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When Truth Meets Life

Nicole Parker


Nicole Parker

Wife, mother, and Biblical counselor




  • July 16, 2010
    9:45 AM
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him laugh our heads the Lord 's prayer following evening we had to be you were seeking answers for you are how your truth applies to online you to bring I pray Lord for every person is going to listen this is that you will help us to speak exactly what they are going through and help them to see how your truth thinking on the all right I have titled at Flintridge makes life because in so many of my seminars I tell real-life stories but they're not exactly the story of collaborative that could affect me later and said you know what you shared with the beautiful here's what I'm going through in their situation is unique as every person this right so I decided to do a seminar called when truth needs life to talk about how you can find the application to what's going on in your situation how the golf ball applies to your life when truth meet your life personally I want to talk about my to start out what is the gospel we talked about this on the previous seminars but not all of you were here the gospel in the message that God set them free he started out by creating man with the power to spend all eternity growing more and more into the image of God day by day step by step as they would behold it is not a lookout I want a guy like an amazing being how can I serve more effectively and I think in their life to God more effectively they will be transformed into his image more and more so people even how they were not involved highest this tremendous potential for growth throughout all of eternity God wanted us to be growing the way he's made with that the ability to be per the point where we are and yet with infinite potential for growth into his image but as we know people send avenues made the choice to believe the double life as a result God says okay my purpose is still the same to change into my image day by day moment by moment as you behold me but the way things will happen will be a little different now that have to work in your sinful nature to transform and rather than just creating he showed I have the power to re-create any person who is willing to surrender to me I will take out changing on mold them into my image again so that I can be the transforming influence in their life I will redeem you then I'm leaving the creators of the re- creator and that the plan of redemption of the gospel but the good news we hear those words so many times we cannot forget what they really are this is the power of God in truth means life God says I will take whatever situation you're in I will change his image not just in spite of the bad things happening but even because of the bad thing that the God we serve by what about pictures needed life in my life what's going on for me this is what I struggle with the counselor you know this is my ministry I sit down with people and I help them understand how the Gospel of life was going on in their life and it's always a struggle how do we know how to get to the relapse really going on in this carnal hearts what does God want to change in this person what about beyond just being considered by the middle a few days ago a girl called me and ministering to for years she said I'm really scared I've been making a lot of mistakes lately and I have been in touch with you well there's been this guy and now I'm free and pregnant and I just found out yesterday that he's cheating on me knowledge is one other girl but two of the girls have been pretty appropriate will him so angry at myself and said here I frustrate me life is what about the guys are talking last week addicted to pornography is leading a ministry use this paragon of virtue in many people 's minds but secretly I think you can ever come in years he can't find any way to find victory and finally asking for help White House the woman who called me yesterday it has been planning to leave her she married a Christian man the Lord led them together but now he's tired of having to work at marriage is leaving her with two little kids for this or the woman who culminated for that because I like to husband hypocritical life and his his way of living this double life if destroying my daughter spiritualizing teenager she hates God she hates her dad she hates everything I can't stand him I don't want to be with him I can't do this evening he doesn't care about me he doesn't want to connect with me yeah a significant preacher to think about what would you say why pastors meet life for the girl that just e-mailed me this week is that I know what to do I have so much anger towards God why did he demand I trust in what he revealed himself to be so untrustworthy in my life he had protected me haven't taken care of and now he says he got custody how you haven't done anything to take care of me how can I trust you with my life what about the girl who's struggling with tremendous fear because she's been sexually abused Nellie McKay walked behind her she has a panic attack what about what about the guy who has OCD this visits last week you undervalue the last week this guy who has a CD spiritual obsessive control consultant is her health we make some small and insignificant mistake is not even a fan of the state how how how bad he have to be perfect the life of the people in the gospel why doesn't really work the Gospel really work what is the gospel the gospel is the story of the God who come down and lived out his perfection he made that means the way Jesus came down and lifted out in his sinless life and how he promises if you are familiar to me I will miss out my perfection in your life you may not do everything perfectly right now but you can be perfectly surrendered and I will keep revealing key ways that want you to grow and change in the gospel if the goal is transforming the interviews image the goal of the gospel is to change me to become like Jesus the process of transformation and by beholding him I become changed as I focused on him I don't have to focus on myself in am a Pilgrim 's progress but have you ever heard the CD version influence progress is Christian and then there's the Christiana one and Christianity is the compelling part where they're going through the fluid despond and she keeps telling him I like everyone now forward this guy keep going with her eyes on the light the only way you can keep from falling when I like you know God wants us to keep our eyes on him not yourself we start focusing on ourselves the mistakes that were making will only fall my husband is a great illustration of a broom he has