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08 The Sanctuary: The Smoke of Spiritual Warfare

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • November 6, 2021
    11:30 AM


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A, our ace installment in our sanctuary. Series on our script to reading is Donny so well read it psalms $14140.00. First the vision of the book of psalms. David says, lord, I cry unto thee, make haste unto me. Give ear unto my voice, when I cry unto thee, let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense. Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice a message, this sabbath is entitled sanctuary. Part 8, the smoke of spiritual warfare smoke with spiritual warfare. Let's pray, father, god, we thank you lord for this opportunity to study a word once again asked. Now lord, that you make me just the nail upon the wall, a rusty, sorry, mail lord. Upon that near lord, I asked that you hang a portrait of jesus christ let eric was not be seen or heard. Lord instead father, let us hear a word from the throne room of grace. Our prayer in jesus is precious and holy name a man. So we're gonna jump right in, are going to talk about spiritual warfare today, and prayer is going to be a little different style than normally I present these because one of all of the pieces of furniture in the sanctuary to one we're gonna study to day is my favorite, it's a very important piece of furniture, but also because it touches on prayer. And if you don't understand prayer and it's power, you will never be a good christian. Prayer is our lifeline. And so we're going to talk about prayer to dame som, 77. And why are we studying the sanctuary? psalm, 7712 and 13. I will meditate also of all thy work and talk of your doings. Verse 13 thy way old god is where is in the sanctuary. Who is so great a god as our god to understand god is relationship to us in how god moves and works. We study the sanctuary. Something that a lot of christians don't study, a lot of people world. No, nothing about we've been talking about it. We talked about the height of the fence on the outside. Been about 7 and a half feet. You couldn't just look into the courtyard. You had to enter in through the gates here. What praises and things giving. The 1st article you will see his hair. And of course, here the tabernacle is represents the cloud and they would follow by day in all the hosts of israel, the 12 tribes that surround the sanctuary. We've gone through the pieces of furniture. We started with the brazen altar where the daily sacrifice was made, where the fire from god was placed, and it is an important fire, a fire that was never to go out. We also talked about the brazen laver where they would wash the priests would wash before they went in the altar represents the cross and crucifixion of christ. But the labour represents his death burial and resurrection, which is also represented in baptism a man. So the courtyard represents christ life what christ gave for us and left with us. But as christians, one thing we studied is that we are not to stay in the sanctuary in the, in the, in the courtyard. We must move from the courtyard into the holy place because we have been called not just to be christians, but to be priests. Back in the 1st chapter revelations that we call to be kings and priests with christ. So we don't just, we don't just get saved we, we go into the holy place and we begin to participate in what goes on. So we talked about the candlesticks and being a light of the world and representing jesus who is the light of this world. And the light that we each should shine. It was one of the, the only object here that is made of solid gold, not occasion would covered with gold. Then we have a table of show bread. And how often was the bread replaced? The remember once a week with a certain group that made the bread and the bread was replaced and on sabbath they would have fresh loaves of bread. And of course today we're going to talk about the altar of incense and here of course, next time we'll talk about the ark of the covenant. And so when we would peel it open a look inside the sanctuary, it would look like this. And here the golden candlesticks, the table of children, the day we're going to talk about the altar of incense, which you can describe because if you don't count all the branches of the golden candlestick of the tallest of all of the pieces of furniture in the holy place and is that artist's rendition we saw all the walls of gold and remember, softens, here were silver, which represented a fact and we must be purified. Speaks to our character that we each will go through fire and we will be purified at way silver represents the fact that we must be pair of purified. God is represented by the purity that comes from the pure gold that lined the holy place. And remember the only light had there were no windows came from the candlesticks. And so it was, it would have been an incredible thing to step in there. All 5 of your senses would be evoked taste, right? They, the priest ate the bread smell because he would also smell the bread site in the candlesticks. But bread also represents the word which incorporates the hearing of the word, but also would go with the prayers of the priests. And of course, an interesting one is a to come back around to a smell because what they put on the om altar of incense had everything to do with the power that comes which smell, we'll talk more about