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04 Prophecy’s Final Judgment Hour

Giancarlo De Miranda


Revelation clearly reveals the first phase of God’s judgment happening prior to the second coming of Jesus. Let’s explore this relevant topic contained in the first angel’s message.


  • September 21, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Before we start, I like to invite you, if you will, to buy your hands with me as we ask the Lord to bless our meeting tonight. So let's pray together. Finally, heaven. As we are about to open your word, we ask for the holy spirit to be poured upon us into light, our understanding. And we pray. We claim the promise that when he comes, he will lead us into all truth for we pray in jesus' name, let everyone say a man. So let's go on here in our message. Tonight we are going to be studying about what we call the 3 angels messages. I invite you to turn your bibles with me to the book of revelation if you will. Let's go there the last book of the bible, and we are going to revelation chapter 14. And there we find what is known as the 3 angels messages. What is the message known for? Again? Yes, the 3 angels messages and we're going to see what, what this messages are all about. And it will be fascinating here. So revelation chapter 14, we will see that this message is a message for the whole world. And other words, this message is a message for us, and this message is the method that will be proclaimed the before the end of all things. And we learned that jesus is coming soon, right? So you remember our study, we are right here in the feet, actually writing the nails of the, of the image of the book. Now zer, and the next is the everlasting kingdom that jesus will usher in. So this messa will be proclaim, before jesus comes and I'm going to show you how I know that here in the book of revelation chapter 14. But I want you to see in verse 6, if you follow with me verse 6, it shows that it's a message for the whole world. The bible says van, i saw another angel flying to Miss. I have been having the ever lesson gospel to each to those so dwell on where on the earth, how many nations do every nation by what about, I'm not a nation. I'm just trying my include in, and every tribe also, tongue and people. And then the message says they are very clearly fear god and give glory to him. 40 hour of his judgment has come. I want you to see with me that this message is proclaimed to the 3 angels messages case. So you have the 1st angels messages on verse 7. You have the 2nd angels messages message on verse 8, and then the verse 9 through 12. You have the 3rd angels messages. And then I want you to see what takes place in your bible right after the proclamation of the 1st, the 2nd or the 3rd angel's message. Notice what the bible says, and revelation 14 and verse 14. Revelation 14 verse 14, the bible says the year. Then I looked and behold a white cloud and on the cloud sat one like the son of man who is the son of man. Here is jesus christ having on he's had a what if you won a golden crown, you will come as a king in a clouds of heaven and in his hand, the sharp sickle verse 15 in another angel came out of the temple crying with a loud voice to him who sat on the cloud thrust in your sickle and read for the time has come for you to reap for the harvests of the earth is what you want. Right. Ok, and that's exactly what he, what he did. What he van is the is that jesus christ will come in the clouds of heaven with a crown imply that he will come as a king. You order to harvest the harvest of the earth, those that have matured, their, their religious experience, their character. What event is that is the 2nd coming of jesus. We already studied about that, but I want you to see that you have the proclamation of the 3 angels messages to the whole world, every tribe. And then after that we have what the 2nd coming of jesus is that clear if you one. So this message, the 3 angels messages is a message for the time of the and the note of the 1st angels messages in your bible 1st 7, what it says there, what does it say there? The 1st word there, verse 7, fear god. And what give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come. You can stay with your bible right there unless you really want to go to the next verse. I'm going to take you. But in deuteronomy chapter 8, verse 6, help us to understand what it means to fear god. Yes, it means to reverence god. Yes, it means to have respect to God and worship him. But notice what it says. You're in deuteronomy a diverse 6. Therefore you shout you what everyone. Keep the commandments of the Lord your god, to, to walk in his ways and to what fear he and so how do we fear god? According to this verse, by uti, obedience to God, ok. A life of obedience is a life of one who fears god. Now, what does it mean to give glory to God? So in 1st corinthians, chapter 1031. You don't need to go there. I have in the slide unless you want and you're welcome to keep me accountable as I have been telling you. But in 1st corinthians chapter and verse $31.00, the bible says therefore whether you, what is the next word, every one, eat or drink or whatever you do do all to the, to the glory of god. How do we give glory to God of singing praises to him? No, it says whether we eats, whether we drink, whatever we do in our life, our lifestyle must give glory to God or you folly. So that's what it means. I put there the wrong, but it should be 1st corinthians chapter 10 verse 31 case kills me for now. But a message of fear god and give glory to him. It's a message calling people to you to be danced, gone, and also to glorify him through our lifestyle. The way we leave our lives is a life that gives glory to God we to get everyone. So that's a mess that will go to the whole world. And then it says there, if you remember, it says fear god, revelation 1470. If you're still there in your bibles, fear god and give glory to him. 40 hour of he is what he's come. Judgment has come friends, that's an important part of the message. We see that before jesus comes before jesus, what everyone comes there will be a mess or saying that the hour of his judgment