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Creation - A Threshold Topic

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • November 12, 2021
    7:00 PM
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Father in heaven, how great thou art in this weekend, as we study the 1st book, the book of creation, We asked that we would see more of your glory that we would understand how pivotal the fact that you are, creator, really is Many things to be thankful for many prayers that have been answered this week. One of the prayers advantage is to bring darren greenfield back home and set up things for him to be taken care of. We asked that he would still draw near to him. There are other prayer requests that we have that we offer up silently at this point before you So now lord, we again ask your presence to be with us here this weekend that you would speak to us and then through us Concerning your power as creator. In christ thing we pray harm in Well, since this is a more content driven weekend, I thought what I would do is actually Put some slides up For us this weekend. And so I, what I want to talk to you about is threshold concepts. Threshold concepts troubles of knowledge is what they caught in the educational literature. For those of you are education majors. This is a big course of study. Going back to the early 2, thousands and we have several objectives for tonight talk. And if you are summarizing taking notes, this might help you 1st of all, what is the threshold concept? Secondly, what are some examples of threshold concepts? 3rd, name of school whose purpose changed and explain how that change came about was related to the threshold concepts and number 3, what is the purpose of administer education? And or rather number 4, number 5. What is the threshold concept that admin to substantially defends? And so that's what we're going to get started on. First of all, what is a threshold concept? threshold concept is one in which when grasp by the learner can result in a completely new way of thinking. I call the paradigm shift the new way of thinking. Secondly, it's described as a doorway that leads to a deeper understanding of a concept and a significant shift in perception. So what is the threshold concept? What paradigm shift very easy way to said while the words I don't know trying to take after dylan. So Something that this kind of shift your, your way of thinking about something, right? lot of paradigms 15 things that happen during the college years. Right? Questions like, will you marry me? I mean, think that's paradigm shifting Or not depending on what you say. What's good cause another pair of types, right? Right. So paradigms 15 conversations and concepts and All right, that's number one. We are successful through point one or 2. What are some examples of of threshold concepts? I thought I might show you a clip to night of a speech that might get your attention. We have a special guest tonight. I thought we had a special guest tonight. Oh, Oh, should we go with the 2nd? Got to turn one of those down because it's in stereo at this point. So maybe one is enough here. Okay. All right. Dr. K, give me the. Okay. Okay, dr. K. All right. Try. Good. Should god are public. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa for just a week ago with don't and your child with burma, a apartment with OK, so what did you get out of that clip? What were, were you supposed to engage your minds colloquial weekends or for engaging your mind? So what did you get out a clip? I hear some very confident answers. The know it actually made pretty good sense. What was the sense that was being made Of mocking of the bible? Anyone else more more specific than that? What are the implications that are being made? bible can't be trusted for what reasons. What was reason? Number one? slavery is top of the bible. Ok if you believe that and a lot of people believe that then the bible. That's a threshold concept. If you believe that, then when you read the bible, what are you going to think? Got that wrong. Maybe got some other things wrong. What was the 2nd one? stony your child for disobedience? Ok. So what was the implications there? All right. Bible condones violence and murder, kind of witness painting it is quite extreme. Does the bible say the wages of sin is death? Is there one example for every one of the 10 commandments of instant death because of breaking it? It is there is and that's why paul says the wages of sin is death. But it's painting it has what extreme. So probably not going to fall. What was the 3rd example? Why is it? Yeah, turning the other cheek and if that was followed what, what were the implications Country could not defend itself. And then the summary statement was if the application of the bible would render us defenceless. So this was essentially 3 different attacks on scripture. Would you say? Yes or no. And these are threshold concepts. If you buy into them, then you're going to when you think about the bible, what are you going to thing? Can I maybe can test trusted as kentish merely? Right? So that was the point me. So that was an example of a threshold concept. Now I'm going to come back to that one because I'm not going to just leave that hanging in your mind. Right? Not going to have this plan doubt Why we'll come back to name a school whose purpose change then explain how that change came about. Where is it that president obama went to school? Yeah, he did not have the problems of going to we more university. He went to harvard university. How did harvard university start? harvard university was named after john harbor, harvard. And actually took all of his books for the initial university and noticed the logo of the