that. All right, so as we move, we look at the altar of incense, i'm going to describe it. And then we're gonna do some applications. So you can see here the priest would come twice a day before the altar of incense. And he would take the calls could only come from off the brazen altar. No other fire could be put here the. And we'll talk about how important that it was, that even the um, incense was made a specific way. So specific that if you rob made bootleg incense, you not only make bootleg cologne and smells like calvin klein but not quite right. Um, you couldn't make fake incense and burn because if you did, you would be cut off. The only place you could get this sent was in the holy place. Was that important to how to make that a bill? This one exit is 30 inverse one. And thou shalt make an altar to burn incense upon of shit em would. Shalt thou make it an acute. It shall be the length thereof, and a cuba, the bread thereof, for square. The perfect square shall be in 2 cubits, shall be the height thereof. The horns thereof shall be of the same. The horns have significance. Remember horns represent power, and thou shalt overlay it with pure gold top thereof and the size there of round about no and the horns thereof. And now shall make unto it a crown of gold round about that of a crown at one around it. Horns that came off of it so that nothing would fall off with a crown also represents the fact the prayer was a part of connecting to god's royalty And 2 golden ring, shall thou make to it under the crown of it by the 2 corners thereof. Upon the 2 sides of it, shall thou make it, and they shall be for places for the staves to bear with offloads it make these rings on a side, you put a beam of wood, the little stave through it, so that when they carried it, they could carry that would add less than the other articles of furniture because this is a smaller piece of furniture. Whereas 5 now so make the staves of shit him, would an overlay them with gold and thou shalt put it before the veil. That is by the ark of the testimony before the mercy seat, that is over the testimony where I will meet with thee bis, watch this. It was here that god met with the priest every single day. It was at the altar of incense twice a day. In fact, so important is the altar of incense that it is not actually considered an article of furniture of the holy please. It is considered an article of furniture of the most holy police. An errand shall burn thereupon sweet incense every morning when he dresses the lamps, he shall burn incense upon it. And when aaron light of the lambs that even he shall burn incense upon it, a perpetual incense before the Lord. Throughout your generations, you shall offer no strange incense they are on nor burnt sacrifice nor me offering. Neither shall you for drink, offering there on it was not for the remission of sin. It wasn't like the other altar. This one was special, its purpose was prayer, but there were times versed in an errand shall make an atonement upon the horns of it once a year with the blood of the sin, offering of atonement once in the year. Shall he make the atonement upon it throughout the generations? It is most holy unto the Lord. Once a year, blood would be put on the horns. And as I saw it on the day of atonement this is so that because ha, even in our prayer life, we can sin. So blood was applied evens at all to it, covered the priest, the altar, vincent, and covered the priests. And the prayers of israel. Every time the priest went in to deal with the altar of incense, the people would gather around if you look at luke chapter one, ah, when, when the priest and it at the time of the birth of jesus was there the, the people gathered to pray. While the priest was dealing with the incense and the altar of incidence, that tells you that you should at least have 2 times a day that you have meaningful prayer to God. That is the biblical model, at least twice a day. That means in the morning you should have a prayer before you go out. And in the evening you should have a brain. I don't mean, you know, a brief little lord, i'm a time for me to sleep. Bless me while I sleep. I mean a time you spend in prayer, we will talk more about that. There is a lack of prayer in our church and in our churches, um I tell us all the time, but I'll forget and I forget when I was in London, england and I was, I was speaking for the local conference, me for one of churches and um, they took me to the conference office in the union office and one of the pastors. He said to me, he said I'm in London, england for every christian pastor. There are 30 witches, numerically to pastors, are out numbered. 