has already what? Come are you following? Therefore, we must expect that god's judgment will start before he comes in the clouds of haven't we to get everyone? So let's continue here. Notice what it says here, the book of revelation, as well as the book of daniel, what are the 2 books of you one revelation. And daniel, those 2 books help us to understand very clearly about god's judgment. And we're going to explore those books tonight. But the final judgement revelation gives the what, what is the judgement? But daniel, give the, what if you want, when and where the judgement, they explain jesus, give the assurance for us. Would you say a man for that? So the message is clear, fear god, and give lord to him for the hour. His judgment has come and that's prior to the 2nd coming of jesus. But jesus is the one who gave us confidence to go through the judge and we together. So let's go on here. I want to take you to revelation chapter 20 the same book, revelation chapter 20. Before we go to the book of daniel, revelation chapter 20 help us to understand more about the scenery of the judgment. It talks about books there and I want you to see that the bible says a revelation 20 verse 12 revelation tool 20 versus 12. Notice what it says here clearly. And I saw the dad small in great standing before god and what you want. It was open, books were open and another book was opened, which is the book of life. So we see this imagery of books open, ok, and then it says here, and the data where, what is the next word? Everyone judged according to their works by the things which were written in the, in the books. Can you see here tonight, friends that these judgements include books and we're going to be judge based on what is written in a book. The other know is that clear is very clear from the bible. So let me read this statement with you why there should be a judgment in france. Notice what it says here in the slide. The rebellion in heaven, we saw yesterday that lucifer he rebelled against the government of god. He wasn't happy with the government of god, and he he cast doubts upon the character of god. The rebel. Any have in introduce the question into the universe about god's what every one character. He is fairness and he's integrity. Therefore, the judgment clarifies gauze. What have you one actual friend? Let me ask you a question. Does god know at the end of all things? Who is going to be saved and who is going to be lost? Yes or no? Or Yes, he knows the end from the beginning. That's why we'd been studying prophecy. Ok, but there is something about this judgment that is not really about god, but it's about as understanding why god does what he does. Why will god destroy some an have others into everlasting life? Are you folly? Remember the accusations from the beginning we saw that god did not destroy sate and because he's deeds needs to unfold their review itself and bear fruit. And once every one see the consequence of evil, god can destroy evil. And nobody would question why he did that. And the judgment is part of that process of clarifying god lack sions. God doesn't need to judge anyone here to know if we're going to be safe or not. He knows. But the judgment is for the sake of, as we are going to see to night, the angelic angels were observing and to ourselves. So let's move on here. I want to read his statement here for you, God reveals in the judgement that he has done how much everything he can to do, what every one save and said and has done everything. He can't you destroy the judgement will reveal that. Okay, not forgotten because he knows all things, but for those who observe during the judgement, notice carefully, where does the judgement take place? And the book of daniel is the one that will help us tonight. I want to invite you to open up in daniel chapter 7, dana chapter one, every 17. Then your chapter 7. Let's learn our bibles there. I have one of your telling me, preacher, you're already getting tired. So last meeting you were very slow. So that's why tonight after one day of rest, i'm accelerating again. So now you have to follow me. Ok, joe skating. So let's go to daniel chapter 7. Daniel chapter 7 and we are going to read verse 9. We together there. Daniel chapter 7, I gave you a little bit of time. I'm still turning myself the pages here. And we're going to verse beginning verse 9, and then we're going to read verse 10 as well. The bible says here, notice carefully, we're studying about the judge. Where does the judgement take place? Look this vision. I watch it feel what everyone that owns were put in place and the ation of days. This is god the father. By the way, the ation of days was seated. His garment was white as snow and the hair of his hair was like pure wool. His throne was a fiery flame, its wheels a burning fire. And then verse, stand. Notice i've 1000 thousands minister to him. Thought right here. If you compare it is verse right over here with revelation chapter 5000 and thousands minister before him. In revelation chapter 5, he tells that these thousands and tells us that minister before god are angels, you have to put the 2 together. But it's pretty obvious who are these that minister before the throne of god must be the holy angels. But if you just 11 more word for that, you can go to revelation chapter 5, beginning in verse 8, and you're going to see that scenery there. Now notice care for that 10001000 minister to him. 10000 times, 10000 stood before him, but war and then I put between parenthesis there what judge men most versions translate that word or to as ads, man, including the king james version. Okay, so the judge man was seated and though what every one, the books were old again, the books are you falling. So the judgement will take place where the ation of days is located and where he thought is located. And that is the have in my friends, the throne of god is located in heaven in the sanctuary and his sanctuary. And there the books are going to be opened and there the books will gone, going to be val waited to see who are those that gave their lies to God and who are those who rejected the ways of god and his grace. Okay, so let's go on here. Notice