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Logo of Talking Points, 4th Quarter 2021: Present Truth in Deuteronomy

09 Turn Their Hearts

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • November 20, 2021
    6:00 AM
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Ah, I'm camera divisor and I mark howard, this is talking points. We've arrived at our night lesson now and present true computer on me. And it's entitled to turn their horns. And really, those 3 words are all code for one word which is repentance. Yes, the theme for the day is repentance and the change of heart that we need in our walk with christ. And it's found in deuteronomy, might think, well, you know, cause repentance and a change of heart. That's all new testament truly not me, but sure enough it's rooted there in deuteronomy. In fact, it says this week. Cornered south afternoon, we will see the idea of repentance as expressed in deuteronomy. So that's where we're headed. I don't know that we have any other house in behind the hard for me to grasp. Even though it's a reality that there are people who believe that the gospels only in the new test hockey. Will you start reading the bible? tears in j than that? Yeah. Real right, of their hearts. It Yeah, yeah. Anyway. Well, as is a little going to have exceeding in this week. So, um, before we do our talking points breakdown, why don't you give us a war to prayer, her openness up to that. Let's pray. Heavenly father, we just thank you for the testimony of your word. We thank you for this study we've been having in deuteronomy, we pray, the holy spirit, the spirit of truth, give us a clear understanding of how these lessons apply to us. Here. In the last days, we ask for a special blessing upon our teachers that are preparing to teach classes that you would help them to be a blessing to those who come in that we would be able to prepare people for the soon coming of jesus. We would ask all of these things in jesus name for his sake. Hey man. Hey man. All right, well add a new bron gloria. The um. The theme for the week is repentance. And essentially these you're going to see how repentance was established as an expectation. Way back in the old testament in deuteronomy, of course, and you can see it in the new testament and we're going to dive into kind of the meaning of repentance and almost the logistics. Well it was established before deuteronomy. Let's be clear. Well yes, martini leave. Your us point number one is more of a philosophical point, but it's an important one that undergirds everything isn't. There are some things god can't do that's coming from sunday and Monday we'll talk about that next. I seem blasphemous. It seem her time. Her at little term omnipotent, which is all powerful, but right, what there is, I don't the, in this realm of there is something that god can't do right. Talking. What number 2 is that repentance means to return ok. That means not just turn but to return back to God gave them mindset that. Yeah, you the point number one comes from sunday, mine is lesson right. And then number to repentance means return kallstrom monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Then talking point number 3. Repentance is god's work too. So we're going to see that god and the Human agent cooperate in this work of restoration. So we'll get back primarily from wednesdays lesson. All right, and that's pretty much it is very simple outline. So let's go back to number one. Yes was I you the guy did and they are some things god can't do. Now this is not the whole and please don't open up your sabbath classes to the can god build a box so big he can't lift it or something like that. That's not that we're not talking about in that physical sovereign says what we're talking about is in the spiritual sense of the nature of the creation now and the restoration of that creation god has in his wisdom imposed limits. And we'll talk on this. So for a while, I'm just thinking and we've touched on as if he'd been following us through, maybe you're joining us for the 1st time for talking points, but there's a little repetition to day as we find in lessons. If you're like, wait a minute, didn't I already see us talking points? I was last weeks. Yeah. Well, repetition is learning and so we got to keep that in mind. That's right. All right, but, but we're talking about choice again, right? And in a, for instance, on Mondays lesson towards the end of the 1st paragraph, it makes this important point, gods for knowledge, even of our free choices has no bearing whatsoever on the freedom of those choices. A. So god's for knowledge does not limit our freedom. So passer and let's talk about this for a minute. There's a difference between knowing something's gonna happen and causing it to happen. Yes. Right. So I'm, I'm trying to think of an earthly example of this, but of course no human being. Well, I am salute for knowledge where the examples been given that, you know, a parent has a at your home. Do you have band aids on hand? We do Okay. And so do you kind of, you know, something