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End Time Evangelism

Kyle Allen


Kyle Allen

Vice President for Adventist World Radio. 



  • October 23, 2021
    2:30 PM
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What a blessing we have, those of us that are here and that have been able to go to southern and have avenue education. What a blessing that as a man and to be able to live in this time in our history is incredible. And I hope as you come to the seminar today, you will be inspired by what god is doing around the world. And that that will give you courage in your own life for what god wants to do in your life. And then because jesus is coming soon. So before we get started today, I just want to ask us to bar heads for word of prayer and ask the Lord to be with us. Father in heaven. Thank you so much for this beautiful sabbath day. Lord, we are inside today, but we're grateful for the opportunity to be together and to think about the incredible ways that you are moving around the world. And lord, we recognize that we are living in the last days, I pray that in the next hour or 2 that we will gain a new sense of how your holy spirit is working. And that we would be inspired for the mission that you called each one of us to lord. Thank you for the private, the privilege we have of serving you. And we ask that your holy spirit would be here today in jesus name, a man. All right, well again, glad to have you all here. And by the way, let's make it interactive because it's a seminar, right? So if I ask you some questions, you guys can give me some feedback. What do you say? That sound good? All right, so and I have some friends, i see daniel rally, he's gonna answer me there a meant. Ah, I want to ask you guys a question as we start. How many of you? Well, 1st of all, and I know this is cliche for admin is to say this, but how many of you really believe jesus is coming to him? And now let me ask you this question and we'll get, we'll get to this more in a minute. But why hasn't jesus come back yet? Now, just 2 days ago, we celebrated the what actually, what do we celebrate yesterday was that the great, actually, we don't really celebrate. You really celebrate the great disappoint. You remember it right. In fact, 2 years ago, I was at the william miller farm for the 100 and 75th anniversary of 1844. And of course, october 22, 1844. And they were saying, now we don't know, we call it a celebration. But it's a reminder, right, a reminder of the movement that god has called all of us into and the fact that we are a 177 years closer now to the coming of jesus. A man. I mean, anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself, but I'll get there in a 2nd, but I want to ask you guys have that in your mind a little bit. Why hasn't jesus come back yet? Now some of you might have some answers. Let's get to that in a minute. First, I just want to cause ca, call your attention to a few other things. And this is not going to be anything here in the start that that is new because we've all been living this reality. The last 1819 months. What have we seen in our world change? Just in the last less than 2 years in incredible amounts of change so fast. Right. And all of us have been touched by this pandemic. I was just thinking the other day that I can count on my well, almost complete 2 hands of people that I know personally, that have passed away from call it. I'm sure some of you could also say the same thing. This pandemic has touched all of us, and it has not only touched here in America, it's been around the world. And we know that things like home it. Jesus told us that these were, that these would be signs of as soon return, right? That's one of the things that he told us what happened in the last days. Now we could talk a lot about how it's affected our lives. But I also want you to think about how it has pushed us to New realms of mission that we never could have expected. The church was put in a position where no longer could we meet in our churches. No longer could we do the things that we used to be able to do. Now we had to move on line. And I'm going to tell you a few stories in a moment about how a W R and our church organizations tried to grapple with this. And how the Lord blessed in spite of the pandemic and ways that we never could have imagined. I'm sure you guys could tell me yourself, testimonies of how god worked things for good, right. In the last 18 months. I'm sure you could tell a testimony in opportunities that god brought out of this bad situation to help others to know him and to help. He always does that he works good out about. Now we know that cobra is a sign of the times. What else are signs of the times that we see around us just interactive really quick. Anybody else? Ok, really decreasing of religious freedom. That's another good one. Ok, increase knowledge? All right, that's good. What else are we seeing eminently in the natural world? What are we seeing? We're seeing war. Right. We just one more fires in fact think out into the calvin. No. Not in gulf war. Nice. Keep david. But michigan. Mark you david. California far. This is a picture from paradise california. Just a couple of years ago. You remember that terrible tragedy that happened there? This is a picture from not far from loma linda, where I use the pastor fires that were taking place there in southern California. Here's a picture from paradise. I wanted to point out that almost every house in that town was completely devastated by fire. We lost our church, almost all of our church. We lost part of the hospital. The ivan is hospital. Incredible stories that happened out of that fire a few years ago. But I, I want to use this as an illustration to say that the things that we have in this life, the stuff that we own, the houses, the cars are material goods. None of that is going to survive in the end, right? None of that is going to make the bible tells us that all of that one day is going to perish. Second, peter chapter 3. In verse 9, peter says the Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness, but as long suffering toward us. Not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Now, let me ask you a question. Does this verse give us a clue as to why jesus hasn't come back yet? We see the signs of the times. We look at the things that are happening around the World, colbert fires wars. Pestilence is natural disasters decrease of freedoms. All these things are science. Why has jesus not come back yet? He's long suffering. What does that mean? He's patient. Why is the patient that's exactly right, he wants everybody as many as possible to have an opportunity to accept him, to know the truth and then to hear the 3 angels masters. And so we see here in this text, one of the reasons why jesus hasn't come back yet. Now we'll get more to that in a moment, but I want to show you this next text here also from 2nd peter chapter 3 versus 11 and 12. Therefore, since all of these things will be, what will be dissolved, what manner of persons are you to be in? Holy conduct and godliness? And this is the key looking for. And what does it say? hastening? becoming de? I've got now I have a question. What does it mean to hasten? I mean, Okay, let me tell you something. When I was younger, my dad used to have a nickname for me. You know what? It was? slomo. Slomo, host mama, my dad loves him, but it was kind of my nickname in the family. Why? Because I kind of did things slow. I was always slow as always the last one of the car. Always the last one to get ready. I don't know why I'm just kind of slow. And so when I'm slow getting ready, what do they, what did my parents probably tell me. Hurry up. Still brings me what I need to hear the think about that guy. I'll hurry up. You're going to be late. So to hurry up means to hasten. When they're telling me to have to hurry up, it means get ready faster. The bible here is saying that we actually have a power to play. Do you follow that? We can actually hurry up the coming of jesus. That's an amazing thought, isn't it? We have a part to play in the day of the coming of, of our lord. And as we look at the world around us, it should be a wake up call to our church, a man that we have a great work to do to take this gospel to the world. I know this is G Y, C M, N, and g Y C is an army of young adults, an army of youth, right? reminds me of this quote here that you all know from education to 71. Ellen white says, with such an army of workers as our youth, rightly trained, might furnish. Look at this friends how what, how soon? The message of a crucified risen and soon coming savior might be carried. Where do you think that you, I see se praise god is helping hurry up. Helping train that army of young people to go out there and carry this message to the world. Absolutely, that's why I praise god for a conference is like this. Because we're training our young adults, we're training our youth to go out and take the message to the world, which I hope all of us will do, man. And I believe we can see it in our lifetimes. So guys, as we look around the World and we see the disasters, we see the, the things that we have all experienced, even in the last 2 years. That's the bad news. But the good news is that jesus is coming. The good news is that jesus is coming and I hope hear somebody stories are going to be inspired by that. Now. Who knows where that is? Speaking of essential rock. We just talked about it. That's where the admin believers were waiting on October 22nd 18. 44 for jesus to come and how many of you have been there but, but just by show hands got a few hands you've not been there. I want to encourage you guys to check it out. It's a great place to visit in low hampton new York. Beautiful time at this time of year. By the way, if you're up there today, I'm sure it would be gorgeous. But william miller and I don't need to remind you of this, but you remember the story of William miller wright. He studied the bible verse by verse and he concluded what one of the include He was he had been without going into that whole history of it. Essentially. He concluded that jesus was coming 1st. He thought 1843. And then eventually they settled on October 22nd 1844, looking at daniel $814.00. Right. And they of course there was significance in that verse. The verse was, was right, but they had the wrong event as they later found out. Right. But william miller and those who are following him, the adventists were truly thinking that jesus was going to come when he didn't come. They were bitterly disappointed. They waited on that rock all day until midnight and jesus didn't come. They were bitterly disappointed. Many of them fell away from the faith. William miller never gave up his faith that jesus was coming soon. As you know, that never gave up his face. And I want you to look at these words that william miller said in December, just a few months after the great disappointment. He said, I have fixed my mind on another time. And here I mean to stand until god gives me more light. Today today, today, until he comes a man, can we fix our mind on another time like william miller? Can we look to that soon coming of jesus and believe with all our hearts that he is coming soon and work to help haste on that return payment. That's who we are is avener. This is our heritage. You know that the 7th day adventist church, the believers, even though they were disappointed, a small group of them kept studying. And they, as they study their bibles, they discover the truth of the US and the state of the dead and the sanctuary. And that became the movement that is today. The 7th day adventist church. And you and I are blessed to be a part of that movement to take the 3 angels messages to the entire world. Now What is our commission as the 7th day adventist christians living at the close of time thinking about what william miller is saying that we are going to lives looking for that soon return of jesus. What is the commission that we are given as followers of christ? And 7th day adventists in 2021. What is it? france? And then we all know this verse, right? The great commission. Go therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son of the holy spirit. Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo, i am with you always even to the end of the age. A man, this is the great commission, our charter. This is what our mission is to be going out into the whole world, baptizing teaching, preaching. This is what we call to do. There is another verse in matthew $24.00, which is also a great commission. And this is what jesus said. This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached. How far in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. So the gospel must be priest where everywhere and then the unwelcome right? So if we are to take the gospel to the world, if that is our calling friends, to take the gospel to the world in this generation, to take it to every nation on earth. And by the way, that word nations and greek is F nurse, which actually means every ethnic group, we have a long way to go. By the way, there's a lot of ethnic groups that still haven't heard the gospel. How do we do that? How do we take the gospel to the world? Let me just have some interaction really quick. Before I get to my more slides, how do we do it? You guys, how do we take the gospel to all the nations? What do you think going through the OK going to the nations amen. Thank you so much. A man, a man. Anybody else? Oh, he knows how to get brownie points will be here. No, you're at great answer. Great answer. If I get that, give you a give a man a man that's right, and I'm going to tell you some stories about the anybody else? How do we take the gospel to the world? Yes. Powerful a man. That's a great, a lot of times we don't think about that that we can actually reach people here that will go take the gospel back to their native people and yes, becoming friends, a meant a man. Now how about spiritually spiritual preparation for the work that we have to do Lots of time with god him in or that fray a lot a man that's exactly right. As we, as we think about spiritual preparation, we need to pray. We need to spend time with god because we need what the power of the holy spirit a man, we need a part of the holy spirit. And so you guys, I'm going to give you today as we're going through this seminar for keys to taking the gospel to the world in this generation man. And as we go through these, we're going to hear stories about a W, R. But the 1st key to take in the gospel to the world is just what you guys are saying. We need to be filled with the power of the holy spirit. We cannot do it on our own. We cannot do it on our own. A men, we need his power. Now I want to remind you of this verse from acts, chapter one in verse 8. Jesus was about to go back to heaven and he tells his disciples this important promise. His disciples at this time were still thinking that the king, they were still not fully understanding the nature of his cane and right, they were thinking that maybe jesus was still going to set up a kingdom on the earth. Who are a little slow to learn that jesus had to show them that his kingdom wasn't a kingdom on the earth. It was a spiritual kingdom, and it was one that was going to be empowered through the holy spirit. Actually after one in birth say he says, you shall receive what power when the holy spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to me in jerusalem and all judea and samaria, and to the end of the earth, you shall receive power. He promises the disciples, power To se, se, how many of you believe that power is available to us here in college, yell tennessee? Sometimes we think about other places around the World, and you're going to hear some of these stories to think. Wow, but cannot happen here. France, i believe it can happen here. Why? Because god is still god. The holy spirit is the same. Holy spirit. I want you to look at these statements with me from actually apostles really quick. Look at this friends. The lapse of time has wrought no change in christ parting promised to send the holy spirit a man. It is not because of any restriction on the part of god that the riches of his grace do not flow earthward to man. Is god holding back the holy spirit or is it because we are maybe not ready for it? Look at why she continues here. If the fulfillment of the promise is not seen as it might be, it is because the promise is not appreciated as it should be. If all were willing and this is the key guys, I want you to look at this. If all were willing, all would be one. How many of you want to be filled with the holy spirit? men? We can be by god's grace friends as we yield our hearts to jesus. He can fill us with a holy spirit and we can be his witnesses to the very end of the earth. I can tell you every story on that I have on a W R. But ultimately, if it doesn't result in you yourself, surrendering your heart more fully to the Lord jesus and being filled with a holy spirit. It's not, you know what I'm saying? We have to be transformed by this you guys. And today, god is still using his church to make known his purpose in the earth. Today, the heralds of the gospel, the cross are going from city to city and from land to land, preparing the way for the 2nd advent of christ. The spirit of the almighty is moving upon men's hearts and those who respond become witnesses for god and his truth. She continues here in many places, consecrated men and women may be seen communicating to others the light that has made plain to them the way of salvation through christ. And as they continue to let their light shine as did those who are baptized with the spirit on the day of pentecost, they receive more and still more of the spirit's power. And look here, I love this last line rep, referencing revelation 18. Thus the earth is to be lightened with the glory of god. My friends, i believe with all my heart that as we live in these last days we are seeing the gospel going faster than ever before. Ellen white had that vision, right? Of the message going as streams of light around the world. We are seeing that in our day, before our very eyes and by god's grace as you and I are yielding ourselves to the power the holy spirit working in our hearts. We can help lighten this world with the glory of god. Men. Now we need the power, the holy spirit. Let me ask you a question. How in a practical way, do we live up our christian life? How do we do this in a product? Yes, we need the power of the holy spirit to empower us to reach the world for jesus. How do we do that in a practical way? One of the most practical statements that I know in the spirit of prophecy that tells us the answer to that question is one that you all know you often think of it in reference to medical missionary work. But actually it really relates to all the work that we do, including media and a W R. I'll show you how, but look at this with me. Christ method, what? whose method his method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The savior mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed his sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and what was their confidence then what he paid them, follow me. I know you guys have seen this statement many times, but we're going to look at this in a few different angles here today. The 1st one is this. The 2nd sentence here says the savior. What. What does it mean to mingle, to get to know? Does it, does it also mean that we go where the people are? Right? So us as administer, we like to kind of congregate together, right? mercy. Oh, mercy. Oh, mercy, college dale, happy valley. This is where I was like, oh is that what it is? Beautiful. It is, it is wonderful, a man, but salt needs to be spread out. Right. We need to go where the people are. We need to go into downtown chattanooga worship that many had vendors. We need to go to the towns and cities that are dark friends. We need to go to the nations that are dark. We need to get out there and mingle with people. But let me, let me not only in person, but let me also ask you a question. Where are the people today they're in, sees, but are they also on something where, you know, let me look over here really quick because I think I have something that's very, very interesting. I'm not sure if any of you guys have one of these. I wonder if you do, You know, and almost every person on the face of the earth has one of these. Now more on that in a 2nd, but think about how jesus is calling us to use this to reach the world. If you think about it for hundreds of years, probably even for over a 1000 years. Yeah, definitely for over a 1000 years. What was the fastest way we had to spread the gospel? Where was that? Okay, word of mouth, but we didn't have even microphones. Right? It was like this, right? We are today. It was shouting literally. And what was the fast way people who get around on horseback. Everything about that for hundreds and hundreds of years. The fastest way people could move was by horseback by the gospel could be shared like that by shouting or speaking or by maybe by ship that was faster possibly for a long time. Until technology began to advance gutenberg invented the movable type. You remember that and that transform how we trick share the gospel? Yes. Because now they were able to print bibles and start printing tracks. That printing revolution totally changed the way the goth was shared. I know I have some literature evangelist here, david's going to say, man, literally he did run on q a, been literally guys. The printing press changed the way we share the gospel. But did we stop at the printing press like like as, as technology advanced, we just stay off, we're just gonna stay with this. And we're not really gonna get into this because no, god kept opening up more opportunities as technology advance. Not in the last 100 years. I know many. I don't even ask actually hold you guys are because I'm going to feel very old. I'm not gonna say anything about david. Just figured out you broke into a man, a man, a man. We remember what it was like back in 2001. Some of these guys weren't even born then. Ok. But seriously, you guys, since I was in college, just looking at how the technology advance is, is crazy. I remember flip phone, you still remember football? Okay. And Okay, alright. You remember the brakes? Yes. Imagine this a 100 years ago. It was $921.00. Barely can you. We could barely recognize the technology that we had then versus what we have now. Think of what's changed. Airplanes elect, you know, the Internet, radio rate, all these things. As technology has moved forward, we have used them to advance the gospel. Now, when radio was developed, who was the 1st adventist pioneer to really have a vision for radio? Does anybody know h M. S. Richards, that's exactly right, the preacher and he actually started the 1st syndicated religious broadcast. If I'm getting this right, by getting this wrong. I know sean booster will correct me. One of the 1st, if not the 1st one of the 1st nationally syndicated radio broadcast, which started in Los Angeles california and became known as the voice of prophecy. And h M. S. Richard said, wait a minute, you know, as time went on he said, what if we used radio to region to the furthers corners of the earth? The places where we can send missionaries. And he heard about a technology called short wave short. We've had the ability to literally go half way around the World to reach in places where we could not send missionaries and by god's grace. Just to summarize his vision. As he was prodding the leaders of the general conference began, what is