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Faith and Science - My Story

George Jackson




  • July 15, 2010
    9:45 AM
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will finance George Jackson hi I enter the health sciences department here we mark for most of the associate academic Dean fairly new to Weimar and my share as his first in the series I want to share my story and some of the experiences I've had as this as a student as a scientist I prior to my coming to Wii Mark and others amazing things God has done in my life also I is essentially a testimony this morning with some of the relieving to what we talk about as we go on for the next two messages so this is start with the repair father in heaven it's good to be here it's a blessing to have somebody committed young people here wanting to serve you it's a privilege to be able to work for you to speak for you but I'm always mindful that that we are yet only a vessel and a very unworthy vessel at that so we just pray that your spirit and your angles and be here particularly as we look at words of truth not anything in my life or anything that I've done but made all give glory and honor to you and as we see the evidence of your leading at and the miracles that you performed in my life and my journey Vero Beach person here young and old as they continue on their journey through life and a face so all the assaults that the devil throws up and we pray in Jesus name while welcome it was as I mentioned assigned to some feel you and with some of those details but if there was anything that stood out as an iconic moment in my life it was probably a year and a half ago before I actually ever thought of coming to Wii Mark I did all my training my education in Australia although I'm from Hawthorne about forty miles away so you never know when God will take you in your life 's journey I can ensure you that but at this point I was standing in Washington DC on employee of the University of Tasmania way over on the side of the world standing in the Cosmos club dichotomous snobby sort of voice club in Washington DC and after there holding this meeting and I was speaking to there was a congressman there they were science leaders they are based in Washington DC and I was speaking on the behalf of as senior scientist of one of fourteen projects in the Census of Marine life and if ever there was a time you may have thought wow I really arrived and now that within an idea as I got to thinking the help boy they could see me now you know there I am in Washington DC talking to all these hobnobs working as a senior scientist and yet I have a home and a job halfway around the world had it happened in our isn't God amazing how he leads in our life now that's what I was this is a Marine life actually finishes October of this year the decade-long program of discovery rate is actually suggested one of the six great experiments in the world site it was if anybody had lived out their dreams as a marine biologist it was me that I was washing this is will come back to that in fit in and discuss how I got ever before I go there let me tell you about a young boy with a nervous problem who couldn't read was actually pulled out of school because he couldn't learn what the bed tell old age you know growing up as quite what one lot over as his final ten or eleven or something and this little boy was actually in a retarded reading class for the him had learning problems that he was such a bad public school that his parents finally took him out of that school and it was probably a year or so maybe ten hundred ten months before he could actually get enrolled in another school and metal guy got enrolled in El Dorado Junior Academy in plaster Ville just forty miles away or sell it oh boy was me that was me that's how I started out cellulitis that if you look at me and as days give out boy you know what's can happen to him probably it was all related to the fact that I started very young and I was probably just too young in school and but it wasn't until I got to Christian environment with some lovely older ladies that I was able to call down in a taught me to read you again to learn then I went setting system via the system here I went to Auburn Academy up in Washington for three years I dismissed my thirtieth the reunion thing and I went to Australia because I was always kind of an adventure there is a Marine biology thing I actually went to our college they are in Australia Avondale College and that was thirty years ago thirty years ago and I spent two years at Avondale College that's right met my wife and I married an Australian girl and I thought I was never coming back because I'd left my country I adopted my new home which is a wonderful place strike I still feel homesick for my adopted home but you know the adventures are to started there I let the Christian education as I wanted to pursue my passion is a marine biologist and I went to James Cook University in North Queensland which is like the world 's premiere place to be Marine biology that great barrier reef just off the coast that just a premier place a regional university a small place with a hot tropics challenging place to live actually just got back from Atlanta human it landed summertime is like Townsville Ezra James Cook University is but you know before that time I is iconic ties again where God has intervened in my life and I know it's my computer one time I was driving with my wife to be from New South Wales she lived in Queens land South Queensland which is a wonderful beautiful beaches and we've been driving like thirteen hours and we are going on the freeway approaching home items dark there's lots of traffic coming down back to Brisbane and I needed to pull off the road because I just needed to chill out it was like it in a long day all these lights are my eyes and I was feeling a little irritated him and I just needed I needed a break when I forgotten is that our car at elect all the salt balmy car I drove had an electrical problem it wasn't starting when I'd forgotten that we pulled off the dark off the side of the road in the car stops at the idea review my wits about me maybe then I realized the car 's not starting now if there is a car to start it was fairly easy to do that but my wife didn't drive the clock clutch car a manual car so check them try pushing this thing on the door open we just need a really little bit and get the car started it all these fun memories of your young days and you have next to nothing and and away you go and it just wasn't working in the very moment it was dark we know where we were we are all a side