University. Very tough. Cristo, ethically zia. Which means why truth for christ and the church. That was the initial logo for harvard university. Look at the rules of harvard. While every student be plainly instructed and earnestly press to consider well the main into this life. And studies is to know god and jesus christ, whom is eternal life. Therefore, to lay christ at the bottom is the only foundation of all sound knowledge and word. I mean, that sounds so it sounds pretty good. That's actually in our bulletin as well. So we're kind of like the original harvard and seeing god has given wisdom, let everyone seriously set himself by prayer in secret. The secret of himself was a call for personal or personal for personal revival. Right. Every one. So exercise himself and reading the scriptures twice. A day they'll be able to give such an account of his proficiency therein. So twice a day, reading of scriptures in discussing it, looking more closely. Saturday and Sunday were devoted to theology. Sadie was for formal study of biblical exposition in the ologies or sabbath day or Sunday for them was of rest included too lengthy sermons heater was, had to be repeated to tutors later than the day. So every sabbath was a colloquium we're having 3 messages tomorrow. They had to during the week hebrew was added to the other ancient languages since the old testament was as authoritative as the new and twice daily. There was a logical analysis of biblical passages breaking it down into its major and minor premises and expounding its arguments. Because they believed what sanctify them by thy truth, thy word is true now. Is there any discipline of study where that's not true? Is that true for someone taking math there too for someone taking natural science? Is that true for someone taking business? Is that true for someone taking psychology at true for someone taking education? Right. That true for someone taking nursing? So what happened? George marston and his book, the soul of the American university, studied protestant universities and how they drifted from their original mission by the mid 1900 century concern for clerical education. No longer was a primary defining feature. The majority were preparing for other professions. That's why I ask you, is that the basis of all the professions they started to say now it's only for clerical or ministerial students? ministry education was shifted to divinity schools or a separate theological seminary. Don't talk about that here. Talk about that in the religion department. Talk about that in the the ology department. Talk about that in a divinity school that's actually across campus. In fact, this last month, there was a big debate at harvard because they said, all of our students are ignorant concerning religion and the undergraduate programs. They don't know how to deal with the world that saturated by more religion than ever. And the number one single person arguing against it was a guy named pinker who's a rational and atheist professor who said we should not have any realism, let them go to the divinity school. I think that's kind of interesting. So it's this decoupling of theology and religion from all professions. That is the foundation of what happened and change at harvard moral philosophy, replaced the ology of the primary focus of defining collegian christian intellectual life. The ology remained a point of intellectual reference, but often in a residual capacity, what's that mean? A residue as lapse. Some kind of like dust dust, the distinctly chris and aspects of intellectual enterprise or endangered or being jettison that means put on a jet and some somewhere else. Or broadened into the jewel platitudes. Like, you know, it's a vestige oregon. We don't know what is for, but it's their Students increasingly did not want their behavior monitored and regulated by others, but only by themselves. Reference or reverence for a scientific authority was the major intellectual manifestation of the new commitments. And this concept of religion led them to identify with the mainstream culture rather than do what offering what I want to just suggest that the purpose of person, especially administered christian education is to offer prophetic criticisms of the culture Where you hear one. Jim howard spoke about the importance of bringing prophecy into things. So we'll talk about how the creation, which is our subject this weekend, is actually related to a prophetic criticism and was foretold. Actually that this would be a subject of discussion at this time. What is the purpose of had been his dedication. We're seeing what the purpose of harvard is H U. Now what about w? You Will not. Who will So administrate acacia threshold concepts in the great controversy the mind in which error has once taken possess and can never expand freely to truth even after investigation. Think about that for a minute. That we need to be careful what we hear. What we look at because if we get the wrong idea, what happens? It's hard to change the mind ever talked to someone says, well look, I read this book about the bible, but not the bible. And it's very hard to talk to them because they, their mind is already been kind of made up by something that's simply not in the bible. And we've ever talked some like The old theories will claim recognition. The understand of things that are true and elevated and sanctifying will be confused. Superstitious ideas will enter the mind to mingle with the true and these ideas are always debasing and their influence clean. So the word it is written, cast out of the mind, the dangerous obtrusive theories which if entertain, will hold the mind and bondage. So that man cell not become a new creation in christ. I knew