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Seeking a Healthy Mind

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • July 27, 2010
    6:01 AM
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those present there without her help we will not understand the would you please by your spirit instruct us not ask for this gift in the name of Jesus and so we are now a Bible study but before that I wanted tell you installment story and preaching us with the story if you have ever wondered or thought about the fact that your conversation is vain and you wish there was more substance to it something you wish you are but more spiritual things lesson on spiritual things if you ever felt badly about how unspiritual your conversation lies you should know that Ellen White has given us one very concrete can't about how to have more meaningful conversation I'm excited to have enough into the reference could I have included this enhances this do personal evangelism when you are working on sharing the truth with people who don't know what people who are not yet Adventist it still is your experience with topical stuff there is stuff to say and things to talk about and stories worth repeating that aren't so bad or gossipy and the life you want to have more holes in conversation you are the idea so now I'm that Tyson stories my wife and I are church planters but we have to be low-quality church planters because were gone twenty some weeks of the year sometimes almost thirty weeks of the year from home having thirty weekends I mean more than twenty whole weeks were gone and I don't recommend you try to plant a church that way but you're not that Lacey 's pleasure but we started about five years ago planting a church in Arkadelphia Arkansas spoke thirty miles from her house I honestly view of experiences one time I was waiting for two of my college students to get done giving a Bible study in a a middle-class home and I was parked in front of it when someone knocked on the window of the car and I looked and it was a man looking down at me with gold on the window is in the manual manual manual Watson Amendola asked what we were doing so I told him to get a Bible studies science students are there waiting for the come out and he said yes more about iPhone we have a Bible study every Saturday over to some public of weirdly indented a public hall basin meetings on Saturday what church are you that's a pretty safe bet in the city were in the reserve something happens there and Otto had heard of them and I said Seventh-day Adventist Christian analysis of Venice Christian USSR then his Christian because many people are simpleminded and that they divide the world basically in categories of pagan Christian and Jehovah's Witness and when you tell them that you are a Seventh-day Adventist they're not sure which of those categories you belong and so is just really helpful to help them categorize our church that it is such an insane and so I recommend that you people ask you what church you read that you let them know your Seventh-day Adventist history and art I told him and he told me that he had been baptized the seventh day Adventist church in Chicago he had married a something advanced and after they were in the church together for just a couple of years she left him for another man now granted if you hear one side of the Torah related something like marriage and divorce you know you don't know much about the story right I let us know what however here so since I'm telling you and and that was why he stopped going to church when promising to come up in the window of my car and asked these questions he asked about art church because I mention Saturday's agreement together so the manual received extreme opposition from his wife when he was taken by the states I've I would come to his house to study with him and she would get an a half sometimes just literally get angry that I was there and investigated to him that he might have to choose between studying with us and her and under that kind of pressure a manual stop studying with us but he's not dead but still good hope that during this time when he was in the crusher he decided to give up on keeping Sabbath and that day he received a phone call from a man he barely knew he had not met him in ages the man's name was Michael R 's Michael called to say that you won't believe this but I just learn that the seventh day the sun in a something of his underage men and so Immanuel is the one told me the story now this is significant to us church planters because we don't know this Michael arms I was in the style perfectly like to meet him and but I didn't tell you is that I manually remember his name quite right he thought it was Michael Armstrong and we look in the phone book and there is no Michael Armstrong wasn't sure there was one but it wasn't him okay we went to his house and even write about it was the wrong age and her oncologist definitely wasn't the map so it felt terrible but then we saw there was a Michael arms and you know it has helped thousand people that's close enough so we decided to give it a shot right and we dial the number and someone answered Mrs. Michael harms their and there was a applause in the Manson Justin in just a few minutes I was talking to Michael on the man who had received a book Americans they will look a lot like the book but I can use not so good books it in good faith and this book was used to convince this man a good thing here's listening Michael Armstead delivered that number any longer will a what had happened it was years ago in this phonebook was made I had an old phone book Michael's house had just burned down and the city as a kindness to him put him in their cheapest hotel in town temporarily but when they made the phonebook that was