been interrupted on their hands and balances therefore right now the government improvement balance it enough in there don't do this they can keep agreement there anything elegant Japan's a look at their hands and he can't make in the bedroom always fall if we look at ourselves with focus on herself you will always fall were destined for destruction because with all infidels lie right there before you make an outward mistake we've always been a lie he shall be as God you can take care of yourself you have to focus on the light you can focus on yourself you shall be as God knowing good and evil is Allawi we have to focus on human this is the purpose of our life being changed into the image of God transformed me behold here not want to do that in your life in my life in every person 's life I'd is getting a whole bunch of example the things are going on in other people 's life but what about your life you haven't told me your story the punisher story and whatever get a situation you're facing he had the answers you get to work it out as you surrender to him as you say Lord show me where the sinful roots where the things I'm clinging to the attitudes that are wrong when happiness is our goal for always on the wrong track because that's self focus when holiness is our goal God can use those situations whatever interfacing to transform into advantage but what is our goal happy never fully when the biblical perspective which one of the first miracle according to the Bible Holiness is supposed to the article what is the goal of the carnal nature happiness are pulling the carmaker 's goal is always happy and when happiness is my goal Jean is my enemy I was so enough is my goal is to bring me this is how God wants to shift online help us to see things through the eyes of faith but he doesn't like what you're than Joseph you try to do what God says he obeyed her father as a result your brothers the legislative that they are but he said okay whatever happened on a trust God they trust body between us and because of that offers life falsely accuses me thrown into prison and then because of the what is everything is going fine writing at all undervalued I distrust he was never going on in my life one disappointment after another hits and future dreams the Butler endangering how the Lord can set me free needed that Pharaoh 's palace mentioned me to him about me one more disappointment since they are so profoundly a adjustment goal is not happy Joseph goal with hauling the resolve you notice in your life that you happy when you do business out of the bathroom the Baker are you today on every prison if they have some really good reason to be sad okay but just for this intense he likes being there because right after anything please try to get me out here like being in prison but in content and joyful in prison God does not want us to seek happiness as our goal but when we think holiness was our goal we have something that unhappiness we had joy we have contentment in the midst of whatever you're going through I can have peace meeting grieving maybe hurting but I can still affect the joy of knowing honest with me in the midst of whatever and suffering pain is not our enemy and if our enemy the devil in the world and everything around until love how you painted your enemy but finish your enemy when relief of the inevitable pain of living in a fallen world becomes our priority at that moment we leave the path toward pursuing God but inside out page seventy great book for those who are needing to work through issues from their passive help of a couple more dig down into the brokenness of their life health and healing but we can make our goal relief of pain interweaving of pain relief Society our culture especially in America he paid the sin and that pain as the enemy is the thing that you don't have enough when I was when I was pregnant with my first child I was looking at all the things they haven't babies R us you know when I came upon this little thing a wipe warmer is not a wipe warmer because we wouldn't want to touch her but with a cold wet wipe when we come on and he achieved because of the real world is we don't rescue everybody for everything known to convert necessary no knowing when one of the uncomfortable one of the greatest things about mission trip the people have to go out there and think this convert they get hot to take cold showers extended code they get but I like what we don't often think they're going on in my life I'm not confused with the health pain is not our enemy is our enemy the choice before us is rather dark either live to be comfortable or live we can't have it both ways one choice exclude the inside out page ninety nine why did God make our leave leave the garden of the enemy the LG had such faith in God 's goodness and love that she got while he said that we would die but you know I fell loving surely you wouldn't take everything away from us just because we feel a little piece of fruit we did not meaningfully in the devil of how you define life by taking away all the things just because you made one little mistake and now he's doing this to you but thought to how to even not because he was mean not because he like our right we need to give you a consequence here to get what you deserve you know when I finish my children for some bad choices made now because I'm so mad and I just want to hurt them you hurt me and how to hurt you back about my crying on all now I given the consequence because I know this is what will help you learn I have to for her hand because I know it if you like a baby the first time I tell you what they think they can cost you your life and not just your physical life if you learn to obey the first time when authority tells you what to do Sunday when God said he do that and you refuse any link your eternal life I have to teach them obey authority do what you're told to do submit because if you don't someday yielded an eternity and the only when I can teach them that if I pain the other side of a book called pain that held about a visit the long complicated story to try to summarize here's the guy who wrote it the Sergeant and Ron Payne and he covered how leprosy actually works that let you see the other you think leprosy makes your nose fall off in your toes while often make you go blind and although things he discovered what actually happened with leprosy nonzero nerves that you can no longer feel pain in your fingers in your feed in your extremities gradually to get knowledge you get now you no longer take care of those things you walk all day long with the same stride boom boom boom where his natural people knew and just the way that their feet land as they walk that they don't