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Them That Honor Me I Will Honor

George Jackson




  • July 15, 2010
    11:00 AM
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her father in heaven is good to be here is good to be around committed people that want to serve you so we just pray this is an important topic areas were looking at science faith creation you know the struggles that your people are facing at this time over some of these issues this is that should be shipping the question and yet people are struggling with some of these things may we be fortified someone we face some of these issues we will always be strong and faithful to no matter what bless each person here he was as we look into your counsel from the Scriptures and the spirit of prophecy I pray in Jesus name amen rise again going back signed titled and then let them that honor me I will honor out the top year I have again Daniel wine were Daniel purposed in his heart and if you go away with conference and it don't remember a lot just remember that phrase Daniel purposed in his heart and what that means let's go back to patriarchs and Prophets page fifty and fifty one and entitled about science and the scientist would talk a little bit about science where did our first parents what sort of service science today studying is quite revealing it's a science in the beginning here's not enabled with all what I titled this and says here the holy pair were not only children under their father was the fatherly care of God but students receiving instruction from the all wise Creator is an easy that they may learn goddesses they were visited by angels and were granted communion with their maker with no of securing fail between that city now with Jesus and asked him about molecular genetic things about and wouldn't that be amazing they were full of vigor hearted by the tree of life in their intellectual power but was not little less than that of the Angels this is the mysteries of the visible universe the wondrous works of him which is perfect in knowledge according from Job thirty seven sixteen off for them I'm exhausted the source of instruction and delight the laws and operation of major watch out engaged men study for six thousand years were open to their minds by the infinite framer and upholder of all now I've underlined a number of topic areas where this quote tells us that they study listen to this CD can spot them they held converse with leaf and flower and tree bark to me gathering from each the secrets of its life with every living creature zoology I was trained in zoology from the mighty Leviathan in that plan amongst among the waters that Marine mammalogy Marine biology to the insect moat that floats in the Sunbeam entomology Adam was familiar to you given to each his name and he was acquainted with the nature and habits of all that ecology musicologist Alan was the first ecologist I'm a marine ecologist God 's glory in the heavens astronomy they studied astronomy made a miracle worlds in their orderly revolution sank in looking at our solar system in and space science she courts Job thirty seven sixteen the balancing of the clouds they studied whether of whether the water cycle the water cycle in the world the world on this one the mystery of the mysteries of light and sound they were studying physics Adam and Eve of okay I okay so I don't meteorology what's going on in the world all were open to the study of our first parents of every leave from the forest back to it forest ecology this one stone of the mountains geology they were studied geology in every shining star back to the space in earth and air and sky meteorology is studied meteorology God 's name was written the order and harmony of creation again looking at ecosystem studies what's going on in their ecosystem spoke to them of the infinite wisdom and power they were ever discovering some attraction that fill their hearts with deeper love and called forth fresh expressions of gratitude how amazing they study all those branches of science they are with the Angels and their creator back at the beginning we do can be science students assigned to the creation of a mess why were here about it all is about allegiance and who are legions belongs to in second Samuel two thirty tells us that then that honor me I will honor him they'd despise meeting shall be lightly esteemed now let's talk about the scientific method if you change it we more you anyone to be a premed their health graduate you could come to my foundations of biology class and discover new experience as a researcher at teaching biology now so I told this right out of my lecture notes if you came here on the twentieth of August or soon after we had our first lecture this is what will go over what science is what the scientific processes it beyond the evolution of the back is bothering you he's is that what all this is the dearest rattling little bit that can be switched off to the other one is running as a panel that opens up let's consider the scientific method biology one oh one what is science what is IP design forty Davis five steps in science thanks Doctor Vincent number one Bob's observations are made regarding natural phenomena you make observations even as a panelist at the left panel I think opens up one of those panels of an up note that when there is observations are made regarding natural phenomena number two feet high these observations lead to hypothesis that tries to explain the phenomena how useful are useful hypothesis is one that is testable because it makes specific predictions okay number one you make observations number two that leads to hypothesis number three experimentation is conducted to determine if the predictions are correct number for the data from the experiment are analyzed and number five the hypothesis is accepted or rejected value mamma you may have a hypothesis that day length is influencing the leaves dropping in the fall lineup this tummy my dad is in our textbook and you can set up an experiment and manipulate data laying things the you can I have a control in the test and so forth and conduct an experiment that you can test that hypothesis science proves nothing this is kind of a fundamental theme of science science proves nothing you can only accept or reject our hypothesis you form a hypothesis and you conduct an experiment based on that experiment and or or observation of the data will analyze the things you accept or reject the hypothesis