30 to one is what he told me. I didn't I and do google search, dr. Verified as a believe them at his word. But he said, and he said, what is frightening, isn't that they're there, that the witches out number the pastors by so much, he said, is that on the weekends we know that the witches are up all night long. Praying to the dark forces for the destruction and dismantling of the christian churches. They spend their night in prayer to our enemy that our churches will not succeed. That our missions will not succeed, that the shoe boxes will not succeed, that our marriages will not succeed. That our children will be corrupted. They spend all night in prayer, warring spiritually, warring against us. And here's what's frightening church. Some of us don't spend 30 seconds in prayer. The enemy is praying for our destruction. My grandmother ogle clark was a faithful christian lady. And in Jamaica, she, when she went on Saturday afternoon, she gathers around and tell us stories about her, you know, her living in Jamaica and her and dealing with would what would what she called obey ladies. And she would tell a story how they would plot her destruction and pray against her. My mother in law on doreen would tell a stories of how they would gather in a room and pray as there were people outside praying for their destruction because she was the only sabbath keeping christian and they would pray for the destruction of their family. And my grandmother would pray and when my, when a family would pray, the protection that would come one night all night this was happening against my grandmother's house and my mother and my aunt doreen confirm the story to me once ab that they wouldn't they could hear horses running outside the house, running around the house, but when they looked outside there, when there were nothing, there was nothing moving. No one was out there. They can even had a horses running above the house after a while. And they prayed, mom, grandmother, and my mom, aunts and uncles, and my mom, they prayed all night. My grandfather drove trucks. He wasn't there the next day my grandmother was it was put in close out on the line. My grandmother tells me that one of the women that was praying against them came to her and asked her in the pot with dialect, woman, i'll wait. Hannah will be a you work in. In other words, what are you, what magic are you doing? And the woman said, all we did all night did nothing. In fact, it's as if everything we wished evil on you fell on us. My grandmother was happy to share with her that while they were playing, pray, praying to the spirits of darkness. She was praying to the most high god I want to submit to you that there are things happening in your life that are not changing and are not moving. There are folk in your circle who you want to pray for. We want them to find god. I ought to be reconciled to christ and it's not happening. And partly it's because we are not so sometimes we are not taking our prayer life seriously as into seed as for others. This piece of furniture represents the importance of into sesa, re prayer. So it was made of wood like the other ones, covenant gold horns represent the power prayer on special instance was use all the things we just mentioned. In fact, that even describes this exit is 30 of us. 34 describes the incense and the Lord said unto moses, take unto the sweet spices, static and uncle, and galban em. The sweet spices with pure frankincense of each shall be there like weights of equal parts. One of them actually came from a shell, fish type of thing that would they found locally, and they would mix them in equal parts and not watch this in dol shall make it a what a perfume a confection after the art of the apothecary tempered together, pure and holy, you are supposed to make this sweet savor. Our sister introduce me to them. Some are wales and aroma therapy, and I haven't gotten through all of the articles. She sent me, but I start to realize is healing in smell. What we smell matters. I are missing this thing when they, when it, when they would put this thing on the alter will vincent and burn it twice a day. It would feel the holy place. What the sent in the smoke that would come from this incense. It was a sweet smell, here's where it is powerful, it would go up and over the veil that led into the most holy place. And so they were able to directly communicate what the most holy place by the smell and the smoke that came off of the altar of incense. And that's how prayer works. We're gonna find out It was pure and holy. In fact, the smell would get so powerful when you read about this that it would sometimes wave out of the holy place and into the courtyard and Beyond. And huh, because it was always burning every time you walk near the sanctuary. You would smell the incense burning and be reminded to pray. This is why paul's as both of them just in a vacuum, say, pray without ceasing. Pray continually. He saying that as it reflects back to the sanctuary, because in the sanctuary, the scent of prayer was always coming out. I want you to have the kind of mindset when you're at work and your boss gets on your last nerve. But you smelly incense may cut you off in traffic. Smelly incense Turn to a mind of prayer rather than one of anger As it is 30 and was 36 and thou shalt beat some of it. Very small and put it before the testimony of the tabernacle of the congregation where I will meet with you. It shall be unto you, most holy. This is the power of prayer were talking about now. And as for the perfume which thou shalt make, you shall not make yourselves according to the composition thereof. It shall be unto thee wholly for the Lord you can't make you can't bootlegged this. You can't make your own batch and take it home. Who so I was, shall make like unto that to smell there too, shall even be cut off from his people. I mean, your prayers belong to God and nothing and no one else. Some of us hope to our jobs, we hope to our neighbors. We hope to our circle of friends. Her no, I hope was in christ jesus, priest would stand there and he would minister and the prayers of all israel would go up. They would go up over the vale that separated them from god. And prayers would come down in the holy police and sit on the mercy seat, where the chicago glory of