to day adventist world radio we broadcast 1st from portugal 50 years ago. This is our 50th anniversary. And today we are broadcasting around the World in over a 100 languages. In over a 1000 stations worldwide, s M am digital and short wave. And you know what guys, as technology has increased and expanded. So how we had a W R. I'm going to tell you a little bit about how that is happening. But 1st, I want to show you this picture. This is from guam. These are our short wave towers in guam. Do you know that this station reaches over one 3rd of the world's population? Now shore wave as a technology is decreasing, but still people are listening. I'll tell you a story. Afghanistan, you've heard about this in the news, right? Ask aniston is a very dangerous place for christians. We cannot send missionaries there. But short wave reaches afghanistan. Just 3 years ago we heard a story that there were taliban former taliban families that were contacting adventists in neighboring countries. Asking for information about the adventist church. How do they know about us? We found out that they had discovered us on the radio. The entire families were listening to avenue world radio in the, in the, in the, in the Shelter of their homes. They couldn't do it publicly because the taliban, if they know you're listening to christian broadcast, they will threaten to kill you. We found out that there were over at least 90 believers in the mountains of afghanistan. And we know, I believe it's more because this is just the people we heard about. And guys, I would ask you to pray because we don't know what's happened to them. They're not able to get out. We don't know, we can't send missionaries in there. So pray for these people, but they became administered by listening through the short wave radio. Now we were never able to send a missionary to baptize him. But by cods grace there administer men there, there. And so I would encourage you to pray for our, our brothers and sisters there and dana, stan, who have gone through an incredible amount of suffering in the last few months as we all know. But who knows what, who is listening to this? We don't know, but we know that we have to keep broadcasting him and because the gospel needs to go forward in all the world now, like I said, 1000 stations in over a 100 languages around the world. But what about social media? What about our phones getting back to our phones? Should we be broadcasting on social media? What do you say? Absolutely. Why Are the people are? You know, what's the number one website in the world? us? If you to. So should we be on YouTube? Absolutely, we should be on YouTube because that's where the people are now. Some of you might say, well, jesus didn't have a facebook. Didn't have instagram. He never phone either. I kinda thing jesus might have had facebook or at least what, how does disciples get him? On the point being we need to reach people. Sometimes we run from technology and you know what? There is a lot of bad stuff on here. We know that right? We know that the devil has used this incredibly bad ways, and all of us could probably share testimonies of how we wasted time on these devices. Right. Right. Let's be real. I can see in your face is I know, I know ok. I know I delete the app off too sometimes, but you know what? Let's run towards the technology and use it for the gospel. Let's beat the enemy on his own ground because we need to get the people who are there. Those young people that are on YouTube, we need to put good content out so that people will discover the gospel. You know, I met a man who was in morocco. I hadn't, i hadn't intended to tell this story, but it just came to my mind. You know that we only had 8 7th day adventists in this, in the whole country of morocco, native born This man, this young man, in his twenties, he was a muslim, had no contact with advocates, but he was feeling he was feeling empty inside islamic faith had not met the answers to his deepest needs. He wanted more and so he began to search and he began to search where on YouTube, you know, the bible. He was on YouTube. So was searching search, searching and he began to watch different videos and he would watch some from the spiritualists. And then he would watch some, he ended up watching some from the hindus and then some from the different different other religions. But eventually he wound up and he started watching a preacher by the name of dog bachelor praise got a man. And as he listened to doug bachelor, his heart began to be convicted by the truth. He was listening to this young man. And then, of course, he branched off and started finding other adventist preachers. He became a 7th day adventist through youtube, had never met a missionary. He believed no one white. He believed in the whole 9 yards. And the 1st contact he had, he, he finally reached out to were facebook to try to find another adventist, they thought he was a government spy. So they didn't respond. They were like scared for many months they didn't respond. Eventually they realized this guy was the real deal. And Sure enough, today he is baptized and he is one of the only somebody I administer in morocco. I met him myself into nisha on a trip to men a by the way. Manner is an incredible mission field. You guys know what men a stands for, middle east, north africa union. 500. I'm going to get this. I think it's 580000000 people. 3070. Some countries we don't have any but a W. R. We are committed to broadcasting on all these different social media channels. And the Lord did something really special this last year. I'm just gonna fly through this. Actually. Time is flying guys. What's happening? Let okay, actually let me show you this picture before I get to the thing I was just going to say are this is for actually from India. Second has anybody heard of 2nd? You have wow. It's like some of the 1st people in the audience ever that new thing. Have you been there? Oh, a man, a man. I man, I'm glad jesus for asia. Know the 2nd guy. It's a beautiful part of the world. You know that every vegetable that's growing there is organic. That's why it says welcome to organic sick and it's pretty cool, right? But it's very remote. Do you know that I had better cell phone reception though in sick and then I do at the general conference. I'm joking, and so long story short, we were in sick and because my friend, tim saxon, who is now the new asia pacific director for avenue world radio, he had through at providential series of events, started bible studies with these young adults who are in 2nd. Guess how over facebook never met them before, but they started bible studies that were facebook messenger. And so we went to this beautiful mountain village and met these individuals. And these 4, this one, this one, this one and this one where the 1st adventist baptized in that part of india. He meant this part there were other administered 2nd, but in this part of 2nd, the 1st map. And this actually is a picture here of the baptism. We usually shouldn't take pictures in India baptizing, but there we work. And these are the 4 is not a great picture. I just love this. And by god's grace we are going to have the 1st Avenue church there already meeting there in the town where these for from and we're starting work there in nam, she which is a town there. And 2nd a man, god work. And he did it through facebook. Incredible. I could tell you so many stories. Now. This last year, during the pandemic avenue world radio was confronted with a challenge. Normally we go out and we help our stations. We travel, we were planning to do big evangelistic meetings and proposed new guinea. But all that got cancelled like everything else in 2020. And so we were sitting there and we were thinking and praying all it at our individual homes. Right over zoom were thing, what can we do? And the Lord convicted us, we had to do something on YouTube to take the gospel to a world that was a need. And so I one of our vice presidents cammie whitman. I don't know if you know cammie. She had a burden to preach an evangelistic series on YouTube. Now, cammie was not a trained preacher. I mean she's, she's a good speaker, but she's not like a trained creature. But she was convicted that god had called her to do this. And so let me tell you guys, and this is what I want. Help you catch this. If God is called you to do something, you may not feel equipped, but if you are willing god can use you in ways you can even imagine. Remember the promise of ephesians 320 our god is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or imagine a man and so canny from her living room from her couch and standing in front of her couch. She recorded these sermons and you guys, it's incredible. What god did you know that now? A year later, some of those sermons have over 500000 views, collectively over 11000000 views around the world. And the Lord has done incredible things. When can we did this? We had we started off in English, but then as we branched out and went to more countries, we wanted to do it in more languages. And now it is in over 40 languages around the world. We started getting stories back of what god was doing. I'm going to tell you one of them really quick. If I can get my phone open, we had an incredible story that came in from the state of Florida. You know, sometimes we think that stories only happen overseas, right. But they in fact happen even here in the United States, i want to share with you this story. A story of corey. So he found one of the sermons on YouTube and he started watching it. Now. Corey had been addicted to marijuana for 50 years, 50 years. He sends us this message on July 3, and I have this picture up here center for digital evangelism, because I want you to understand that when we broadcast on YouTube, we're on social media. It's not just broadcasting. We have to lead people to christ, right? That's why our motto for a W R is broadcast to baptism, because not just about broadcasting. And so, as corey is watching on YouTube, he's beginning to be convicted by what he's hearing. And so he sends a message that goes to one of our center for digital evangelism, missionaries. And this is what he says. I've gone 50 years and probably only been to church 10 times in my life. I've always believed that god was there, but I've had a very on and off relationship with him. But now as I watch cammie, i see the prophecies of the bible are coming to pass. I have smoked pot since I was 8 years old. But now after watching these messages and since then and giving my heart to jesus, i haven't craved it any more. In fact, I threw away everything. I feel like I've only been living half my life, but now as I'm typing, tears are running down my face. I hope it's not too late. Please pray for my 3 children and me. I only hope I can show them the light. Corey kept watching and kept interacting with our digital missionaries. They study the bible with him over. Over on I think facebook messenger and over the next several weeks as corey started the bible, as he watched on locking bible prophecies, he was convicted that he needed to be baptized. There was one problem that was right at the height of cove. It all the churches were closed. So our missionaries though, were able to contact one of the pastors in Florida and they were able to get him into a church and by god's grace on July 18. 