in fact that's not even if you're a real purist you failed to accept the hypothesis I think that's what you know depending help you rely me about that you you accept it or you failed to accept it because maybe to believe maybe it's because rejected but it just fails to accept it so that science in all you do these experiments you do observation in each area of scientific method now optimally comes evolution were dealing in the real realm of speculation on all share some of my experiences and really much of evolution is a mindset among scientist is a mindset and they are indoctrinated in this ideology don't want to believe in God whether option to half an hour by two believe in evolution and behavior one example the unit may be in school or maybe a secular universities or may have text from the music textbook that has the information we need every now and then and now we got to deal with that's look at what it's saying and that's fine we're happy to hit it head on it we broker in the in the biology book biology by broker at out they talk about this theory of Indocin biosis on disease example like to discuss students and lesson biases it's a fairy when it when people look at the cell they look at the organelles in different parts of the cell and its two organelles that sort of art are quite unique in that the mitochondrion and in plant cells their chloroplasts in a call the semiautonomous organelles and because they cannot do their own thing and sell them a little bit of genetic material of their own and they come up with this theory called Indocin biosis money this quote from the textbook I mean let's like it sound really far-fetched theory to me this quote this is a direct quote from Brooker et al. researchers discovered that Jean 's and mitochondria and chloroplasts are very similar to bacterial genes likewise I quote mitochondria and chloroplasts are strikingly similar in size and shape to certain bacterial species these observations provided strong support for the Indocin biosis theory what's proposes that mitochondria and chloroplasts originated from bacteria that took up residence within a primal primordial eukaryotic cell so bacteria or prokaryotes there there there much that they don't have the complexity that eukaryotic cells of all the organelles in everything so they're saying some primitive eukaryotic cell can Incorporated these ancient bacteria they may go on to say over the next two billion years the characteristics of the intracellular bacterial cell gradually changed to those of a mitochondrion or chloroplast now quite honestly that is incredibly far-fetched statement I mean that is just way house and that is being promoted as mainstream science they're saying that if you look at a cell you have these mitochondrion chloroplasts that some way way back two billion years ago they got service sucked into the cell and over time they counted became part of the cell there's absolutely no proposed mechanism of how that happened there's no it's just it's it's quite incredible I get our students an assignment okay tell me Orlando is semi- houses is and how when you refuted as a Christian and if you want to find some good information I ask is actually information on answers in Genesis website into something on in this analysis the problem with yell the problem with evolutionary theories and make the sweeping statements they throw home onto what they were raising the two billion years on strongest evidence that it is that well over time this is what happened now there are incredible biochemical pathways with the mitochondria between the mitochondria and what goes on inside the cell is not just sitting there in the cell and it is integrated with the whole process of cell communication what's going on this pathway is going on it's an incredible complex process so be alert be aware you read things like this is a way to minute okay this is a sweeping statement this is based on the scientific method on well developed a big only look at the genes and they can do experiments and learn about it but to make this statement is pretty far-fetched honestly this is while it that the beginning of this section that was in Brooker et al. page one twenty one up a page or so before that it says when they were introducing this as we will examine this and what they say as we will examine in this section the seemingly mysterious behavior of these organelles are messed up mysterious behavior can be traced to their evolutionary origin about two billion years ago I decided I been in there in order to suggest a list when they were sent so many Protestant space on a theory that has come out and say the mysterious thing is based on their evolutionary history to run yourself in our I don't accept that that's a sweeping statement that's not an example of good science so be aware to be on guard spot the sort of thing that jumps out at you for as I mentioned earlier we were talking about if your scientists working in and university what are the things that they really were given a good job they want scientific publications that your recognize international scientists because if you do that you you have a better chance of bringing an important research funds which helps fund the University and then you supervise graduate students and less able to run a mile in a may consider your teaching experience but really they want the money and what the publications at and you know it if you bring students and that brings money in and any of your teachers so actually does a lot of high-profile scientists working in universities and often operated teachers is often not hired on their teaching ability the system aside now I thought this a lot in my career in my field of marine biology I collaborated with a lot of scientists in making in writing publications I've done research papers I've done review papers I've edited special issues rotting special journal issues and so I've worked with the publication feel a lot in the realm of science how does it happen to get things published in sizes look carefully what it is when you submit a paper you do this you do your science to do your research you do your nails analysis you put it into a research paper what's my students who do it at remark in the real realm of research and submit that to a publication and against peer review now for that for that ever gets published it becomes part of mainstream science is peer-reviewed by most the time between two and five referees often it's about