end up at alters in one place is totally unconscious but when you don't feel pain then you just walk in the same place every day and you get an ulcer and reflect them because it doesn't hurt that infected but it doesn't hurt lepers wouldn't take care of it and then eventually they would reflect they would go blind because they would forget to blink it with his fingers because they would take care of them he said he watched the letter just think of handwriting the fire to pull out of a baking potato that it fallen down into the fire that's what they're doing they're destroying himself there got totally disappear because of the night between id. and when we got a poor oh my God his electricity as an allegory for sand because I think that we no longer think that it hurts you know initially we did something that we feel so guilty but after a while we thought feeling so guilty not so bad you know only PG-13 on appeal my friends are watching we did not we go farther sexual offense is a terrible thing because it isn't something that could exactly like that nobody we think of it like that you make decisions little decisions to push away the work of the Holy Spirit I know we really should go if you are alone together but it's okay I mean I know we probably should be touching each other so much that you know little thin we could be sexual offense is a big issue not only because I had big consequences but because it comes as a persistent refusal to listen to the Holy Spirit at how people get into those situations that's why adultery can cut off the marriage now because it's not something that people do like I had to try to convince me want to thank Pokémon it is just something that I accidentally did write to your wife that this is not that is not how soon happens you don't just accidentally sit down with a woman and I think that with her two hours later you made a persistent choice to see women as the solution to your problems instead of God to see pleasure to the satisfaction of your carnal life as your goal in life instead of glorifying God this is Houston creeps up on numbness and I had today Kathleen I even not because he was so mean but because he knew that she was the only thing that would teach us how that is defeatist myths of Doctor who I did all the research electricity he eventually made this whole elaborate system with nerves sensors the view of the offenders wanted on the lepers fingers and him they were flashing their finger doing something that underwent go off and they were here he'd be enabling you all on my finger here he was tried so hard to help these people and then one day he followed her wedding of course the people he was working with had been cured they just had their damage from leprosy but he thought the man that had on the nerve that the system this elaborate system of glad everything working on a car and the guy was trying to get this thing out of the engine you just can get it he kept on pinching a finger the alarm went off we need to finally the guy just jerking glove off and did it anyway when he said it clicked for him he realized the only thing that will actually stop people from doing constructive things if pain that is why God has given us the gift of pain is not fine if not pretty but if we don't have to pay we won't learn hates sin the wages of sin is death and not have to allow us to suffer when we make mistakes now not all suffering is a result of our own sins look at the back pain can be our best friends we change our behavior when the pain of saying the pain becomes greater than the pain of changing but was not willing to turn his life over to God because life was not painful for you to gain the things that made them feel good the painkillers were working to Lila made them feel great until life became more painful when the pain he became a little more willing to surrender and often that's what happens and people five the girl who was terrified that she was pregnant maybe nationally willing to listen when I say I want to help you get to the root of what going on in your life God wants to help you see you don't have to compulsively go for relationship with one knife in a relationship with another doctor relationship with another guy it doesn't have to be that way it affect you for are you afraid you do this again I'm not not not set you free I help you confront that I felt that the reason that say I really need is what I need pain relief action somebody left me instead of crying why her heart there things that are committed against that their sins we commit and are the result of living a sinful world and during the GC session I got dispensed with one of my closest friends over again is a wonderful friend of mine she lived over in South Africa which is in a wheelchair now she has a progressive degenerative disease she's only thirty but it's progressively making her worse last time I fire she wasn't in a wheelchair for about five years ago she can still walk more easily hard to see as a result of person at the result of living in a sinful world but I see God working sound mightily in her life knowing she was anointed me refrain Lord we know you have the power to take away this affliction we know you can heal her we know it's common incurable disease by the world but you can curate Bianca 's prayer with Lord I went ahead but I trust you with whatever you want to find immediately the strength of their health the beauty of the cost of God takes us in the midst of our circumstances and gives us joy and peace gives us the power to surrender and those circumstances teach to surrender day by day moment by moment have thine own Way Lord change means your image through the things I'm going through many of our enemy pain is not paying candy are frantic and accumulating that drives us to Christ reminds us that until you Lord conversely hurting please be the one who I hooked the wind truth means life we value our priorities by comparing them to God and then we seek to shift our priorities to match instead of excusing our marketing business and like a guy who worked with his life what I have to say I'm sorry but the fact that your happiness marriage is kind of irrelevant doesn't it your life is not beating you up she's not destroying your body physically what she's doing is making you feel frustrated and that is making you confront your sinful nature that down and find you still are glory thief you really think that making happiness God is leading you in this miserable marriage of the island when he supposed to give warning that I prayed and prayed to be undertaken when my suffering therefore I should try to relieve my suffering myself when which is your enemy then Peterson if you're just trying to