the next question, when does the judgement take place? The question now is, what have you one? When are we already know where, where does the judgement take place? Have you one in have in okay, before the throne of god, that's where the books are open. And that's where the angelic beings are located ministry observing all things that are happening there and a judgment to see god's actions. If they are fair, if they are consistent, why god save son, why god destroy some, they need to see it. It's about god's integrity. It's about his character. Now we're going to discuss about when and then I have another question. Here is a judgment before christ comes. So we already know that answer you. What do you say that before or after? Ok. Ok. We have the vision in israel. So israel is divided now like in the old testament, right? A lot of the vision on, on the, on the, on the gap of israel. So listen carefully. Friend, is the judgment. Be for christ. Come ok. Yes. Remember the 3 angels messages, these proclaim right? And one of the message says, fear god and give glory to him. 40 hours, his judgment has one has come and then the 2nd is proclaimed, the 3rd is proclaim, and then we see the 2nd coming of jesus. Remember that? That's revelation. 14. So are we altogether, is the judgment before christ come? Yes or no? Yes. You know the investigative judgement case. I'll take one question, but then make sure you're right, your questions, make sure you're right of your questions and we'll take the next day. Okay, so revelation 20 yes. Yes, we're going to study more about we will see throughout our series that the judgment of god has 3 phases. We're studying the 1st one. The 1st one that we are observing here proclaimed in the 1st angels message will take place before the coming of christ. Are we together? Very good. So let's go on here. Revelation revelation 22 verse twelf. I want you to see revelation 22 verse 12 that christ is speaking. Here for the prophet john, I want you to see what jesus says in the message of revelation. The very last chapter he says and behold, i am why everyone coming weekly and noticed when he comes, what happened? He comes with what my reward is with me to give to everyone according to his work, friends, if we warranties with cries when he comes. That means he has already made a decision. I would we together. So notice a master chapter, 60 verse twenty's have the same concept. You know, it says for the son of man, well what if you one, come in the glory of his father with his angels and then he will what every one reward, each one according to his worth. The bible is consistent case. So 1st the judgement. So he knows who receives the reward and he will doesn't receive the reward. And then he comes and he gifts now acts shafter 17 verse $31.00 because he okay and that's god, the father and the book of acts. If you want to go there, you're welcome. Actually after 17 versity one because he god the father has done what have you one appointed a day on which he will do a one of you one charged the world in righteousness by who by the man who he has ordain, who is this man who the father has ordained to judge is jesus because it says here he has given assurance of these to all by doing what would jesus everyone raising him from the dan? Okay, very good. So now I want to take you to the book of dana, and we're going to say they're in the book of dana for a little bit. Let's go to dana chapter 8. She have your bibles, let's go there, dana, chapter 8. That's an important chapter in the bible. When we talk about the judgement when we talk about what have you, one that yet, you can't talk about the judgement without going to daniel chapter 8. And you're going to see the importance of this prophecy over here. This is the longest prophecy in the bible. What kind of profits did I say? The longest prophecy in the bible. I want to read with you what the bible says and danner chapter 8 and verse 14. Are you ready for it is an amazing prophecy which says for 2000 and how long more? $300.00 days. Then what's going to happen? Then the sanctuary shall be clans. I know I probably lost 60 percent of you right now, but we are going to risk all of you and we are going to March together here tonight. OK, so what is this chapter talking about when it says after $2300.00 days, then the sanctuary shall be cleans. I'm going to show you tonight that this message, this chapter right here that we have before us is talking about the time. The prophetic time, when the judgment is going to start, we together. You probably don't see that at this point and that's fine. That's not a problem. But when we study tonight, we're going to see that the claims of the sanction where when you look in the bible is a reference to the day of autonomy. What kind of day? Everyone, the day of talking that was the day that the hebrew sanctuary was cleansed. It's called a young poor. Okay, so that was a deal toner. The jews know that day as a day of judgment. OK, so it was a day of judgment. So here the bible was saying that there will be 2300 days for the sanctuary to be what everyone plans and the, and you can not understand this chapter as literal base. And we're going to show you in the bible tonight. That's because if it is a literal days, how long is 2300 days, 6 years, right? Around 6 years. Thank you for that help. And that would have happened in the days of daniel, the prophet or we together. But I want you to see what gabriel told daniel about these prophecy over here. It's your bible right there in chapter 8. Rid with me verse 17. Understand notice we are in the in or chapter 8 and verse 17. Let me see here in the bible, just make sure I put the over here for you. And verse 17, the bible says yes. So he came near that gabriel where I stood. That's daniel. And when he came, i was what everyone afraid and fell on my face. But he said to me, understand, son of man, that the vision refers for when what time to the time of the end is Daniel alive, in the time of day in france. Here it is, according to the annual, and his prophecies, the time of deanda is in the feet of the statue we together sold the angel comes to him there anyways, leaving