what, this is the doctrine of what creation, right? The mind must be constantly restrained and guarded. It must be given as food that only which will strengthen the religious experience. So notice battle creek. This was john harvey kellogg. This is what he put in the bulletin. In 1876, you may have forgotten what he wrote. How many of you are not up on the 876 bullets? How many are not even up on the 2021 bulletin at we mar. OK, so maybe I'll give you a break maybe for the 876. There is nothing in the regular course of study or in rules or in practice of discipline that is in the least denomination more secretary. And the bible lectures are before a class of only those who attend them from choice. The managers of this college have no disposition to urge upon students secretarial views. Or to give such views any prominence in their school. Or When that bulletin came out, a number of people read it, including a lady named ellen. Why do you think she was pleased with this bulletin? The Lord are designed our college that our college should imitate other institutions of learning. The religious elements should be the controlling power. If unbelievers choose this influence it as well. If those who are in darkness choose to come to the light, it is as god would have it. But to relax our vigilance and let the worldly element take the lead. In order to secure students as contrary to the will of god, the strength of our colleges, and keeping their religious element in the ascendancy. So whenever you hear talk of saying, you know, that should be for just the ministerial students and not others That should terrify you If a worldly influence is the best way in our school, is not to base pairs within our school, sell it out to world lanes. And let them take entire control. And those who have invested their means in that institution will establish another school to be conducted. Not upon the plan of popular schools, nor according to the desires of principle and teachers. But upon the plan, which god has specified, Pretty powerful words when to say so threshold concepts sometimes can sway entire institutions. And those that once stood for christ and the church can lose that focus. And that's why we have colloquium weekends. We take up a threshold concept, we introduce it, we try and bring in people that have defended that and talked about that and we open it up to everybody, not just those that are taking the class issues and origins that are in the natural science majors. But, but to everybody and one of the threshold concepts, in fact the one that we're talking about tonight is this one. In the beginning, god created the heaven and the earth. These are the very 1st the words of what And the very 1st words are directly attacked in almost every institution of higher learning. Sad to say, not only outside of christianity, but also within some christian universities. I'm sure you're aware of that, right. And here's the 7th day adventists statement of belief based on genesis one, god is revealed in scripture, the authentic historical account of his creative activity. He created the universe in an in and in a recent 6 day creation or made that happens on the earth, the sea, and all that in them is in them and arrested. On the 7th day, he established the sabbath as a perpetual memorial of the work. He performed and completed during 6 literal days. That together with the sabbath constituted the same unit of time that we call a week to day. Whereas this statement from Was as his basis in scripture. But whereas the statement from It's actually a fundamental belief of the adventist church, it was voted at the last general conference. Why? Because it's a threshold concept that's been under attack even within some of the denomination schools by professors who are professing something a bit differently. And I happen to be at the general conference when they were trying to make the language a little more flimsy. So they would have room to actually say something different. So it's a threshold concept that had to be battled with at the highest level of the church with the last general conference session. The 1st men and women were made in the image of god as the crowning work of creation given dominion over the world and charged with responsibly to care for noticed the doctrines that are at stake with creation so far are what sabbath marriage, gender, genders. There are 2 genders in the bible, male and female. Is that something that people like to discuss today? sample some people think there's like 400 or 40 different genders. When the world was finished, it was very good, declaring the glory of god. And this is all based on the what These various scriptures, which we will read right now. But you should be very aware of and able to point to course when elo him, that is A plural chair, a beam, it's more than one cherub elo have. Let us, this is the tri unity are so called god had got together in relationship they built these relationships that we see. They formed them and he filled them on day one. There was light and dark there in relationship with each other day to there was water and there was air. And day 3, there was land and there was plans. And you see the relationship between each of those. You can't really understand one without the other. And then not only were they formed, they were also filled. The light was filled with the sun, the dark with a moon and stars. So day one was filled on day for they too was filled on day 5 with foul and with fish. And they 3 was filled on day 6 with man and beast. How many can see the god, god of relationships. He now informs things, but he also sells things po who and bo, who are the hebrew words, not tell fool calhoun. And then what happened on