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03 Jesus’ Answer to Evil

Giancarlo De Miranda


The Bible help us to understand the battle behind the scenes between Christ and Satan, and the role that we play in it. 


  • September 19, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Let's, let's bar has a have a word of prem heavily, father. We are thankful for another opportunity. We have to study a word. We are also grateful for the friendship that we are developing with one another and father as we break the bread of life tonight. We pray for the holy spirit. We pray for understanding. We pray that we will be more ready than we were when we 1st game tonight. We want to live with you and to be with you forever. For that we pray for your blessing tonight. We also pray for the computer for the projection that you may help in that regard as well. For we brain, jesus name, let everyone say a man's when will look the earth around the top is so beautiful, but when we come down, friends, when we come down, we come to the reality that there is suffering every single day and deserves the might not be in our lives, but it's in somebody else's life. I just came from the funeral. You know, an hour ago. And these is happening all over the world that we see seen, such as this, this little boy, just not understanding what's happening with his mom and that we cannot forget that these is reality. That is happening every day. Yet the bible says in the most famous verse of the bible, john chapter 3, verse 16 for god. So loved the world that he gave. He is only be got this and then also wherever believe the he and should not what perish but have everlasting live is hard to reconcile. You know, the world is in chaos. The weight is many things are happening in the were a lot of suffering yet the bible says that god so loved the world. It's hard to to understand how does that work? If God is all powerful and E, V is all loving. Why doesn't he stop all the suffering that is in the world and friends? This is important for us to understand if we really want to understand the issues in the, in the, in the controversy between christ and satan. We need to understand more about the care of god as well as the care of satan, because the central issue in the last days is worship. The central issue in the last days is what everyone worship. OK so, and we cannot worship someone that we can love. Does that make sense? We only worship the things that we love. Okay. And is the same with god. Now let me take you to another slide over here. Notice here the question. If God is so good, why is the world was so bad? This is the quiet kind of questions that people are asking right there, especially those who are not christians, they are demanding answers. They are asking questions. You say that your god is a law loving god. That the bible says that god so loved the world. What. How about in all the kotik things that we've seen this world so much suffering and the bible continues to assure us that he is love. This is jeremiah, actually the book of jeremiah chapter 31 verse 3 says I have done what I have. What loves you with what kind of love, everlasting love. Therefore with love and kindness have I drawn you if any of us have given our lives to christ is because he has drawn us with what everybody with love. He has not the man that worship from us. He has not forced us to worship, but he has drawn us with love. And how do we reconcile all that is hard, but we must wrestle with this questions and try to find a biblical answer for nam. The truth is that prophecy reviews i struggle between 2 powers. What are day good and evil? And I want to take you all the way to the book of revelation. What book are we going from the bible? revelation chapter 12, let's open up our bible's there. Revelation chapter 12, that's one of the key books where study in our series. And it's so important this topic that the book of revelation raises the whole issue and help us to understand. Taken out the carton, you know, picking out a why did I say if you want the curtain which separates the visible from the invisible world. So we can understand what's going on behind the scenes. I want to read with you a revelation 12 and we're going to read the from verse 7 to verse 8. So the bible says, year note is very carefully of all places. The bible says, and the war broke out where everyone in heaven of all places war broke out. And where in ham. And that's what the bible since then the bible says michael and he is what angels fought with the dragon. And by the way, that saved and we're going to see as we continue to read and the dragon and who was in the sight of the dragon. His angels fought and then the next verse f. But they, those are the dragon and the angels that sided with the dragon, and they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them and haven't any longer. So the dragon was cast out that serve. And who is the dragon that serpent of all the calls of the what every one the devil and said and who does what the see use the whole world and friends. The bible is very clear that of all places there was a warning heaven and that world was between mike, when his angels and the dragon or satan and his angels, there we are going to understand more about that and let me say this for you and I welcome, if you have a question about that we can answer tomorrow during the questions and answers. You know, michael, the bible says that he is an archangel that found the ins and 1st this alone is chapter 4. Verse 16, michael is the angel. Our angel means the chief of the angels, a commander of the angels, a king. And that's perfectly correct. If you understand that michael is an angel, he is the chief of the angels. That's a correct answer, but we must go deeper. The