god would fall. It was a powerful symbolism for the people of god as it is for us to day that we ought to be a preying people if we are going to fight in the spiritual warfare of this day. A learner column, the name of the Lord They talked some prophets paid $353.00 says in the offering of incense. The priest was brought more directly into the presence of god than in any other act of the daily ministration. As the inner vale of the sanctuary did not extend to the top of the building, the glory of god which was manifested above the mercy seat was partially visible from the 1st apartment. When a priest offered incense before the Lord, he looked toward the ark, and as the cloud of incense arose, the divine glory descended upon the mercy sea and feel the most holy place, and often so filled both apartments that the priest was obliged to retire to the door of the tabernacle, as in the typical service, the priest looked by face to the mercy seat, which he could not see. So the people of god are now to direct their prayers to christ. Their great high priests who unseen by human vision is pleading in their behalf in the sanctuary above. Right now christ is pleading on your behalf on my behalf. And guess what was our our duty to do the saying that a fire could only come from the brazen altar we mentioned that incense renewed, the lighting the candles twice a day. No sacrifice was to be made except of once a year. Blood can be put on the horns. Yes, the bible commentary says this, the fact that the altar was before the mercy seat teaches us that prayer brings us into the presence of god. Although the veil of humanity see 1st corinthians 1312 prevents our physical eyes from seeing god don't miss this church prevents our physical eyes from seeing god, faith and prayer are able to go where the body cannot. I want to submit to you that when you kneel down at your bedside at night and you call on the name of the Lord, you are ushered into the presence of all mighty god That should change the way you view prayer. You see the reason prayer. So important to God, it isn't that he doesn't know what you need or who you want to pray for. It is important to God because it is through communication that relationships are built. You can have a relationship with someone, you know, communicate with stuff. If you don't communicate with your spouse or your child york, if your relationship will, if all by itself it will begin to devolve, god, won't you communicating him with him? Because he wants to be in relationship with you. That's what pray does. Pray allows us to be in relationship with god. He knows what you need before you pray. Prayer allows us to recognize that he has all the answers. Little revelation, revelation 58 says. And when he had taken the book, the 4 beasts, and 4 and 20 elders fell down before the lamb, having every one of them harbs and gold and violet full of odors. That the same golden vall that they would take from her, from the brazen altar and walk into the holy place, which are the what, the prayers of the saints. Revelation 83 and 4 says it like this. And another angel came and stood at the altar having a golden sensor. And there was given unto him much incense that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. Verse 4 and the smoke of the incense which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before god out of the angel han. When you pray. Church. In a sense out of the angel hands into the throne room of god. Some things that come only jesus says by prayer and fasting, something's will only move that way. As a miracle you need is a blessing you want and preferentially, it's a blessing or, or miracle you want for someone else. Prayer is the key, the hand of faith that unlocks the doors to treasure, to heaven's treasure house. Prayer. Does that, how do we pray? Well, the lessons we get a prayer is number one, we don't pray, self righteous prayers was mercy. When we're trying to in to see for someone else, we do not pray as if we've got it all together and every one else is messed up. We'll see an example of that in a 2nd. Before we pray we ask for cleanser. So in the beginning of our prayers we should ask for the forgiveness of sin. We ask for god to wash us like the labor we wash before we enter the holy place in our prayer sequence. It's praise and thanksgiving. When you went to the gate, it's ask for forgiveness. As you do in the courtyard and as you move in, you pray based on the bible promises which are represented by the table of show bread because that's god's word. When you pray you should in your prayer, put god's promises. I say all the time and up re god you said in your word in the book of isaiah, many of the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all. Mort. You'll said that and I believe you, you're going to deliver me out of this affliction. You're going to uh, deliver my cousin out of this affliction. You're going to deliver my neighbor out of this affliction. What you're going to do it because you said you would you always pray fathers before you pray for yourself, a man. This is intercessory prayer. We pray for others before we pray for ourselves, we lift up, we should have a prayer list of people. We prefer my las gift so long. Sunrise gas, lord, prisoners, i'm brave. Everybody on the list. I've seen miracles happen through prayer. So david says here, psalm 6618 through 20. David says if I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me. But verily god has