all the way here back in Babylon. And the angel says this prophecy here that you just read about the 2300 days in the sanctuary, shall be clean as I want you to know, daniel, that this prophecy is for this time over here. Are we together? Everyone. Ok, therefore the 2300 days cannot be taken as literally 20300 days 2300 days a week. Okay, so let's go on. Now let me, let me show you that this 200 to 2300 days when it comes. When the time expires, what is going to happen according to the verse? verse 14. For $2300.00 days, then the sanctuary shall be cleansed. OK, so notice what it says here. Ok, we're going to see in a little bit that each beam bible prophecy is a correspond to one year. But hold on there and let me take it to the book of exodus chapter 25. Let's 1st understand what is the sanctuary that needs to be clans, what is whatever you want that needs to be cleans the sanctuary. So when we go to the book of exodus in the bible, chapter 25 verse 8, god showed a vision through moles of god, show watson walls of everyone, a vision, a vision of a sanctuary, vision of what everyone sanctioned. And then he told moses to do it according to what he had shown him, how you get together. Notice what it says here. And verse 8 let. Then make me of st. Where for what purpose that I might dwell among them. OK so and that when we read the context there, you have to be done according to what god had shown moses in that vision and that was a replica of the sanctuary. The real motto is in heaven where the throne of god is. So you have the courtyard, the outer court, where you have the sacrifice of the animals, especially a land or every day in the daily service pointing to the messiah, that would give his life as an atonement foreseen. Okay, so then you have here the laver, where the preschool washes in and then he would go into the sanctuary. The 1st compartment is called, what if you one holy place. Ok where he sprinkled the blood and the horns of the altar right over here. The altar of incense and also in the curtain, and then the 2nd compartment was called. What if you one most holy place where you had the arc of the covenants we altogether. Okay, let's proceed here. Notice carefully here the centers, gill was symbolically transferred to the perfect land and that was a symbol of christ was perfect. There was no sending him. So let's continue here in our study. There you have the priest ministry and taking, you know, the blood into the sanctuary, and that was a symbol. When the sooner came with the lamp and coming fast, his scenes on the head of the lamb, it was a scene that his scenes now was transferred to the lamb and the lamb was taken the guilt. And then the thinner himself would cut the lamp. The lamp with skilled and then the priests would get the blood symbolizing now that the friends of the, of the center, the scenes of who everyone was transferred into the things wary. And that caused the sanctuary to be polluted to be what everyone polluted contaminated. Symbolically. This is a ceremony, ok. It was symbolically polluted the sanctuary was polluted by the friends that was transferred into the sanctuary. Let me tell you what that means. Remember the books that we saw, the judgment, those books are our records of our actions, because we are going to be judge it and according to what is written in the books and according to everyone's works, ok, so those books are written, the actions there and all are things are recorded there and those things they pulled lute the sanctuary of god. Is the sanctuary of god. A clean place the other in a holy place? The other? No. But can you imagine you go up there and you opened his book and it has all kinds of scenes about me about you. Does apple, the sanctuary of god? Yes. Or no. Most definitely our sins, pollute the sanctuary of god that are written there. And those scenes needs to be blotted out. They need to be cleansed, and that was going to take place in the day of atonement a day of judgment. Notice what it says here. Jesus offered the merits of his blood and have in on our behalf when he goes into the holy places on intercessor and ride over here in the most holy place. What is this furniture that you'll find in the most holy place? The ark of the covenant and what is inside the ark of the covenant, the commandments of god. Friends, i want to show you a bible verse in the book of james. Go there with me in the book of james, chapter 2. This is so important. France for you to understand the where the judgement takes place in the sanctuary of god. We know these is all a replica that god gave to the jews to teach them about the plan of salvation. Notice what says james through verse 12. So speak and soul do as those who will be judged how by the law of liberty. And if you read the context, you will see is a reference to the 10 commandments because it talks about not committing adultery. It talks about to da shall not murder case. So it's talking about the think I'm in. So what is the basis of the judgement according to this verse? Ah, what is the basis of the judgement? It says very clear. So speak, and so do as those who will be water judged by what, by the law of liberty, the standard of the judgment is the law of god. Now, question for you. You know, when we go back here to our previous slide, i don't know if I can go back. Yes or no, I couldn't. That's fine. That's fine. But remember the 10 commandments, the law of god is found. Where is it found in the auto cord? Yes or no? No. Is it found in a holy place? Yes or no? No, it's so the judgement can't take place in the outer court. It cannot take place. And the holy place is the law of god to think amends found in the most holy place. Yes, and according to james, we are going to be judged by the law of liberty. Therefore the judgment must take placing what compartment of the sanctuary the holy place or the most holy place the most holy place. Okay, so that's when the judgement takes place and the most holy place, but we are going to explore more dad the day of a torments the day of judgment. The claims of the things wary. You know, the jews, they are well acquainted with this language. They know that every year, how