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The Only Crown that Matters

Mark Finley
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Beyond this life the people of God will have eternal life. An imperishable crown will be given to everyone who overcomes this world. But how can you obtain this crown and what knowledge can we gain from the Bible. Join Pastor Mark Finley in this sermon on eternal life.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • November 12, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Here's paul's point in this illustration. If they were willing to spend so much time, if they were willing to spend so much effort, if they were not lethargic, if they were not careless over there at complacent about receiving some reef to put on top their head. When those flowers would fade, where the flowers would, will they become brown? How much more should we be diligent in seeking for the in perishable crown, ah 1995 or $85.00 to 1990. Our family lived in england. We lived in Saint albans, england, which is about 45 minutes outside of london. And we often visited london. London is one of the my favorite cities and all the world as I've traveled. And one of the things we used to like to do is go to the tower of london. Now kings and queens have stored their crowns in their robes in their other items of ceremonial regalia at the tower of london for over 600 years. Now since the 1600s, the car coronation regalia itself has been stored there. So if you had, if you see the coronation of a king or queen of england and our current queen is getting little older. So we will see a carnation probably quite soon. They will take the crown jewels from the tower of london and bring them to westminster abbey, where that crowning will take place. Now it's amazing that over 30000000 people have seen the crown jewels. Probably the most visited objects, maybe in all the world. Certainly the most visited objects in, in London in england. Now most remarkable of all, this is a working collection. It's not just a collection and museum, but you take those crown jewels and they are used on ceremonial occasions. And for example, the imperial state. Crown is usually warned by the monarch for the opening of parliament. The most expensive crown in the world is in the tower of london. This crown was warned by the royal family for many, many years. Now here's its estimated worth. If you want to try to purchase it for your wife $39000000.00, but they wouldn't sell it anyway because it is priceless. But the glory of the crown jewels fades into insignificance in the light of 5 heavenly crowns. The bible describes the bible describes 5 heavenly crowns in the new testament that the people of god will wear. And it describes 2 crowns that jesus, one of them he has worn and one of them he will wear. So this morning, we want to probe the depths of the new testament and study these 5 heavenly crowns. They speak with relevance at a time when people are looking for purpose and meaning in their lives. The 1st crown we find is in revelation chapter 2, we're looking at revelation chapter $25.00 crowns that the people of god will wear. 5 crowns that speak to our hearts, 5 crowns that give us purpose in meaning in the 21st century, 5 crowns that have eternal lessons for the people of god awaiting the 2nd coming of christ. The 1st crown we find is in revelation, the 2nd chapter in the 10th verse. Do not fear. What does this 1st begin with? What are those 3 words do not what fear do not fear any of those things which are about to suffer? indeed, the devil will throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, that you'll have tribulation 10 days, be faithful unto death, and I will give you a what crown of life. Now these words were written to the church at smyrna, the city of smyrna, at the modern day city of is mere in turkey, is a beautiful sea coast city. I visited that city on numerous occasions now. The chief god of that city was dionysius. Dionysius was the god of festivity, and the god of fertility. When the priests of dionysius died, they placed 8 death crown upon that 3 set. So when john writes revelation, he contrast the death crown on the head of the priests of dionysius, who didn't have eternal life. With the crown of life that the people of god are going to wear. Now the crown of life is presented to those who face trials to those of face difficulties to those who face suffering to those of face death itself. For christ's sake, john, contrast this heavenly crown with the earthly crown placed on the head at death of those priests, he places it on the head of those that are victorious in the midst of suffering over evil. It's the vision of a crown, the crown of life given to the overcomer, who inspires these faithful believers to endure facing death itself, receiving this crown of life as motivated believers through the centuries when the journey is long. When the road is rough, when you go through the dark valley of suffering, remember this, there is a crown of life for you. At the end of the road, the death is not the end, that the grave is not a law a dark night with no morning at the end. Down the church at smyrna, existed at a time of great, great suffering. In fact, it means sweet smelling incense. The very word smyrna means about a people who faced suffering, who faced difficulty, who faced hardship for christ. During this time, the roman government had a society that happened once a year. All citizens had to come to the center of the city and burn incense to the gods. If you were living in smyrna, you'd have to burn incense to dionysius polycarp. 