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02 Prophecy’s Final World Superpower

Giancarlo De Miranda


A study on Daniel chapter two, which reveals the falling down of main world-superpower nations and the establishment of God’s everlasting kingdom. 


  • September 18, 2021
    7:00 PM
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I want to have a word, a prayer with you before we start, if you will let the bar has and, and pray heavily, father. As we start our study tonight will like to invite your presence here and we want to feel the power of the holy spirit to come upon us. And to guide us through these studies, we want to understand more bible prophecy and about what's happening and what's going to take place in the world. And most important how to be ready in a saving relationship with you. For we pray in jesus' name, let everyone say a man. I want to start by remind you of a story that took place more than a 100 years ago. And in April 12, 1912, you'll probably remember if you see the picture there somehow it's not changing the picture. Do you know why john? OK, so, but I'll tell you the story and hope it will catch up with us here. But say it again. No, actually we have the ship, the largest ship of that time was going to the 1st voyage and that was what was the name of the ship? Everyone? The titanic. That's right. The title was fuel the way with more than 2000 people. More than 2200 people was on board the titanic. They were going from england in crossing the atlantic ocean going all the way to the United States. More specifically to the state of New York. A lot of reach people were on board as well. Important people of the time and it was known at the time that the tie tonic was unsinkable, and there were rumors, people would say things like, even god cannot sink the titanic case. Still they went their voice after 3 days crossing the atlantic oceans. You know, the 1st warning of the 1st one of you, one warning came to the ship. Cruise saying, iceberg ahead. The 1st warning came early in the morning was 9 o'clock. It was completely ignored. No one took even note of the warning. It didn't come to the captain of the ship, and then the 2nd warning came afternoon. It was already like 1 o'clock in the afternoon, 130 somewhere there came the 2nd warning. The 2nd war was written down given to the captain. The captain saw the warranty, but the captain decided to ignore the what did he decide to do with a warning? ignore the warning and he believed also that, that she was strong enough to face the ocean to face all the icebergs and cross the ocean. All the way to New York, and he ignored a warranty, but the warnings continued to come. The warning continued to want everyone to come, but they were ignored and ignored until 9 o'clock, 9 o'clock, or finally, some of the crew members, they saw this white's iceberg right ahead of them. And they scream, then they call the captain and they try to reverse. They tried to stop, but it was too late. It was what everyone, too late. The warnings had been ignored and now that they wanted to cross, excuse me, and they wanted to stop the ship, it was just too late to do them. And then they, the crash, you know, they had a collision with this iceberg. And then when they went to assess the damage, they saw 300 feet damage on the right side of the titanic. The water was just coming so fast that the water pumps could not take the water out. And then finally, the captain decided to lower all the life saving bolts. And they realized they only had a life saving both for 1100 people. And they had like more than 2000 people on board. But some people, even though they had the opportunity to get in in one of those bulls, they decided not to get in because they had been told that the titanic was unsinkable. Only 711 people survived. France, there is a lesson there for us. There is a major lesson there for us, and that is that the warnings had been given, but the warning had been what everyone ignored and france. God has given warnings concerning what's going to take place with this world. This world is actually heading to a collision to an end. And prophecy is very clear about that and they are warranties. After warnings in scriptures, there are signs of the times that we saw yesterday, one of the other. They are increasing in intensity and frequency. But people, many people and I'm glad it's not you, one of them, many people are ignoring the warning and we must not ignore the warners. Because if we keep ignoring the warning is going to be just like what happens with the people into titanic. It will be fatal, i with me. And that's why we are here friends, because we want to understand what the bible says about the end of the world, and what's going to take place in the last days. We don't want to ignore the warnings we want to be up to date with good understanding of the scripture so we can be reading. In fact, my friends is not only the bible that is talking about the end of the world. Sciences today are also talking about the end of the world. Did you know that they are talking about? They called a doomsday clock, like a scientists such as so many of you are familiar with stephen hawking. Very famous sciences. I want you to see what he wrote he already passed in recent years, he wrote the following. It is important for the Human race to spread out into where everyone space for the what purpose for per the survival of the species life on earth is at the ever increasing risk of being wiped out by a natural disaster. Nuclear war, a genetically engineer virus or other dangerous, we have not yet thought of. And then he goes on to say we one find anywhere as nice as earth last. We go to