three they sent it off to people that review it and it is published in as all it really takes to get some he published in the scientific world if you referees agree with you and on side you're home free I doubt things are looking pretty good in my research will talk limit about it with the squid biology lifecycles I was based in Australia the Canadians and Americans love my research and I was publishing in US journals Canadian Journal because they were on sigh they were excited out other parts of the world in Australia there were skeptics I just stayed away from a stranger besides I want to go to more high profile international Journal they were calling syringes are very skeptical and they would slam the reviews but if I submitted these the stranger enough I knew would be for the interest is highlighted that a lot of bias in the scientific world if you're publishing something controversial it's tough to get published it's not easy to publish what are things that lose this accuse of creationists is that well now how much of that stuff is out there in the scientific publications while it's no wonder ninety eight percent of the scientific world are supporting a belief that is diametrically opposed where you stand is no wonder it is very little of it getting out in the scientific and objective that is a surprising and I can remember Robert gentry Young's book creations timing and trick yet creations that's it no tiny mysteries he actually had a great carefully when he published that he recant Lally said indicated out I remember reading it many years ago so it's kind of a boys club it really is you now you have your colleagues you I could write a paper dealing with your evolutionary things and I think I can get published if I think I know not how they think I could write the things they want to hear not the public and published in fact I think about a project I did one time in the early my career collaborated with somebody James Cook was in the nice guy brilliant computer model are type of a guy and what he was a staunch evolutionist I mean but yet nothing ever stop you advertise often attracted to difficult people he was a nice guy and if it was kind of skills that I needed and when we took some of my data on squid growth infected with some of the else's data that they published that they analyze the wrong in this guy had the skills and the ability to re- analyzes growth size of age growth data for squid and reanalyze it can come up with a completely different conclusion to how the asymptotic growth debate it is a different type of curve than we thought now that's not right with the data we reanalyzed it in its guy did a great job brilliant guide and the great six migrant success in science is exit collaborating with expert people that know how to do things and then you'll have to know yourself is to get it connected the person that can do it collaboration is a great thing and we we worked up this paper on it was it was a nice piece of work is it re- analyzed the data it took the science of the different directions and this is the correct if you look at it this way and it was based on squeak growth we looking squid growth as well what I want to revisit that in a minute so and he did it in the sky was getting quite excited because when you look at the techniques that I spent many years studying squid growth this is essentially like exponentially this goes up and have a very short lifespan where his face have what they call an asymptotic growth curve it could have an initial olfaction people of the same broker and in his service it levels off so they got an S-shaped curve you can reach a maximum seismic stop squiggly that they does go extremely fast in the disco up and die and that this guy was thinking you know what what we come up with here is a if we look at the fossil record I got I'm in my office the ammonites and so forth and upset depositor fossil of Nautilus is a living representative of the many fossil forms a central body and sleeves and cuttlefish off was that living shells the evolutionary theory is that when these things were ceramic shells over the course of evolution timely lost their shell makes swam around like a squid and have short lifespans and Nevis on our story and he saw our data anytime you'll be great to speculate a little bit and we had the data he had the data anything you know we save his life slot was curve it just does that what made him think of if you look at Nautilus a living representative you're not also very slow growing they grow slowly in a sort have that SJ poker in his mind he was saying that squids are just kind of the remnant at it we have the first part of the growth curve in all revolutionary time they lost their shell and then they started going faster and so he wanted to service speculated in your company great story and how well these are the modern representatives of an ancient classic chop off that part of the road from there we let this may not have Michelle anymore don't we get with respondent and I thought early in my career is getting carried away with my data and what are we going to do anyway it also said it are not only want to marry to know that under anyway I think he understood where I was coming from Bobby was misdirected my early days as I would be now and and we were able to leave that alone can we just publish the data and interpreted the data in the scientific paper in terms of modern squid growth and it was a great paper published in a very high-ranking Journal 's guy was so brilliant you do wonderful things with the data and the point is it was as ready and excited his spin this story about what this data represents based on pure speculation I'm in the fossil record showing that there are things in the fossil record you wanted to connect all these pieces together and come up with a story watch they were to be an optimist like I love you that they were real women that they would think they were gone to the review process they would have been out why I mention it would've really been a big hit and as health science unfortunately works so be careful with speculation be careful with sweeping statements have a look at the scientific process in CIR today supporting a valid scientific process of what the same as back to my squid work and back to this whole publication science thing when I is very young I mentioned how God had blessed my honors degree and I move right under PhD in my work at that time involved squid stat agent and