because you're abusing your children and I'm done. May I have, I know you know that kids are going to get hurt and you're prepared for it. So there's a little bit of a, there's some sort out on the scope. God obvious, right? A for knowledge that so we know the possibilities. We know the likelihood and the odds, but god knows definitively these things are going to happen. So, but the fact that he knows i'm going to make the choice does not mean that he's the one making the choice now. And I think this is where people get caught up in the great contrary. How could there be a good controversy when god is sovereign over all part of me just figures, i mean, for a finite mind to comprehend for knowledge, if this is a discussion that's been going on since I became a christian, you know that people do it before I became a christian, i meanness. If God knows everything, then does he predetermine every does he force everything to happen? And the reality is, I mean somebody can entertain that thought. But I think there's enough evidence in the scripture that and we talked about this also in our last lesson that if God knows everything head of time and God has he in god, his god. Why do in this is that, in fact, this is, is this not the atheists paradox? That if God is loving and God is powerful, why to bad things happen? And the atheist conjectures that he must either not be all powerful or is that a lover is not of it? And a, this ties into this whole foreknowledge concept that I'm and anyway, well let's take a look at one example of the life of christ. That color gives the, illustrates this a new chapter 22. When you look that up there with me here too, and yeah, we'll talk about this for a 2nd. I'll start reading, which was you starting movers. 31 righty. In fact, you're already there. Once you read that 30, when the Lord said, simon simon, indeed, satan has asked for you that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail. And when you have returned to me, strengthen your brethren and keep reading. But, but he said to him, lord, I am ready to go with you both to prison and to death. Then he said, I tell you, peter, the rooster shall not crow this day before you will deny 3 times that you know me. So in this one little instance crisis saying, I know what's going to happen and I can tell you the details of it. It's going to be 3 times before the rooster crows. It's going to be you who does it. Right, but this is the same. Jesus said, but I have prayed for that your face should not fail. No, clearly good. He knows what's coming, but he's still imploring him to make a good choice. And he saying that after that, andy's praying that it doesn't happen. Yeah, I mean, so how do we resolve these things? I pray your faith, not veil, but when it does. Mm hm. I Okay, but that he'll come back and be strength and that's exactly what happened as well. So neither peters fall nor his repentance was like god just toying with him. Peter was of volitional creature. All through that and made choices, gods is declared what they were going to be. What's interesting is, I mean you're bordering on the philosophical are we even sitting here kind of stuff because the Lord in we know this was prophecy. We've talked about it before in telling peter this beforehand, it actually precipitated his repentance. It didn't make him choose, understand it got enforced. It was up to peter, but the Lord knew just like prophecy, he foretells it and then when it happens, it has an impact on my reasoning to want to choose the right thing, right? So, so not doing it dictate we all are choice, but he is doing it to influence so that will make the right choice absolutely in. And part of the idea of him doing it is because he's god, I mean, if he didn't have foreknowledge like where am I worshiping him? You understand? I mean, there are certain things he's immortal. He's that you know that there are elements that it pieces of, of, of who he is that are because he's god, well in this brings to brings us to kind of the central theme of his lesson. There are, god is of course, omnipotent, omniscient, yes. Yet within that, he has created us in his image to be able to think and do according to our thoughts limited and find out as they are. And so in that he wants to partner with us, if you will, and say, take your limited strength and attached to my unlimited strength. And I can essentially bring you into relation with me and that is a, it's, it will share in that omniscience, in the sense that you don't have to know, but you can be attached. The one who does, I have to say, I mean again, bringing another point up, reiterating it. I have an 18 year old daughter, i have a 25 year old son, and I don't have for knowledge. And yet just from Life experience, I know and I me know like 98 percent know that if they take this pump, the staff or make this decision, i know what's going to happen because I've gone there. I've watched other people go, there's a past, i've worked with people that you understand one of the, of the next buildings over and all that. So I