another star system, another galaxy. Ok? So you see that the science is they are also concerned about the end of the world. But we know we learned from bible prophecy that the world will not. And because of Human innervation because of why did I say everyone, human intervention? No, it will. And that you will reach a climax with the 2nd coming of jesus. We saw that yesterday. Promise, after promise in scriptures that jesus is coming again, and we must be ready for death. Now just a quick review here of what we started yesterday in the book of isaiah, the prophet isaiah and the old testament, he, you know, the prophet right on behalf of god and the following words where god says I am god. And I'm going to tell your, prove you, why I'm gone. And I want you to read that with me right over here. If you have your bibles here, a welcome to go daring isaiah chapter 46 verse 9. Remember the former things of old for I am who god and there is no other and then he tells why he is god and there is no other like him. What is the reason he is god, the clary, the and from where from the beginning and from ation, ties all the way in the past. Things that are not yet done the way I'm going to prove you that I'm god, and I'm trustworthy. You can trusting what I say is that I'm going to start declaring what's going to happen in the future you with me. And then once we study bible prophecy, everything they got to have spoken about the future. And we study, we see the fulfillment we will say we can trust in the word of god with me. And that's why we can trust not only in the prophecies of the bible, but we can trust in the whole bible. Because god, through his word, through his prophet, he can declare the things that has not yet happened and my friends, they are several bible prophecies that have been fulfilled. Tonight, we are going to study one of them and the complete fulfillment has not yet happened. But I'll say 95 percent has already happened. We still need another 5 percent of the prophecy to happen. We saw that the book of revelation on what book did I say everyone? revelation? Yes sir. It is one of these books that prepare people in the world for the end of the world. OK, so is the book of hope not of despair. Jesus, as a revelation, $117.00, do not be what everyone afraid. I am the 1st and the last some other words, i'm going to be with you all the way through from the beginning to the end. Your revelation 22. If you'd like to open up your bibles there, you're welcome to go there. Revelation chapter 22 all the way to the last chapter of the book. Revelation the revelations. Chapter 22. We are going to read verse 7. The bible says there be hold that jesus speaking through the prophet john b hold, I am a. What is the next word? Everyone coming quickly. Bless it. He's he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book. And that's what we want to do. We want to study, we want to read so we can observe implementing our life. It becomes our lifestyle. So we can be ready for the coming of jesus. Would you say a man for them? OK so, but you Fine. Ok. The blessing. Yes. In chapter one, verse 3, very good. You find the promise of a blessing there as well. But I want to remind you just quickly here of the words that jesus spoke in matthew 24 verse 15. What verse did I say? Everyone monster 24 verse 15. You're welcome to go there. But jesus spoke about assert and profit a certain what everyone profit, and I want you to read with me. What profit did jesus say that we must study? Read and understand. So in matthew, 24, if you have your bibles, you can go there with me because remember, I want you to keep me accountable. Ok. If I don't give you a biblical answer is not acceptable, are you with me? Would you say a man for then? We won't be able to go answers here tonight, otherwise it doesn't count. Matthew 24 in verse if dean jesus says the fall, therefore in the context of the last days here. Therefore, when you see the bomb nation of desolation is spoken of by what profit handle the profit standing, the, all the police who so whoever do what with that book reads, let him also do wife understand. So jesus have very clear we need to pay attention is specifically what the profit daniel has to say. And that's what we're going to do tonight. We're going to follow the words of jesus. We're going to go back all the way to the old testament to the prophet, daniel, and see what he has to say. And we're going to Dan or chapter to invite you to go there with me. We're going to spend most of our time tonight in daniel, what chapter did I say everyone? chapter 2, daniel chapter 2, france, you are, you know, to the verge of discovery and packing of fascinating prophecy that god gave to the prophet dana, which pertains to our time as well. I want you to see that friend. This is just mind blowing. I remember the 1st time studying the chapter 2 and understanding the meanings of this dream that was given. And I was just like, how can it be? Remember that verse? I am god, there is not like me and the way I prove i am god, because I'm able to declare the future before it happens and is exactly what we find in daniel chapter 2. So let's just review here, dan, or chapter 2 very quickly. We're going to read several verses again the in or chapter 2. But I will kind of just give you an overview quickly here of what was happening there. And you're welcome to read at home and specially and review what we are discussing here tonight. But in daniel chapter 2, you have this king of babylon, king of what nation, everyone. Babylon and his name is, who knows? His name. Now book naz are, there you go. That's why we need the, the middle eastern people here to, to keep us accountable