heard me, he f, attended to the voice of my prayer. Bless it, be god which have not turned away my prayer, nor his mercy from me. What if you're dealing with a sin issue, ask god for forgiveness. Take it to him in contrition. Understand that you are going to struggle with this thing, but do not pray and hold on to your sin as if God was is going to bless you in your sin. You've got to say lord, I, I like what I'm doing. I'm stuck in this in, but more deliver me from it. Washed me in your blood on a secret to gaining victory. The sin is to admit to God just how much of a stronghold that thing has on you. Some of us want to pretend we've got it all together. Jesus sitting there waiting for you to tap out So he can come in and do the job. Prayer the book of prayer by the white page to 44, let us strive to walk in the light as christ is in the light. The Lord turned the captivity of job when he prayed, not only for himself, watch this church, but for those who were opposing him. One he felt earnestly desirous that the souls that had trespassed against him might be helped. He himself received help. Did you know, god will bless you when you pray for the folk who have done you wrong. Some of our prayers are not answered, because we're holding grudges against me. We're angry with people and instead of praying for them, we're hoping the worst thing possible happens to them. The power and praying for those we've done you wrong. Let us pray, not only for ourselves, but for those who have heard us and are continuing to hurt us. Pray, pray, especially in your mind, give not the Lord rest for his ears are upon, are open to him to hear sincere, important prayers when the soul is humbled before him. He will hear the consistent prayers and we pray, consistently, god will hear. I remember when I was going through one of the darkest times in my life when I was pasadena, California new whole world exploded around me and I, Oh, it was, it was a horrible time. Local paper is the local t v stations. I was on everything I was in government for the city and my world turned upside down, but time of trouble like I had never seen before, nor since. I remember I was laying on my face. We're my testimony. I said as I was laying on my face in my house, calling on god and I could feel like a demonic weight on my back. Like pressure sitting on me. And I was calling on god's name and a bible opened in front of me reading the psalms. You see when I get in trouble, i go to 3 peas, prayer, the psalms, and prays. You do those things and 3 things when you have trouble and you'll be amazed how quickly your mind, well, what you're in the atmosphere of your mind will change and I am reading the psalms and all of a sudden as I'm, as I'm laying there, I could feel the weight of what was happening lift from off of me and I remember praying and asking, god, god, what happened? How come the weight that I felt that pressed me so hard? Why does it lifted was my God spoke to me and he said someone is praying for you Every now again out, feel the weight lift and I would realize that folk were pray for me and Sure enough to to um, to, to confirm that I started getting the emails and all the people say listen, were praying for you, our churches praying for you this. And I started to realize this power is power when we pray for one another. So powerful that one of the great stories in a bible of prayer fountain, daniel chapter 9. The 1st he of daria's, the son of ashes, cirrus of the seed, of the meads, which was made king over the realm of the child dns. The 1st year was reign i daniel understood my books. The numbers of the years were of the word of the Lord came to jeremiah the prophet that he would accomplish 70 years and the desolation of jerusalem, so that daniel miraculously survived the fall of babylon. Nebuchadnezzar is no longer round as great as great grandson belcher, as our is gone. And now the meat of persian empire takes over and daria's elevates daniel. This is a miracle. Normally they would kill everybody from the previous kingdom. Derek daniel realized that the 70 year prophecy jeremiah gives for the time for the jews to go back to jerusalem. The sanctuary to be restored is almost up, but he does not see that his people have changed much. In fact, their time in Babylon seems to have corrupted his people even further many of them. So he goes to pray for them, look averse 3. And I set my face unto the Lord God to seek by prayer and supplications with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes. The fat that he says that he prays with fasting means daniel prayed for at least one day because he wouldn't fast for an hour or 2. He was fasting for a time, and I prayed unto the Lord my God and made my confession and said, oh lord, the great and dreadful god were dreadful. There can also be a translated, awe inspiring, keeping the covenant and mercy upon them that love him. And to them that keep his commandments, we have sin, look it up and remember not self righteous. He says we have sinned. Daniel was in a part of a mess. They were doing what he says, we have sinned and have committed iniquity and have done wickedly and have rebelled, even by departing from thy precepts and from thy judgments. Neither have we hearken unto thy servants. The prophets which spake in that name to our kings, are princes and our fathers, and to all the people of the land. All lord righteousness belongs to you, but on to us confusion of faces, as at this day to the men of judah and to the inhabitants of jerusalem. And unto all israel that are near and that are far off through all the countries where the vow has driven them because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee. Daniel again accept the consequences of breaking god's law. He says, oh lord, to us belongs confusion of faith to our kings, to our princes, into our fathers. Why? Because we have sinned against thee. Daniel puts down one of the most powerful prayers ever recorded. Daniel, 9 of or 17. He says now therefore old god here the prayer of thy servant, and his supplications and cause I faced a shine upon thy sanctuary that his desolate for the lord's sake and climb an errand here open thine eyes and behold our desolation like a verse 19. 