86 years old, old man, gray hair deeply edged lines on his face, was one of the pastors of the church. At smyrna, pike harp was taken at $86.00 to the center of the square in smyrna. And there he was urged to give up his christian faith. He stretched out his hands before the crying crowd and he said, how can I deny my lord, who for these 86 year it's 6 years has been so faithful to me. He was burned at the stake that day. What gave him such death defying faith? What gave him such confidence in the midst of such incredible suffering? P believed that one day he would have a crown of life. It has been this concept that life is not the end, but beyond this life, there is an eternity, and believers can look forward to that crown of life. I think of john huss. Some of you note have read the story. Of john huss, a faithful man of god. In the middle ages, he was an excellent example of loyalty in the face of suffering and imprisonment and death. He was tried for his faith at the council of constance. He was burned that the stake july 6th 1415. He had been imprisoned for a year in a dark, damp, dingy, cold dungeon. He was feeble in health, taken out of that dungeon, and brought to the council of constance. He was brought before nobles increase and prelate in the sentence in which they sentenced him to death. He had been a catholic priest, but he had left catholicism and now faithful to christ. They clothed him in his priestly vestments, and they began ripping off those vestments one at a time. And finally they put a mitre on his head. A paper. It was like a paper bag might or a paper machine might or actually it on that might, or they had pictures of dragons and all kind of hideous pictures. And they said on that arch heretic, and this is what he said. He said, as these vestments were moved, one by one and they were condemning his soul to eternal torment, which they believed, which of course is not a biblical doctrine. They put the cap or the pyramids shape, mitre of paper on his head. I'm reading from wiley's history of the reformation and the book great controversy. Page one o 9. They put on his head, a cap, appear, middle shape, mitre on which were painted frightful figures of demons with the word arch. Heritage. Conspicuous in the front and as they put this minor on his head, he said, most joyfully i will wear the crown of shame for thy sake. Oh Jesus, who did wear the crown of thorns and he said, jesus wore this crown of thorns. A friend of mine sent me from israel. The thorns from those kinds of bush that must have been jammed upon christ head and then pounded down. And you can just imagine the thorns going into the skull, the blood bleeding down christ's face. When jesus said, I will take the crown. And jesus took the crown of thorns. So you and I could wear the crown of life. Huss war, the crown of shame, looking forward to wearing the crown of life. The crown of life motivates us in times of pain, suffering, and sickness when facing death itself. To understand that one day we will see jesus the life giver. One day we'll experience life with christ through all eternity. The crown of life speaks to us in the 21st century saying don't give up, hang on, keep the faith. You may go through trials now, but death is not the end. There is a crown of life waiting for you al, do you? death will break. Be a thing of the past and you'll have live life to the fullest, throw, eternity. The crown of life represents life through jesus christ, wherever thomas guthrie, an outstanding biblical theologian and writer, wrote these words, eternal, life is deliverance from eternal death. Deliverance from the curse of breaking god's law, deliverance from the doom of being eternally lost. Eternal life is eternal blessedness, the pardon from sins, guilt and freedom from sins, power the pleasures of a pure heart, and the enjoyment of peace with god, joy, without any bitterness, riches without cost health that never sickens life, that never dies, and a glory hereafter that never fades away. Perfect holiness in the likeness of our savior and perfect happiness in the presence of god. When the journey is long when the road is rough, remember there is a crowd of life waiting for you when you're going through life's challenges. Remember that there is a crown of life waiting for you when darkness surrounds you and discouragement overwhelms you. There is a crown of life waiting for you. But this leads us to the 2nd of these crowns. First corinthians chapter 9. First 255 crowns. 5 crowns. That speak spoke to New testament believers, then 5 crowns this spoke of hope, encouragement, 5 crowns that give us meaning and purpose in life. The 2nd crown 1st corinthians chapter 9, where looking there at verse 25, but to get the setting of that let's look at verse 24 and 25. Do you not know 1st corinthians chapter 9 1st 24? Do you not know that those who run in a race or run but one receives the prize run in such a way that you may obtain in every one who competes for the prize is 10 printed all things. Now they do it to obtain a what perishable crown, but we do it for in imperishable crowd. So the title of this crowd is a what in perishable crown. Now, greece had 3 great sporting events in the time of the apostle paul. The 1st sporting event was the olympic games were familiar with that today. Second sporting again was the pit thingy in games. And the 3rd sporting again was the, is manian games. Now these sporting events would often have cherry races. They would often have foot races in boxing contests and other sporting events. These athletic contests did not award like the olympics do today. You know, gold and silver and bronze metals. They awarded a reef a go, a beautiful, beautiful wreath, a