long every did I say everyone, every once a year, once a year the high priest way of into the most holy place. Right. And then he there in the both, all the place you would claims the thing. Sure. It was a ceremony which would claim the sanctuary for all the purities that were, that were transferred throughout the whole year by confession. Remember to confess upon the lab, the sin of the sooner was transferred to the land. The blood was taken into the sanctuary to show that there was a record of sand in the sanctuary of god. And at the end of the year, the 7th month of the jewish month, on the 10th day was the day of atonement a day when the high threes would go into the most holy place. And he would cleanse the sanctuary we altogether, if you one. Okay, so very good. Here we have, do you see the priest inside the most holy place there? Ok, do you see that he is in the arc of the covenant? And what is inside the ark of the covenant? Everyone, the think a minimum, which is the standard, the judgement, that's when the judgement takes place. Ok, where he decides who is going to be saved and who is going to be lost. And then if we have, you know, like asked forgiveness and allow jesus to give us the power to overcome and we repent of our sins. So our sins are blotted out. Our scenes are cleansed. OK, so let's go on here. There you have those that, that sanctuary that god gave to the jewish nation had what we called the what kind of service everyone the daily service that happen every day in the outer court in the holy place. And the, the yearly servers that happened once a year, like the day of atonement, gay, and it took place in the most holy place. Ok. And that's what we are studying about tonight. When daniel says in 23000, I'm sorry, 2300 years and then the sanctuary shall be what class. That's what we're talking about. The typical day of atonement. What, where did I say everyone onto deeper? What does that mean? Ok. That word on to typical me. This is the typical is the symbol pointing to the true day of atonement which takes place in heaven when god starts the judgment. Ok, let's move on here and hebrew chapter 9 verse 6. Notice what it says about those 2 services there, the daily and the yearly. Now, when these things had being thus prepared, the what you want, the priest, how often always went into the 1st the holy place, right? Part of the term and perform the services every day he would answer in the holy place, but there is a contrast. In the 2nd part, how do you call the 2nd part of the sanctuary? Most holy place, the high priest, when alone, how often? Once a year, not without blood, what does it mean? Does expression not without blood with blood. Right? Not without blood, meaning that he entered there with blood. Right? And there is pointing back to the sacrifice of jesus that gave the right to coming to the most holy place to cleanse the records of sins to blot out our transgressions or we have altogether. Okay, so notice here talking about the day of a told me in the book of leviticus. You don't need to go there unless you really want, but it says here leviticus 23 verse 27, all soul. What day of the month on the TANF, they are these 7 months. There shall be a day of what everyone told me. And it shall be in a holy convocation on you, and ye shall do what a flake your souls soul searching to make sure you are not clinging to your sins and that you have experience repentance, and offer an offer made by fire and to the Lord it was a ceremony just like killing the sheep, you know the lamb was a ceremony that pointed to jesus christ and his sacrifice the day of atonement was a ceremony that pointed to the day of judgment. Okay, notice what it says here. Every israelite had to do what in their hearts exam, their hearts because they knew they were going to be judge. The day of the toner was an illustration was what, what, what was that illustration of god's, what judgment in the heavenly sanctuary that will accord just before jesus comes again? Now we together so that simple friends, so if you have got loss, let me just say, well we have said this summarizes everything. The day of atonement was a what you want illustration that god gave to the juice of god. What judgment and the heavily sanctuary that will cor just before so bass all we have says so far, but I want to show you from the bible. Now we go back to daniel chapter 8, verse 14. You're welcome to turn your bibles. There we go, back to the verse, and now it makes sense. And he said to me, for $2300.00 days, dan, the sanctuary shall be what clans. That was the day of atone and when the sanctuary was cleans, then the judgment will begin. When god will decide whose scenes will be blotted out and forgiven, also forever no longer the records. Why is there necessary, friends, friends, let's be honest. Here I come. Perhaps I have let's just use a simple example. I have lied to my wife and then the holy spirit touched my heart and I can before god and plead with god to give me repentance. And then he gives me repentance. I ask for forgiveness. He forgives my sins, but must seize, are still there in the records. It may be written forgiven by the blood of jesus, but they are there. Why there are there. Because there is a possibility for me to fall back. To repeat. The judgement is that moment when god sees that I have truly repented of line That I have not gone back to life pain and then god sees all his lives has been, has been forgiven. And he's, he's scenes can be blotted out. And that's the cleansing of the sanctuary. Are we together? You see that in the parents of jesus, you probably remember a parable of a man that old and you know, a huge amount of money. He comes to the king and the king forgives him. The king. What everyone forgives and then he goes and he takes his fellow by the neck and says, pay the little bit of money that you owe me. And then he year, the key year of about that. And the king brings him back and says, why you didn't forgive him, I have forgiven you your huge debt. And then he suffers that come the nation. He suffers while everyone that was and he's seems forgiven a was. But because he went back into his old since