfulness of god's word that christ never failed his children as their safe leader in the hour of their trial. For we have the truthful record of those who have been under the oppressive powers of satan, that his grace is according to their dave. God is faithful. Who will not suffer us to be tempted. Above what we are able selected messages, page 398. 0, I sent me this this week. I think this is from the teacher lesson from the sabbath school this week. And I had sent it to Idaho to a couple that I met both nurses and, and the wife was called was crying a. She was concerned that if we are going into the time of trouble, how will my children fear? They are very young and wow, will they do? And this resonated with me so much as I defined them and send it to them. If we have had that burning bush experience, if we've talked with god face to face as a friend, if we've, if we, if we have and we are shining from us the light of christ by the power of the holy spirit. As persecution come, god will only allow what we can bear and he will give us strength for that, which right now we think we could never bear and our light will shine. Exodus chapa, 3 verse 13 and 14, and moses said unto god, behold, when I come to the children of israel and and shall say unto them the god of your fathers have sent me on to you. And they they shall say to me, what is his name? moses asked god, they're gonna ask me, what's your name and what am I supposed to tell them? What shall i say unto them? I like verse 14. It says, and God said unto moses, i am that I am And he said, thus shalt thou say unto the children of israel. I am had sent you not horace, not isis. Not o cyrus, not jupiter. Not zeus a Mercury. God says this in my name is I am I exist and I am in the right. 10th of the hebrew isn't just I exist now. I existed always and will always exist. That is the power of the light of the god you serve. He is because something I had to really rely on god the last probably the last 2 and a half weeks. Our family went to a trial. My younger cousin got the corona virus. And I think it went basically through his whole house. The only one I got really sick he's, he's younger than I and they just had their 7th child and I love him more than anything. Great guy. In fact, just he believes not to listen to my sermons a line and came back to the church and he and I've been having religious discussions of recent. So I was really just happy was happening like satan stepped in to try and wipe him out. He wound up in the hospital intubated and they had to put him under coal and in a medically induced coma. Blood sugars were out of whack, and I mean almost everything that could go wrong, went wrong, kidneys, problems, lung for everything. In our family, our extended family began to have zoom meeting's church. I began to have my, my younger cousin, 2nd cousins, people haven't seen in a long time joining on his own meetings. It was such a blessing to see them. We began to pray for my cousin. Let me say something as we began to pray. He began to improve. In fact, his wife told me that when he went into the hospital, basically I see you nurse told her not to expect a recovery, but not that many words, but basically don't get your hopes up. She said the physician also toler, basically this one's oh, it's over. He probably will never come off of this ventilator alive. And we began to pray. And I remember as we were praying, some of the folk who get on some of my family members of come on, probably i'm in a church in a long time. And some of them maybe, you know, maybe I don't know where they are. Spirit, i haven't spoken to them, but I was like, god was showing me that he was using don't mrs. He was using this situation to shine light And before was over. Folk were praying and calling on god's me and I'll never forget in my office at the house. I stopped one night at there was done with everything I needed to do, and I just had to speak to God. I had to have a burning bush experience and I said to God, god, so many of our family members have died over the last 30 years. I us so much death regularly we have experienced that. I said, god, I have to claim your promise to night. That you are going to allow my cousin to walk out of that hospital unscathed by any of this. I said, I need my family members to see 1st hand that you are the god of the scripture, a miracle working god to day that you are the great I am And I wept and I prayed and I wept. And I called on the name of god, claim the blood of jesus over my cousin. I prayed to banish the enemy from out of that, I see you room church within 2 days We got to word they were going to in x. The B Would in 4 days, His wife was so happy that he had been ex, debated, and was doing well. By about day 5, I was able to get on the phone and talk to Mike. Let me say some church we wept together on the phone. And to hear him call on the name of jesus the here his father called on the name of jesus as he wept any cried. My cousin, wept and cried over the goodness of god. You don't serve some made of god in a fairy tale book church. He is the great I am, he is still there tending to the candlesticks. He still in the burning bush. He is still the power that moves and orders this universe. He is the one that we get on our knees and we pray to he is real And you have been called to be a light to that reality. And yes, it's gonna cost you something. Yes is going to be difficult. Yes, it's going to be challenging. But he will not send you where you cannot stand. He will give you the strength, he will, he will give you what you need to be able to deliver in the time of trouble. Let me say something church. I thank God and he's given each one of us the opportunity at the end of the world to be light in the darkness. Each one of us has the opportunity to sheer the word of god. In dark times. There is not something we should cower away from. This is a sacred responsibility. And I praise god for it. Let's pray father, god, we thank you for this opportunity to study a word. Look at moses and a burning bush and also to evaluate the 2nd piece of furniture in the holy place of the sanctuary. Thank you. Jesus, for walking among the candlesticks. Thank you for being a faithful, high priest. The Lord, even here. And now I want to thank you, especially for what you did for my cousin on a Thank you lord, because you didn't have to do it. You'd still be god, father, god, you've shown up and shown out that he would be a living, breathing, walking testimony. So that he can show your light. Thank you lord we asked now lord, that we be got we, we become prepared for what is coming upon. Mm lord. We might each be able to stand up prayer and jesus, precious and holy in the church. Save in this media was brought to you by audio verse. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermons, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. Mm.


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