a number they listed for Michael because that's what he wants it was the hotel 's number the night before we called him we've been looking for him for more than two the night before we call this number Michael had gotten into a fight because he was created he had been put in jail overnight and then later put him in this hotel and he was there when we call a land we had finished two years of church planting trying as hard as we could we had a grand total of zero baptized Seventh-day Adventist intercourse we were charged under benefits of those but no one had been baptized in the church plant and you work hard for two years and thought like that it might be enough reason to like you should go do something else the only Koran speak at place like this it feels like you're successful because people listen to you and you can you can be really beguiled into thinking your more successful you are just affect people give you attention but I learned those two years lots of inattention that was all that was to never end anything S run site and the so my encouragement to use it to start church planting after two years don't quit because now after five years we have average attendance of more than forty persons and it was soon after that we had began to have baptism Intel does all of my tennis kind of about six night but there was one young lady who it she ended up having children before she was married and then by the time she got to her third child to adoption the merry-go-round frankly that man was the father of all three of her first three children she married him and then they had a fourth child but when that fourth child was about three years old he left her for some other young lady and it made her single mother forget you can imagine most likely for kids all by yourself you are so you can those of you someone who could and on its top stuff so Heidi and I invited this lady with her four children to come live with us and you know she became the first person baptized in our church and it was entire change of life in the course of just a few months she stopped drinking stop smoking stop eating meat her dress changed entirely and entertainment case entirely and I tell you she ended up just as it was of full visa across this are all surface thanks it's possible to do all those things rightly fully unconverted but it's still wonderful to see the kind of changes you can measure by looking at an end I'm glad to see those things then inside to hold evangelistic series we couldn't afford to bring in one of those great big fancy preachers so we had one of our own breach but we could make you look pretty good on a brochure rights and so we sent the brochure all over town I think just about eight people showed up at the meetings from the brochure initially over all maybe fifteen showed up but the truth is that the end of the meetings zero people who would come from the brochure has decided to be baptized over the last a lot of overtures are never heard before right in a barrel I thought about rewriting of a call right there was a lady whose job was to unlock the public hall for us and she had awake the whole time and then walk it back up after we left and after tonight she concluded there is just no sense sitting out there in the hallway and she's our community are the meetings are an astoundingly she was the first local person baptized in the something of this church in our church now she's in charge of Discover Bible school that there was another man who did come from the brochures that was very interested in the truths and his wife is interested but about three quarters of when the meetings just when the truth are harder to deal with for coming on Shea on Internet began discovering all kinds of things about us I don't think that you should study about Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses from the Internet is not fair S same as I mean if you are to find people that went to the school you went to the high school work out me you went to an interview five of them that like that by Belinda didn't like it you would think it was two different schools they attended what you do not talk about it is between different stories that the segment is something less and the story that she got was not a very flattering story about also that made us out the vehicle and affected very much perplexed her husband when he found out that we believe that Jesus is Michael you know that Angel core sets of nuts of a big misunderstanding brightness from beginning to end the whole thing is just confusion but I was able to study with him through that but there was enough for perplexity between his wife and what he had heard that he was not even ready to join the church but one of my students who had less like a fire to get to know all of you one tell you what number you have but I couldn't my mind a number one to ten of them fly about how much social skill you do or don't have to as I teach missionaries are trained them and I think my students why the social scale not much at all I like that the student had like that but he was a good learner and he knew that what his job was in the series was to make friends with someone and every evening he would sit beside this couple the same couple that side the man and make friends with them talk before the meeting after the meeting and you know when the wind stopped coming the husband kept coming in the student 's name is Luke would sit right beside him every night and they became really good funds and when the meetings were over the only way that Bill could keep seeing Luke was to come to church to know Bill began coming to church and Luke would sit right beside him and it was almost six months of that before Bill decidedly baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church Luke