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Gethsemane's Cup

Jevede Harris


Jevede Harris

Medical student at Loma Linda University



  • August 7, 2010
    10:00 AM
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wanting what is the sound of that letter thank you so much for that beautiful rendition now how you feeling this morning than in the house of the Lord is a wonderful Sabbath MM MM and white rice in the desire of ages page eighty three it should be well for us to spend a thoughtful hour each day in contemplation of the life of Christ we should take a point in my points and let the and the imagination grasped each see especially the closing ones eyes results dwell upon this great sacrifice for us our confidence in him will be more constants our mouth will be quickened and we shall be more deeply imbued with the spirit this morning I advised students join me in doing Justin got to spend a thoughtful few moments contemplating the life of Christ especially the closing scenes as we do allow your imagination is otherwise recommends still grasped each seed and it is my prayer that we will each leave here with a renewal would love for Lord the oh much of the first part of this message will be from the desire of ages the chapter entitled Gethsemane after which we will just look at some practical applications for our lives today talk to fire has with me the sweet Oslo Lords blessings identify learn heaven we thank you so much Lord for another one we thank you for the life of Jesus Leslie concepts that Lord lets you enjoy for us in Gethsemane we pray that your Holy Spirit will move upon our hearts in ways that only the Holy Spirit tenant leaves renew our love for you we pray in the name of Jesus and our messages morning event types those Gethsemane his cup with me back to Palestine A.D. thirty one the Passover moon broad and follow signs from a cloudless sky it's a dim light eliminates the silhouettes of Jesus and his disciples as they made their way slowly toward the Garden of Gethsemane this is a Phil Gramm 's test is cost into silence peace and serenity perfume the immediate atmosphere within the heart of Jesus is son Russell and my family intends that he is forced to expand his anguish my soul is exceeding sorrowful even unto death even unto death Delong for his friends don't understand something off its identity his disciples were perplexed to have never seen it is also often decided and in this abundance and deal advancement blowing it was breaking ball at the end of example and I silenced his foes Michael for executives to rent the lowest in the plot confidently declared the in this way is with me the father hath not left me out no I don't always know things that please him but now he can barely stand up on his seasons now you seems to be shut out from the light of God 's sustaining presence now is a numbered with the transgressors the guilt of thought and humanity he must bear upon him oh no it's not then it must be read in the iniquity of us all so grants in the way of you which you must bear that is coming to the fair schedule is so came out for ever from his father 's presence from his father 's love and how terrible is not derived against trespass Sunday and my soul is a CNN sorrowful even unto death it is the wrath of God in all its terrible mess that Jesus is beginning to experience on yes it is finally the beginning I've seen roads allowed at their suffering under the dresser a terrible burden that was stuck in outtakes and labored with efforts twice hit the site the support is way for the kids him from falling to the ground and get out of it he is experiencing is fondly the beginning where in Gethsemane now Jesus seeks his favorite spot you know that nothing is easy it was a holiday and sweet communion with his father but tonight tonight there is no sweet communion see falls to the ground out of frustrating and so cleansed on the ground to try and so preventing as you may separate from his father by the accumulation of savings not breadth and dudes are called DAs is the God of Holland drawn how did Bob Atkins and I'll let you know seems between his soul on this father 's levels this identity you must not cannot exert his divine power to escape automatically make it eternally curse on him so far the consequences of nine cents a month and a month and you are the rock of God against transgression CA is a wound that cards pairs with many sorrows the process as it was in the wild and the well was made by him and it was Neil him knocking and that is all on his own received him not as Isaiah prophesied his risk is on Wednesday said those then why is old news about the home is about the maintenance of brain sacrifice and wine salt there is a minute friends and it's come the Messiah now here he is in Gethsemane and a while as if and the rest of us I think it's a life is on the name they were concerning his birth the sense of God 's wrath crashing out to live under one hundred percent sense versus Stanton and I hope this metal is caused on either seen the style and content placement tries to be handed for the human soul but my father is wireless out bandwidth tears fall like lead and it are broken and it is possible that this call is from me I don't write it in their sins in this rendering has not as yet Monday aside from imbibing at its contents father and I don't have to drink this is been away from me you can imagine how the Heinz nevertheless not as I will bus as well will then silence there is no thundering voice from heaven declared the alarm my beloved son in the eye am well pleased just silence except of course for the slaughtering of Peter James and the apostle whom Jesus loved with the cup still in it and he has a team in case anything at least almost all parts of his sleeping disciples she is hoping to find lethal one focus friends praying for him terrible inputs sends a letter to the human race is bear the consequences of their own sin only he can have some show that someone appreciates and understands his identity to get some call it God the plug-in so I shall rant that is not unknown than men need to manage England may strengthen the drink this cup but alas no one appreciates his agony no one understands this suffering no one is praying no one is empathizing is less it's a little disclose that sometimes ends up its nest knows but repeatedly he doesn't think it's possible for it are so saving them in the environmental sorrow and loneliness