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07 Cathy’s Story: Clairvoyant to Christianity

Charissa Fong Torossian Cathy Hookham
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Cathy was a successful clairvoyant in Melbourne, she felt she was helping people and was given a special gift to help bless others. Find out why Cathy stopped fortune telling, clairvoyant readings and tarot cards, as she shares her amazing story of the way God led her to know the truth about what she was involved in.


  • October 26, 2021
    8:00 PM

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Tonight it is my privilege to introduce to you a friend of mine. Her name is Kathy. We invited cathy to be a part of b. Is this the N series because of her story? It's amazing. And as you hear it just now, you will understand why. Oh, I saw when I was little I was pretty much a good kid. I was quiet miss, I was one of those, no trouble children. It did. All of the things she was told was helpful. And then I had the age of 14 and who's 14 in 9 months when numb when I was right. And. And that's when everything changed everything when pretty much my kids should present and downhill. Quite quickly. I started drunk and cracking. I came by the time I was 15 and then went to help us mom and dad. I then came off and I had to choose that for drinking. And. And marilyn went on Time, I always out different since I was a little girl. I was, I used to have. I knew she drain. There was a particular drain. That was a reoccurring train that was about my grandfather. He was bang trying from one side of the garage to down there. He was running and yelling and screaming, and he had a shock. And I could see mom and my auntie. And I went running up the right after him. And you could see, like there was nothing near me, you could, you could see something was throwing, throwing him violently across from one side of the road to the other. And you could see that the max and that the coring happening. He could see that marks the scratches on his back and stuff. My never really spoke about this recurring dream until I was about 20 to clear world. We'd only data high by the state. And so we'd come to have, have, and I'm willing to with mom, my sister and I and we were talking about recurring drains. All of us were just chatting and, and I bought it up. And as I was going through and telling about it, mom and stopped, and she, she quietly said to me, why did you hear this? How did you notice what you're describing was real? It happened, I will say, this is what happened to your grandfather. And she then said to me, tell me again and I want you to tell me all of the details she can remember. And I started in and as I went through in, she would type and then what happened. And I would keep going and she said and, and then what happened? And then once I got to the end, she said to me, I don't know how united us because you weren't even born yet. And for the 1st time I realized that the thing I knew was different about me and all a sudden size fall into place about what was different mom had gone through and she organized a couple of cleveland sessions that she paid for at the time she went through and she had said to me about my apartment that I had had that I still had an attachment to him. We've broken up in that kind of thing and, and she was brutal evac and I end up in tears. So I said to mom, I don't know what that lady's issue is, but I just now I can't, I can't speak to her. So a couple of years later, i'd gone over to piss and I had been considering moving from sydney. And I hadn't decided if I was going to move to personal melbourne yet. And when I got back from mom had say to me and landed, she left a message and I rang. And she said rose's here. No rose was the claim. Lady that had me in tears before she said she would like you to come, she wants to see you. Right. Okay. Yeah let's. And I went in and I school here. And she said to me, some have you decided where you are going to person melvin? You haven't told your mommy are you moving? Have you and I said, no, I hadn't mentioned it to anybody, hadn't said anything to anybody about it. I hadn't even told my son to that. That's why I was looking at drilling that we were looking at moving. I was shocked that she knew. And then she said to me, I think melvin's probably the best pi fee. What do you think? And I say I was heading towards melbourne. I was thinking now and so, so far as pay and then she went turned, she said to me, so have you finished the drugs and drinking it? And part of the move was to change my lifestyle. Why was it a point where I cross right? Where I wanted to things to change saw. I said, yeah, I think I am. And she said to me, good, because they have been waiting a long time for you. The angels have been waiting for you for you to do the job you're supposed to be doing. Are you ready? I said, I think I am. Sorry, I'm in decided i would become equivalent. I had used the junk and the alcohol to stop the things I was saying, I used to run away from the fact that I didn't know how to handle it or I just didn't think it was normal. It wasn't anything that I'd really had in my environment before. And so then when she said to me, you know, I really, I just felt the same overwhelming. Guess I am ready, I'm ready to do this. And to May I thought it was, I thought it was I just, I thought it was called angels. I was thinking it was, you know, there angelic world. I wasn't. And never at that point in time, it could to me that they were actually the divorce angels payment I thought was contains as I thought that's. That's what was different about me that I was I was supposed to be doing this. I move to melbourne. I went through and I had a 1900 line, which people were boring and I would give them readings. I'm