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The Midnight Cry and the Loud Cry

Norman McNulty


Sermon given at Generation For Christ 2010 Conference at Camp Balandra in Balandra, Trinidad on July 30, 2010


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • July 30, 2010
    9:32 PM
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it's a pleasure to be here with you this evening anyhow I got is good and we're not going to let the devil put a stop to the work that God thousands store for the rest this week I can guarantee based on what has happened leading up to this weekend and even that what's happened here tonight we can know that God has a special plan in store for this week and and so it is my privilege to be with you tonight I've never started a sermon at nine thirty at night I've never preached in the dark if you know what God is going to provide the strength and the power and we are in receipt of a blessing than a month and before we start I would like to open with a word of prayer father in heaven you are so gracious to us you have brought us here the Campbell land for a weekends together we come from all over Trinidad and Tobago for messages to help us be prepared for the coming of Jesus Christ we want to redeem the time I pray Lord that this weekend you would help us to gain experience with you that will prepare us for your accounting this is my prayer in Jesus name and how many of you believe that Jesus is coming soon I truly believe that we are living on the blanket of eternity do you know why you came here this weekend why is it that you land for this weekend I can guarantee you that God has a plan for why you are here you're not just here to have a nice social time with your friend God brought you here because she has messages in store for you this weekend that organic challengers say to prepare you for the coming of Christ you know we don't have much time left in this world and we don't have much time left to mess around with God anymore in God wants to use us to do a special work in the last days my question to you tonight is do you know who you are as a people do we understand who we are as a Seventh-day Adventist people we have a prophetic identity and a professor recognition that goes with the identity do you know what that identity is do you know what that mission is are you living your lives to fulfill the identity and mission that God has given to us prophetically you know as we look to the future to see what will happen as the final advance of Earth 's history onto their clothes the way to understand what will happen is to look back to our history and I'm reminded of a quote from why sketches page one ninety six by Ellen White where she says we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and since teaching in our past history the other thing that we often overlook in that statement is just teaching will say God has led us in but we forget the teachings that he used to lead us along the way and God has a message that he has for us today and he has given us a history the health system that will happen in the future and the title for my message tonight is the midnight cry and the loud cry do you know what the midnight cry is and you know what the loud cries and you and other not the same thing what were to look at tonight is the midnight cry in the loud cry and we are going to start off in Revelation chapter ten how many of you know Revelation chapter ten same revelation shepherds I guess it's hard to turn in your Bibles with allies so I'll read it for you Revelation chapter Chan is the chapter in the Bible that identifies us as God 's people prophetically with what our message and mission is and in Revelation chapter ten verse one we read and I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven clothed with a cloud and a rainbow was upon us and his face was of the work assigned and his feet as pillars of fire and he had understand a little book open and he said is right upon us he has left upon either the United a mighty angel is the mighty angel that came down from heaven clothed with a cloud arraigned Alanis had his face of the sun his feet as pillars of fire if you go to Revelation chapter one the very same description you find in Jesus Christ so here you have in Revelation ten Jesus Christ coming down from heaven as a mighty angel to start a new movement and he start this new mayor with a little black and has had on you know what that little but does this little blood which is open in the book of Daniel and specifically it is the prophecy of a true three hundred days that have been sealed until the time of the knocking on understand all of that prophetic understanding I encourage you to keep starting to understand that what happened was after seventeen ninety eight when the time of the end began in Revelation 's hand comes into history prophetically as Jesus of the mighty angel come down from heaven to the book of Daniel is open to be studied and do you realize that we are the only Dean nomination to understand the message in the book again and you realize that the message in the book of Daniel in the message in the book of Revelation gives us our prophetic identity and mission and you realize that Jesus himself as the mighty Angel is pointing us to the study of these prophetic messages so that we will understand our identity which will drive our mission at the people and it's too late and Earth history to be ignoring the study of prophecy just before the coming