name of michael means who is like god, what does it mean, miko everyone who is like got you just go to the hebrew language and you look it up in the can coordinate. And he will see that michael means who is like god and we know who is like, god is jesus christ. K soul, michael is jesus christ and the form of angel manifesting himself as an angel to the angels. To be the chief of the angels. Jo flag when he came to the planet earth. How did he come? How did jesus christ came to this planet? Did he come as a god? Yes or no? Did he come as an angel? Yes or no. How did he come? As a human being, he became a baby, he grew up, yours a man as a human being. So jesus christ is the express image of the god, the father. He expressed himself in the same level of he is intelligent beings or with me. So to the Human family, he comes as a human being to the jelic family. He comes as an angel. Michael is jesus christ was warri, haven't jesus christ? And he's there. And I can if you have any question about that I can answer more about michael tomorrow. But we have in one side, jesus christ with usage and then we have satan with his angels. I want to read this slide for you very quickly here. Lucifer. That's the other name for the devil. The see how many of the angels, one 3rd of the angels and was can out of having with them. And I told you a must be the goal, you know, answers here tonight. How do we know that the sate and actually deceive one 3rd of the angels of heaven? notice what it says in chapter 12. Your bibles, the same book, revelation chapter 12. And we're going to read verse for right in the middle of the verses, talking about this dragon, which is the old serpent, the devil. Revelation 12 verse 4 in the middle of the verse. The bible says year he is. What have you won? hell drew a 3rd of the water of heaven, stars of heaven, and drew them to the years and yourself preacher, your stretch in the text here says that he drew a 3rd of the what of haven't the story doesn't see angels. But if you let the bible interpret itself, you will feel like a revelation. One verse 20 verses such as this. The 7 stars are the 7. Why everyone angels of the 7 churches, no question is talking about a different thing. But it's showing that in bible prophecy i star is a symbol of what every one of an angel. Is that clear? Yes or no. So when the bible says that the dragon with his stell drew, one 3rd of the stars of having means that he drew one 3rd of the angels of heaven we together. But it says that he use what part of his body to the tail. So what does that mean? We must allow the bible to interpret itself. We must be biblical answer. If you go to the book of isaiah chapter 9 versus 15, if anyone wants to give me accountable, you can go there quickly. But I must go quickly special because we lost a little bit of time in the beginning. So the prophet who teaches what kind of teachings lies he is la. Tell sol how the devil drew one 3rd of the angels from heaven through allies. And we need to understand that that's the method that satan works. The warring haven't, i'm not going to deny that. Probably there was some form of physicality. I've taken the dev on the angels and troy out of paradise, out of heaven. I'm not going to deny that, but I know that that war was primarily a war of arguments, a war of what everyone. Arguments because the devil was fighting with life to gain ground in heaven. And we are going to explore some of those lives the night. And why there was war in heaven, france, one thing we must understand in the 1st place, god did not create who? A devil. That's the 1st thing we need to understand. Fortunately, the book of a Z q will help us to understand more and I want to invite you to go there with me. If you have your bibles, let's go to the book of a Z q. We're going to explore several vs in a Z q, chapter 28th. Ok is ziki chapter 28. And we're going to begin in verse 12. It's going to talk about the king of the tyrant, the king of where everyone tire and is going to refer to the king of tyrer as safe as himself. And there is a reason the prophet is going to do that. And the reason is that the king of tire was being used by the devil, and he became a perfect symbol of the devil because he was under the influence of the devil notice carefully that will be clear in the tax as we read. Let's begin here in 1st 12 to see what the bible says verse well said son of man, take up a lamentation for the king of tire and say to him, thus sayeth the Lord God, you were wide of you, one. The CEO of perfection, fool, love wisdom, and perfect in beauty. 3 things we learn here about these being that is going to be more describe the throughout the chapter we will see the reference to lucifer satan. Ok. He became satan, but he was perfect. He was full of wisdom and he was beautiful, full of ways and beautiful and perfect. And then verse 14, jump with me to verse 14. The bible says, verse 14. You were thee what everyone anointed, cherub, what does the word cherub refers to? It's one of the kinds of angels that god has created. So this is not talking about the literal king of tire is talking about. The one who was controlling the life of the king of tire that was said to himself, you were, you are no longer, but you were the anointed cherub. Who does what everyone covers? That's important. Who covers friends, if you studied the hebrew sanctuary, what kind of sanctuary did I say? hebrew sanctuary. We're going to explore that in other nights. It was a copy of the sanctuary that god gave. You know, to moses it wasn't, haven't god show the true tab or not going. It says go ahead and build a replica. Beautiful. Let everyone a replica. That replica there was in the most holy place of the sanctuary. On the arc i want everyone arc in that