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The Remnant’s Call To Give Glory

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • November 13, 2021
    11:30 AM
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He is faithful and true. He is worthy of our praise and our thanks given as we prepare to open the word of god. Let's pray that the holy spirit will tune our hearts to listen to his voice as I sir. A message with you entitled, the remnant call to give glory. Let's pray or father in heaven. You brought us here today. And we can anticipate a divine appointment for lord, you have good thoughts towards us. You have precious, precious thoughts towards us. And you're good. Your faithful and true. And there's countless reasons. Lord, why you are praiseworthy. We have many reasons why we can be thankful. And so he pray, lord, that you would have your own way with us as we opened the word of god. Me, the holy spirit. Speak to us and we thank you. In jesus name, amen. Both veterans and active military personnel to day are far too familiar with regions such as libya, syria, iraq, and afghanistan. These are territories that we know too well. We hear about them in the news. Very often. Wars are declared and wars come to an end. For many, the field of battle is a place where they never want to go back to. It brings back to many painful and dramatic memories. Yet there is a different kind of war that is taking place right now, all around us. A war that is of a different kind and have a biblical conviction that since humanity fell into sin and rebellion, a war has been going on. Of the most serious kind between god and satan. And this war zone is planet earth. We are in the battle field right now is actually a war between truth and lies resulting in rebellion and loyalty. And it began in heaven involving all angels, with no exception. All of the angels were involved in this war, and later it made his way to the newly created earth and to the garden of eden involving god's masterpiece. The 1st created man and woman. Sadly, whence course, that led to ruin was married by the other. Trusting in his own beauty lucifer distance himself from the beauty of holiness. And they, in turn, attempted to hide from god's beauty lucifer focused on self. And it gave to birth, gave birth to envy, resulting in strange thoughts. And eventually it was eve's demise. As well. Adam would follow It's the prophet e Z q, that gives us an insight on the thoughts that were going on in lucifer's mind. It's recorded there that he said I will be like the most high. He told himself and he influenced one 3rd of the angels according to revelation chapter 12 years for And then lady, he told her, you will be like god. And she believed him. Quite genesis 36. So as we see, as we see the entrance of sin into the world in the contents of envy, a desire to be like god, It all boils down to losing sight of the fact that it is god who made us and not we ourselves. God makes sure that you have what you need. He's the creator. God, he he fearfully and wonderfully made you and even then promise us to give you everything that you need for life and godliness. But of all the good things that god gives us, we don't deserve any of it. And the minute that you think you do, You breed this content ment. Discontentment is that which comes into the mind into the heart. Causing us to think that we deserve what we are not getting and what we do half. What's not gooding? discontentment. I came across a good illustration of this to friends. They met each other on the street one day. And one of them looked pretty down on the verge of tears. And his friend asked, what has the world done to you, my old friend? Why are you so cast down? His friend replied, ha, let me tell you. 3 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago, my uncle died and he left me $40000.00. His friends said, oh, oh, that will, that's a lot of money. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But you see then 2 weeks ago, a cousin i never knew I had, he died and he left me $85000.00 free and clear. His friends, hes. Wow. I mean sounds sounds to me like you've been very blessed. I but you understand. He said, he interrupted last week. My great end passed away. And I inherited almost a quarter of a $1000000.00 from her. Now his rent is really confused. He says, the than wait, wait, wait a minute. For 3 weeks ago he got a good sum of money 2 weeks ago. Huh. Even more and a week ago, he can have a quarter of a $1000000.00. I don't understand why you look so gloom then. And he said, this week, I got nothing. You know, we often come to the place where we expect to get certain blessings that the god never pla promised. And when they don't come, well, it's easy to get better because we, we deserve this. And when we don't or not too happy. And discontentment is the very spark that ignites the fire of anger. The N I V says he was enraged st. The new living translation translated as being angry. He was angry than english. Standard version says he was furious. Get the picture. I'm speaking of the dragon. Who's the devil and satan? John wrote in revelation chapter 12 or 17, revelation 1217. I