laurel wreath. Now paul thought about that laurel reef and these athletes entered the games with their best effort to win the prize. They use all their skill in all their stamina to compete, they had extensive training. None of them was indifferent. They were not lethargic. They were not careless, they strained every muscle. They used every ounce of their energy. They exerted all their strength to win the ultimate prize. The laurel worth. Yet after a period of time, their laurel reef faded. The flowers wilted, the fragrance was gone. The trooping petals became brown in sale to the ground, the apostle paul contrast at these perishable crowns with the imperishable crown that christ will be willing to give to his victorious people. Here's paul's point in this illustration. If they were willing to spend so much time, if they were willing to spend so much effort, if they were not lethargic, if they were not careless of their at complacent about receiving some reef to put on top their head. When those flowers would fade with the flowers, would, will they become brown? How much more should we be diligent in seeking for the in perishable crown? If they were willing to put this much time this much effort into their training to exert this energy for a more mir perishable crowd, how much more should be our efforts to receive it imperishable crowd. The imperishable crowd is given to those who through self denial, those who perseverance fixed their minds on eternal values. Most things in life that we consider important to day are going to perish. They'll pass away their temporary, they're going to go up in smoke at the return of our lord. Now there is a fascinating story that comes from $1870.00. Now some people question this story because it's about the cathedral in milan. And as you can see from this picture, cathedral in milan has 5 doors. But this story is about the center 3 doors. The door on the left of center had in it according to the story, a carving, a beautiful carving of roses or a bouquet of roses. And there were these words etched in thee wood over the door. Every thing that police issue is only temporary, not where it's obviously got this beautiful bouquet or roses, but it's temporary. Then etched over the door to the right of the center door was a cross. And the words on that cross were all that troubles you. Is temporary, you got it left or all that please issue is but temporary for a moment, right door. All that pleases you all that troubles you is temporary and over the centre door, the inscription read that only indoors which is eternal. The imperishable crown motivates us to place eternal values. First that our life, as jesus said, seek you 1st, the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all other things will be added unto you the things of time perish but the things of eternity last forever. The best effort you can make, listen to the church, the best effort you can make is an effort to invest our time, our energy, our finances, into things eternity. Because the things of time are going to pass away. But the things of eternity will last forever. The imperishable crown is a reminder of those things that last forever when the temporary, when the transitory when the things of a moment are attracting, you remember the imperishable crown that last for ever. 3rd crown, 2nd timothy for verse, eat lessons from the crowns that speak to us in this generation. Lessons from the crowns. That echo and re echoed down the corridors of di lessons from the crowns that change our lives as we understand them. Second timothy, chapter 4, looking there at verse 8. The apostle paul is an old man. Now he is writing to timothy paul is in a dark dam dingy and dungeon. Similar to what john huss was in paul's here now is grey. There deeply edged lines upon his face, his hand trembled. He is feeble, and he can hardly write the words. He knows that he does not have much time left. Second, peter chapter 4, verses finally, finally, finally, in other words, in conclusion, these are his last words to his church. Finally, there is laid up for me, a crown of what righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge will give me on that day and not to me only, but all those who love his appearing, who receives the crown of righteousness, those that love the appearing of christ those that live in the light of the 2nd advent, those that leave in expectation of jesus coming. When the puzzle, paul wrote these words, he is in that dark, damp dungeon, but his faith never failed. His hope never dimmed his courage. Never faltered, because by faith, he look forward to the day that christ would give him the crown of righteousness. Have you evers watched a lion tamer tame lions? Have you ever seen how they do that on television? So they're training this lion for the circus. Ok. And certainly the lion trainer has a whip, certainly has a gun, but he's got to train this ferocious lion. The surprising thing is he walks in there with a school, wasn't gonna do sit on that stool and say nice lie and nicely not at all. He takes the stool by the seat of the stool and he holds the stool to the face of the lion. Why? How many legs does a stool have for the lion does not know where to focus. So the lion sees those 4 legs and the lion becomes incredibly confused. And he doesn't attack the man because he's so distracting. Looks this one like looks like. And the lion is kind of, he's mystified. He's, he's kind of paralyzed in his action. That way, when he's distracted by that the lion trainer contain him. No, I found that that's kind of the way it is with faith. With some people we come to church, we are inspired. We leave here with