it does deeply as a business I close startled awake by his friends at his watch and pray seems again by superhuman the name Jesus is not tired and exhausted to the place of Islamist struggle is suffering intensifies dishonest unbelievable report says that his sweat was like great drops of blood nodes in the phase of selecting God is no miracle is that it's an exceptionally rare phenomenon known as FEMA digital system in which the human being suffering under intense distress can sweat blood staring the mysterious talking is hard completely on my Mister Khan thank you once again cried my father is this may not pass away except I drink his fly will be done once again Jesus seeks conference but Peter James and John are still sleeping and soul his Tigers off one last time the man who now Jesus Michael why the good that number and the bloody sweat from his brow the event now he may stand up on his Satanic claim to divinity and laid aside and I'm now in my perfume is the drink of the cup of Gethsemane but he does not refuse it's with the love that will not let us involve the words and thoughts family this pan shots quivering lips on my stalker is this cup may not pass from me so I didn't get this I will be done this is the power of sin and the fans of humanity DC is Allah is our helplessness and hopelessness his mind is made up do with Sandman at any cost to himself he will die is that it internally if he might sales one Madonna is enough he accepts that there are him perishing millions may have life having thus made up his mind it is a life dying on the ground at the son of man against and that is that you are talking God the father is shot turned me on CNN allowing waste of happen to describe there was silence in heaven created the stricken Angel is watch as a grief stricken dog suffering as intensely as his son is separating his beings of light and love and glory from his beloved son and cells are not permitted to bring relief to Jesus there is to be no way of escape but it's all in the concept tyrants that Jesus is going to die this software can only bear so much in this awful crisis set in white rights when everything was at stake when the mysterious cop trembled in the hand of the suffer to have been opened I like to shine forth amid the storm and darkness of the Christ this hour and in my decades of Holsteins and vice president is occupying the position from which they themselves came to the side of Christ why is my angel come not they call from Christ to strengthen him to drink it what was this mysterious cup Psalm seventy five verse eight Psalm seventy five and verse eight new there's a man sought in a five verse eight says reading from the NIV in the hand of the Lord is called full of forming wine mixed with spices imported olives on the wicked of the drink it down to its beverage rings it's called and destined for the weekend Isaiah fifty one versus seventeen and nineteen advanced fifty one versus seventeen and nineteen the Bible says all went away rights up on Jerusalem and Yolanda drawn from the hand of the Lord God of Israel you'll love drain the fluid subaverage rags and the goblet that makes men start the first nineteen please don't come nonexistent fun you'll can comfort you really and destruction of Simon and sword hole can console you this cop represents inconsolable anguish in Dallas to sinful man Jeremiah twenty five versus fifteen to eighteen Jeremiah twenty five fifteen to eighteen this is what the Lord God of Israel said to me that from my time in this cup sales with the wine of my wrath the main on the news on his own I send you drink it when they drink it there was thunder and go mad because of this sword I was sent among them so I took the cup from the Lord 's hand and made all the nations only sends me drink it Jerusalem and the towns of Judah its kings and officials to make them a real win an object of our sorrow and scorn and cursing as they are today in this cup is the wine of the wrath of God so terrible isn't God 's wrath against sin that is that the prospect of enjoying it would have cost of Jesus his life in Gethsemane at the Angel not strengthen hands of tyrants get some and is called the house very where he would drink it down to its very drugs now the big question that I invites us to consider this morning is found in Matthew chapter twenty Matthew chapter twenty verse twenty two the Lord sees us are you able to drink the cup that I drink off and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with the contact this is John with them on the hot asses it is also the highest positions in the kingdom of God that positions things on selfishness which is diametrically opposed from the principle of them wanting them like they sometimes overlook the law and made his disciples surely allow Lindsay 's list and one that is a big loss to him Denzil is this question they replied confidently yes we are able to handle the drink of the call that you drink off what's where where they went in the garden because of Gethsemane was firmly in the hands of Jesus Jesus and then all of the questions about that will not come in so quick to say we are able Jesus replied not by acknowledging that they were indeed able to drink office cop in a wireless but that in the future they would indeed less loved now what press twenty three he shall indeed drink the shot drink indeed of my cup and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with the clients I'm trying to make is this the disciples of Jesus Barton on time before they were quantified to drink of the cup as to be baptized with the baptism now I don't question your love for Jesus anymore than I want to question my beloved Jesus will reduce us and granted must consider seriously with me the question that Jesus called this the James and John which he also called as to what's here today are you able to drink off the cup that I drink of and to be I is not with the baptism that I am a priceless one quantifies the Christian drink of Jesus 's cup it is not simply allow for Jesus Fujiwara then again I enjoyed us would be quantified at it why candidates are anticipated seven one seven statement of Judas Rhodes joined us of the great teacher not that that's not surprising that Judas actually not the Jesus she said that Jonas and now the great teacher and then sired as to be with him peace out and desire to be changed in carts are analyzed and fought to experience this through connecting himself with Jesus now