guess what? Now he has to pay back. Are you following? And that was a day of a tom was are, seems forgiven when christ died on the cross of calvary. Yes or no. Yes. But there will be a day of judgments where we will need to, of course, not physically speaking, but where our names will come up in the judgement. To see if we have really repented and forsaken our scenes are not there fly, the message is fear god and give glory to him for the hour. His judgment has come. Is a message of consecration, a message of why everyone consecration. So notice let's continue here. Notice what it says here. So you talks about here, the judgement starts after is 2300 days, which is pertaining to the time of the and, and the question is, what is the meaning of this 2300 days? Do you want to know the meaning of that? Yes. Ok. So notice what it says. Daniel, age, 16 or 17. Gabriel. Make this man understand the vision. What was the command for gabe to make a banner to what? Understand the bid, understand son of man that the vision refers to what time? Everyone the time again, all the way to the last days. Ok. So notice what it says in the book of its eco chapter 4 or 6. I need to go a little quick. Here is equal says, then you shall bear the unique with you. That's a prophecy that god is given. Today's real life man, you shall bear to nick with you of the house of judah for how long 40 days. Notice what god says in that prophecy. I have laid on you day for a for each year for the bible prophecy, one day corresponds to how long? One year. So 2300 days is actually 2300. What? years? That's why god said, daniel, this message is not for your day's buddies all the way to the last days. OK, so let's go on here. There we have. There we have here. I have laid on you a day for years. Soul is talking about 23 literal years this prophecy. If the bible gives us the starting point, we don't have the starting point yet for the 23 years, then we could easily calculate the ending point to know when the think to where will be closed. Are you, are we together? What do we need to figure out now? The starting year for the $2300.00 days. But the problem is, Daniel feinted before danger could tell him yes. I wanna read that with you in daniel 8. If you have your bibles there, you're welcome to follow the verse 26 is Seth and the vision of the evenings in morning by the way, even in the morning, is talking about a day. The vision of in all the evenings in the morning. The song about the $2300.00 evenings and mornings, which was stole. That is true. Therefore, seal up the vision for you to refer for many days in the future. And then the verse $27.00, the less stand a sentence said than I daniel data was sent in and was sick for days. I was astonished by a vision, but what one or so did daniel understand the 2300 ace. He knew what the claims of the sanctuary meant. He was a jew, he knew that k, but he didn't understand this long prophetic period, 2300 years. I heard of him, france. The good news is that the angel comes back in den or chapter 9. What chapter did the angel come back 9? Hey, Daniel. What's brain? Because he was really frustrated with the scenes of his people and the, the long time for god to restore all things is 2300 years. Was too long. Any verse $21.00? Well versed are we in chapter 9. Notice yet while I was speaking in prayer, even the man what man cable who I had seen in the vision at the beginning in chapter 9 there has, there is no vision so far. What vision in the beginning is he talking about where he saw gabriel? That's back in chapter 8. It's in all like when the Lord said to gabriel, make this man understand the vision and then when the game was explaining he fainted. Now. So gabriel comes back verse $22.00 and he for me and thought with me and said all daniel, i have now come forth to give you is skill to what you want and understand. And then he says, last sentence of verse 23 considered a matter what matter that vision that he couldn't understand. And again, the word understand the what? The vision of what the vision does that the angel wants to give him understanding the $2300.00 days. And then he says, don't miss this fall carefully or a bible. Then he says, 70 weeks are what? determine for your people. Who is the people of daniel, the jews, and for your holy city, what is the holy city of daniel jerusalem? And he says that 70 weeks are the terms you see that were determined. If you go to the hebrew, you will see, I don't know if you can follow right here. This is a different translation that has 70 week far decreed you see that there. So that word shut pack, which means cut off. 70 weeks are cut off for the jewish nation and for the city of jerusalem we together so far. All he said is that 70 weeks are what everyone cut off for what nation for the jews now friends follow with me carefully here. Let's stay together. I am I able to cut off a piece of table from a piece of a chair? Yes or no? If I want to cut off a piece of a table, I have to cut off that piece out of a larger piece of a table we together. Am I able to cut off a piece of cake out of, perhaps a pizza? I know in order to cut off a piece of gay, he has to be from a larger piece of cake, cake we together you order to cut off a period of time, a period of a lot of you one. I had to cut off that period of time out of a larger period of time we together. So wendy angel comes to dana and says, daniel, i came here to give you an understanding of the vision that you did and understand. I want to consider division. I want you to know that 70 weeks is cut off for the jewish nation. 70 weeks is a period of time. It can only be cut off from a larger period of time. What is the larger period of time that the 70 weeks was cut off from the $2300.00 days, which is 2300 years? Are we together out of that period of time gone, cut off 70 weeks for the jewish nation. Now let's, let's continue here. Let's continue. There you go. Jerusalem is the holy city of daniel. Notice the verse 2524 again. You already know that the word determined means cut off and 70 week 70 prophetic weeks. How long is that each week has? How many days? 7 days, so how many days altogether $490.00 days. But each day the bible prophecy corresponds to wife for 190 years we altogether. And just in case you are really questioning this whole day for a year thing, notice what, how the N I V translates verse 24. 