stylists are little balance bones and sit in the back of the squid had tiny little there couple millimeters long and are used to help when the squid swims in hours the Armenian and movement in the celebration the insignia in a sort of the neurological function I was an Internet when I was interested in how this little bone grew and when you take one of those little bones out any section and look at it under a microscope it looks like a tree in the country so that all these rings I should show your picture maybe a problem on morning manner something 's got all these little rings and it and at that time people have been doing a lot of research with larval fish and show him in analogous structures called otoliths and fish and show that these rings were laid down daily unlike fascinating tool and I got to thinking a little bit of research had been done that was suggesting that these might be daily rings and squid and if we can crack that if I like the Rosetta Stone if we can crack that that would repeat it would essentially mean that squid had a calendar in the back of its head telling us when you capture the squid and remove this morning when attached how fast the group and how old it was and when you age a lot of squids in a population you can learn things about when they mature whether lifespan is what the form of their growth curve on get off track a little carried away with my wife unit but also pull myself up but that was my life I was in and I lived in North Queens land and I had asked access to the ocean there are variety of species I can go out with boats and collect specimens I can bring them back alive to the lab and conduct experiments what you do is you can actually expose them to an antibiotic florescent antibiotic tetracycline or on our a fluorescent dye called Chalcedon they soak that up in the embodiment made a fluorescent marker on the stylus then you feed your squealing you keep in Groningen you keep feeding them in growing and established Rosenman you sacrifice is squinted into the experiment and you look at at at your data and this is what happened I do this on a number of species in tropical Australia Randy's experiments I have a high pop my hypothesis was these wings are laid down daily based on what's been going on with with other structures and visually forth and so forth ensuring that I was able to gather evidence that showed that the one dream one day hypothesis I had experimental and I had access that probably nobody else in the world had squids that could be collected and maintained in our aquarium system at James Cook University in the basis of my PhD work were conducting these experiments photographing them then analyzing this and sure enough the data supported the hypothesis these things were laying down a ring every day interactions accurate calendars just like trees light entering every year and even aged three years and a disappointing day in a letter that you know what that what that research shows business with really fast growing tropical suites were really fast growing I never thought I worked on a number of species are expanded my research collaborated with other people I have found any problem with them is older than two hundred days two hundred days the complete lifecycle and research in Thailand greatly in the Gulf of Tonkin think they fished out the Gulf of Thailand and is not meeting fascia and because squids are so fast-growing they replace the fish as the major predators and yet the system and if that's a fascinating ecological thing consistent this places in the world were cephalopods taken over because they remove the vision is interesting things going on as I had this to know not everybody believe that as I mentioned earlier the Americans the Canadians they were really excited about this yesterday and smart I had a conference in South Africa with a very prominent very prominent fisheries biologist it was a step up on conference and he was gone out of out of his realm high profile guide that unfortunately I had before him I had again reanalyzed compared my results to what results he was getting based on length frequency analysis and indirect measure of growth and Mercedes was living five six seven years I'm saying well known of the two hundred days so two different sets of results and I had to this guy was happy about that I found out it was a scary individual he was a really scary individual big French blackeye I can remember his eyes bulging and shaking his finger at me and I'm just unloading of the skies and then there was really worked up I actually remember going to the restroom and crying because he was so intimidating as while manageable denies and white member unit and the was talking about something shake his finger out many big anyway over the high profile got any start up and basically discredited my research and insisted he just didn't agree with that effect subsequently he misquoted me and publish things discrediting what I was doing a distant he didn't understand what I was saying didn't understand the biology of the animal that I'd work for for years him that I had the opportunity I I yeah I definitely do this stand up in this discussion thing and refute what he said and I had the weight of evidence on my side so that made me realize number one jib very careful how you interpret the data yet know what you're talking about and the controversies that are out there if you're publishing something controversy old you may not get accomplished if you got supporters out there you're okay and as I said with his early collaborative project we can we can come up with any we can respond the story on the evolution of modern 's weed growth you know and they were just enough so it's not always based on the science and sometimes people and accept the facts of a turban things very differently invest in that's what science is all about it's appropriate science is always dynamic and that is a big part of what happens in evolution is a lot of the interpretation I think of of attacks Ecclesiastes twelve one hundred says remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth and you know is you look at these tax it fascinates me how often the Creator is brought up and that God is the creator he created you it is just it just like jumping out of the all the time now and because it's been question these days I think another assigned to the connections I had a think of my supervisor a brilliant biologist who was ahead team is ahead of our department