fix the situation by saying I don't care what God says I need to do how can a God says I need to be faithful in this marriage I feel to any land truth midlife we have to surrender our priorities to go at the bottom of a broken marriage shattered family or for Satan and friendship you will always find a link glory we crave glory that does not belong to us that we step on one another to get rather than glorifying God by using the included dinner to let other people use people to get the glory we love you can't steal the story and rewrite it with ourselves as the lead and with our lives at their stage after instruments in the Redeemer 's hands page thirty four BC the central work of God 's kingdom is changing us into his image has that relate to one of his say I just can't stand it with my husband I can't stand looking at I hate wasting my daughter 's life and I can't stand watching instead of their breach of a week Iceland and screamed their year a liar I know what you gotten your computer at home how is life for her she got a right to be upset that is on jot is wrong vacations if I find I wash my candidates you destroy her life in a lightning is willing now I called her to minister to and she promised for better or for worse and they went in when people promise for better or for worse they generally really only need for better or worse that means that an enemy that she has to live with him till death do us part matter how he treated her no matter how much pornography he watches no matter how intricate art and animation you think that administering to him that means being willing to confront Iran on Wednesday while I want to rock the boat by talking to the church I went around but by messing everything up she'd say partially your sin has consequences because you are rationalizing away have to the pressure here a little bit and their friendship after sin because you're trying to be comfortable you try to live a life of meaning a lot and I is your wife in a position to nobody else's then maybe nobody else knows what a hypocrite you are by realize what you're doing to yourself because your internal state if she loves him she must confront him about that and more in a matching confront herself because at the bottom of this why is she wanting to get out of the situation is because she had this tremendous desire for holiness or his desire for pain relief is when the dog can take us in the midst of the situations and draws close to him back pain can be used to Carla into his image very painful but sometimes like this appear if you're not going through a lot of pain your life can be disliked the flow of Clinton Hill you walk uphill all day long it's not too much exertion and the very irregular about higher than you were before but when the pain comes in it's like running a class you have I have to feed your head against the wall got to keep going I've got to go and am so tired I don't want to do that God give me the strength to keep calling me hire I can't do it on my own and it may be hard and it may be painful but even they how much are you anyone been going up that little flow on one side to wrestle with ourselves and sometimes God intervening year that he wants to refine these as well think of what should be like if I just refine her war turn up the fire because she will come forth as gold look at this man do I have in mind for him the plan I have to wet wanting you to delete all you people into the kingdom but there some selfish motives I burned the house because it is still there when he's reading all the people you can follow his pride will be his downfall of elite all the people astray from God at the turn of the Heatley act upon the pressure and maybe in your marriage ring that in your relationship with your parents react in some other situation in your life that God wants to use back pain too kindly to his image because changing into villages without that's the purpose of Don Juan to be committed to holding the self-esteem movement we've been touching on this now and then presentations us because it's so important that self-esteem is tell you that you have a right to be happy you have a right to do whatever he wanted to every day in some way we finalize autonomy and self-sufficiency worshiping the creation rather than its creator instruments a leading recipient page twenty seven you don't thought of telling this guy with his obsessive-compulsive spiritual disorder you need to rely on me to set you free not try the good enough to save yourself iron works at the live example so that we can be strong enough good enough what is said as I mentally always heard the definition of Finlayson transgression of the law you got it we all know that right away first John three four but the in more than that that is our definition within and is much deeper than he is according to instrument readings and page fourteen is the ultimate disease the grand psychosis it works our realities and everything looks like it's not at all we think how if I have to suffer right now how I have person I can go through that rather than realizing we suffer for a little while in order to reap the much greater benefits and glory by becoming who we needed to be rebellion is the inborn tendency to get into the lives of autonomy and efficiency and self-help what are the lives of autonomy self-sufficiency and self-help I have the right to do what I want right from the leading of life and the right to do it I want to I don't need to depend on our submit to anyone I'm all I need myself I am the center of my world albeit whatever brings me happy is that the light of Lucifer bought into I can do what I want I will be the God you shall be as God knowing good and evil right and that with the double thing independence self-sufficiency and self-absorption readers to think of ourselves first to climb over the fences between ourselves and our desires we want control and hate being controlled we want to make up the rules and change them whenever it into eventually we want to be God ruling our world according to our own will no matter what elsewhere rebelling against our rebellion is ultimately directed instruments and readings page fourteen I know people who battle with rebellion against their parents and many times if not fully without causing other parent entry in the wrong link they've neglected them they knew them to try to satisfy their own selfish desires but by in a position where we must be up to submit to authority not because authority is always justified because God wants us to be changed into an image by that submission to control my net dying to self we learn to conquer our pride we learn to no longer think that when I'm feeling what I want when I need is