died in a car accident about three weeks before Bill 's baptism will the age of twenty that bill faithful Seventh-day Adventist church plant in Arkadelphia and Luke's Brothers three of them are all planning to become missionaries just like their brother was in the oldest was already there helping with the same church plant of course is a very good friend of Phil we decided to go to the fire how to do something that before you this is the kind of country player that doesn't so much into the Ferris wheel that is not how the accounting out your notebook from talking about right so so we we had a booth at this fair and we had a drawing and of course the drawings affairs you can learn all kinds of fun things about you when our benevolent the conflict midget series letter and you'd be amazed when people signed up to now I'll tell you will see everyone assigned up one a personal visit and if you feel free prison break is a literature we drew every night and am I a way that and we ended up visiting one of the ladies and she was so excited things join to answer I've never won anything before I can't believe it's time we told her not only did she win this literature that you have won three lessons in your home with the Bible instructor she could only is and she and her husband have been baptized into the celebrate this church and they have six children that go from here to here and so that makes eight attendees and the we did some cost for an account and it went with moderate success it wasn't overly successful wasn't as good as other places we'd worked but we canvass the town and one lady who bought a cheap stuff to price the private Deluxe Edition of a ten dollar version she bought it and she signed up for Bible studies you know when you say with her just a couple months she got too busy to choose one through a hard time her husband was leaving her and she had about it seven month old child at that time and she was all white twenty two years old and she stopped study but before she stopped studying her mother and teenage sister I visited one time during one of the studies and they liked it and they wanted to continue studying even though she done but near the end of their series of studies they were getting so excited about the truth they were learning that she rejoined the studies and all three of them have been baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church in our little church plant in Arkadelphia I asked her about a year after baptism is recently if you ever read the book she bought from us no she never did it's okay is that not every Sabbath I really think I hope that you all will follow-up in the interest of callers to come in your area the truth is the books don't do as much as you can do the books are a good excuse to come to the door there a good way to pay yourself you can afford to do it full-time but the real benefit is meeting the people must work to folders more stores along this line but let me just summarize by saying that there's nothing we've done Arkadelphia that work rate big success we've done nothing in our church plant that resulted in the baptism of more than two or three people almost everything we've done is resulting that is not one or two people that I could give you a sense of how to do a church plant would be to try stuff could be to try everything would be not to be discouraged just keep it off the Microsoft runtime AI and what that does the usual kind of this talk about my recommend you talk about turn in your Bibles to second Peter there still are some children here so I will tell you one more thing forty nine went on a forty three mile backpacking trip that's a long ways if you can imagine forty three feet times five thousand two hundred eighty that is a forty three mile backpacking trip about halfway into that trap we were in a deep valley we went for this irrelevancy in any other humans beside the two of us no one else was backpacking on this hundred sixty mile caliber on this beautiful trail so we had these beautiful places to camp all to ourselves my wife went to take a bath in a stream and in that stream there were lots of crawdads viewing of crawdads here in Washington so we get some pretty big fraud at an Arkansas but the crawdads in this stream of the little ones deprived of the great big bunch of babies and they were crawling all over around my wife that you want to take a bath pretty badly and so she just don't let it know the little ones can't really get you even the big regard as much as you think they went from looking at the pictures but am while she was there in the stream she looked down and honor her leg was some that looked like a fish but it had led its and it was looking at her as not heard before and that was too much for my wife and she got up thinking to me and we went to that streaming can anyone guess what that same lines I heard was a salamander that's as close as you can get without hidden on the head it was a new and new notes are very much like salamanders but new store have to get all the water they can just live there whole life in the water and on the disorder is when you're seeing them are so excited to see the melancholic couple of them and the form this is not at all relevant and confusion there's not even a moralist involved but I want to do something for the sake of the kids at Louisville Bible study and I think there are some business study that young people can gather but there are some things that you older people are to be sure you gather that can be gathered by anyone else second Peter Chakravarty there lets look at verse three is better to start verse two it says Grace and peace be multiplied unto you do you see in the first part of verse two that the amount of piece that you have in your life are to be more today than it was