and if there was ever anybody was like completely different to me would be him I mean he swore he was crude he was just him apart for students the Woody Woodward spent time with students but he was a worldly guy I mean this is drinking the whole thing and I can remember he wanted me to come to something on Saturday and open it I had to say or how I don't do that Holly I had forgotten and in addition during the course of my career he knew what I did and what I didn't do and then despite the fact that we were two incredibly uneven to swear at nearest they didn't like something you didn't really have a thick skin with this guy I mean he was given a tough guy he was afraid supervisor in other ways in terms of the science but he was approved worldly person that was before people I interacted with my my world but years later I can remember him saying at me but I misjudged by my science in the reader of what I did not us who keep it off to him I was kind of a weird religious wacky not probably I was just but I can remember insane years later that I would hide in another student were one of his two best students so you can see you still have that respect God will give you respect and you don't have to compromise this is beyond my call this is now my postgraduate work on any compromise anymore and yet I I was still able to work in the world and get the respect of others I think of that I think of my long-term colleague who's now the chief scientist of the Census of Marine life the guy who I walked away from the forty five million dollars in fact he's hinted lately wanting to come back and you know it involved to do that so you know the one staying here but a long-term calling you know we we you restate each other's houses we work together and publications we work together conferences again he understood my faith are now united Europe to you hitting people keep getting them mixed up I him Jehovah's Witnesses and I think that all the time is always busy Jehovah's Witness or a Mormon or the England once I'm asking for charge any I told him I wasn't fully aware that churches the afternoon on a walk there if you're not this image your kingdom hall or something I got in a young it just happens to me all time but people even if you honor God people will respect you you are at an LC into the realm of science that I had the respect as a scientist that if he understood my faith in my diet in my Sabbath beliefs any interested I can collaborate on evolution papers on as quite open with them and keep what did that get her paper and he sent me a draft and any so you know why I should've included your notice and domestic this got too much evolution for me called out I sorry now that's occasionally published it in such a new and I was comfortable about doing that in get out just recently he acted as a referee I was it was a job opening in Adventist University he wrote a referee for me this is what you get to send a postcard he sent me what he said this when he said is a Georgian I have published often together but he prefers not to be in articles that discuss evolution this has some effect on this publishing credentials but he has continued to deal with the balance of praise God remains I got a few less publications on my list who cares about them publishing anymore well I'm a little bit but that amazing things what you'll find is that things that were incredibly important to you you may find one day on his support as important as you thought they were I went back to Australia now either now I got I got published item eighty five papers something signs of maturing flapper a lot of those are collaborative with other people in and out with young to have that list of the Chris is great when you apply for jobs is described that's what people are missing the point thinking okay so I keep working hard and I work for the rest of my career maybe I'll get a hundred and fifty publications eventually and I had asked myself the question so watch and I really thought the so wise so I published it on your car I have a long career maybe at your daughter 's science is a misleading thing so what do I die and people can read my papers after I'm dead industry let's run how goes and the result remarking came up I turned my career and I'm going back to spray some he comes and buys her house it's unfinished summary buys our house they are minutes story exercise that we mark artistic side is a testimony Pentagon how would it work we had all these things my wife's immigration we had tax things we had to sort that all these impossible hurdles and it's not easy to move countries how would Lord how to do this mainly there were people that were already used in our house it's a nice house in a nice spot overlooking the water in it I still think of that place him in a nice place but you know there was anything there for my family we needed to be in a technology why CU Lib laydown in Tasmania so we only have your priority right the people came and I thought I finally said I knew they were interested in I I contacted them enable within hours according an offer on another house they really want either one of her house so they were wanting to do that they get an assessor to look at our house and they they e-mail it back to me in the assessment was like way low I can't sell house traditions I know what to do I did call the people back I'm here it we monger looking at properties here I said that my campus we love it when I'm on the live off campus at such a great time here and were looking at houses we should does e-mail here and what we can do way low on for I have no house in Australia I got this job of changing my career is and will problem hey you know what we can do that here my special place on campus as Moses wrought go off any of this water coming out of a and I sat there and I prayed and I started crying but you know missionaries have lost their seats doing things for they've lost their kids a very good kids and their spouses in the mission to all us are alive something that I want my giving God 's eye member crying in frames and large you have to work this out on this I don't know how we can do this want looting the three countries Canada Australia and the US it out on convicted and we marked it we got this house all this God an award where we argue within forty eight hours I get a call from the people we go back to cat we are limiting tenant on Vancouver Island they call me back they said you know we singing us a job I know what to