road trying to read the chain of events I should've asked my wife again from what I remember a motorcycle pulls out a dark the guy takes his helmet off and say anything my wife always remember the strikingly blonde hair that he had becomes the back of car he keeps pushing within seconds another car pulls out another couple guys Palau joined Gaiman back in the All-Star push my car I get going and it takes off at one of them fell on his face cousins took off so fast we had to keep the car running my wife jumped in and we thank the guy didn't drive all was always look back later and I didn't make a lot of sense that whole situation where in a very dark corner off the freeway then I'd just on offramp where these guys come from savings say anything they jumped in this start are you guys going and never think that just didn't fit in that story later on into this day we always felt for some reason got sent angels to rescue is what we know we are endangering we now know but that story didn't add up and my wife always limited to the Hellmann's bright blond hair angles up on here that's rich that's evidently that's the case in my mind goes back to this quote in the spirit of prophecy and review and Herald October twelve nineteen oh five room she says that famous quote we have nothing to fear for the future except as we should forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history let me back up a little bit and I'll deal with this again and Moni Manna I went to one of our Adventist denominational schools I was young unskilled teenager in a different country the same professors their fellow professors I guess lectures in Australia called lecturers they had some issues with their theology they really did particularly I would say maybe leans towards evolution I don't think the outright endorsed evolution but absolutely most certainly they made a mockery of our younger and convinced and believe it and they were openly teaching millions of years and electric company I can still remember theology guys are shaking their heads at each other one of his classes but they were calling geologic years I can remember enough young guys as a teenager I was looking up these guys and I believe because that's what they were teaching I was young the eighteen of the time I wasn't really thinking for myself I can remember they were having valid ushers chronology insane that is gaps and so forth you now true but they were just talking it all out and they were certainly attended thousands of years and they were talking about local landforms and certainly millions of years and they were teaching openly and at thirty years ago in Athens distribution thirty years ago in a different not here and that without soaking in and I wasn't filtering it for myself and I was just believing things greatly respected right you know I was in the very beginning of my studies and these guys were teaching is that I can remember them actually mocking they were invited us as Adventist scientists they were involved in biology and human morphology geology and so forth they were invited to a conference conference field trip in New Zealand where they were and they were going to be it was like an evidence for creation of a sort of field trip and they were that they were bringing Christian had been assigned this any driver Kyle laughing and mocking us they want that's not the way to do science in Allen and I guess they were going to stir things up at this conference and it was only in that institution for two years they actually try to recruit me later on my career twice that institution I just wasn't interested I didn't think I would fit in a fit in really well and we monetize my hardest year but I look back at all that and thinking what if I'd stayed there I mean I was beginning to get molded by this basically toying with idolatry that these guys were doing they were there for many years and I wouldn't dribs and drabs of information out of this institution what was going on and it wasn't good the important thing which I hadn't done at that time and I learned later was you got to have your mind made up in the decision made before your facing situations like this whether it's in a Christian institution or whether it's in a secular university will go on to the secular university in the later but let's go to Daniel Daniel chapter one I love the story of Daniel I can really relate to the story of Daniel because my career was in the University of Babylon after I did my research the University of the international University the child believes in whatever that's right from after I left my two years my heart was in Marine biology by then I was married by the Mary students will be easy for this wended my classes and I want my public university and did my training but this is what it says Daniel one eight I love Daniel one evening it says but Daniel purposed in his heart and he goes on to say that he would not defile himself for the ports of the king 's meat nor were the wine which he drank were therefore he requested of the Prince of UNIX that in my not defile himself the point in that is that Daniel purposed in his heart that means his mind was made up for it ever was in the situation you've got to make it some of you may be attending Christian or public or secular universities or are about to before you step foot on that campus and I might say in an Adventist University it's probably almost scarier is regardless down a major public universities mean them and I know the difference in them when you're around Christians and they start infusing idolatry and false theories and what you doing your guard is down to be extra special extra vigilant we all know the stories what's going on you've got to have your mind made up before you go there and giving okay when I do that's not a good position to be by clinicians and share my stories as I went in to the public University there I was in James Cook University wonderful school by worldly standards in our field trips out to see him and the first time I have ever been in a non- Adventist environment I grown up in Annapolis a lot of them I was very young in an assistant madness high school I've been in and at this college for a couple years everything was gone either I didn't have to think about things suddenly I'm in a secular situation I'm in a geology class of all things related to thought boy geology weather that's a tough one for Christian I can tell you the stuff they have in their and as a field trip on Sabbath well I'm a Seventh-day Adventist riot and do things on Sabbath so I can go to the theater I didn't already talk to anybody I didn't know what I