invited open your bible with me to go to the very text where it clearly says there in verse 17 that the dragon was enraged with the woman. Were going somewhere with this this morning, my friends. Because at the very heart of the matter, we're going to discover something that we often underestimate or not value as it ought to be. The dragon is angry, he's furious. He's enraged with the woman. But why have you ever asked herself why? Well, we are introduced to the woman for the 1st time in revelation chapter 12 same chapter, verse one. So look a few verses earlier, in fact, the very 1st verse of the chapter and it says there that a great sign appeared in heaven. A woman closed with the sun and the moon under her feet and in her head a garland of 12 stars. A woman in bible prophecy, you recall, symbolizes the people of god who are called out of darkness into his marvelous light. The worth a class. He and the greek mean so called out ones. They're being called out. Called out out of darkness into this marvelous light. A classiest translated the church and as we just read there in verse one, there is there is more than one symbol. Yes, we have a woman. She symbolizes the people of god, the church. But no, it is how she is described. What does the sign in the moon and the stars represent? For one, they all shine with light. Think about that. They all sang with lighted, and jesus himself said, I am the light of the world. Jesus said david poetically, now a road and psalms chapter 84 verse 11. The Lord is a son and a shoe. And just as the moon it reflects the light from the sun. The sacrificial system of the old testament pointed to the lamb reflected, reflected the light that symbolism of the old testament, the sacrificial system reflected the, the light from the messiah. Who was to re be revealed in the new testament as the lamb of god. And the number of stars represents the 12 tribes of israel And the old testament in the work of the 12 disciples who sign like the stars, the early years of the early church there in the new testament. So, so, so with bad, that backdrop in mind. Think about this sate the very one who was once known as lucifer, meaning, like bare Who is now the prince night of light, but the prince of darkness. And I wonder, i wonder might, the woman who radiates with light make him envious and angry may be so maybe there's something to that He once reflected the glorious light from god's throng room. As the covering share up, he was the angel with the highest privileged position to be the covering, share up which the mercy seat later in the old testament sanctuary was modeled after. When moses was seen and vision, what was in the heavenly sanctuary. And now we see that satan, who once reflected that glorious light looks upon this woman standing on the moon. And I wonder might the moon under her feet who, which reflects light from the sun, remind him of the privileged position he once had. He were asking ourselves would, would, would, would provoked him what made him so angry to see this woman dressed in light standing on a moon. I wonder he was, was a shining star in god's right hand. Revelation speaks of angels, her stars, and I wonder, could it be that the garland of stars on her head reminded him of what he is no more. Maybe that makes him angry. And as one who has cast out of heaven, Might he be burning with jealousy of the one who has now held in such high esteem as the bride of the lamb? And Think about it. What could make this fallen angel the most angry? He's angry for, sir, but where's it coming from? Where? What is the source of that anger? One who has a powerful desire to be worshipped? Why see so angry? How one who thirst and hungers for glory? Why is he so furious? While the answer might be found in the book of revelation, what makes him angry is repeatedly practiced in both the old and new testament. Mary, him did it. Hannah did it. David and solomon both did it. Elizabeth and mary did as well. The early church in the book of acts practiced it, paul, as well, countless times. They all share a common characteristic or character trait that angers the dragon the most. Yet of all the stories i just hinted at and mentioned briefly. My favorite example is of a nameless, mad When reason why it's one of my favorite stories, best loved stories is because this character trait is demonstrated by the least of these. And that only see not mentioned by name, implying that it's not about him. He also lives in a context that god forbid any of us would ever be. And in fact, by god's grace is hot, highly unlikely that we ever would be. You see, he was an outcast for a very gruesome reason. It's described as a chronic, damaging, painful, paralyzing bacterial infection that affects the nerves and destroys one's ability to feel pain. It paralyzes. The blank reflexes dries the eyes and ultimately causes blindness. It discolored the skin, the forms in short, his fingers, toes, and limbs, as the tissue is absorbed into the body. It's this deadly and ancient disease called leprosy leprosy. You know, I saw myself in the streets of mum by india. When I lived there soon missionary with adventist frontier missions, it was a