with the historical facts. OK, so there you go. We have babylon, and we have no book nasser there in the book. Now answered the king of babylon, the most powerful nation on earth on those days, what kind of nation did I say? The most powerful nation here was the most powerful king. You could probably compare to the president of the United States with a difference that he must take no respect to, to what to, to, to what is advisory or congress or any branch of checks and balances. Has to say he was a king, there was no checks and balances for him. Are you with me? So this is the most powerful man on the earth. He was sleepy on day. He had a dream had what? Every one, a dream in a dream that disturb him. He was just like, completely disturbed. With that dream he woke up, but the thing is he could not remember the dream. But he remembered that it was a terrible dream that disturb him so bad. And he decided to go to his wise man, the wise man of babylon, because they were supposed to know what the dream was and the interpretation you with me. That's how they worked in those days. Do you have the, the astrologers, you know, they look to the stars and they knew the future by look in the stars and they have those that consulted the, the dad spirits. You have those that consolidate all kinds of god that they had. That was the, the understanding the philosophy of the called the bologna. OK, so when I say guardians, i'm not talking about the cal deals that we have here in the context of war in a war or mission. And we're talking about the people they're leaving the mazata. Tanya, of course there is a trace back if you know a little bit of the history, but you have here the babylon. Yes. And the wise man babylon in the moon, now or call them all except the wise man they had come from on the city of jerusalem. What city did I say? He didn't want to hear? What does hebrew wise man had to say about? He was a dream. He would have to give the chance to his own wise men from his own country to give him the dream and the interpretation. Sole daniel, the prophet was one of the wise men of babylon, but he was hebrew. He was not invited to that occasion. His friends were also the wise men of babylon. They were not invited to that occasion at all. These babylon is all these called the in front of the king. And they come to the king to say, listen king. Where here, what do you want? And the king says, I want you to tell me what I dream last night. And if you are the wise man of babylon and I support you, I pay your salary, you better tell me what the dream was. And I want you to pick up the story with me inverse hand in your bibles. Ok, then are chapter 2, an inverse stan. We're going to see what the cal dns actually told the king. If you have your bibles, you're welcome to follow with me in reverse stand. It says the cal dns answered the king and said, there is not a man on earth who call who can tell the king mattered. Therefore no king, lord or ruler, have ever asked such things of any magician, astrologer, or tired, called the in. Could they tell what the dream was? Yes or no. They credit. And they said very clear, there is no man on the years that can tell you what the dream was. And notice what it says, the verse 12 for this reason, the king was what everybody angry and very furious and gave the commander to do what with the wise man, this straw, how many of them all the wise men of babylon and then verse 13, the bible says there, so the decree went out and they began killing the wise man and they saw also daniel and his companions to kill them because they were part of the wise men of babylon. They were hebrews, but they were part of the wise men of babylon. If you reach chapter one, you will see that they exceed in with excelled and wisdom, and they became one of the wise mans of babylon. But they were not invited. Buddy ordered, when it came the time to kill the wise men of babylon, they were invited. There were thought for now look at what happened here in verse 16. If you jump with me when they came to daniel, the bible says sole daniel went in because he requested in the previous verses, time to consult the god of heaven. Pray about it and see if God would answer his prayers and tell him what the dream was. And then he went to his friend, said the verse 16. So daniel went in and asked the king to give him what everybody's time, that he might tell the king interpreted, it's amazing that god the king actually gave him time that the king gave him what everyone time. That was exactly what he was not willing to give to the wise man that were called dns and by the law as you folly. But he was willing to give to dana, it seemed that daniel had a different spirit throughout the book. You see that the spirit of god was upon daniel and the king, the kings of babylon, because there was more after number mazur, they recognized that the spirit of god was upon daniel. He said, okay, I'll give you time. And then in verse 17 jump with me to your verse 17. It says they are dan daniel, went to his house and made a decision known to hannah and I, michelle and as ariah his companions. Verse 18 that day my do what everybody seek mercy is from the god of heaven concerning this secret. So that daniel and his companions, my not perish with the rest of the wise men of babylon. So they decided to do what everyone just putting today's words. What did they decide to do? pray, and friends whenever we encounter problem live. The 1st thing we should do is to pray to the god of heaven. Are you with me? And we should plead with him to provide solution to provide wisdom, guidance, to provide comfort strength and power. And they many times even miracles and he is willing