yesterday that peace is not just an and are often stuck that you have peace you don't have peace but rather pieces almost like money or time you can have certain amount that you can have more of it and that the amount appears that we have a lot of the increasing use he also immersed in it argue that way with the Grayson our life the grace and peace be multiplied that however much grace we have now got to have more grace later this is grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God and abuse of our Lord apart after quiz question how you got grace and he is one answer would you tell me from first to say that when the right to be through knowing God ended in the verses that and knowing Jesus then look at verse three according as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness through the knowledge of him are to ask you how you get the things that you need for living a godly life quality answered me but with this anniversary Mister knowledge of him is by knowing God that I get more peace but how I get more grace that I learn how to have enough our learn how to live godly but is often pertaining to life and godliness announces numbers is the knowledge of him of course that has called us to glory and virtue so sent backwards God is the one who's calling us to a high standard but the way we arrive at the high standard is through knowledge of him developing the ideal dad God is calling us to know him because he's calling us to achieve something the only comes through knowing him can you see the logic of a simple idea as punishment besides they are goddesses behold me silver sports says whereby are given unto us whereby that is by knowledge of him whereby are given to us exceeding great and precious promises everyone has a Bible has the promises but not everyone has the Bible has access to the promises that is if I write a promise to my wife by Miranda it could be that you have a promise in your hand but the promise really isn't too new and you really cannot claim some excessive so when we say that where the argument was exceeding great and precious promises it doesn't mean that you have to know Jesus to get a book in your hand but it's only by knowing him of those promises are for you some innocence where my argument was exceeding great and precious promises that by these you might partake of the divine nature and what that means is that God wants to have divine power operating inside of me and if I want that to happen I get access to that power to the promises but the promises only apply to meet your knowledge of God onto the refusal to see just what's in these verses is really all we're doing right now so wherever given to us exceeding great and precious promises that I these United partakers of the divine nature in the says having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust let's turn to easier sentences we watched television your logo and affect the result is that we have weak minds and can handle sentences this long so juicy and that excess how is it that the world is getting worse corruption is getting worse when you see corruption you can read getting worse and worse how is the world getting worse deceivers for okay and lost his desires appetites passions security and have the world and the world is not as good today as it was yesterday according to verse for the world is getting worse and worse as corrupting and bankrupting this being corrupted because of serving its appetites and passions and desires the world gets worse because inserting its appetites passions desires you think that you could learn something from that in your all life what might make you get worse and worse women are serving our appetites and passions and desires and that this is a theme of Paul's writings Paul is constantly contrasting spiritual growth is serving your appetites it's like the theme of Romans six Romans seven Romans eight is a big deal with him as Ephesians three is the same idea your appetite if you wondered why God began to make such a big deal about diet in the end of time this is good diet is something you deal with several times a day I hope it's of the maximum three times a day and diet is very related your spiritual life because how is it that you get worse and worse as there's serving your appetite I went verse for sad is that doesn't have to happen to you using numbers for this is that you can escape the corruption how you escape the corruption that by having us power inside of you writing about our inside of you will that by having access to the province is highly active the promises faster knowing hymnal is about harmony with the verse before I forget everything that pertains to life than godliness now I think I gave about a ten minute version of this talk last year of Sabbath school I've been teaching for almost twenty years now and I have zero confidence that most of you remember so I just don't feel bad about saying this then again expanding on a little bit would you turn in your Bibles second Corinthians chapter ten second Corinthians chapter was the night emergency she looked at me with a face that says that was mean what you said that she was told it wasn't me so on to ask about later Corinthians chapter ten looking at verse four this has for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal now it's just a little handicapped English speakers that you have the words Cardinal and flash in the New Testament because in Greek is so obvious that these words are related the same way that flushing fleshly are is the same largest ones of adjective and one for now and this one is an adjective cardinal you could read fleshly for the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly but their mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds some carefully casting down