just didn't go and as a result when you see in the class because like I missed a major chunk of the write up of what we do in the field trip and I just wasn't a major core one of my classes so arrogantly think about I never thought to go to the lecture say hey I can't make it good these are the reasons why can I do something else I just didn't occur to me that I had never experienced this before as a result I got a bad grade that was okay because I was you know why I was standing up for what I believe however my dream was always to be a marine biologist I passionately taken me halfway around the world here I am on the great barrier reef in our diving on the great barrier reef by eighteen growing up here in the mountains of California was just like wow now come to my second year of my Marine biology course that you start popping up on Sabbath again bought me having had it I can remember a botany at a field trip the rain forest on the Sabbath biology of marine plants that attract the magnetic island with an analogy on the Sabbath second-year zoology at a weeklong field trip to magnetic Island starting Friday night when I got to do him my dream this is my heart this is everything I have lived for up to that time on he was a part of my life I was assigned site this is what I wanted to do and I'm ashamed to say that I started compromising because of what was my title science and faith their faith in science and I guess I was at the science and to my growth in the science and the newest face started out well with geology would really care about anyway now we're getting to core subjects that were my major you know and I went back to know is natural science physics biology in we can study God 's creation you can think you can rationalize it right there I wasn't I wasn't going to factories or something I was studying God 's creation and that's how I rationalize it in my mind well were going they are going to the rain forest and articles like making notes about the assignment throwing out the entrance six and counting that the distribution about eating taking data and all sorts of things are going to an end and a bunch of Uni students on magnetic Island drinking on Friday night and there was no of all that feeling terribly comfortable about it but what can you rationalize that's what I had to do because it for me it was the Sabbath for me was the Sabbath let's look and an intricately involved in creation that's good Genesis two one to three Genesis two one to three so there I was rationalizing wanted God say back in Genesis two the heavens and the earth were finished reading for verse one and all doubts of them and on the seventh day God ended his work which he admittedly rested on the seventh day from all the work which is made and God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it because that in it he had rested from all the work which God created and made there we have gone I created the world he creates the Sabbath to be a blessing he sets aside his holy time as a commemoration of him as the creator and the creation of years and I was out with my drinking on Friday night on a field trip like this twenty eight to eleven humming again just look it and people will notice it's reading again now Exodus twenty eight to eleven it's the fourth commandment but noticed the creation and the Creator ship in the fourth commandment remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy right that were supposed to do I wasn't doing it six days out a labor and do all I work with the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God in it thou shall not do any work that out unless I know my daughter by man servant maidservant nor thy cattle my stranger that is within thy gates why for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is and rested the seventh day wherefore the Lord blessed the seventh the Sabbath day and how it is holy time now I will send my kids my family out even though this wonderful Christian people that go to Sunday keeping churches and in many cases they show us up in our bed is missing a blessing they just don't happen they don't know about the Sabbath the blessing isn't there in my life the Sabbath has become very important in our life because of experience I went through and of course I love Isaiah fifty eight this is about Isaiah fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight and some of these will pop up from time to time either as we find the other talks and you know looking at thirteen to eleven and twelve talks about those people the last generation building up those waste places and restoring the breach then he goes on to say if thou turn thy foot from the Sabbath from doing thy pleasures on my holy day and call the sabbath a delight the holy of the Lord Honorable and shalt honor him not own ways I own pleasure not speaking nine onwards then shut out delight thyself in the what will you do I will cause a ride upon the high places of the earth and daily with a heritage of Jacob by father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken these are just a few of the wonderful blessings and promises that the Lord encapsulates in the Sabbath because he is our Creator and the only way to Sabbath makes any sense is a six-day creation don't find them hanging on the Sabbath later on when he talked about Revelation six and seven I will be one or other talks and how any in time the creator is an important and part of that so these are these are things I knew I should've known better but I was ill-prepared and there are other things that were higher priorities in my life I'm ashamed to admit it that's the case came to beginning my third year and I can't remember what had happened during the case in my life maybe maybe by then I'd be getting more and more involved in our church life and people are taking me under their wing is probably what happened because when I got married my wife I moved away to a new place no family no support we knew nobody we were young and we were just a nuclear family on our own and we kind wavered because we round the world for the first time and there we were and so we wavered little bit and that's probably why went down this track because I was found wandering in the wilderness with no support but I guess over time the local church we gain their support and that's probably what start making a difference in my life I came to be answered in Australia do a three year bachelor 's degree is just under three years ago for your honors degree in illustrating the PhD investment wanted to bang bang bang on you I for biology in the field of one of your research you got your PhD in