of the Lord it is time to get down into the books of Daniel and Revelation to open them up to date deeply so that we won't know what God 's message is for our time and I can guarantee you one of the reasons why the devil is fighting so hard with the power and everything else that happened that she doesn't want this message where we understand our prophetic in my mission and identity to get to be understood so what we are hearing tonight is of critical importance on so glad that each one of us are here you realize what happened when that with revelations and revelations as this book was opened and you realize that there was a point in history where the books of Daniel and Revelation began to be understood by God 's people who were the people that studied the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and came to an understanding of the twenty three hundred day prophecy to understand a prophetic identity and mission United Artists have you heard of the Millerite maybe revelations and describes the rise of the second Advent movement through the Millerite and you know that notice way happens in verse eight Revelation chapter ten John is listening to the Angel speak human revelations never citizens in the voice which I heard from heaven spake and the need again and said go in take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which stands upon the sea and upon the years and I went under the angel and set them to him give me the little book and he suddenly need to take it and eat it up initial belly better but it shall be in my mouth sweet as honey and I checked the little book out of the angel 's hand and ate it up and it was in my mouth sweet as honey and as soon as I've eaten my belly was bitter develop and document that is the great disappointment what I'm going to show next is that history of the great disappointment and I would dare say that the story is I am that I'm about to tell you with respect to the great disappointment is a story that many of us do not really understand and I hope that as you hear it tonight it will install it within the desire to have this kind of experience for your the eighteen forties eighteen thirties and forties William Kneller was a man used of God to study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation and William Miller came to the understanding even in the eighteen twenties that Jesus worked on in the year about eighteen forty three and that was about twenty years away when he first discovered this now how would you feel if you were led in the study of Scripture by the spirit of God and you came to the understanding that Jesus was really joined account in your lifetime you know what it did William Miller a Jason overwhelming joy because she realized that his series and best friend will be coming to take him home and he kept studying and he kept studying and he kept studying and started chips preach these messages to the churches in his area to give you the whole story that he started preaching forty nine years he went all over New England preaching that Jesus was coming around eighteen forty three he began his preaching in eighteen thirty one and something very interesting happened in eighteen forty he was invited to one of the largest cities in the United States of Boston Massachusetts where he preached there one of the largest churches in Massachusetts the pastor of the church his name was Joshua Hines William Miller preaches that Jesus is coming in about three years and Joshua Hines was blown away and after the sermon he said William Miller do you really believe this and William Miller said I absolutely whilst when I be preaching assignment during this month that my whole life for the last nine years I give my whole life to the Edison Joshua Hines said what you're only one man and I'm going to give everything I can shoot first all of my time energy and resources into the proclamation that Jesus is coming very soon and that's what happen you know it's very interesting I wasn't planning on selling as part of the story that Joshua Hines frequently as the Millerite preacher was confronted with what we have here tonight there was no light and he would go into the myth of the congregation and he would preach in the mess of the people so that they could hear the message clearly that Jesus is coming soon and here we are again tonight having a similar experience now here's what happened eighteen forty three came and went obviously is that in Tamworth on your twenty ten the Jesus didn't come and not letting what was called the early disappointment at whether some confusion among the Millerite they were not sure what it happen how can Jesus hasn't come in this is where I bring you to the story of the midnight cry because Upton Syl July and August of eighteen forty four the millwrights just expected that Jesus would come sometime in eighteen forty three but in eighteen forty four as the year was going on there like wow Jesus up-and-coming we don't know why we can explain dogs set up creature to the movement by the name of Samuel S not how many of you ever heard that and Samuel S now came to a Millerite camp meeting in Exeter New Hampshire on August twelve eighteen forty four of the managers in there for me I got married on Monday a few years after eighteen forty four on August twelve eighteen forty four something very interesting happened Joseph is one of the leading Millerite preachers was preaching a sermon seven Nella write to her I can't even talking about how Jesus