lion, like faith. We can tame the enemy. But when we leave, life comes at us all over again. Circumstances push a 4 legged stool in our face, our jobs, our money, our marriage, our school, and whatever else is stirring us in the faith and our faith gets tamed and weak, even at times disabled. We've lost focus. One wise man once said this, the very essence of staying focused is the avoidance of distractions. The culprit is not the obvious, but the subtle, the diversions we most easily rationalize are the most dangerous. So the devil sawyer, trying to divert us. He's tried to divert us from time in prayer. He's trying to divert us from time in bible study. He's trying to divert us and tell us we don't have enough time to give out a book or give out literature, share our faith. So that is his great goal. Ellen white makes an interesting comment in one of her talks where she says this, she says, I have questioned in my mind as I've seen the people in our cities hurrying to and fro with business. In other words, she's in the cities and she sees all these people rushing on and buying and selling, whether they ever have thought of the day of god that is just upon us. Last sentence, every one of us should be living with reference to the great day, which is soon to come upon us. When paul was in prison, he's living in reference to the day that the crown of righteousness will we placed upon his head than this statement. We cannot afford to live with no reference that the day of judgment for the long delayed. It is now near even at the door and hasten, if greatly the trumpet of the archangel will soon startle the living and wake the dead. What is the crown of righteousness all about? It is about righteous living because the crown of righteousness will not be put on the head of a man or woman who is wilfully knowingly sinning against god. It is a crown of righteousness, not a crown of infidelity, not a crown of impurity, not of proud of dishonesty, not a crown of lying. It is a crown of righteousness and we look forward living in the light of the advent, living in the light of the coming of jesus christ. The crown of righteousness motivates us to keep the 2nd coming of christ before our eyes. It inspires us to live in expectation of the advent. It speaks to us stay focused. Don't let your eyes get off the go. Jesus is coming again and never ever forget it. 4th crown. Crana glory. First peter chapter 5, verse 25 crowns. The crown of life speaks to us of courage in the face of trial and difficulty. The imperishable crown speaks to us and tells us to place emphasis on the things of, of eternity, not the things of time. The chronicle, the crown of righteousness inspires us to hang on to know that christ is coming. First, peter chapter 5. We looked there at the 4th crown 1st peter, the 5th chapter. You looking there at versus tune onward. This is talking about shepherds of the flock, but it speaks to all of us, not only pastors 1st. Peter chapter 5 verse to shepherd of the flock, which is among you, serving as overseer is not by constraint, but willingly, not for dishonest gain but eagerly not as being lords over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock. And when the chief shepherd appears, you'll receive a crown of glory that does not fade away. The crown of glory is given to men and women, pastors, church leaders, church members whose life is, are given to service. They're totally surrendered. The gods will they delight to follow in the footsteps of jesus and live lives of service. The crown of glory leads us to live for the everlasting reward, to the eternal kingdom by focusing our attention on self sacrificial service. Remember what scripture says in the book of matthew chapter 21st 28. It says this, the son of man did not come to be served but to serve and give his life a ransom for many a number of years ago, I read the story of senator mark hatfield. Mark hatfield had been for 30 years, really a public servant in the state of oregon. He had been a senator in Oregon and he visited mother teresa. And he spent a day with mother teresa at the house of dying, where children, young children were brought to die. And as he spent that day with mother theresa, he watched her t minister to these impoverished sick people. And many of them were left by others to die. And he was so overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of suffering that was taking place. That mother teresa in her co workers faced every day that he center. Mother, theresa, how can you bear the load of seeing these were suffering so badly? How can you bear the load of this every single day? And she looked at him, it said, my dear senator, i am not called to be successful. I'm call to be faithful. The word of god does not call us to a life of popularity, power, prestige. It cause us to faithfulness, faithfulness, to christ, faithfulness to his teachings, faithfulness to his church, faithfulness to his mission. The bible is filled with stories of men and women who are faithful to christ at all. Costs the crown of glory cause us to serve not be served. The chronic glory cause us to give in, not to grasp the crown of glory cause us to minister and not be minister unto the cause of the quote. Crown of glory cause us to bless and not to be blessed. The court, the crown of glory calls us to love for love sake, with no thought of any thing back. We know for all of our selfish, serv, selfless service, all of our sacrifice, all of our efforts, all of our energy, that there is waiting for us. A crown of glory, the crown of glory is placed upon the heads of men and women who say, lord, I want to minister, i'm not here to try to grasp. I'm not here