otherwise there are many opportunities in this one is going to do my dream now but also for that now I can keep doing this I must not convicted maybe it was a revelation seminar I can't remember what I do I thought I'd make a decision I can keep doing this I can't even I can't just keep my foot in the world and doing things on Sabbath because as part of the course and keep it I just can't indicate going to church and trying to be the church thing as well I made the decision that it means I can't do my course it's okay I was an easy decision was not an easy decision because I'd normally spent years preparing and doing that I was facing giving up and not knowing what to do with my life but I may recommend the Lord say Lord I'm him not to do this anymore that means I can go on so be it what's can happen how Mexico to do third-year class in the third class is a really exciting after it's out onto the ocean amended at their core stuff I went to the University had its own vessel and it was exciting stuff it was amazing and I can remember there was one particular tree is actually an American any was a single guy kind of an unusual personality very unapproachable God is very professional job lecturing very very professional of the front but you know those people but you can't speak to him personally acting scary scary thought that he just didn't have a relationship wonder why but he could get up and be very inspiring and exciting up front and he said well it was plankton productivity was the class major part of Marine policy these that I thought were were having field trips on the boat trips are to be on Saturday Sunday and I was Tuesday everybody up to the respective trip this is just after I made my decision I don't accept any changes he said unless you are working your life depends on it about you to see me go on the date you signed up on that I got two out of three chance that this they are to stimulus money and that I go to the board postings then looking at the names and Woody think you know that this is true that's right there I was Saturday trip where the worst possible guy in the University to sign me up for trip on Saturday but when I you know I I am in the summertime I make a decision in Iceland with it I guess I'm thinking that I was young inexperienced that will have to talk to but I wasn't in a particular position of strength because I compromised up to now a phenomenon is a lot out there but what about biology many plans and what about your usual Heathfield dread and what about you know you're in a rain forest ecology flag inelegant all that what was the difference anyway did that and fortunately God is good I going to his office like I can remember it like yesterday I go in his office he city near you you definitely talk to people he's kind of a Wheeler University is a lot quirky people university students every department seems to have this guy he was he was he was good sinusitis was not present he sitting in his office missy junkie office they sitting his desk I got him interested in playing I know you said you know that you have to go on the time you said I said I go to churches on Saturday I'm down to Saturday trip now I can't really go isn't anything you can do I don't remember I said what I do remember using significant documents stupid doing the same I have to do that and any such stare at his desk and he looks down because they were him he shook his head waiting for something this guy and what he said was well I'm not very religious he was interesting is apologizing to me for not being religious I'm not very religious he had to this schedule oxidize that his mother is a spot on Sunday I think was would you like to go to the other defined categories that I walked out thinking wow you know he apologized to me for not being related to lack of understanding going in assignment one part is as a young person the inhalation who I am what it means you know how to explain some well-liked that was the beginning of it for me his blessing it was a great victory I was I was pumped up I did that you know I found this guy really challenging he was a good scientist even a single guy in the equally right to the somehow withdrawn this guy and I work for him after I get my honors with him as a supervisor I know I was I like punishment or something outside the sky was challenging and I worked for him in the summer when we were going on on periodic books without being plankton sampling on one of his family fifties actually looking for the larvae of box jellyfish which kills people in Australia and he was involved in that and you know from then on he knew I do things and Saturdays what about taking obvious at all I know you don't go then you will organize something else I have to do anything I think it's easier after that it's easy serving God is easier than trying to compromise it actually makes life much easier okay what happened so that happen that was an iconic time with something happen then I guess God gives you a greater purpose in your life we know the story of Daniel God I see we honor him and you know before the time a great economy of worker arrived they were okay and geology are bombed out because I didn't go on the trip in an generally I think I wasn't doing so well after that I started to be like a hundred percent on assignments in essence one hundred percent this is a pretty system in Australia it will be a hundred percent on SAP always find something of a copyrighted I find something when people write something that you don't agree with twice that happened from two different methods one was in the tough guy under percent things are coming together by the end this is all to God 's glory absolutely glory by the end of my third year I taught the class of marine biology nine thousand miraculous I taught the class and remounted the kids in there that would just computer minded sort of geniuses God brings it together and it might that was the third-year I didn't have to go into an honors degree the honors degree in Australia is tough it's like nine months you do a research subject you you write a small thesis aims all has to come together you got to get a first-class honors the related scholarships and get in the PhD program in Australia they were paying you for doing a PhD scholarship they paid for doing it it isn't very different than it is in specially noticed that I don't my heart is here and awake now and and every thing comes together for my honors degree what's pay the way for my careers with biology talk about that later and and everything comes together you know I'm out discovering and stomping around the mangrove swamps on finding