0 lord, here. Oh lord, forgive. Oh lord, hearken and do defer not. Why do we pray? It says defer not for thine own sake. Oh my God, for the city and thy people are called by thy name. Well daniel tell tells us that wiley's prayer is prayer. He had to delay and that the lay came because as the angel gabriel was coming to give him the answer, he was met by the enemy. Daniel 1012 then said he unto me fear not daniel for from the 1st day you did pre set my heart to understand the Chase and myself before thy god thy words were heard and I am come for thy words look adverse starting you on. No, I sometimes hard for our prayers to be heard or feel like they don't get answered. Verse 13 says, but the prince of the kingdom of persia withstood me. Who is that? And a satan himself. Withstood me one on one and 20 they 21 days. But lo, michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, and I remained there with the kings of persia. Now I come to make the understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days? For yet, the vision is for many days daniel only wanted to know if the 70 year prophecy was going to be fulfilled and they could go back. When he praise gabriel, has us even more special message for him. And as he's on his way, he meets satan and must fight him. It is the archangel michael who is who jesus himself comes to fight and contend with satan. So that gabriel can get the message through. Why am I telling you this? Because you cannot stop praying when you think you have not heard an answer. Angels are dispatched when you pray. And the enemy despatches his demons, his minions, to try and stop your prayers from reaching where they're supposed to reach from being answered the way it is supposed to be answered. That means you don't get weary and praying. You stay and you pray. Church. Understanding that this is spiritual warfare. The devil wants your destruction, the destruction of your home, of your family, of your children. He want you to lose out on eternity. Every time you bow and pray, the devil gets nervous. Because he understands that when we pray, we have the entire heavenly host who can respond. Let me days, am I? I remember I was on my cousin leon and I had gone, we were there was one summer here and we're and we were told mom she allows dana up here with my mother, marty moved to Miami and I'll stand on sheila's house. And we were on leon would decide we're going to go to a barbecues at somebody's house in windsor. And so, you know, to teenage boys, we drive over to windsor that his barbecue and his mother somehow warned us. And I don't know why she did, because it wasn't in the cards. She told us before we left the house, do not go to the movies. Oh, I told her that you are going to a barbecue, not movies, but when we got to the barbecue, guess what? They wanted to go. The movies. I don't remember what movie it was. But his mother told us not to go. Now. I was a passenger, so wherever the car went, I was going to go. But now like I put up a fight either. I have to be honest. I'll Okay, go to the movies. I grew up, we couldn't go to the movies. I was ready to go to movies. And so we, we go to the movies and we see some move in as not a by and with an old movie there in East harvard, or they don't torn down now. And we're there and there's a gang That was the only other groups of about 10 of us from bloomfield went to carlos, one came one from bloomfield, want windsor, and his gang in the back of the movie theater. They were called at the time, the park street posse, somebody I know what I'm talking about. So me, I don't, but I sorry. And so, you know, in the movies was be quiet. There might make a noise and you know stuff is happening when we got to leave my prayer. Now we got to leave the car, split the group from windsor, go to windsor without any ah problems. The grew going to bloomfield. We drive past and 5 was deep in a car. I was in the middle of a back seat. We drive past one of the cars from this group. And I, I don't know what happened. I don't know who looked at who wrong way. Somebody gave the other one, some hand gestures that are not appropriate. And one of my friend was driving a car stops and asked do they want trouble? He really says, do they want to get busy? Now we saw one car. But inherent in the word, posse is a lot of people. We all know read about that stuff, but that's what it means. And so we stop and that the my are my friend was in the front seat passenger side. He jumps out to start fighting. I'll never forget it like it was yesterday and quickly they are fine. Now another one of my friends was sitting to the left meals 80 by name. He gets out. This guy was fast and I don't know what he was thinking, but he