77 are degreed for your what people and your holy cd. Ok. So let's go on here just to remind ourselves i have later on you a day for each for each year. So therefore, the $490.00 symbolic days is equal to 490 literal years dedicated for the jewish nation. Now we need at the starting point in verse 25 gives you the starting point. The angel gives the starting point of the 2300 years as well as the 490 years of 70 weeks. He says no therefore, and understand that what is the next word is highlighted there from the goin forth to the commander, to restore and rebuild jerusalem in depth of starting point at the creed to restore and rebuke jerusalem friends the jews they were taken into captivity by the babylon else, the temple was destroy, and in the book of ezra, you have the chapters there. If you want to study, it shows that king arthur xerxes long gunners long gun was 1st. He issued a decree to restore jerusalem in the year was a year there. 457. That's the starting point. France, that's the starting point. And you can back it up on that starting point by historians like greek historians. You can back it up, but that date of the decree of their, their axes, by astronomy, by also business tablets in Babylon or asian egyptian. How do you say that word there? period? notice what it says in verse $25.00. Go back to daniel 9 verse 25. No, therefore, and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and build jerusalem. That's for $57.00, b, C, and T. O. Messiah the prince. The word messiah is the word, cries, crisis. Greek. Messiah is hebrew. Gale, of course, the transliteration. There shall be. No, it is what I said, there shall be what? 7 weeks, and $62.00 weeks put that together. How much is 7 weeks plus $62.00 weeks? $69.00 weeks from that the grades are restores or will fall in for $57.00, b. C. All the way to the messiah. There will be how many weeks? Everyone? 69. Why did it say 7 weeks and then $62.00 weeks? Because the 1st 7 weeks $49.00 days in prophecy, 49 years was to rebuild and restore the temple and jerusalem, or we together after the babylon in captivity. Okay, so, but then after those 49 years, you would have another 6 to 2 weeks prophetic weeks that would take us all the way to who everyone messiah, the friends messiah or prince. France. Messiah means anointed means what have you. One anointed the word christ by the way, jesus christ. It's not like his last name. His 1st name is jesus, and crisis is last name. Jesus christ as jesus, the anointed jesus, the messiah gay jesus. Christ sole here is saying that from 457, the restoration of the decree to restore jerusalem all the way to the messiah. There would be 490 years and then he would be anointed in the book of look, you know, this passage just feel secure there. You're a well acquainted look. Chapter 3, verse one says, now and what year of the reign of type your cesar? 15 year of the reign of the years here we all his story as they know there is the year 27, a di. What year? Everyone. 27, a. D. What happened there? verse 21. When all the people were baptized by john the baptist it came to pass that jesus also was what? batteries? Yes, that's right. And the holy spirit, this thing to know him in the bodily form, like a dog in a voice came from. Have a you are my son. Why large with you? I am. Well please france. That's. That's ax shop through tan, verse 31. Okay. Excuse me. Therefore, the wrong reference acts up your 10 verse 31 says how god did what anointed. That's the word messiah god anointed jesus of nazareth with what everybody. The holy spirit and power when he was baptized on 27, a. D there. When jesus was anointed. Ok and france the bible saw so amazing. Look over here this, this chart. The bible is so amazing that gave the year that jesus would be baptized and start his men would be anointed by the holy spirit. From the decree of their axes, 457, b, C. That's 69 weeks prophetic weeks to the messiah. And that take us to the year 27, a D. The baptism of jesus france, prophecy shoals, without our shadow of doubt mathematically that jesus is the messiah. Would you say a man for death? Nor destiny? verse 26. And after the 62 weeks, remember 7 weeks, 6 to 2 weeks, altogether, how many weeks? 6 to 9 weeks, so after the 2nd chunk of time here to 6 to 2 weeks after 27, a. D sometime after 27. A. D. What would happen with the messiah? The messiah shall be what cut off. So prophecy saying that the messiah would die. Would give his life. Are we together? noticing daniel $927.00. You better fall carefully there in your bible. If you like to understand. Notice in verse 27 says what jesus would do in the last week. How many weeks we have so far. 69, right? It's missing one of the 70. There was cut off for the juice. Then he shall come fer me a white everyone. A covered with many for one week. That's the remaining week of the 70 weeks that was given to the jewish nation. K. So there you have the chart again, the remaining week right over here the 70 years because one week has 7 days. The bible ross the each day is equal to one year. And jesus did confirm the covenant with many. Then he took the cup and gave thanks and gave it to the disciples. Same drink from, eat, all of you for this is my blood and the new covenant which is shared for many, for the remissions on sins. Go back to the 9 verse 27. Notice what it says, but in the middle of the week, when is the middle of the week, how many days has a week? Everyone, the middle of the week would be how many days? 3 and a half, so after 3 and a half years from his baptism, 27183 years and a half would bring all the way to the year. 31 a dean. What would happen there in the middle of the week, he shall bring an and a to sacrifice and offering that the sanctuary system. He say his prophets dana was prophesied here, gabor's. Explaining to daniel that the sacrificial system of the old tasman would come to an end. Why? Because in the middle of the week what happened? Jesus? The messiah was cut