the species that were great biological models and and things were coming together breakfasted for six weeks to talk about my stand with rings and aging in the work I was doing and and begins to come together my honors year and praise God again olive oil is a God top biological sciences in honors like the whole school biological science something like God me know God is wanted to follow you got immediately turned around completely stand up for God and the blessing I deserve any bad the blessings just what you know I was applying for it many comes in among the PhD in him PhD and Lucy Nader my PSA to the same school and I have my transcripts in the desk and one of my friend we had a group of us there and that you are pregnant women to check out my transfer my Graceland the Senate offered job application or something Len McKenzie at winners and George transfigured night was snooping on my desk and meeting my pride but I did it was just devalued to students it'd have any privacy and is censoring in your great Satan infers interest second year and I looking your grades and third year looks like your different person in the same person like what someone on the transcript and I kept telling the story well this is what happened now I made a decision I decided to follow God and what not I was crazy to you not even excepting the credit yourself but he was on a different planet I mean I don't think I reached him he does it know where I was coming from this vote was a scratching post thanks Rebecca Daniel with Québec to Daniel Merced McDaniel one what happens and so selling out Daniel said he purposed in his heart now he goes to Aspen as if they looking you need to stop you I can do nothing get chopped off my give you guys special privilege of debt in work because the now the next arises the stiffest test window and in the highways imagine Daniel and Ellie what he would integrate man not only integrity but he would've been he would've been very diplomatic very polite very respectful when he approached people I decided to submit any sort had about the weekend will read this stuff now there were a lot of other Israelite boys in this group a lot we only have a record of four of them not going along the crown you don't see any discussion when all the kings you just fine with the keys and the slaves are documented ulcer choices about pointless testis might imagine it was probably the inspiration for God from God to give us ten days it was vegetables and water is check us out up to ten days now I can imagine anybody think it's pretty reasonable okay that want anyone else sickly American dynamic and salt well of course God you take that one step and just God pours out his blessing ten days and it just everybody else down the fatty diet the wine on the John thirty in general and it just wiped out and these guys are like pillars of strength and health in a okay you guys just do what you need to do and God gives them the victory in an impossible situation and they go forward what I love his verse seventeen is as for these four children God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams now okay now they face the MCAT right they finish their studies in a guy to take the final exam and the examiner himself is the king of Babylon yellow that the Chancellor of the University the Chaldees is there any arguments that would be really scared right in there and he's gotten it's an oral exam now they maintain that it questions the stamina you are presenting that the team said they should bring them in then the Prince of UNIX brought them in before Nebuchadnezzar scary guy in the King communed with them and among them all was found like Daniel Hannan on Michelle and Azariah therefore stood there before the king and in all manners of wisdom and understanding that picking everything the king asked them he found them top of the class they they have the top marks they had this at the curb according to them it wasn't even that they were an order of magnitude better than everybody else mentioned that everybody else got an on their exam in a different ten times better an order of magnitude right out of right off the scale these guys are like this nobody even comes close to that amazing to me like Hebrew slaves eating vegetables and water in the middle of a pagan idolatrous country leaning on God said nobody else in their life and God gives them a wisdom that is ten times better than anything else and then Danielle continues to to the first year King Cyrus he makes it through three three Kings in the outlives three things you know God as young people during their education as young scientists are young professionals going into careers website know a lot of this July see movement is made up God is waiting to do things beyond our while the expectations God just wants to be glorified in through our careers in whatever course we believe this in God wants us to shine into the world does one and a half that I don't have at the very time when our institutions of learning recorded on business we carefully say at the very time when I institutions are toying with idolatry and following the ways we were climbing people within our institutions arguing enamored by the ways of the world is a very time with God is wanting us to shine into sand and show the way and instead were stumbling over he wants to pour out his blessing but were content with so little you know were discontent with walking and God wants us to fly we got it we got it we got it step out for God so we can do great things in his Isaiah forty thirty winter that can do that with me Isaiah not got it written here but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mind up with wings as eagles they shall run and not be weary they shall walk and not faint was a sacrifice too much when I was going to my career did I give up too much was the cost to great follow God rather than go along with what was required in my university curriculum was it now I haven't not got no written three times my in my notes no no no what how can him that compare with what God wants to do in our lives have been any of it be worth what God holds out for us in the future let's move ahead now and go on a little bit more of my career so that was my education unlimited working as a sign so did my PhD talk about having fun now trips on the great barrier reef I mean just amazing stuff I had I had it in Australia have postdoctoral position I haven't had to young researchers to get a postdoctoral position with a new research and develop there there publications start getting grants to start building their building there their career astray by using