2020. Cory was baptized into the 7th day adventist church. A man, this is why he said he sent us a message after his baptism. He said thank you a W R and unlocking bible prophecies, i love sharing my newfound life with jesus. You help me find it. Tell your team and cammie that you changed my life and I will be forever grateful. You guys, I share that story just as an illustration to show you again, that there are people out there are really searching, right? And, and if they're out there, we need to do everything we can to reach them. We need to put content out on YouTube. And by the way, it's not just a W R that is called to do this. I believe all of us can have a part. We need more admin, youtube or a man. We need more adventist content out on the social media channels. And so you guys, let's pray for this. Let's pray that god would expand our presence in all these places around the world. And please pray for avenue, world radio. Now this, I think, is it, Yes, this is a picture of some of our student missionaries, one of whom, I believe, I don't know her name. I think she's right here at Southern was helping out with our evangelistic efforts this past year. Praise god. Now I tell you this story, south america in evangelical church, not adventist found out about unlocking bible prophecies when we translated into spanish a meant and this even joke church. They could not meet inside their church, but the pastor liked the messages so much that he decided he was going to get a projector and broadcast it on the side of a truck. And so the whole church came outside and watched the masters on the side of a truck. The whole church is now something administered. It's not a me in the Philippines. So many people were watching you b. P among bible prophecies that we and they couldn't have baptism in the churches. So you know what they did, they improvised. They took a big dump trucks that had big, huge and you know, bins in the back and they lined it with plastic, fill it with water and that became the baptistery. I meant, this is what we call coded modification of about district praise. God, praise god, friends. We need to meet the people where they are. We need to reach them through radio, through technology, through social media, every avenue possible, a man. All of us need to be a part of this, a doubly ours doing our part. All of you can do your part 2. By the way, before I get off this, I just want to and then I know it's about time to take a break. Or if you don't want to take a break, we can just keep rolling up to you. But if you go to your app store, if you ever phone could just do this with me really quick, I wanna, I wanna do this with you so that you can all become digital mean, how many of you would like to be a digital missionary? Anybody ok, and you might say, well, faster cow it is. I'm intimidated to be a digital missionary. I know I am to, I'm not the most technologically. I mean guys come on ahead, flip phone ok. Go to your app store and what I want you to do is I want to, 1st thing I want you to do is type in, in the search a, W R. Okay? So type in a W, R, click search. And you will see an app called a W R 360. You see that one? Now not you don't. If you can, if you want to download it, go ahead and download that app. That is our main administer world radio app. Okay, that has all of our stories, all of our content, everything there on that app. That way you want to share the stories or go back and listen to some stuff. You can find it all here. By the way, very soon we are starting and I'm super excited to announce this. We are starting the 1st ever international english 247 admin radio station. Amen. So you can go on your app any time and listen to administer radio, wherever you are. When that be cool, it's going to be on this app and on line. So literally we're going to, we're partnering with amazing facts. It is, we're gonna have content from all of our major speakers. So if you want to listen to administer radio anytime day or night, you just go to the app, click on listen now, and you'll have our station is going to be coming to life. What do you think it's gonna be? We're hoping soon. We're gonna, we're hoping so in the next week, I can't give you a date, but it's hoping hopefully soon. But I'm really excited because a lot of places don't have access to actual radio, but soon you're going to have access all around the world. So I want to also do one more thing for me. Go back to your search and type in digital. Missionary. Ok. Digital missionary. Now if you see an app with 2 praying hands like this, 2 blue praying hands and the circle around it, that's r A W R little symbol there. Do you see that on your app store? If you have one. Okay, that is our digital missionary app and I would encourage you to download that now before you forget. And when you download it, I'm not going to take time to tell you what to do. I know you're all savvy enough to figure it out. Go through this app and I would encourage you and invite you to sign up to be a digital missionary. It doesn't take much time, or you can actually adjust the amount of time that you give. But what we are looking for are digital missionaries. And you can be here at Southern, you can be anywhere we have prayer requests, bible questions that come in from around the world. And we need people to help answer those pair requests. A men just like member i shared with you that corey was prayed with over the Internet by somebody and it led him to baptism. Imagine if you, from your dorm room can help lead somebody the baptism, who is in the other side of the world. Can you imagine it's not cool? Now, imagine if we had an army of these digital missionaries around the World, david, speaking all different languages, imagine the impact that we could have is not credible. So I'd encourage you, download the app, go through the the promptings. And basically what you can do is decide how much, like if you just say I only can answer one request a week, that's okay, 5 minutes a week. Not much, but you can be a part of our army of missionaries that will help reach people around the world. Exciting what you guys think and we're still now this is still kind of in beta, but we're working it out. We hope that soon we'll get more and more people involved and we'll be able to help more people around the world. All right. Do you guys want to break? It's time for a break that you Know, I'll just keep rolling. How's that? Because we were running a little late the beginning, if you need to go out and use the bathroom, you can do that. No problem. Is that okay with everybody? Okay, I'm just gonna keep rolling, so I get through everything. But if you need to go out, I won't be offended if you want to go see alan parker and know how to have a better girlfriend or boyfriend relationship. That's cool too. I meant what's that? I'm gonna take my jacket off. Oh, how to get married? A man, okay. Well, hey, Dr. Parker has excellent stuff. Let me tell you. Excellent stuff. Guys. The 2nd key that we saw. So number one, power the holy spirit. Number 2, we need to follow christ method as we looked at that statement from ministry of healing. 143, we saw that the 1st thing here, the savior mingled with man is one who desired their good. He went where the people were. What's the 2nd thing here that it says friends. He showed his what, sympathy for them ministered to their and then he bade them follow me. Now We can broadcast the gospel around the World and that's good. We can send god pods and her bible studies over facebook. That's good. But when jesus was on this earth, why did he spend the majority of his time doing healing people he minister to their needs. Right. So I'm in a world radio. We actually said our president, dwayne mckee, was a very visionary, evangelistic guy. He said, you know what, we've been broadcasting for a long time, but we need to combine our broadcasting with medical missionary work. Because it's not just about preaching. It's the full gospel. That's the blessing that we have. Assembly avenue, we've been given this way to reach the world. Right? Well actually it's not unique. It's how jesus was. That's what jesus did. And so a W, R we said wherever we go, we're going to start doing medical missionary work and you guys, god bless and tremendous ways. How many of you, how many of you have heard of your best pathway to help anybody heard of your best pathway? Okay, got quite a few i was blessed to be involved in your best pathway to help from the beginning. I went to the 1st one in San Francisco in Oakland, in 2014 and got involved and have been to everyone since it's been a huge blessing. By the way, for those of you who don't know it's a mobile hospital that goes into cities, sets up and for 3 days, ministers and people's needs. Doctors, nurses, dentists, i care professionals, even haircuts and free clothing to meet people's needs, to show them the practical love of jesus and then invite them to follow him, him and it's beautiful. It's amazing. So at a W R we said, why don't we take this around the world? We 1st did this in the Philippines a few years ago in palau and in the Philippines. Anybody been in the Philippines, so beautiful country. Amen. And we were there in the coliseum, in palo, and print, a print sessa. We had 8000 that came to this clinic, dental, I, and physic, and medical clinic. And you guys the Lord bless and tremendous waste wasn't tremendous ways. In fact, I actually have my slides a little out of order here, but I'm going to take you to this picture here. This is a gentleman who came to that clinic. His name was june. Do you know he was a cripple, had never had a wheelchair. His entire life had never been able to really work much. But he heard about it on the radio. He was brought to the clinic and for the 1st time in his life, a doctor who was there at the clinic, offered to get him a wheelchair. And because of the love that he saw at that clinic, he came to our evangelist meetings that happened right after that clinic. And by god's grace june and his whole family were baptized in the ocean. They carry him down a man. They carried him down from his wheelchair and baptized him there in paulo and beautiful testimony of how medical work broadcasting and preaching goes together. Now just as a side note, we have young people who are preaching these were not trained creatures. These were australians actually not all of them, some of a couple from California here somebody might know some of those faces. These were they were young adults who are just willing to be used by god. How many of you believe that young people can preach a man? How many of you have preached a series? Ok. Ok. Ok. And then by the way, I want to challenge all of you. If you ever get the opportunity to speak and to preach and evangelist a series take it a man, I'm a passer. I still need to do that. Just last month I was in Houston increase of angel 6 series for the 1st time in 3 years guys. It was life transforming. Let me tell you, my transforming. But these young adults were in palazzo and after that clinic. So we had the broadcasting, then we had the clinic and then we had these guys preaching an incredible testimony. Actually one of these young men he came, we didn't realize that he had just been associated with the church. He didn't know he was coming to preach, he thought he was coming on a trip. He got there and they told him, oh by the way you're preaching. He said, what? So yeah, you're preaching. He said, ah, not really. I don't really believe in his advent stuff like, well, you're on a pre, you're on a preaching trip. You're going to preach Well, wisely our coordinator told him, why don't you just get up there and read the sermon? Just read it, you may not believe it, but just read it. He was a little reluctant, but that's what he did. So he got up and he read the 1st sermon, then he read the 2nd sermon. Now, you know, in advance 6 series. The 1st few sermons are kind of, you know, gospel, you know, daniel to stuff like that. But then we got to the sabbath. He told our purse, he told our coordinator said, I don't believe really in the South. She said, just read it. He got up this a true story. You got. He read the sermon that night on the sad. When he came back to the hotel, he told r coordinator, she saw that he was clearly moved. He