fine. I was very good at it. I, I had this thing where I wanted to make sure that it wasn't my own opinion that I was giving style. I would say to them, I need you to write your questions down on a piece of paper and not tell me what they are. And once you have folded them and write them individually and the individual question on a piece of paper folded and then tell me at founders, and I will tell you what the answer is. And it was for me, I needed to know why I wasn't making it up in my head. I needed to know that what was being put in pushed into my mind was something that wasn't for me, made i within shuffle because I would type it in my case, I have fixed sticks of cards in front of me. Give me 3 numbers and I would normally use 3 decks of cards. I wrote different from our call card. They would be the terrorist anyway, a couple of different. It's a town and they were angel cards as well. And I would shuffle out normally 3 cards from each of them and then I would read them. I within tell them what the question was. And the, what the answer was to that question. I became very popular with this because I, I did very well. People believe me because of course I didn't have to ask me the questions. I could just tell them what the answers were and what the questions were without them telling me. So there was a sense trust that came with that and saw I did very well. I've been was able to support my family so I was very good of it. People would trust me because I was able to to help them. And, and I, that's what I was doing. I was helping people. It's why I taught that it was good angels, it never occurred to me that it was was anything else I was doing this for about 2, he's very successfully making good money and and quite contented. I was very content with what I was telling you not I was even able to, to, to draw on artistically. Draw with my eyes closed. They were so many things that were would say gifted and that it was a blessing. They were a lot of physical things that been would happen. It took me anywhere up to 4 to 5 hours to recover from one session. So I didn't really do a lot has been in, in a day. I probably wouldn't do any more than site 3 in a day because it would take too much out of me. As a claim point I wanted to go through. I wanted to learn other things. I wanted to teach. Other people have to talk. Angel was, I wanted to, one of the things I felt was that it was a gift that everybody should have that, that if it was given to me, must have been given to everybody else. But they didn't know how to use it. They didn't know how to tap into it. So I didn't thought I would go through and study angel. So I decided to start studying an angel ology. And I'd been doing it at nearly here. And I was coming up to exams. I was going through the content on, on the tele, going through some of the stuff that I was supposed to be. I would be tested on for the exam. And Dan mama said all that gideon and I was thinking, you know, Okay, and I was trying to type this information in and she was sitting there in the chair, and then she's, she's planning on and that such and such. And I'm thinking woman. And then she went through and, and, and she says to me, so what did he thinking, the 3 angels message. And I love to have him thinking, what do you mean by the 3 angles message? And she says, thing. What do you mean or do you mean the 3 angles message? Haven't you, haven't you done that? And I say, now I haven't heard of it until she says me. So I've been watching youth study angels in history. You've studied angels in the tour. I use dated. I studied angels in the kabbalah, you studied angels throughout history and you're telling me, you don't know anything about the 3 angels message as a non i tyrant i have where is it? She said it's in the bible. Should what she says it's in the bible. I said well, why would they leave it out? And she said, well, I know you're the one that supposed to be, they qualify to being qualified to, to teach people about angels. Why do you think that lifted out and saw I went through and it played on my mind a lot. After that I went try did the exams. I became qualified. But it had been, it, did it magnet me and I was thinking, why do you not? Why would you not want us to know? I was impressed to read revelation. I never picked the bible before. I had a bible, i. My grandmother had given me a bible side, had a bible for years and I thought to myself, what is this? Why do you not want us to know about this side? I started at the beginning of revelations and I read it and wow, was it? And I know it was I, I could relate to it I, I knew I saw some of these things. I knew what the visions of demons look like. I knew what some of these different things in my mind as a child growing in seeing these things, I constantly had visions. So to me it was who saw hang on. I looked at revelations and I'm thinking, wow, this is my thing. After reading revelations, i'm had been going to church and, and she come home and she said, I think I need to invite i'm going to invite bulk people back him. I kept fair. All of the, like his i banged his, i was thinking, you know, I have inviting the church friend and she said, and she said you, so you'll sit here and all sit here and, and then she was pointing out around the rest of it. And I'm like hanging on him, i'm not the thing at the table with your tea frame to have lunch. And she said not it. We made an even amount around the table. So if, if you will be. And one of the current says I met passed and David, we kevin When He was psycho easy to talk to and I just I felt i could ask him things I he come to visit mom and and he knew what I did. He, he knew he never, never judged me to some of the things. And in this one day, I hate him. I think I want to do bible studies. So we