think that just even in that whole parental relationship, god gives us a little insight into what it's like to have a foreknowledge. And to want to had it turn, you know, at the same time, I know as much as I sometimes would love to force my daughter to do this that the other is a parent. Sometimes you have your, your hard and fast rules. There's a lot where you just try to bend the will night, but you know, they've got to make the choice and that's a lot of what we're seeing here that god knows where a certain path leads. I mean, more than knows from experience kind of thing. He knows it in the foreknowledge sense, but that doesn't mean he makes it happen. I know when my daughter makes such and such choice where it's gonna end up, but I'm not making it happen. God forbid, some of the understand. I absolutely understand. Maybe there's a reason, let's go to do drone me 5 as we. Yes, because get, get moved on here. But maybe there's a reason that god uses the analogy of as a parent to a child in how he treats us. Because it's the closest thing we can relate to his circumstance. Dude or I'm chapter 5 verse 29. This very point now before you read that passage in sunday's lesson and I'm not a hebrew scholar, i'm gonna certainly mispronounced it, but me, you tin um is the hebrew phrase that gets translated repeatedly in the bible apparently. Oh, oh that this would happen. Oh, look at this real where he brings up the point that it literally means who will give it to rhetorical um tool to kind of lament who can do this. Right. Hm. And he talks about how in David says that all the Salvation work, oh, that the Salvation of is we're, we're come out of zion is like, oh, who can make this happen right job? Oh, that I might have my request, who can help me. Right? And he sits the stage in sundays lesson to say now that we've seen those examples of what this term really means, then we can see god use that same term. And dude around me, $529.00. Yeah. Where the Lord says, oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear me and always keep all my commandments, that it may be well with them and with their children for ever. And so here you see the Lord employing that who can make this happen? It's fascinating when you, when you hear a job, it makes sense that job's crying out, oh, you can do this for me because job is helpless. But you don't ever really see god in a place where like, who can do this for me, right? Like, I can't do it. The implication in that expression is I can't do it who will do it for me who can make it happen. And so for now and after that and for the contributor here, ellie goldstein, he's looking at and say like this is one of those really nice examples of the limit god has put on himself. He's like how much he would love to step in in his my has power to fix it. But as soon as he may met, choice for us, it wouldn't be our Choice anymore. Us. Right? So he's, he writes in the and the one is 1234, 5th paragraph of sunday. What an example of the reality of free will here we see that there are limits to what god can do in the midst of the great controversy. The use of mid yet in reveals that even god can't trample on free will for the moment he did, it would no longer be free. So all of this is inside that 1st umbrella. There are some things god can't do it when we talk about the work of repentance. He wants to see it happen. He knows whether it's going to happen, but it's still left to us to choose the right. That's right. Which brings us to 2nd point. No, we're not one on to. Repentance means turn. So if we were to actually practice this, repentance, what's involved and that is a turning away. Repentance means return you exactly not just turning, but returning this is brought up. In fact, once you read there, the 1st pair of 6 from monday's lesson, sure, it's either a word in deuteronomy for 30 often chance I did turn really means to return. That is, they are going back to the Lord to where they were supposed to have been all along. The hebrew word, to shufa from the same root word for to return means repentance. And so you are making a point of this in our pre discussion then it's not just turning away from something. Right. Like I could. So I'm an alcoholic. I'm going to turn away and take up pot smoking now. Exactly. That's not helpful. Yeah, exactly like I've stopped that one bad thing. Well yeah, you've been another slightly different thing, but I mean in this, in the same way. So yeah, turning away is not just right. It's not just turning a different course. It means turning around to what the lord's original intent was it's. It's aligning yourself with his ideal. Yes. And what's fascinating with that is it, It presupposes that god has an ideal that it started with an ideal mike. It wasn't always to train wreck that it is in this world, you know, and that there is an original and an ideal and something that's going to bring peace and joy and happiness. So it's not at it. Even the idea of turning, i'm going to turn, you know, when we, repentance is a turning away or returning to God from sin. But