say Sidwell I guess it's time to make an offer on your house and make your cash offer is about retirement fund set aside so we can afford and that he gave me the price something while Sybil that's way above what the assessment was on house that's a generous offer I said and anyway to make a long story short we ask we made the decision to cut off our ties to strident so our beloved house and was originally telling stories about the house and all worked out two weeks later the economy crashed two weeks later the economy crashed I is an incredible chain of events I go back to Australia and I got to clean up the house and get rid of stuff I mean there are boxes of baby clothes and the young lifetime stop it what a job I'm in my study and in my study I have one what will you reprints of the publications I got multiple reprints of the publication stuff that was so important in my life that was these publications were the door to my career and I did a set of throwing them away I can't believe I ever did that I started on the medicine on his back the concept is still sitting in our garage we factor must try to Jeannie Leffingwell kale keep one or two and I'll toss the rest away and forgotten role I started so I have a tile stuff on thrown away with my name on it my publications I just thrown away actually felt good coming I will never as a young scientist would ever imagine taking things that I wrote my precious reprints and throwing away and I did I don't even care anymore so you know God will change your perspective and has Canada signed thing for me to visit it it just made me think that what's really important to you now might not be used in the Bible tells us not as limited time and people take their money and throw away they don't want it anymore it's too late and it's too late they've held on the money tomorrow to Don McIntosh here remark when we had the economic crash told the story of one of our meetings we went and visited a potential donor is I still remember the guy looking at me with these white eyeballs and explaining to him how much money it lost in the financial crash and exclaiming how he could use that money for software and has amazing and I'm getting off track but that's about a little bit more about back to the University of Babylon international University the Chaldeans of Daniel 's three grams because were told in Daniel one three and for the success of so Daniel gets captured and estimating spoken to ask demand the master of the UNIX reading this chapter verse three chapter one that he should bring certain the children of Israel and the king seated the princes children in whom is no blemish but well favored and skillful and always maintaining a knowledge and understanding science and such as had ability and man to stand in the king 's palace and whom he might teach the learning and the Chaldeans was a political ploy to get the people train and indoctrinate them in buildings unwise politically Nebuchadnezzar was quite switched on and what to do to get people inside and it says there so they get them any start training Daniel a whole group of young boys living manually the prisoners and were just given a scholarship to the University was even thinking stable prophets and kings for seventy nine says among the children of Israel who were carried captive to Babylon at the beginning of the seventy years captivity were Christian patriarchs patriots men who were his true distill the truest steel the principal would not be corrupted by selfishness but who would honor God a loss of all things in the land of their captivity these men were to carry out God 's purpose by giving to heaving nations the blessing that came through knowledge of Jehovah that's what God wants us to know where to go out of the world to go out and these are dealt as mages and your satellite and they come to know the gospel they were to be his representatives never were they to compromise with idolaters their faith and their name as worshipers of the living God they were to bear as a high honor and this they did in prosperity and adversity they honored God and God honored them she's quoting that were recorded before never were they to compromise with idolaters you know why we having this conference today why would having this theme is this a whole bunch of people in our church to compromise the idolaters that's what's happened they come lives with idolatry they given in to Darwinian evolutionary thoughts and that's why as I said that Mister Freddie Young People's meeting that were emphasizing creation on anything that should be just part of the package you know why should we react to talk about this on is good to reemphasize truth but we're doing it because people are carrying down what a strange time we live in is you as young people are not carry the Reformation forward so as dark as the darkness might be your carried out like Ford and work the Reformation along with our general conference vice president I got to sit next stadium and see the excitement flow through almost seventy thousand people as he reinforced what are basic Adventism one oh one beliefs are I turned it to our school principal cynicism were making history we potentially on the verge of a great rep Reformation I can see we can see God moving announces that all this darkness is going on in and nonsense people join the Darwinism now I just a little bit of persecution clean all that up real quick I mean you know and in the church will be purified you estimate again people will carry lot like forward despite the darkness that's out there and didn't try so don't be don't be don't be deceived to the subtleties of evolution monitor what one of her other Adventist institutionalized by speaking my lectures even it a good way it's like bait and switch you when you're going back to this whole evolution thing when you look at him and textbooks when I teach textbooks they used all sorts of examples from Anil Kingdom in other speeches on Darwin 's island overlapping is an a look at adaptation and even speciation you know he got lots of different finches are now all these close related squids that are separated behavior Liu or spatially in the developing cc and then they look at that and the words you should use a copy adaptation speciation or variability and they talk about that and they start talking about evolution is not evolution it's there but you can observe that we undertake scientific studies on how things change and maybe even get new species are