to do for us. Notice what it says in daniel to verse 19. Then the secret was what everybody revealed to daniel in a night vision, sol, daniel, what did he do? He become proud and took the glory to himself. Daniel, bless the god of heaven. Friend. Let's just remind ourselves very quickly here. You might feel 7 or 7 needs. Jesus says, what is the 1st word there? Ask any will be given to use seek and you will find a knock and it will be open to you for everyone who do what asked receive. And he who seeks find into him or not. It will be open. That's exactly what daniel did, and that's exactly what you and I can do, come with before god with face pray for whatever we are going to do in life. And he's willing to answer our prayers according to his will and according to what is best for us, go back to the end of chapter 2. And we go now to chapter $26.00. So did daniel discover what the dream was? Yes or no? Yes, the god of heaven revealed to him in 1st instinct for the bible says are you able to see him before the king? OK, so are you able to make known to me what the dream which I have seen and it's interpretation and noticed the answer of then, and that's so important. It's so it's, it's someone that is feel with humility through the power of god. Notice daniel answered in the presence of the king and said, the secret which the king has demanded the wise man, the astrologers, the magicians, and the soothsayers cannot declare to the king and then in verse 28, but there is a whole god in heaven who review secrets and he has made known to the king in the book, now zer, what will be when? In the latter days I highlighted for you, because that's so important. It says, and the latter days, friends, this dream over here that we're studying tonight is pertaining to what kind of days everyone. So the latter days it pertains to us and we need to understand because there we are going to find warnings that we cannot ignore friends and friends. Really, the bible is really a book to provide answers to. The question is that the Human heart has, for instance, how did I get here? Does the bible talk about how we got here, daniel said you know, the god and have, and he is the one that answer prayers. He is the one that to give us wisdom. He is the one who created us. You know, so does the bible answer the question, what is my purpose? Why I'm here on earth. Yes or no? Oh yes, we have a purpose to give glory to God. K, to be a blessing to those around us. OK, so we have a purpose in life. Daniel had a purpose in life. He wanted to help the king in the book now or to understand about the god of heaven. So he and self could be saved. Number 3, how should I leave my life while I'm here on earth? The bible tells us how we should leave our lives. You on earth, the as or no. All yes, daniel, here he leave the such a life that even king in the book now zer, who was sole brutal that was willing to kill his own wise man, was willing to give them a chance, which he was not willing to give to his wise man but because he leave alive, filled with spirits, burying the Fruit of the spirit, you know, his life or spare. Notice verse for question. Number 4, where am I going? When I die? This the bible tells us where we are going. Yes or no. A lot of people are asking this question, where do I come from? Was my purpose where I'm going, the bible talks about that we're going to study that tonight. Do you want to know where we're going tonight? Not tonight tonight, but I mean, Daniel chapter 2, verse 31. Let's go back here to our study verse. 31. You or king? This is Dana speaking. You are king, were watching and behold what was in the dream of the king. A great image. This great image whose blander was excellent, stood before you and its form was awesome. Verse 32. This image had was of fine. What kind of marrow everyone? gold you can see in the picture there. It's chairs and arms loves what kind of metal. Silver is barely and ties of bronze. Its legs love, iron, its feed partially of ira, and partially of clay. You can even imagine daniel described in the dream to the book now or. And he begins to have this flash back in his mind. This is a dream. This is something supernatural happen right here as we are reading, but it's much more supernatural. The interpretation that we're going to discover tonight versus $34.00. It says you watch it and while I stone, i want everyone. I stone was cut out without hands. This must be divine intervention because the expression with our hands in the bible, it's often referring to the intervention of gone on earth. So the storm was cut out without hands which struck the image on its feet of irish and play and broke them in pieces. Verse 35. Then the iron clay, the bronze silver gold, were crushed together and became like chaff from the summer dressing floors for $35.00. It says then when carried them away so that No trace of them was found. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and feel the whole earth. There you have the dream. This is a dream verse 36. This is a dream. Now a lot of care, but I love this will will tell the what the integrity don't you love then? I just told you the dream. But it is doesn't 5 here. Now I'm going to tell you what if you one interpretation france, you need to realize what god does. Everything that god does has a purpose here. You know, like, the reason god made this came to forget his dream is that if he remember his dream, he would have told the wise men of babylon and the wise men of babylon, it would have made up any temper taishan. And that was a done deal like okay, whatever you guys said is fine. Are you with me? The god made him forget the dream, but be troubled enough to seek for help. And then he sent his prophet and then, and then he real or he expose the fallacy of the wise men of babylon. That didn't worship the god of heaven. But worship idols. There, fallacy is discovered they can help. And now it comes these hebrew prophet daniel, the prophet, he understands the dream, he receives the dream from god and he says, oh, but by the way, I know you're already excited. But I'm going to tell you the interpretation. Do you want to know the at the rotation tonight? Oh yes, yes, but I just a review here what we saw here. I want to show you a little bit over here and you can watch the dream. Try to be in, reproduce tonight. Here. I'm not sure if we are going to be able to see, I'll try one more time. Let's try this. No, it did then work out. Not sure. I had actually an image here playing like the whole image. But anyway, you can see there the head of gold, the chest and arms of silver, and then you have the tie of bronze and then you have the legs of ira and then the feet it was ira in play and then came a stone cut out without hands, and that is stroke the image and broke in pieces that Well we have there. Now here comes the interpretation, reverse that he said, are you ready for them? OK, so over $37.00 the bible says you are king arctic. King of kings for the god of heaven has given you a kingdom, power strength and glory, verse 38th, and whatever the children of man dwell, or the beasts of the field and the birds of the haven't. And he has given them into your hands and has made your ruler over them all notice care for you are there is what everyone the head of guild, i'm sure he must have felt very proud of that. He was a head of gold. But here we have the beginning of the interpretation, all the way to babylon. You say you are the head of gold, france. Babylon was just an amazing nation, an amazing city that ruled the known world of the time. And his story. And they say that dabble on, if you go to the college of the city of babylon, you find that the streets was laid with gold. The walls had gold images have gold. I wanted to read here what a ancient greek poet wrote about babylon. He said babylon was teeming with what everyone. Gold, a perfect imagery of babylon, ancient greek historian, he wrote lavishness of gold in the sanctuary of bel marduk. That was the main god of the bible audience. It was the sun, god marduke, k. So they worship the sun as the main god, and it says here was lavishness of gold. In the sanctuary, we all know about the hanging gardens of babylon, that book nasser built to one on his wife that really like, you know, like the beautiful vegetation of the country where she came from. She came to babylon and said he doesn't have vegetation. I had back only my country and he built the hanging gardens of babylon for his wife. And I want you to know here are some discoveries. You know, this isn't a book navigators. Couldn't afford. And not many years ago, france, i'm, I'm still talking about the 20th Century here. Historians. They believe that what the prophet then ruled was not accurate. Because nobody knew in history about a king called in a book nasser. But recent recent discoveries, they found the so called and the book. Now there's going to form and I want you to see what they found out. First of all, they found out and I'm book nasser was in fact the king of babylon. The bible was right and we can trust in the bible. But notice what the book nasa rules in that stone here rolled the fortifications of dabble on. I strengthen and stablished the name of my reigning for how long that he expected to to rain and all the bible on with withstand for ever. But that didn't happen as we are going to see here in the dream. And then he rolled the whole, or was prostrated at babylon's feet. How much of the world was pro stated before babylon, the whole known world babylon, the CD, which is the delight of my eyes, which I have glorified, may it last for how long? For that was his expectation. When he build the seat of babylon, he build to live forever in Babylon. Only last for the unhappiness of the book. Now there from 6. 05 to 539. He had already died in 539. Ok. But it only lasts until $539.00, b, C. So the numbers are decreasing because we are talking about b, C. And other words, you know, before christ, that's, you know, when the time is actually digressing in numbers. Now notice with me when the bible says in danger, chapter 2 verse $39.00, the bible says there, but after are you Oh man, you have to be a man of god to stand before the most powerful king of the year. That has the power to kill you on the spot there to tell you, and bite away after you after your kingdom. After you shall arise another what every one came this. So this image here is about kingdoms gay. When you said you are the head of guilty, it's because you in a book now that you represent the kingdom, babylon, you are the king, you're the head of the kingdom, but he says, year, but after you shall arise another kingdom. So he's basically saying by awaking your kingdom will not last forever, but it will pass away franz, i wonder if I was there standing before in a book nance, or if I would have the courage to tell him on the face that you think your kingdom will last forever, but I have news for you. Your kingdom will pass away according to this dream, Before it happened. And then he says, then another, a 3rd king, then a bronze which shall rule over the or it's so let's talk about the 2nd one that follow babylon, the breast of in the, in the chance they should say, of silver. So that is the kingdom of middle persian, if you This is just basic history, france, but you can see in the bible the bible chapter 5, let me take you