the sabbath day, the 7th day saw harbour means father bought the place of the place of the respected father. Then he came to meet on that sabbath day in relationship with eve, who had been made on the evening Of, say, 6. And they came together in relationship on the sam. Can you see what's at stake? Now let's see how that's under attack. Probably the biggest proponent of attacking attacking creation, the most popular over the last 20 years of the guy by the name of richard dawkins. How many you have ever heard of richard dawkins? See a lot of you even here. So richard dawkins. Here he describes the change when the change came. Notice the ages that he's talking about in his own life. Whoops. That sound i have I thought it out. So I got that's about all right, just a little technical difficulty there, but we're coming back to it. You guys ready? Give me the thumbs up when you're ready. A religious person ought to reflect. Do I have the religion that I have simply because of where I was born or the have I thought that out. So I got back to the age of about 9, but for some reason I then reverted to christianity into about 12 or 13, which, which I'm ashamed, premium and I think and then finally came to my fence gauge about 15 and 50. Okay, so what did he say when he grew up, what was he when he was 9 years old, was he He was a christian and then what happened was he started the question, but then he came back and he said that was a big mistake. So when was it that he was thinking about this threshold concept? howled? Was he 91011, early teens. And You know, what's happening in your brain between the ages, you know, 15 and say 25. Let's go back to this clip and see if we can hear it. Think people for generations have been fascinated by teen behavior and what is happening in teams, but for so long to actually look inside the biology of teen behavior be very loose. And we just haven't had the technology or the tools to, to try to peer into the so called black Box. But now he does. Dr. Gade of the National institute of mental health gets the use of this imaging machine one night a week to look at the brain structure of the normal children. Teams come in and sometimes even sleep in this large magnet. So he can take a long, hard look inside their brains. Now for the 1st time, human history can actually start exploring the living, growing activity with human brain. 543. Why? Last, what he discovered in the all important part of the brain that sits behind the forehead in an area called the frontal cortex was an unexpected growth spurt and over production of cells. Just before puberty. This is a process that we knew happen in the womb. Maybe even the 1st 18 months of life. But it was only when we started following the same children by scanning their, their brains to your intervals that we detected a 2nd wave over production. And this 2nd way of or production is manifest by an actual thickening. In the grey matter of the thinking part in the front parts of the brain. So in other words, in the high school age, there's a complete reorganization of the brain. This is usually at the time when parents send their kids away to school. And then they put them in the hands of teachers that they need to know whether or not they can trust those teachers. Because actually everything they ever taught the child is up for grabs every single thing. Because the brain is now reconfiguring itself and getting a ram update And that ram update starts in the teen years and doesn't really end until about 830 and sometimes maybe longer than that. So everything is up for grabs. And the people that are talking to you about the origins talking about what is the foundation of your belief. They have basically a clean slate. However, noticed this teaching evolution to creation of students, the ultimate challenge. And there's actually numerous articles within education journals on how to shift the mind away from believing that god is the creator and creation to evolution. And they talk about this as being a threshold concept. Here are the stages they mention in most articles on this or what happens. There is a transformative aspect that has to be focused on a significant shift and perception. Once it's changed, it's very hard to reverse it. It's irreversible like that quote that I read you early on. Great controversy, right? It's troublesome. It threatens the typical way of thinking. So students are troubled when they 1st hear it, but they work with them for a re constitutive or reconfiguration and integration of new concepts. Giving a new world view, it becomes discursive. That means part of the learners identity. And this, these are the stages of changing threshold concepts and there's actually teaching plans for each one of them. So this, this, this one of course, because of that quote that I read to you from great controversy earlier grips my attention. Once this happens, it's irreversible. Many times, these are not chains is likely to be on learned or forgotten, liar and land used in their literature, which shocked me when I read it, but it shouldn't. Of adam and eve as an example. Who was that change adam and ease perspective? The knowledge they acquired caused them to be expelled from the garden of eden as they passed through the threshold from innocence, the landscape before them was totally transform. This in this article was seen as positive And they were saying they were freed from that little bubble. The garden of William, I mean the garden of eden And they never went back. I think that's been working out really well for But in the article that was saying, that's exactly what you need. And look it here, like some of the teaching plans or ideas. There's the prelim and all the liminal, the