said, you know, as I was reading the sermon, i began to be convicted that there was something about what I was saying. I think this may be true. Do you know that that young man preached the entire series. People were baptized out of his meeting and he became a 7th day adventist. As a result, a man preaching changes us a man. God can use anybody if they're just willing. So can god use you a man praise lord, 500 were baptized there in hello and praise god. Now exciting. I'm gonna, I'm going to actually, yeah, I'm trying to think of how to do this. All right. So Another story out of the Philippines that illustrates the power of medical missionary work. Combined with gospel evangelism, combined with radio, the island of mon doro, which is just close there to manila. This island has communist rebels that live in the mountains, new peoples army. These rebels have been there for over 30 years in the mountains fighting against the philippine military. These rebels and the military have been at war for so long over 30000 people have died as a result of the constant warfare they live in the mountains. They're kind of like guerrillas, you know, they go down and they shoot, and the army shoots back. Very, very, very, very rough culture. A few years ago, avenue world radio started broadcasting on the island of mon, dora we started broadcasting and just a few places. And then we had an evangelistic series of japanese pastors who came and preached for the 1st the 1st for many of them. Some of the 1st, the bands listed meetings that they've ever preached. Because in japan, they've struggled with evangelism. But these guys came to mon, dora preached evangelistic meetings, and it caused a revival in their own hearts. And then they went back to japan and started evangelism in japan, praise god. But in doro, as a result, the holy spirit was moving more radio station started to be established. And the gospel began to be broadcast into these mountain areas. All across mon, dora we started getting phone calls from people. Entire villages were wanting to become 7th day adventist. You know that to date, i'm getting ahead of myself over 10000 people have been baptized in dora as a result of those broad. But not only people in like regular villages, the people in the mountains the, the communist rebels began listening to the radio. One of our pastors a couple of years ago, he was at his house. And as he was there at his house, he noticed these gentlemen coming and they were, he knew what the communists look like. And they were coming to his house and he was scared because I mean, these are killers, right? They're known for being assassins. And so he's scared for his family. What do I do? And he's wondering what they're going to say. They approach him. And they say, excuse me sir. Are you the admin as pastor? Yes I am. Are you in charge of these broadcasts that we've been hearing in our villages? Yes I am. We want to know how we can become adventist. We want to know about jesus. We want to be baptized. Incredible, you guys over the next 2 years. And this is just again in the last 2 or 3 years, more and more of these communist villages have turned to the gospel. We sent medical missionaries up into the mountains a ours track by foot 8 hours. And they held a clinic kind of like we did there and plowing, but a much smaller one there in the mountains. And the people were so moved by the love that they saw that they just gave their hearts and lord and entire villages up there were baptized. You guys not only that, but since that time The leaders of the rebels. 5 generals have given their hearts to the Lord jesus christ and I've been baptized and it gets even better get s. This is just this past year. Those generals of the communists, groups there. You know, when you give your heart to jesus, it not only changes you spiritually, it begins to change everything about your life, right? So if I'm a communist rebel and I'm toting around and a 47 and listening to the gospel, i'm not going to be toting around that a $47.00 too long. Am I pretty soon they realized that they needed to change their lives. They wanted to lay down their guns and pick up the bible. And they approached a W, R and they said, you know what, this is just from May of this year. This is just a few months ago. They said we want to surrender. We want to surrender, can you help negotiate with the philippine government? A surrender by god's grace. Just a few months ago we set a date and the at this time we coordinated with the philippine government. Government officials were going to be there. The philippine military was going to be there and they were guaranteed amnesty to come down and they were all, they would all come to this church and spend a week together going through classes going to reconciliation meetings. And then in the evenings we'd have Angel stick meetings. They set a time. And on that very day, the rebel started coming out of the mountains. You guys, this is just a few months ago. And by god's grace, i'm a show you, I should have been showing this video. I'm sorry, this is a video of Those meetings is not cool. So here they are in the church. And you'll just see some images here. This is and their families. They came down, they spent a week together and you know, a W R said we want to help you, we want to help you restart life. And so we offered each family $500.00 loan to start a business to start a new life outside of being in the mountains, right in the communist groups. And the government said, you know what, if a W R is going to do that, we're going to match you. We're going to give each family an acre of land. And so every family now had an opportunity to start over. And by god's grace there, they are coming to the church. These homer rebels are now 7th avenue, a man praise god. Praise god. And you see their philippine military officials coming in with the former rebels reconciling signing peace treaties. Guys, this is the power of the gospel and changes hearts. And I'm here to tell you now we don't know if we're going to go because it's still covered in our bases aren't quite upset. But in 2 weeks, i'm supposed to go with a group from the general conference. And elder wilson himself is going to baptize the head of the communist rebels in almon doro. And only him, but the head of the philippine military in the region. They're going to be baptized at the same time. And then god is working inter menace ways, and tears were shed as reconciliation took place. That's the power of the gospel. You guys A beautiful picture of what god can do A man Know they are signing the peace treaty. You can see it there. He's the governor mon, dora signing the peace accords. And al, by the way, I forgot to tell you, you know, what the philippine military said to the administration. He said, you know, what, would you guys be willing to partner with us all over the Philippines to bring communist rebels to christ? Why, why don't You know what the next stop is. That is the island of menda now, which is in the South. And I'm in and now is a much more difficult place because there's a lot of strong muslim majority there. But my god's grace, we are going to try to do more broadcasting and linda now a man, jesus can do it, praise god, praise god. All right, we're moving, we're moving. Number one, how to reach the gospel, the world we need, how do we take the gospel to the world? We need the power of the holy spirit. Number 2, we need to follow christ method. And of course we talked about how that means meeting people where they are and it also means reaching people's physical needs, right? Medical missionary work. And by the way, medical work and the gospel must always go together because that's how jesus did it. A man. Thirdly, how do we take the gospel to the world? We need to recognize that each one of us is what called total member involvement. I used to have some church. I was a pastor in California and I used to have some church members who would tell me, pastor, i just don't feel like I really have what it takes. I can't really give a bible study. I don't really feel very talented. I understand. I understand it can be hard to think about how you can use your gifts and talents for the Lord jesus. But you know what, I believe in all my heart that each one of you is just as cold as I am to take the gospel of the world. A man. I may be a pastor, you may be a nurse or a teacher or a business person, but all of us are call all of you are call, do catch them. And then daniel radley, who worked with the mental in a man, a man, we are all called to be a part of his work. Now in that country, a poor new guinea. How many of you know about the point of getting, have you guys been there? Ok, poor new guinea last year we were supposed to go there. You remember I shared we were supposed to do a manual istic meetings. Elder wilson was going to preach. We're going to meetings all over the pool of guinea. Do you know what their baptismal goal was? Ok now she just over shot. You just ruined it. No, just Okay. No, that would be awesome. How many members are in the Georgia cumberland conference? That's where we are right now. Anybody know? 40000 are probably about 40000, something like that. You know what they're baptismal go was in p and g for one year. 100000. And do you know that they told us we know we can reach this goal because we already have 50000 people in bible studies. We said what? You gotta be kidding. So we were planned to have these meetings. You guys. But of course, march 20, 20 march, 2020, have mercy, mercy, pandemic it. And like everything else. Cancel, cancel. But did it cancel, peon g. They were still committed to their goal, 100000 people. And you know, this is the thing you guys, the good thing is that it wasn't depending on us coming and preaching a man. What was it, depending on there was depending on their members recognizing that each one of them had their park to play. Their motto is on their shirts. It's called soul winning. Is somebody else's business? No. So winning us, whose business is my business? They have this mentality that each member has a part to play in winning souls for christ. And so when you go there and I preach in their churches, the members are just on fire. They want to do so every habit they want to be outreaching people and, and sharing the gospel. It's a, it's, it's a different mindset. You guys, now do you think we can have that mindset here? I believe we can. Why don't we? Well, it's probably because we're rich and increased in goods right over there, they're struggling more, there's more of a need and they have more of a fire to get the gospel out. And so friends, when we go to p and g, we see this and, you know, even though we didn't go there, I went there on a planning trip. I didn't go back again. I don't know the final numbers, but they had, even without our evangelistic meetings, they still had over 50000 baptism last year. Is that incredible? Here's a picture of some of the people from p and g. This is a picture from last september. This is just to 1000 of those baptismal candidates in one province alone and then god moved and he's still moving in an incredible way there and proponent, again, I would encourage you to pray for those precious people. Pray for the ones that are especially in those areas that are, by the way you can't drive to most of those studies. You have to fly because there are no roads to connect cities and the point again, pretty much you have to fly. So pray for the work in p and g, but what I wanted you to catch is that the reason they were able to reach so many people is because all their members understood total member involvement. They took it on themselves. They realized that god had called them to be a part of the mission. You guys know this text? One of my favorites. First peter to verse 9. Say it with me, please. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. His own special people that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvellous light. A man. How many of you believe that you are part of that chosen generation? You know, god, god knows everything about you. He knows everything about your history. He knows every every, everything about you and he has called you for such a time as this. To take the gospel to the world. He has called you, you are chosen. I tell you, you guys, it's incredible when you think about the opportunities that each one of us has, one person can change the world. Do you believe that? I know it sounds idealistic, but where young people were supposed to be idleness came in. Guys, I want don't ever forget that, look at this statement here from the spirit of prophecy. The work of god in this earth can Now if I stopped it, if I covered this up, that would be kind of discouraging, right? If it ended there, but lot notice how she continues, it can never be finished until right. The men and women comprising our church membership, what rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers. So when is the work going to be finished? When the pastors finish it have mercy, praise the Lord, but depend on the passes. We be in trouble. All you guys, it's all of us. It's all of us. All of us have to take up the role that god has given to us to finish the work. And this is why, you know, I was involved with a S I some of you know about a S I admin is layman's services in industries. I believe a S I it's so important because it reminds us that every one of us as business people, as professionals, as doctors, as, as anything we may be, all of us is just as much called as the professional clergy. We're all in the same mission. None of us should think that we're not called you guys. I want you to look at the statement from a man we talked about earlier, h M. S. Richards. He said, the work will never be finished until all the preachers are put in jail. Now I don't really want to go to jail. Um, but you understand what he's saying? So often we depend on the pastors to finish the work, but god wants us to do our part a men. And this is ju, i see, do not say I am a youth for you shall go to all whom I send you and whatever I command, you shall speak a man. Alright, actually, you know what happened? I had this divided into 2 presentation. So now I'm going to go to presentation 2, give me just one second. Because we have an exciting story here to tell you. All right. I want to take you to africa. I want to take you to a very, very exciting story here from africa. And this is the story of mama sis, it comes up, come with me to madagascar and he's been a madagascar. And by okay, no one's been a madagascar. I haven't either or. Okay. It is a diverse land with many people in many cultures. A man come with me to the city of toma siena in madagascar. And I want you to meet a lady by the name of bobby soa, bobby. So it people call her by the name though of mamma says it mam assistant. Her husband is a retired sea captain. She loves spending time with her grandchildren and her children. They were active members of a Sunday church, but there were some problems in the church and so they stopped attending one morning, mama, sis, it says it's husband started listening to the oh, how did you guess? He heard the preacher on the radio talking about the sabbath. He was a little confused, but he continued listening. The speaker said he would present the message again. That night. He went and found his wife and they began to listen together. They were convicted by the words they heard. They began searching for a church that kept the bible sabbath. They would walk from village to village, asking if anybody knew of a church that kept the 7th day sabbath. Always the answer came back. No, we don't know of a church that keeps the sabbath. Finally someone suggested they go to the city of toma sienna, i'm behind in my pictures. There is listen to the radio. There they are walking. 45 miles from their home. How far? Every one. In desperation they set out on foot days of walking. After days of walking they found a sabbath keeping church and toma sienna, the 7th day adventist church and they attended church on sabbath for the 1st time. Could you imagine how sweet that must have been after walking for 45 miles 45 miles? The pastor then told them there was actually a church much closer to them. Closer though, in madagascar are meant over a mountain range. So it's still very hard. So after making the trip several times, they decided to start a church in their own village. They didn't know many advent songs. They didn't even know how to conduct a worship service, but they did their best. And eventually they started to reach people in their village. Not long after an avenue pastor came and began studying with more of them strengthen their beliefs and baptized several of the people in that village. This is what she said. I don't have much education and I can't read the bible well, but I was impressed that my talent was prayer. This I could do for others and teach them how to pray. She has since seen god work through her prayers and miracles have happened. The sick had been healed and many have come to christ. Now, not only do they have one church in that town, they have 3 a man because a mamma, sister, and her husband's faithful efforts there in their village. God has work in a powerful way. In madagascar. Now, another story, this is one of my favorites. Come with me to tanzania. How many of you have been attending here? Ok, i've been ok. Regular minute. I've been to tanzania, it's a beautiful country. I encourage you to go. It's beautiful. In tans and you know, there was a pastor who was preaching one day about how all of his members needed to be involved in evangelism. And as he was preaching, there was a lady in his congregation. And she sat there listening to the sermon and she had actually been praying that god would help her to use her talents and gifts to share the gospel with others. But she didn't know how to do it. And then she hears her pastor give this message and her heart is really stirred. She's convicted that she needs to do something But she doesn't have much. But then she's thinking about it after the sermon ever had a sermon like that, where you start getting convicted about what you heard. And then she goes home and she's thinking and she realizes that she does have 2 things. One thing that she has is in garden, it's in the middle of town. She goes there every day and she, she works on her vegetable. She has a nice garden. And the 2nd thing she has do you want to guess what that might be? Okay, good guess this is a media seminar. You guys? Yes. Good job avenue world radio. She has a radio and so her name was mama, me im bay. Okay. Mom assist momma. Mm mm. Okay. So momma. Mm hm. Mm. And there she is. She says, wait, what if I go to my guard? And as I am holding my vegetables, i can put my radio in the garden. I can turn it up loud. Maybe somebody will listen. Well, the next day she goes to her garden, puts the radio, turns it up loud. The sermon is blaring and she's holding her vegetables. Well, little does mamma me m bay. No. And there it is. There she is radio in the garden right. Little does she know that close to the garden is a shak. This shock is actually a bar. Ok. These good for nothing guys. Come and drink their day away in the bar. Right. Should be working with their drinking. They're sitting in there. All of a sudden they hear something they haven't heard before in the bar. The hearing is preacher on the radio. And like what does this? And they go over and they're listening and they all come to the side. And they're listening like what is it, what is it? And pretty soon, all these guys in the bar are listening to the sermon from mama me and based, guarded. And that they're, they're just, you know, drinking and listening to the sermon and um the next day they come back. Sure enough, mommy is in the garden again. She's playing the ceremony. They come, they realize that every time she comes, she's going to have that radio. Well, this happened, this goes on for a little while, eventually the owner of the bar, he says, you know what, forget this, this is too hard. We can, it's hard for us to hear. We're getting our own radio. Sure enough, the owner of the bar got his own radio, puts it in the bar, and there they are, drinking and listening to the gospel. No friends, you can't read the bible. Listen to a W. R and drink all the same time for very long. Right? eventually you've got to give up one of them, right. Which one do you think they give up? friends, i'm here to tell you today. Every single one of those men gave up their drinking. They came to the bar not to drink any more, but to read and listen to the word of god. And I'm telling you god's grace is powerful. France and then and now every one of those men is a baptized member of the 7th day adventist church. Not only that, but the bar owner said, you know what, For too long. This bar has been used for us, bad purposes. Now I am decided, this bar is going to be a church. And so now the bar has become a church. And it's all because mom omby amby, used what little she had and dedicated it to the Lord jesus, her garden, her radio. Could she ever imagine that her little effort would result in a church being planted? france. If mamma b and bay can do it, can you do it? Use what god is put in your hands and God will bless it beyond what your imagination, what you could even imagine. Ephesians chapter 3, verse 20 friends. God is able to do it because it is his power, not ours a men. And now the bar that the church that was a bar is still meeting their intends on the praise, the Lord jesus, a man. All right, now I'm gonna take you to another country in africa, zambia, what country everyone in 2008 team went to zambia to live soccer. And we were in the city of lusaka. Anybody been there? Okay. Because meant a lot of places. All right. In lusaka we were gonna have 2000 evangelist meetings across the city. Some of the mostly ever had. And they actually told us this was going to be in June of 2018, which is actually believe it or not kind of the coldest time in africa. In southern africa and they said, we don't think they're going to have many people come out because it's jude. We said, you know what, we're going to broadcast, we're going to pray and we're going to see what god will do. So we brought a team of evangelists and they had local pastors and elders who were agreeing to preach. And the, the gospel was being broadcast on the radio. And the preachers were going to come. And so all of us came in June 2018 including this couple, micah and mirror from europe. Now michael was the preacher. I mean, he's not a preacher, he's a actually a business man. But he was the one who had signed up to preach. He works with a sci europe. His wife did not like getting up in front of people. She was very shy. She was very proper, you know, she is always put together. She was not interested in being up front. She was a wonderful lady, but wasn't really wanting to be upfront. Well, when you go into mission trip, there's 3 words that you need to remember. Always know what those words are. Oh, it is for asia, one of those words. Yes, I will. Oh yes I well that's, those are also good. I was thinking the 3 words that are actually the same flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. One of our preacher's cancelled because he had to go home. I Guess it was the only one we could turn to. It was mirror and we said mirror, would you be willing to preach? She, I ha, i didn't come here to preach. We said mira, we need you. She said, well, let me pray about it. So she went back and she prayed, the Lord convicted her, that she needed to preach. So for the 1st time in her