there to the chapter 5. You can turn your bible there to the in or chapter 5. I don't have here in the slide, but we're going to read this verse in a little bit. It gives you the name of the kingdom that followed babylon that conquered babylon. That was in a year 539. The middle persians came into seam, and the way they did in October, 13th in 539, p. C. You have the middle persians is the composition of 2 nations coming to gathering an alliance to the feed babylon. And they surrounded the CD and the in Babylon. Or you had this weaver freighters going all the way into the city of babylon, through the gates. And they say we can answer the city of the walls of babylon. It was just like too large. It was high, it was why you can actually run to cherry odds with horses around the walls of babylon. It was a $45.00 city, and the army is good. Surround the city for years. They will still produce their knees with the river freighters flowing into the city. The babylon is didn't care about the middle persians surrounding the city. There were actually feasting that night, drinking and partying, even drinking from the vessels of the sanctuary of god. And when they were drunk, they had forgotten to lock the gate where the river freighters ran through the city. And what they did, the, the purge of the middle persians. They deviated the course of the river, and they were able to March through the gates through the river bed. And when they got there, they were not prepared for war. Every one just surrounded, nobody died except the king. And you find the right hearing then, or chapter 5, notice care for what it says. And then in chapter 5, gives you the name of the kingdom that fall, and you just go to history and all the nation, then conquered babylon. You're going to see it was the middle persians then, or chapter 5. Notice what it says, year, and verse daniel, chapter 5 in verse 28th pad as your kingdom has been divided, and given to who the medes and persians right there. You have the prophecy. OK, so not a warning that was given and that very same nights the bible says if you continue to read verse, where are we? Here we are in verse 29. Then bill schanzer gave the command and they called the daniel with purport and put a chain of gold around his neck and made a brooklyn nation concerning him, that he should be the 3rd ruler and his kingdom. First study that very night bell schanzer, king of the DNS was, what is the next word every one slain. And there is the me to receive the king and being about 62 years old there you house, your kingdom will pass away. So that's exactly what we find, we see them putting there. And the interesting thing is that cyrus, whose name did I say here, sire is ok, the king of the persians. Ok, the king of the persians. We find also writings that is known today and it's in the museum in england. And notice, you know, they're basically shows that the fires according to ancient prophecy found in the bible was going to be the next conquering king of the known world. And we are going to read bible prophecy concerning sires in a little bit, and that was recognized in the old days. Notice what isaiah says, notice care of, I say a 41 verse one. Thus saith the Lord to his anointed 2. What is the next word? Everyone? sire, who's right and I have held to subdue nations before him. So right there france, you need to understand that sir. The book of isaiah was written a 180 years before cyrus was born. Are you following what we're dealing here? We're not talking about like a natural book where we're dealing with supernatural here. The prophet isaiah, you know, inspire by god, gave even the name of the individual. Then it would be responsible to the fall of babylon. You saw there in the book of daniel about the areas and areas was related to sire as it was old and out a respect. Fire is allowed his uncle to rule And that was a way to please The media that alliance, the the middle persians, and the media was an alliance of Family. And after there is die, and then the birth of the persians just continue to grow, empower. But the bible had already given even the name of 180 years before saras was born, that he would be the instrument of god to conquer, to nations. Notice and lose the armour of kings to open before him a notice carefully, the y double door sold that the gates will not be shot. That's how babylon was conquered. Remember, the gates were left open and they were able to deviate the course of the river. And march through the river, bad weather gates open. The bible had already prophesied how the fall babylon would be And lose the arm of king. So we already read that one. So going back to the inner chapter 2 verse $39.00. Then another, a 3rd kingdom, a bronze, right in the middle of the verse of the 3rd kingdom, a bronze which shall rule over all the earth. And we know that the kingdom that follow the medes and the persian, if you know, basic history, what was the chain them that ruled the world after the meeting, the person? It was greed through alexander the great. It was greece through alexander, the great greece ruined from the earth. 