still of burger a squid but they get separated genetically and develop traits are unique that speciation or adaptation and millions of examples and then I'll start talking about evolution such kind of bait and switch and the women that does not evolution we can look at the words they use when you see evolution textbook many times the biggest ecological niche should be using it turns out nothing to do with evolution don't be deceived this as an pet topic thinking about a number of quotes from that chapter about Daniel forty four forty five the Lord regarded with approval the firmness and self-denial of the Hebrew youth Hebrew youth in your purity of motive and his blessings attend them he gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understandings help visions and dreams and she says the promise was fulfilled then that honor me I will honor for Sandy to thirty does promise it slipped out of my life I witnessed it many times like God you never feel like trying to dump a week and a confidence spilling out he is just overflows it is not God 's intent was to give you little to bless me like I don't deserve this you know and in the blessings are poured out and him you stand up for God it's its he just blesses says Daniel again reading on forty six Daniel and his companions were far more successful than their fellow students but their learning did not come by chance might be a good student looking for that MCAT down the road is that going to be a med student awarded industry as the loss that is relevant our students are all thinking MCAT how you do it they obtain their knowledge by the faithful use of their powers under the guidance of the Holy Spirit they placed themselves in connection with the source of all wisdom making the knowledge of God the foundation of their education in faith they prayed for wisdom and he lived there prior to they pray for wisdom they lead the prayers they place themselves important God could bless them they avoided that which would weaken the powers and improved every opportunity to become intelligent maligns of learning your little things that are important in our eating bad drinking coffee all these little things are coming creeping in they tear down your result with God can bless you can really do great things so the little things are important they follow the rules of life that could not fail to give him strength and intellect they sought to acquire knowledge for one purpose that they might honor God they realize that in order to stand as representatives of true religion in the mix amid the false religions of humanism they must have clearness of intellect and must perfect Christian character and God himself whether to justice like Adam and Eve we read about that obediently constantly praying is this she hasn't a constantly praying conscientiously studying keeping in touch with the unseen they walked with God as the unit that amazing out there in the middle of Babylon surrounded by a corrupt idolatrous nature nation in a university whether taught probably spiritualism mysticism and also the New Age wacky stuff evolution the whole world and they're like you know you're walking with God and God makes them an order of magnitude better than those around them but were told on four eighty seven that as the Lord cooperated with Daniel and his fellows you try to keep my voice going so will you cooperate with all who strive to do his will he can do today for us and by the impartation of his spirit he will strengthen every true purpose every noble resolution those who walk in the path of obedience will encounter many hindrances is not an easy unfounded out right now is not to be a walk in the park strong something subtle influences may bind them to the world but the Lord is able to render futile every agency that works for the defeat of his chosen ones in his strength listen to this they may overcome every temptation conquered every difficult nothings too hard for God I guess it isn't just amazing how she says it me understand this amazes me that spirit of prophecy has been a huge blessing in my life forty seven forty eight as God called Daniel to witness for him in Babylon so he calls us to be his witnesses in the world today that were meant to do it in Weimar we do evangelism evangelism infused through everything we do you thought someone was talking about the modern-day school the profits we do we work at where we have academic excellence where we focus on health but to all that is is infused evangelism reaching out to the world that's why were here and that's why turn down a job at another university recently they were working hard roll out red carpet I was impressed with the way that they were faithful people in that department but the thing that finally struck me is a didn't have the mission that we have here obviously to her department sure I can work with procedures I love working with Christian kids that we have ninety four of him you know what can you do it we have a small school and it's not just a school it it's a movement it's a movement it's an evangelistic movement and frankly I'm excited I don't know I keep throwing publications about it because what what we're doing you now has eternal consequences are far higher far greater then I never did get publication no I'm on author on a submission to publication in science of evil science the nation was right at the top I never did quite get into those although I am a unauthorized on a on a submission so who knows who cares I mean who cares she says that many are waiting for some great work to be brought to them while Dailey Dailey 's opportunities for reviewing faithfulness to God so she think there there are no nonessentials ejections that will be judged by what we ought to have done but did not accomplish because we do not use our powers to glorify God so you can't just be in med school thinking I would be a great Doctor Armour driver Mercedes and be a brain surgeon because if you do it for that reason you doing it for the wrong reason now be a brain surgeon of cognitive ability can do it but doing so you can play with your patients saying that you may not live to this operation I would recommend your soul to God and use anything you want to share before we go on his operation and the impact that would have imagined that God is the reason why wars are the reason why new Middle East here because he can't find enough doctors that are lifestyle like-minded to work with and so were setting up an institutional