off, gave his life. So he was the tide. He was the symbol, and now jesus fulfilled us the symbol and no longer there was a need for the symbolic system of the old testament hebrew sanctuary. Notice here we have, you have the large period of time, the $23.00 prophetic days, which are a little years. And then you have the 70 weeks there was cut off beginning in 457, b. C. With the decree of out of there was the king of version that gave permission to restore her was when you have 69 weeks comes to the messiah. Then the remaining week in the middle of the week jesus dies and the sacrificial system and all the offerings is abolished in the side of heaven k. So and that remains 3 and a half years the rest of the week. Okay, that brings all the way to the gospel being preaching to the gentiles. Daniel 9 is about jesus christ. There are messiah galatians for, for but when the fullness of the time had come, godson for his son, and other words when the the prophecy of the 70 weeks was being fulfilled at the right time god gave his son roman 56. And what kind of time and due time meaning at the right time christ died for the ungodly prophecy was predicting when the messiah would be cut off. Even the time the year he shall bring an end to sacrifices and offerings. Cries was baptize on time. Christ was crucified on time and he'll send it up to heaven to be our high priest in the heavenly sanctuary and hebrews 8th one into. Now this is the main points of the things we are saying. Know that this is Paul the new testament. This is the point that I'm saying we have such what have you won a high priest who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the majesty and the where haven't doing what they're a minister other sanctuary and of the what kind of carbon eichel true tabernacle, which the Lord rejected and was so if there is a true tabernacle by default, there is what have you $11.00, that was a replica. It wasn't a true one. France in the year 34, which is the remaining of the half of the last week from 2780 to the year 3418. We have stephen preaching to the synagogue, to the, to the leaders, the, not the synagogue. How do you say the sanhedrin? Yes. So the leaders of the nation showing that christ fulfilled bible prophecy and he was stoned. That was the city for. So we have here the jewish leader is rejecting crisis and messiah. And now the gospel begins to be preaching. To the gentiles by the apostles. Here is the significance of 34 a. D. The end of the 70 week marks the end of the 490 years prophecy. First of all, jewish nation rejects not as individuals. Ok. We're not talking about individuals here, but as a nation rejects the messiah jesus as the messiah by stony stephen that was for reaching the prophecies concerning the messiah, the gospel, dan goals to the gentile and the world. Notice daniel, 92470 weeks are determined, cut off for your people and for the holy city. Now, the remaining parts of the 70 new weeks, the larger period of time is at $2300.00 days. Right. How many years are still missing? Yes, 18. 10 years. OK, so 1810 years. That's what the process is says for 2300 years. Then the thing to where shall be what everyone. Clans, that's the judgments. So and if you, I don't know if I can come back. But if you see the end of the 2300 years, take us to the year 1844. What are the 1? $1844.00. In 1844 death. When jesus enters into the what kind of place everyone all, there you go. You're falling into the most holy place of the sanctuary. He transition from the holy place because when he died in the outer court, so to speak as a land he goals into the holy place as our intercessor. And now he transition in 18. 44 into the most holy place. As our judge, his primary role is a judge, doesn't mean there is no intercession taking place, but his primary role and now makes perfectly sense. Revelation $147.00, fear god, and give glory to him for do you want everyone? The hour of his judgment has come prior to the 2nd kind of jesus. You know, das pointing to 844 forward and france, that's the time for you and I to do what the jews were supposed to do in the symbolic day of all know what kind of they all have told me that I say symbolic. What did they do during that day? They were afflicting the souls. They were searching their hearts to make sure they experienced repentance and cleansing from San because france, jesus will only cleanse up dairy heaven. What has been plans down here in our hearts we altogether, the claims of the sanctuary corresponds with the cleansing of our hearts and their life. An urgent message that must be proclaimed. I know perhaps some of you are not used to studying prophecy and you say, well, that was a lot to digest. France. I am making myself available if you want to discuss more about these things we can discuss. But the beauty of prophecy, god is saying, there is a time for everything. There is a time for jesus to be baptized. There is a time for jesus to die. There is a time for the gospel to be proclaimed to the rest of the world. There is a time for the judgment to start and before jesus comes, he wants the whole world to know. Now is the time for us to prepare ourselves for that is that your desire? invite you to bar has with me and I as I pray, surrender your heart's cries and says, I want my heart to be cleansed. Lord, soul, the sage, where my records can be cleanse. So let's pray together, father, heaven, we thank you. We thank you for the amazing prophecy of daniel chapter 8 and chapter 9. Where you have promise to santa messiah, you have sense. And father, you have also warners that the time of judgment has come. And father, we, we rely on jesus. Now, are you inter sasser and advocate as well as our judge. We ask in the name of jesus that you send the holy spirit to give us the gift, the repentance, to take our hearts. And we pray, lord, that you, clansman, from sam, gave us the power that we need to leave in accordance to your standard of righteousness for we pray in the name of jesus, let everyone see a man. This media was brought to you by audio purse, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. I.


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