to try to simply say who's going to bless me. I'm not here to try to say who's going to serve me. I'm not here to try to say who's going to minister to me. What a wonderful thing it is to have a congregation of ministers, where every person in that congregation has one passion, the touch somebody's life for christ. To touch somebody with the kingdom of god, we come to be blessed and we leave to bless. We come to be ministered unto and we leave to minister. We come to receive his love and we go out into a loveless world to love the crown of glory. Appeals to us to give our lives, to the things that matter most. One more crown that we will wear the crown of rejoicing. Here it is. First this audience chapter 2 verse 19. First this audience chapter 2, verse 19 5th, crown the crown of rejoicing. Who wears the crown of rejoicing? What's that one all about? First this audience, you're looking there, chapter 2 you looking at the 19th verse. The apostle paul writes to the church at, that's when nikon and as he writes to that church, he says to them in 1st this audience chapter 2 verse 19. What is our hope or joy or crown of rejoicing supposes. What's this crown and rejoicing, i'm going to wear in eternity. What is his crown of rejoicing that I'm going to have? And then he says the church at festal, annika, it is. He had not even used to that in the presence of our lord. Jesus christ at his coming. Another words for Paul, his crown of rejoicing were other people that because of his influence, other people because of his sermons, other people because of the letters that he wrote, other people because of his witness that were in heaven because of that some day on streets called gold some day in a land called glory some day in a place called heaven some day in the far realms of eternity. Somebody is going to walk down those streets of gold and they're going to say to you, thank you for giving me that book. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for giving you that literature. Thank you for giving me a bible study. Thank you. I never knew you were the one that was praying for me. I was your neighbor and you prayed for me and prayed for me and prayed for me. When I got to heaven, the angels told me about the fact that my neighbor was praying for me and my heart heart was broken. Some day you too will receive the crown of rejoicing some day. You too will rejoice in heaven because of the witness that you have been to others. When jim elliot missionary to the aka indians in the country of ecuador, they stuck, jim elliot, in his team, studied the August for many, many years. He took his small aircraft, landed on an air strip. They had been dropping gifts to the orchids. Something went terribly wrong and he was spirit to death. But he was a student at wheaton college and he wrote a journal that we still have to day. I used to take my students when I was teaching for andrews university, were in Chicago at our lake union in later north American division evangelism institute. I take my students to wheat into the billy graham museum and I learned a little bit about jim elliot there. Here is the entry for October 28, 1949 that he penned in his journal. He said this, he is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain when he cannot lose the influence that you have on other people. When you pray with a neighbor, when you give out a piece of literature to a neighbor, you are investing in eternity. Then he says this, I love this statement. When it comes to die, make sure all you have to do is die. When it comes to die, in other words, life is short. Time is fleeting. Do something that counts for christ. Work for the night is coming. Seize every opportunity possible to share christ. Asked the spirit to impress you with the openness of the people around you. The crown of righteous, the crown of rejoicing, motivates us to use our time, our talents, our resources for the advancement of god's cause and the advancement of his kingdom and winning the last 5 crowns. 5 crowns. But there are 2 other grounds. There are 2 other crowns. There's a thorny crown and a golden crown. Take your bible please, and turn to matthew chapter 27. Unless christ wars a thorny crown, we could never wear any of our crowns. And unless he will, one day where the golden crown we can never wear at any of ours may be the 2 most important crowns are not the ones we wear, but the ones christ war because for once we wear are only relevant only possible because of what jesus did. Matthew chapter 27. We look there. It is dark. The soldiers have taken him from the darkness of gifts. 70. It is dark, dark friday. The creator of the universe is brought tied to a stake. His back is lashed. His body is his back is bloodied and the scripture says in matthew 27 verse 272829. Then the soldiers of the governor took jesus into pretoria and gathered the whole garrison around him. They stripped him and they put a scarlet robe upon him. They twisted a crown of thorns and they put it on his head in a reed in his right hand. And they bowed the knee before him and they marked him saying ale, king of the jews. Then they spat on him and, and took the reed and struck him on the head and they marked him and they marked him. Imagine it. Here is the divine son of god. Here is the creator of the universe. Here is the one that spoke and worlds came into existence. Here is the one that spoke in words was so powerful that sun, moon and stars were created. Here is the one that spoke and life was created on a planet called earth. Here is the one that spoke and earth is carpeted with living, green and flowers appear, and fruit trees blossom and bring forth their fruit and birds sing. Here. This crown of thorns is jammed upon his head. This crown of thorns, not this original and I have the original transference like this is jammed upon his head, blood runs down his face. And the scripture says that jesus wore the crown of thorns as a symbol of death. So we could wear the crown of life. He was lashed and beaten, and whipped and perished as a common prince. Common criminal. So one day we could wear an imperishable crown. He wore the crown of st. James, so we could wear the crown of glory. One day we will cast our crowns at his feet and crown him as king of kings don't mis revelation the 4th chapter. Revelation the 4th chapter, verse 10, and 11. 