actually have tears of these they have a three-year wine and and have a second here in the ongoing senior ones wait on your career I got three of these postdoctoral positions I got two of them offered me I got one operating New Zealand if I got one in Western University West astray I actually delayed the Australian government one went to New Zealand for ten months worked on this wonderful deep water squeeze into an southern New Zealand living on this amazing place out of the need and cold sore windswept sort of place I went to Western the striate and I went back to James Cook University doing I like nine years Mike fine by doing whatever online now doing research I had research money I had research projects in Thailand twice to the Falkland Islands I had conferences in England and Japan the USA needs the land in various places in Australia now it was a meaningless life it was fun I mean I I love doing Marine biology and traveling and doing all these things it it was quite a career the daughter opening doors I have a job at the University of Tasmania in fact I move my fellowship to be right up like the job possible guys I have this fellowship that I can move with me if I'd like to take this job would be okay I brought my own salary with me you know anyway of course it was okay so I know I'm vaguely in and they gave me a research assistant and God continue God always open doors I was wondered if people used to laugh in these studies we did and that was my field of research is now well-known garden lapping over the bank can I fly around the world and tell talk more about some of my research in the next meeting for ten years I spent at the University Tasmania I mean like the best part of Australia what you exist is the island off the south coast wilderness areas cheap houses we had a house that overlooks the ocean in Bruni Island all door cells and twenty five acres it was like it was wonderful and then the time came I never taken a sabbatical and I ended up in Vancouver Island as I had some connections with my senior scientist of the Census of Marine life and I was able to do in-depth in Vancouver Island and responding you I like nice exotic islands administered the Disney places to live my poor families the drug all over the place my daughter tried to risk through schooling in three countries which she made it through okay and you don't construct opening doors and while I was there the whole program the Post Pacific Ocean shelf tracking program which I was involved in with with it was kind crumbly and had poor leadership and I got actually reinstated as the senior scientist on a program of amount this is fun not only do I have my position in Australia I just took over a program which was the whole West Coast North America we listening lives in acoustic design the subsequent biology acoustic tracking of salmon that actually realize that you just got a sound like you know what you're talking about people believe you because I write about salmon but I knew about science I was overseas program and it was a lot of fun so that God puts me in this position as a senior scientist about a way when I first took up the job in Tasmania we tell you to tell you this three things that any a strange system is probably our control it's the same here as it would in a research university this three things that are exceedingly important for a successful career one of those publications the published research in internationally recognized journals number two is research fund you've got to be able to bring in research funding set up research programs because that actually brings money into the University near seen as a valuable asset to the University and that's probably as much as anything is research funding publications and research finally on our way up the list and number three is a supervising graduate students my position was in an Antarctic Institute at the University of Tasmania or supervise grad student Sussman did and they had a variety of Antarctic projects on mammals or birds were squeezer whatever a does of the three things that universities look at your career and ill-gotten public knows not what I meant I started my job at Tasmania I had three grant proposals to the Australian research Council and one with another fisheries organization and all three of them died six hundred thousand dollars to play with as a grand coming into the digital sources flung open and he just got to follow God Standiford and he'll argue whatever you do and trying to get going on all I was successful with my grant writing and I end up in Canada will that was multimillion dollar project great modifying off-line and little floodplains from a Cooper Islands of Vancouver and in the richest a lot of fun traveling in New Zealand all over the US to meetings present them find build up this big program but you have to make the right decisions I decided that my nose or remember some of things that happen to me I had soon as I came to me now that wanted me to supervise them in this one guy came out and he came and visited me he was he knew what I did I guess with squid biology one of the seminary got to talking and he was really excited about evolutionary biology in pursuing these evident on the thing this kid and I thought it is no idea and I said well I can help I'm a pretty conservative Christian and I don't leave in evolution and get a Panasonic can ever get never caught sight was gone I just never thought that you know sometimes the things you can present it when you're Christian and you just don't do it you can't do it you know it then I started mixing a very high level scientific circles in all these big meetings in Hawaii and New Zealand and all these big meetings and in a masterless unclean like doing here and speculating drink themselves silly at these meetings will drink I mean if you don't drink but you really stand out where the rarity to be assigned individual strength of my closest call colleagues is very heavy drinker but he can help it but there might career everybody knew that by now you I was used and I I you know I can always organize like he was very important enough to fly on sabbaths that was all from then on that was a very high priority my life I saw God 's blessing in my life and I worked around and got it I thought the Falkland Islands ones stuck in the Falkland Islands once it is like three flights a week I might add that I was living in Texas had to get back I might have been the line in the guises given on the list on the list like I get back to my families with now it's like WYSIWYG come back and get a flight on Saturday and found a way that was fought