more important here is that Bernie I'm in a step on you then beget then other people thin full choices in the way they treat us lead us to want to do simple responses that God wants us to confront that he wants to get rid likely set you free really free when the sun set you free will be free indeed then this foolishness we value me back to foolishness we become functionally the fool says in his heart there is no God at all methods now know know I would never believe that I know there's a God but how do we live there is a God and I know but when God doesn't give me a person to marry I need to take this into my own hands they thought they not be committed to making me happy what does God say the wisdom of man is foolishness with God he knows what to do he knows how to bring us to where we need to be so maybe we won't find a staff how terrible but then maybe you didn't need a fast be able to be changed it's the image of God may be what would be most effective for you is going out there and doing ministry sharing the gospel with people one-on-one but if you call it happening I knew I was out because I was going to be happy right we all have this great vision if identifying the last major Disney about everybody else in the world is she were special he was more special anybody else in the world what happened on our behalf away as I said I love you like there's nobody else in the whole world he was drinking I love you no longer crave somebody else's laugh but we appreciate it we love it but we don't crave it Emmerich ready to go into marriage because inherent in how you love my husband he loves me we have this wonderful marriage that the taste of heaven on earth but any time I'm not getting my left eye I I switch from my goal being holiness like all be happy for Michael because happiness myself giggling all the time I wanted to go there to eat you want to do that I wanted to be able to fly here and on Sundays letting you money even when my happiness how terrible it was nice being able to be single and I just thought if only I could be walking down the sidewalk holding hands with somebody is committed to marriage is not the solution to that loneliness Christ is the solution that loneliness and if you do your spouse or your boyfriend or girlfriend or anybody else that the solution to that loneliness your goal is no longer holiness and become happiness and then when their goal of happiness your partner will be in the way all the time and then of course you'll try to manipulate them if only reduced and then I can be happy if you would just stop doing that I can be happy your goal of having a clear goal of holiness you cannot get in the way there's nothing that anybody can do to get between you and holiness when that's your goal because Christ is pulling you in that direction all of his power is bringing you were calling the other things that people do the more pressure they put on you the faster you may be pressed closer I will treat the situation right when you surrender to God foolishness is our inborn desire to make something else the Arcot and anything else that's on the front of our heart is always really felt right when people tell me I just love my girlfriend so much I can give her up ride I think the engine will believe that girl is such trash she wouldn't imagine what she did need now is really good I love her I know it's not about me about her intellectual and server where the girl listening I can't give up my boyfriend he needs me know she needs somebody to make her feel like she is often worthwhile for me who makes her feel like she can given the unconditional love anyone over the given given them but that's trying to be gone for the strategy all you can do it in the late availability for God is not the best remedy for foolishness is meditating on God our Creator and Redeemer that's why you gave us the Sabbath that's why he works assistant front with them every morning and our devotional time meditate on how baby and then all of a sudden you realize you are and that the terrible struggle that you're going through that you just can't stop thinking about ourselves training there so insignificant business unit plan of redemption going in God is working out all the meeting things to bring you where you need to be it could do what he wants to do in your life you know my children get so easily devastated by their six four and three right now and they see something that they want to actually mommy please can I get sorry we can't afford to buy every toy that you think you need or I will will well known I will not leave me that when mommy I will him when I will lie different with God are we mournfully anyhow that's one thing organically hiking at this job will be so happy hopefully Lord help us to work out ways we feel so devastated with all the things that we ought would bring us happiness but he said all along and about their major goal happiness they get holy and when Margolis Helena were no longer trying to be God Ezekiel fourteen has a fascinating passage stage of fourteen one through five read the whole thing but in part of it and the Lord God and man of the house of Israel that said these idols in his heart and putting the stumbling and assembling block of iniquity before his face and for the profit on the Lord will answer him to come in according to the multitude of his idols what does that mean I what I mean when he said silently according to the multitude of your healthcare people were saying all there so much going on in my life I mean what can happen and make a profit and great decision they say when you go to the profitable Lorna Lord was going on and got to you about anything except the aisles of your heart I know that his heart and the Manhattan visual effect at the idol in his heart has never had an idling your part we all have we all do not go online and talk to you about anything except your idolatry that they leave they said I will answer him according to the multitude of design else he says I don't think you have everything sorted talk about don't ask me where I can fill in life when I didn't do whom I demonstrate let's talk about your idols first because we don't have enough I know I won't be able to do in youth ministry that one doing way is bringing together the perfect person for you the one that is everything that you dream that you'll be incapable of treating them well because your heart is any concern with selfishness you trying to get them to make you happy and healthy nothing I can do to make your marriage into the beautiful reflection of my love I want to be regarded on Wednesday please show me what you want me to do please show me how I can fix the situation is a top-notch writer again until we