article had like a lid and on top of the lee and there was 2 angels to chair a been covering the arc. And right in the middle, between those 2 angels, you have what was called the sure kind of a glory, the manifestation of god. France. Satan was one of those angels. He was the covering cherub. He was next to God. And notice what it says here. I stablish you, that was god speaking, I made you, you were one of the whole you were on the holy mountain of god. You walk back and forth in the midst of the fiery stones. Notice what it says, verse 15. You were a lot of you, one, perfect in your ways from the day you were created. He'll something happen in your, in his heart. Iniquity was founder and you friends? Question for you? Did god create the devil? Yes or no. He created who? lucifer. A perfect being full of wisdom, beautiful, who have plenty of collins and privilege to the point to be next to the throne of god. But something happened in his life that he corrupted himself. And we're going to see here in chapter 28 in verse 17 read with me, verse 17. It says your heart was what everyone lifted up. What does that mean? Your heart was lifted. What is another word for death? He became proud, right? His heart was lifted out for what cause because of your beauty, you corrupted your wiz then for the sake of your splendor. So he began to look to himself and he began to see, I'm actually very wise. I'm actually very talented. I'm actually very beautiful. And I am actually next to the throne of god, and he began to become one proud, proud pride. It was the reason that lucifer became said and the word satan, me as the adversary, the want everyone adversary, that's the meaning of the word say that he became the adversary. He was in the adversary. He was an ange of live lucifer, ange of lied, but he became the adversary. I want to take you now to the book of isaiah chapter 14. Let's go there to isaiah chapter 14. It give more insights is before is ziki k. Before jeremiah, we have the book of eye exam in chapter 14, give us more insights of what actually happen in the heart of this and jelly g perfect being that god created and gave him so many privileges. And I say are 14 verse 12. We find this, and it's really a mystery. Why did he say in, even the highball brings that out. Look how he starts diverse, how you are falling from having all lucifer son of the morning. As really inquired, how did that happen? How was it possible? And then he gives a reason in room 13. Notice I want you to count with me in verse 13 the word how many times lucifer say the word. I notice carefully here, verse 14 for you have sat in your heart. I was santa, into heaven. I will exalt my own above what everyone, the stars of having what the star means. Again, the bible prophecy, the angels you want it to be on top of any fact. He had already received a lot of influence over the angels, but he wanted to be above all of them, including michael, the one who was like, god, the chief of the angels you want to be above, michael. And that was why he was fighting against micro notice what it says here. And then he goes on to say, I will also, where am I here? I will exalt my on above the threads of god and then he goes on. I will also see it on the amount of the congregation on the far side of the north. That's where the throne of god is located. And then it says, I will stand above the height of the cloud. I will be like who them all side. You see this phrase, i will be like the most high, like who is like the most high? It's Michael. The name Michael means You know like god, who is like god. He want to be like my, he want the place of Mike or he wanted to be in the top. Here we have a quick summary lucifer. He desired a higher position, an exalted throne rulership, and the what if you one dominance. Ok. He wanted to be in charge who basically had a problem with the government of god. He says, I think I will do a better job than you. That's what he's saying. And I want to do whatever I can to take your place. Is that a serious matter? Yes or no. That's the crime of is that treason the word? Yes, that's the crime of treason the highest crime against the government of god. He was basically saying, I'm not satisfied with the way you rule the universe and I have a better way of doing things. And he began to spread rumors among the angels all his deceptions. And through his deceptions, he was able to have one 3rd of the angels on his side and the good news is the greater side it is in our side. We have 2 thirds of the angels, black, the god of heaven. Would you say a man for them? So let's go on a year in our study. Yet the bible continues to say 1st, john, for a god is what everyone love. Friends, there is a characteristic love that we cannot deny. Love is the foundation of god's governments. Can we for someone to love the other? No. Let's just imagine somebody came inside this room here tonight with the gun and the person came to all of us and say, listen, if you don't stand that, if anyone here doesn't stand up, I'm going to kill that person. Would you stand up? Now listen, there is no sin and standing up there is no promise and I'll be the 1st one. I don't know about you about, I'm already stand a year. I'm not going to die because of that. I'll stand no problem. You know? And if the person says, can you like going circle in maybe you know, bark like a dog? I'll tell you, I'll be the 1st one doing that. I don't wanna lose my life for them. But if that person said to me, if you don't love me, I'm going to kill you. Can I actually do that? Can love be forced? Can love be demanded? No friends, love must be earned, must be. What's the word deserve the ward. I was going to say conquered, but that's not the better word is reciprocal rate. Yes. But earned and