life, she gets up and she preaches, and I start not just any stomach for the 1st time. She preaches an evangelist sermon. And so mirror is preaching and there's a picture of a preaching. But after a few days, she goes back to the hotel and one night she's in the hotel and her and Michael are there and Michael already fallen asleep and she had fallen and she was barely falling asleep. And as she tells the story, i heard her, I was there. So I actually heard the story myself from her. She had a dream, and in the dream, this being had come to her and told her to go home. She was not worthy to preach the gospel of jesus. She needs to go home because what was she going to do to anybody help? How could she help anybody go home? This voice said in her dream and she woke up and she was in a cold sweat. And as she woke up, No joke, the television in the hotel room started to blink on off. And she woke up her husband, michael, and she felt this oppressive evil presence. And she said, michael, we have to pray. I'm getting tormented. The voice is telling me to go home to stop preaching. And so what did they do? They got on their knees and they started reading the bible. And then by the way, if you're, if something like that ever happens, you've got to turn to the word of god. God is more powerful than any evil spirit. A man always more powerful. Jesus said, you're not built, i've overcome the world right. But your i've overcome the world. Jesus can overcome any evil spirit. And so as they prayed, they prayed and they prayed for several hours that night mirror was very troubled, but eventually she said, no, I have come here. God has called me, I am going to preach this message. And the Lord gave her incredible peace. And as they prayed together, she was convicted that she must continue preaching. And you know what you guys mirror who had never preached a sermon in her life. Over 60 people were baptized for per site, a man. Praise god. Like I said, you before, all you need is a willing heart, right? You may not have, you may not think you have what it takes, but god can use you if you're willing to say yes. If you're willing to say yes and to go, do you know how many people were baptized as a result of those meanings including mirrors? She keeps overshooting me. 18000 people, a man. And let me tell you guys, I was standing in that pool right about. I'm not in this picture, but later I was right about here and it was freezing, cold water and we were in that pool for 2 and a half hours. They to one of our baptizing one after the other after the other. I mean, I was so exhausted and I was cold, but it was, I was so happy was incredible. And you know, all these people that were streaming in there were so much mud in the, you know, there was just mud everywhere cuz people are coming out having been baptized and that was mud and your feet were muddy. All this mud was coming into the pool, right? As people are walking, if you see how nice and clean it is there, by the end, the pull was all body. It turned like dark brown. It was so many from all the people walking in and we were all the people were saying, you know, this is like what it is like. We are leaving our sins in this pool and rising to New life in christ. 18000 people baptized that day. You guys, it was incredible. I'm gonna show you a quick video now of a young lady. 15 years old, how old? 15 god hawk. God also called her to preach there in lusaka. I want you to Try And you know it's not it's christ working. And I've tried to work On the last hour. All converged together for $7900.00. $68.00 people giving their lives for one year. Told that those that had to pay A man game as that. Do you see that video direct? She was 15, got used her to preach there in zambia. Friends, i want to challenge again a day. God can use you if you are willing to say yes, a man if you're willing to say yes. So how do we take the gospel to the world? First key, power, the holy spirit. Men, we need to be empowered by the holy spirit. Again. If all are willing, all will be filled. A men. Number 2, we need to follow christ method. We need to meet the people where they are. We need to meet them through technology, through social media, through their phones. We need to meet the people and follow his method. We also need to minister to their needs as jesus did to use medical missionary work to reach the people. The 3rd point here, friends is that we need to recognize that each one of us is called a men. We are all called to be a part of this total member involvement movement to reach the world. And the 4th key be willing to go wherever he leads. The theme of this g Y C is what is it It's, I will go right? So, so I just forgot it's isaiah 68, that's the theme of our entire do you I see all these conflicts to be willing to go wherever god leads. Matthew, 1625 says for whoever desires to save his life will lose it. But whoever loses his life for my sake, will find it. I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall i send and who will go for us. And I said, here I am, lord. Send me. Now as we are moving towards the close of our seminar, i have 2 stories. I'm going to share with you 2 stories of 2 individuals that god used in a powerful way. Who said, lord, i'm willing to go wherever you send me, even if it means risking my life. Haven't you heard of a little town called nazareth You've been there? Pretty right. The mountains is friendly high. Yes. What? Somebody that I know came from nazareth, i'm trying to think of nazareth friends. We have a there is a man in nazareth whose name is we some I may have heard the story. Ok. Now I'm going to show you actually a video because it's a little better than me telling you, but I'll just give you the background. First of all, we some came from a muslim family. Ok. A very devout muslim family. In fact, so much so that is anybody ever converted to christianity? It was death stoning his sister. Became a christian through a series of events too long to tell how that happened. But his sister, providential li became a christian and went to an adventist school in germ in austria called bogan hoffman. Some of you know bogan hoffman when he'd been there. I've been there. Okay. Okay, we won't have him. Now his sister goes to bog and half in his family finds out, are they, they know what's happened. They this is how amazing it is. You guys, they actually asked we some to go to bogan hoffman to either convince his sister to recant or to stone her. That's really how serious it says you guys. Okay. He goes to bogan hawkins thinking that he's going to convince his sister to come back and he thinks, oh wow, this whole school of christian, i'm going to convince all of them that they're wrong. Because I know Instead, something else happened. We, since hart was completely changed the people he was trying to convert converted him we some became a somebody ominous christian. This fiery muslim devoted person now becomes an adventist. And he now is facing the dilemma. Because his family, of course has said that if anybody becomes a christian, it's tony his uncle, his whole family, they work very powerful family in this town. And so long story short when we some comes back, he is punished by stoning several times. He would have died if his brothers had not come, come over him and protected him and gotten his other family members going to go away. Eventually they said, we some you need to leave, you're going to be killed. So we did he left. Now, for the rest of the story, i'm going to show you the video because it's a little better than me telling you. I want you to see we some here in person. And this is really incredible because hold on just saying guys as I'm going to set this up, because what happened to him was nothing short of a miracle. And I will tell you that I have actually held in my hand what you're going to see in this video. Ok. I've held it in my hand. And you say, well, what does that mean? Well, I'll show you. You guys ready? Let's go to nazareth. Radio. All of the world, 130 different languages. We've been doing this for the past years now, but I've never seen anything like this before. Rebels of that, all you need to say all of the recent story right here. That example, that is my heart The time when is history decided and the christian, he was the family controller, but the regular stream from god, he decided to stay in the vine, didn't turn to sherry family and in time hearing became very angry and order still. This happened over and over 5 years, rather than 5 Usually father, we Need to share jesus center british used to teach english to his fellow we understand some of your machine to me. Recently, things took a turn for the worse. Because get uncle found out what we was doing. They 2 hadn't been paid so many years before. And now mom and winter, we have to attack We some place auntie. Heard the emotion downstairs and rushed out to see what was happening. She knew right away the reason was a serious trouble and fell on her knees and began to weep brother's right to protect him when he was hit with a metal rod. The dentist had pulled up and stab to his astonishment, the night bent, leaning him on The bed and said, try again to kill the man. As a mob retreated, the tread you will not know where or when we will kill you. Several months later, we shut the phone call, the cousins having killed riding and motorcycling. It just reminds me that have gone for us who can be against the contract of an agitated muslim community so much. So we knew it was a perfect time to use a W R cell phone of anton sought out someone to trans like the sermon in the arabic. He found a man named jimmy who readily how jimmy worked for days, sometimes late into the night, translating the bible sermons as he read me by the presentation. And he felt compelled to share them with one of his friends from the baptist Church. She was so amazed by the sermon that she shared them with their pastor, who was also impressed by what he read. He then sought out we seemed to preach at church. We presented the baptist Church, sharing the bible prophecy, our health message, and our white terrain. Their hearts were so convicted that the pastor and almost his whole congregation made the decision to back time that We held the trip. And one by one, the one we have enjoy your trash and Pretty incredible story guys, and that praise god. And I'll tell you, I just want to tell you that I have held the knife in my hands. And I will tell you that, you know, they say that, Ah, oh, something I guess we're going back to africa. Hold on. I guess. That's a great video too. That's a really great video. That is a great, great video and encourage you to watch it. That's also on that a gas car. But guys, i've held the knife in my hands and you know that the steel, if you bend it, it breaks. It doesn't then this night is perfectly bent with no sign of manipulation or heating. I firmly believe that it was a miracle of god that the angel stayed that night from killing we soon. And you know what we some is still today in nazareth risking his life because he's still in a very risky situation because he believes that god calls him and he has said, here I am, lord, send me. I want you to pray for. We sent a man and pray because we're starting in a W R center of influences there in nazareth to reach the arabs throughout israel. So please, when you pray with me that god will help reach the people in israel. A man, I met the final story today and then we're going to close. This is my favorite story of avenue for radio. On the border of North korea and china. There is a river And this river is well known because it is one of the only ways that north koreans can escape. They are very close country to find freedom. In North korea, it is illegal to be a christian. In fact, it is punishable by death. We do not know how many adventists