common sight to walk down the streets and see and see beggars, lepers, who, who are banded st. That bandages around stumps that were once fingers and toes and feet was a common sight. I saw most recently in cora, it's an urban slum with approximately 130000 people in the city of ad is ababa capital v t O B. I walked into a leper colony. My friend bess roth, serves in a ministry that ministers to these people. He took me there, it's an experience i'll never forget, believe me. And to this day, people infected with leprosy continues to flee to cora for treatment and, and to escalate escape those to believe that they are cursed. They are forsaken people curse. They say, even till this day, some things never change. It was millenniums ago that lepers gather together, considered cursed by god in isolated colonies to die. That's why they went there, to die, and claim unclaimed. It was the only will capillary who heard from these pitiful individuals when addressing uncontaminated people. That's the only word that was spoken. They didn't he, they didn't engage in conversation with uncontaminated people. No, not at all. It was just that one word, unclean. However, there is a record of a unique exception To record found the gospel of luke. So come with me to luke chapter. 17 luke chapter 17. We're coming to the heart of the matter. We're, we're wanting to go deeper and discover why. Why is the dragon so in reeves with the woman The people of god? What infuriates him what, what anger sim, throughout the bible character after character often exhibited his characteristic trait that proposed to you is what angers the dragon the most. We're coming to it. We're coming to it through the record of this story found in luke chapter, 17 verse 11, beginning with verse 11. It will read a few verses through 13. Now it happened as he went to jerusalem that he passed through the midst of samaria galilee. Then as he entered a certain village, there met him 10 men who were lepers, who stood afar off and they lifted up their voices and said, teresa yes, master, have mercy on us. It was not just one voice voice, s plural, have mercy on us. They said, they all cried out, and somehow they knew his name to, to pick up on that. She's us. They knew his name and the deadly. We don't have evidence necessarily, but we can safely conclude that the heard they had heard. At some point. They had heard the astonishing stories of how this man named jesus spoke to the whims and the winds obeyed him. How demons fled at his command and how the dead, even the dead obeyed his voice. Why? How do we know that they knew something about the stories? Something. Why? Because they don't only call him jesus. Did you see what else they call them? Jesus, what's our next word? master jesus. Master. They call the master. Translated from the greek word, which means one fully authorized. One, fully authorized And authority is defined as having the pow were and the right to give a commanded and be obeyed. It's both elements, the right and power to give a command and be obeyed. If a stranger, let's be real here, if a strange or even a friend. Yeah, I'll even say a friend pulled up behind me while I was driving down the highway and start flipping their high beams, you know, their lights on and off. I'll tell you right now that I would not be quick to stop. Hope you like that is their problem. What did he thinking? What are they doing now would just keep driving? On the other hand, if a police car did the same thing, but with red and Blue lights, i would stop immediately And skin you the word picture. Why? Because they have authority. Anyone with authority has the right to give a command, stop and be obeyed. Um 10 lepers knew something about jesus. And one thing we can safely conclude is that they knew that he was a man who had power to give leprosy a command and expect obedience. And now for the 1st and last time in their life, they have his undivided attention. This is the moment that they have been longing for. They have his undivided attention. What happens 1st 14. So when he saw them, he said to them, go so yourselves to the priest and it. And so it was that as they went, they were cleansed As they went, they were clinched To do to do. Do you notice the picture here? Somewhere along the journey. Somewhere along the journey, how many miles, how far were they from jerusalem? We don't know. Let's you suppose I was just a mile 2 miles, 3 miles? Somewhere along the journey. Oh, I'm not going to say likely. Upon taking the 1st step. Because then they would have been still in the very presence of jesus. It's implied that they were at a distance somewhere along the journey. Something miraculous begins to happen. Somewhere along the journey, something graces begins to happen somewhere along the journey. Something undeserving begins to happen. Is there not a witness here to day? Is there not a witness sitting among us here today that can testify that god, somewhere along your journey has intervened in your life? That somewhere along the journey, god has done something in your life. Somewhere along your journey, you got that job that you desperately needed to support your family. Somewhere