331 to 168 b. C. The interesting thing about alexander, the great, the one that was able to conquer the means in the versions in other nations that tried to withstood his power. Was that in 70 years, how long time did I say 70 years, he was able to conquer the whole world. And when there was no land for him to conquer, according to history, ok. So we can really confirmed that. But there are rumors that he actually got really depressed because there was nothing else for him to conquer, except something that he was unable to conquer and that was his passion and his own addiction to alcohol. And he actually died at a year, some historian says 32 years old. Some other says 33 years old because he was not able to control his own passions. And his live was brought to destruction. An early age he was able to conquer the world. But was not able to conquer his own passion, france, i must tell you this. There is no power in the world, human power that can make you conquer whatever displayed in your life. Tonight is only a power that comes from above. The power, the holy spirit that can break us free from seeing would you see a man for death? And that was something that, alexander the great did, and no, so his but he is in pyre. Last for a number of years after him, he was eventually divided in 4 parts and then came the 4th world empire. And who knows what was the 4th in via, let's read then or chapter 2, verse 4, day ago they knew chapter 2, verse 40, the bible says, and the 4th kingdom shall be as strong as what everybody. Iron. Okay, already a clue there in as much as iron breaks and pieces and shatters everything like iron that crushes the key, the will be, will break in pieces and crush all the others. Now we all know that historically speaking, rome is known as the monarchy of iron. Rome was the nation that conqueror the macedonian grecian empire, and $168.00 b. C, and went all the way to 476, a. D, just like the leg was the longest member of the body. Rome was the longest empire to reign on this dream over here. And prophecy was predicted by the way, we have pictures here of the roman empire as they they are known for using their arm or bearer of iron. Just how they are described as the monarchy of the legs of iron. And we have even the weapons of iron and crushed and jesus christ was actually killed under the power of the roman empire. And he was crucified. He gave his life, he literally gave his life. He had the power to preserve in sell, but he gave for in the home and for sin. Now I want to jump all the way now to daniel universe, 41 verse 41. The bible says where as, because we still need to understand where the feet is, where as you saw the feet and tolls partially of potters cli and partially of what everyone, iron. So we see some elements of the roman empire left in the feet there. Okay, so let's continue. Notice what it says, the kingdom shall be. What is the next word? Every one divided, yet the strength of the iron shall be in. It just says you saw the hour mix with ceramic play. France here is basically saying that the role any pyre would eventually be what if you one divided. That's what prophecies this did that actually happen all, most definitely basic history here we are dealing with, you know, like have the mentary history here. We all know that in for 76, what year did I say? For 76? 4th, yes, 76. The roman empire was divided by barbarian tries that came from the north, invading the entire. And that how many barbarian tries, may barbarian tries were able to divide the roman empire. Do you know any clue can remember we are in the feet and feet has how many tolls pen toes prophecy is precise. It gives the details and as exactly what happened, there were more barbaric strides. Of course, it existed, but the main ones there were able to divide the roman empire, the western part of the roman empire. There you have the 10 barbarian tribes, the anglo saxons that gave orange to the English, your angle it, you have the lombard that gave orange to modern italy. You have the gun deals that gave orange to the modern slits, and then the visit got to stay. And then the frank, the french, this revised portugal have alimony to german. And then you have the here ally to which is extinct. We are going to talk about that and future presentation. Ok. And the vandals and the ostrich. All of these 3 last drive there were stinks. But france, do you realize that we are actually leaving according to the bible prophecy? We are no longer and here we are. No longer and the chance we are no longer in the tide. We are no longer in the legs we are leaving where if you want, you're wrong. Ok? Somebody said somebody say we're leaving where everyone and a tall. I like, you know what somebody says here we are leaving an actually in the now Ok, that's where we are. According to bible prop friends, the warri. Remember we begin with a story of the titanic. The warning is being proclaim is being given. Listen, we live in and the last day says how we know we are living the last days. And I'm going to ask my friend george to we prepare something special for tonight here and we want to display here for you. And as is opening that, I want to read here, what attempt to unify the nations of europe does this prophecy mention, because it says listen very carefully. Ok, there you go. There we go. And before you continue, actually george, i'm going to ask you to hold on for a little bit. Yeah, hold on. You can put a bag, i'll call you back. That was just a spark your interest for now. So notice very carefully, daniel to over 43 in your bible. As you saw the I are mix with ceramic lee, they will mingle with the what everybody the seat of man. There would be inter marriages between nations in Europe after, you know, europe was divided by the barbarian tries and they gave orange to the modern nations of europe. There were attempts to unite the european nation through marriage, but they will not at year one to another prophecy. Is saying that there would be attempts to unite europe, the repeal nations, but it would all fail according to bible prophecy. Are you with me then we see any attempt in the history to unite the european nations, the western european nation. Yes or no? Or Yes, we have several like napoleon, for instance. And by the