just took off running. My brother ran so fast. He would wanna live, go metal in a 100 yard dash. If he was. He took off running. He ran so fast, he told us later he got so far ahead of them that he was able to hide in a bush and watch them run past the bush. But I love the driver, me in the middle backseat and my cousin leon to the right of me. And as we were about to get out to help the one friend who was there fighting the guy drive and said, this is my father's car and took off either wiping them to his father's gar. Well, he should have thought about that before he thought he could fight or we should say anything he, I remember him jumping the curb and hitting one of the other, the people from the other side and jumping a curve and driving. And I'll never forget as they now one car turned into like 7 cars. And we drove past one, the cars and they were, they had, I went to the trunk just and I can see the dude put together a gun based on later life experience that was a semi automatic weapon. And I'll never forget. We got into a car chase just like hollywood, boston red lights make any legal turns high speed of it. Hold them like, you know, I always seem to police. I was funny. They would only have beliefs right now. And finally, we must the red light that they could not follow us through and we get away when we go to the friend who was fighting, we go back 1st. We snoop back around the theater. Pick up a gang ran so fast that he got away. He's covered in dirt to hide in the bushes, but he was safe. And we went in a one friend who got out of fights house and he was, he had been pulverized. Never forget it pulled just swollen. That light fought for Mike tyson in his prime. And we were depressed and distraught. Never forget when we got back home my own sheila was sitting on a couch and a whole time we were gone church. You know what she was doing? praying the story always meant a lot to me because I realized that night I could have died. Somebody got a shot, a gun, and stray bullets. Bad ame whatever you were or good aim. Could have taken me out. I remember years later doing trauma surgery at the University of miami when I was in medical school, do my trauma surgery rotation. And in one saturday night in Miami, 14 men came in shot, 3 of them died in one night in Miami. And I'll never forget, most of them had no beef, anybody, they just happened to be in the wrong place on him. Every one of them was black. Some latino black, some jamaica black, some american black, 14. And I reflected that night that the night years earlier when my aunt was praying for me, I could have simply been another statistic. I tell you this because we don't understand the power that god has when we pray. He can deflect bullets. He can cause the enemies tired to go out. You serve a god who can put I hedge around you. And when we pray for others church, no forget that night on my heart raced. Not knowing what would happen if we crash good. I was more afraid of the driving after a while and I was at a guns. This is what the spirit of prophecy says prayer page 246. Begin to pray for souls. Come near to christ, close to his bleeding side. Let a meek and quiet spirit adorn your lives and let your earnest broken humble petitions a sent to him for wisdom that you may have success in saving, not only your own soul, but the souls of others. There are souls who have lost their courage, speak to them, pray for them. There are those who need the bread of life. Read to them the word of god. There is a soul sickness. No bomb can reach no medicine. He'll pray for these and bring them to jesus christ. And in all your work, christ will be present to make impressions upon schumann hardships. It's not your job to save other folk. It is to invite christ to do the saving. We ever read roger min no story and read his books on the incredible answers to prayer and so forth. One of the things he says as profound is that because of the way to great controversy is set up like the story of job. What a devil does, when we say, you know what, I want to pray for this person? You know, we see someone who's in need of prayer. The devil will go to debbie, basically in the way to frame. We're going to great controversy and allegory, i'll say at the devil, go to God and basically say, listen, you can help this person then I asking for help. They're not praying to you for help. So you can't help this drug addicted person. This, this broken person is wounded person. You can't help that person stuck in sin because they're not asking for your help. God is not fear, you can't help them. But guess what happens when we pray for them? It is like we give god permission to work for a person who does not even know to call on the name of god. You know what us i'll pray for some folks. Sometimes. Lord, I give you permission to go in and work on behalf of that individual. I give you permission, lord, for your holy spirit, to penetrate their heart, to break the drug addiction problem, lord to break them from out of whatever it is that has them so easily bound up, lord, I give you permission. That's why we prayed away. We pray. Church that is that section and a bulletin about prayer because the bible says that the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man does what in a veil if much Want to give you in closing an update on my cousin vaughn, who was hospitalized. I am an innovator recovered He's out of a hospital. He's home. And remember I told you his kidneys had failed and