let's, let's stay with that word. Ok. So let me read this for you. Love was all around lucifer. Lucifer. Turn away from law. The secret 28. We were there just a little bit, a goal says you have set your heart as a heart of what if you one of a god, that's what you want to. He despise all the love that god had for him. And he decided to become selfish, self centered, proud and take all the glory to him, cell lucifer challenges, god's government in heaven. And how would god face lucifer's challenge? And we need to rasul wrestle with this question. Why not eliminates evil before it spread to other worlds? Are you following? Do you hear this question really very carefully? Why not eliminate what every one evil before it does was spread to all the world other worlds? Wouldn't that makes sense? You know, you have a problem happening perhaps in a company and there was a certain issue going on. Why not through eliminate the issue before it becomes bigger and you do away with the providence all done. Maybe nobody even noticed stan gains. So why didn't god do that? He is all powerful, all wise. And he knew the and from the beginning and he could have said, listen, I eliminated. So if one day an angel came by the way where luther, i haven't seen him around. And God says, I, I killed him. You know, I eliminated name you what? I mean, I did that because he was really evil. He was what? He, what is evil? You don't know what even know I don't know. I have never experienced the way My life like what is that something, you know, they probably don't even know where evil, Where is Louis for god and all the angels. I'm just putting a picture here, never happened that way, but all the angels are like, what happened? You know, he didn't want to follow the rules here. He was unhappy with my gover. If the, how it is. If we are happy with you of anything you culinary Are you, are you following the problem? That would be, if God had done away with said on the spot. And we need to understand the ramification of all that because it's about worse or the angels be able to worship god after knowing that lucifer had been killed for something that they don't even know what it is, what they still trust god of him. Or would they be fearful from here he comes Let's be sure we don't do anything wrong because we're going to disappear like lucifer. Do you see the problematic here? And we need to wrestle with this because that help us to answer the question why a god of love allows suffering in sin. Even though he is all powerful and could cut away sand or suffering just like that. We will try to answer this question tonight. Let's move on here. The next slide says, what this would have said to all the watching angels. We kind of elaborate on that are already got the trolls. What kind of course, a wiser course. He understands friends that laws cannot be demanded and, and got the cannot be, even programs cannot be what everyone. Let's just put another picture here because we need to wrestle with this, this issue friends we really need. Let's just imagine that god created all of us thinking that we have the troy to love him and worship him. But in reality, we don't really have that Choice. He created us to always love him and worship him. And to make us think that we have a choice, but we don't have just think of that scenario. We will be all happy. But would god himself be happy with that kind of worship and love? Did you know that I can program my computer to say to me every morning when I wake up I love you. You know I can do that. A person can pro program the computer to tell him every morning. Every night I love you, Would I be satisfied with that kind of love? You know, about 11 years ago A was the best, you know, the nicest wedding that I ever attended. It was my wedding by the way. And I was there. And then he came this beautiful bride walk in, it is right there by the way. And when they came the time, when the minister said, you know, I read the vowels and she needed to say, I do, you know what he said? She said, It's some believers, she said, I do, you know, ah, that's why we are to go. You know, it's hard to believe, but she said that, you know, she said I do it, you know why it was so special for me? Because she could have said, I don't she had the choice, did she not love? It's only spare. Sure. If there was choice involved in reality, that shouldn't even say that love only exists if there is what evolved choice. And that's why god created intelligent beings with the capacity to choose to worship him or not to love, or to be selfish to follow his ways or to deny use ways. He gave the capacity including for lucifer and he allow him to follow his troy, and he allow him to unfold that he is a rebellion and follow his path. Notice here, this slide, it says here, how did planet earth become involved and the cosmic counseling. We go back to the book of genesis, you can turn your bibles there in genesis chapter 3. Mm. We, normally most people are well familiar with a store of genesis, but if not, that's okay. Just a quick reminder here. God created the earth. And then when he created the earth, he did something different. He created there several trees for the Human family to partake and to eat. But there was only one single tree that he was not supposed to eat. The 3 of the knowledge of good and evil. And why did god put that tree there? He knew being god, what it would have, you know, what would happen and what actually happened. Why did he put that tree there? choice, the ability to choose is also the ability to love. There can be no true love without the ability of choice, freedom, the freedom to choose. We know that eve made the wrong choice, the deceiver, that's how safe and golds to war. Notice satan here going to war, using a median