I can fix myself in this verse because that is true for me as well Mister godson but it's joined us did not come to the point of surrendering himself fully to Christ not that you have not surrendered any he had not so rendered fully if you did not give up his was an ambition on his lava of money glass he accepted the position of the minutes of Christ he did not bring himself on the divine molding so alive until it has been on the Jays offense designed to meet with them he had a competing love and ambition that outcome Vincent Hislop and Jesus his ambitions of the night Jesus not many of us are plus a share of that ambition as well imagine me Christlike ones only and also how was the ambitions I went saying that most of us perhaps out of us until I was ambitions besides for example it may be that sweet house gall is just a thought and a certain socioeconomic status it may be that we have certain top awards and recognition that we'd like to receive perhaps certain comforts and conveniences we'd like to have in this world but in order to drink often Gethsemane when the disciples need to understand that allow for Jesus is not enough unless it leads to LaSalle ran and I saw probably thought we are are we aim for always always will all it we're always the holiday and it looks good things about this event there is in the building up of God 's kingdom if we have skeletons in our closets they should be pulling trains candidates on some of the statement is this the back to Matthew chapter twenty and look at verses twenty three to hold passage now versus twenty through the twenty eighth then came to him the mother seventies children with her sons worshiping him and a desire for something of him and he said unto her what with though she said unto him grounds and that these might suicides may fit the one of thy right hand and on the left in backing them but Jesus answered and said you know not what ye ask are ye able to nothing I drink off to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with this sent to him we are able to Chinese up under them you shall indeed drink my cup and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with but to sit on my right hand and on my left is not mine to give but it's hard to get men's of them for whom it is prepared of my father and when John heard that where mold with indignation against its will brethren but Jesus called them onto him and said you know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them and then are great exercise authority upon them but it shall not be so among you whatsoever will be great among you let him be your minister and whoever will meet she is among you let him be your servants and then as the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister to give his life a ransom for many note that the progression the request and save us give us grounds of the highest positions in your kingdom Jesus replies you have no idea James and John once you are asking for the body not mine to give secondly you thought you can even consider greatness in the kingdom of heaven you must first drink my cup and be baptized with my baptism that process goes on to explain that in the other hand this qualification in June of this attitude of humility sending power to Santa Fe as is emphasized in the our disposition and misunderstands our mission in other words sweat went Wednesday within the mind in fact our mindset and then we all quantified and drink this cup and be baptized with his baptism I'm reminded of the past says in Philippians chapter two the time of me toasted in this chapter to me to look at verses three and five events tool verses three and five reading from the NIV do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but in humility consider others better than yourselves it's a deal should look not only to your own interests but also to the interests of others your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus and what was Jesus is articulate it's what I took to an ultimate exhibit five content is considering others better than ourselves now admittedly when I read this human nature struggles with this concept the offense needs a constant error I learn as is often being a lot of value to myself what the time it took consider either the better I think it's contrary to everything as it seems contrary to everything we would then argue my nature so I I needed to know what to do it immense to consider others better than ours sounds so when's the Sarah 's lexicon and a sad lexicon defines that term that in this way to house all call of the over one to be above being superior in rank authority and power the prominent men all rulers to ask out to be superior to surpass and I consider that president Obama is superior to me I considered that I would readily shower the president with carpet thing kindness respect and defense service that no employee employee in a plane than that as Christians that is sweet on earth as though they were the president of America can you imagine the impact that this will have on the church the environment is on our communities is the impact this will have on the world so originally I thought that business was telling me that I need until Obama is others tickets at CNN interactive than through the lenses from the from the broad level comes on rental name I don't know it's a bit village on message boards on the street with a guy that says need cash for alcohol research I thought this stance was telling me that I needed Obama eyes authors but that's not simply what are called to do were not caused to see and starve enemy cards in the kind of Obama bothers where clause is interrupted with his disarming Lindsay is less in others verse five we may read that again your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus this unwillingness of mind this humiliates it back on cigarettes on the other amendment about ourselves was also in Christ Jesus what is inversely fixed and easy to exempt the contents of the mind versus experience old being in very nature God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped but made himself nothing taking the very nature of the servants being made in human likeness and being found in a parent as a man he humbled himself and became obedient unto death and when that all across now is so hard and that the trustees of the night in Gethsemane someone and it had and that and that Matthew Salomé content that the price to meet and by the human soul of his