and in Iraq to halt saving events and get out I get on the Bliss 's military flight of the military so if anything what would you do with the military you know what you do with Army nonanonymous watch movies that you do someone a book I speak to your commanding officer that's what you do not like I grew up on military bases my debt crisis and the house of the devices these days commanding officer dislike taking you from one of the evil Angels is the directly list of her something and I'm not going out with and on decision by the care who I wasn't what I wanted there you know what my needs were anyway at .com he complained on what happened in anyway I got back home and get out so even adventures front of your areas God looks after you needn't even see these little leaves in God 's life everybody I collaborate with they just know I unmixed with enough people and they know I don't eat meat this is what they know who I am not of splitting up this is where they know they don't like don't eat meat and I certainly don't drink alcohol and it's a brunt of jokes all the time will drink will will have the spoiled rates mortgage or something else now they always know I go to church on Saturdays I don't do things inside as it is not bit on field trips assigned this I had off interesting I go off to church way off in the South astride were doing a research group on cuttlefish of this hotspot where cuttlefish came I had to my colleagues Canadian and US colleagues were there I took off to church and I was out walking as I wanted to be away from the guys to let them do their thing and one of them found the event recognized by the allowing and I walked along the water want to talk about anything and nothing is you start talking religions are you health that talk about religion and in their belief in God and all that in the amount of any rights to sell the other thing they know is that I don't believe in doors or collaborate on research in both English and is now that's who I so get out the people that think I'm a window and that's okay but I found in my career that you stand up you make it clear what you do and people respect you for it and that's what I've always like to do is let people learn who you are they learn in terms of the scientific realm that I make them they learn what you do they respect you for what you do then he gives credibility to what you believe I mean that's how it seems to hands out they know who you are and and I've been in Japan I've had wonderful experiences finding God 's people in various parts of the world I felt like I was headed in heaven in Japan the jack of your central church because now they had a conference going on they were doing this as I went from the church and I was singing in this huge church in Tokyo I was singing in English and there were people singing in Japanese at different tempos and I almost felt like I think this is what happened is gone I can now all three international church there was in Tokyo and zero five in compromising and I would've been fooling around trying to besides conference that I just wasn't interested many came to a hard question in wrapping it in closed doors in the story because I'm no longer working as a marine biologist I'm still a Marine biologist but I'm here we mark and that would take a whole matter our tell you story how I got here I wrote up the notes and it's truly an amazing story as I said I got to the point where I begin to question my doing here anyway will him them we come in North America and decided we needed to be North America for our kids is a strident half this note other is a Y C in Australia but there wasn't time there was a young disciple campus GUI see all these opportunities I wanted for my family that didn't exist in my country so we thought maybe the Census of Marine life is to be a new career north as much as we love Australia we thought spiritual needs we needed to be in North America and I have US citizenship my kids have your essence it little did I realize of being married to Australian was like trying to smuggle in Tara subject suspect to migrate to the US I'm not even realize that but I would thought Australians within Friedel better but man anyway I'm just glad the kids had your citizenship it would've been an impossible task to get to the US but we get in God amazing three miracles works out so we can to make a decision that I wanted to be what God wanted me to be hyphenated arthritis can be the happiest bendable remark thing happen there's a long story when it voted that it was going to close and so I was concerned investigated Limon a little about it on the websites and they were blogs and websites and they were saying things like well it out of me my was sort of teaching amazing facts theology or maybe it's better that it closes like address and fitness websites on the things that you think they are they just don't know what they're talking about God school you can't do that you can't say that I thought maybe something I can do it help that scene was planted in my mind to put these guys think they are anyway it's a long story but if you want to strike him talk me sometime and an amazing facts joins in the institution 's were him a modern-day scoop profits now more ready to follow what God wants to do and I saw an initializer is sure I sent an e-mail to Doug I didn't have a thousand PDAs today send e-mails the bachelor special event I made contact they will a lot and it is uncanny just and when you're going on in and the doors were flung open but I can help so I switched I I I may work hundred and eighty degree change from I walked away from a forty five million dollars project but that one of my colleagues I found out he was very important in my career as a scientist who you know who you collaborate with makes all the different I was one of the scientists on our Canada foundation for innovation grant for form using this acoustic technology all around the world global project and it got awarded forty five million dollars except it took about three years to work through the politics actually get the money and so it was a real delight that grant award quickly I probably would be flying around the world on this big project doing international stuff but I'm I'm beginning to think maybe it was me that caused the delay in the money maybe that was the problem with Scott had other plans but you know the options are there for them God put something in your heart that maybe need to be doing nothing different and you know some of these things that the spirit of prophecy tells us for a school should be in this is kind of changing tack a little bit but it's as