along the journey, the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of that disease in your body. Somewhere along the journey, you gave birth to a precious, healthy little child. Somewhere along the journey, you received an unexpected check in the mail. Somewhere along the journey, you survived a multi car accident somewhere along the journey. And it was so that as they went, as it often is with us in the journey of life, that they were blessed with an and to serving miracle. Somewhere along their journey They were blast with an iron to serving miracle 1st $15.00 And $1.00 of them. When he saw that he was healed, returned, pos, pos, and one of them One of them when he saw that he was healed, returned There was one that before so in himself to the priest who alone had the authority to pronounce so unclean was convicted, that he odd to 1st saw himself to the one who made him clean. There was 11 of them that before being sprinkled with blood 7 times and pronounced clean by the priest in jerusalem. According to the rituals of leviticus 14. With 1st want to come and bow before the one who would soon said his own blood for cleansing. There was one that before offering sacrifices of birds and lambs would 1st want to offer a sacrifice of the highest order. There was one. There was one who could have kept running with the majority. He could have kept running with everyone else, but he stopped. He turned around and he returned alone. Why? First 15 noticed for 15 again, and one of them when he saw that he was healed to returned and with the loud voice. What did he do? glorified clyde and fell down on his face at his feet. Giving him thanks. And he was a samaritan With the loud weiss, with the loud cry. He did what he, what he glorified, whom god glorified god. The verse says that with the loud cry he lifted up his voice while falling down on his face. And while we see when he does, he glorifies god. The question is, how is god glorified? How is he glorified? We know the what. But how is he glorified? What does the biblical text say? Do not overlook with the bible specifically says versus $16.00 to $19.00 it says and he fell down on his face, his face at his feet, giving him thanks. You was a samaritan and jesus answered and said, where were the where they're not 10 cleansed. But where are the 9? Where are the 9? Where were there not any found who returned it to give glory to God? Except this warner. And he said to him, arise, go your way. Your faith has made you. Well. Don't, don't miss it. Don't miss this point. May god's end time remnants not miss this point. The act of thanksgiving, glorifies god. I'm going to say that again. The act of thanksgiving. Yes, glorifies god. The reverse is also true on thankfulness on thankfulness is glorifying him not Come with me to romans chapter one we're going to lead paul just kind of give his inspired perspective. Romeus chapter one versus 2021. We're about to discover that thanksgiving. It's not just wendy's little nice things that we just, you know, do to be nice to each other every once in a while. Ah, there is a lot more to thanksgiving that meets the eyes here. A romans chapter one versus 20 and 21. Paul says force is the creation of the world. His invisible attributes are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even his eternal power in god head. So that we so that they are without excuse verse $21.00. Because although they knew god, they did not glorify him as glory did. Nur, we're thankful, but became few tile in their thoughts. And their foolish hearts were darkened The other 9 lepers knew god. She saw us even called the master. They knew god, but they weren't thankful. Could it be that though their flesh was healed, their foolish hearts were darkened. I'm not going to judge Will never know until the millennium in heaven But base i would pause said. It's a high possibility and thankfulness. Does that only go or fight? God not But it darkens our hearts for discontentment and envy begins to spread, making its way to the depths of our heart, igniting within an anger. There's unparalleled to anything else But don't oh look, overlooked the significance? northshore in luke chapter 17 that did you notice that there is only a small minority, a small minority, namely one, namely one who returns to give him glory. Only one returns to give glory to him. Only one A remnant. Only one returns to fear god. And give glory to him, I hope that sounds familiar because his staking straight out of revelation chapter 14. So come with me to revelation chapter 14. Revelation chapter 14 for $6.00 and $7.00, only one. A remnant returns to God to fall on his face at his feet. To fear god and give glory to him. Make no mistake about it. Make no mistake about it for sex, i saw another angel finally miss have have been having the everlasting gospel to breed who those who dwell on the earth to every nation, tribe tongue and p. Paul, A people from every may sin in the globe who call on his name, tease us. They call upon him, lord, lure. They call on his name. But no, it is with the message is, fear god, a give glory to him. For the hour of his judgment has come and worship him who made heaven