using what every one, a median, the serpent, of course serpents don't speak, but he uses a medium. And then the serpent says, you will not, shirley, whatever you one die that was a lie. It was a lie, the serpent said, for god knows that in the day you eat of via your eyes will be open and you will be like what Like god no he good and evil. Another words he was implying that god was deceiving them. God was doing what to them. This god doesn't want you to eat is not because you're going to die is because he doesn't want you to be like him. What was said and julia with the care of god. He was somebody said sarah assassinating there and that's very true. But he was, you know, damaging the reputation of god. By the way, the god that created you a new service, a liar, he so selfish that he doesn't want you to eat of the street because he doesn't want you to become like him and he is keeping you blind. Your eyes will be open. When the serpent broke eve trust in what god had told her, now she could and love god anymore and be loyal to him. And she easily disobey god. And God allowed god allow that to happen because love can only exist where freedom exists. Notice in the book of john, 14 and 30, i'll just show the slide is a common bird says this is jesus speaking. I will not speak much more with you for the ruler of where of the world that satan is. Comey, and he has nothing in me that he said, and he became the ruler of this world. When he conquered out on an eve, they were the rollers. They were the prince. He was the prince and the princess of this world saith, and now he's in charge. Satan is in charge and gone. Allow that to happen. He allowed because he was given free will because he believes that love must have a place in his government. Would you say a man for debt? What must have place in the government of god? Love you order to love that there is risks involved. There are risks involved. I had 2 children and I knew, and I know that they have the freedom to not love me, and through nob really fall all my convictions of the word of god. And yet I made it. I decided to have children with my wife. Of course we prayed about it and we saw the law leading that direction and we had 2 children. But we know that they have the choice and I needed to waive their hearts. So they, I can have their friend here once the girl up. If I ruled them with the face of irony, and they say they are subject to me now, they obey me now because I'm, you know, like a dictator to them. They will be all beat into me. But the day they turn 18, they are gone. They are gone, are you falling? And God knows that. And he tries to draw others to draw us with love and compassion and mercy. And now notice notice carefully here, want to share with you this verse, revelation twel, let's go back there. Revelation 12 verse 9. Give us hope there again. Revelation 12 and verse 9. Notice care for what it says here. So the dragon, the grey dragon was cast out, brave god for Dan us gets out that serpent of old called the devil and said, and who does what to the whole world. These sees the whole world. So we often try to blame god for all the problems that we see in the world, but it was, should we be blaming it said, and he self. And of course, we should be blaming our sales as well because we fall all whatever he presents to us. We go away from the word of god and we follow the suggestions of saith, and we read the consequences of that. And what is what it says here in the bible, romans 512 you can say revelation. They're 12 for a little bit unless you want to go wrong as well. But it says, therefore, just as through how many man, one man seen enter the world and what else enter into the world dev through scenes, thus death is spread to how many man, all man, because all sin, when it says death, he is not only talking about like literal death, he's talking everything they call death came through sin through the choice of a man. And then our nature has been corrupted and, and prone to follow the inclinations of the Flash than patients of satan. And he came all the consequences and the evil. We should be blaming, say, then, and we should be blaming ourselves for all the problems in the world. The truth is ran that sin produces what everyone, anxiety, fear, suffering, dance, who is responsible, satan and ourselves. Notice this conversation over here is an interesting conversation. So this young man, so why do you allow things like fame in war and suffering, disease, crime, only homelessness, despair, et cetera, exists in our world. And then just an interesting that you should bring that up. I was about to ask you that exact same question. Why do you allow He know all the divorces and the, you know, the through our, our evil tempers, that we must allow the holy spirit to subdue. We have all problems in the families and, and that affects a bunch in the community who is to blame. Friends, i want to take it to master chapter 13. Let's go there to math. That chapter 13 jesus told the parable, jesus thought what everyone. A parable and help us to understand what was actually happened. The parable was about a pharma, one of you, one of farm, and then he went to his field to plan to you know, the bass, the plantation and to have the best harvest as possible. You only see it is good. See what kind of seat everyone. Good seed, but when it grew up, he noticed that the there was something else that grew together with a good see. Yeah. So let's see here what it says in verse 28. Notice what it says, you know, all his helpers come to him and so what happened? You planted? Good seeds. Why do we see? Oh, you know, the tears and, and all the bad stuff growing together. He said to them, who did it an enemy has than these friends when jesus tales, a parable about the