what's the word imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against one now hopefully when you read that now should sound a little bit scary to you because we know something about we get to the knowledge of God when we get to the knowledge of God will for example everything that pertains to godliness and living life and godliness in our direct than it really is important to us right and what is it in this chapter that is competing with our knowledge of God it's my imagination and 's imagination that has taken an unruly position what needs to happen the imagination of verse it needs to be put in its place rights it needs to be cast down casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and the bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ so on the positive Bible study to give you a testimony summary will come back to the vinyl siding I do teacher washed titles college I teach classes in Bible and the church history and canvassing the archrival almost every semester to take a class I really believe in that my fellow teachers there that they'd know the material they studied at the night and so I'd like to learn from them I take classes from my fellow teachers plus on the one of them doesn't have any degree whatsoever and so that's the reason I do it I am unaware and just a couple years ago I took a class on biblical counseling and I was assigned just like all the other it's like the certification classes are my Philistines in this class I sealed to relate to them in a different level and we were all assigned to pick a topic from my character and personality when the chapter topics there can write a paper on it I picked that the chapter the topic imagination will display the results of my research paper but I found we generally have a diseased imagination if you had an entire race of people that were eating a large suppers a foods a regular basis Gino almost every one of them would have diabetes of you know that much of physiology but I just gave you a little hint the truth is that when you get fat in the morning your body tries to get it to slowly break down into sugar and use it for energy but when you get fat in the evening your body doesn't need any more sugar anymore a TV in your system and saw about this process a different way but the way this process is hard on your system your pancreas that it has a hard time with that and eventually your system ends up wearing out and you get diabetes and you think of polymers sugar but the problem was never sugar and the staff at night but I was much talk about how God is all I know I got I was an illustration that is illustration that if everyone does the same run fine everyone will end up with the same illness and if we all use our imagination the same runway we all end up with the same kind of disease your imaginations of faculty waiting examples of things at home white describes as diseases of imagination if you think that no one really loves you that is a disease of imagination but he might feel like it's just a plain fact anyone who's the case they were not was just true that you check into it if you say that if you let anyone else do the job it won't get done right you module just do it yourself that is a disease the message white ropes to Loughborough and San Andreas and told him that these are two of my heroes address history I love these guys a lot wrote home that they have retarded the work by years because of this idea they're both very able and skilled men and they didn't want to let the work be delegated to less able less skilled more likely to blow up badly people and a bike trying to take it on themselves got had a system where you would let people learn by making mistakes and grow in their ability Bill God made lots of Jan Andrews that they been given the responsibilities that he was given at the age of the responsibilities Jen Andrews wasn't born a genius I mean he was born with some skills but it was by bearing a heavy responsibilities at a young age and being allowed to make mistakes and errors in judgment of how he grew into an effective person and the disease imagination it's common when administrators is they grown into these people and I look down and see music and apps people and they don't even want to give them responsibilities but you don't know the charge can better have been make some mistakes and be limited to only a few people to have ability so there are lots of other diseases imagination if all went like this remember but some of them might have so I listed like twenty five things in my research paper and you can find a research paper at Bible doc .org Bible of the DLC like documents the orgies called the faculty of imagination when I learned is that God gave us an imagination for a specific purpose and it's so unrelated to what we do with it those who were here yesterday from this morning I forget when I said what I said but we talked about the way the truth works the truth affects me when it has my attention that when I'm considering that that's when it's changing me know here's the reality the cross where Jesus died for my sins is the most potent picture the most potent event in history it is a type of truth that can soften and subdue people but very few people in the world saw God intended the online since I can't teleport myself back in time I could still receive the benefit of that event he gave me a faculty or I can picture what I'm reading I cannot in no way to live through the experience that I wasn't I was wasn't there but I can see at a distance in time or space other things God never see it you can follow this profound idea God never intended the imagination to focus on imaginary imagination was intended to give me access to real things at a distance the judgment is going on in heaven that's