talk about the high notes with him he can do nothing to set us free I want that to be set free from the idols and not the outward islands here's not talking about people that are setting up idols in bowing down before the images right because the auto of their heart is what God wants to talk so many of us to get up in the morning we go have breakfast we talk with people who go to school the church whatever we look like such great Christians will praise the Lord himself in any work that out he would pray about it again and find the bottom of the heart with not bowing before and images that we think were okay but we go to God Elisa God might have been in a situation where you want me to do he says let's talk first about going there if my husband was never coming home never spend any time with me I could be really frustrated a life even though both of his legs are broken any chance left a little different is I can say you're not coming home how come you're not coming home and spending time with me this is so unfair but he can't write enough different that what really concerns me would be if my husband could come home but wins if you are different but actually stressing me is not my sense is not legal with any time with me what's stressing me as that he has idled in his heart he doesn't want to come home and spend time with me you see how blogging him when I was why were not coming home to him and those of you concerned about that I know what you might open your heart you will be with me and we can work it out but if you don't want to be with me about why you don't want to be with me because neither the things that we need to deal with before our relationship to work out what is on the heart I love the heart is anything that ruled me other than God and uprooting I don't think not an event the process as much as I'd like to say you know I'm just so grateful that this morning I can stand before you with no idols whatsoever in my heart they've all been uprooted I'm totally free of every simpleton that would be wonderful I can stand before you and save icon screen I spent time in the morning and I surrendered everything I know to him and he evaporated every item that I know of but I know there are still things inside of me that even have to type the show tomorrow with vehicle the motive that she had when he said that with that person you wanted to turn you when you did this to your husband you are discouraging the subtle message really wish you take your kids like relax to see what I mean my idols in my fire only in the right air I'm walking on the straight and narrow but the devil 's always time to try to get me off on one side policy change in Yahoo Delano noonish I officially off the other side lookout sacrificial you are new to care the kids and your husband you can relax her you really are decreased energy and fairly side of the path we get off on Friday or self-reliant are just as bad as giving up and say I don't care I just want to be comfortable for one God wants to set us free from both lives and help us to walk on the straight and narrow with their high herself in the light walking again him first play that way here in the fall cleaning your God will continue leaving you can be perfect in every stage perfectly surrender that continually growing and driven agency shows more and more ways that you want to be like how do we find our health where the rubber meets the road where truth means life when I was somebody at the counselor I can try to help them see how the gospel work this is the purpose of counseling right the purpose will not the purpose of most counseling but the godly purpose of counseling is for two people sit down together one of which is saying I'm trying to figure out what sinful motive or what route is a carnal nature if holding back from the freedom that God wants me having this area of my life so they sit down with someone else's had a different experience with God who don't have the same blind spot maybe that person can say you know Houston signified that have been thought once I hired treating the situation will I never thought that the wine you talk to people at work and they don't agree with you with accurate boy you know it's not just the fruit that the fruit that something that revealed was going on part of why you do it now because I have longed to be in control of my desire to be as God knowing good and evil having the power to do those things if you don't want to get to the root of things because only public domain by the roots they're going and God is the one who can pull out the roots but we kneel before the Lord show me the rates shall be demoted he got the main part of the ones I went my husband and I were at church and with three little kids you know it's sometimes very stressful to church there been many times do we bother to take all the time to get ourselves all dressed home all the church a little bit even found the school Rachel with them throughout the sermon never hear anything I him allow British traveling often in their à la schedule now that the content that the low birth-control letter to you with a community children in five years whenever one of your church experience but anyway I is one time we just gone through Littleton school and we been to church right before that how we were now headed home so I am trying to gather up all the huge amount of paraphernalia that small children need to have no codes and diaper bags and gloves the toys and everything else we brought along and my husband has disappeared with with our youngest Donahue got him along with him and I've got two other kids in a bunch of stuff I'm looking everywhere from the coat where is your cup I cannot find it I scour the whole place and finally online okay now understanding fighting a huge crowd of people so I haul the two kids in everything that I found out the door are barking up the stairs trying to get to wherever I have been where he went then somebody happened to be giving away the lives of the college still church so anyway were trying to go out and party giving away the little helium balloons so I get one for my daughter entire wrist and then again one to my site and he doesn't want to fight I'm now all that if you don't have a title and hear your Olympics if their flight engineer solution of holding on and K fine amateur way so he held onto it and I'm trying to get everything together grab one more balloon for my etiquette is not here wherever here and of course my son let's go to the lunatic about the church feeling he got screwed a you can hear them over four hundred people not happy how one world to make more noise than four hundred people made at and I just wanted to scream I wanted to rip all