and earth the sea and the springs of water make no mistake about it. The act of thanksgiving went to know it. The act of thanksgiving becomes paramount in the closing scenes or its history. We see that at the height of obedience to the 1st angels message to fear, guide and give glory to him. There is an expression of thanksgiving that flows from the fact that soon has been judged. Thank you, lord. The gospel, we stand in the judgment, just as if we had not sinned, think you, lord, that the great controversy is soon to come to an end. Thank you. Look again, I ask you, what can make this fallen angel? The most angry. One who has a powerful desire to be worshipped and who hunger and thirst for glory. I'll tell you who makes him angry. Who makes him angry? Though so make him angry. Are a people who fear no one but god and who give glory to nothing but god and God alone. And he's angry with those who do that. And they happen to be symbolized by the woman Full circle, known as the rest of her offspring. There are specifically commissioned to call people from every nascent tribe tongue and nascent to fear god and give him glory. And I want to believe I want to believe by god's grace, beginning with myself. Talking to myself, that one I to practice what they preach. Yes or no, that what a people faith ought to practice what they preach, the words we speak and the things we do should always reflect our fame And as gods and time remnant many will say and many are saying fear god and give glory to him. But sometimes we're good at telling other people what they should do and how they should live. But we fail to follow our own instructions. Some time ago I came across some peanuts comic strip peanuts, you know peanuts. It's snoopy and soupy was on top of his dog house. You know with a flock of little baby birds. Those little yellow, cute little birds. And the time had come for the baby. Birds learn how to fly. And snoopy was their teacher. And snoopy flapped his ears, dictated and walked to the edge of the of the low roof of his dark house, you know, and, and he leaped into the air and any continue flapping his ears to do the birds are watching. You know, he's teaching them how to fly. Unfortunately, he landed right on his head and he got back up on to the roof. And he said, less than number one. Do as I say to do and not what I do. We laugh, but how often do I do that as a follower of christ? It shouldn't not be so with the rent the remnant are those who have a faith of jesus. And for those who have the faith of jesus, it would be, it would be It would not correspond with one who does not practice their faith in jesus. The remnant should not and say do as I say to do and not what I do. They must be a people who not only just who not just pray to be thankful, but actually cultivate an attitude of gratitude. After all, the bible says and 1st, thus loan ins, chapter 5, verse 18, and everything and everything and not for everything. In everything. That's a whole other meditation on the scriptures for an enemy has done this. We're not necessarily called to thank God for everything. But in every thing the bible says give, thanks to God for this is the will of god in christ jesus for you. So when you feel well rested at him after a good night's rest, say, you lord. Acknowledge soon acknowledge him. He gave you a blessing of good sleep. But when you've been tossing and turning all night long, say thank you lord for I am alive. When you bite into a ride to see sweet prism and as I did a few days ago, say you ward thank you lord. Acknowledge him. It came from him. And when you go down to one meal, because it's all that you have to eat, say thank you, lord for being my life and my salvation a praise you. When you go to work because you have a place to work, say thank you, the Lord. And we get laid off say thank you lord, that I can receive all the Grace i need at all times. Your grace is sufficient. Thank you lord. When you feel the embrace of your child as you come in through the door, say thank you. Who are at knowledge soon when you lose a loved one, say thank you lord, that some day the trumpet will sound and the dead will be res. Incorruptible. Thank him. When you, when you have a good time with a friend, say, thank you, lord. Acknowledge him. Don't let those moments just be a memory of the past thing. Kim, thank the Lord. And when you are all alone, say thank you lord. That will have god for ever as my exceeding joy when you have and hold the hand of your spouse over 20 years. Say thank you lord. When you, when you feel depressed, say thank you lord. That one day. I will know for the 1st time, full in unpolluted joy. It all things skiff. Thank see, no studies have shown that people who keep a gratitude journal, keeping a written record in account of thankfulness, just that mere practice and exercise, which means being intentional, being deliberate. B, cultivating an attitude of gratitude for those people that do that, they exercise more regularly, they report fewer physical symptoms, they feel better about their life as a whole and are more optimistic. They also reported higher levels of enthusiasm, determination, energy, and positive