way, napoleon, the only reason he was not able to real nice european nations a western european nation was because of. But I snow as for me in the summer, in the why did I say, Man, god, put his hand in the history of this world. France, if God has his hand on the history of this world, can he had, has his hand on the history of your life? Can you trust your life in his hand? Yes or no? Most definitely friends. Notice what it says in daniel chapter $241.00. They came then shall be what's the next word divided? And we have several in history that fail like help me with the 1st name here in English. Charlie. Ok, charlie on the excuse me for that you are so gracious. And then we have the charles 5th defeated louis 14th defeated, napoleon defeated kaiser and hitler all defeated. In fact, you have friends if I had time here, time is really running shore. But if I had time to give you more details about what happened with hitler, and then how do you know that hitler new daniel chapter 2, he knew it. And he actually, you know, he learned in chapter 2 with a lady where he rented a room when he was to a student. And this lady taught him about daniel to in fact he went back, he went back to her saying, is there any possibility that I can conquer the world? And she said to him, no way. Do you know why she said that that he wouldn't he wouldn't be able to succeed because she knew daniel chapter 2, she knew a prophecy. That's how accurate the word of god. Yes. And that's why god says you can trust in my word. Not only the prophecies but the whole word of god because I am able to declare the future before that happens. When you realize that you will know that my word is true. Are you following? Can we trust in the bible tonight? Yes or no? A man, a man. Now notice carefully or as we are closing tonight. When god says something will come to pass, it will but if he says will not, it will not. Now everything else has happened already, as we have seen from babylon, to middle persian, from middle persian, to greece, from greece to rome, from rome to divided nations. Now the only thing missing is what every one the rock, the storm that stroke the image in the feed and destroyed. And again, friends. If jesus is in control of the rise and the fall of world empires can you trust him to guy the direction of your life? To night? A man, a man. And then it says the what next the van would happen in the days of this kings. What time period is this interest time? timeline, and we know it's the rock and chapter 2 verse $44.00, giving they understand on the rock, i said in the days of these kings there in the tolls of the feet. Modern europe, which by the way, colonized several parts of the world like south america by the Spanish, north American. You know, you have angland and you have friends and you have several countries of africa and so forth. So he permeates through other nations. So notice here and in the days of this kings, the god of heaven. Well set up what everybody. Kingdom. Tonight's message is the final world's superpower. And that's super power friends. By the way, I have news for you is not the United States of merigan. And it's not china, and it's not russian. And it's not any nation on this earth. The final superpower is the kingdom that god will set up, that will never pass away. And I want to be part of the sky. And how about you? I want to make sure I'm ready for the kingdom of god. As we saw, all these has happened and we can trust that the stone will come. What is that stone? Daniel says 1st, before you watch it, why stone was cut out without hands. And they broke in pieces, the image universe, $44.00, the god of hell will set up a candle which shall never be destroyed. Yes, it shall break in pieces and consume all this came. Those shall stand forever. France. What is the soul? The bible says if you go to your bibles in 1st going to San verse, 14 yeah, countable. Someone in 1st grade to chapter tan, verse 4 is very common in the scriptures. I sold or ra, be a reference to God more specifically to jesus. It says the 1st corinthians danverse for and that rock the rock that was in the wilderness providing for the children of israel. The apostle paul says that rod was who everyone cries friends, that rock is a symbol of jesus christ comey in the kingdom in the clouds. Of heaven to put an end in the history of this world. Now I can have my friends bringing to you what I have prepared here for you tonight. And by the way, he helped me to Design views and to put together so you can thank him for the graphic you're going to see tonight, right over here. And I'm going to leave it open for the whole night, france for every night. So we can remember our sales because daniel chapter 2 is the foundation to understand the book of revelation. And the rest of the book of then you can understand the rest of the book up then, or the book of revelation without having the foundation, friends, the foundation. Here we have the time frame all the way from daniel, all the way to divider era to the present time when jesus christ will come and stablish escandone france. Daniel closes with his words. Daniel to france, 45. The dream is certain, the dream is what everybody served and, and in his interpretation he is one of your one. Sure franz your everything else has happened. Will jesus eventually establish his kingdom? Yes or no? Oh yes, friends, jesus coming. The warning is here. It's up to us to hear the warning and get ready for the coming of christ. This media was brought to you by audio verse, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermons, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. Mm.


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