post liminal. So in other words, you're just starting to investigate. Then you're, they're integrating discarding, your sense of being and your ideas to why onto a logical and a pest demick shift occurs. And then there's irreversible 80 changed discourse. And there are teaching plans for each one of these stages. How many of you are thankful that you're at a university where there are teaching plans that are directly the opposite of Why we have a class called issues and origins? That's why you have a colloquial weekend, like this weekend where we're talking about creation versus evolution. But believe me, there are not many that would have that as an objectives. Now here's the teaching plan, a delivery strategy for you. As occasion majors and others that maybe want to see exactly how they broke this down. They have though, these are the titles of the various topics that would be covered. Number one, 1st lecture isn't evolution just a theory. Imagine what that says, right? How do we know evolution happens? Why is evolution controversial anyway? natural selection, what is the evidence for evolution? Can you see the shift occurring here from the liminal, pre elemental to liminal? Can you see that thing broaching the subject? And then now beginning to deconstruct, Then non overlapping majesty area. The idea that maybe both can be true Then one of the kudos grass, even the pope is in the hard core creationist. So point to what the pope says about creation. This has been what he said for the pope's and said for many centuries. And then did humans evolve and then does the theory of evolution really matter? And then finally intelligent design on trial. This is the teaching plan that is attacking the threshold concept of what creation Francis says evolution, israel and God is no wizard. He couldn't have created instantly he, he had to use of allusion to the stick evolution approach. And by the way, isn't he the most known christian in the world? This would be in the lecture, right? So teaching evolution to creation students, the ultimate challenge. Unlike other threshold concepts, accepting evolutionary theory often conflicts not just with previously held belief, but also with ideas that may form the very basis of a student's notion of themselves. By the way, if you took all the passes about creation out of the bible, Would that be a problem? Because if there is no literal beginning, there is no literal and almost everything hinges on the idea of whether or not god is the creator. And this is why adventist, astonishingly defend the doctrine of creation, accepting that our species is a product of a contingent, non tell a logical process rather than a special active creation can strike at the core of a person's self perception, the meaningfulness of their life and their personal ethic, that's very true, isn't it? They realize that and they realize exactly what they're doing, striking at the core of your identity as someone being created by god. How many want to be aware of these attacks and ready to meet them as much as possible through a surrendered spirit towards the scripture and to inspire and work? Okay, so let's look at this now in the news. Are you ready for this clip? Is ready? All right, I know I don't think you were ready for that. Quite ready stride again. So if I look at the United States, currently the republican presidential candidate as far as I know, every single one of the declared candidates with the exception of trump, about homes, one doesn't know which way he would. And so when asked about evolution essentially said they don't believe. And the jeb bush was, as he said, well, I sort of believe it, but I don't think it should be taught in school. Well, they would still be with the staff. This is not something you believe in or not. I mean, this is the fact. It is a fact that just a bunch of effect as it goes around the sun. You can't not believe it unless you're ignorant. And I don't believe those presidential candidates or ignorant. I believe what they're doing is they think that they've got to say that in order to appeal to that constituents. Ok. So what do we learn from that clip? evolution is pictured as a what? But there's these presidential candidates. There want to do what? When in election, so what are they saying? They believe in creation because who believes in creation most the people in America at that time, 68 percent of people in America believe in creation. And he sang not another mama. I've got a book i'm selling here. That will help you realize that that suppose that fact is not true. I'm going to change the threshold concept. Notice what kind of inspiration says satan will excite indignation against the humble minority who conscientiously refuse to accept popular customs and traditions. Men of position and reputation will join with the lawless and vile to take counsel against the people of god. Wealth genius has occasion we'll combine to cover them with contempt. Did the statements of doc doc and seem contemptuous to you? persecuting rulers, ministers and church members? Well, conspire against them with pen, voice and pen by both threats and ridicule. They will seek to overthrow their faith by false representations and angry appeals. They will stir up the passions of the people. How many you think that your belief in creation will be attacked? You may, I know, but it's already attacked all over the place, but just because you don't know, it doesn't mean it's not happening. But how do you think that you should maybe be aware and get ready for that? And that's the reason we're having this colloquium. Now notice as he continues ready for this clip, when you're ready, Ok To is a bit better than ever. And he says defeat is the creation