car wasn't what you thought was wanting to escape God I'm in the same time wanting to Sandman from the divine wrath when Jesus show us the drink the cup he was constant during us better than himself he went saying in your life your life and button your eyes I'm sitting in your life Genevieve is worth more to me than my it seems incredible when you think about it especially when we read in Romans five breasts and that Jesus guy and while we were sat on him and them is even funnier about things out of the event is also part him the most Bible says let me and you which was also in Christ Jesus so he called Obama eyes authors President Obama is finite where hard to recognize and appreciate the infinite value that Jesus is a new soul when we do serve it becomes a pleasure and then when it's done at great sacrifice than inconvenience the cells in first Corinthians chapter nine long sleeves of his rights as an apostle Colleen did not insist on those rights but so rendered those rights that he might be a servant of laws terms need to first Corinthians chapter nine reading verses nineteen to twenty three bought says so I am free and belong to no man I make myself a slave to everyone to win as many as possible to the jewelers I became like a Jew to winded zeros to those under the law I became one under the law for I myself am not under the law so as to win those under the law to thought not having the law I became like one not having the law no I am not free from God 's law but I'm on the Christ's law so as to win those not having the law and we I became weak to win the week I become all things to all men so that my aunt possibly means my aunt possibly means I might save some I do all this for the sake of the gospel that I may share in its blessings note that is what Paul is not saying he's not saying that the compromise of principle in mind that the reason on principles statement saying that he participated in an adopted one of the culture when appropriate in order to find common ground with the widely minded statement saying it was Princeton lyrics to the musical the while then sensationalize the worst of service in order to meet a certain class is not saying the cost of the movements of friend so that he can bring them to church he's not saying that the drink a little wine no I'm done with this friend so that he may invite them to the communion wine of the Lord he is also not saying that he ostracized the lowest score had different standards what Paul is saying is that within the framework of principal integrity and fidelity Steve finds ground with all the order that he might say is sorry to understand some Paul had a mission his mission was to win as many as possible first nineteenth in order to accomplish this mission bought says that he surrender his rights become a star Gladstone man not to surrender your rights requires the strictest form of self-control not to first this asinine nonsense in verses twenty six and twenty seven therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly identify collect them on meeting the air no I beat my body and make it my slave so that I have preached to others I myself will not be disqualified for the prize are you able to drink the cup that I drink off to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with in order to be qualified to drink the cup of Gethsemane we must divide on Jesus 's attitude accumulates in the constant as unpleasant after his disposition to serve by becoming within the framework of biblical principle of all things to all men ought to make an example of that was not becoming a man in order to save man and we must embrace Christ's mission to save the mandala doing so may require the ultimate sacrifice not you ever been on a mission the best example that I've seen with my very own eyes is that of my fellow medical students on a mission on a mission to me in the top ten percent of the class on a mission to store about the exit on their national boards on a mission so graduate medical school in no more than four years on a mission to impress other residents and attending to the wireless on a mission the CCR and comments and residents to become a highly respected M.D. medical children on a mission now in order to accomplish this mission they may incredible sacrifices most entertainment on hold I'm sorry to put their health on Psalm even puts God on hold most of their time and it is I don't read a limited finite state popcorn into this mission and I heard the Lord Saint Symantec on citizens of the what if you accept that Christ mission the sand with the same intensity running and everything else I sent on the authorial voice place in the life what is your subset of Christ the mission of the same with that intensity where you're not simply involved in various ministries but like I been told what SWI CR otherwise sees our consultants in obviating the whole mess on mission trips on mentoring programs what they were not simply involved in services but were absolutely come midsentence and see that they misunderstand the man as possible on that commission were off paramount importance in order to understand what this looks like we needed to go back to Gethsemane we need to share Jesus 's groans we need to see his family need to see those great drops of blood falling from Hasbro Jesus demonstrate that for us what that looks like when he made up his mind I will say at any cost to myself I will die in an indeterminate length for one and then he made dying because the contents of the content accepted on Madison how were so horrifying when he finally drowned that can't have free downloads which very drags it was the ninth hour on docs Friday no sooner had he drunk the cup not his worst fears were realized I keep their software the extreme harvest of health and breathe his last duty you will have Christ attitude of humility this disposition to starve his mission to save walks fast Val can you drink of the cup that I drink off and be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with by your heads with me was asleep for precious father in heaven we may not possess at this time your attitude of humility all your disposition to serve or even your mission to save we may not be able to answer yes were able to drink of your cup to be baptized with your baptism but we pray for that you will take us to that place where we will indeed be able in the name of Jesus we pray amen


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