we have in North korea. We do believe we have some we do not know how many we cannot send missionaries. We can barely broadcast but they're in North korea. There is this river that, that, that goes along with the border of China. And one day there was a young woman, a few years ago. Her name was kim. She was in her twenties. Kim was not a christian, but she desired to leave north korea to escape so that she could find freedom and earn money and somehow send it back to her family. She wanted nothing more than to be free. But there's one problem. If you try to escape that by swimming that river, you risk your life. They stay there is a street, a 3 strike rule. If you're caught the 1st time you're sent back your punished, you're put in prison and you're told not to try again. If you're caught the 2nd time, you're punished more severely and this time they tell you if you try a 3rd time, you will be executed for caught the 3rd time. If the media execution. Now camp she wanted freedom, and so one day she decided she was going to go for and she went for it. She started forwarding the river, but soon as she did, some of the guards saw her and a quarter. And they punished or, and they said kim, don't try this again. You think that stopped or why? She wanted freedom, right? So she waited a little while and then she planned her next attempt at a different spot and she tries it again. This time again, she thinks she's gonna make it, but then she has caught, sent back, she's punished more severely, put in jail. She said they told her kim, if you try to escape again, we will kill you. That you think that stopped him? Why? Because she wanted freedom and so she was thinking about it and trying to plan her escape. This time she decides to go under the cover of darkness. And there under the cover of darkness. Some time later, she gets in the river and she slowly starts to make her way across. And this time, this time, she makes it. She can hardly believe it. She's on the Chinese side of the boar, and she gets out of the water and she's running. She's running into the darkness and there in this chinese village, there are families that are sometimes aware that these refuge that these north koreans come out. And this kind chinese family took her into their home. They said young lady, we will let you stay here and hide here until you are ready to go. Now you see the north koreans, their goal is to make it to mongolia because if they get to mongolia, they can find the South korean embassy, who will then ship them to South korea, where they will be free. So kim's goal was to make it to mongolia. But as she was in hiding in that house, the Chinese family decided to give her a little gift. Can anybody guess what that might be? Oh, you guys are right. I man a plus. You guys are right on with a man, good job. They gave for a radio. And so kim started to turn the dial and as she's turning the dial, suddenly she finds the familiar korean language. And as she starts listening, she realizes she's hearing things she's never heard before. She hears about a book called the bible and she hears about him. Name a man named jesus. Kim found advent us world radio. And for the 1st time in her life, she hears sermons about the gospel about the word of god. And her heart is deeply moved as she is listening to these messages and a sheet. And every night she puts a blanket over her and she turns on her radio and she listens for hours. Eventually she's able to find a bible in korean and she's reading the bible and listening to the radio. And eventually, she believes everything she is hearing She, she wants to find out who these adventists are, that she's hearing about on the radio. And so after some time, she determines that she is going to find out who the sabbath, keeping adventists are. And so on a Friday night, she sets out on foot. She don't, she wants to find a church and she goes and she finds and adventist church. There in an, in a village, some ways away. And she goes in to this church and it was on a Friday night, the pastor was up in the front speaking. He sees her coming in the back. And he knows that she's in North korean refugee because sometimes he sees north koreans coming in the back of his church. But usually almost always, they're wanting one thing. Why do you think that is they want money, right? Because they're desperate. They've escaped north korea and they want money, and so he fully expects them. We can come in the back that she's going to ask him for money. But at the end of the service, when he goes to the back and he sits down next turn says young lady, how can I help you? He can hardly believe his ears. The next thing that she says she's a passer. There's only one thing I want. Will you baptize me? That takes you. Do you even know what baptism is? She said yes, pastor, i've learned all about jesus on the radio. I want to be baptized. Now I'm going to show you the rest of the story. One night at my church and until 11 entered and sat her face for hard fighting wonder And after everyone to join i career, she admitted every year in China either I have one request she has asked me will you me To you even know what that means the question Was her resolute response. While I found the reading and talked To me in language, It was Where I'm reading the term. Loneliness and fear, courage and home actually learned about the one who left for salvation in mom was born in her heart to one thing. Go back and share what she was learning with her family and friends with korea. We study the bible together for one. And she soaked up every word. Can you spears friends in room? Ah? All the Windows or anyone staying hand softly still is not cheap. And you know, lonely north korean lady was that When she enjoyed, she did pleasure leading to God After her back. She went to my in for freedom and the ability to study the bible at the University in South korea. And she said, that very night Ah, sometime later I received a phone call. The voice on the other line, she whispered, i have safely run into the night is the night. Please pray for me. All I could think about were the strands of water wire, which She did not write Down by chinese soldier who center back to continue To use me. I would never see those joyful eyes. I remember what she had told me The whole She Did not realizes she found True freedom in jesus christ and no one contains where You may never be called to go to North korea. But I stand here today to tell you that just as surely as kim was call you or called Kim was willing to lay down everything in her life for the one think there was only one thing that mattered to her. After, after she found jesus only one thing matter and that was to tell others about him. She wanted to go back and tell her family and her friends what she had found. Nothing else mattered in life. She had one focused one purpose. And I want to ask you to day guys, what is your purpose? What is your focus in life? You know, I believe with all my heart that kim, when she gets the haven't she is going to meet a lot of people who are inspired by her testimony. There is actually one young man who was his name was also kim In korea, sole korea. He actually south korea. He was also a north korean refugee and just 3 years ago, right before comb it, we were there in soul for emissions conference and we met this man. I didn't meet him, but elder wilson and a group met him. He actually had studied the bible and become an adventist insole and was baptized at this missions conference. And he heard about kim story and he said, I am going to fulfill what she left off, what she could not. I'm going to fulfill her dream. I'm going to go to samuel, i'm going to become a missionary, and as soon as possible, i'm going to go to that river and swim at the opposite direction. So that I can go in and be a missionary. Like him want it to be. He is still at samara, can reverse the starting to this day. Friends, i want to ask you to pray for north korea and pray for these places around the world that are so hard to reach that by god's grace a W R. We're trying to broadcast and, and reach people there. But more importantly than that, friends, i want you to ask yourself the question. Where is mine? North korea? Where is god calling you to go? Because just as surely as god called can, he is calling you. Every single one of us has a calling on our life. There are only people, there are people that only you can reach. Time is short. If anything, this year, if this year has taught us anything, friends, if this colbert era has taught us anything, tomorrow is not guaranteed. We need to lay it all on the line today in n G Y C, do you hear me? Jesus is calling you, he says, who is going to go for me. This strong can change the world. This room, this number france, i hope you have caught from this seminar today because that god has for you. I hope that by listening to these stories, you've been inspired that jesus wants to use you. You may not feel like you have very much like mom in bay and are part of church, right? You may not feel like you have what it takes. May you never been a preacher, but god is saying, I need you. I want you to go for me. I want to ask you today is we close? Will you say to the Lord jesus? Here I am, lord, send me that your response. Is that what you want to say, man guys? My appeal day is very simple. I want to appeal to your heart to answer the call. Maybe god is calling some of you to be missionaries to difficult places. Maybe he's calling some of you. Praise god jesus for asia, a man to go to asia. Maybe he's calling some of you to go to the middle east. We talked about mina. Maybe he's calling some of you to some day go to North korea. I don't know where he's calling you. But friends, i know that he is calling your choice, which only you can decide is Will you say yes. Here I am, lord, semi, i'm willing to go. That is your desire. Will you stand with me as we pray? father, in heaven. Thank you lord for the story of camp. Thank you for her willingness To go wherever you've sent her to go. Lord, she had one purpose in her life. Once she found you the only purpose that she wanted to have was to tell others about jesus. And as soon returned, lord, I pray that we would be motivated and inspired by her testimony, though she was not given more time on this earth. Lord, you have given us time. And today we stand before you and we want to say, lord, here we are, send us wherever you are calling us to be father. Some of us may be called to be missionaries in difficult countries. Some of us may be called right here in college dale to do our part floor, but whatever it is today, we want to respond to this call. We don't want to be lukewarm christians, we want to be honest higher for the gospel. We want to take these 3 angels messages to the world in this generation. Because like william miller, lord, we are fixed our minds on another time. And we are 177 years closer to the return of jesus today than they were 900. 44 lord, please fill us with the power of the holy spirit. Empower us to follow your method to reach the world so that jesus will come in our lifetimes. Lord, please, we pray, take our meager offering and multiply it for the glory of your name, use our lives to glorify you, and that many may be said as a result. Thank you, father, for how you're going to answer this per i pray you are. Bless my friends and their commitment here today. And lord, we will give you all the glory and all the praise. And I closed with this promise, lord, that you are able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or imagine according to the power that works in US through christ jesus for it is in his name that we use. This media was brought to you by audio person, a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org in.


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