1 day. In that land called heaven one day in that place called eternity. One day we will cast our crowns at his feet. Revelation chapter 4 here looking there. At verse 10 and 11. The 24 elder is the bible says a redeem from the earth. These 24 elders that have been redeemed from the earth resurrected at the time of christ, death and resurrection, and who ascended to christ with heaven. They are representative of the entire human race. So when we see what they do, we know what we will do in eternity. Revelation chapter 4, verse 10. The 24 elders fall down before him who sits on the throne and worship him. We are not going to be proud because we wore a crown. What will we do, who lives forever and ever in these representative 24 elders, what do they do? They cast their crowns before the throne, and they say you are worthy o lord, to receive glory and honor and power. You are worthy o lord. In spite of what we have done on earth, only jesus is worthy of glory and honor in the presence of christ. All the good things we have done will, pale in comparison. A crown will seem but an insignificant gift as we cast our crowns at his feet. We will be overcome with gratitude for what christ is done for us will cast our crowns and highest worship at his feet. The priceless crown will be the best gift that we can give him. It's the token of our devotion, our praise, and our allegiance, and worship the idea of casting our crowns at his feet speaks of our submission. It speaks of our commitment. It speaks of our dedication, we are not the king of kings. He is. We do not deserve to wear the crown he does. We are not undefiled by sin, but he was in it is his grace, his mercy, his righteousness, his goodness. That's the very basis of our salvation. Because of who he is, we can become what he wants us to be. All our Good works spring from hearts that recognize who he is and why came our Good works are empowered by grace and response of love. The most expensive crown in the world, the most expensive crown in the world is not the one warned by british royalty. It's not the one warned by danish monarchs. It's not the one warned by a bavarian princess. It's not the one worn by skin and the navy and kings streaming town. The cards of time in a blaze of glory. Jesus will come crowned by the father with a final crown. Take your bible, revelation chapter 14 verse 14. He will come as king of kings. He will come as lord of lords, he will come crowned as the rightful ruler of the universe. Revelation 14th chapter 14 verse, john says I looked, this is no guesswork. John saw this in prophetic vision, and I looked and behold a white cloud and on the cloud one sat like the son of man, having on his head a golden crown and in his hand, a sharp sickle. The father places the golden crown upon christ said his, his dominion will be his kings and kingdoms fade away, but the kingdom of god will last forever and ever and ever and ever. Revelation chapter 19 puts it this way. Revelation the 19th chapter. When we looked there, he doesn't only have one crown upon his head. He has many crowns. Revelation 19 verse 11. Then I saw heaven opened and built a white horse, and he sat on him was faithful and true. Faithful to the mission of christ, faithful and resisting the temptations of sated, true in allegiance, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except himself, verse 16. And he has on his robe and on his thigh, a name written king of kings. And lord of lords, jesus returns as the rightful king of this world. He's triumphed over the forces of evil. He's defeated the powers of hell. He's vanquished the host of wickedness throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity. We joyfully worship the one who made heaven possible for us. He has defeated death. He's conquered the grave. He has given us life eternal in him. There is Joy in him. There is peace in him. There is contentment. In him, there is fulfillment. As the book a revelation says, let no man take your crap. Let no man take your crown. When this devils, temptations seem to overwhelm you when the journey that you are travelling on seems to be rough. When the powers of hell are aligned against you. Remember that one day there'll be a crown of life. One day there'll be an imperishable crown. One day there will be a crown of righteousness. One day there will be a crown of glory. One day there'll be a kind of rejoicing, and we will see him come and we will crown him with many crowns. Don't you love that song? crown him with many crowns the lamb upon his throne. Hark! The heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own awake my soul and sing of him who died from me and hail him as the matchless k. Through all, we turn it to this media was brought to you by audio purse. A website dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse for if you would like to listen to more sermons, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org. Mm.


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