the temptation is to think that nothing can get better than my sin. And so in that whole context of returning, like how do I know it's better because it was better? The words there was a time and some that returned an unknown. Like let's see how this works out. God's asking us to return to an established clearly better time. And you know, I don't know many people view deuteronomy cuz it's the book of the law. We should law. And it, you could almost think like, well, there's all those other, let's admit it fun or options, but there's the right way, which is god's way. So I got a buckle down and do it. When god's like, I'm trying to make this feel, this is the vastly better option, right. And so returning to that ideal. And so, well, a couple of statements. One is from peterson profit $557.00, which is also math in Wednesday that says true repentance. Which by the way, if you had to have modifier true, indicates there could be a false right for she says true. Repentance is more than sorrow for sin. So more than like, man, I don't like this thing, I'm gonna do something else, right? It is a rather, this is an evil. I didn't mean to cut you off me bunch. A true repentance is more than sorry for sin. So I was thinking, as you started out and it involves repentance, well, a false repentance. There, if repentance is where there's not even a sar for sin, where we're told that, you know esau repented because of the in people repent because of the consort available. I didn't know you said, but notice what ellen white is saying here is even if there's a sorrow for sin, it's not true repentance unless it includes the level resolute turning away, right. Facile repenting of you, since just and as with a sheep hebrew is that exactly so just even elder go through feeling their need for events or or recognizing that until you actually do it. It's not repentance right out. In fact, another one of steps to christ. Very famously page 23, rick. Repentance include sorrow for sin, an attorney away from it. There's those 2 elements. Again, we shall not renounce sin until we see it sinfulness until we turn away from it in heart, there'll be no real change in the life. So there must be a, you know, how to use the phrase decided change, not just a change. So it, because the whole lesson is about free will and choice. Yes. Undergirding this repentance, but he can't just be like I sense the need for it or it probably be better if or even a half hearted it has to be decided. I am going to turn my eyes upon jesus and go back to where he is established me to be. And this is what you see. You know thursday's lesson. I've included thursday as part of this. Repentance means return. Because what do you see in the new testament? Because there's caused repentance all over the new testament. I think most of primarily of john the baptist. Right. And he's preaching these revival sermons. People can we get, we get baptized. But then as it just became a form, you go through, people are coming along. And what did he tell them? He said go for a, go it bring forth fruit. I meet with him. It is like we need to see some decided change in the life. I are in the book of acts where peter says repent and be converted. Yeah. And so you've ease built in that element of turning away into the process. Exactly. Right. So that I'm sorry, not turning away, but returning return. I just, during some other of that return you said we just read with pete. Would jesus said to peter when you returned to me? Exactly. That's the exact word used in the experience with peter was when you return, because you're going to go your own way and you can come back and see. And this is where I went, i've prayed that you'll do that. So what I find fascinating about this is this to your point earlier. What we would typically think is new testament told grace phil retina, what this is soaked and the whole scripture is soaked in this one motif from start to beginning that Yes there sin. But there's that opportunity refer repentance and heart change that only god can provide if we choose to go back as he wants us. It's fascinating me. Well, let's turn to talking point number 3 then. And this is kind of the undergirding of it all. Repentance is god's work to We should probably look at a couple passages, 1st of all, acts 531 and 2nd timothy to 25, which you have here in the notes of you what it all do acts and you do 2nd thing with sure. All right, And it's chapter 5 verse 31 Says, well, let's start weaver's toilet. He gives me to give the complete context. But peter and the other parcels answered and said, we ought to obey god rather the men than he starts to explain. The god of our fathers raised up jesus, whom you murdered by hanging on a tree. Him speaking of jesus, god has exalted to his right hand to be prince and savior to give repentance to israel and forgiveness of sin. Now that's interesting that apparently this is framed as a the repentance is a gift as well. Yes. And it's given by god just in the same way he gives forgiveness, he can give repentance. So it's not just a thing you have