introduction of evil into this world through a parable, he takes no ownership for evil. And we should then be blaming god for all the evil and suffering that is in the world. Because he said, very clear, an enemy has done this. It's not myself. He is not responsible for all the suffering, all the calamities, all the problems that we see in the world. Why doesn't god do something? People are still asking their okay, it's satan, okay, is my own choices many times. But why is god not doing something he's? He's not really doing anything. He hass. He wants to conquer the devil. He has given his life in the cause of calvary to make a way for us to escape. In genesis 315, we have the 1st prophecy. The 1st one, every one. The 1st prophecy of the bible, just as powerful, i should say, even more powerful than this one and is found in genesis 315. You're welcome to go there. I have here in the slide. Notice the prophet, this is god speaking. I will put one of your one amity between you and the woman's satan and a woman, and between your see the and her her. What everyone see the notice is kept allies who is the seed of the woman. That's jesus is a promise other redeemer that would come through the seed of the woman that god will provide some one through the seed of the woman to provide redemption. He shall do what if he won the seat of the woman, bruised the head of satan. What you say a man for Dan, he will bruise in france. And notice what satan will do with christ. And you, that's the serpent god is speaking to the serb shao bruce, here's why everyone. Hill and other words when cries was bruising the head of the serpent by given his life and the cross of calvary to break away the power of sin and the delusions of saith, and that god is not a god of love. That if you rebel against him and there is no 2nd chance, and he'd say here, there is a 2nd chance you despise, not only a 2nd chance, but a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th, then so many chances we gave to you, and I am extending 2nd chance the Human race as well. And he dive on the cross of calvary for an opponent. For sin. People are still wandering. Why doesn't god do something if he loves us? He hath. On the 3rd day he rose from the dead. He was resurrected, break in the power of death, breaking the power. What have you one death that through the resurrection we can be resurrected. Though we die, we can have eternal life through jesus christ, friends. The bible is very clear, romans 323. I need to fly here because of the time for how many have since all have seen all of us know, exception and fall short of the glory of god. Romans 323. What do we deserve? romance $623.00 for the wages of sin is what everyone. Death. But the gift of god is eternal life. In christ jesus, our lord, friends, he is doing something according to what we deserve. We should be dead and disappear because of our rebellion. That's what we deserve. Ok. You want to be apart from what I am, the source of life I gave you life. I sustain your life. You don't want me. Ok, i'm gone and then where they're born sales and then we die. We die. But that's not what god did. He is doing something hebrews for 1516 for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our witness but was in all points tainted as we are yet without seen. For what purpose? He says, let us therefore come what boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain. What you one mercy, we need mercy from god. Yes or no. We all deserve. We all need forgiveness to help. And then it says and find grace to help in time of need when we are tempted friends. But the bible says more, it says that eventually god will as thought the hand of satan. He will destroy satan himself. And we go back to the book of revelation. Now chapter 20. What chapter? Everyone 20 revelation chapter 20 the last book of the bible. And we are in revelation chapter 20 verse stand. There was a promise here for us. And we must hold on on the promise of god. He is doing something he wants to destroy evil and he will, it says here, inverse tanny are you there. If you one, it says the devil who deceive them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the bees and the false prophet are, and they will be tormented, day and night, forever and ever god is promising to destroy the devil. Notice what it says, a secret $28.00 verse $18.19. Therefore I brought fire from your meats is what is the next word everyone? The via are you and I turn you to whatever you want. Ashes upon the earth, you have become a horror and shall be one of you, one. No more for how long? forever franz, as we called and I the Fruit of evil, the Fruit are of one. Everyone needs to be fully manifestation fully what everyone manufacture. Why just just imagine if I have 2 plants over here right in front of me, one of tomatoes and another, one of tappers green peppers. And let's just imagine you didn't know the difference between the 2 cases. Let's just imagine here for now, for a moment, and I told you This is tomatoes and then I tell this is green pepper then you say, but I don't believe it. I say OK, let them grow, dealt, let them develop and let them bear what fruit any. You're going to see it and then you say all your ride, this is truly a tomato plan you follow and God is saying, let evil develop love. Evil unfold. Show is true character because once I destroy the satan, no one will be questioning why you did that. God is wise wiser than we think. And he is in the business of saving, not only destroy and then creating a bigger mass. The whole universe now concerned about this dictator, god. But he wants the universe to know that he's gonna love this media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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