cut my story of my convictions were told in fixed testimonies fourteen of the Lord never designed that our colleges should imitate other institutions of learning she actually says later on that quote when teachers or professors self-sacrifice religious principle to please worldly amusement loving classes on these loving flask they should faithful to their trust and can be discharged now hopefully we'll see some of that in coming months she goes on five teslas twenty one as it is a danger that our college will be turned away from its original design she's talking about Creek God 's purposes in the Navy now that our people should have an opportunity to study the sciences and at the same time to learn the requirements of his word if you want to study science is he looking at spiritual school to go to find somewhere we can study the sciences and study his Word Biblical lecture should be given the study of Scriptures should have the first place in our system of education and were strongly that we must do that were working on it how do we do that okay and then were told that soon there will be no work done in ministerial lines but in his medical missionary work amazing faxes can be out of a job their man-to-man you're back not have a job one day because all that words can be shut down and the only way will be able to reach souls is redoing the natural remedies in healing and people come to visit and I shut us down here because as we saw me people that inhaled the visitors leave them alone now the journey good work this is a very and the time she goes on to say and that that was counseling health five thirty three and kept the Council health Bible three five oh forces as I'm deeply interested in the subject of medical missionary work in the education of men and women for women's network I wish that there could be one hundred nurses in training where there is one stylist was hundred nurses where there's one for developing and nursing program here we mark college redoing the seventh medical missionary nursing in premed and the big one here again in councils and hell five oh three is one that changed Neil Natalie for him to take the path that he took as a position slightly surprised at being asked by physicians if I did not think he would be more pleasing to God for them to give up their medical practice in and of the ministry I prepared answers I can inquire if you are a Christian and competent physician you are qualified to do tenfold more good as a missionary for God than if you were go court merely as a preacher of the word you don't have to give you don't have as one of my students that if you see the attempt be proven on our promotional video I think I'd have to choose to be a preacher or a doctor now I don't have to pay I wasn't above lesser God wants us to do so that was amazing I thought okay maybe my life needs to go this way maybe this humble place of these rundown buildings and yet how negative the place I need to be LSA my students is an awful lot of stainless steel and brick buildings dedicated to atheism and evolution so now as humble as it is God this is where God is is where we need to be that I like to leave you with this quote I love this quote is written for use in electric is any man Curtis messages to young people page thirty six and fifty are youth what is the aim and purpose of your life level sol I have asked this question while I'm here in a while I really doing what you're ambitious for education that he may have a name and position in the world have you thought that you dare not express that he may one day stand upon the summit of intellectual greatness a single through the air number think that one day you will be discussed great intellect how bout that you may sit in this is a quote in deliberative and legislative councils and help to enact laws for the nation she sang are you thinking about you like this young intellectual greatness or maybe be a politician and enact laws what he thinks you might be surprised she says there is nothing wrong with these aspirations there's nothing wrong you may everyone you make your model using the content wouldn't all mean attainments aim high spare no pains to reach the standard in a amazing claimant is just after that she then goes on to say that fear of the Lord lies at the foundation of all to greatness integrity on the swerving integrity is the principle that you need to carry with you and you all the relations of life take your religion and your school life into your boardinghouse did you all your pursuits the important question with you now is how so she knew how to sew choosing perfect your studies that you will maintain the solidity and purity of an untarnished Christian character holding all proclaims an interesting subject to the higher claims of the gospel of Christ the point is do those great things being great lawyer or bring a great scientists are being a great educator is long as you always maintain Christian integrity and you put God first assault to same and I can attest with my journey through my education through my career as a scientist and now in this humble institution that you just follow what God says it he will bring us to assist assist them for a WordPress father in heaven is indeed a privilege to be here to to work for you and I think of my career that I would be doing this if I was working as assigned as I probably be lecturing about marine biology summer conference in trying to avoid people drinking and trying to to do those sorts of things but you brought me here and each one in this room you have a plan for each life you represented in this room some people are young looking ahead to school other people may be in school or in the University and others may be in careers help us each one to realize that whatever we why whatever we take maybe be one hundred percent wholly committed to you for we know that is where true happiness lies father this probably young people here in this room that are struggling in situations where perhaps religious things are made a mockery for their laughter or they're just considered irrelevant they may be in places where people are following the idolatry of the world rather than following your truths help each one of us to have that purpose in our heart like Daniel did to be unwavering to stand for truth though the heavens fall bless each person here may your spirit beyond this meeting over these next few days may we be lifted up the heavenly things thank you for every person that was brought to this meeting bless us and keep us have us be faithful to you in Jesus name amen


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