would be coming soon but I wasn't doing anything for the people because they had heard this type of sermon many times before and they were in the street where they didn't have any clear understanding as to what really what can happen at the end of the twenty three hundred days Samuel Snow had been studying the prophecies and he came to an understanding so he comes in and on horseback through this chance meeting and when she gets to the candy he sees brother Bates up on the platform preaching the same old thing and brothers no condoms of the rise of sin where the meeting was taking place and he sat down next to his sister on the front row and he said to her I have about the second coming of Jesus and she set up and can you imagine this she stood up and said Brother Gates sit down we have a man with year and brother Bates sat down and Samuel Snow got up to preach this was August twelve eighteen forty four and this is what Samuel Smith said if you study the prophecies Jesus died at the pass overland on the very day of Passover he was the unleavened bread for it with his body broken over the Sabbath hours on the feast of unleavened bread and he was resurrected as the wave sheaf offering on resurrection morning and high net cancer type perfectly in each of those conferences and those were the Spring Festival the Jewish ceremonial system but such twenty three hundred a prophecy pointed to the cleansing of the sanctuary which pointed to the anti- typical day of atonement and based on this study of the calendar that year that prophecy of the twenty three hundred days would reach its fulfillment on October twenty two eighteen forty four now share with the significance to this message this was Schumann and ten days before October twenty two and at the moment fix round became a lecturer fine and it wasn't like they started jumping up and dancing it became people came to the realization this is the message this is true Jesus is coming and Schumann and ten days am I ready to meet now what if you were enough right now that Jesus is coming into months and seven days are you ready for Jesus to come have you given everything in your life to him have you surrender completely to Jesus because the Miller writes when they heard this message excitement ship the ranks and this is known as the midnight cry because up until that time they had been preaching the coming of Christ but when a specific date was set for the coming of Jesus this is what is known as the midnight cry of the Millerite movement is also known as the seventh month min you were back on historian safe this message the Miller right movement like a tornado nothing about this do we have the fervor in intensity and zeal of the Millerite and looking for an longing for the coming of Jesus Christ McLouth deal we want him to come back in two months and ten days or would that be a serious inconvenience to our lives Don wait a minute and we don't say this out loud we said in our minds that nobody else I want to finish school first I want to get married first I want to have a family first I want to grow up first place or not why do I love you but please wait to come back just a little bit longer but you know the Miller right movement when they got this message every single one of the people who accepted this message they hit new Englund like wildfire like a tornado and they told everyone they knew Jesus is coming into month get ready to ready their daddy and that is the kind of experience that we need in our time now we know what happened October twenty two came in one and Jesus didn't come Lenny radiated experience of Hiram Edson who went through that disappointment he says we taught finale expected to see Jesus Christ and all the holy angels with him and that his voice for Collett Abraham Isaac and Jacob and all the ancient worthies in near and dear friends which have bench warrant for most like the our expectations were raised signs as we look for our coming Lord until the clock told twelve at midnight the day of them passed in our disappointment became a certainty our fondest hopes and expectations were lasted in such a spirit of weeping came over us as I have ever experienced before we wept and wept till the date on can you imagine crying all night because Jesus didn't come now notice what Ellen White says of this movement that shook place between August and October eighteen forty four she says of all the great religious movement since the days of the apostles not have been more free from human imperfection and the wiles of Satan them was that of the Ottoman eighteen forty four even now after the lapse of many years all who shared in the movement and have stuck with that firm upon the platform of truth still feel the holy influence of that blessed work and bear witness that it was of God anyhow it's it's interesting in Ellen White's first division you remember that vision she had of the straight and narrow pathway leading to heaven notice what she said I raise my eyes and citizens early writings page fourteen I raise my eyes and saw straight and narrow path test up high above the world on this path yet meant people were traveling to the city are weeded out and people traveling to the city and she says that the city was at the farther end of the path they had a bright light set up behind them at the beginning of the path you know what that light is it says the Angels hold me this line with the midnight cry this light shone all along the path and gave white further feet so that