as to some who thinks that god created the one that he says, you're going to tell me that the complexity of the Human brain and he's, a brain surgeon came out of a super fall of chemicals. And so what I am going to tell him that but not suddenly, it took a very, very long time with my gradual stages. That's what these people don't understand. They think it all happened suddenly, when he was like that of course, you don't believe it obviously could happen suddenly. But if it happens gradually, each stage just gives raised the next stage the next day to the next stage. And each stage is only a tiny bit different from the one before. Then you could start understanding it. You just told me that all the republican candidates, except one would say they don't believe in evolution. I mean, that's a disgrace. But for a senior, a very eminent distinguish doctor as he is to say that it's even worse because of course, evolution is the bedrock of biology. And by and biology is the bedrock of medicine. And so for a distinguished doctor, to not understand, I have to use the word understand, he clearly doesn't understand the fundamental theorem of his own subject. That is a terrible to indictment. Okay. By the way, who is he talking about? Who has been carson? Okay. Hit his the 7th day adventist. Yeah. He's a 7th avenue physician. Right. He believes in what creationism. And now it's being marked and ridiculed by richard dawkins. Ah, he clearly doesn't understand. That's a very demeaning statement, isn't it? Just like I swear to that quote. And now on the other side of it, this one, listen to this one closely. Listen to the collision. This, this guy that's interviewing dockins is friendly to him. You can tell that right? He's kinda setting them up with questions so that he can sell his book and do that by now as this one. Now I'm not recommending any networks either way, but I just think they're, they're interesting It increasingly if you were americans do, what do you do, paul? 12 percent of us do not have a belief in a higher power of from 8 percent in 1987. And that group includes ignacio in euro the rise of atheist atheism. And a gnosticism is study according to his document study and sweden as many as 85 percent of the population, non believers, japan, 65 percent, france, $54.00 and in britain, 44 percent. Do not believe in god in great britain. As a man who understands deposition, richard dawkins, the author of the mega selling this book, the god delusion. I think it takes more faith to be like you and atheist than like me a believer. And it's because of nature. You know, I just don't think we could have looked out to have the time in the time and go up and go down. Don't think that we have a full understanding of why the ties go in the tied to go out about why the continent script about why life is that science is ever mole piling on the evidence. Timing on the understanding, but it had to get there. I understand that you know, the physiology of it, if you will, but it had to, it had to come from somewhere. And that is the leap of faith that you guys make that just well, a leap of faith. You don't actually need a leap of faith. You, you're the one I need to leave for faith because you are actually you, it is on you to say, why do you believe in something as an infinite number of golf? You couldn't even, I take it, you don't, but even use our apollo or full human even presumably the god, jesus was a real guy. I could see, you know, I know what he did and so I'm not positive that jesus is god, but I'm throwing in with jesus rather than leave rolling with you guys. Because you guys can tell me how it all got. You guys don't, we're working on it a that the history of the century, the amount that's gained in knowledge, each in the beginning of the 21st century. We don't know everything. We have to be humble. We have to in humanity say that there's a lot to me still better than being humble as a christian church. And when you guys figure it out, then you come back here and tell me because until that time I'm sticking with judeo christian philosophy and my religion enrollment, the policies. And because I mean as a person that's different, it seems absolutely. I mean, it's true and well, it's true for me. See, I, I believe you mean true for you is different from true for anybody else. I'm actually because I can't think what to be true. I can't. No, no, I can't prove to you that jesus is god. So that truth is mine and mine alone, but you can't prove to me that jesus is not. So you have to stay in your little a problem and he's that he was down there and he's not looking good. Now we also differ in a sense that you feel that religion has been a vein a any to civilization. I feel easier. So I will point to the worst mass murderers in modern times. Hitler, stalin now and whole all confirmed atheists. All people who wanted to wipe out religion. Now, I know you can point to the crusades and you can point to al qaeda right now. I mean it's there and there's no question, but I say I'm throwing in with the founding fathers with United States, which we saw religion, spirituality as a moderating influence. As a good thing. And people embrace the true tenants. Finding found that the nitrate states were secular. It's to buckle the, some of them were in there just some of them were not, but they were a bubble of secretaries to believe in keeping jackson's day. They had to because of the oppression in Europe. That was one thing with all of them. They all said a prayer before their deliberations in their letters, and I have almost all their letters. They all reference the deity or declaration of independence references heavily. But they saw it as a moderating influence because the federal