aspects of this institution is to train people who want to go in the medical and health fields with natural remedies the spirit of policy principles because watching the med school you're too busy now is the time you got to do it we can learn anything you can learn these things now you wonderful people like Doctor DeRose that a people that can train in in these simple natural remedy principles so when you going to your medical training you will have that single out and be a medical missionary for crossing keeps for a denies of the Hebrew word were these were like men of like passive passions with ourselves yet notwithstanding the seductive includes of the court of Babylon they stood firm because they depended upon a strength that is infinite in them in them I even nation be held on illustration of the goodness and beneath the nutrients of God and the love of Christ and in your experience we have an instance of the triumph of principle over temptation of purity over depravity of devotion and loyalty over atheism and idolatry and it doesn't sound like today with students and I know we have the campus network and Doctor Pitman and with students and secular campuses in they can do good work you got it don't try to do it alone do it with somebody so you can strengthen each other they were told and forty nine for ninety prophets and kings again the spirit that possessed Daniel the youth of today may have to be like Daniel you want to have the infused with with Jesus like Danny was they may draw from the same source of strength possess the same power of self-control and we feel the same reveal the same grace in their lives even under circumstances as unfavorable you might be in a tough department we've got horrible people teaching you bad things that you can still do it yet by divine grace the purpose to honor God may remain firm is talking about us today through strong resolution and vigilant watch lists they may withstand every temptation that assails the soul but only by human determines to do right because it is right will victory became predetermined out as being purpose purpose in your heart to do it regardless of the cost and what was the end of the story is I will think ABC was looking a little bit more specific about their situation and you know the parallel with Daniel is so so relevant to us today now we are him and my next talk I'll be talking about how Paul based the Epicureans and the Stoics he was dealing with exactly the same issues back then we face today basic atheistic evolution is amazing nothing human behavior is the same throughout generations read idolatry it's all the same this is this is what when you think of that professional career you might want to have think about what these now there were a lot of young guys in the class with them Jacob is the class we hear nothing about them and once they started feasting on the port I can imagine I would imagine it takes imagine going to the banquet is the platter with a lobster in the pig with the Apple is now the seafood platter and all that we did some fried snake or whatever I can just imagine all that you knew about him at all the rest is any drink the wine and clatter their minds and in every reputed history for ninety prophets and kings enclosing what a life work was that of those noble Hebrews as they bade farewell to their child at home little did they dream what a high destiny was to be there's faithful and steadfast they yielded to the divide divine guiding so that through them God could fulfill his needs through them God could fulfill his work this the same mighty truths that were revealed through these men God desires to reveal through the use in children today's talk to young people she thought of young people the life of Daniel and his fellows is a demonstration of what you will do for those who yield themselves to him with a whole heart seek to accomplish his purpose so it's all about where your loyalty as for the three red at the end of the closing last time gone want to know you may want to be a legislator you may want to be a judge you may want even be a politician is hard to imagine that made it all the first honest politician maybe I had out you can do all that you can you can do these great things and God wants to do great things through each one of us just remember Christian integrity and walked liking often and an image of you go through this quotes about Daniel it's amazing how again and again she keeps bringing it back to today you can do just what he did just happen to tap into the source of power that they tapped to be the light amongst idolatry that they are when you face the things that it had on it don't waver again and again it's a pattern read it again again processing things picture of the prophets some of those great stories so God bless you as you face these challenges that are incredible as young people doing education today and in our next afternoon meeting will go back to Paul and will look at the pillar of creationism right through the Bible and how important it really is this a stand for work prayer father in heaven it is indeed a privilege to serve you but as we look at it sometimes we feel the standard is incredibly high and we just don't feel where there but we know that you can empower us to do all that you ask us to every temptation everything that needs to be overcome you can empower us from Lord we pray that you will empower us that will put away these things of the world that so terribly ensnare us sometimes sometimes Riemann attracted the things the world and the plot for media games and entertainment movies and all the things that distract us today may we not be tempted by those may we see through those and trappings of save him forward as we look at the story of Daniel 's friends and how they were just normal people like us but they were powerful as they were connected with you they had with them because they were connected with a hole with the source of all wisdom they overcame idolatry because they refused with your true so we pray that you'll do that each one of us here each one of us face different challenges may be in school maybe from family members made a suffering that might be pure people here that are doubting may you and fuses with your truth so we can be inspired and ennobled and emboldened to stand for truth in a humble Christian Christlike way bless us and keep us and maybe do your work I pray to Jesus


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