he was on dialysis. His kidneys fully recovered. His lung seems of math like the last time I spoke to him, the mom told me he's ready to start working out again. I said, okay, slow, your older brothers lawyer all send him some legal protein shakes as it's drink some of those a few days. First, But devonne was telling a family in our last soon call, his testimony. Devonne said that when he woke up in the hospital, he thought he'd been in a car accident. He had no idea how he was intimated, or under it, No idea. Coven had done it. He said he couldn't talk because the 2 was in But he remembers and his wife verifies this that he, they were basically told about a doctor in the nurses that there was no hope There was no hope And as his condition worsened. And mike, in my talking to the nurses, when I called the hospital, it seemed as if they truly had begun to give up hope at times from uh, from uh, from a care standpoint. But his condition worsened. He says however, that there were nights when he was laying don't miss this church when he was laying in his hospital bed in the intensive care unit there in Florida, there were nights. He says that all of a sudden it was as if the whole family was in the room with him. And it was like, he could really was, he said to a night, you have conversations with his father. And he said one night, it was like all of us, his cousins, everyone was in the room and he was trying to talk to us and a nurse would run in and tell him stop. You know, it's not trying to talk. And when we started to look at it, don't miss this church the times when we were having some of those zoom meetings. When we were interceding in prayer on his behalf, the von got the impression that we were in the room with him. Ah, the smoke of the incense went up over the vale, somebody and came down on the mercy sea. And yvonne ha, spiritually could sense that we were calling on the name of the Lord for on his behalf. He says that at nights there were nurses. And we were talking while some of the nurses we didn't like. He said every day, one night when they were nurses who had slipped into his room quietly hold his hand as he was intimated. And he could hear the nurses calling on the name of jesus for his recovery. When he finally woke up and the EX, debated him, they said, well, you might be on to, you know, they were, you know, the risk of dallas is being long term and all of this kind of stuff. When I talked to when I talked to him and when I talked to their mother, he's not gonna be on dialysis. Because one of the nights after that june call after one of our zoom calls. As I was looking at the faces of my family and Miss my family in US, I started to cry because our family has had a lot of loss. Lot of people in our family have passed away prematurely. And I sat at my desk in my, in my office, in the basement of our house, and I began to agonize with god by myself after the zoom call. And I said, lord, he cannot die. As a lot, I claim the promises of scripture that there is a balm and gillian that you are a healer of the sick. I claim the blood of jesus christ on my cousin, and I said, I don't claim the blood of jesus for the sake of the von only, but more I want my family to know and see that the god of heaven is a real god. I want them to know we don't worship some fairy tale. Got this is not a make believe story. I want after they have been told that there's no hope of his recovery. I want them to see. Not only that, he walks out of his hospital. I want him to walk out of his hospital not on dialysis with no long problems, fully recovered from everything that happened and church, guess what? God did it. In fact, the doctor. Well, I don't even believe as a believer came to my cousin devonne and you know, the doctor said I was praying for you to he said you are the only person that we've ever intimated in his hospital would cove it. You're the only one that's going to walk out of here alive. That's why I didn't believe he'd ever leave the hospital. Let me tell you some church you serve a god of power. When a spiritual warfare begins, when the enemy comes against your family, when they come against your children, when they come against your marriage. When I come against your home, I am challenging you to day to lift up a prayer to stand before the altar of incense, to burn that pure incense of a humble spirit of a broken spirit of a contract spirit. And let the sweet save our prayers rise at a mercy seat of god almighty. And I challenge you church. Things would turn around in your life. Things to turn around in your home. Things will turn around for your children. Pray without ceasing. Father, god, we thank you lord for the altar of incense and what it means. Father, god, we ought to be a praying people. Continually praying, always allowing the smoke of our prayers to ascend heavenward and land on the mercy seat. Lord, were you happy to step in and answer our prayers while the god you don't even always answer them the way that we want, which always answer them the right way. While the god give us faith to trust you in prayer. As the father of the demoniac boy said, lord, we believe help our unbelief. Help us to be of people who pray. Help us, lloyd, people believe me, the prayer and jesus is pressing and holding the name of the church. Same name. Ah, this media was brought to you by audio person, a website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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