to do with god will accept you. He's partnering with this repentance, what he seems to content. And we need to flush that out a little bit 2nd timothy. Similarly, i'll start verse 24, 2nd timothy to 24 and 25. And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel, but be gentle to all able to teach patient and humility correcting those who are in opposition. If God perhaps will grant them repentance so that they may know the truth, et cetera, et cetera. So in both of these cases you've got god giving repentance and, and in the acts text is one that I use quite a bit it's, it's so clear that god you know, we think of god forgiving. In fact, for a lot of people who are just coming to the Lord, there may be somebody in your classes, or there may be somebody here, even as, as you're viewing this talking points, i run into people who they get the idea that I've been away from the Lord and in order to return to the Lord, it's gotta be me taking the initiative. I've got a muster up the right kind of the already read that repentance include, sorry for, since I've got to get myself sorry for sin. Well, you can't do that. And so we think that that's our part and then god forgives. And so and the bible tells us and acts that the Lord jesus gives repentance and forgiveness. That's a fascinating concept. But then you've got these calls in a new testament to repent, right? And so where's the, exactly, so it's saying you repent the implied, you know, in, in that phrasing. Right? repent says who but me, but then he says the same peter would later say, will god gonna give you, forgive repentance. So it seems that there's a false understanding that either god's is going to do that my involvement or I have to do without god's involvement. Yes. When the reality is, every step of the redemption process is a co lay bring together threat that god gives us friends as god gives us the power of choice and influences of we have to make the choice. And he gives us live and power to change our lives, but we have to actually step forward in faith, much like the healing of the paralytic right. That's right. And up and walk and in the standing, the healing comes as right. So I've often looked at repentance as with their 2 components as the sorrow for sin component and then they're still turning away or returning to God component. I can't generate sol for sin. The Lord has to put that in my heart. But the Lord will not turn me away. I've got to choose that as your cooperation you're, you're talking about it there, right? And I think in the book steps to christ, you have the element of confession. You have a chapter called repentance chapter called confession, where that repentance a lot of that the, sorry for stand element, there's the turning away element to with the surface element. God gives us guys not going to confess for me. And I like what you said as we're talking about it, that the book, you know, in all of those things in steps to christ, our steps to christ. Right. And if there wasn't a cooperation, it would be called conveyor belt. Right. Well that's, I think a lot of people have this idea right or, Well, we just completely slop with no participation at all on to the Grace train yet really takes a where god is saying no, I'm powering you. I'm encouraging you. I'm going to send my spirit, i'm gonna do everything, but I need you to cooperate with your choice and each step so that you're actually walking through my strength. You know, you, any, we're happy to be such a simple concept, but it is something we battle all the time, even in today's church. This idea soon as you talk about us having a choice from the cold on a minute. And oh, we get all concerned that you know, we can't do anything of ourselves. That's true. God empowers us. But if God were to go beyond that and that's one thing, the little violin. Yeah. Are you will principle, right? First of all, the devil read the 1st, the flaw throw flag on the Play in the great controversy like there is no way. And if that were the case, why didn't you just conveyor bell adam and eve in the beginning? We, why would he goes along? thousands of years experience of sin and death when he's like, actually could have done a different have it all comes down to that. Sure. We've got it. The choice is ours, and part of choosing is acting that, you know, we like to say now I made a choice. There's a, there's an old story or little illustration of 5 frog sat on a log one decided to earth or 4 decided jump in or one decided jump in. So how many frogs you left on the lot? 5, because decided to jump in is not jumping. In other words you can say, oh no I want. But part of choice is that a hashing? Well and I think about like the quintessential example of this partnership was seen and get 70 right. When jesus said he knew at the father's will, was he but in his humanity, he didn't relish the thought of doing. He was, he was literally begging if there's any other way. But then he came down to the idea. But what was the quintessential issue? Not my will, but years be done. And in that moment