emotions, and lower levels of depression and stress To spy, keeping a record of gratitude. Imagine how our lives could literally be transformed all that we would pray. Oh, that we would pray. Not only as disciples of christ, not only as as family units as a congregation, but not just another congregation. Oh that we would pray as the as gods and time remnants. Oh that we would pray. Create in me a thankful heart, and renew. A spirit of gratitude within me. Why are we admonished to give thanks to God when we sit down for a meal? Why? Because the bible says in 1st corinthians 1031. Therefore, whatever you eat or drink, whatever you do, do all to the glory of god. Give him things that's giving glory to him, giving glory to him. Oh, that I would cultivate a heart of gratitude. And in closing, how about jesus? If we're good, if we're gonna, if we're going to talk about having certain character traits, we're going to end would jesus, we're going to lift him up after all, he is our savior. And lord, how about jesus? The bible says a yet to learn obedience there in hebrew, so he must have had to learn to have a thankful attitude of gratitude, even in the most trying circumstances in the face of a great challenge. Bad for the average person where to create stress and anxiety in the face of a great challenge to feed a multitude of thousands of hungry people. The apostle john records that jesus seek the loaves and when he had given thanks, he distributed them to the disciples. He gave thanks 1st In the face of a loss of a loved one. The 1st words out of his mouth when standing before the tomb of lazarus, his friend were father. I thank you. In the face of challenges in the face of loss, he cultivated a spirit of gratitude and in the longest recorded prayer by jesus the longest one. And John 17, it is recorded that he said, I have glorified you on the earth. At finished the work which I have given me to do, The remnant prepared for the return of christ who give glory to God and who finish the work that they have been given to do will be a people who give thanks to God who will be a people who acknowledge him and develop that gratitude, that it becomes the very characteristic of who they are. Remember that in luke sap chapter 17 verse 15 tells us that one of them when he saw that he was healed, he returned returned to return, implies a turning around A 180 degrees. Precisely what repentance is all about. And pray that the holy spirit will give us a revelation of who we are, the depths of our character. Are we known by my brothers and my sisters? Am I known by my co workers and family members and my known in my neighbourhood? Am I known? Do I give testimony? Am I we owe him a witness of some one who radiates with gratitude. For that is the characteristic that god's in time remnant will have a psycho as a call out to the world. Fear god and give glory to him. There might be someone here to day realizes that they've been going along in the journey of life head in one direction with every one else. But it's time that you stop, you turn around and you returned to guide and say god, forgive me for not being a witness of gratitude. Creed in me a thankful heart and renew the right spirit within me. In the name of jesus, i renounce discontentment and the jealousy. By god's grace, anger will be healed. In god's people will shine, will radiate. Yes, has going to provoke the enemy. I get that. But bring it on because we're at the end time. It's also going to be over. And before it's all over, you and I could shine like the starts of heaven. You and I can sigh with the fire that burns within our hearts. Let the glory of god be manifest in our attitudes in our behaviors, in our words, in her absence, as we preach a message and live it out. For god's glory, how many of you to day want to say whole have mercy on lord. Cultivate in me. A gratitude that radiates with your glory. I give you my heart. May it happen now? That is your prayer. I'll tell you right now it's mine. It as her prayer, which rest, we had to raise her hand together with me for the sky. God sees your hand, let's pray together, father in heaven. Yes lord, yes. If we're going to call ourselves gods and time redden. If I'm going to be among those who cry out with the loud voice, fear god, and give glory to him. Lord, make you make me willing to be willing To be one who is disciplined intentionally deliberately allows the, the spirit of gratitude to, to grow deep within our heart to characterize who I am as a christian to characterize who I am as a disciple of christ. And lord, while the world around us during this time, so break quote, thanksgiving, as a day in the calendar, in the month, the month of November, lord, by your grace made be so much more than just a date in the calendar for each one of us here today, lord may become a lifestyle, maybe. Com are very identity. A people Who give glory to God a people who are thankful, a people of gratitude, may that be our story. Our song in jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse, a website dedicated to spreading gods word through free sermon audio and much more. 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