they might not stumble no notices this is Ellen White's first division as a prophet and she is shown in vision that the wine at the beginning of the pathways of the Advent people is the light of the midnight cry and that's why I am talking about that tonight because it is that why that shines the light on our pathway all the way to we want to be ready to meet Jesus in the clouds and here's what that is telling if you want to be ready to meet Jesus in the clouds we need to have an understanding of the experience of amiloride so that we can have their experience before Jesus comes because I can guarantee you Jesus is not come back for a group of people that are more lazy in their Christian experience among all rights there is no way Jesus is going to come back for a group of people who are at least thousands if not more so than the Millerite people that is the light at the beginning of a pathway and what why do we find in that millwright experience in the life that we find in the millwright experience is that these people love to Jesus so much that they gave up everything to proclaim his soon return it wasn't just a doctrine that Jesus is coming back in others a big difference about talking about the coming of Jesus Christ and longing for the kind you and God is looking for a people today who will long for the coming of Jesus Christ now I mention that we organized time we were talking about the midnight cry and the loud cry this is the midnight cry that we've talked about what we want to see is how does this parallel with a loud cry it's interesting Ellen Weiss an review and Herald August nineteen eighteen ninety speaking of the parable of the bridegroom which describes the midnight cry where it says it says behold the bridegroom Bill you have to meet him and right before that is that at midnight a cry was made she says this parable has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter did you realize that the will a bridegroom and of the ten virgins was fulfillment all right movement and will be fulfilling ending on the last day people begin a weapon is any one difference between the fulfillment of the terrible with amiloride the midnight cry was under the great disappointment that she dealing with a loud cry will lead God lastly people should at least once enshrined in the second coming and that is what we are here for we are here as a people to see that fulfillment so let me just take you to a prophetic description of the loud cry found in Revelation chapter eighteen verse one Revelation Chapter eighteen verse one and after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven having great power and the earth was lightened with his glory can you imagine the power of the gospel widening the whole earth but that is what is going to happen with a loud cry notice with Ellen White says about this loud cry she says in the early routers sorry in testimonies volume five page two fifty two the power which stirred the people so mightily in the eighteen forty four movement will again be revealed the third Angels message will go forth not in whispered tones but with a loud voice are you giving the third Angels message with a loud voice are you sharing it with a loud voice with your friends we are not to be ashamed of the three Angels messages we are not in again and whispered times we're in exhibit in a loud voice as she says in early ranks page two seventy eight I saw that the third Angels message will close with power and strength of our I might try I realized then that my cry was so powerful that out of seventeen million people in the United States at least fifty thousand people had accepted about the high person and then the loud cry will exceed this it sickened by a great degree Jesus far exceeding the midnight cry so what's the issue why is it that she or we are into thousands on whizzing sound I say this all the time at work hundred and sixty six years now hundred and sixty six years after eighteen forty four in how what we need is a revival of true godliness this is well on White says in first selected messages page one twenty one a revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs to seek this should be our first work are we seeking revival of true godliness in our life as our first work because when God 's people are read by then he will be able to use us with great power and this is a quote from great controversy page four sixty four which to me is absolutely powerful here she says before the final visitation of God 's judgment upon the years and left on the future we have not seen God 's final visitation of the judgments upon the earth through before the final visitation of God 's judgment upon the years there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since apostolic times spirit and power of God will be poured out upon his children do you want to be part of that revival of limited godliness has not been witnessed at the time of the apostles noticed she's angry Congress occasion for a want but the midnight cry of eighteen forty four that unit there had not been seen anything like that from the days of the apostles that she sank in the future before the final judgments of the Lord upon the earth there will be a revival of godliness among the people such is not been witnessed since apostolic times and I'm telling you deny that God has brought us here this week and the challenge are hard to have that kind of a revival we are here not to play games with God we are sheer to surrender our life completely