my Harold Baer hat or something but let's is the list is that we go and stand outside the door freezing and my daughter to have her coat and we are man coming across the parking lot so home and furniture store my husband upon Safari hi I know how long it takes guys walked to the car so I did my thinking on getting get a head start getting into the car and drive over here thinking what they should cut that yes I have it right here are we looking for that okay so now I know he is selfish grinch is just the broadly of my holiday evening and sacrificial and angry right I was still so mad getting a difficult life event in a car like I'm sorry honey if anything you know I think Greg is going on fortunately our help with a total of one minute from Collegeville church I get high is going to bedroom shut the door and knew about it but will live my so angry and immediately I know why the blinders fall off it because I wanted to be my husband and angry that the government tried I wanted to be his fault that I lost control and wanted to scream in the middle of order people it supposedly had called my mind and now I know the Lord and so sorry now what why do you like this evening to apologize a record taken right out of me take it out of me and that beautiful the gospel works it always works it always works when we give ourselves to God surrender and that that moment of prayer is all it it didn't take hours and dates in the agonizing that sometimes there are times I just have to really left alone what is at the bottom of why the struggle with control whenever enough is that right away Lord help me I went outside so sorry honey I realize now what was wrong I wouldn't be your fault that I was being so angry and unchristian please forgive me he for gave me the cancer gave me everything was wonderful so good to see you want to get down to you are talking life and heart Catholic the word that pierces down to the dividing asunder the notice of the heart as we give ourselves to God he shows us what is going on you may not be able to go to a Christian counselor who can help you through some of the things that hard to find the counselor there really is all about helping you see how truth needs life so many people even Christian counselors are trained to just listen to you help you find the answers within yourself that the humanistic perspective how you both finances and yourself your heart is deceitful and desperately wicked you find your answers in the word of God by comparing what's going on in your life with truth winters how do we find figure out backlash how we change life to meet truth by surrendering by giving it to go into work in and through us for his glory by beholding him we see how he would handle a situation everything and anything like the donkey only what about this young man who is addicted to pornography that I was just talking to last week I told him you need to figure out what is the roofs before God made her heart open to him pornography is the first thing not everything the Ruthven is something else we shall be as God knowing good and evil maybe it's the feeling that maybe I surrender everything to God and to take away the pleasures what if I never get to get married what if I never get to have sex then what women want which was your goal holiness are happy you see when our stolen glory gets in the way we think that we have a right forgot to make Apache city were giving everything up for him genuinely happy we get a few minutes and I'm asking for something Mary God how complicated is that the God wants us to see you go to be getting married your goal must be holy when you go home and then you can have a happy marriage but if your goal is not only FL can guess I cannot have a marriage that's what I intended marriage to be impossible because your goal is finally wrong marriage is to be reflection of how Christ and the church relate to each other as travel love relationship with you people are injured of each secretly just trying to get a person make them happy you got to wages no job users in all downhill from there he can be happy when you want to find out what your idols are evaluating prayerfully make a list sometimes it can be really helpful menu now live person but the argument worked well for many people I know make a list of what your heart hungers after when you start feeling down when you start needing something to make you feel better satisfied that restless craving what a mature looking for the company make you feel good be powerful be worth something whatever it is then you can compare yourself to what the Bible says when you turning it down what cravings rising to destructive thought and/or behaviors you know often the destructive things that you are doing they just be going on in your head maybe it's daydreaming and lusting after your future spouse most imaginatively like be with them these are items of the heart that committing adultery on your future spouse want to think that when you want to live that way a fantasy sex life is always self focused God desire for sex is that it's not self focus of two people seeking to minister to show love to each other that's why people can never make love outside of marriage they can affect the letter really beneath my what motivates you to spend your times a week to do when you have an hour to spare the Senate and Bible study is that in trying to put together something that you work through the Bible not all data on my devotional time but the problem there I heart with a lightbox of whom he left in verse where Christ I fossil get him our sweetest most wonderful time for the truth of communion with him in the line below what the web throughout our day after an emotional time that sense of being in the light when we start straying battlefield is significantly different time to bring you will be sensitive even with the Holy Spirit because with indwelling life is how does God want us to be surrendered to the one in your godlike prayerfully evaluate how the God you worship is different than the God of the Bible yesterday so they were and that somehow I was talking that our heart can be elected Drive thunder that loud bang would put it into the love of God trying to get that they're satisfied that it just doesn't work to try again sometimes that's because our image of who God is it worked by this sinful world maybe by the way we were treated by our parents by other significant people in her life until we feel that God is leading perfect before he'll accept that God doesn't want us immensely satisfying or that God doesn't care whether we really need him you know there's the opposite why am I really that concerned about my entertainment choices right doesn't really matter