started bible studies and I remember him saying to me, when I had told him I read revelations, he said it's not, it's not the book that everybody goes to when they read the bible. He says it's, it's one of those books that most people feel clear from and, and so you just to decide to go straight. There was so many other things that I wanted to know I within i couldn't, I was doing in the course I was doing the chip corston and I couldn't concentrate on on the work I was supposed to be doing because I just was so impressed to read i was so absorbed with god. I wanted to know more. I found that the life I knew the things I was doing all of this. It wasn't. It was a lie. I was totally to save. And yet it felt so right that I was doing things to help people. And then this epiphany of knowing and, and reading and finding out. And then when I got to that pot in the bible where it was an abomination, i thought to myself, oh my goodness. And this is what I've been doing. And it was. And it was like, a rock falling on my hate. What have you been going for then I knew that it was time to get rid of everything and I packed it all up and I hit him and I need to get rid of all of this. And I had a head cards that they were they were only a few that were created in them, so they had worth lots of money. I decide that I am, I'm done that I am, I'm done with that. I now realize that what I have been doing has been influenced by the devil, and it was the devil's angels. That it wasn't what I thought it was. And it was time to get rid of this stuff. It was time to clean my life house. He had had enough time or in my life. I packed it all out. I got all my certificates. I had, I was a right see master. I was all sorts of things by this data. I and I had packed it all out by took all of the certificates out of out of Abilene, and I put them all together and I said come on, I need to them. And she said, well, why don't we just pay them all in to, into the bid? I said, no, no, I Know why I said, god has spent enough time competing with these things. His daughter back, I'm not making him campaigns when they, he's with anyone else. I wouldn't have anyone or find them and no one else will ever use. And again, I wanted them did and we took the whole lot and who we Would never compete. Which type in, in their way, probably more than $10000.00 worth of stuff that we bit. And it's not as if we didn't need the money. We did ask gone, gave us back the money into my account within was I think it might have been $9.00 days, $10000.00 into my account and it was apparently a clerical error had been my previously in Texas. So the money that I got had I had sold it guys back anyway, and I knew I done the right thing. I knew he had done it on purpose. David and I then when we were talking i just I hey Tim, i think I'm ready said that to them. I think I want to be baptized. I think I'm ready. And he and I think you are ready. And so I was impressed by a fit dice, and they were a lot of things that went on to take that date, but it ended up paying the 19th of 19 and the thing was, I, my due date is the 19th and it was then the 19th that the fixed, which meant i felt like I was given a birthday again Way and my life is starting on staten, i want, i'm not pleased with what you are doing. I'm not happy with your choices. And I think I'm prepared to let you go Inside my little boy. And in the corner of the room, he was saying the green and gray boy, A little boy that would stand with him. And I would call his name and keep calling his name and they wouldn't stop. And then there was screaming, and I couldn't hear any of this that he couldn't, and he would end up. So distressed, i told passed to David about it and, and we started praying and terribly had and pass david teach. You have to, you have to, you have to say and I went into my room and I yelled, you won't have my child. And you don't own me any more and we pray it a lot. And that makes not. There was 9 screaming and there was 9. We're calling it his name. And he slipped like a little boy should nice and pace. Funny That I do my studies now with girls that I got baptized and I now work in the church. I do live streaming and I run our facebook for our church and the shadow school lighting the kids. Loved doing that it will hasn't gone away. He still torment, i still get tormented and it doesn't affect me like it used to. I don't get the anxiety. I don't drink anymore. I don't smoke anymore. I do drugs anymore. And I take any anxiety medication. I. I don't need any of that anymore. They try, I have pray, i have god And I need anything else this time so the devil doesn't go away any day and he will keep pushing. And when I that he pushes my oldest son a lot and he's on his why he, on a flight to God, to which is in miracle. And now that miracle. And all I can say is that, don't, don't me, it's not a would you want to be in, is descriptive. It looks like it is fun. The price is too high. It's far too high and it's not just you, you bring into it. You bring your family into it, effected my mom. It affected her life. It affected my kids life and. And now and now we, we rely on god. We now have him I'm so glad that you were able to be with us tonight. If we could listen together to kathy's incredible story, and if this story has moved you, if you'd like to know more about the subjects that kathy was sharing on, we want to make available to you tonight, this free offer. It's called perils of talking to the dead. If you would like to obtain your free copy of this free offer than simply text the number 707 to the number you see on your screen. And we will make sure that this comes straight. He may, god bless you, we look forward to having you back with us tomorrow night. Ah.


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