real but I can't see I can picture you are standing by now imaginary it's in my imagination but it's as real as real can be and by thinking about the judgment that has an impact of how I live my life you'll find yourself that there are many temptations the trouble you that will just lose their power if one tempted to just think about the fact that you're living in the judgment if you just consider the fact that Jesus is they are and that cases are being decided one way or the other just thinking about that affection thinking about what Jesus did for you will affect you as an Adventist thinking about the fact he's going to come back and what that will mean what will change when he does picturing that will affect you when trying to explain to you in some awkward way is that the imagination is a tool like a wrench or a hammer and it was a tool designed to aid you with your knowledge of God number of the knowledge of God and pertain to life and godliness God intended I would use my mind in this way something of my imagination dragging around I think some of you in this audience are probably like I've been in the past that is even though I'm talking about one thing I said something that triggered your mind and you are often the never never land in your imagination is kind of polling you like a ball of applicant 's nose imagination is just taking charge of what your life is going that is as backwards as backwards can be what God intended is that you're well would put your imagination where you wanted it to be for your own spiritual benefit from it because you have your seventh right to communicate police how you cast down imagination it's by bringing that under the control of the will is by beginning to use it for the purpose it was created for and you should know who released my opinion is that that machine the television was at invention created out mean that Satan invented that some man dead I'm sure Satan was very happy about what was going on there Satan has arranged that this machine has disciplined our imagination to follow not are well that someone else as well that is when you are watching television programming your imagination is the inlet but it's not being led by your well it's being led by someone else's idea that if it was wholesome stuff only and never anything bad in the drama no cussing no swearing everyone that was married and had children and anything that would lead to that if television was entirely wholesome still it would cause diseases in imagination it would be putting imagination where it doesn't belong instead of being controlled by the will and put it where it was being controlled by something else I recommend you read that study about Bible docs site and just find out to what extent your imagination a sickly and the good news is as you begin to use your imagination properly it can recuperate and systems it's a beautiful system and unskilled I had the feeling that I talked as long as you should talk an assortment and it's true so let me review what I've said and how close everything that you and I need to make it to heaven comes from knowing God everything I need it to live a godly life year comes from knowing him this is why Jesus said and this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou set that's and that's where instead of your one is the same idea that you know it's not just a free-for-all this knowledge of God thing there are some items that are exalting themselves to compete with this knowledge in your experience second error checking for this candidate doesn't mention them all it only names one of the most wanted names and names imagination is that it must be cast down but it is as voluminous as an other high things that exalt themselves in the same way you look at your expressed to see what it has its exalted itself against the experience of the you are putting your attention on the truth the way that we overcome getting worse and worse as by having divine power inside of us but the way to get the divine power is by claiming the promises of the promises aren't for everybody that you want to know the promises work for is for those that have a knowledge of God knowing him to be get access to those promises so if you will put our eggs into this basket is illegal alien at making sure that we develop our knowledge of God to be cast down our imaginations use our mind as a tool this is good news to bring our thoughts in the captivity captivity to what captivity to the obedience of Christ but that means captivity to the well but the will is controlling the thoughts not the thoughts the well and when we begin to use our minds Newegg unintended the process of sanctification will speed up like you would not imagine otherwise it really isn't true that you have to become a holy person over the course of a hundred and forty five years what's true is that we have just been shooting ourselves in the foot and making very little spiritual progress because we haven't used her mind the way God intended and when used properly it works properly yeah we can live a godly life we can live forever that's the kind of stuff father in heaven I asked that she would pardon us for whom the defendant comprehends things are revealed as simply as they are nigh asked that you accept us graciously that she would turn our hearts back towards you that you wouldn't let us escape the corruption that is ruining everything around us and that you would lead us to the most precious thoughts about yourself that would be to us a source of grace and peace in life and godliness and if we have twenty or fifty or sixty years of a diseased habit and online you please give us the power we need to overcome I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus


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