that much either you or not the devil is not really that creative he has a recycle that they will live because generation after generation falls but if anyone right you shall not surely die it doesn't really matter whether you're totally surrendered to God in your entertainment choices right is not that they deal if you know you really shouldn't be listening to this music that is not that important right now I really should be flirting so much I really should cut down on that learning God letting go surrendering to me that the devil that you shall not surely die not bad at the cost of eternal life and I am happy to bet that it is not that important you shall not surely die he just a little bit of the fruit but even the same lines over and over again we keep falling for the what is your godlike the devil I believe that God who said he shall not eat of every tree of the garden looked on keeping good things back from you if you don't surrender if you surrender to him he might not give you all the things that you long for under the house he may not getting that job in the end of making a living this boring life working in industrial job and life is that maybe leverage to get married maybe one of just getting fat and ugly and no one will ever love you ensure you have surrendered to God he doesn't have to some people have learned a lot in the working warehouse all day everyday all their lives and are not even pretty they don't even get me read how awful the want to trust a guy like that is your goal holding sometimes we get this picture reminds us go I hear you give me this wonderful life and fulfilling ministry in which marriage is sure to follow you but he says the life I don't not because he doesn't want to bless us but because he wants what kind of God are you worshiping prayerfully evaluate how the God you worship a different and the God of the Bible when you go to church do you feel that he wants to deeply connect with you we spent time in your devotional time you know that he longs to be with you or do you just talk about shallow superficial stuff with maybe your parents didn't reflect you and God who want to know every detail of what happened in your day maybe they didn't reflect you somebody who cared about those things you care about the pain you are in sometimes I've been blocked bag around your heart may be pretty taught in Priam I am praying that you feel that God is reaching down to you but those who I will evaluate why it is not by thinking like how is different how I feel you are that different to what I said he is only what I feel out wavelength on Second Life we got reversed by meditating on what he said he liked not what I feel is like until that becomes our reality Zen works that we don't understand what reality is like going to set us free prayerfully evaluate other things that may help what do you long for the child not have any appearance loves you very much but their left language is different than yours and they thought I given you lots of gifts and showering quality timely that would help but you needed was to detach I understand that he wants to give you what you long for what he was when you inventively see when you're down to seek something to satisfy what designers they love you popularity converts what to look for one want to do everything receive from him what you're looking for the things that you won't be thirsty what is your heart ache for many people are driven to sexual addiction because they crave intimacy and not getting caught when you get that intimacy with God and you don't crave it anymore then you are free to have a relationship Sunday with Olive actually that's not driven by your crazy how to thought to satisfy her heartland specifically study the word of God meditate on on diverse while whole string of versus collaborative stories whatever is in the Bible that says God is what I long for meditation of thing strengthening find the promises that show you God does work in people situations like mine because the Bible covers in situations we face in general principles and going hearts heart patients many people struggle to worship God because they got there trying to worship is not about that very laughable their image of you with work to a puncture that the plot bag his lost love and satisfied the first is who has the heart intermittent meeting in May sixty eight Atlanta will heart will exercise in a capable influence over the person 's life when you want to know who has your heart look at what's ruling your life and your behavior and your time when you long for these are the things that will help you the root are still bound her underneath but the fruitful healthy figure out what everything is much more than doing the wrong thing it begins at loving worshiping and serving the wrong thing you know the directory in our backyard they need to be cut down significantly we come off the come right back needed in all kind of filters to stop your computer from being able to access at the important useful breaking that cycle of the broken sister but you got to be sure you go back and drink fountain of living water rough to find another way you need to find another computer to find a different kind of things that satisfy the same crazy the deepest issues of the human struggle and the issues of pain-and-suffering but the issue of worship become because what rules are hard well control the way we respond to both suffering and blasting many people spend their lives consumed with Lori you can just fix the circumstances in my life that I'd be happy to get a bigger house I didn't have to deal with the situation with my husband more just please successfully think that one thing at a time and never fix everything one blessing after another is ignored because the focus on egotistic that I think I could be happy on both the happiness if we fail to examine our hearts then anything else on the outside isn't satisfied up the problem I don't know what stronger your faith in but I know that God holds the keys I know that he had the answers that he wants to set you free any half of the tools I know how it worked I know that he will change your situation for his glory he'll take whatever is going on in your life in such a free keep my heart with all diligence Proverbs four twenty three says for out of it are the issues I have been thinking so much for loving a living afterlife within the changing even using the gift of pain Lord we thank you for the circumstances that you placed it is unpleasant they may be as hard as it is to deal with things you don't like one of the policymaker goals coming to your goals become driven to holy and not just think you


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