mark, what have you, God sent angels to strengthen and so he could actually have the power to finish that commitment that's for and that is what it, what is the lesson for us in our walk with christ to day well deserve ages, page one step, right? So when we're talking about and emphasizing the Human aspect of it, it's and in our strength, absolutely. Nobody's saying that Well, god does part and we do part. No god does it all, but he can't do it without our Choice. Well, I think a lot of times that are discussions of salvation. We like say this is the god partners of the US part. And then to make sure that works oriented, we say, but it's only the god part that saves you. Yeah. So that so, so our part is really just fruitless option of later is like how about we reframe it? How about it's all god power and all participation with us. So there's no, it's worth it's unas central and there's no part that untethered from guy. He's working his work through well, that's what I see in the statement. You are going to read here from deserve ages. Everly yet desire is 172. She writes, the christian's life is not a modification or improvement of the old but a transformation of nature. There's a death to self and sin and a new life altogether. This change can be brought about only by the effectual working of the holy spirit. So to say that while god forgives, and now in response, you're going to no, god forgives, and in response he's going to strengthen you to and only by the power the holy spirit is, is changed over her. Lord is the only one that can make the change, but the Lord will never make the change without the choice spirits of that Choice. Him. She puts that into action. All these other things into effect. Well, why don't you read therefore this wendy? Yes. Her hands re resident summary statement, paragraph 3, this is why they were given the wonderful promise that if they returned to the Lord, sincerely turned to him, then he would work in them and would circumcised their heart. They would have to make the choice amid their captivity, to return to God, and he would then bring them back to himself, into the land, and then, and then there in the land, he would bless them. And part of the blessing is that he would work in them to change their hearts even more toward him so that they and their children would quote, love the Lord, your god, with all your heart and with all your soul that you may live from, did wrong me 32. So even the love for god is the love that comes from god. That's exactly. And so it's god working all through is there's not one piece of any part of the aspect that we can say. This is my part in his pardon, i'm going to bruton. We're not partnered with god in the sense that he brings 50 percent. In hebrew we bring what he brings, all the resources we need and we choose to be on his us, right? As the creator recreating, man, restoring him, returning him back to where he was in the where it went gods ideal was. And as a great closing thought, guy we can say aren't bring him back so you could get the idea that all right, once we're back to, you know, level ground. Now that repentance work is all done but legacy at every advance, this is from christ, optical from 116 you seen on Fridays lesson? Yes. At every advanced step in christian experience, our repentance will deepen. She came, say I, I got saved or I got repentance. You know, what, as you go on, you're gonna see like, you know, there's even deeper depths of this. There's more character develop, i need to change. Ok. It is to those whom the Lord has forgiven to those whom he acknowledges as his people. But he says, then shall you remember your own evil ways and your doings that were not good and shall love yourselves in your own sight. Again he says, I will establish my covenant with the and now shall know that I am the Lord that thou may remember and be confounded and never opened my mouth any more because of a shame when I am pacified towards these for all that thou hast done said the Lord God, then our lips will not be open and self glorification. We shall know that our sufficiency is in christ alone. We shall make the apostles confession our own. I know that in me that in mind that is in my flesh, dwelt no good thing. God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our lord, jesus christ by whom the world is crucified unto me. And I unto the world ex, laying the glory of man in the dust and sing repentance as a gift from god that he partners with us to indeed build was bare, his proper, heavenly father. Thank you so much for the gift and power of repentance that you offer us. Please, lord, help us to make good choices. Help us to have a genuine sorrow for sin and in your strength to turn away from those sins and become entirely new people. Lord, it's a big ask and we cannot do it without your strength, but we know that in your strength we can do all things. So we constantly come to you and asked, you bless all the sabbath schools in disgust. These things were praying in jesus name ah.


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