government, that point couldn't control the country. And I think you follow jesus, then the country's got to be bare. It may well be a moderating influence as I hit on time. So what I mean, of course it, hitler, by the way, was a roman catholic 9. That was he was raised in that. Yeah. Well, he rejected it earlier. We can, we can dispute that and install it wasn't atheist, no question. But stone and did the bad things? He did not because he was an atheist. I mean it's a referral in, but it had moustaches, but we didn't say it was a mustache. Maybe I don't think they had any moral foundation. Any of those guys. I will either. Your book is fascinating. Regulation for success. Thanks for coming on in here. Thank you very much, lou. Oh guys. I how many kids? How have you learned a lot from that clip? How have you learned a lot from that clip that was threshold concepts in conflict right? In a public form. And I think there was some good arguments that the host came up with. I'm just telling you, these are the kind of conversations that will happen when you need to be ready for those conversations and All around the concept of creation evolution. Now since ben carson was, he's probably the most prominent are some of their business in the world. Probably more people know ben carson than any other adventist. And I. So let's listen to him, just talk in a friendly form. Now about creating a ready. Let's, let's give him, give him a, give him a hearing anna, and a friendly conversation. When you think it is just the reverse jillions and billions of neurons, hundreds of billions of interconnections, it remembers every single thing you have ever seen. Every single thing you have ever heard can process more than 2000000 bits of information in one second. I mean, it is, I'm believable. Some people say, well, you know, you should learn this. You should learn this because your overload your brain ever heard. Anybody say that A bunch of nonsense it is to you know, your brain and this is a conservative estimate. Could take in one new fact every 2nd for over 3000000 years before you begin to challenge its capacity. So that anybody tell you that you can allow your brain and that's our brains and dirty generates they, can you imagine what they were like before? I believe because we are made in the image of god. How many people here remember your birthday? Okay. I think is unanimous. What did your brain have to do for you to respond to that question? First of all, the sound ways, my lips trip to the air in a you're extra all to me. It is travel down to 10 panic membrane instead of a vibratory force, which drove across the articles of the middle air to the over, around with a single vibratory force and, and the lips which mechanically distorted to micro silly a converting mechanical energy to electrical energy, travel across the coping out to the nucleus at the bottom, it from them to the superior, our very that the city by the, of the brain, them to the level. And this gets to the inferior gleick with an immediate and they put it in the glad cost of the lamb, radiation to the posterior temporal lobe. Begin to alter process it from there to the folks coming out, attract pictures, or which even the memory from the media. Hipaa council. Certainly everybody's back to the front of those, the start to mother response to the level coming out of the critical spinal tracking across into capture into the cerebral beat uncle is sitting down to the circle medical station and to the spire gray medicine happening. They're going out to an enormous good junk to stimulate and urban muscle. So you can reach your hand For A simplified version with your brain. See if you, you're one of those rap thing is to do that. But yeah. But what if your brain can do that and you barely even had to think about what is your brain capable of? If you actually put your mind to something and someone wants to tell me that that came from a slime pit with a bunch of promiscuous biochemicals. Gimme a break. You know, that makes, that really stretches the limits or could building guys How many of you like to see dockins and carson get to go? I don't think it's ever going to happen because doc, it's now is that a stroke but But I think, you know, we need to be ready. Now I want to show you one last clip about dockins being put under pressure. Would you like to hear this last clip? Got time. All right, this is the last clip. And I want you to see now dockins. Under pressure. By this guy. I think a sounds of command, so I'm sorry to keep you waiting. How are you? Fine, thank you. Can you hear it? All right. You have a you have written the god, it is a psychotic delinquent, invented by mad diluted people. No, I didn't say quite that I said something rather better than that. Oh please just with. Well, I would have to read it from, from, from the book. No, please. The god of the old testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction, jealous and proud of it. A pity, unjust unforgiving control freak, a vindictive block thirsty ethnic cleanser. And Miss sergeant, take homophobic racist infanticide or genocidal. Phyllis idle, pestilential, mega, maniacal, sado masochistic, capriciously malevolent, believe so that should you think of god. Yeah. How about that? People believe in a god of infinite, loving some kind medicine, forgiveness and generosity sort of like the modern, gay god. Why spoilers for Oh, why not just let them you know, you're fine, I'm enjoy it. I mean, I don't want to spoil anything for anybody. I write a book, people can least if they want to, I believe that it is a liberating thing to free yourself from primitive superstition. So religion promotion, I think it is. Yes. So you believe is liberating to