to Jesus Christ Jesus is a longing to come back in the clouds of heaven for his people and you God wants to do something great here in Trinidad in nine God has brought us from all over Trinidad and Tobago to briefly define the Reformation so that spirit and power of God will be poured out in this country in a way that we have never seen despite the power that has been your in a way that has yet to be seen because as good as things may have been we have not come lots to the revival of primitive godliness since of them witnessed since apostolic times that is what we are waiting for before Jesus God is waiting to pour out Holy Spirit power known as the latter rain so the loud cry can go to the whole earth so that the earth will be a lightning with a glory of God so that Jesus can come back in the cloudless the now if it's really ensuring that the final visitation of God 's judgment are still future and if it's really true that there will be a revival of primitive godliness such has not been witnessed since apostolic times did you realize that God brought you each one of you into this world could be his people that experience that revised and that is why we are here this week you know when we have these kind of weekends these are the kind of week and for something special can take place with God and were to be here together all we weekend the whole week and this is going to be a time to really consecrate allies they got to when we have our conversations with our friends and family that were talking about the messages which are not about the jokes of the world in this and the other thing the cares of this life are reminded this week and if unity set on heaven so that when Jesus comes back will be going to where we already belong you know that we are currently strangers on the street and you can tell if you're really a Futterman stranger by the way we live our lives because if we live as if we belong here on the search we are really photos and strangers and yet if we are seeking a better country the heavenly country we will be living as if we already live in heaven so our free time will be taken up during the things of God we won't be doing the things of the world more free time and just doing checked work here checking out the checklist the servant God God wants people who serve him completely out of what now here's how I'm going to close I will close with an illustration last year my wife too well visited Paris can fear that she's there last year while we were still a normal one that California should have the opportunity to get a result of your three-week evangelistic series to win souls for Christ and although I didn't want to be apart from her for that long it was to get an opportunity for her to pass it to go when sultry God so she went and I was by myself for three weeks and I can sell you I can guarantee especially with a counterfeit I have evil she was gone that I was counting the days down so she would come back because on that in this earth she's my best friend in in as a human being she's my best friend now and nobody is closer or should be closer to us than God the humanly speaking she's my best friend so I could not weigh for her to come back I was looking forward to it so much an fact so much so that I expect half a day off from work because she flew back in and on the morning and I said the morning off from work so I can be the one to pick her up from the airport and I was able to surprise her because she thought I would be working someone else etc. and we were so happy after the three weeks to be together again now let's make this really what makes Israel how many of you are counting the days until Jesus how many of you love Jesus so much that you can't stand the thought of another year by where he is coming as the lady yet again and yet I can speak for my own part when I was growing thirty three on not terribly although I'm not a teenager anymore that when I was a teenager 's eye helps the thoughts I mentioned earlier what I want you to come in I want to finish university first I want to become a doctor first and I want to get married first because I you know I want to see what this life is like first and then you think that you know I can guarantee you the Millerite they did not feel that way anyhow the people that Jesus Christ is coming back for are the ones you love his appearing the five three deal we love the thought of Jesus coming in the clouds can you imagine what it would be like to be here at the lander looking over the ocean as the eastern sky opens up with Jesus coming in the clouds of the anyhow that's what we're here for so as seventh day Adventist we are not here for any other reason than to proclaim the coming of Christ and to prepare people for him to come so that we can hasten his return is aware here for we are not here for anything else and I challenge you to nine think about your heart right now do you want Jesus to come back you want to come back next month or next week in the next year or two or would that be is a major inconvenience to your life one you have got is about to do something to wrap this workout I believe that with all my heart she is going to wrap this work that he can finish the work and cut it short in righteousness and when I see what is happening in the church my heart was thrilled through and through when I heard our new general conference president preaches sermon that he did just a few weeks ago to stay to come in as our new president and we need to go forward