tell people that there is no abroad. I think a lot of people when they give out god, feel a great sense of release and freedom. Why do you think, I mean what you're, what you're scientist richard. And I think, well, I've had a lot of letters saying that I'm either a 1000000000 people with the letters of you, and I haven't done that in time. Quite quite sure. Professor dawkins seemed so convinced that god does exist, that I wondered if he would be willing to put a number on well, it's hard to put a finger on it but, but I mean, I put it on something like in 99 percent against a to 1000000 for so I just say not mine, you know, I didn't you asked me to put a sticker on it and I'm not comfortable putting a finger on it. I think it's, I just think it's very unlikely. But you couldn't put a number. No, of course not. So it would be $49.00. Well, it would be, I mean I, I think it's, it's, it's unlikely but, but I but, and it's quite far from 50 percent. I mean, I don't know. I mean, I, I put an argument in the book when he gave create a new, why do you use the word who you see you, you, you immediately beg the question by using the word, how did it get created? Well, by a very slow process. Well, how did it start moving as how, how got started? We know the kind of event was, it must have been, we know the sort of event that must have happened for the origin of life below. It was the origin of the 1st self replicating molecule, rather than I told you, we don't know. So you have no idea how it started. No, no, not noise anymore, as anything else. What do you think is the possibility that intelligent design might turn out to be? The answer was some issues in genetics, or I don't have ocean. It could come about in the following way. It could be that at some, earlier time, somewhere in the universe, a civilization evolved. I probably some kind of darwinian leads to a very, very high level of technology and designed a form of life that they seated on to this, this planning. Now that is a possibility and an intriguing realty, and I suppose it's possible that you might find evidence for that. If you look at the, at the detailed details of biochemistry, molecular biology, you might find a signature of some sort of design. Wait a 2nd. Richard dawkins thought, intelligent design my bill a general pursuit, and that is, I could well be higher intelligence from elsewhere in the universe. What that higher intelligence would itself have had to have come about by some explicable or ultimately explicable process. It couldn't have just jumped into existence spontaneously. That's the point. So professor dawkins was not against intelligent design, just certain types of designers, such as god. So the hebrew, the god of the old testament, he doesn't exist in your view. Certainly I mean that would be very unpleasant. Prostate in trying all a drink me a good now does nothing, nothing like that. Do you believe the new gods? But good. How can you ask such a question? You know, how could I mean, why would I give him that? I don't believe in any other you don't believe in the moslem going now and why do you even need to ask? Well, I just want to be sure. So you don't believe in any god, any word any got anywhere would be completely incompatible with with, with, with anything that I've said in one to make sure you relevant. Any god anywhere. No. What if you, if after you died you ran into god. What if you can do in return? I mean, what have you read to and I would love to be nice to you. I gave you a multi 1000000 dollar paycheck over and over again with your book and look what your deb back from. Ross always had that point put to him. He said something like sar. Why did you take such pains to hide yourself? But if the intelligent design people are right, god isn't him. We may even be able to encounter god through science. If we have the freedom to go there, what could be more intriguing than that whole? By what, by the way, that clip dockins has tried to get rid of multiple times. You see why that might be embarrassing to him. So I just wanted to show you some examples of engagement with this threshold concept that can give you confidence that there are ways to get through. Then do you see why I showed you the clip? So this is what we tried to do tonight. Do you know what a threshold concept? So maybe you know what it is now? You know some examples of threshold concepts. Do you know a school whose purpose changed and explain how the change came about? And what, you know, what the purpose of administer education is. Have a bible base curriculum in all areas, not just the divinity school, right. All areas. And what is the threshold concept? That admin isn't stance, lead offense, among others creation. And you know, creation, evangelism, i think is something really big. And hopefully you've been taking notes. Here's what someone wants to counsel. The very best course for you to pursue is to engage in missionary work, to the people of the neighborhood, and nearby settlements whenever you're listening to an interesting discourse, take notes and marked on the passages the minister uses. So you can review the subject carefully. This is why we ask you why the way to take notes. Not only tonight, but also in sermons, right? Then after faithful study, you will be able to give us an absence of the discourses in the form of a bible. Reading to sancho did not come to the meetings. This media was brought to you by audio verse a web site dedicated to spreading god's word through free sermon audio, and much more. If you would like to know more about audio verse. Or if you would like to listen to more sermon, please visit w W W dot audio verse dot org.


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