in the a longing in our heart the scene Jesus coming in the clouds and so I ask you now are you ready for Jesus do you want him to come back with all of your heart are or are there things you are hanging on junior tension in your life that you now are preventing you from being a complete witness as an aptness that you can be for Christ to prepare people for his return and I know it's dark and I know that it's hard to see that on to make an appeal right now some of you who are seared in my you know what you expect when you came here this weekend and as you can here this evening you've heard a message that makes it clear that the future of this church is a revival of primitive godliness that has not been witnessed at the time of the apostles and we won't get if we are faithful we can see the greatest manifestation of the power velvet has ever been seen on this earth why would you not want to be part of that and you realize that in your life right now is you through this week and there are things in your life that you need to surrender to the Lord so that God can speak to you in a powerful way the rest of the week and so that you can be paired mentally physically and spiritually to be a witness for Christ for pair of interest and if there are those of you in the audience who want to surrender all to Jesus Christ and to say Lord I'm tired of playing games with the eye which hired of acting like I met a Christian acting like them and add myth than reality I know that my wife is of the world and I want to give my life completely to Christ so that I will be a faithful and just helping people to be prepared for the coming if you want that experience I advise you to come up to the front of mongering have a special prayer for all of you who come to the front you want to have an experience with God this weekend that is going to change her life for ever so that you will be a faithful and just from planning the message of the soon coming of Christ to prepare people for the coming of Christ we don't have much time this may be our last opportunity to be ready to meet Jesus and the Lord in his great mercy has given us as much time as he has so I invite you to come come to the front to have a special prayer that the Lord will work in a powerful way to come to the front so that the Lord Chin for outages power upon us so that we will have an experienced that will exceed the Millerite movement that will exceed that the Holy Spirit power that they had so that we will have power that will change Trinidad and Tobago there are so many people in our country here who still haven't heard this message so to the front and I will continue to give you time to come we're going to have a prayer of consecration to pray that God will use each one of us and whatever it is in our lives that we are holding back we are going to surrender to the Lord by his grace and power so that he can bring revival and reformation journalized and that we will be open to the messages we hear this week and so they as the work indexes of things and allies we will surrender them as he reveals them to I really believe that the Holy Spirit has been with us and she has a great plan for each one of us and I'm so thankful to see so many of you are wanting to consecrate your life completely for this high was born of her father in heaven Lord you are an awesome God he sent Jesus to die first and we don't even deserve and yet here we are as a people hundred and sixty six years after you entered in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and you still have to return the ambler we want to commit our lives right now hundred percent to the much higher to playing games we want to be fully consecrated and timidity we want to be powerful witnesses for the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives that changes us into the likeness of Christ we want to be like Jesus and to share the love of Christ for the world around us so that the Holy Spirit is poured out and latter rain power we will with out Shane proclaimed the three Angels messages to all around us the way the Millerite without shame proclaimed the second coming of Christ in eighteen forty four Lord we realize we need to have an experienced the far exceeded their experience when you have a faith that far exceed their faith experience but I thank you for the challenges that you gave us this evening and how the devil tried to throw roadblocks into this meeting this evening and yet you have been victorious you have used this as a witness and demonstration of your power that you are more powerful and you are more mighty than the devil please help us to not let the devil come into our thoughts and my stomach is think all it was just a one-time commitment tonight that wasn't too serious in our weakness play a little longer and then maybe we can do Syrians were born later no health is to be a serious firm commitment that will be forever and that we will be faithful to you each and every day when I thank you for how you are convicting hearts please please help us to stay faithful to you I pray that as we hear the messages throughout the rest of this week and we will surrender our lives to you more and more and more so that you can fill us with latter rain power just before Jesus comes in more ways made Jesus comes we want to see we want anyone seeing what part of this old world may Jesus come back to take us and may we be ready this is my prayer in Jesus name


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